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Questionable call hurts Bruins, but that wasn't their only issue in Game 3 loss

Apr 18, 2017|

Dale and Keefe spend a good amount of the day discussing the OT call against the Bruins that ultimately cost them game 3 vs the Senators... and also how that was just one piece of the losing puzzle.

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At that if I was at the night job and it's that Imus as I'm at the garden last night and and I'm seeing the end of the Bruins game and ultimately lost in overtime. I'm thinking about that caller to our show yesterday you weren't I'd ones think I was talking about. You know the officials cost that they and I had the argument about I'm sick and tired of local fans and I hero yeah claiming losses on the officiating. So let me just get this out of the way it right at the top okay. Eric for lack did not cost the Boston Bruins the game yesterday let me get this out. Well I own because as you just heard Bruce Cassidy say in the open as he said last night on our post game show. It was terrible call. Once they call it we've got to kept. They've got to kill the penalty so that's the issue now it was a horrible call it was awful the worst but. Is still got a lot do the job you gotta kill the penalty the Bruins did not and as a result they trail this best of seven series two games to one. When he said you were thinking of cholera by but the Matt Janning collar men who have not had enough bite out clear what it was so late the year. Where there was a gamer there are some bad calls and I remember Michael saying that it was the refs fault routes lost that one and you and our bowl site on the way to the bad call but he had a total penalty. This is one that where. This is close like you get to that line of blaming the officials for a result because of just how big a blow of a call that was indeed do it then. And we'd already seen the setup before where all right to guys. Literally we can make a decision so. You'll both get to mentally. Was it char and muffed bock. And my thought gave a cherry a couple of punches to the face you know the little scrum a couple of punches to the base and they take both guys out dollars shower and five Shalit and them here Bryant gets couple shots in the face and and were sitting there as were watching billion Barry and I. And and I Billy says you know what I'm OK without. You know that it tight game even things up and even the overtime. That was the play where. Eric Carlson hope down Dominic Moore behind the Ottawa net. Just took it hooked him and and and knocked him down and again Billy said. Not really a scoring chance he is going for the puck but it's not really scoring chance he said I'm okay would that you don't want to let the players decide yet. So then you go to the ultimate. Penalty call here. And Eric for a lot could not have got it more wrong and it's a simple thing if you watched the play and we showed it about ten tied for last night and on the podium should a job you know there's a collision along the boards. Riley Nash caddie gets knocked almost to both knees a little hit from behind not an illegal hit you know collision along the boards and he's like down on both knees. Bobby Ryan comes in. And then goes down and elbows Riley Nash in the head yeah. Gives them an elbow to the head. Nash instinctively. Looks up and sort of punches upwards it terrible on shirt and and at that point Bobby Ryan acted like he'd been hit by a sniper on the on the grassy Knoll. So I got no issues with calling the penalty at a rally Nash OK he punched him he deserves the rock you go with that. What you got you choices in a special you can call the elbow at. And take both guys off you can call embellishment and take both guys saw what it can't do is called just punched in the head and pretend the other two things didn't happen. Yeah I knew I I always thought that playoff lock use a little bit different you know even in regulation. They let certain things go in and I I'm surprised as bad as many. Power plays and you know penalty calls in this series to this point but in overtime especially how you can do that and it's just not consistent at all. Well what we saw in the in the third period where they send both guys to the box noted an easy case. It'll by the way about it Bryant scored the goal to which makes it even worse because he really committed two penalties on that same play. So how you can have and writers they were tacitly saying that pay as a bad call you need to kill it off. But man is is that hard to it's overlooked and say well other bad calls on both sides elect yesterday we're talking and Celtics and bulls won callers that there's a lot of bad calls all I want really evened out again the other back calls that didn't cost the Celtics the game. This. This really did cost the bruins' big game that was eight. Terrible terrible call out the worst possible time and again though let me let me just stress I don't blame angles. You gotta kill off the penalty in the Bruins didn't do that and peak. You can't play the way they did in the first period because if you're not down three nothing chances are you win the game anyway. You know it and end it was an awful start by the Bruins a dreadful start to the game. Other go down to nothing after one they're down three nothing early in the second and I'm thinking this thing is over. And that building by the way with juice last night yeah it's art Arnold are with the whole flagged on around the lower bowl and I give that the game operations department at the garden credit they had videos and music and and it was hot and in there it was loud and it was a rowdy. And when it was three nothing it was a morgue it's yeah so it sounded like the Canadian tire center and auto does a lot of the time right. And the military tip happens and all of a sudden the place starts to go crazy. The second global fiscal now the building those knots. Pasternak scores the title on the power play and it's as loud as I've heard it since they were in the Stanley Cup final against the Blackhawks and to have that game that emotional game. I won't say decided by but at least affected by via an awful awful call. Is really a shame on A actually is a shame and he can't believe that you see in the playoffs in the C in the in over time. All the playoff game but it's a good point about how they started that game everybody is all fired up as the first. Home playoff game in four ever. And they go up there they put up three shots three shots in the first period eight that you not to tip possibly. Witness a way. And then after often scored the second goal of the game. I think they responded pretty quickly it didn't take a long time for them to get right back on the board and get back on the board. A couple of times over. But man it dug themselves quite a hole. Obviously they're playing undermanned so there there's no excuses to to be had right that you look at the officials you can look at the the depth right now that's really being tested it. But little long story short they're down 21 right now in and have a huge game. Up tomorrow gigantic and you know why this is where whereas if you're if you're Bruins fan here hoping against hope. That Colin Miller can get back into the lineup Colin Miller who was a healthy scratch at times but you know coming down the stretch. But your missing four of your defensemen including Miller. And he is apparently the only one who's even close Bruce Cassidy has already said branding Carlo is not ready to play tomorrow. We know Torrey Kruger isn't ready to play tomorrow and apparently Adam equate isn't ready. What you're playing whether it's a guy from the American Hockey League Tommy cross a acquitted himself pretty well all things considered Turk I was on the ice for the first goal against but after that it'll play pretty well. And I've got a guy Joseph Mauro who had not played a game since January 22. Has been sitting up on the ninth floor for communal two to three months he's logging big minutes now you got a guy who's now played three games in his National Hockey League career but he's the real deal. I mean he was going to be in this lineup no matter who was healthy the way he's playing. But you're you're kind of patch working it together and mixing and matching and as a result. You're making Zdeno Chara played thirty minutes a game and your goal one that got Charlie Mack the boys playing 27 minutes a game you prefer not to have back. Kevin Miller's playing 25 to 27 minutes a game and he's been terrific. What you don't want that either and you got we are in effect playing with four defensemen. John-Michael wilds and Tommy cross had you know comparatively speaking minimal minutes you had four guys who were 22 minutes and above yup. And and you just you don't wanna play that way if you can help but but they've got no choice. While Chara I mean played almost six minutes shorthanded. Minutes came in at almost thirty minutes. Overall now you go into the series you knew there was going to be Torre Kruger probably operating Carlos are you knew. All right you're gonna be a little bit. Undermanned and hopefully Charlie Mack would step up. And and for all parties certainly has. But then when you lose Paul Miller an animal Quaid now the depth is is really being tested who would've ever of spot that pulled Joseph Mauro and Tommy cross. Will be playing in it but. They soft enough to win the series anything yes yet and so bit we've seen 31 goal games now we've seen a couple more time games and they're right there you know they they can't afford to have that twenty minute. You know it's sleeping through the first period and it thing. And L so. That that pound because it's the worse but it really is and I and I got Bruce Cassidy says that the best way possible he doesn't wanna blame everything on that bought. Ultimately it it's hard to look at other play at least for me it's hard look at other places because of just how crucial that the timing of that of that clause. I I understand completely how upset Bruins fans are today believe me I don't blame him the book I was upset as you are. Up but the fact of the matter is you had an opportunity last night that you didn't take advantage out he started poorly. Your penalty kill which has been the best and the National Hockey League this year regular season the Bruins were number one. The auto all power play coming into this series was really pedestrian I think it was 22 or 23 only eight. In the regular season and they have lit you up with the man advantage. You try that out are you surprised based of their personnel and they don't have a thirty goal scorer but. I'm surprised they're power play as bad as it is only got a guy like Carl you're really surprised I got shot oh by the way that past that he had is either one regret the first ordeal for the game winning two of the greatest passes ever that the one is just an absolute highlight real pad it's comical that he could make that pass than the goals pretty good too. We are watching karlson and not on the atlas that out the seriously. You know from afar a collar watch. Template four times a year it would exit the Bruins don't want a lot Ottawa vs whoever else games. And you see that you see the numbers you see the stats but when he watched him three consecutive games. May ideally more time for me is ridiculous there's more appreciation for Eric and as the pock you're kind of the Bruins income on the edge you seat open that. That they don't find a way to