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Celtics lose Game 2 to the Bulls 4-19-2017

Apr 19, 2017|

Christian is breaking down the Celtic’s game 2 loss to the Bulls.

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These east lead tonight with Christian art can sportswear don't tell. Would that tee winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian market we're gonna get we're here. Late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm euros cricket argue enliven our great studio's high atop the Mass Turnpike nice to have you it is here tonight nothing good happens after ten indeed what a bummer of a night here for Celtics fans. A rough couple of days here for these playoff teams Bruins losing to bad one Celtics now all into in the hole. Pretty negative here tonight are gonna lie not a lot to be happy about and hour gonna open up with that here as the Celtics now. In real danger folks. Of not just losing the series victory at this point I don't I mean getting swept would be. Not surprising at all that that's that's where we're at right now and enlisted. I can deal with the Celtics team in the first round just getting overwhelmed by Jimmy Butler. Or well really just Jimmy Butler I mean that that's the guy and a team you have to worry about. But to get blown out tonight. On your home floor by the rotting corpse of Dwyane Wade who couldn't even make it don't the other night Rajon Rondo who is. I mean police what that hey you gonna what Rondo do that to me in in your own house. In. There Robin Lopez I mean give me a freaking break all zip assert. It's all answer and why is he warning might. Ratings boring. This was pathetic tonight. Just a pathetic effort from this team. And listen I understand Isiah Thomas these guys they're going through something right now and that is absolutely understandable for number four and he had a rough night tonight bad shooting night. I'm marketed dwell on him all that much but this is a team that revolves around him being affected in what he's not. And when you can't stop anybody and when you're getting pushed around by Robin Lopez and all these other. Nutter border guy I mean Robin Lopez is soft. There is no excuse for him to be doing what he was doing you guys tonight. That was put that I mean that was just awful. I can't even count the amount of times where it Horford in Amir Johnson. We're down their get ready for defensive rebound here comes Robin Lopez swooping in at a nowhere this sideshow Bob air. Grab the rebound away from him over and over again it just. Kept on happening. And the more you watch that the more you thought Ari eventually someone's got to act that put a body on this guy and and in get this under control and it just never happen now. Overall. The two teams at the same amount offensive rebounds but it certainly didn't seem that way. The bulls ended up our rebounding the Celtics by just five it wasn't a huge difference. By you know you look at it the interior defense which once again was nowhere to be found here at bulls shot over 50% from the floor. In the perimeter defense. Which all season long he's been the strength of this team. How many times that Avery Bradley stand their while Dwyane Wade buried a three in his face down the stretch in this game I Canada about for those. And that's just unacceptable. This is Dwyane Wade were talking about here folks yet being good in three years. And he was it doesn't zombies season for the Chicago Bulls he's a big reason they only won 41 games. You know I mean they put all they invest that a lot name and he was it oral glossed over there. And now he's coming out to in this do you pay in 22 points in a playoff game Rajon Rondo with fourteen is just come online. I can deal would get beat by a Butler I can't deal would get beat by Iran though I'm sorry that's the line for me. You know I mean it it's it's one thing it did point to the problems this team. The Celtics have had all year with the lack of secondary scoring in the lack of an interior presence in one ever but I mean. There's no excuse for Rondo do that. There's no excuse on God's green earth. That will make me OK with Rajon Rondo was able to do this Celtics team tonight. That was just awful and awful effort in a game that they really should have been a lot more prepared for and I put that on Brad Stevens I do. To a ten now that's is playoff record that's not good. And I realize that and you know one of those series it was against Cleveland when you were the bottom seed last year. Whatever this year we got a problem I mean we got a real problem here. And you can stated it's Danny ages fault for not proving the roster you can say that it's. Defaulted admit and many number of ways to spread out the blame pie here. If we wanna be really honest with ourselves by our. I just can't I can't get over the fact that number one. This team stood pat at the deadline I've been screaming about that since before the deadline even happen in mag you can be my witness your he's you know that I'm not I'm not to pull this. Who pulled this out of my backside here on a night when they watch the bag game I've been yelling about this for months. And now it's really reared its head. Would PJ Tucker won this game for them tonight probably not would Maryland's not well won this game than tonight with a almost but it would event at least. Something it would have been a big big help just to have some sort of presents otherwise you got Tyler Zeller start in the second half. He got Amir Johnson played nine minutes getting to rebounds you guys and Kelly awaiting to get pushed around. It's just it's it's so predictable at