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More on Celtics' loss to the Bulls; Late Night, Low Light 4-19-2017

Apr 19, 2017|

More on the Celtics' Game 2 loss to the Bulls. Another edition of Late Night, Low Light.

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These these late night with Christian art can Sports Radio. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get a goalie with. Let's talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Is final hours portray a WEEI late night. On the outskirts Americans. Live and our great studios she met in the marine back there in the ones and twos plan on your favorite sons. Back to back to back here on this now Wednesday happy hump day everybody. Well and happy about it really unless you only follow the Red Sox don't care about Celtics of the Bruins. Or I guess if your patriots fan. Because. Patriots fan support the president. Is if you are tomorrow's going to be the big old party in the White House line. If that's a look forward to I'm apathetic to the festivities of tomorrow in the Rose Garden. I do appreciate the fact that the morning show is going to be. Several miles away and drug testing to show perhaps I'm not even sure that's gonna happen now than they ever even make it there I don't know if they admitted that they win. Yeah if he if you didn't know a curtain Gerri they're going town to ball them they're flying in the Baltimore I think they're staying in DC at bank. I don't know if they're sticking Friday anchored Gerry Curtis. I think Joey take papers then they're they're. And they are gonna be at the White House but they're going to be somewhere near the White House doing their show. While the patriots are at the White House doing their championship visit. Yeah. When you say out loud it's kind of lights. OK he hit it but it should be it should be entertaining to say Italy's. Well they were personally invited by Sean Spicer right. Spicy sicker mind than they said okay. Where you want us how about your town's hope for. We'll put Jeff in the in the finest motel six in the District of Columbia. With that will leave a light on for you but. As they put it was like come in Boston before and in the Providence rate. If the anyways. Yes and endless and I understand that many of my listeners at this hour often. And try to sleep in the more added I know the feeling I have to do myself. I'm keeping these hours. But someone has to keep these hours and summer he had there you maniacs keep these hours and get up at 6 AM do so no matter what. Where do you listen when it's on to listen to podcast later record injured Omar should be. Should be a good listen so. Yet that's a look forward to. And I after just as strictly Red Sox fans and it was okay. Little Dicey at the end their written wins are wins. And if you're Celtics fan tonight really just it sucked that'd suck. To get you to get blasted like dead by rouge on freaking Rondo of all people. Come on and that hurts. That's two that's two stinging losses in a row. To come on in and react to hear. My triumphant return to WEB higher worth. And in hazards to those are two pretty stiff kicks that'd that'd pills. Bruins last night coming back being down the Rio. And then that ridiculous penalty call. Which she knew I mean you knew it was to. Power play in overtime from our. Tommy crossroads here I mean and I am not even mad he was out there. He had to be at summit to be out there. It's alchemy was your third deep buried there. And John-Michael Lyles. The so that hurt. But this one hurt their. This I mean this seemed like a must win game. They're now must win games until there actually must win game for this one certainly had that feel to it here. Like there was something there was something to do like we. We like him on the team played the Celtics probably looked at each other thinking we've got is we've got to make sure we handle our business tonight. And agents weren't even there they were even present it seemed like. Through most of the second quarter. They started off OK. They're getting rebounds there you know being physical but they just. Either the bulls warm down quickly here it was just sort of in a loan shark and our campaign and they didn't really have the the star maker the fortitude the strength downloaded to keep it up all night but it. It it was over pretty fast. And then there's this. As the and I'm reading obvious PM there's no author here I don't know wrote despite. It says is the Boston Celtics unraveled in the fourth quarter Tuesday as lies. Avery Bradley did your former teammate Rajon Rondo suggesting that Boston had packed it in and Bradley couldn't disagree with him quote. I looked around and a few times in the game guys are putting their heads down I think getting down on themselves said Bradley. But as a team we have to stay together the other team is looking at that they're using that as motivation for themselves. I even hear Rondo light yet they gave up they gave up. You never can let a team CA you have to continue to be positive and go out there and play hard no matter what the outcome it. That's the end of the quote. The article goes on to say two years ago when the Celtics were swept out the first round of the playoffs by the cavs fans inside TD garden. TD garden in the serenaded a spunky bunch of over achievers with an organic let's go celtics' chance. This season the top seeded Celtics return an impossibly uninspired effort. While absorbing the 011197. Lost they were booed is there walked off the court TD garden. Expectations of increased for a Boston team that won 53 games. But it's the way that they've been dominated in the series it's drawn the ire of the fan base OK I thought that was gonna talk more