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#DORK 10: 100th Episode

Apr 19, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey celebrate the 100th episode of #DORK. (10th on WEEI.). They answer listener questions, discuss The Last Jedi trailer, create the ultimate #DORK Questionnaire and so much more. Thanks for listening to the podcast. If you'd like, you can leave an iTunes review and comment. We're also on twitter: @DORKpodcast.

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If the door to. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that's my dorm blob cache. Banks are turning into another episode of hash tagged or my name's rich keep joined once again by Ryan Davey Davey how were you. Great Oreo. I I'm really strong extra things that are on strike target I'm having a pretty strong day anyone know why that is is because this is the 100 episode Astec dork. It was this seemed like only yesterday. You know I mean. It really does a depleted our link. Was up on YouTube of the first ever dork podcasts like a year two years ago or ever was. And it was like forty minutes it was just you and me you were on. Against I would call it not a land line. And not belt America they did in a I was in my car. He's fifth the fifth sounded like you may have been in a car. What we've banged out when he solid minutes on marble villains and that was the beginning of this this wonderful pot. And I remember the guy is the idea sprung from your head. Me being like hey. I know podcast exists but I I know they exist but I did not really sure what they are. End. Mike powers enabling you mean it just didn't really occur to me that you know hundred we'd be hundred episodes into the. Yeah how it the first one was we literally just ordered up on YouTube which is not really the ideal place to that this didn't listen to select that long out I wasn't sure how. How iTunes worked I was somebody that I was just I think we're so green. And both of I've got to organ or even now on nod WEEI dot com it's a visible for those who have just joined us on WEEI dot com first of all thank you. Second of all you understand how the houses there 100 episode where actually the tenth episode. Well Davey and I've into the podcast for a long time in fact we did nine the episodes for the merger took place at WEEI. It was their ideas to restart the number count which makes a lot of sense and I get it you don't wanna just jump in the somewhere in the eighties so we jumped in at number one. But in my in my personal counter. This is number 100 so let's both cleared out but. It so now we start explaining about you know how model works with Eric 616 in different dimensions yeah universe is. It's all very confusing. If you now overdue in the suburbs those were answer some questions that launch an email questions from listeners and Twitter questions as well. But I still refers to our our our normal opening several what do you think about it. RI and we had a Star Wars the last gen eight trailer. What does that phenomenal they looked great common and some of that media today it would they are saying will be in acceding to Google isn't that cool and might well. It yet about time that a movie trailer came up that they didn't give too much weight too soon. I agree that because there wasn't really a ton going on. But they didn't need to and they knew they didn't need to so why spoil the movie like you would just give us that just gives a taste I'm calling me it was a snippet. But that's the root of the world's greatest trailer. But so many including your voice Spiderman and there they can overdo it in they give you may be a little too much. Look at what do we do which is which Islam we live in we live in an age now where trailers have trailers yes so it was nice to see something. Be like a wet DeWitt to speak a little bit and not give too much away. Now bottom there was there was some good dialogue in it and I'm I wanna read the dialogue IE I yacht transcribed it against the biographer what do. Sure there are so this is again of the trailers like two minutes or less than two minutes there was a bit of a pay back and forth. Now wanna read it's you and and I want your opinion on on what it means apparent. Look quote breathe. Just breathe now reach out what are you see. Ray light. Darkness the balance. Luke it's so much bigger I only know one truth it's time for the Jett died. And and seen. What do they. It seems as though in the beginning that grade and Luke are doing some sort of mindful that exercise. Yes they're trying to be more present in their daily lives and so they're working on breathing and community being in the moment. Yelled. Body toy it's not so much killed president just you know breathing and dust like meditation the committed meditative practice. Don't they are ours and she like our ancestry and. Let's hope not as old boy alone and don't let it sit and think deviated. I think there's some sort of training going on. Which. Obviously mean that yes your ear training little light Saber in you know but I think. Editor of people what did you Wear to regenerate it and and I'd thought about this critically met Luc is the lat. Jeddah he's the last one. So. Well but then there is right that while they said this guy and it is the world is the last tonight. Which is well laurel so you multiple generalize. But it stands right now yet but as of as far as we know those are you know that yeah remaining I believe that's correct yeah so. Why train her if he wants all eight people to. Ceased to exist is so maybe you look it they're looking to start the new jet order which in the books Luke does. So here's our here's our side is that he wants the jet guy to sort of change because clearly that's not the right way to do things. This is not just my opinion because she says she sees light and she sees darkness and then that the bounce I think Luke's saying. Are it's kind of (%expletive) to be just light. Or just darkness and I'll probably lose to many people that darkness is because we're here in the light Hawkeye you can't get follow Mladic dance where'd you can't drink soda in nearly all the stuff. It so that's not gonna work so the it needs to be more gray but it needs to be you can't be complete dark side bigger or you know embracing the darkness. But there you see more of that land the between the two and that's what's gonna succeed so. He's not saying. I think like the jet I have to and or called something different where we can we change the rules the world X I've seen too many many good men and women lost and that's I think you said. Maybe you know he tries to pull you know. He tried to pull them back. Yeah it won't tolerant because try to pull back. And then you know I mean you lost them lets them that's their wife and I think that was the you can't work with the trees now if you will that's why is. Other that tries other. And abandoned. The other jet and many eventually solve the error of his ways to be honest it was too late. It was too late facility can't save each it is Novo back but in the book there are effective Jeddah called the great Jett died the day ago that's a we need to. But that's what we need and you know we need where the focus is not light and dark the focus is now. Balance in keeping spear bounced did you see the post there. What did you think and have a looks like she's maybe hold onto all red sabre which is of course we know just persists. All taking you know that the the jury's still out utter you know what is she all about. Where she comes from there mr. We don't know now Lance getting MS this before but just her for people joining us. Do you want her. To be related to you like Obi wan aura skywalker or somewhere like that or would you prefer her to be like her own thing. They have to be some sort of tie there I don't know it needs to be electric huge character you don't believe somebody would recognize. You know I mean but I would that would be. The Mon my rock. Yes some somebody. Jango jingles that now which somebody though so you want to know what you want a connection you don't want I wanna connection. Yet she had that bit it is people have