score. You might be one and and Billy made this point you know that that he's probably one of the two with three best skaters in the world yeah and and Barry was as were watching the game last night Barry Petersen was enemy. He reminds Barry of Paul Coffey. Shirts without our first couple steps explosion. Which is why Dominic Moore made such an egregious mistake when he chases him behind the net. On the ultimate play that that that lost the game. You can't be chasing him back there because the last thing you need is to be a step behind him because has gone. And it seems like he's always on the ice check advice that afterwards he did play thirty minutes fifteen seconds. But it seems like. Every time something positive is happening with the senators heat and that the senate side eyes are and always been legal long time I know everybody knows he's great. But I have a new appreciation for him to Washington this closely for the last three games. I underestimated in the first few years of his career I thought he was simply an offensive defense yeah. Yeah you know and it had nothing else I didn't realize how great skater he was until a couple of years in. And and he has to his credit certainly improved his defensive game pretty dramatically yet. He's downgraded opens at the ice he is a difference maker he is a Norris trophy finalist probably again this year. And at peace healthy and I'm sure that he's healthy but he's close enough right now he's a force but you see. Those guys that we have Carlson out there is no wit half men. You know. Maybe Bobby Ryan or stone like I'm surprised that their power play has been as bad reading season they don't know that even matters it's it's been pretty successful here. Against the Bruins. What they had they scored two they had four chances and they scored symbols of they'll they'll take it overtime. Now at the risk of sounding like I'm an excuse maker and I'm always accused of that a I I I don't wanna lose sight of the fact that it stands to reason that your penalty kill is not as good as it was during the regular season. Won four of your defensemen are sitting on the ninth floor watching the game yeah. Don't Torre Kruger take pride penalty killer branding Carlo logged big minutes on the penalty killed this year. Adam acquaint is a huge part of the penalty kill Colin Miller not so much but the other three guys were a big part of the penalty kill this year and none of them are playing right now. But as soon as you say that it I just making excuses. You and I mean that's just the area that's the reality evident big egg against Ottawa law. You know if you lately you did dale you pick the Bruins to win the series and they still out there that a lot of they've added more injuries that we even knew going into it. But still would you line up the two teams. Still think it felt like martian and is now and in Bergeron out and who is out late they they've lost players and there's no doubt there's a trickle down. But Carl Miller Adam Quaid. Donald feud rank the guys but they're they're not in the top ten. When says most important Bruins. Maybe the next series you say hey whatever you can do there at the bonus here you you've you've won around here you're injured all of this those of Britain this series I feel like. I get back to Ottawa. You took the Bruins if you took the Bruins you have to still take a nightly bit or not changing not you're not even anybody else that you can't look at Al the down to one a and wades now. Aged guy you'd rather have home but you should still be. Fairly confident that you can win if you thought they could. What a week ago at this time. You got to hear forwards back last night and and all of Charlie's impact was immediate. And I and I know people sell commodities a third liners he's an important part of this team and with him as part of that third line with more and Nash. They're kind of a going concern they were up they were real energy contributed to this team and a -- gets the first goal that kind of breaks the floodgates a little bit last night. David crate she came back and still frankly to me doesn't look. Yeah right now. And out again if you miss two playoff games how do you expect and does come back to hit the ground running with its good that he's there. Maybe tomorrow we'll be another a step closer to. 80% you're 85% or whatever else it is the better off with him out there clearly but yeah he's he's not the same. So we'll spend part of the afternoon reacting to what you saw last night will spend part of the afternoon reacting to what we think is gonna happen tonight. I've gained 20 Celtics. And the Chicago Bulls back the TD garden. Isiah Thomas will play in game two as he dating game one he will then fly to Seattle following tonight's game to be with his family. After the death of his sister China in an automobile accident on Saturday. Are they haven't said this I don't believe but my assumption is he'll join the team in Chicago yeah avocado game three is Friday it'll extra time in between. So he will like join the team in Chicago for Friday's game. I expect the Celtics to win tonight's game I expect them to win this series just because they lost by four points. Would they woeful rebounding effort on Sunday doesn't change my opinion of this series either. The others much better team I really believe that and some of the issues that we solid them during the year. All showed up in game one unit got drastically out rebounded. And that's second scoring option although there's a stretch where is Al Horford early on the game is Avery Bradley. But for the most part they struggle those Isiah Thomas at 33 points. Horford grabbed the only two other guys in double figures the bench was really bad and they just. They they weren't they did they didn't play like we were sort of accustomed to them playing and they also on the other side got a you know career game at a body porous which I wouldn't expect to happen but. America hang my hat on that valve while that won't happen again because they have other guys like Dwyane Wade who didn't play particularly well that maybe he has himself a pretty good game. But they're gonna have to figure something out Brad Stevens is gonna have to figure out even if you lose the rebounding battle can't be. That drastic. And find a way to get other guys go one. Offensively. And as the afternoon goes on I'll probably gloat. About a a restricted free agent contract offer sheet that the patriots made today I had a feeling that you would they don't have this guy yet. Buffalo can still match yeah. I think it's going to be hard for them to match that got about ten and a half million dollars of salary cap space remaining. The contract offer that the patriots made a running back Mike Gillis late Bob averages 3.2 1000002 year deal six point four million. It's hard to picture you're gonna go into the draft with a only you know 67 million dollars with the cap space. I guess theoretically they could do what but it's hard for me to picture. So will wait and see if in fact buffalo does not match the contract offer to Mike Gillis late that will spell the end of Lee Garrett ones patriots career. So you can take a victory lap for Mike kills flea. I think I deserved victory lap for the care blunt. And I feel like what battle is all neither of our our proven true yet the dollar not yet but we're we're getting their own demise all jump jump the gun here I think it's fair to say. I know it's a lot of crap last season for saying that the airport is just an average running back but if you as anything more than that. Wouldn't the patriots offer him a little bit more money or when he be on a team right now if you is more than an average running back. And Mike Gillis fleets immediate step up and he would absolutely be a better. Running back I got out early give. Fifteen carries two or whoever else in the air on the hope it works out hope they do bring in jealously who led the league in yards per carry. Which is the exact opposite of all the care blunt. And you're right I think as far as the bills are concerns they wanna spend that kind of money. On a number two running back you know there'd have LeSean McCoy so that the team that could probably spend their money somewhere else. So looks like for the second year on the road patriots might take away an offensive player from the bills. And I think they like that I do want to let them feel good. And we'll see if it buffalo matches and if they don't match. If they allow the patriots to sign yellows lead the patriots will then send their fifth round draft pick is here to the Buffalo Bills. That was the tender offer fifth round tender offer. The buffalo made for jealously and I think Bill Belichick will be happy to give up a fifth round pick a running back like that if a guy who led the National Football League last year an average yards per carrier. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line it's 37937. We're gonna dive into the calls quickly would you guys. So those of you were still pissed off about that the call last night this is your chance to vent 6177797937. Note Michael again today. Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow just not feeling quite right just yet. Hopefully be back in here tomorrow so it's dale and Holley with Keefe no holly Sports Radio W media. I mean I think it's. The you know let's of this current political game but. News we'll it will be better for yourself what. Good story consistent but today. So so so game and a it's tough to. You know overtime but. Another good round table they've put your game. Again we wanted to do better. Throughout march and after the game on the nest and post game show last night. And eight right they have to be better. They can't start down three nothing before they finally get things cranked up if they hadn't started down three nothing if they'd been scoreless after one. When the hockey game. And and I don't know why it is that they go through these stretches where. You know things just fall apart for them why do not part of the reason part of the reason is that for a defenseman sat on the ninth floor I understand that. But you're also seeing. Perhaps because they're trying so hard to make up for some of the guys missing. That you're seeing forwards extended and perhaps out of position. Try to do too much I think Brad martians been guilty try to do too much in the last couple games you know he's he's back in that mode of you know try to be all five guys on the ice and and circle back around and try to beat them again. We had one shot. In any game out you know that that's postured I feel slow scored last night he had gone like seven plus periods with one total shot on goal. Yeah and that's not good. No it's not any and you have. Was the second period of game one where they have zero shots than in the first period of game three where they have. Three shots so it doesn't seem like they'll go the these big gaps where they're just not generating any thing. On that and the ice and you and maybe you're right and that's what it is they'll maybe some of the forward to try to make up for. The lack of defense that they have out there they're coming out of position and then they're just you know it it leaves of those count periods. I let's get to the call 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. I Jerry's in Sudbury Jerry Europe first on Sports Radio stale on holly with key. It up they'll blow it out real well Gerri let's goma. You know I go to. I personally will take exception to reach you about