are on the but. You hear that Avery Bradley. After the game. Admitting that his former teammate he could hear her saying. They're giving out they've given up. Admitting that he let the bulls see that that they let the bulls see that in you know what. Bradley. He's patient zero man he's having a brutal series so far. And another bad game tonight at least in game one he played good defense on Jimmy Butler. You notice that. They try to bunch of different things the slowdown Butler and I realize that you know. No matter who you have trying to guard and they'll throw double screens out there yet to switch in whatever but when every seem like hoosiers he re Bradley and Jimmy bought colonel one on one situation. Rather was right on many bothered a lot of the shots. Quite tonight I mean at the end of that game in the third and fourth quarter. I counted about four or five times. That Dwyane Wade just buried a three pointer rain Avery Bradley's face. And they did it again and said he cheated again. And I'm sitting there watching going what is wrong when he rebrand the. Five of fifteen shooting. A minus 22 worst on the team. In NBA plus minus which I don't think is a great set or anything but sometimes you can. Pick up a couple of things from. Minus 22 Isiah Thomas a minus twenty Al Horford minus ninety. Terry rosier. Plus eleven and Google bit of of their vitamin. Marcus Smart had a decent game off the bench. Not great shooting from deep but you know at a decent shooting night via a lot of rebounds and played good defense and flipped off a fan and whatever. I'll take it I'll take thirteen points off the bench for Marcus smartheat. You know keeps up the intensity dishonestly. Avery rather's right. Everybody's put their heads down bad body language just the defeated team except for Marcus mark. Mark is Smart is the only time I was walking around with any sort of fire in his eyes at the end of that game. And I never thought I'd say this way I'd love to see this Celtics team really. Earned a market Smart person to person spark for some energy for just the attitude. His they were they were not there tonight. It just was not there. And part of me wonders and eight I AT and go here but part of me wonders if maybe this team is just. You know go through this with Isiah Thomas. And in known as. The wanna say it did Charles Barkley was it was right but I also don't think we're Charles Barkley said was all that bad. He said he felt bad for Isiah Thomas she felt uncomfortable for him. And it didn't see my guys they complain now that Isiah went out scored 33 points. So clearly to playing game one but sometimes you know the shock of the things sinks in a little more. And I don't even wanna do this but you know what immediately gets it's something they'd. In our league and when you when you see guys avenue a lethargic lost that so this loss is being described. A lethargic loss. Avery Bradley all the same we we quit or we'd. Our heads were down. The other team noticed. The other team was sane and so. You know that tells me there's something. Just not there tonight. And I don't know if this team's going to be able to get back. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on text. Quick break we'll be back after this you're only an ops. Christian RK. On Sports Radio got. You be Tommy guess. A. As terrific. The economy. Men getting your photography. He's still these dogs get in if he is still put that suit on Sydney and then shared ice the mighty can call those games. The loan. And I'd prefer him to the team the regular. I watch cius and I don't want settlers in the I don't know why I feel like it's. I feel like news and when you need like you have to inner mean it feels weird during the baseball list here right there stature of yet that that is sure and when united national. Bruins games and they go deep in the play out there and they don't interject humor that's that we are. But yes for some reason I feel you have an obligation to keep listening the the local guy get out is when you don't you're that would Tommy's guy you know any of that on the games anymore than it's over. It'd take it all and the whole experience. When game at a time. And that's the that's the motto of the Celtics right now feared. They're basically just saying one day at a time. One game at a time one foot in front of the other. You know they sound and look like a team that's. Just not all there not all all the way focused not all the way ready to play this series. And it's it has not much talk about Isiah Thomas and adds I was at 33 points in game one in twenty points tonight. It Jimmy Butler pounded on the whole bowl game basically. He knew that was going to be an issue and Brad Stevens didn't do enough to adjust to it. As another problem. Lack of perimeter defense huge problem. Lack of interior defense you from. Letting Rajon Rondo Dewey did the not being able to stop him and Dwyane Wade or Jimmy Butler really at any point tonight. And just another rough offensive night all around. In bad free throw shooting through got to include that path is that and that in Alison. Isiah Thomas doesn't miss. What six free throw shooting game. He done that all year. There's some is it's obvious what's going on here thank. It appears to be anyway. At this point it just sort of hold these guys to snap out of it. