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K&C- Rabbit says rumors of homosexuality led to Aaron Hernandez' suicide, 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

Friend of Aaron Hernandez and frequent caller to the K&C show told Kirk and Gerry that the rumors of Aaron Hernandez' homosexuality led to him committing suicide in his jail cell.

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Rabbit is on the line and we're glad we're happy about that call that's an odd looking forward to talking to him a rabbit what's happened and. Later I need to say it is and I know she's different. 0100 management shell McPhee who is an onslaught liar. Like yesterday I swear in the illegal aliens I know this arrests acts when clearly summer conference and what not and illegally. All she doesn't spew hard. And. I'm satisfied. When you say she lied about Hernandez is section will forgetting that route and that's why it's why Hernandez killed so. The focus rabbit focus was wrong about your seems let's focus seems. Rather it sure seems like she was wrong about that we we call rescue or call ask you to call us because we thought you had some insight into that kind of situation MacPherson and let's. They actually of America. Whoa stop right there tied up I'm up there and spoke to Hernandez yesterday. Acted okay in hand. Loving client once you add that or gang members of the gang member of the one thing that they do not take lately is also extra. It's not a lot. You have to be terminated as a one again without oil where the majority of them do not. He and he knew it was going to be nonstop trouble form I can't believe. State and a cute like this he says it like that in a good record you know they say it. Rap record first thought I've reversed already you might like the guy we don't we don't we have asked the rabbit shut up what second. So you talk talk talk more with the conversation you had with Hernandez yesterday you talked about the our show in the boat coming up how did this happen by the way how to do it. Obama out on Sunday it has been in the mind of a pin number in the barracks. He hasn't. Where last. And you can't seem to say that we don't wanna hang up on news. I announce our programs or program. So basically. News yeah. They're way Hussein in this Davis. So your friend handed the folder in this. It's small and record every day. So what happens. Basically. An explanation was given mr. Powell. Like if someone doesn't like you in on my phone like say earnest law. Let's say he'd met Kennedy in paid maternity is not their current. So now he's up so. He armor quarter non. He knows he can say whatever he wants. And never gonna get Erica that a public in a session to want sessions parent. Her treatment perhaps. Pick you aren't you would you wanna recorded line rabbit where you want recorded line with Hernandez. Euro. Are they so this is public. All right so you tell me that he's not gay. But he's upset that Michelle McPhee said he was gay and people were taunting him and that's the reason he committed suicide. Warmer separate maintenance suicide. Why why would the friend. Your friend and the phone to him a lot and have you talked to Aaron Hernandez. Why would he not. Gary I know. While others ask you know Aaron Hernandez who you knew why aboard a base you were asking like Hernandez had the freedom to do that in jail that point he was able to do that. Okay why no. He you're here aren't you're allowed to go oh yeah and knock it. And I'm not arguments album but it's also owns through your nose won't normal. Sure but you weren't on a cell for and you only recorded lines and this will be public acts I want. On my Internet. Well it's it trust me it's several owners and attack. So what until Hernandez actually Saito wouldn't actually say. He just was trying to explain me the color or better not turn those 100% obnoxious. In that people are yemen's. And the people were not welcome. And that. In houses like oh. Well you certainly has its anybody really thinks that first call click don't. Everybody loved him. So Santorum Rick. You don't worry what he's saying is not gonna happen. These are. Uterus and I want him elliptical an open trial it's this wonderful honor. In the saint Simon's article something also worked. This is all that and it would a much you know domestic. I cops beat them luck you know bringing the issue of like China and Monica are. So you you know you'll like you you you know learn you know rabbit I know for a fact that but in Europe I should say in your opinion he was not getting. There is no doubt in my mind are you are wouldn't you know it down there isn't all hands. Or hand me. We will open at least a week or weeks don't know him stunned this morning absolutely shock. So what was he was upset at the room. You don't. He was upset about the rumor but he wasn't distraught when you talk to me wasn't suicidal. Not you're just. Bombed out. Bummed out and I think that that next day you talked in yesterday's than that night. We do we know what time they found them a real Orioles five NATO so that I essentially that night essentially he took the sheet. And and made induce and hung himself. Correct you do it that we don't typically heavy metal or not. If you want to. Kinda aren't that likes war room bubble. Particularly that simply mark more square almost turned our debt are at an angle so current difficult to get a window. Basically. I'm also pretty pumped out of all the fact that. He was told her time to fire source legal things you can't. I think that would be madam I. But it but rabbit rabbit two days before this oil a day before this. Note to the why despite this yesterday I apply for yesterday told reporters his. It is next cases a winnable right and and Ronald Sullivan told us Monday two days before this that he thought he could walk free. I'd I'd I would decline that is some hope I think he had hope amid this thin is in might have been he had hope. Why I'd like two days later it was so hopeless and distraught that he killed himself to me. And talk to you didn't do express did he express any hope do you. He he didn't I think you've bought about the idea that side yet and so governor afterwards. No matter what happens and gets it he'll tell friends wouldn't kill Americans and. It is a murderer who was gonna go out who's gonna go free according to his lawyer he was gonna get out. Right after it is five years. It was permanent or correct so subtle dark soul intact first he's looking. To. Right they were at the other two right now and then it occurred he didn't