education that it didn't call the game that you would give him an intimate portrait of all. They're a good bit of a horrible once they almost tied the first it was our orbit. Moment or so that. At the bottom diet what you are playing shorthanded you're that statistical disadvantage. At the end of the game. On the no overtime would you leg shortly here. The disparity and that statistical disadvantage now. That they're the defense. You know attrition than their actual right. Oh and being well at. Sixty. Pulling Jordan and it is like playing shorthanded ethnic jokes because as a technique that although he doctored it up well. A lot greater emotional and edit sites that are hardly. All the population. Put territory and they call a time that game is to talk to watchable now. A no look look I thought it was a terrible call but you know why. He made a bad call against your team go kill the penalty. I don't tell it. To do it I understand that but you know what you can't just ultimately lost the game he called apparently honest you gotta get it done. I'd I'd want it and ended ended LDB and you'll lose again without the UK there are there are those who have. Stated that the only people eat out what biased. Against the bones I don't Kim I know you should look I didn't touch and I each will not believe that. But however I know you just met mr. count or what slut walk more. Yeah I got that complete a call today at the time of the game. Rim and I got. That I don't have to technically. Outside years. At what led the league but not talk about what would've got penalty minutes again this year. The same thing now. You are the same core of players and there are more important than it would stand to reason that that might chilled true. Replies you're stint when you don't talk about it march and not look good personnel. And you're still get the. The bad penalty and not let. And I want to be great wouldn't Howard would tell the world that different players I don't worry more heavily than in the case. The Bruins were in the NHL in penalty minutes this year I don't know what that date they don't lead the league in penalty minutes. If you had a baby and and and I'm I don't think to do but if you had a beat your your beat would be that. They get fewer power play opportunities than most teams. And I would say if that and that is true by the way and I would say it's because they don't draws many he got to go to weather and dirty stuff happens to drop penalties. No they are not among the most penalized teams in the league. This past year there were eight. In in total. Ali Wentworth. Auto accident more penalty minutes this year then Boston did. I'm one of them if you wanna say last night's loss was because of that one called the end. I'm almost say shore that's fine but let's say there's a grand conspiracy now the Bruins amount on that. Thought the NHL was picking teams but if they if you want accuse them of being like the NBA got a fixing games and having the best parts possible matchups. War you know the the biggest ratings it would be Ottawa in round two they don't they don't see on the wall play if they can get Boston Montreal I think they would NA. BC right now is also looking at the possibility of having Chicago disappear in the first round that's an NBC has gone almighty god what is happening in west. Trust me if there was a biased and there isn't there OK there isn't. But if there was a biased they'd want to Bruins to win this one of the most highly rated TV market for hockey are United States. They would want Chicago to win you know. I I know that week we always see these conspiracies every time our team loses. It was a horrible call yes at the worst possible time yes. Kill penalty off. All the get a guy should have let me next to you and I have. I was argues that it's harder to kill penalty minutes sixty in his minute to assure that same I omitted minute to doesn't mean as much as I understand that's right. Which is still got to kill it even if it's a minute hundred twenties and our marks in Medford Haymarket item. Chaotic all right good. I got a two point got a guy like him to agree would you want people quicker iron to a large especially on the power play it look like it probably perfect at. A perfect setup which kill anybody and maybe a little you can't. Pick a few shots on the white and she went out. That's what they're trying to that's that's what they've changed though since Cassidy took over they don't want to overload point shots. They've been trying to work stuff from down low and they've been really good at a by the way. They have been but but I mean out on the criminal lot I think knows a lot to tackle or around a burger I like carpet about. But another in order to that ought to look really isn't a good team. What I saw last okay and their goal and their stocks. Because I got at a clinic and a blindfold on blacks are any critical back pocket where they met and we end with a look like on all. Margo as a bit of autos not a good team is Boston a good team. I brought in Ottawa and they are they good team now. I go to. What. Are the more than all of those in the playoffs and have a higher said the U. I understand about autos sold under one. Out of Colorado game. Yeah but they still beat you four times the regular season and beat you twice in the playoffs I think if you think autos a bad team. And you beat the Bruins are bad team they're losing them right out there obviously very evenly matched it's been 31 goal in overtime games that they're not a bad team but I don't think mullah I went into the series not thinking they were a better team than yours and that's why that of an article soon so far has changed my mind about that. Right now that's fair. At I think you correctly point out they're pretty evenly matched. So far I'd just in Connecticut hey Jeff I don't. Jeff and a let's book idea. Hey hey I think an adjustment. Is we got to get ski. Interpret China just need that physical as some that line. The challenges in effective. I think the reason I think Pasternak. And start late in the way of you're senate last year in the corners get my pocket. Obviously he's got the experience a marching in the last ski better and try and Albert right now Trout. I I don't I I don't mind your your idea overall Jeff and and I think Franklin Tron has struggled old a little bit here. I worry about blessed he's lack of foot speed dial and they've already gotten back as who's got out a lack of foot speed you know can you afford a second guy like that. Red blue effective last night it was the the. Nash more and HRE and by the way they're not that slow. Quote are but but they're not that slow either I mean Nash and more can skate. It. Oh. Fact and Norah I likely to pick a like I don't I don't mind your overall point about the possibility of ourselves let's not out yet. And somebody else in I I definitely could see that. Bless yet terrible year news bad well I don't think he ever came back. Completely from the injury that he suffered earlier yes and by that I see Regis slowed him up even more right exactly and and you know he played the first couple games didn't have a a ton a time on ice by. I don't know I I think with the team that is struggling to even get shots on goal I I would rather go of the Tron. A great idea but I I would keep elements that 6177797937. Its telephone number it's dale and Holley with Keith. Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Is telephone number might it still off today we're hopeful that. But the back tomorrow. He was a game time decision he took warmup the one thing out but he wasn't quite able to answer development at the drop of the puck but we think you'll be here. Both hopes. Arts of Walpole argue next on Sports Radio dale and Holley with Keith. Hi boys are we doing sales of our. You know then that you know that call last night I think after them now watching that girl insurer guidance on the you know I like what is. What are the most inept I think the most inappropriate. Well overtime calls I've ever seen it led everything that go to guy by the parties in the face. If they're letting at the end of the game and in the beginning they'll attend law Holdsclaw hold true trips. And they would get very inappropriate but the bit but while I'm making it is is at the bottom of the ninth. You're down by. Europe by Iran runner at first. In his one and two counts and you throw strike three in the umpire. Called the ball. And the next pitch it's over the fence in that umpire cost you again but he did not make the right edge and entertaining type of the now you know as saying I don't go getting into semantics. Yeah I agree would you deal. And they should kill the penalty got. Kill a penalty I mean it is terrible the call was awful we all agree apparently but what do you I did you say OK you know what we eat unity there are on the power play would just for that now you got to play like very. I agree I agree it is that you think got in this case you know this knack or is he handles the puck better than your progress and I Archie. Yeah they're gonna suddenly you know global peak K two out there what effect it has they basing it that we shot well in on the penalty kill. That I think they RD field they're they're kind of force beating this port kid and a means playing 262728. Minutes a game already three games into his NHL career. There is nothing. Nothing negative that I can say about Charlie Mack a voice game he he is everything is advertised. I saw him play a lot of BU I thought that he was going to be a really good player at the next level after a couple of years at the collegiate game. Which are always remind yourself he's playing as college kids OK yeah. I he comes up to the American Hockey League place fort Gaines for Providence doesn't look you know like he's out of place there is coach there's at lucky he looked like he belongs. He gets forced into a situation here where not only does he have to play. He's got to play huge minutes and you know what it see if you're Bruins fan by the way when they introduce the starting lineups last night in the building yeah got the biggest ovation. It's fans are so excited about the possibility of this young kid. What you're looking at is the heir apparent as the next number one defenseman on this team when Zdeno Chara stock. That's what they think this kid is and that's what I think this hideous. I mean and it and it sooner than we would have thought obviously to the Tora crew was healthy. And or Carlo I'm certainly vulnerable but it Smith one of himself the name Leone did see him and he he's part of their best defenseman. Through these three games. I'd say second best but you did Chara so the better he. You know what and until until the bad change on the penalty killing overtime yeah he had an immense game last night yeah that's fair he was great last night and I had the terrible penalty. Game two and and as I said earlier he's playing way more than he should be playing because they don't have any options are he's simply have planned time eighties said it's hard to find any flaws and and Mac was game. As they present how. He had had a rushing game to worry came in from no luck he had a rush last night where. You know he came busting in from the Blue Line and he was up beside Craig Anderson you're looking for a tip attempt. He did a lot of that'd be EU yes his offensive game. Was considered to be far advanced from his defense of game when he was at Boston University I'm not worried about that part at all yet he's got that part I'm sure he's thinking. What I know likened scoot I can shoot I know I can score I gotta make sure I I you know cover my own and the ice here. And he's being very careful what you seem with a puck on the power play. How calm and collected he is at the point yet you see him when you know. He's got the puck behind his own net and forwards are bearing on the fore check and he just calmly lays off two char in the other corner. I don't lose sight of the fact by the way that most of the time that he's playing he's now playing with char and when he isn't playing with char he's playing with Kevin Miller. To steady veteran defenseman who can really help bring his game along Miller has begun. Been a great that he hasn't been this good food and jagr thirty down to once I guess you don't need to get too drastic paid Jonathan two down 30 but. That's been a pleasant surprise you know of all the injuries they've had how how good Tim Miller. I Charlie's on the cellphone Charlie hey I don't. They got table and what's gone on. One lung part that I think the refs kind of where sketchy on that it is getting really overlooked by a lot of people is. It's like on one of the bruins' best strikes especially with Patrice Bergeron in the best slowly got to his faceoff wins and it seemed like last night. 