vested interest in her you know some notes with kilometer about Darth Maul. She oh yes bring him back into the books by her body now it feels utterly. I know you guys back I didn't I haven't read that Japanese here he's back. His deal was that that's all. Hope. I am the public attitudes base or was that was just. Us that we. Yeah they would get double convention. Though little overboard he's the body modifications one hornets time attempt at a musings that painful process and I'm gonna be intimidating and. Did it at the Star Wars celebration thing in Orlando they had like they brought out rape park collect. Get some award or something of that nobody really knew who he was the first time. That's that you like that that's the guy who was towed in the first acts that moves I may have got there it. Yeah it been like eight movie it is I think he's said Blake to line. Yeah I saw these. Talker but that doesn't mean he's that you can't do it in other ways I think he's also going to be had come upon and foxwoods. All kinds of her back and we're gonna. Turn back from that. I think maybe next markets in June and so we are here by may and I'm guessing there's their tallest no thanks. All over them myself and knock on their tornado meal and a viral are you really thought ought not now and I think I've spent maybe collectively 400 dollar in the casino in my life and it. It was gone in a blink of an act too predictable Lansdale. God sixty seconds yeah do you buy or VC. They shut out that it is is gonna all the movies that he was then I'm. Thought here now he's got one of the better shows on TV or not really TV but Amazon prime at a show in can't speak EP. Are you really don't I'll. Sneaky she's good at night a whole lot rank president well we're up a real eyeball to eyeball thirty Kia wants everything on the search at the Los that. The deals are worse. I'm very excited to see it didn't see it in there it'll be good and Christmas. And you're a little bit David Lido where we haven't taken here we're excited that you are yet to break. We're all the or it's madness just yet so that's fine we'll move on and we'll look cool jet Oca Aaron that'll backed down. Argue casting news. Guy abode Josh Roland as cable and did pull to. Which is awesome little people violate his name of it brought up in the Google search talk about Brad Pitt are the guys from avatar is it might never member but. Remember thinking like a dog that might be just pro until my death equaled that they can't do that. You get beat to marvel properties that doesn't make any sense. Streaked and sure sure sure I can watch it now Moala at first I was like I don't know how is going to be but the more I think about it I think I think he's actually great now I. I didn't want Michael Shannon. I didn't want the user Brad Pitt I didn't watch I would heated Brad Pitt is a lot of really good movies on it too weird. Yeah you like cable Gilligan little more. We bring forward yet exactly. He's everything you know. I did see it up just rolled it usually good news those strong and although woes is named in them and well and well. Lou Allen. Seems more like Ithaca boy and in suits that territory. Well grow up at that point in Llewellyn yeah and so tough draws cable we both like that. About Doug James Dillon it was announced this both write and direct guardians of the galaxy volume three. In what would yet because I'm hearing directly at them up today at an all over the place that that they they actually. Put out the reviews from the people that the focus groups who sought out the if you look all bananas. There's simply degraded the best movie BMC yeah. It is leadership tonne of closing. Scenes like penetrate or five. At five Arabs stay in his seat utility you know that's how when approached I saw the lights go on the guy comes out with a sweeper he says art now like idiotic. We get some bad news older couple of good news departments have a one on the bad news department Nintendo. Announced they're discontinuing the many Annie asks. Yeah I sit in this is one of those things where eight U. How you do this what do you mean you put up this thing that everybody wants an image that we can't keep up with it and it's kind of was like a caught they don't get caught them they they can't afford. To put them out as some like Ellis it's crap you wrote it used. And they want people to by the switch obviously I think the I think one of the big things is so it if you Seles which. There's still more money to be made his people around by teams of people around by the other add on things like that or is this Nintendo you sell one of these. India may be sold few bonus controllers for the and that's it. I think it's crap but I still don't know how you can't afford to make those interview raised the price a little bit insists sent them out and had him available stores. They're gets snapped up its auto I really don't get this and now all the hassles that already own armor selling conflict even more and they've really has our government at the. Yeah I'd blatantly play where kids. A brand new details secret right now well ya got a computer in a US army accidentally maybe aren't your phone right now so article some called emulation. Where you can just tell you going to be. The fifteen bucks second on Amazon and get a retro Nintendo controller USB thing in just played among my computer. Yeah out we did it all AS employed up play how to do yet GM Jim boy at our Vaughn the you gotta get to that does this that's a little bit of passed this week and hash tag dork. Now for the last couple of weeks black panther has joined us at the end of the podcast. And he has told us what we thought were spoilers of the black panther movie. It sounded like all usually talking about was the that the movie coming to America. Impotency there be a sequel to come into America was I didn't think sounded right turns outs are a bit his rights. And there is this idea coming to America's sequel I guess the guy who wrote the first one is gonna write this on. This come from. Joking don't you noted. Coming to America to what's the what's the premise of this movie. Was the plot synopsis you ought to not let it. Okay all right it's. You didn't have a big on the work that out yes on the demand that we implement them keep them yet. As well as welcomed the against the gets passed on from generation to generation. Well connect every registered I do like this public. So bizarre. I couldn't blue eyes if you didn't mean it's instantly apparently but there's still the truth about. They're going Hollywood are out by the over there a little boy realized law. That's that's pretty. I think you think there McDowell in the Monday it now yes it merited it at that flick their big chain has McDowell I would think so. They have to golden arches vehicle and parks. The other hole there all over the place. They're the future now lastly we talked about mystery science theater 3000 but the overturned their they're kind of rebooting the thing. And it's on Netflix. I didn't I didn't I don't wash the time of it yet I started it it seems promising no way I like we want to they're all very likable. You have been here all over the left overs are now can we do hear about that. Oh and smokes the leftovers. Man. This isn't on my favorite shows of all time and it was the season three premiere this past week. And I'd love it I absolutely so Terry Cooney actress who who plays and Norah in the show she is also coming up currencies and Fargo. I think she. Is my favorite television series. Female character. Ever really yeah really. It does look there's it's it's there's a lot of back story there you go back and watch the show. Is a very well developing she's a great actors on top of the put the care there there's there's a lot going on there. And I like her more than anybody else. In the show's good there's I mean whatever shows a couple of characters you don't like as much by the the strong characters in this are off the charts I'm fascinated to see how. What they're gonna do how it's gonna and maybe everybody dies may be some BellSouth I don't know but I I am I can't wait for. All I need to put it