you know part circuit. Ridiculous to denies any was convicted of first degree murder still don't know. They think it's the same thing with big gig and Doug I have it not get into it not. Guilty when you can't kill before you're guilt process happens or you are. Not so. When a new irons and semantical thing as he was convicted of first degree murder for killing I don't know how many times before yesterday before yesterday. How many times he talked to Hernandez. We get started and are are you like he's he's a blog write a new blood. Not. The king. Air Palestinians and loyalty. I hurt and you really like that much in the end here hoosiers Turkey. Destroyer there was time and you don't. Really that he had not talked me personal emotional setting happen. Opponents say who did not intervening into neat and I know trying to mock Ernie and that populate out. Helio practiced 330 cameras out there are trying to get all you hear that. Now confirmed when they're targeted it well it's basically Bloc's goal as some sort of stuff and so. I assume rather what we like Q you know we've met you're kind of an a character we do you are you are swearing on on the life from your family. That you talk to him yesterday. And he was upset about this rumor of his home or homosexuality. Correct. Why that might have a lie there and. I don't know excelled achieved and if you have you know you've spent time in prison I would say you're a character about questionable. That's. There's no doubt and we will on this what this is public record so we will the public. The public will soon eerily conversation. Between rapid and the late Aaron Hernandez. I just told you that. It might not being poems argument spoke to own it not look like and so my in the public record and if you hate. In my company it is buttons aren't. As well. You know how do you know he wasn't gay you've seen them lately he's been in prison for along time now. Right into it in the dust and enact enact and now put on you right now what every I talk I know seven guy on the block. I've never heard none of them ever heard anything like this I've never heard anything like this when I'm streak. I'm really just a has Michelle says her one person whom oh record or. I usually meet this this thing called it won't articulation I don't like Kurt and him. I'll sit there and it's over until it. Yeah I'll call on that one of the most dangerous gangsters in the state and also there are quote threatening a bit. All normal levels. There's a. Well you. Know I gotcha and gotcha you gonna go if there's if there's a funeral you're gonna go. To give a report from that okay. Call us we'll talk us like like the middle of the service okay. Sierra thanks rabbit. Out. That's the wildest thing you've ever heard and to lose for wildcard. Our guys rabbit. Who. We met a bunch of times news. President do you know who Michelle the teachers who Al dreamers get to know it's. Rob doesn't believe reverend Robert. Rob on a cell all the problem once second this is not the eruption of one area called real quickly rob thirty seconds you believe. Yes you did. Blue alike believe them that he talked to monopolies that that's his opinion I mean I wouldn't say no way he knows well that he then gave three or four different reasons after. Don't you think a lot of times not all the time as we know with Alex remember a lot of times it's surprise to people friends when you're kind of thing as gay to receive these. Not you know living the life of bees and married or engaged in. And it's kind of got a double life on the he's gay Hernandez waits two days and kills himself because Mitchell the FISA court and count and will apparently the word got out now I think what. Revenue saying the word got out almost all we know we of listeners and the word got out and people started taunting him you did Kurt you believer out of a percent. Liked her percent. Router doesn't have trump I have my what's happened rob and I like Brett. How much should read it's not these lying amateur that's the reason mired it is obvious that upstart. I listen I did courting you did in the total yards right. Right right federal prison right and right. And I would and some are bad places. And nobody. If you get a prisoner of well. I mean nobody. Well don't you think some guys don't wanna be thought of as gay that they're there macho or whatever and they and they don't want that. Meant that reputation. I've not not read it and today it's exciting it's. Acceptable. And it couldn't only acceptable aired in the blood the blood still would have members of that day and Chris. Yeah I couple I don't. I personally don't I think Brad talked to mr. archer and his may have. Heard the conversation is pissed I don't believe that's why and is well I mean obviously we'll never know but Robinson is upset. And not quite incomes getting on it. Really. In prison seen these things is you know he lost balls. Did you get boss -- killing yourself because I know I greet you as I've PG a piece of ass after that you are you out now rub you free. Outlet I've been out I a year and a half now you'll be illegal back in juniors we have I didn't. I have been little bird Marion. Florence when they had the real men and probably not so I'm maybe not that. That's a tough crowd I guess they don't care forget that. All right thanks for are actually up six or 7779790. Threesome. Aaron Hernandez. Did apparently allegedly committed suicide as an email from somebody who's close of official there. And he says it is almost impossible for him not to news. Given I'm we got the detailed they were if it is if it's not suicide Kirk is one hell recoverable also Lebanese shut down at 915. Cents Soviets sneak in there and there's no one in the sell it given the way you set up in his own room. In by self esteem and unlikely it's still the oddest and fury and and rabbits right you were going how in the hell of a flight he is but yeah you sad that guys would be naked but. You know you have to it would be a war that the Fed up with Holland. That seems to be awfully kill himself and according to his friend a rabbit about it where the pace called a dozen times this year. Costume touching tuchman is a dozen times in the last year. It was until I watched this ignorance and indeed it was guy and I'm happy that we view master but according to rabbit it's because Michelle McPhee reported on the show. Then he. Like men might call you want obviously to react to that 6177797937. Headlines is next Kirk Callahan live from Washington DC.

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