90% of the time on face shots ruins players were hit mother is birdie or someone else. We're getting bounced out of the faceoff circles for no apparent reason. The day there were times when they were taken needs a faceoff in the senators defensive zone and so you know. And in their offensive zone and the senators player isn't getting the state down on the ice first and then that there were direct distilled. A veteran member site and now it'll remember that's the the senator man whose but is closest to the boards is the guy who stick testicle and the circle first. It's not the visiting player anymore. That rule changed a year or two ago. So so in other words if the Bruins have the draw on the defensive end okay. As and an out Patrice Bergeron bought his closer to the boards then in the auto player Patrice just stick it's got to be in the circle first. But it just seemed like an even eat when the face of certain it was on how to solve way too many. Faceoff last night where it seemed like whatever girl was taken faceoff was being checked out search for no apparent reason it was just it was bananas are out and understand and seem like no other person in the stadium. Understood that there was little inadequate as happened so often. I adding I think everybody was a little frustrated at at you know just how long they were taking to drop the puck that's right let me phrase it and I freeze now bolts guy yeah I was in and and you know it it is it is a secondary point yeah give a terrible call Eric for elect made that. The linesman word and looked at try to make it fair to try to make sure that they're you know equitable but. The pop a minute or slow the pace down. The more than Ottawa in fact that's on the have been surprised about the series though tells us how. Up and down its ban I was expecting Ottawa to make a morals lawn and sort of more boring US house and now not not at all an up and you know a big part of that is is that and I said this going into the series I thought they had begun to find a way. To kind of get through that neutral zone trap now they have. They've done a pretty good job getting through the neutral zone not it's not successful every single trip chore but much better at it than it was the first couple games of the regular season where it was a was a tractor pull trying to get through yeah Basra. I've chosen like enjoy your next on Sports Radio still on holly with Keith. Vegan diet and I hate to break the pro stock ears but that was a pretty excited about the ball thing. Kelly Nolan the boy I know because it's talked about the violence in these what he got lyrical thing you know I hear called. It. I think I say it's about that went Charlie Olympic play well. The Celtics. Usually went out there. Eric. How can somebody Ito. In note that game be. So aptly disparate between one night what is going eat. I think part of it is just he relies a lot on the on the three point shot and when that's when all hitting it looks great out there and he looks great he's a big spark off the bench because that's really the thing. You wouldn't expect that seven footer off the bench step of the main the contributes is outside shooting. Oh when he's hitting those. He is a different player you know easy scores in the teens and all the sudden they out a bench scorer because Marcus smarts are reliable bench scorer. His other actually count like Olympic where. It might be seven points that might be seventeen he just really don't know which one it's it's going to be. And so the other night neither one was shooting very well particularly from three. But maybe you get a good Kelly elect tonight I got that's entirely possibly just one of these streaky players. A one quick notice as we get the break and get back to the calls you on the other side and I said this earlier but I know people join us at different times. It has been reported out there and a couple of different places that Tim peel is the official. Who blew the call last night in in the game he was knocked. I talked to Billy Jaffe this morning he went back over the video again we looked at it last night it's Eric for a lot who made the call. Not Tim peel or you write letters believe it's for our Furl I brought it up because the Texan here since two MP illicit joke and should be fired. May maybe well maybe but not based on that call last night it was art for alive who made the call they go not team appeal now. I don't understand the call whoever made it but just in terms of you know get the right guy that sort of thing was for a lot not. 6177797. ID 37 it's dale and Holley with keep Sports Radio W media. It's. Our efforts to scale Hollywood T Sports Radio WEP I'd Michael is off today. Hopefully we'll be back tomorrow and feeling a little better. Gail and keep in the house until 6 o'clock tonight. We'll have our final drive coming up about 545 herself. Just listening that cut again. We've played it last night obviously Jack and Rick talked with Bruce Cassidy during our post game show and that kind of Cassidy and Jack was try to give him an out you know you don't wanna get fines and so jacked in I'm I'm paraphrasing Yunus had basically I don't wanna get in trouble with the league but yeah Eddie he just was haven't talked. Ordered of that it's terrible Eddie yeah he's I kind of like how outspoken a year after. Obviously as an assistant coach you don't get to hear a lot from assistant coach rice and I don't wanna say they're muzzled the way they are in Foxborough but you know there's a voice and it's the head coach and that's we hear most the time. So when when close was the coach he didn't hear much cloak was much more circumspect in and maybe Bruce Cassidy will end up that way. You know generally speaking need to you get burned a couple of times you say you know what maybe I won't say as much but he's been he's been pretty outspoken in together from the league. I don't think you get fine but he may hear some. Yes and Avaya a righteous tone it back a little bit maybe I did also the only moved on and he he said it was a bad call the that he he says today you know we got to. We had to kill off the penalty so you did it psyche. Blame the route a we've heard some coaches in the past says aboard the NBA is absolutely pulling in the rats for things he didn't go completely there. Guy he got stopped short of that. Which is the right thing to do because you don't wanna get the message to your team had the bad call goes against two were done. What's the message to your team as bad call goes against us go take care of it. Also I don't I mean rats and probably tell you all you know rocket and take what they say in and do anything different in the next game that's the that's the last thing you need is the sort of a rip the routes in the middle of a series event though all may be accidental they didn't. You know cause you know blow the whistle here on the on this summer that it is we don't want it gets in trouble with the league but. It was terrible job let's face him. So it's not being in trouble with Aaliyah in order to call a thought it was terrible what they called you gotta kill. Well and it's one of those difficult things in the playoffs thanks for time and so companies that terrible call it news that terrible call. But you got to kill it when I don't know why buddy loss I have heard not a single. Person. Canadian media American Media anywhere I've not seen or read a single thing from somebody who tried to make a case that they got called. No not right now net nowhere. It was either nobody gets the penalty on the or bald guys get a penalty but not there is no way you can take one of the two guys. And anywhere be run and well I would I about it I wouldn't even have done that because on the hook when when Dominic Moore got pulled down by. By Erik Karlsson right behind they the Ottawa net. Where it look at each has sent OK that's fine you know it's overtime yes you don't wanna get a power play on something like that you're short of you know look at it I doubt on a breakaway or some that you're gonna let it go. Yeah I mean a power play in overtime it has to be egregious. It and be a lot more than that exactly. I backed the call to you guys BJ's in Newport hey BJ I don't. Yet. And I don't and yeah while watching that game last night you know I really don't have a problem would lose next game and over time you strike you know such a good hockey team. I I really didn't have a problem with that what. Watching it all year long and seemed to be with the Canadian teams. Every rep for immediately appear at this point he would bat and I am not seeing. They're doing it on purpose but couldn't beat these Canadian teams are meeting and officials to used to not like American. Hockey. Oh wait that that directories were heel and or laughed. Right in and I'm not meanwhile there's no saint Pierre there is no eight bear its appeal in her lap and I understand now what I. You know yesterday might do Canadian I don't even know their nationalities but for allow others. And let's say they're Canadian island and really you think it do you think that. I know we gotta we gotta help the senators in this thing. Every time I want to Montreal and they get a penalty and let the McCain loses the monster although I models like molasses UW was in Boston in at and I stop watching them. Celtics because of the officially no dude didn't you didn't stop watching the Celtics because of the species. I do not well I don't call travel I think yesterday and I can't watch this game that he wants to Bob thank goodness. Shouldn't have this'll be our accountable odd to delete take a look at what it called. Hold they had they had a supervisor in the building yes you know that they get together after every period they certainly get together after the game now I have no idea what they sent. You know and they don't make that public and I wish they did you know it would be great in in the interest of transparency if they would say. The supervisor and I'm just throwing out and it bill McCrary. Spoke to Eric pearl out after the game and and you know they said that that perhaps the call was incorrect that they don't do that now. No but I mean they definitely need to build the league needs to talk to him and say. What did you see there what