appears you need it yet get an active and not at all deep and it yet. Oh no it's your balls the appearance and has done. Also analogy if our viewer caught up or not but I will say this rate bounced back episode better call Saul. Episode two of the season very strong really I mean unity you knew that was coming right down announced had to go to it yet they don't get a little bit. And. You know. Either man. I already at this week grind into. I guess people here I created a TV up you know I like that like a good pace on a good pace the podcast and only people flawlessly period we don't roll. Yeah we definitely do it some blame as week one of them speaking to guard into the galaxy telltale series put up their first episode of the guardian of the galaxy game old sit at the yeah he could get that right quick that that came out today it is currently downloading on my PlayStation which I'm staring at right now secondly. Commandeered a game that I started playing big ball deep that it says are playing this week that I was really hesitant to. Start playing discuss the way it looked. And then back automatic critics Florida's that are sold. I think it's currently sitting in at ninety or 93. On meta critic right now in the game called persona 50. Tom which is a bit of a role playing game but it is very Japanese. Nice so you who is like the cut scenes are all like anime games you are alike the Qatar street popped high school kid. Early got that far into it but it good so it period like Google Final Fantasy games but that in Mike late Tokyo earlier high school. Bit high school kids you know just you know mixes it up scrap them you know this this is something that probably going to be pretty good once they get older more into it other him to elect an hour to. It sounds pretty good stuff forget. Our Susan what else they did so we last week we took to Twitter and we say you could tweet us questions you can emails questions. And has some more coming and I stumbled upon this idea you know if you meet somebody. That sort claims to be a dork or the caller I'm interest in this sort of like. You have certain if certain questions that you probably wanna ask you see well you know where that person is or just how you know similar you may be to this person. I was thinking we need an official hash tag door questioner. Nice and so these are some of the questions that bottom we can always add to this later. And then I thought for us is to be a good way the server the Rome and then give our quick answer to people to sort of see where we are as a relates to these things. Apparent but art first thing if you talk to somebody who claims to be a a bit of a dork like I was doing down at the Super Bowl asking the likes of match job I would say. Who was your fair superhero. Right at pretty straightforward and of course if your match obviously don't have one because Anwar. Just the wreck of a guy apparently her height and in superhero along would you please sir. Yet I'll get some playing a lot about my. I think it it's been part of this this podcast for sometime but my growing up then. Continues to be my favorite superhero in the moral universe was that would always Spiderman now. From a very very young age and people ask me why and I don't hide out at big everytime I act. It got that question. I say something different but they've the answer is it's always just been part twilight. You know being like two years old and I think my mom got me Micah. Ski mask that was like Alec that old school ski mask yeah yeah I would read it was like it up like Spiderman. They probably banked it knows that everyone. Tea it was still look like Spiderman and values to like climb trees in my backyard get stuck in an amount could get me. So it's minor and yet it is glad experiment the top. By Chris did you Letterman's mom was dead so that's not exactly class Byron Meyer for the longest time it was ice man but I feel like. He doesn't really evolves and awfully that was there's so many good comics are so many good shows us some good things that they don't use him very well. So we have got all. That well. Wait where is he gay and I'll get into and accommodate historic though I didn't I didn't read it. Look at it it it took so this is gonna is gonna sound really bad but he's not on their character anymore and it's. It's not that I thought it's not because of that that's a terrible as the front distaste about their character so not a not a bit on what of course not I don't I don't care about that. But I felt yeah I don't I enjoy the program Mya and my spirit is red hood. I am I I absolutely love the red hood he is my more recent. Favorite character. Hence why you know back and then my Xbox-360. Handel was iceman something and now it's red hood something so at. And it it'd fits your personality and a bit of a fiery. Bit of a fiery guy. I can run hotter at times sure you can so Chile soccer I leg. Red hood off they were super villain. I ain't. Have always been a man. The Joker obviously yet that I have been a champion of all. Villains I mean I think what they've done that what. At one point in the economic fifties and sixties it was a good throw away Carriker. Yeah now become like kind of the gold standard. Out thanks to you know people like Alan Moore and you know people who have and it changed. And Frank Miller who have. You know they've taken a stupid idea and ran with it did its. One more complex. Ones that are the villain that I think yeah Serb and what the paper. It's the best and I usually try not to pick. Favorites whether it's athletes or you know I'll put characters are never that are like everybody's favorite but I don't like doing that but this is one worry I can't over think it went the Joker. To oversee us. Another question would be favored graphic novel or favor comic book series you know that depending on what's. People realize. My favorite graphic novels of all time was the crow was the first graphic novel ever read a lot pro. And ultra violent had to go to the twelve or thirteen and erratic round of the movie came out very inappropriate for young people sore. If you're young kid that read that stuff and then earlier in my life you know early twenties and someone. Maybe sit down and read watchman at a time forever glad they did because that was kind of a game changer for. Bershard and then in turn this series right now my favorite comic book series right now is American vampire. Yes love that which is yet unbelievable so pick that up pressure. Our mind would be a big bat man the long Halloween is my favorites. Graphic novel ever written I mean it was a series at the time goes like thirteen or fourteen issues in the slop altogether so that's that'd be answered to that. Another question you would ask to be favorite movie. Now this is one where this can probably change a lot. But this summer gas see you need to be ready to to answer. It'd be irritating answered and they get so mad that you would win you don't. Because without all I had to back quest of a question about what Jaaber. Isolated. That's a good question because it let him let's break it down this way you're having a conversation with another door person is being elected me your your favorite movie. Your favorite comic book movie your favorite horror movie. In your favor comedy. Let's. Well ordeal and yeah. My favorite movie is I always with these and this one and it is my favorite like I think seven samurai is my very favorite like movie from. Like pop that's a great movie. You know and I mean yeah but nobody can guard the pick out other people would say the godfather here like you can't argue that this is a bad movie goodfellas. But my guess sit down and watched all four hours is seven samurai every day manipulate what's in a movie now not the united means so I think. The foot by a critically my favorite movie personally. From my favorite movie of all time and you know mr. Beecher Richard is this is Spinal Tap. Yes just by it'd be sheer volume of time that watched that DeLeon. You know I love that. Yet our count the movie and more movies. Comic book movie my favorite comic book movie. Is probably the Dark Knight yeah. For