this point. You know and and the bulls. Yeah that's it that's it tough matchup for the first round but not this tough. Okay there's no excuse for Rajon Rondo to go out there and embarrass you like that there's no excuse to get house by a by Robin Lopez. And Mike John Paul's sixer I didn't get to see Paul's answer my nightmares. Coming off the screens burying these jumpers. Right Kelly Nolan extra base all night long off. Horrible. Just horrible. It really just a poor effort all around. And I I don't know what it's gonna take this that these guys out of this that they were I mean they really were were not in this game for more than a couple of minutes to start off and it started out the game actually pretty well. There are grabbing a rebounds they were scored points I think there were up seven nothing to start the game and finish the bulls go on a 24 ride in the first quarter. What are you what are you supposed to do about that. What do you blame that our other than the guys on the floor. Brad Stevens as you know he teach him to play defense at this point. If the effort not there. If the rebounding is just not there it's not built in Norma that's not the way they play I mean I'm sorry you can't play great defense forced a lot of Misch shots. And they give up all these rebounds. It's not a way to win in the playoffs the Celtics are great transition team they have been all year and they were last year to you put them at a half court setting. Where they have the you know run some plays here and in trying to free up Isaiah and all the sudden things get really really rough. Jimmy brought where on Tomas I mean there's no there's there's no coincidence wise they had a bad night tonight. That was a Porsche shooting night from Thomas another bad night for Avery Bradley. Not being able to get a shot off Crowder was a little bit better Al Horford. Did some work underneath but a non factor in the offense tonight. And you know you look at some of these plus minus is Bradley minus 22 Isiah minus twenty corporate minus nineteen. Or I should I say not at all prepared he'd played his game. And indictment on the on the whole team from the coach on down and you know what from the GM on down. Does this roster should look like this. This rosters way unbalanced. There's nothing they can really do about it. Other than try and put Kelly a winner on the floor for 24 minutes and hope for the best. Analytic was terrible no eleven point seven assists four rebounds in 44 minutes that's not great. That someday you know ninth tenth guy and the bench could give you on a good night. Mattel oil and accuse what are your top rotation guys you play more than a starter. He got more minutes than the other 29 Al Horford big men combined. In speaking of more then. More than certain players combined. We're genre known as a fourteen assists is the same amount of assists at the celtics' starting five had altogether. Bad night shooting free throws just a bad night all around the Celtics were not with that tonight. And you could maybe expect something like that in game one with. When Isaiah was going through and maybe the time made it worse or whatever but we're we're at a point now here where I see this team going to Chicago on Friday. And I'm not necessarily sure that they can avoid a sweep. You gotta lose like that your first two games at home how why how much supposed to expect them to go to Chicago and indeed better than next. Good enough did to steal one out there in Chicago when he Kenny don't even defend their home court. If there was ever wake up call that this team needed that's gotta be here tonight but I'm sorry if you're getting your wake up call two games into the first round of the playoffs when you're the one seed going up against an eight seed. I'm sorry I think it's too late. I think it may just be too damn late. For your Boston Celtics here in 2017. I'd like that gonna say I hope I'm wrong I'm a diehard Celtics fan always have been and always will be. What I saw tonight was a team that as. I think it was Jae Crowder said after the game or Avery Bradley heard Rajon Rondo saying they gave up and they did. Celtics gave up tonight. I don't know if they gave up on this series but they gave up on this game that is for sure. There's no getting around it. I don't know what this I don't know what the fix is. The small positives you can pick up from this game that's all you really have Crowder was a little bit better. Good things happen I think when Terry rosier was in the game market Smart had a pretty good game except when he flipped off the fake at. Do you see that mark is Smart shuts up at three breaks it. Back in his way down the court with with Butler in his face any just reaches past Butler flips off somebody in the crowd. Hilarious. We'll be even funnier than he gets smoked at all. But that's where we are right now I mean that's that's what decision. Celtics are real trouble here folks. And I don't I don't know that they have the out where with all of this point or herb the ability you're of the talent. To get out from under this this rock they put themselves under I mean they're really they're really stuck right now. This is a bad situation. Your Boston Celtics now only two nothing hole as the number one seed. And now they're number one and mission next to be to avoid getting swept. I at this point and in short over the is this series I don't think they're gonna win this year he's. It just doesn't seem like it's in the cards this match ups not good this team's not playing well at this point what's avoid a sweep. Let's avoid the super hot takes that'll come with this team getting swept out of the first round as the number one seed in the east. 6177797937. Major phone number 37937. Action armor on tax. I'll be go until 2 in the morning here taking your Celtics phone calls reacting to this game if you're still leaving TD garden on your way back home in one event. This is the place to do it again at 617779. 