why did you call this to you the standby does that kind of being unity aren't too big. You to share that publicly but you at least need to talk him about it and say what what went one on your head there why would you call that it would be hard to believe. That date date that post game they didn't sit down in the in the official's exact dressing room and say all right Eric. C'mon what exactly what did you see. What was the call and then you involve the other three officials. Okay what did you guys say yeah out right now I ask Billy Jaffe this question earlier. Why in that circumstance why couldn't Tim peel the other refereed. Why couldn't he going to say to Eric for lack look okay you got the call on roughing on on silence on Nash. But you really got a call an old ball on on body Ryan on that play to end and I don't know if he said it. And Croats and no I don't have that I know this is what I got or if they just don't don't do that I don't know how that opera XTC. A lot more in basketball and football where you know either whistles blown our flag is thrown at them accounted get together in the senate while you know actually was this or is that and they can. You know they can overrule something other than a great time or on the field ruled there last night and. Wasn't the case I know that they use linesman to lie to him give input to refereed somethings like high stick media. Why couldn't the four officials have gotten together and and one of the four had to a scene the elbow to they had. Or perhaps the embellishment by Ryan and now maybe maybe none of the four maybe all four agreed yeah with our lack it's hard for me a picture that. Because I haven't yet talked to anybody who agrees with for lack. Harbin capital requirements now that's they don't let that dog back but you go check out off sides they copper gold scored geeky girl got more cut and dried. I mean it's it he tells us that they had an opportunity to look at the replay and see what Bobby Ryan did before and after the podshow I think maybe they would've called a little bit differently. Now and you don't want him zillion replays I don't but I want laughing and I hate the long letter reviewing the offside after a goalless I hate that sit above thing if you're gonna use route if it wasn't a part of the team that would have been a great time to use it. Because that happens. The NBA it's it's annoying but at least they get some of those calls right when they you know god might have missed something years of flight one isn't later there was not a flagrant foul at all. I understand it slows the game down. But you want again right I mean last night who knows with the outcome would have been if they took a look at the reply wants that all right national blocks and so is bottom line. Text you're taking me to task avoid dale you're an idiot telling people they don't watch games because of the officiating. I play basketball there and law okay. And I barely ever watched the Celtics anymore because the NBA officiating is so bad the game is on watchable. While I would suggest to you that if you think the game is on watchable it's not because of the officiate. They're gonna so it's back look. He's still our tax unrealized certainly does. I I and no I do not believe anybody who tells me they don't watch the game anymore because of the officiating if you don't watch the game anymore it's because you don't like the game anymore yeah. That's fine. The roof over every. Every got him flop. I thought I half expect. If we let that is that I got area Iranians while Comcast cap and salads upon salaries and Malden hey Valerie Harriet. I'm glad I didn't like it did I didn't bail out you know me and Barry in the evening on ethnic. I think you guy great and I always get great thank you might prequel we have lots of time to look at a thank you. Look I have a re think or act quickly and then I'll let you don't you guys can talk about it. You want the bad orange one of somebody getting decapitated I didn't want to hockey back in the days of bloody war until. The couch and you just don't decide to play our game like it sort of somebody get in their head cut off if they really should let the got well and and and that the light rig you know want and they and they need to match in a one on the other. And bulk. Want the other elements sang with all the on that one odd lot by the horrible. There was a lot of that eggs yeah exactly right Valerie there was a lot of that stuff we talked about. About mark my thought Tim shall learn at an earlier in the game I think it was must five and Brad marsh and with a couple shots and Marcia and Jan. At this point I thought that Denmark and which inflection mylan Adam like get out of might say it or give it yet I am really wanna kill. And I that would Myron outback you really bit. He really hit and the other thing very quickly I looked at county killed. Made the point earlier are you don't have a lot of defenseman are the guys that. Like Coogan equate it really a. YNN and I know that when you do bring that up Valerie and thank you for the call what you get is a lot of I just making excuses sometimes facts are facts and they're missing four defenseman. Now they're not beaten all four defensemen are critical on the penalty kill but we did eat too far. And and I'll add a third one in Brandon Carlo but equating Kruger absolutely critical on the penalty kill. So it stands to reason the two penalty killers has not been as effective here in the playoffs. As it was during the regular season when you were the best in the national hockey late. Yeah I was still say though in overtime last night they should have been on the penalty to go somewhere and I'd say rightly nobody in the sense that they they were missing some guys. That maybe could have helped put in that case yet it's a 33 that you fought back. And for me three goal deficit and you are in overtime and it shouldn't have. Come to having to stop them one more time off shorted that that should out of practice gyms and New Hampshire HM I don't. A great deal where you today is doing very well thank you. I'm good again while sites and I swore I had a great Q what are it was an awesome game. And it's too early to bet the officials made it that made the tougher game to watch. You said that all people level watched not watch the game because of the officials. That's actually the reason why I have watched a lot of hockey games I watched you officiating cool walk try to work. And official myself. And I just think our descent into the port job I can swallow the whistle in the third period they were bad calls on all sides. I would get too many men on the ice at one point they totally missed out one. You know I have no white America shall play we are shelling didn't got to have. Why that was an option I have no clue. I was matching because that's what you do at that point of the game even if it isn't matching you make it matching. Which is what which is why would fur like did in overtime was so egregious that. Correct I agree with so you're gonna it your call way I'm fine with that swallowed the whistle like that and again what shall play if you're gonna call that place now where I didn't I didn't. I've watched a watched that game again on replay started he shall do anything about what. Will end and they were there were content type a lot of mistakes and I can look to me you guys don't like idiots I would start out by. In my mind I think you mentioned something about the officials talking mccreery or whoever after the game and things like that. And in the fact that transparent he would be nice. Yes it all they came back and gain like that showed us a gracious in the sense that you know what. We we note that this does he got a seat for a great in this in this game. You know on the but it men. You know maybe that's couldn't it will be sought from now and they nominated don't get and actually. Well I was gonna say the way I think you'll Null and end it'll it'll be an unofficial knowing. Below Barrick for a lot doesn't work games in the next round. Jeff Trujillo what you'll look at the officials were signed for games in the next round of the playoffs. Which will be the conference semifinals. And you're gonna Senegal. Are for hot summer games you know what happened here and and you're gonna think back to things like this now. I would give anything to know what they're saying within the walls of the NHL offices right I'd give anything to know what they're saying. At hockey ops when they're sitting there watching the video like. Like we're showing. And they're watching this thing and are they sitting their gone up c'mon don't do this now. We don't have all felt let down like now they have the video breakdown from Brad marsh and steering we did video breakdown out here is why he called it like this and here's why he's wrong. Of that last caller he had a thousand of first. I've ever heard Sports Radio he said he watches the games beat us up because the beauty is the only person on the planet he did admit though that he's also an official idolatry that no one what was so is our guy who doesn't watch because the officials wanna watch is solely that maybe they cancel each other out in and for the league's really not losing any and the viewers. Techsters says how come no one is taking Nash to task for throwing a punch. In overtime of a playoff game he took himself to task our post game dressing room he took the blame for that. He said that was a totally selfish play on my part and was really subdued very emotion yeah. And and none of us are saying that he didn't do what and that he didn't deserve the penalty for impact I said that. But he also got elbowed in the head the app that led to it and and Bobby Ryan also embellished after the end it was not really a punched in the head but. That's what you'd call it between Google and you have little jab I'm not I'm not taking Nash off the hook for it I'm saying I understand it. I think it's actually a good point by the text or as we haven't really gotten into that we've been so focused on the on the call. And wide you know bald guy should have been sent away or neither or maybe just east looked the other way on that. But that is a good point that is not. You owe Riley Nash puts himself and his team in a situation for that called a happen. So I that is a fair point that is that is on him and he's a pretty good series but that is. That's bag over and give char crap for the panel today he picked up a couple of games ago and beat you have to also look at here it. It's different though and it's different regard as snatched it elbowed in the head and it's almost an instinctive thing that NO and it. In char his case I think that was a penalty of exhaustion as much as anything else and that's the puck over the glass. And I am not taking Nash off the hook he didn't take himself off the hook so I'm not going to. I'm just saying he got elbowed in the head he responded to it instinctively. Call both penalty but if you. Earl punch in overtime. It right you archive how it works there it affects mark my five any end. Now it is lots of all know he he absolutely did end you know. Again he ended up debt and you know on sportsman like on the on our players while they called rally Nationalists just. Yet I I think he's more so than anybody else probably is easy beds and what how old he would go addressed that after the army was very emotional very subdued right in and very apologetic to his teammates. Morey doesn't have to be by the way because they all thought the call