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Malcolm Butler signs his free-agent tender, plus other Patriots news

Apr 18, 2017|

News breaks that CB Malcolm Butler has signed his free-agent tender offer, and Dale and Keefe discuss it along with other Patriots moves from today.

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I let me give you one bit of patriots news okay. Cornerback Malcolm Butler has signed his restricted free agent tender. According to feel Yates a boy now what that means is that you know you can trade him now you've got tender contracts signed. Malcolm Butler has signed a technically. He is a member of the New England Patriots right now. But it also means now they can trade. For the the draft is nine days away. It kind of makes sense that if you we're gonna sign it and you know remember the there was an April 21 data in their today's the eighteenth. There was an April 21 date in which he had to sign the tender anyway. If if he was a mine too and an evidently he has decided to do that according to field Yates. Malcolm Butler has signed his RFA tender agreement. And now the question is will late trade him will they keep them one against. Well outset it. I was hoping there aren't a key mall long and yet there's been different sort of details that have come out and it you know they'll think uses good it's gone the there was while they're reasonable maybe they end up keeping the sky and he just plays for. You know three point. 91 million dollars and then maybe he's gone somewhere else next year early franchise or wherever else. But now this with the timing of it you wonder if this is how they get back in the first round the old. Back to the saints they don't want to number 32 right they don't want to give up eleven. I wish they would have had to have done had they just signed him. That they can get number 32 and you know their bases just holding out for your for a little while until Malcolm Butler. Signed that tender so it's basically a Butler for Coke strayed. Regulated the end of it that's what it would hate what happened right then yes then looks like acted definitely happen before next or for the draft. And according to while Mike Reese the patriots have waived guard trade Jackson. Fourth round pick in 2015. Played in thirteen games started nine of them as a rookie. So some some patriots news today. They have made a restricted free agent tender offer to my ideal Leslie running back for the Buffalo Bills. They have apparently reached some sort of an agreement with Danny Amendola and Amendola is gonna take a pay Catan and allow him to stay here. Malcolm Butler has signed his tender offer from the patriots in the kind of knew this was coming yeah. And and now the whole idea that they've cut trade Jackson as well now what I don't know. Well again everybody took it well aware how well though Andrew Brandt that he said he said the translation. You know this whole idea that. That Malcolm Butler assigned as our fate tender translation according to Andrew Brandt is Satan told him to offer sheet is coming. Yeah that's exactly what that the sign nobody out there is gonna is gonna sign YouTube and offer sheet. And give up their first round. Yeah because we've we've heard all audio through the second round tender. Maybe a lot teams of interest in it not for first rounder what are you hope happens for Butler 'cause I'm still holding out hope. That he plays the year. But it's I feel it is unlikely. I think it's I think it's very unlikely I would love to see him stay here. Play has bought off for a year yeah and they are cash in proud that be great. It doesn't seem that that that's ultimately what's gonna happen is another question is how do you maximize it what can you come up wins. You know from front from a trade perspective what's the best offer out there and it just we've been hearing about this New Orleans things for thing for so long Los phone in the thing that makes the most sense. And I just think that that's not a great trade because that would at the root of it would just be Butler were Coke's straight up. And I would much rather have eight top five corner then a top. 1520. Receiver you know depending on on how I feel about Kotsonori had a zillion yards last year but you know is he little upper Echelon. Receivers we had Heath Evans on. Maybe a couple of months ago and we're asking about this and he was saying that. These players aren't even in the same stratosphere he's pretty down Andre coaxed to be honest and really high on Malcolm Butler. I'd much rather him out rather the Gilmore Butler combo scorer for C even if only for one season. I think dirtier and business there. But giving him up for the 32 picnic I hear back in the first round but I'd rather take the quarterback wide nose. Is really good week all we should also point out that that if in fact it turns out. That buffalo does not match the the tender offer to my callously there. The patriots give up their fifth round pick in as we said before if that's the case they're down to six totaled draft picks none of the first not in the second. Six total draft picks if they have to give up a fifth of buffalo. This does allow unit I mean as it stands were talking about the patriots not even having a pick until the end of the second day. Third round. So you know I mean again I wouldn't like it may be and that being Butler for number 32. And a fourth or an affair really he had a couple picks in exchange for Butler and each sort of have a lot more Wheeling and dealing potential on the other three days in the draft. Could you just keep I would love to you know I got inside yes I would he's now a member of the patriots. Could build just say don't look Malcolm ansari. The notable more your wealthier and better contract yet Wheeler loaded on to hide article out his contract so many guys about the play out. Their contracts and your underpaid last year but he getting a boost this year yeah you should make more money. But you're not are on restricted free agent Seoul after next year. Maybe it's here maybe it's somewhere else to make all the money in the world and every team can and try to sign you and all this other stuff but. One more year you're gonna have to do it. We should also point out that and in it was pretty clear from Sean Payton. He was not interested in signing Malcolm Butler two way to a tender offer. And giving up the number eleven pick in the draft that was not gonna happen as far as the saints Arkansas right now your that would insults they are not going to be able to trade balance them bought Lernout of the saints for the eleventh pick pick it up that on their own. Exactly I don't think you'll be eleven I think to be 32 or maybe you'd be a couple of seconds on I don't know. But maybe they have a contract maybe they'll rip up that that three point 91 million dollars in Belgium a brand new contract right away. But you said at their best year into that number 32. 6177797937. It's been a busy day for the patriots today a lot of moves some of which I really like a lot at pack two I like all of them. Separate Danny Amendola sorry Dan and 6177797. ID 37 right back to the calls that you guys coming up next Sports Radio W media. Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. We should point out that the Malcolm Butler news in the might jealously news are not necessarily based on as rich said. Moments ago based on reports business directly from the transaction wire. According to NFL transactions Butler cited standard sheet and jealous late signed the patriots off Hershey. So both of those are official from the league transactions page now. We don't know about buffalo whether or not they're gonna match and I don't know what the timeframe is how long they have to match it seems to me like a week or something. Com. An amateur to take that long look for buffalo to make the does it have to be before the draft. Yeah just nine days and yet so thin weak. But again according to the NFL. Our transaction wire Malcolm Butler signed his tender. Is now a member of the patriots until late trade him. And Mike Gillis late signed the patriots opera she is well. A patriots offer sheet that. I think it's going to be hard for the for the bills to match. Just based on where they are salary cap wise yeah the patriots as the got what like 25 million dollars or some silly number available to them so they've got the money. I am I think it's going to be tough for buffalo to match it to save. Money and Danny Amendola there they're not gonna greatly care blogs. We'll see what happens of Malcolm Butler so you know they they have money to spend and ghostly summary deluge targeted awhile ago. Would be it I just thought he was the perfect. He was the perfect fit for the patriots. Based on age of production and just the fifth round pick. And league and and as soon as a buffalo to screws this up every time you know they've got these restricted free agents. And they don't place a high and a tender tag on them. They did it was Hogan they've done it now with Gillis late and the patriots gulp down to a fifth round pick for Mike Ellis Lee Asher you gotta wonder though the bills look at this as they waited. The other editor all of them five days I'll let the bills have five days to decide to match Eric. I would think that it would have to be in their heads after Chris Hogan and how good he was with the patriots they might have to reassess things and say. All the patriots want them. Will admit we should also want them because it was good form last year. But maybe they don't think they they can spend that kind of money on on a backup running back which is what he would be wood down. Matt lingle also signed his tender offer Alec now angle. Al the amount of demand good news you've got an opportunity yes perhaps to see him you know back assuming you can make the team and make the team dale there. But he wouldn't. And other dare you.

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