obvious reasons that and I would put it so what made Dark Knight one B Spiderman two the same rainy one yes. And Spiderman. Very serious talk about a thousand awesome movie a little bit. My favorite horror movie is evil dead two and and Mozilla. Comedy although you can probably just the Spinal Tap there and they're all fighting going comedy elbow a bit about as well to a guy parent and they located favorite governor at a category favorite laureate movie that you love. That everyone else thinks is like. Really dumb. Like you fit Dominick goes. Roadhouse for that. A road house with him on. The Burmese for that one although more more people specially. Friends of mine really like my Gruber on the Gruber is sort of viewed by a lot of people's Democrat but I loved Gruber who grew rebellions in there. My favorite comedy I was asked this the other day and I'm really hard time this one but it's probably old school. Do you think there's a lot of really good ones and go back to like you know dumb and dumber ace return and Tommy Boy or wherever else but I anchor man's greatest so many heroes but I'll I'll just say old school they were comic book movie is. The Dark Knight but ball pretty closely by the vet by guardians of the galaxy. I come. They were horrible me is either scream or the original Halloween. In my favorite movie which people using every crap for much their movie snatch. Yeah I like argued to keep it that the public know what that have happened good movie. You put up the movies that did not vote that. That we would say it every answer prisoner it's my favorite movie though so stick you know. It's the can appear households without. Cops also let's go to favorite TV show and I think you basically go like sitcom comedy show or regular show. OK so my favorite. Comedy show of all time com is the office. Nice oh oh British British or American. Tom. Imitate my answer okay fine I'll Google and it always sunny in Philadelphia who entered. There's a good out clean and open post American. The American Sonny. I love Sonny I would I would still puts on felt number one for me still lives on as to what values they were regular show. And answer I want over the wire. A couple of other questions I have peer super power you'd most want. I would either one way into this two days and again this question we have amassed I don't know how many times. It's really hard the apparent at 140. Yet tell porters are the top my lest although I wonder how all. What would you be able to do it a sneaky tell Porter or you have to do the parent I'm almost superhero now Liggett pure if you're tell. Don't know all you don't let picketed in this is a terrible movie but the movie jumper. That's. But it can be just like Hayden Christensen in jumper. You merry go equity like you might look at a picture and click go there yeah that's neat you have that that would be what I would do. I held out like not like you know night crawler we can only go like too great and CD can't do a blind. Yes. Or no like stock and wall to make that noise and he likes what he's thick smoke everywhere like that. Which sits everywhere that's like would you knock it off the help or they're arguably a greater go from here to the to the bathroom like the real are back I think. On the one hand like to be able to read somebody's mind like Mel Gibson and wanna girl or woman wants. Putts. How would be bad because he realized just how much everybody that hates you. I don't like what if you like couldn't turn it off as bright as they eagle do you go insane and then yet. Yeah you do that while nobody nobody really likes me is what you get up a big coming away would. The other what I want to do it this Zack Morris timeout and say about it well yeah that's really can you say timeout and whatever country it is. Like that particular talent wolverines duly did you all doubt also be pretty odd like you were just you know. You could run this podcast for like 300 years imagine that. You yeah I don't want that it would be like all these little Walking Dead and. You have until there all that showed the media. That is a lot as a slog. And loud as the superpower I'd I still don't know the answer may aren't a big slash BP B yeah they just that fast. I don't know. It I think that's a real doozy because with the you know great power comes great responsibility Ryan. Yeah I heard that it critical issue appointment I just you open up. If you're over that. Sorrow I have an answer to our favorite old school in new school video game this is written around. OK so new school but current consoles when I'm thinking of new school. Yeah this one or maybe even like the last look if you really got there yes the re humorous pre sixty units on him. Bert my favorite old school video game is probably mega man two yeah we agree with the on the Wii U we agree on that or Contra of culture has been. But they commit to pressure and my favorite news cool video game com. They're both from the same company bit of an I have to lean towards the last of us. Is my day yeah that's a good one I will go with Marcum won the arc and games but at all yeah on candidates impetus yep okay. Technology have I want it it. On the vast. It also got to wrap up there at the door questionnaire these are these are simple ones. Star Wars or Star Trek which although I feel like there are less and less than last Star Trek people now. But there are pretty. I would say it a hundred episode I can finally come clean and they would look we we adore podcast I'm speaking for you Richard. Have not really given Star Trek it's due and to be. Big Star Trek fans but we we got David we respect you when we meet the opposite he worked. But for you if you like it sir you are a million we can't watch everything though. Yet well and I know they're readily available but I I've watched a hole a good amount of Star Trek and it. It's here if you what you get past the camping and it's not that good. But the original start. Carlos and I are now your kind take an attorney he just said hey everybody really like you and we acknowledge you've been here a while kind of sucks though so that's why don't like out. Feel like the hard core Star Trek fans alike gathered the original were decent but yeah the next generation in the rest of armor we're at that. You know if it. That's on the milk the last won't be Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. The chemical and her partner. Are talking about some long slog as The Lord of the Rings may have about past time. Yeah like they had nutshell Mort or two and a new game that's coming out that was awesome. They get an idea that's fair I'm looking more movies. And Heidi the Harry Potter or is it more of them so it's. Although if you have hobbled movies is just that is a hole let the whole thing. Yeah you know it'd do I think a lot of it is for me. The fan base of Lord of the Rings they're like here there quietly confident in in their own bank. Yeah people. People who. Are all about the Harry Potter books and all they do is sit there and bitch about this character about being in this. Diener you have these leaders now they biggest literary you know I don't really care. If whose been who has Perry is girlfriend at one point Chang of the Choo Chiang is open. Mining. All the red that we know the Asian girl well I don't really see that kind of thing. You have your colorblind. My name is Chang. Her. And in my eyes all these other but I don't know like talks slick is league east. Meeting with characters that people get all bent out of shape about the iron. Yes earn hard scenario out of pot that. Yeah I like you your decision chili's not. Chile and. Are well you can always add the UB the listener not you Ryan you know is that. To the hash tag door questionnaire surely. Fine tune this bad boy maybe make it like ten questions to ask our let's get the listener questions wanna start with someone email here. This is from Chris in Quincy. Emails things that hi guys. Great podcast you discuss everything I talk to my friends about on a daily basis I enjoyed listening every week I've suggestion freer hundredth show. Being in my opinion one of the best size 550 shows of