was ridiculous as well Brett Justin's in Brockton hey Justin NATO. Particularly touchy today ought to start the chemical are caught in the country wherever you rationalize and everybody else out assault. It cost effect PR. Problem here. It's got shut out in a picnic responsibility sub par it's a pity party are we did it it would. The back called enough on. What's it seemed odd to re too old to be a penalty because local. Just that Ali just was a simple question what's it been as well all right. Does it doesn't last year. And did he get elbowed in the head first. Do you want to react and it just it just that you did get elbowed in the anti. Audible out just in just you know you can see what's your idiotic scripted rants here the answered the question that your. Now you look at other people can make you. Ending next to Justin did you not answer a simple question and answer to you did not did he get elbowed in the hat. Oh yeah yeah exactly that react to open I'm sorry Iran. Secret. Not wrong I them the bad call and obviously a bad call and I'm I get if you wanna say that that's not what. Deter you know decided the game. IR III what I said that yeah. I said it's a bad cold you've got to kill the penalty you do but but but don't pretend. That the call was not wasn't and I have a hard time at blaming the officials for the results of a game in any sport. This is as close as you can possibly get a bad call in overtime. Of a playoff hockey game. Is the worst at it and you put them there so now that to kill off another penalty. And yet this is as much on the refs I think is as anything that it just. That's about the call us and the inconsistencies from the third period where you're not really sure what the call the just yet you send a guy way on both sides there aren't all that this way doesn't hurt either team. You can you could've done the exact by the way is how the game should be matched yes and I went with a Valerie. Yes that four in overtime. I mean it's gotta be eight Todd Bertuzzi situation. Before you you put somebody away. Or what and and I won't go as far as Valerie you don't have to decapitate somebody but what it has to do. Is directly affect a legitimate score got you guys that's sponsor a penalty that directly affects a legitimate scoring chance in the at that point even an overtime. Has to be called. You know Brad marsh ends getting ready to shoot in the slot. And gets put down before taking a rush job or are we gonna that's that then you you have to call back. But the idea you know that that you know the punch to the head which deserves a roughing penalty he earned it he deserved it. But will ignore. The other two things Ryan didn't pretend they didn't happen and your part of the problem America tomorrow. You're you're you're just trying to heart doctrine of the problem I know Mike's in Boston they might tell you don't. I'm doing all right I'll try and repeat political lowest. You're wrong we. I don't want you anymore because it would be appreciating it out because watch watch hockey team. It's because I love the game and you know oil and it will take this Democrat or from outlets like no well. Well but listen in an Indy circuit you you know they are saying and chat Walt Weiss can't. Why can't everybody else I know no sport does that. This is one tip on the current professional wrestler in order for you to call you can. The mic calls the quote by score wired and are accountable would be Obama turned into an emotion and money to people invested in this beetle that especially. Why are remote why oh why don't we don't like his what are the press conference. What we figured it may get a legitimate problem that was all because in the patriots' circuit and the I don't know why an artist. I don't agree with your point that that you would like you would like even. It's a pool reporter who knows it the special stressing Roman talks to Erik for a lot and gets a quote or two that says okay why did you make the call that you made when you made it. And I'm not saying he's got to go stand and a as stand at the podium in front of all the microphones and cameras. But but I would love to know why he made the call that he did and and your right in this regard might they don't have to go and they're not ever gonna love make them do that. I'm no sport does. They're they're afraid they're afraid of of in. It but yeah honestly don't watch the games. Let it on actually on which you like. A little you're absolutely right C wants the amounts. I want to let. But I played with you all watch tomorrow night right on election night when it out again. Tomorrow at seven you're a lot. This is just a hunch. 6 o'clock pregame by the way outside and we'll probably go over some of these calls in the course of our pre game as well. 61 cent now techsters says cricket does it I'd I would have no bull but that is all about her forehead eyes and I decided that they make. I didn't know which call officials in cricket are are they on prior arrest and I I have no idea I'll take your report that they do that. And if they do I wish other sports would follow. Occasionally World Series. I Super Bowl you'll get a pool reporter getting a quote from an official or an umpire about a big call. Occasionally not on a regular basis of the umpire that pollute the call your choice yet rejoice that he. Talk afterwards early like they don't we make later album already dead even tie it up god he's. Together yeah that was. That that was the worst call see arrests in cricket are called umpires are there early thanks and I know that. Introduced him she doesn't press conference after calling out off from him in the playoffs and cultural problem now be. Mutant I do remember that is the bad guy as soon as you start referring to players by nickname to see that's probably why they don't know bathroom because or harming better as a fan you hearing you almighty god he isn't the tank for these guys. 6177797937. Is telephone number dale and Holley with Keith. Sports Radio W the. Hey that's taxpayer at 37937. Says dale I was wondering if you thought the play was off sides no one really talking about that the reason we're not talking about it is that the play was not off sides. No doubt that we let out its welcome that illegal looked down at several times yes. We look data especially on an S and post game show it was real close it was a bang bang play. It was absolutely positively onside. Their there was no beat about it there was the Bruins didn't try to challenge that they weren't arguing about it. Went when the plate first happened real time Billy immediately said beside me I wonder that plays offside. Animal we looked at a replay of the play it was. I'd like to come up with some then every night anything at that point when you're trudging off the ice. By the way this is say on an editorial comment by me I'm not putting these words in which keeps mouth yeah these are solely from me you do not speak for me. If I do not speak for you I know how pissed off many fans were in the building last night. Stop throwing crap on the ice you look like a full. Yet yet you looked like a bunch of farmers when you do that and especially. Especially that she shouted far especially you idiots who were throwing Beers from the upper deck. Which only land on the people below you. Stop doing that crap. Now that's been doing it that guy has six bill stock we have post up on the ice because you're pissed off but the refereeing out into the only perhaps or squid. Or. That's quick it's not the ought to pause or ball nobody throws school and that we did in high school leader savage leaders quit with us. Well on the basic. There's where you would support actor play and the details of the things that I would like as well the technical pretty and split at home that Canada talk us out there at it's the let's. Thing right copy everybody really we don't think they'll throw wraps either of anything and other oblivion that I don't know why you'd associate that farmers I don't know I personally. Opt in my hip I apologize to farmers every night they were they with Favre because I was thinking more about it makes us look like a bunch of hicks that's bad. And you know as I said especially and I was watching this is it was happening last night. You'd dim bulbs throwing Beers from the upper deck in just showering the people down below the waist of time dollars though. When donors of fair chunk of money don't. You'll rarely are there too but don't don't throw stuff in Amman you know farmers have meetings and here's a guide of that farmers only pay whatever over the years did you get deep one yes I I didn't and yet do you like plowing fields I spoke at a farmers only had to wait that's the that is this. Farmers dating site that farmers only that can do on their music so if you are not a farmer and and you might try to apply only dale. I felt if you are right now he can't do they find you do they track you down I was out like a dog go farmer. Expose that it in the first date in and ask you questions about you know seed Theo wouldn't both guys I. They don't know is put boy you got casually these questions only the third of four like that the male cow they're. You get excited that if it. Wells or David away. It's so so there really and their lives are no doubt. I'll start I'll get to Andy in a minute. How do you all about said dating site there is. League it's that old but if I did this commercial for all the time and you and you think their fake but there's probably. A dating site for every type of person it's as farmers only dot com city folks just don't get it out. They don't get. But you could probably rich was trying to pull. Cowgirls written in the with the girls wearing a country concert and many to look for a throw beard games you act but it. While. So I apologize to farmers everywhere even the ones who go on dating sites to find women and that's OK but wrong with the dating site. Of of that a few months for are there why are there others only. Dot yeah I'm dating guys like Christian legal person in hockey players jockeying comes candidate possibly isolate a white. JD JD. Jewish dating site OK I know it all eyes aren't. Christian Powell knows every one of these it excites us. You're stumped it with one yet then they're all good. There's a lot of okay that that well yeah. Some are better than others. Yet that's probably probably true. There's a leak singles. Dot com. That sounds a little. And I don't like a point he tore out on the photo pirated blog directly confronted him in the late singer who has Skype apparently called equestrian cupid sort of viewed portions in this case that a person will royal saint. It is the pitcher mr. hands. Is it that you just all know horse yet they all are that you are. You could then. There's one of the best ones who girl wife dot com I get back and I know that and probably about I'd. Probably more model for a new reason to do we might of might enjoy that. And within the super cougars is there are so over and over there that's all I am in dating dot com. Older women dating dot com they're single parent meets. Which they digs they were single parents can mean I was getting gas that dean Heidi I'll have. There's black people mean well it had to Wear that black people can act what looks like you said being not heed dot com. Off cash and I'd say that urge you or that's tougher to stay away from serious relationships. Are busy day that count for vegetarians. That's important. Right you don't want that in derelict of barbecue place America. And it