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on taxes go to Brendan in Boston wants to talk Celtics ever in the. And a human yeah it's good the exact number and last week by the you know the increasing god I. I had my laptop in my TV crab boat in the three days. So I'm turning on the radio and I trying to listen you know our kids you're on an elder in the legion might mimic what score on him action in my apartment. Like what am I take full equitably and I'd do it myself. That was you know history that mr. McGovern got morning guys liked to whom tough sob. And good ball and offers. I'm sorry Ed emissary had to go through that Brandon had sounds rough. Ten you know they have persevered and made it through here now it's sold at a spread. Moment illegal act the whole thing about this series so far magnetic undermines you've been buddy he's usually you head. You know Horford garment you avoid negative again that they played the board's vote two months ago. In mechanical pumps and wave by Robin Lopez's single speed balance twenty board I don't it was. It was a game Butler had they got fouled at the end by market Smart and they lost by one. Right yeah apparently. It is his talent and knowledge and I everything's going probably in more and that's kind of remind you that the chances like. He did the boards changed if you guys stepped up. Seeking would have been different I mean I think attitude and you have like waiter Ron does so. I guess I don't know what I'd Hawaii and then even after that we ticket tracking intense that IE you know you're like all right well after relic and I think. When mystery trade deadline comes out they have to get a big name request could get some boards do whatever. You know that we can't Biden make the move at least upset but it's somewhere along the Atlantic that whole thought process. About none of it was like the chase but once you do whatever waste. We had a completely inaudible why the CNET all year without a culinary Beckham might actually just like may have a wily shall highly team. Going into this series and I do it and it will decking and at all to any law that there'll come right back up. So I mean I don't know of I wanna in this phone change directly but I mean did you have all the circumstances or policy assisted by. I can't help but think in the ideology like the second score you know George but we need another big inning. Just thought the fact that he was like you know I. Tyler Zeller in on the charts in the catalytic I quit get it right sorry. I yeah I can't let Guinea awful that one so I've opened yeah this summary kind of which article I'm stuck. You know pull some strings that they say and I called minority. Anchor and thanks for the call I I just pulled this quote up while Brennan was talking there and I you're gonna hate this this quote the not aged well. February 24. The day here a couple days after the NBA trade deadline might have been right after. There is an interview over on our soon to be sister station. Across the street. On their morning show doctorate. They asked Danny Ainge. Why he didn't make any moves to improve the Celtics weakness on the board. They were believed 27 in the league and in rebounding here in someone rebounding set I forget exactly which one it was but at the time I remember they were down at the bottom. So they asked gains why didn't she get a rebound here's what he said. When you just at rebounder. Any hurt your offense it defeats the purpose. A rebounder. Will just be sitting on your bench. We have players that are more skilled and we play around our strengths. I don't think it's a coincidence that we added Al Horford this year and this is nothing take away from Isiah Thomas and Avery Bradley is they're fantastic players. But I think that Al's presence make those guys better. He went on to say we have the floor spread and we have skilled bigs. Allah is leading NBA centers and assists this year and that's the way we play. First of all we know that we don't have great rebounding on this team from a personnel standpoint but we also don't play great rebounding style. In that we rely on our bigs to play out on the perimeter and make plays and make passes. And open up the court for our guards. It's a weakness the scores along quote. There are some guys out there they can rebound OK I think there was water to rebounder that I would say that we're good rebounder he can help us rebounding. It's the actual quote. There's one or two rebounder as there were good rebounder that could help us rebounding. But were always trying to evaluate if they're going to help our team overall. Who. You can't see my face straight but I was cringing reading that quote. A long quotes those along cringe. Yet a similar cool and dale also. I just I remember he said suddenly bad and I pulled it up and it was the national I'm looking at NASA and our common that was the first when he came out is that there relatives of the same thing. Who pretty much divorce and. How does that grab you and I. You know has there. How's that philosophy sounds here. On April 19 with the Celtics in a two nothing hole about the go to Chicago for game three. I wanted them to get a big man just for the sake of balancing the roster a little bit. There's more guards and our forwards on this roster issues basic math at this point. I think this roster needed to be balanced out a little bit. And when you're talking about bigs like Amir Johnson who starts for some reason there really is it bench player. And Kelly oh Lenny who is not good enough to start might have to play those minutes. Also a bench player. And Tyler Zeller who's an end to the bench player. Jonas Jerebko was an end to the bench player. And Al Horford who is a stretch big man that. Tried tonight I mean you really try to mix it up underneath and he did a decent job I thought. You know he kept the Celtics in the rebounding battle in the market and in March are the only two. Fight. You know that that can be your philosophy. And that's fine to an extent. But when you need someone to rotated. And provide that sort of presence underneath against the Robin Lopez. Or Tristan Thompson. Or. Greg Monroe or. Name any big man on any team in the playoffs right now. They don't have that guided turn to. And I mean that quote maybe maybe other people see it differently but to me that quotas aged. Terrifically. And was really tough for eatery tonight. 