7937. We'll get to your phone calls here early and often that is the late night promise here in Sports Radio WEEI we'll kick things off was ready. He's in the car's been waiting patiently in Los many area. They were a Christian what's most media arm I am not surprised at all by what's been going on. And I am disgusted I think Indians congress seem out of Iraq. I'm gonna make a big thing out of it I think they could out of a player that they could I wonder if there if they're not going to be ending their team could go anywhere he wouldn't give up. Second round expert or over a new architecture and keep on Europe spot or anybody that this. We can break a playoff game for the first time. Saw him on play out Kansas series about being nice media your race ended there was there was a lot of ways that this team could have been imprudent deadline. Sorry if my friend she's insane at all or this. Yelling your company. You are artwork as Cheryl and our. At all. Well. She wants our that's too bad you should teller really nice and I'm I'm nice to talk to unplug it ought coach. That's our it's media day you you go ahead you don't handle that situation at home Dolly your temper get the best the your body okay. We don't need any we are in these situations going on tonight. But it is really was right now to our party just call you I I don't know exactly that was. And that was I was a little disturbing let's I'd be you know like there's also the possibility that there is no girlfriend usually yell and it you know. How one of the moon like I like I often do here in this chair at the that was a little unsettling but yeah I don't think grow little unsettled after this game maybe not to the point it's midi was. But that was a just a brutal performance. Brutal performance from Celtics. And it is they they're going to be turning it people are gonna be looking through it is affix blame here. And Isiah Thomas is gonna avoid a lot of that because of what he's going through and again I have nothing I have no real. Concrete criticism of Isiah Thomas. Because that's cool I mean it's cruel to be all over a guy like that when he's when he's going through something like this and trying to soldier through and by the way in game ones were 33 points a guy. Yet a rough game today we you know what I knew it was gonna have a rough game most people that because the bulls figured out that if you put Jimmy Butler on him that really limits what he can do. And they they try and do that pick and roll Boller can fight through those fixed. They try or on the given go at they'll bring some help over and and stop Thomas. He had a rough night shooting threes. Not a great night from the free throw line at one point Heintz and said you know as something tells me that thomas'. Is is bothered. Seven of thirteen from the free throw line. That is a that that is an indicator right there in the maybe he was an all all there already to go off. And how can you blame her for that. Put on another night where the Celtics and Isiah Thomas needed someone else to step up nobody was there. Jae Crowder was okay. Market Smart okay. But the two of them combined for under thirty points. Avery Bradley another brutal shooting night didn't play great defense either. Al Horford a non factor offensively seven points on three of eight shooting. Did grab yourself some rebounds. He was the only guy doing that. As that your actually mark Smart pretty good on the boards tonight there. But not enough. Celtics just not good enough in any aspect of this game not good enough shooting not good enough defense not good enough on the glass not good enough in transition. There really wasn't anything they did particularly well tonight. They shot under 60% from the free throw line. Just about exactly 30% from three. And about 46%. From from the field. In the third quarter. They shot 62. Over 62% from the floor in the third quarter. And they still got outscored by Chicago that rate they're tells me that the defense in the defensive intensity that this team has been known for. For going on through seasons now. Just did not exist and I and if you watch any part of his game you could tell you could tell because Dwyane Wade was getting loose for 22 points and Bergeron Rondo. Add damn near another triple bubble. Polls now the second eight seed in NBA history to take a 20 lead. Over the one seat. And at this point I'm just open the Celtics can avoid this week. That's number one for your right now. Don't get swept. Show some pride. You're out matched your hero class that's what it looks like anyway. Either you either go down swing and are just go down to is this is adapted from another performance like tonight they they play like this in Chicago they're gonna lose by thirty. To an eight seed. 61777979837. Asian phone number 37937. Asian number context renting quick break and come back and get respect your phone calls here Alina. This is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. For me. So it's sort of his Donald who want to replace those into one game at a time obviously you know. Just like they came in some truth of the moon to defend we'll take one game at a time group tomorrow. And they're going image censor content through. Introducing it best home. You know that conducts. So we have. My injuries. And so as a must win for us. Al Horford Jae Crowder speaking together after the game not much to say in one game at a time one foot in front of the other. Let's get him on Friday. A better. They better be better than Nash. Celtics lose and it was big 111 and 97 and it wasn't even that close. Celtics getting victimized by Rajon Rondo who goes for eleven points fourteen assists nine rebounds and five steals. Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade 22 points each. Robin Lopez eighteen points eight rebounds. They did contain Bobby portage. Body port is only found themselves out there for nine minutes so good on you Celtics. You think you contained Bobby portage. But what you did not do is contain Paul's answer that Rick and German come out the bench drop in sixteen points in your face zip Bob's but it. Unbelievable. I set I'll I'll say it again I can take getting beat by Jimmy Butler he's a great player he's a superstar probably the best player in this year's I cannot take. Losing in the first round in getting scene like this by Rajon Rondo. And Robin Lopez and Paul's answer I just can't do it dad can't deal with it. You know I'm not one of those hot takers OK I try and I drank call like I see it here but what I saw tonight was just pathetic. Mr. pathetic effort from a team that should have been much better prepared by his better prepared by their coach and the roster should have been better prepared by this GM and now you're seeing it. They see what happens when you over value all your assets. When you refuse to part with a Jae Crowder. You know to get a Jimmy Butler and that's not even a knock on Jae Crowder it's just the fact it. If you have a chance to get someone who can change your franchise you do it. It really I mean we we talked about this yesterday. Of all the other all Eastern Conference teams other than the Celtics. Would. We be a starter on any other Eastern Conference they. Would Avery Bradley. What Amir Johnson. Al Horford would on some teams Isaiah Thomas what I'm pretty much every team. Save for maybe you know Warner today when star over carrier ring maybe they. But you know your roster is what it is in the game changes in the playoffs and it doesn't change in a way that is beneficial. Are conducive to this Celtics team being successful it just it just doesn't. Seems not good in the half court set. They're not a good rebounding team. The one thing I thought they really work good out his perimeter defense. Unable to get that done neither here. And I don't know if it's a question of guys get admitted certain guys getting more or less minutes than they ought to. I sort of look at this roster and they get this is what you got and is what you're gonna get. You know as an old saying when you plant corn you get court. And the Celtics planted corn this year and other get in court. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on Texas back your phone calls here. And we'll start things off with a Eli in North Attleboro OO mile. What that person's not there are some mental outlook and we have become couple quite easy or. Obvious out of one. Quote probably my vote of from the do. I've come you're not out in the on the court as well of course. On what the law is quite what yeah. Is set off. What are on the there aren't as bad location. In the it always falls for a while. All of or roads is. You can't always why why. Won't. Let them. What all the and that's. All we like value as we get it out. All what. Ai thanks for the call. I agree with you the can't go that deep in your bench. In the play out the Celtics would choice they have. Really what choice that they have Amir Johnson's a starter he didn't play he played under ten minutes tonight. They did they'd Jalen brown I think played nine minutes to Zeller a little bit in the second half their James Young got some garbage time at the end the really irritation was. You're starting five Johnson kernel or for Thomas Bradley. With a little bit of bullet taken a little bit of Marcus Martin Terry Rosie got thirteen minutes tonight. I didn't go that deep into the banks now like guys forget serious minutes here the bulls. You know same thing there. They had their starters except all of their starters played over twenty minutes. They had that it did that big kids police yo and ends that your. Both and there are rotation was pretty much seven irritation they got other guys in there Celtics it was the same deal. But they just are getting enough from their bench they're being religious art. Kelly oh like he's dry and he's trying as best they actually had a decent little game off the bench. Boy he's getting 24 minutes and you start is getting nine you need more than just a decent little game from one of those guys. Somebody has to actually be a power forward on this team someone as the play underneath. Al Horford. Tried to be that guy tonight putting trying to be that guy completely abandon his offensive game. Three for eight shooting. Got the foul line once. When you have an aggressive front court like the bulls have you had senior in years the primary post player for the Celtics I don't Horford that a traditional post player you've got to get to the free throw line more than once. And how about the whole team get into the foul line a little bit more often. Jae Crowder two free throws Horford to. Kelly ONE two Isiah Thomas thirteen no other Celtic took a free throw. Same thing happened in game two. Outside of Isiah Thomas no one made to the free throw line more than once. Settling for three pointers settling for challenged jump shots. We try to take it in the middle and yet they don't call as many fouls now as they used to there was one play were