shows up Richard doorstep with a rafter arena here I guess it's not work. But Terry only. It's no more about this stuff I'd been married too long there's something for everybody out there are built that. Whatever your interest are it and there. Aren't out. Just found on two when he very weird dating sites that actually exists David golfer. Golfer shirt diaper needs is here handicap anyway we'll get to decorate and they have a fetish site yeah yeah exactly that series. They're the conferees. Gluten free singles. Dating who are that's terrified Obama got that experience singles like Andy's at any news Dallas fort when he singles. Okay. I hope that's about we'd knock the weight it's just guessing now here's a good one Molly passions dot com wall as the lady also have a mall. That's probably Celtic ugly shoe box. Ugly human league we have zones. I I'm guessing when you joined now you're not feeling good about your side so I forgot about this one herpes fish dot com stop it people with herpes data each other sob. Yeah. Irony. That's a bad things were occasionally we veer off the highway a little bit and we don't know how to get back on that's terrible or you're not out. If this had on now now Amish dating it's a website other that I've actually seen there's commercials for the island so it during the Amish. How they how they see it on the web so I don't know what I'm confused about that. 6177797937. Is telephone number I promise right back to the more Monday ending just a couple of minutes with dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media. Whatever three Galen Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program brought you by AT&T. A couple of quick notes as we go right back to call that you guys at 6177797937. One of the notes you heard rich say during trending now the the patriots have apparently signed. Restricted free agent running back Mike Kelly is late two way out and offer sheet. It is a two year six point four million dollar deal if the Buffalo Bills do not match the offer. He becomes a member of the patriots the patriots give the Buffalo Bills their fifth round draft pick this year. An all by the way he not only becomes the highest paid running back on the patriots. Average annual value just beating out Rex Burkhead. But he becomes the highest paid running back for the patriots since Fred Taylor in 2010. Gillis late led the National Football League in average yards per rush last year at five point seven. I he was a guy we talked about maybe a month or so ago I thought he was that he was the kind of guy. It just is made for Belichick. You know you you look at the advance numbers he he screams out as a patriots kind of guy. Lets you take somebody away from you know one of your division rivals are part of the patriots news today is that apparently Danny Amendola. That's a group agreed to yet another pay cut to stay with the patriots unreal. I mean obviously he wants to be here obviously he feels like this is the place for him and maybe you know he and his agents say. How much would you really get somewhere else you know they when he signed that contract originally the first phone with a patriots are really good money. Now other he's lived up to what you expected them to do anything about it he was supposed to be the Wes Welker replacement. And he hasn't and that's certainly been more Julian Edelman and am a dole has had some monster games in the playoffs but if you look at what he's done the last couple years it's nothing. Amazing so what he really deal to make more money somewhere else but it is remarkable to continue to take a pay cut. With one place can be sort of joked about the off season or stand our who's going to be back with this team might who're gonna be the receivers are going to be the running backs. And it we said yemen's auto thing a pay cut held back. Yet apparently that is actually the case that that will happen meanwhile lake hair blonde. Looks very unlikely that he's going to be one that if the bills don't match right he'll be gone. The ridiculously and Birkhead that you're giving a decent amount of money that big and you got gas might Deon Lewis I mean yeah you at all it would be stocked at running back yeah so obviously they felt the need that they felt that they could. Upgrade that spot you know we spoke to Peter King couple weeks ago he spoke very highly of Rex Burkhead and this is before the league ghostly news. Put ghostly would be a nice got to add. Now I don't think you could give him as many carries. They get the gear blocked last year hit a 101 carries ghostly a year ago now is a career high. So maybe you know maybe he's cut out for that we haven't seen yet in the NFL but he seemed that it got to be a nice fit to sort of spread it around with the with the four different backs of and a. No official word from the bills as yet but when you look at the numbers it seems unlikely they'll match that got about ten point seven million dollars of cap space right now. If they handed if they matched the offer and handed jealously 3.2. It only leaves you about seven and a half million dollars going into the draft it seems like the numbers a look now you can move other guys out and you could do all that yes it it it appears based on the fact that they only put a fifth round. Tender offer on him. That the patriots may may well steal this guy away. But a few of the pills that you just saw the patriots take all game and solid he was able to do wouldn't it of his another team you might say out of Gulfport. But if it's the patriots you really wanna see jealously come in here. And have a monster season you know 1012 touchdowns you know close to a thousand yards or whatever else it is. And help the patriots with a division again but you might you might feel a little bit more obligated to to match just because notice. By the way if the bills. Match if they don't match the offer yeah. The patriots will be down to having six graphics. In this upcoming draft none of the first not in the second. Two in the third one in the fourth one in the fifth one in the sixth one on the seventh and they would give up their fifth round pick. To buffalo if if and they don't match the offer but they would they would then have just six picks. As it stands right now with time still I still think they're gonna somehow get in the first or second round or even both. I got out not. I know everybody is saying Jimmy drop low and we've talked about a McGraw upload the death. But I still think he gets traded as the thing that's the the spot thoughts all along yet. All of the other guys are just adamant we talked about Adam chef Andre king Mike mail archive has. Belts are very well. And I just would you go to straight years without a first round pick and we know how much Bill Belichick loves the draft and to not. Have a pick in either of the first two rounds. And it seems unlikely and they're getting a player getting brand cooks would that first round pick with the young player a couple of years left on his deal maybe you can resigning and so solid. He just don't have that particularly got a really good player. But we are really the wheel and deal I think they somehow get back in there. And one other quick note if you're a College Hockey fan in in this area there are. Thousands of US is one of the great College Hockey areas in the in the country the NCAA today announced the next number of sites for the frozen four. And the TD garden here in Boston will host the frozen four in 20/20 two that's five years down the road but they announced them you know several years in advance. A but the TD garden will host a frozen four here in Boston in 20/20 two and how many New England teams will be in San frozen four probably at least a couple of exactly the way it works out it always seems that way now. Are back to the calls you guys to 6177797937. I can text this if you perverted view that it at at 37937. Are Ryan's in Weymouth Mirai and I don't. Hey Gayle what's gone on ally of very well thank you and everyone not rich what's up Brian Dunn. Rates paid real quick hey this is prone to Celtics and I don't like what's going on at this Celtics lose another first round heads need to roll I am. The stock meaning and wait and see who would like to have rule follow. The bottom you can't lose another person out here you mean. Pain and she ancient. Stephens. So you wanna go back and start over. I don't know we'll see you can't lose this first round but it's sort of one game that's if they lose a first round I'll probably have to call again her back. Real quick. Give us the yes I've watched more than just the patriots and he could be an upgrade no doubt and and again that's. The running game doesn't matter in the playoffs as much as the passing game we've seen that time and again but. But our ultimate Seattle always sent to it. Yeah night you know hey I'm still on guys had been no talks about what I'm going to have one guy I love the guy. I think he's a great patriot I like what he does with the minutemen and all that but that's fumbled Super Bowl but don't kill them but. I still a lot of respect on the obvious one got it says I'll still take. The gap once the season I would open my carelessly. And just give the guy few bucks but does not happen itself looks like he's gone and I'll move on though Belichick knows everything and I don't. That is one way to look at Ryan actually the way I go through my life that's the way he knows everything and I don't know any I think the majority of people feel the same way but if it was. If the money was the same. My heels clearly care one dale would you today. A jealously is 27 years old yeah he's only got a 154. Career carries. Right going so a lot more solid there's a lot more short left in in those legs. Now I thought that would Garret blunt was about a running back here than you did yes I think you know scoring eighteen touchdowns is not to be sneeze that you think anybody could I think with the offense they had last year somebody else got that many carries they could have done. More Eden a IIRO plug and play I was just looking at stats today earlier today and I don't have in front of me so I can't quote him a directly. But it was the percentage of times that eighteen ran the ball from the offensive one yard line. Are there because it's such a passing league now the patriots were like sixth or seventh in the league. Most times. Running the ball from the one the area. Because they haven't got an audio and again you know they figure what the hell we we probably ran it in from here as a twelve of his eighteen or something went along those lines were from the one yard line. Are marching can't name arcade on. Hey dale rich I don't know Barcelona. Wooded around. That games are never made it to overtime last night in the third period. I shot greats past and act you know my point Bergeron they had numerous chances to score and make it. Some might go with that. There and I. I can honestly say that. I can't believe I'm saying this like I've actually changed my side my crew actually missed him and Quaid. I'm against croquet ball park well. And I'd like the way he moves the puck on Powell play I don't they use all that great effectively but you know like. I eat guys is that his job but not for me where he's he's missed initiative and drew not a great year this year. I'm the other thing. I also want party on top of being an acute poetry and I watched Chicago game and then me and Crying Game. All those games Chicago we shout it on a blatant. Goaltender interference. Where