61777979837. Davis in Providence today. And it Christian. Well I'll watch are watching this team don't watch cruised to restrict playoff games and everything is I agree were. I don't know anyone thought this sub. What I mean what really sucks is. You know how does this make it this came look as far as destinations are free agents and concern. And not just that but. How about Jimmy Butler if the bulls are gonna sweep us. What what's their incentive to cherry Jimmy Butler they think they can win now now. There might get swept out of the next round. Hit they would apples and call their knowledge cited but I mean. Even if they beat the Celtics agent whoever they play in the next round broad sweep from the 41 win team data and are good. Well well they were better afford 11 team right now. Yeah yeah yeah maybe maybe maybe they could be sort next round I mean I don't know by. I guess my overall pointed it out in it it gives couples and offers a little. You know an awful lot but it's a match anyway it yet but I'm a little bit of I don't mall why don't apprehension to get rid of him or they think oh well we we you know we wanna roundly beat the number one seeds yeah and may we got something going here. David I had news story they weren't gonna trade him anyway they were never gonna trade and agony crew Jerry volleys under contract he's seventeen and a half million dollars for the next two seasons after this one. There's no reason to trade him you build around Jimmy volume tree Jimmy Butler. Polls are best. I agree I was just opened the bulls front office would be dumb enough Padilla an area here. Looking for some sort of you know monumental deal what a completely altered their franchise and it would have been worth it to move on from a guy like Butler who they have under. Cost control here with good skyrocketing salary cap now that there's no reason for them the tree Jimmy bought are now. Unless you downed New Orleans officers and Anthony Davis that I pay outrageous Reebok but I can trade him for blondes a ball and Jae Crowder you know enemy base that that was never anything can happen. I don't think the bulls ever seriously well actually that's not true they may have considered it at the at the break because the bulls were ended bit of free fall at that point. They picked things up towards the end of the season somehow they. Came together and Rondo became this league it's the slate. Veteran wise siege that the young players looked up through which is so weird even think about but not as we're watching him flirt with a triple double tonight. Brayton Avery Bradley and Isiah thomas' face. Really you said it time. And yes you know. Call me crazy but I think yeah I haven't read that by the way Texas as a sounds like exhibit. Yo daughter Julie rebounder so I got used to keep counting rebounds the rebound the reap. As a Texan an irate they're congratulations text or in the 401 that was excellent. We're gonna take a break we'll come back with your late night lol I don't go anywhere. Please these Christian arcade on Sports Radio WEEI. And now they're. Time for number late night. No mother. I don't know. Sports we know. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. That's right. I heard through time for your late night low light this one comes to us from a deep dish. The company in the shoes image pants they may hats and church. You know do you. From the end teammates on about a indeed it's had to issue an apology today. For an insensitive email they sent this morning Tuesday morning. To Boston Marathon competitors. Congratulating runners quote who survived. Monday's race. Subject line for the emails sent by deed is red congrats you survive the Boston Marathon. And it was like you know inspiring for graduation here are good for you this. It was meant to be something. Congratulatory for there. Many number of runners who Wear their clothes in their shoes and their socks and their heads in the whatever. Of course four years ago. People didn't survive the Boston Marathon. And hundreds of people who got injured in the email was. Well it blew up on social media it really did and for good reason I mean that's pretty stupid. But I'll say this about it the first of all like their shoes weren't the issues right now but I'm trying to to let that cloud my judgment here. I'll say if you was sent out forget United Airlines forget pad shell that had a deal is they take the cake I don't think so. A dating drag anybody bleeding off a plane. They had it stupid email and it ended. Clearly what I think anyway it was his mistake in just the brain fart par one of their copy writers or wherever it is the right email probably some answer. If for being honest here. Now I mean that's it was pretty bad and they deserve to get roasted for it and they did. Quite United Airlines just this week. Had the Doctor Who guide you know the face bloodied. They had another guy who was scorpion fell on his head that happened is we as scorpion. Was it an overhead compartment for some reason. And it fell under this guy who is Heidi united flight and it stung them but the reason why you survived is because it stung him that is thumbnail. Ended staggered and get into his flashed the pump the poison into his body. It was like capital little you know Kevlar vest except that we view thumbnail. And then they put the scorpion and a company throughout the wind hours on I don't know that they would then. And then. Is