Isiah target and made it very obvious body contact with Jimmy Butler they don't call it and ball gets a blogger was on oh wow great block. There's clearly a foul. But they're not column of no this is the problem with this team is the problem would building a team this way. 6177797937. The phone number let's go to Tim in Attleboro a temp and they heard it it's up. Martin. Look at these games. Experience I mean we Geithner got weighed one what to whom we championship. Rhonda how they don't read it to Obama yeah. You know well what do we have a big grant leave it on the people close what yes you have. But that's about it we have a lot of blocks away is authored a lot. You know I watched that game one and later worked with and know that. But if it bothered them well and enough players like five feet off the quiet period Abbott wide open shots. Your idea Ziggy US navy or rather's our team on championship. Yeah now he wasn't actually heating got here in 2010 I think. Right I'm looking like experience like yeah we have there'd been debated very light if you want but I think we've been most people picked up. But if you look at. But it weighed I know it yet move anymore up. And Ron but Ron bell. He's here bloody year seat he doesn't have a good question. But they'd been in the title game and that's how Ike in Lopez's in Iran alongside you got what I did again we don't go anywhere they can match and. No but I mean Robin Lopez Sox and that's the thing he's not a good big man to get pawn by good big man in the NBA he's out there walking around he's Wilt Chamberlain here I mean this is this but thank you that clumsy Robin Lopez's crumb cake. He is a cheese Danish and their make them look like you know Shaq out there it's ridiculous. Right beating beating. Now what they did make a move like Ronald protect guys from I forgot the name guys of the doubt in Florida or have Serge Ibaka. Gregory box. I mean we couldn't get anybody into what we have thought that we don't mean meeting guys got a crack summit mocked his luck at the out there. Yet there anyway it's good to summit at all when they go out of the hole. Early someone who can who can keep up the intensity Tim I mean really it seemed a lot lately mark is Smart was the only guy didn't quit. And Rondo said so out loud to the point that Avery Bradley herded him was saying some about it after the game. Say her run they're saying they quickly quick equities right they did it quit. In game two on their home floor. Or get run out of the building by Rajon Rondo. Who by the way a lot was made about the story in fighting and stuff with the Rondo I'd argue a guy in Chicago Tribune today. Told me that Rondo is very popular in that in that locker or the younger players look up to one. Coaches like him I mean it seemed like that wasn't the case but I guess now Rondo everybody loves Rondo out there. And he's beyond a lot of used to be on that love tonight boy. Flirt with a triple double one rebound the way. Running that offense doing what every wanted to out there guys say added Bradley to Smart Weber was on and it didn't matter. Rondo is running that show. And if that's if that's what we've come through earlier in terms of perimeter defense on this team. This team that fans out there still say whatever chance against the Golden State Warriors v.s Bradley and Smart and guard their two. You know curry in in Thomson and you've what Crowder on Durant you got a puncher chance. They can't even stop Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade. I mean that's that's what we're at right now that's the reality of this situation your folks. I wasn't a fluke in game one it got worse in game two. In game three you're going to their home court now. I shudder to think what the game three and four gonna look like. And at this point I'm not thinking there's even gonna be game five. 6177797937. Tell me is in Dorchester Calvin. I'm and the treatments. This fountain. That's an. Easy pick are. Young billionaire. You know what you're going. You know one player I can credible enough OK. Crowd he can't really. Put upon on the floor that much. You know lately rally came to it and you have completed everything. You know hit it there aren't. Yeah. Actually. You know terrified infant. I want can. Oh absolutely. Oh. And you know like Joseph being here remember last year Avery Bradley got hurt in game one Jae Crowder was hobbling around everyone said well those guys were full strength. Would have been a different series of maybe last year what a bad but those two guys are full strength right now and they've done bought dish. If they've done absolutely nothing and the press conference it is not so long would it take it one game and it's time. And another thing to Christian and cause a little back in 2006. And Theo Epstein gave up on its cable what it came. The Manhattan when he could make some trade. But it can make the playoffs and without expecting that the playoff. Let me let me think back here to the 2000 and sent Red Sox I believe you I just can't picture my Hedrick. It just seemed like. You know our I give a lot of fires in my game it upon pain he should have made. At least try to you know make entrees for this thing because. This thing. Kelli you know in winning that we did American. Was that Brett Favre thing provides you won't refer. A. Thanks Kelvin thanks for the call my world be freer from there appreciate that. I don't exactly or what she's talking about in 2006. But good for her for Paul on their referenced is I mean listen if if it the way she's describing it sounds a lot like what happened here with Celtics this season. Danny Ainge couldn't get a