all time is there anything game of pro you can talk about. Maybe rate the season's battle scenes your character favorites theories about how it ends. I know that might be a smarter way into the TV show comes back in the summer to talk about but I love the show so much had dementia at feel free to say the suggestion for July. Thanks Chris. You know what Chris. We probably will revisited in July the put up now because it email you wrote I know and also we've had. Shark has been a lot of the game a bronze episodes Davey I know you're also a big fan you have not had a chance on the podcast to talk about it as much. But you know your thoughts on not geo T. I love it and maybe as far as to get your question you know. You know how it then there you go my favorite speed and I think it's one of those things it's gotten better every season. So my ate my Internet as of our. As our god among us Tom Brady says what's your favorite championship video it has an answer to this what's your favorite David drones the series the next. It appears that when I got. I'm just can't wait for them so excited might be solid and but if you haven't watched them knocked that data bank obviously. Yes very good spoiler. But one are we highly recommend he should catch up before the season starts that jump right in ours their characters are concerned. I like much most people are you a stark is Obama Beirut's. Jagan hug gar is we're learning more about him I love. On Dario and Horace politics and the debate. Should in his right yeah allegedly justice you know that. And I made it in the drag them in the dragons there's a lot of good dragon I on the other hand. I'm gold with a thinkers. Oh I really like ferret and I really like here in my minister yeah they're they're they're great. Com. You know the little fact guys. Which you know I really took silver on and on many levels I thought did find out that my exact site is the exact ever tight from and the United States thank you very much. We're gonna let's not DeVito and five I didn't and that's the average man science. In any United States also found out that up Austria has the tallest ever to command which is about 61 lot. The average Bosnian that's why. And the average. Indonesian men its fight to. LaMont. Did you possibly turn at five some nugget. Almost pay you money broad kingdom's political rhetoric but yet mideast issues bing. Even being there and there's still a great search engine problem. I think note not etiquette that music it went out of business is not last time my search for something they weren't. Microsoft distressed out of it we can't you think you wanna we'll then get on the NASDAQ door will push thing. So you have voted their tour event that'll mean oh my god yeah that that's the only good characters. Probably about I enjoyed. All that was awesome that yes. And the thing is what they show the magic of this show is like these are all the good care to what you get so invested in one character because you know it at any moment. They can just go. You know if you haven't what they would reelect these seven or some like that it iguana at this point like you need to get it breaks it. Detail what everything you need to watch it. This is a must watch it it is. Yeah it's it's great I did read the books and I you know shark is read all the books and I know people who read the books and they love the show you know cut equally it if TV if you haven't read the books he can still pick it up but they throw a lot of names that (%expletive) earlier on but don't worry about the third in the comic weird names in weird locations by. You weirdly pick it up rather fast. Are just move on we have him and Chris thanks and you know that's a mortgage or throw stuff certainly has that approaches this is an email. I get dork podcast at gmail.com is the email you can not hit us up with. Jack from South Dartmouth mass says. Really enjoyed the legion podcast just started watching preacher. It was gonna every watched they're double season two but now it's like apple wants a region so thanks keep up the good work it's on the listened to. Also emails you guys earlier and still hoping you'll podcast on recent horror movies like the last five to ten years. Have you guys each give your top ten. Not sure if it's your venue but most comic fans I know also looked good horror flicks grew up both myself and yes. I still love the Walking Dead STV show ever not sure while they hate. That's from Jack. Are we don't really love Walking Dead but that's my jackets it's for different people for different things but the answer is yes we both love. More movies and we've done the last couple of October we don't attack on a more movie stuff. Brigadier to have a top ten the Davie but over the last recent horror movies go to 2002005. On motor coupled that are most wants your. If follows. To create room. Dot org and I must say that I like more. About it note you'll let it till it com. Like yeah I did the one with a blind guy. All like a breeze don't breed it was unbelievable yes. Column the bothered to look Diane your big Bob duke. And also for motivate your mind would be though I I have I'm with the although as I've been seeing green remote has said that although that scene in would definitely say yes to. Also some of the more lake big bug or bigger budget ones on the conjuring a really liked. Us sinners that do sinister like Ethan Hawke that was a scary and insidious. I liked all three of those. You also recommended free which I went and watched us I'm not put all we have got to treat. It. I'm sure missing a couple but there's that between the two officers closed attend those are all really good form a cabinet and what's cabin in the woods. That will it would seem to think if we put the spot what these look like. Could I maybe didn't want to go to this freshman now like comic I got a lot of horrible video what did I have not seen all those ought to get an out in the woods drew guard was awesome. That was set us though a lot of farm is different but our unless they go jackal police some of those. You haven't seen you know and. Acted dispute just to speak to the Walking Dead thing and I'm sorry for talk it over again Richard but their own. I did in the of the reason wild beat for the Walking Dead is because they're really like that show. In the first three or foresees and a super into it I loved it and then I just got bored. You know I mean yeah you're that makes sense I hear your allies need to because I'm just so upset with where it's gone. And I also have an of the sound snob the and I know a lot of people do with movies like now the book is better while. The the show actually got me into the book and that ice I want I read almost all the issues to this point and I I enjoy a the graphic novel more than the shelves now a solid one of those castles like while this is what happened in the book. But that's that's it you're also getting some debate if there's a built in fan base for the show. And then so you don't do things or if you take different choices that's and what people get used to. Here's some two weeks that we got this one is from Roy blocked. He said what ever happened to the wire season five did I miss that. Good question Roy that we did individual episodes. On hash tag dork in the past on each wire season with the exception of number five. And Chris and Jason what happened was we planned on doing it was difficult we try to make him three man possibly had to get everybody's availability. Plus we had we had done for. And then. It was router on the time of the EEI merger and I didn't want more of the first couple of episodes. To be season five of the wire both volatile and kind of random. So we will circle back Roy but thank you. We had a direct message because our GMs are opened and EMs are open. Chris direct message season what do you guys think of he wanted the graphic novel series I have not read it and have you. Yes are the first one on the cure fans of the movie. You are very furry treatment and a complete surprise because they are. Essentially. You know we have a character Wesley who becomes an assassin because in the Atlanta this father