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Brian Johnson Player of the Game Interview 4-18-17

Apr 19, 2017|

Joe and Tim talk with Red Sox starting pitcher Brian Johnson after he earned his first career MLB win.

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Brian congratulations your first Major League win and it was so hot along actually it was 48 minutes ago hairy there in the ninth inning in Dallas that what's going through your mind. Yeah. Don't have confidence back on after the tying it was exciting and you know it was a grind from things that you one to be honest. Talk about that. For a little bit of he would because you know you commodity and the big leagues in the league environment for. Two seasons as he appeared in Toronto if they can't measures you took the mound for the first time. You know just go out there the people to. It's to pitch that was my biggest stock all you know try to execute each pitch and if it doesn't work out of the next one if it does. You know same playing go to the next one and I know. You know the second of game two stat on you know I did many pitchers that was but. Not a bad actor kind of orders are in a little bit going into this second serve but you know it is it was hard fought and you know that it went well he certainly had. Decide his game in the first two innings he came back after the ball small cap hit that that almost went out she got mark and struck out here's there with a runner thrown out at the plate did. That was very very. Yeah that was did DiMarco made a great play and adds up to come home on that and you know. Obviously I wouldn't know would've done without defense and it's great plays and you know I think faster car on an absolute great game I tried to pressure from off it wants. If it wasn't called so you know I I can't think him enough. How do you feel in general because of it it's it's been. Battle of perseverance for you I guess you know you cut. You know a long road back after it. You know aggressive. Debut against Houston that they had a couple of weeks ago you know you feel out there. Yeah you know it wasn't easy road but I think I'm better for it and I think guys down you know when the going gets tough I think I am I'm policy better for that stuff. You know getting hit couple weeks ago if not ten days ago I think it was. You know. Like I said my guys have you Roush Fenway I think to all the way you can construct album offices taper off base. So that I mean honestly that's the only way. I think you get over that I mean I wasn't nearly as bad and I don't want anything to linger that's what's what and it my next start it out there what do you think is next for you Ryan. I have no idea on this going the locker room in. And you know take it. Whatever happens happens you have one of it's mean tonight was. How long was at the time you left the game until that house that was me that it seemed like all night yeah I felt like I went in there just treatment. Ice and you know I think I think George it was a wild I don't even know department you know today it. Everything kind of went fast and you know it was exciting and I don't know I didn't really notice it was that long taught him on that Robert Clark aren't so you call first. All I can call anybody to be honest thoughts cell service here at. Barroso but as well yeah like I went across somebody's phone call my mom and dad but that battle probably happy that. Be the first two calls while that's great Hampshire where you find eventually those text messages will find their way here you and I am sure that world. I bright congratulations. Zach great to see you get your first wit averages like you. So Ryan Johnson they left hander University of Florida product getting the win here five innings in the he get out of some tough Jazz know they did allow four runs in the Red Sox after some anxious moments in the ninth inning hang on to beat the Toronto Blue Jays a descent.

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