deal that he wanted. And we don't know what the parameters of these deals were I know everybody right now is all freaking out about J. Crew. We don't know what that deal was we don't know exactly what the scope of the watch. But we do know is that there was not a deal the daylights not one. And when they didn't get that secondary scorer I was OK with it our wives. It was gonna cost you a potential number one overall pick. And it was gonna happen any year where. Adding a Paul George or adding Jimmy Butler lightly wasn't gonna get you past Cleveland anyway. So I was OK without who would not mortgaging the future to do that. When I was not okay with what I'll never be okay with. Is the fact that he looked at this roster the way it's currently set in the way it's so dreadfully on balance towards guards who can't shoot. How we looked at that look at this front court that is for raft of any sort of rebounding or interior defensive presence. And said no that's fine that's good lead late gauge. I don't wanna trade anything. To improve this very obvious flaw with my team. In that sense yes it's a lot like he gave up on this team. And decided well in our not gonna win it this year so now what it. Meanwhile they play their way into the number one overall seed. And now everybody's looking pretty stupid. Stayed one more call before the break Thomas in Chicago. Chicago Bulls fan hi Tommy must be feeling good tonight. Hey David in my column. To all sorts out equality and you know it's what we have Chicago. Compared thought Brandon Thomas. And a great player and look what he's on fruition but what about. Yeah thank you had stood so classy of you Tom thanks. And you know I just I want our what again it's it's it's it's really strange I I'd pick the bulls to win a subject. And delete and I thought was able to win it because. You know it's our into the great player but you don't fight actually I've seen this before with people what we had Jarrett both corner and bottom eat. Well in crunch time problem guard Derrick Rose and that would really hurt people's with Jimmy Butler being was seven in crunch time. You can put him on this policy that really hurts Boston's offense. I also feel like you know which Rajon Rondo. She you know obviously the game but it won't eat it too she actually took four fewer shots. And when you pull for three from three but at least two ability kind of what are we brought about it had to throw it up right. Can take in fewer shoppers were really possible because the ball. They're catching. And you really are. Ito is not a good sheer ability to. And it's incredible New Orleans I mean when you have Rajon Rondo just Justine field you know just plain forward Gerald acting getting everybody involved. You still have what it can always offer what each and maybe 25. You can always go yeah yeah I mean I've been who I mean the DiMarco with the playoffs are set up so. It's more rest than it was during the regular season. The bulls are not a regular eight C leader horrible season. Will be what is your heart's content but. When you have three guys like Rajon Rondo. You know what it was all in just a lot of old these sort Jimmy Butler you really do. Anybody in this league everybody to Eastern Conference from abroad. Because we're all out wherever they're probably quite a bit. So LeBron James is about Firefox are in Britain Italy well let's just look at Eastern Conference. After Obama that often the players RJ Thomas. Are currently a good job all warmup throw him Jimmy Butler. But the best all around player after the walk in Jimmy Butler is equal is really good defense and eat it if the rules don't wall. Forward even without this policy took a poems and follow that got what really help couples and crunched. All right thanks for at Tom thanks for the column up against the break but I appreciate the Chicago perspective there. Is Jimmy volley the second best player all around player in the Eastern Conference that's an interesting thought I had a really thought about that too much. Immediately. DeMar DeRozan springs to mind. Yana sans the composer brings to mind. Com. John Wall I think is a good enough defensive player to at least bring the motto be better than Jimmy Voller. React you know that might be is defensible position that day. But still they did beat by Jimmy Butler tonight. They got beat by Rajon Rondo. And the aging rotting can even get the ball over the rim corpse of Dwyane Wade. And that's on except I'm sorry that's that's. Organizational failure rate there from the top to the bottom. 6177797. At 937 major phone number 379837. You're number on tax on Twitter or Christian are can't quick break we'll be back after. This is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. Runs on you sort of to do one minute there's just one games did you know. Did this no one series did you take the same approach failure of 20 on the road and also looks like you've had a little more responsible parents there tonight. Defensively so what a lot of that affects your offensive game and if at all. How much does it doesn't poster doesn't last name but I got myself and I'll show. These are really crappy gas and it's one of our players are likely and I definitely the end game three just one game. Others don't get these are recipes you wanna push within myself. And go out there and tell you another deadly it's one game at a time one possession time. You know their voice that Rajon Rondo and speaking after the game game of life you know he's best game of the last few years visions that. Rondo flirting with a triple double. As the Celtics fall to a tune up in hole now. And have to climb their