was an assassin's bullet the most money. We're kind of the similarities end. It is just it but it also violent alt conceptualize the great art the writing but it it. I really do like get a com. I would recommended to anybody if they said ocean every dispute absolutely obvious not in one of those like you have to read is that you don't like killing joke. I want it meant. Dark return but you don't have to read it but if you're into that movie I would say absolutely pick up its good its its good. It's Mark Miller right. Yeah so. Pretty good. Aaron. We just hash tag dork 100. I hate remakes but if you guys could remake any TV show or movie what would it be. Miner to be the pro. It's still that lags the good news Arab League they are remake of the probe. In this day it's been in development for years yeah that's true and they just can't get it off the ground. I would today. It does have some legs but I think but it said it's one of my favorite graphic novels and it is actually the really good movie. Com. Anywhere our European peace Brantley yet but. Tragic but. I wonder if that the way that move that the book was written in the way that the movie was written and shot if it was like a complete nineties thing. Yeah yeah I like run was doing what ambulance now though I wonder if that I don't know how you would do it again. He said at that time period yet but like you know it was at a very grungy feel to it by the way at one of the my favorite movie soundtracks of all time in the sector but not every nineties band that you would wanna you know you'd wanna mess with our. On that letter from us on Sandra. Thought he would respond it would ever we were very into like we'll get a little bit but we are very much into the rap rock thing yeah like Matt trouble they have like. Israel wasn't a prodigy and Mike you know would have metal band did that. They're good Marilyn Manson song on their the long hard road out of hell holes on spotter believe. Yes it David Crowe contract would put that out what would you re what would you remake if you could anything. I would remakes on yeah does he say number one we stumbled and of that but I would I would remakes on. Brochure. See that's how they went in with a good story book that I feel like this CD to big grip of these visual effects were not where they should be. You go to media entity yet John Leguizamo played cloud again because I thought you made that movie he was used. And at that but that's this year really good answer agreement respond as well our Thursday two weeks from Joseph. I should or 100 dream director and cast spray Justice League movie. Dream villains. He loves god gets the torch route every week this is really difficult I don't have an actor and actress in mind for everybody but first and foremost. I think you need to figure out who would be in said just this week. And Superman Batman Wonder Woman are the three must have obvious ones. And then after that I would add the slash it would be Barry Allen I would add green lantern and probably how Jordan followed that are poor man. And it's. Maher I would like how a tie it up more out of cemetery on them martian man hunter I have green arrow I would have like night wing kind of swooped in here and there. I would. But lack an area like I would I would load that thing out and a lot of that a lot of pro it's a lot of set up a victory I think the villain I think you'd have to have a bunch of different villains like I think you would have. I Ras Al cool I think you could did you bring him back and have him do something knots. You can have. I don't think Lex Luthor is big enough war to get the whole Justice League involvement no. Think he needs to be there to mastermind kind of hold something that yes yeah yeah yeah I agree that. And then I this might be lazy but what he asked for a dream director. I think the Russo Brothers wouldn't you had to can be seen them have the success would avengers. And our there was civil war so. That's a lot of characters thrown into one movie I think they would be pretty good for our Justice League movie. I totally save my dream director only because I know he would never do it. And of two things one I'm with you that if the course re apt to be there might dream casting for that man ready for this payment. Mr. bill. Oh don't SI don't dollar think it. Don't over think it bring him back I would love to see Christopher Nolan directed even though because reckon they know that you never what yeah. You know drew him. M I'll I don't mock I don't. I'm out there would be good movie like he's I can still do a bad one. Yeah that's sure you can take effect in the mid to bat but the Batman movie so realistic instead make an actual world let them know you can do that but the justice. But that many like ridiculous characters are ridiculous and a bad way but just like. In terms of this scope is going to be. Armey you bring him like martian man on third and even green lantern like to do green lantern while all of you know that's another one maybe I'd remake a dud try to find a good way to do out of an actual good green lantern movie. And what if he made about John boy you got from are worse death the very. NATO. What's the ray this isn't a question actually our race says if you could create your own defenders ass series. What four super heroes would you panic. Now let me tell you this this is what my plan would be if you're Netflix. I would I would try to get involved with that man and the bat family. And your four main characters like if you wanna do their own thing you can have that man and have his own season and you'd be like you're you'd be your daredevil he Buick your main guys. Then you can also have odd night wing. You can have been robbed in at this point it would be B Jason Todd Robin would be the second Robin. And you also are not yet not yet but he did get there because you deal could be a long whole thing a lot of setup and then also back girl. It's so those would be like your four main ones but as we all know. Jason Todd dies and eventually becomes the red hood. Back girl gets paralyzed in becomes oracle Damien Wayne is discovered and he becomes Robin or you also Tim Drake and they're so you're. You're just beat the toilet. Is Imus this Newsweek red Red Robin numb. So. Doubt be without your set up and Joker would be your main villain because Joker is. Guess spoiler for books that have been around forever but he's the one of kills Jason Todd and he's the one that puts. Turns back early and oracle so he would be your like your main guy and you just tell these stories. Over all the seasons on Netflix that's I would. I would I would go just this week dark make that a lot of action so I like that that's really do. Yeah yeah content even swap paying and dead man and I thought I doubt would be X series that I would. Die to watch now be sick I was I was let down by the animated movie. OK I give you know exactly who broke out and it was OK is there. Yeah but in broad that a lot elect in the in the spirit of like a daredevil type show you know I mean yes. Are those not yet. And if it let's get to the other portion are different from the boxers both both reached out there and Wes has one question markets has several so let's get to. West as. Harry Potter well he did it and hold trying to answer the best we can but those are the west is question. What is more dork or more hash tag dork liking wrestling or liking board games. More door hash tag dorks yes it like wrestling. Mean more word dork in play key accurate dork or would you play if you play you know worked at. That point. If we we we pride ourselves when we're not nerds here. Where or door and it is those ruled the death. Yet aid that I feel like board games board games not like board like monopoly that like actual games like monopoly. It's Billick bit Richard and I do not know it was a great out we know it man whose claims he has never lost a monopoly. Yes the some. Amongst other beats the business. But you don't love them on the no dude no longer has the monopoly. Monopoly. I'm with the Opel and aggressive little more hash tag dork hence we had her wrestling episodes on the podcast