married couple's daughter goes to Rica and they kicked off the flight tell. There are married yet irrigate their goal there wedding that's what it was either going to their wedding and goes three game. Plane that was about half full they ask if they move up a couple of seats to some guy was sweeping across the click know something about that was fishy to me. OK guys sleeping hero sees a body weight simply pop we got to Sudan complains about Jacob. And then you mood and you go somewhere else or regency in another row. That guy's not sleeping in its not in the economy plus or whatever the problem is something about that story didn't quite add up to. But I'm sorry indeed is yet stupid email. Whoever wrote that email should at the very least have a talking to with corporate. Obviously did the united pain. But. There they got a long way to go catch over the united. As for Pepsi. That commercial. Well a lot of people worked on it commercially into S and allies that running bit about the guy and I just directed district's pre commercial. It's about black eyes met hello if it. And believe me that commercial was predicted this app is I mean it didn't histories is going to be more and more unkind to. But that commercial was ridiculous. And it's just didn't think about that commercial is that had to pass through so many people just get made you know. They had the have someone write it did have someone directed dead of summer due to make up in the costumes and you know choreograph where the cops were gonna stand at all these other things like that was a group effort this indeed is email I'm sure was just one person. So I'm not even gonna put data and in the same level as Apache thing. And it may be if from Rodney to the president of dieters wrote the email or you know one of their like lead PR people. And that's the case then huge drug that person should probably. I get a demotion but I just it strikes me that probably wasn't the case. It reminds me of the time when Dino went to you know his rehab and AA stuff. The next day ten Wakefield then and he gave that speech to dean you know deluxe feature in it with you truly are this broadcasters archery but if. They were all bad or isn't. Again the fifth of its satellite that. Indeed it's also issued a pretty. What seemed to be sincere apology you tell me telling the census here now. The statement from these with the views logo at the top which may be cut the sincerity and have a little bit but here's what they say. We're incredibly sock sorry clearly there was no thought given the insensitive email subject line we sent Tuesday we deeply apologize for our mistake. The Boston Marathon is one of the most inspirational sporting events in the world. Every year were reminded of the hope resiliency of the running community at this event. Pretty good apology. What better than the United Airlines apology which took four tries before they actually apologize. First state. And that's what we don't hear united. You sit on the plane with a ticket that you button on some of our people need to get on the plane. Dragging your adds up the plane ain't ever gonna smash your face against the cited chaired they'll. Why what bro united that's what we go. Data indicated it would even come close to apologize. Then the next run was well our staff that was actually the county did it and then finally we apologize for sorry we should never done. But it took him several attempts before they actually got honest apology yet. As for Pepsi I mean they pulled the thing down they said this was a bad idea and they went back out at him. So the Al but it deed is impacting their Anand clearly a level above united. I think that anyone to take down united this week is insane. United is late King Kong right now he can't you can't toppled king gone. There's no one I think this year in what he's seventeen were only in April. But when this year is gonna have a weekly United Airlines said. A company I don't think. You look means have been priceless with United Airlines they really have. I like the one in need him from Walking Dead block content a guy with her eating me. But but but the the thing that was record. Aside one of Kimbo Slice knocking somebody out in the zoom in on the guy and granite west training for you the United States took a United Airlines flight if a nice. Someone made me admitting it wouldn't mean in space over the thing getting dragged through the and those guys finally took off I think it like midnight they took off like right when I went on the air. And I got to get up and do a show that's that's arched. The travel and then getting up that early I mean that's a boy so are they stills flying in the Baltimore yes the farm animals they still the rent the car and drive an hour. That's drive an hour that they Marriott there. From Baltimore to DC Jason Bradley when he minutes obviously it was an on the show this morning with it went out there now I don't think it takes an hour they taste like a half hour maybe. Or maybe annoyed with traffic maybe it does I'm Noah is probably not that bad traffic right now than. Dan maybe that's by there you go there usually that low elated dieters. Good drive me you're not you're not overtaking united or patsy for that matter definitely not united. Indeed is could have the you know go full Shonn Spicer talking about the Holocaust senators and Hitler in DS's own people as it ideas we have to go full Curt Schilling to take then united. I don't think that's happening. That's that's our time be back tomorrow after Red Sox review many marine great job tonight. College text to Twitter followers have agreed evening everybody tucked the tomorrow at twelve later.

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