way out of its starting Friday in Chicago. Are real quick. You talk of our Robin Lopez Robin Lopez this season averaged ten points and six in Africa is it cheese Danish. So far in the playoffs. He scored a combined 32 points and eighteen rebounds which doing a little quick and dirty math means he's averaging sixteen points and nine rebounds so far. In this play out here. That's a good six points higher and three rebounds tired. Then you season averages. Robin Lopez socks. He's always sucked. He's always been the inferior Lopez Brothers. In his brother Brooks not really that great either. They're just a big soft family. And he's out their tour what ever he wants. Against your Boston or I'm from Boston Celtics about our threads I had a good day. They almost blew it till. Thought I was one switch over from that Celtics came A finally I listened. I'm now our pile on Brian Scalabrine. Because I do think that there's something to be said for trying to bring some levity to a to a loss like this which you can tell it's what you try to do. But it it straight for terrorism he goes to scout what went wrong and he's like Ron Rajon Rondo dominated the hate. Yeah we know company with alsop dominate how was he able to dominate he's sucked this year as a began three years. Well what happened added to do it he started you know asserted describing the ways in which run there was. It was effective in your dislike yeah Arabic. That's not really the story here the story is the Celtics just guy. Humiliated on their home floor. And Rajon Rondo is the reason why only eight unit. I had the flip over from there. It's just that wasn't I couldn't figure that. I'll let everybody you know I'd much started doing though it's gonna happen tomorrow. But yes I flipped over from that to the Red Sox. Who were up eight to four hits who's a flip over the lead in three runs. So they're Gaza is great there's going to be a fun show tonight. But Matt Barnes is it stops the bleeding eventually and gets the win so very young some. Some to be happy about nice nice day for the offense Mitch moral looking real good so far to start the year. But as for your Boston Celtics in really your Boston Bruins still. How about both of them. All four of their last four games. And some just you know not not any losses you can even. Take anything away from either. That Bruins game yesterday. And coming back from being down. 30 in the losing like then overtime on that and had penalty. Crippling. Is now they got it and sit back and regroup and look across the locker Roman realize we got all these Providence Bruins in Butte carriers appear in. I go out there and won a playoff series like this. Celtics now did have the go to Chicago to avoid a sweep. This went south quickly. Both series. It's gonna take a lot to get him out of this. It is gonna take a monumental effort to get the Celtics out of this predicament. And I'll say this. I just so these are capable. Of putting fort they're kind of effort. We've seen it before. In the regular season. Haven't seen him do it in the playoffs yet. And to. Go three straight years getting bounced in the first round and potentially getting swept this year. As a one seed in the east. I don't have to tell you what the optics of that look like. That's bad. That's like organization bad that's not you can't just say how well you know Amir Johnson was again now that's that's team building that's a problem there. That's a problem that starts at the top at the very top. In trickles all the way down. Otherwise we get about Isiah Thomas. Avery Bradley Jae Crowder I mean. There's your team. Al Horford. We saw Al Horford in the playoffs last year I mean. He was great in game one actually. Didn't do much tonight you could tell I mean. He made a concerted effort to keep possess under the basket and get rebounds and that's what he did you know eleven rebounds in Boca. And he was a big reason the Celtics didn't get killed on the boards all right. They still lost the rebounding battle invited you know handful. But he was not a part of this office. And at. And we saw last year were kind of playoff performer he's been lately. So it shouldn't be all that surprising. Avery Bradley playing as badly surprised that's about it though. Everything else about what I expected. I use offensively anyway I expected everyone. To be playing better defense in this. Especially years your signature guys. Jae Crowder whoever's guarding Jimmy Butler seven all sorts of trouble. No one could stop Dwyane Wade and no one could stop Rajon Rondo. That's one thing I thought I got always fall back on with this team and that was not there tonight. Go to Scott in Philadelphia before your break case got. Paired in the work then. Who hurt who thought that beard he's the it and what kind of what I doubt that Paula II couldn't. Not until I actually blade did it change are on the missile all of this could I don't particularly you know I'd the first or. They knew at which are double and opinion underscore and at least somewhat of a rebound better. Yeah he did go at it I mean he knows. You have to know that would you trade or contributed an asset in sees it that you're gonna have to overpay. It's human or lack credibility at all all items that I can remember him being in office. Yet and listen it's not just before you go too far here a lot of trades got me were people didn't overpay at all. They didn't overpay for heroines Noel in in death I mean they they resolved a good amount of trades where I thought the one trade it was a bit and overpay. Was surge of rocket that first one is there is a first round pick there and another player forget what was