we have not had board you know so. But I think I'd be very that there is a casual audience for. Or wrestling there is no casual audience or hard core board games the interior Jiri in Europe is going to be. Aren't let's get so I yes I agree that Marcus he's innocent email and we can go back and forth on answering machines. I thought that the US so this openness and turn into too much of us sniffing each other parts but this is I think way. But it didn't last as they wanna know this that this is less opinions about characters are more about us which is which. Oslo the first question is how did you guys meet. We went to high school together and military very prestigious. Prep school and saint Paul's and I was a freshman and Davey. Join the school as a sophomore so we're nearly eight or. They repeat sophomore Davey is a great ahead of me is an undisclosed amount of years older than me. And he. We both played football so early on the ball really that's where we met was pre season football. And they don't remember played football and baseball together. I'm David put pocket but gospels that's how that worked. Here's a good question and I wanna get your side in this what's the biggest fight you've ever had into the gets physical. Elephant talk about it Richard well the minute that I ask you know you're wrong. August (%expletive) let's put it to the audience it'll put video entries always tell the story wrong look at some stores a year ago. Richard and died so we were such good friends and I'll go back to beat the previous question we never thought. Never know of the you know I've ever been in my in actual we elect like it into an argument like your stupid and that be the end of it. Humble we'd never actually like fought fought because closest we ever came to fight now know the moment. But to go back to the first question whether we meet the mobile we met each other it was like. We were both by lapping the entire time people thought we were ridiculed and we are stuck together. So Richard I always played catch together on baseball like wee bit tight lipped it every. Normally warm up with somebody the first like him as a practice just playing catch inferred. Two years or three years straight we play catch everything that. Every single day surveyed the argument came up and I am not kidding this is the biggest fight we've ever had was would you rather be really hot. Or really called. Yeah BR if that is 100% the argument. And so this is Meyer a take on what happened is so this got brought up in the world like in the middle. And as we would do a lot of talking on a team they've whoever is warmer up they can all hear us talk. And the coaches randomly weren't there that de Sousa were just on the bezel you'll just the team and Emma would you rather be really really hot or really really cold. And so I said art you're really really hot or really really coal in your wearing like shorts and a teacher. And and Davey says it will no you have to be really really cold in shorts and T shirt or really really hot in like all like a winner out of a ski outfit. In my mind like. If you do that you can't just because that's. Of course that would rather be really hot in just a short shorts and a teacher. Because he's going to be pretty happy even it out. Right up my point was. Who the hell would be really really hot wearing a winner jacket you would take off the winner jacket you'd take off. The jacket. And so we will not unlike the semantics of it we were we were a lot insults our words like can't repeat here. But we were insulting each other like you've never heard beacon assay and his idea of the argument didn't make any sense he say that mind does make any sense. And then the more the argument goes we're donning applaud each other world is it harder hole. Edit finally. Arab there was like best a year shark but somebody had to step and I was like all right like you gold down there Datsyuk didn't think you've got here because they were like air mail the ball or on like on our knees. We don't yet in my air mailed on purpose and it can get get caught. And I was so mad it is it's like Ariel your your so called. Well you can't just create a guy a jacket put down Robin would you would you admit they won by it to admit I need subs do you dance and edit jacket and ultimately the it was so intense eyes and you can't go to college picked it up and take take my jacket not a good argument. Going to be noted and again that and that I would have been a look at shark and a bit like shark. Shark if you really hot endured a Jackie would you take the jacket off and he's like I'm not answer that. I'm not I'm not answered that question. Bella and now at the moment he came over it would have been able would like one out you go play cat with Betsy now I'll look at the report. The thing is yet. Shark by the way is urging us drones expert does he can't throw away the boxing broadcast. Yeah an end in charge it rich have been friends away longer than rich and I have yes sharp comments from her for Bob yet he knew he knew when to step in and what it was good. We'll look to attend. But how dumb is that the that the biggest fight we never been it would hold it didn't come to blows but it almost. On the best is when you explain that to somebody yeah we got to work close up by viewers got on the ball to each other there was yet that was easy but truthfully. Was the biggest Biden gotten into a thug with somebody's ass is up with war and I was like would you rather be really hot really cold and they're like. Ballot bowl will really hot or they do and it's the question I'm likely out without a much that wasn't really a doll like the present and all of that up that there are a lot of it on on the area. Let's see you next question in here why won't Davey stopping lazy and come record review in person rich. This is this is actually good question and we can't do that every now and again but I actually live in Connecticut. We were both raised in New Hampshire but. My job actually took Pete two teaches school in Canada it's likely I live like two and a half hours from Austin that this really isn't a question Liam I'm. Your busy and if you're also father why yet again at that and we've done one podcast that thing together. And you know we'll do more in the we have the northeast how McConnell we will do welcome Tom and though well from there to that's how that's done. Evening there are yet there are plans to do a lot more of those once. What we can't figure out. You know how to work. Yes yet. Our next question has Davey I enjoy the move to WEEI. Bomb that effects it has of the zero impact on me. I enjoy update but I'd say I enjoy it more because in this into the sound really sappy rich is much happier doing what he's doing. Now I feel like Danny's given room to do things like this which he really excel that so in that regard yes I am happy. Yes to browse at the sports I was recording there are those kind of doing it like on the sly and not really telling anybody can they didn't really. They really care about podcasts in their whereas it WEEI they're all about podcasting immediately loved it and so I can use the studios here. And it's no problem so I'd I will say I like our old logo better. But that was also a lot of copyright infringement bells are our buddy dual. Me and him design that art duo decided I'd coupled ideas America. And it's awesome but if it's going to be really become a thing we can't use that look come on let's see. Rich what is your exact to new salary before taxes compared to the one from the hub. Well I'm not gonna answer it Marcus. I can't I can't I won't I won't do it although I will tell you out to the listener whatever you think that it is it's less. I I dare I dared the with less though everything it is what movies do you completely disagree on TV series games sticks that are. Com. I can tell you up to bat but the TV series that we disagree on or just don't I don't care for that I watched to see and other is that it actually the wire right. That's that's definitely one. Yeah I don't think there's really any movies now I don't think you guys it's clear we do agree on a lot of