croc a stick woods I think I shot down on his goalie stick and hit it. And 88 called it still a goal and at Indiana hi game it was clearly a high stick you can see the stick. About the truck spot and they still called Google so. I mean I think. A lot of teams in the first round. You know get chat there and there. And it's unfortunate because he gains have been phenomenal out and now plate he's been great. Beat goaltender in any case. Part is great. Look there's there's a lot more at stake obviously the further you go into the into the playoffs and that goes without saying but I will say this the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Is the most fun you can have watching hockey. How well last thing with four games on overtime and and to the game you let teams comeback from three goal deficits and other gaming had a team come back from a two goal deficit crazy the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the best sports action. And it's every single night every night you've got games you've got multiple games. You know they're almost all great games mean Toronto Washington I don't Toronto's got the series lead. But I mean it it's been fun to watch you watch the kids on the Maple Leafs and I think they're too young and too stupid to know what that that they should be afraid of this this moment in their own. It's great and yet both. Both atmosphere of football home ice atmosphere is have been great in that series and yeah and it's got a great circle the blouse shirt I Charlie's up in Maine hate Charlie I don't. Hey guys I don't know what's going on drug. Well not to watch and listen I just wanted to comment on call last site. I keep guys like so many fans in language and great homestand. I felt bad for Ottawa had they got that call and you know I I did some officiating. In in high school wrestling which I totally get news. Not even close to what we watched that we get to know you a little bit that's nice I but but I think the point at wanted to make this. You know everybody talks about trying to slow down order if they slow down game in eagle. We had some issues where kids lost matches and in its final matches you know state championships. And they want to sort of like an assistant police say. And and it works pretty well as long as the guidance on assignment America pays attention with some tacky that the but the weight like last night I really thought overall the gain was a pretty evenly called game are well. You know the entire regulation where. I am I thought it was exciting because although a lot of what the score a lot of goals. They seem to you know cold snaps in the first period the Bruins come back. And so we get to all the time it's been back and forth in the emerging markets Genco. Was you know here's a perfect situation where I'm sorry but you know life director read. Made a club affected the outcome of the game likened lastly you don't wanna take it away from. The competitors and I just really feel like that and at least in this situation at least in the playoffs at least when it gets old direction it's worthy of look like cute guys are saying earlier. Is such a bad thing for somebody scale and say hey guy. Let's think about. SE I I don't want the idea of replay I don't want more replay I want less reply I really do I and look at challenge slide it to me it's a pretty simple thing you've got four officials on the ice. Four of them yeah. The other three to my opinion should be going to this guy and and by the way if they did this. Any you signal that's it that's what I'm calling that he shouldn't officiated more games. It's ironic I get ticked of by a textured this I'm looking at an article. On May of 2011. And rectory Eric for a lot worked both of the games that the Tampa Bay Lightning played against the Pittsburgh Penguins. And rest for the the head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning. This was a deep ocean right now he says that off. Wednesday's press conference deed you'd get concerned at all sometimes when you see the officials who were on the sheet. You get one particular tonight who's been very lopsided the past few times Boucher. 4049 against right yes I'm aware of it very aware of it very very aware. It's been a part of our discussions quite a few times in the last game the last games we did have that particular raft and it is lopsided. But the one thing we can control is what we do on the ice and hope that things will be fair. Like it is with everybody else this is (%expletive) a claiming that Eric are a lot was unfair to always team. He was then asked do you block that out of your mind though you have to ignore it who it is and just go about your business Boucher. You wanna ignore it but you're right after repetition. It is a concern. But we're planning on being mentally and being strong mentally and forcing whoever is arrests. To see that we're very disciplined. It's it's ironic that it Boucher the coach complaining about Eric Carla at the referee. And this was six years ago. Or maybe that call is six years in the making have you worked him over then maybe make a lot of alternatives like I'll get yeah I'll get him back you know I'd screwed I got up I got noticed when gay he'll be on a difference idiot go to bigger difference I went out there right now listening to us who thinks that were being serious about this asked Claude come together now. Brennan is down indicate they Brennan Marion. It's. Fair to god what's gonna. So. All of us earlier you guys say you can't really blame injuries aren't a lot. I don't know we can say that aviators are big problem of of the series I said and it is what you heard. That when it's 33 in overtime I didn't think the reason they lost was all a sudden because of the injures. Well I mean it's for our top expensive. And crucial moment Lambert in I think let AJ he lives lost the I mean I'm no pressure on. Creature that one out there but we can't stop anybody. It wouldn't. I think what what we worry about Brennan is and and sometimes people seize upon excuses at every opportunity and were trying not to do that. We are simply stating a fact. That the Bruins prior to last night's game the four previous games had lost a defenseman in each of the previous four. Had lost them early in the game and none of them have been back yet. And crow I had no idea when you'll see him again it appears that Colin Miller is at least close enough heat to warm up last night. I would think there's a possibility he could play tomorrow night. Adam aquae just got hurt two games ago I don't think he's even skating so I don't know when he's going to be back and out branding Carlo. That's already been ruled out for tomorrow night's game by by coach Bruce Cassidy it's hard to overlook the fact. That you've got four of your defenseman unavailable to me so you're playing it on his face Joseph Mauro who hasn't played since January 22. Tommy cross who made his Stanley Cup playoff debut last night up from Providence of the American Hockey League. You know you've got that Charlie Mack boy thank god they gave him the opportunity to play because he's been a revelation. You know he has enough to if you add all four guys back Mac voice not coming out of line. Right now not after the way he started I John-Michael Lyles who yeah you know it's not a good solid depth sixth seventh defenseman time. All arousal I'm watching the game and when when Bob Ryan scores to win it I'm not thinking and maybe I'm wrong about what they opt out of a Quaid was out there they kill off that penalty or column Miller. Was out there. They kill off that penalty and they win this game that's that's not what I'm thinking. Now maybe there are other guys think of to harass was out out out the right there was you do it while the injured what are you gonna do later at this point any kind of wind is as a bonus. They should still be. Good enough to win the series you started the series knowing you're gonna be down a couple of defenseman and that's gotten a little silly it that you're now Dow down four defenseman. But he so much are out there and then you got Mac avoid quite know hasn't played shorthanded but he is proven we want your best defensive end Kevin Millar played really well. So no I don't I don't think. Then it always Kevin Miller is doing in my opinion he's playing himself onto the protected list for the Bruins. Judge might be is funny to me that's how well I think now playing you know late in the regular season in here on into the playoffs. You know where where they where are you they've got to make decisions about who to protect in the expansion draft and who believe unprotected. Miller may be playing himself on the protected list series playing so well and they just take the last ski can ability to have him. How's that work. I it that part of it then there's so many complicated rules but if he has any sort of a no move clause they altered the FB expose that I know yet you gotta wonder you got to expose somebody against right. John's on the cell phone hey John I don't. I can't Lauria a great result they'll I was so excited when notre HE it would come to an end are all seeing others nor. Op listen you know we shall we should all know the root of the negotiating with them. But yeah we raced point back in December EL does that indicate that he called GMT the Euro is seen. Hasn't signed by I believe the date is August 18 don't hold me to the exact date but I think that's at. I he can become a free agent. Any gasoline sales what's gonna happen there you heard any. He just got added to the US team in the world championships. Which you know leads me to believe he's not signing here anytime soon. I you know I I I don't know anything about this guy I've seen him play I don't know anything about you know what is. Wants or desires are he he would despite the name you know he's from Wisconsin. You know he's not coming over here from Sweden or something. I I I don't know if if he's thinking to himself in a while I wanna become freeagent go shop myself around the highest bidder. Net the entry level contract that he gets going to be kind of the same everywhere but. You know maybe want to choose where he plays I don't know the answer. I can't stand out from what are our red demolished and each already all the prospects including report from what I've. I thought it was going to be here I idea I thought I thought when notre Dame's season was done I thought that he was gonna sign an entry level contract. And and I thought there was a good chance that he was gonna play here I thought I was gonna play before Mac Voight because I knew their their. Plan a was the whole Mac the boy off Plame in the American League play and in the Calder cup playoffs and have him ready to start makes that next September. But it looks as though Bjork and and I've. In the Bruins can't they can't off from a whole bunch more money they can only offer him an entry level contract. If he doesn't if he refuses to sign it it may just be because they're. He's he's decided you know what I wanna pick where I play next year and and I have evidently made he had wanted to be Boston. I appreciate call yeah I thought it was going to be here I thought we were gonna seed. I'm quite work and now. 6177797937. Is telephone number I coming up at 545 with got our final drive some of the best sound of the day. I'm ammonium tees at the federal and he has and I'll hold off and find out. Still in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.

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