it that when I thought okay that's a lot I think for Serge Ibaka but after that. You really didn't see. Everything I thought that was 21 sided it seemed to me like they were pretty reasonable trades that Danny Ainge probably could've pulled off second round picks you know. Bench players like that could happen. No I agree and I do I I'd people. I didn't know what the time and I don't understand lightning caught yet somebody like competed conquered something. Do hope that the rebound we believe edit I understand you can couldn't get good people orders are the older of the world. That's far into the off season you're employed secret diary that that's a no question about that. Under current. Couple last week would probably quicker and great with the your nerve and your local water street. Look at the play out he gets ripped out so watch it and it's it's you can't use it will be used to get in a row and expect to hear it's it's it's not feasible. Especially carry its future. Yeah so I just don't see them come back until one in the series. And I really really really really haven't I really hope they fired Brad. I really wanted. Honored and enacted they wouldn't fire Bret Stephens got an eye on the you have to worry about that thanks for the call him up against the top of the hour here either are gonna fire risk the I don't think there's any chance they'll have. Unless he says something terrible I mean I guess he could. Could he go market smarts they're flipping all all the fans. Would that be funny actually Brad Stevens did. Katie she's picture with like that lets you know that look he always says that is faced just walking up the cards flip an op Ed region is some clean up. Alfie pretty funny. It would have been great there would be the music. You just went all Vince McMahon and strutted out what the people out. But now Brad Stevens is not gonna do that and he's got me fired. Tomas did just right on the website that Brad Stevens officially on the hot seat in a catch fire they lose the balls. It'll be on the hot seat there'll be questions and people saving every night in part. I don't think so. I would be stunned if that happened. And listen to his record is what it is. But I think blaming Brad Stevens referred to anything that it's going or in this series. Beyond you know not really having. The type of half court offense that you need to be successful in the playoffs. And that's I guess kind of a big thing. But they've been so successful this year in transition in and going on the fast break and sort of setting up that high given Goer that high pick and roll before. Getting Thomas opened and other guys just playing with less pressure on them and not being so under the microscope to hit these big shots. People saw this coming okay it's not like this is a total shark in the and were all low I can't believe I mean this is. This is something we all in the back of our minds is Celtics fans beyond us now. We all bark could maybe happen. I was. Parking myself into the idea that it wouldn't. And now I'm trying to talk myself out of this week. So there you go blocking change in a week. 61777979837. We got away a little bit its Arab state might in north Providence here's a thought or genre on the before go to the top of the hour in my. Eight correction yet you know you're standing on those suck this year and he really did you know this almost all start being all star break. Being issued 47% from the field of 46 cents or eaten. And he was constantly renting it out I enable these twelve point five points per game seven point threes is looking. Eight point three rebounds per game ramping it to playoffs. And honestly. I think it was just point archives just bizarrely jerking them around the kind of like caused. And any sort of like you know drop offers plate but. Everything pointed Burke finally decided that Rondo got to go to he's quite well and and his teammates were quite well what are. The thing is that. Aren't just would insist that a reminder like team management. And I I fear that great scorer and he he makes forty but he's not really skiing managing McCain for. He's not managing Baird gains for them. Like that's this is a perfect example or aren't used to do for us all I yelled he can't control the game. He said oh aggregate this guy shot on the that work. I'm ready okay. You're. Jimmy Butler had to call right now right or while okay wait for your not gonna forget our guys. Yeah yes you know you you know and just kind of keep that that the wheels. Call and keep managing the page which is stake for them. Why were they a 41 win team this year my. You know I mean of Rondo is so great you know I mean legacy if he was running the show so well how come they just barely made the playoffs. It because honestly it was a with a lot of chaos I thought just early on like holy bird. For some bizarre reason wanted to kind of light and this means they went and signed the week after signing on rate and then point berg wasn't like it seemed to have no interest like running the team together. Eddie and the bulls on office. Back. It is your right and Mike I got a guy Alex ago these were against the break regard Colin thanks for a thanks for checking in tonight your right the bulls had a chaotic season. Until the very end variant of the year they were seven to close out the season and sort of Amish drag. While the Celtics word kind of doing the opposite towards the end of the year. We at daybreak 6177797937. Major phone number phone lines are open load him up for the final hour here. If you trending now be back for the last hour of late night. 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