it now you don't like the screen movies as much as I do that's because nobody does. I know I watch yeah I mean trying to trying to think what we've are generally. I watch like other in my column my non dork like what I walked like I would really like is like documentaries about it weird people. If you like prom and make none on and on and I know early and those types of things but like I am for some reason I just like really screwed up people. Then that's fine I also found that like with a lot of the stuff. Not just the debut with anybody in your Summers like all I really love this movie. I hard. Like arguing about that because Eric you loved it good for you here particularly particularly slick guy like that will be. Right here is that that's hard to really get through a big drag out about that. Democrats and Buick Buick two point speaking of that Marcus assets you ever considered a wife swap. Now ever now but I opens like a Tea Party. Yeah they're about other people want to elect right out of there has to be yet. Is direct trade that things get messy. That's message but it is sort of luck of the draw like losing your keys and these are your keys have been that leads to whatever that leads to whatever. The next question Richard. Or I'll I'll I'll let that post. Richard have you seen David do black panther lions if not how do you know it's not the real black panther. That's very fair Marcus I don't know I don't know audiences that. Deserted island one movie one book one type of food for the rest of your life. Deck ready yes. Ready player one Bayer and declined as my in my book that the big about ski is my movie up. And ginger ale I'm taking ginger ale. Mine would be gender but there's a good my movie would be. Believe or not Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Because I believe icy clouds otherwise I've seen that movie more. Than any other movie in my life and I'm not sick of it and it goes on right now I can watch it again and so for a desert island or deserted island. I would watch that and I'd be found that I go watch that every day literally to. People say desert I don't wanna be and it got him as an island deserted okay deserted him and I read that wrong the minute. My one book I'm actually I would he. The long Halloween and we I know it's a graphic gobbled up like tower of the book that I did a book. Much food or anything buffalo chicken at a buffalo chicken some buffalo chicken wrap buffalo chicken sandwich or whatever the more that. Handle lastly. Who would win in one on one basketball. Life played basketball baby didn't. I know you weren't worth basketball player on the planet as per person now. For a person who was general generally. Very elect athletic yeah like I could do a lot of things yeah. Basketball. Not that you just can't but couldn't figure it out and maybe it's the small answer that you know. Lack of height. Something and I don't know what it was but it did not translate to about possible court. Oh quick scatter report Davie was a like a fullback linebacker in high school I was there eight. Wide receiver Warner slash safety. Emergency quarterback if need be. On David is a very good hockey player I've played basketball at and we both played. All the high school and we both play in the outfield in baseball are debuts a better hitter I was off faster and had a better armed. How I would guess that associate that an apparent agreement that. I would say until OK before you do it you're you're put in all the latest superlative about yourself. We'll tell you that while Richard was faster top end speed I probably get better jumped out fly ball and he'd. Apparent. I would like yet think of like gay legged Gary Brecher Jim had been tight. Who had a daughter who had about a forty time. Who I got better reads who would suggest he will look good and intact yeah. And despite this might be our biggest fight right now we were just get hot cold despite the year despite. This well so I was actually gonna take the easy way out and say. Just it's just so we didn't have a huge bite on the air I was they've we played a hundred times. It would probably be 65. I actually agree I think that actually happened I think you'd literally did happen once and we miss him with these people walked in there like these are the really. We just have planned missile sites like just the two we do it yeah and then who went there. And that yet you've had the deaths were to switch around whatever and then applied to the death debuted. It. Hot right now I let let luck this back a little bit. Just reading yet. I would say president rules. Richard I would I can assume that there was if there would be one point where I thought he was done and I would be holding him down until like Eric you've done. And he would say dad and I would turn around maybe hit it to Beckett at this of the. Wells prison rules about pointed out yet but that's went straight up fight I want yes pretty rule you Teddy bear than a I am I say we skip the pick of the podcast this week because we just had several picks of the podcast and there must get rid of as you really have some of these say. And I know I did a video game minutes. And it's a work of art. So the last thing I was gonna say is again thanks to everybody who's listened we really appreciate that thanks to all the other co host we've had. And it's been great we've got along with the people that that have helped us out have co hosted in. A Germany he'll be back for more episodes in the future also special links to low ball. Mac can view and the boxers podcast. Mac and herb who was the warm like us so who came up puller first logo and the boxers markets specifically has come up with a a lot of our imaging that we use now on the podcast that's sort of a missile triumph weren't. Between the podcasts. We each listen to each other's stuff and it's been a lot of fun doing that now another thing those guys. Over the poker points RO POP is very supportive and that's our opening theme here's a question for you shouldn't we may. T shirts because the boxers and Mac and who stumbled upon this website. That you can make T shirts and you people can go online. And order Rohm and do it mail handle all the shipping and handling and all that stuff through that. I guess there are question not just do you rider beat of the listener would that be something worth doing. Unfortunately I thought maybe ideally a bunch of free T shirts from WEEI that hasn't happened yet. But if I made T shirts that people could purchase without even be something worth doing. Iberia I hate. This is this is something that like I think about all the time and I work with. You know 400 limit lived and worked with 400 high school boys and by just you know. Say the word you know we were seldom teacher to that's free advertising right there so yeah port. All right so I think I think we do well I know those guys have of the bunch different things and well we'll cook something up will focus on that up with the with the logo maybe some sayings from the programmer or wherever also we might be in the T shirt business gangs so. Stay tuned for that again he could follow us at dork podcast thanks for Alyssa and all these you can emails to our podcast at gmail.com. If you wanna get all the just Davey you can asked. Are on the on Twitter twitch and YouTube. All right in the final words. Yes I would like to thank you since you are so effusive in your parade of other people I would like to say thank you rich Craxi putting this thing together. You guys don't know this about rich but he loves to talk and they talk about big passionate about. Odds are just being I think I have the lion's share of co hosting duties who. So it has been. Summing it you know I've I've really enjoyed you know doing as part of my like now and I'm glad that we actually have. Small but significant and based you know doesn't break around the Boston area so. Thank you all very careful as they can't listen to what we have to say and thanks to rich bird given missed all of us so thank you. All right sounds dual talk all you guys next week on aspect or.

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