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Game two already looking like a must-win for Celtics in this first round series

Apr 18, 2017|

Dale and Rich Keefe talk Celtics as we prepare for Game Two of Celtics-Bulls.

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I let's bring our attention to the Celtics tonight at the garden game two against the Chicago Bulls trailing the best of seven series no one to nothing to this point. Are we know that Isiah Thomas is gonna play. My guess is he'll play effectively like he did on Sunday and my guess is also that his teammates will play appreciate bleed better in support of him than they did Sunday. I am with think that they would have to because you look at it you got a good game out of Al Horford and had a good start from Avery Bradley. Outside of that I mean you're really looking around trying to figure in fact Brad Stevens had of been looking around looking for something like look at look at how he. Went to the bench and how we gave Gerald Green you know six minutes he had Tyler Zeller. A Rodney gave Jon Lester repko who like he was. Kind of grasping at straws to try to figure out what Connell lineup would collect because it just wasn't working you know if Isiah Thomas was on the floor. They couldn't score. They couldn't rebound at all Robin Lopez had eight offensive rebounds. You know that the rebounding number. Which everybody's been talking about 53 to 36. Is obviously a significant one polled blows my mind. Is the bulls had twenty offensive rebounds the Celtics it's when he Ford defense and rebounds. Meaning every time the bulls shot and if they missed it was almost 5050 Yahoo! would get the rebound. That's insane that should not be the case because the celtics' perimeter defenders in a pretty good job. You know forcing. Dwyane Wade to shoot four of twelve. Rondo who's obviously we know not a great shooter you six of fifteen. Jerry in grant was two of nine made it a good job on those guys. But then itself are the bulls would get a rebound what is usually Robin Lopez and sometimes of somebody else they get a lot of second chance points. And they they got exposed on the on the glass. But not gonna have to win the defense are the rebounding battle every game but it's got to be a lot closer than ones. It did seem as though a lot of that was effort and that I think mostly rebounding is I don't that's been Michael's big push is that it's. What's his phrase now willing rebounder a good rebounding and just defense in general. Is more vulnerable wants it there you can want to be a good shooter but you know what you might just not being good shooter rebounding so should guide Robin Lopez at all. Alternate energy wasn't all you know boxing out they use is beating guys to to loose balls on on rhythm all fans especially. On the offensive end. So yeah that's that's got to change and it maybe that's part of why Brad Stevens was throwing all these different rotations out their because. Are Amir Johnson and marketer of boundary or get somebody else out there or you know Kelly elector here not rebounding. We have somebody else up their that he was trying we're whatever he could vote. On the on the line actually seem to be clicking form I was and that just asking if we expected Brad Stevens will tweak. His lineups a bit after what happened on Sunday snow again that they yeah he killed they got beat by four points they did they did before I. I would keep the same. Starting lineup. I would this is this is the lineup one they'd been healthy that's gotten you to 53 wins and the number one seed I would be leery of getting. To it your head about the eight seed Chicago Bulls. Again they're Jay Butler he's a very good player. But the Celtics still have the talent advantage here. So I wouldn't wanna go just to two different because you're you're worried about what Chicago is doing still do what you do best. The grad to throw out some some small lineup source Thomas Bradley. And Smart you have to put that lineup out there and hope you don't get killed too badly are on the glass out of order GC global more Jalen brown I know he was a great defensively it's Jimmy Butler but maybe get some the other guys deviate. A little bit energy to their bench was so bad. Last game. And then the Catholic drug crow and Zeller and I don't think you need to see them. At all so I think the same starting lineup but maybe he's got a little bit of a quicker. Poll when it comes to a guy like Amir Johnson. 6177797937. Is telephone number and to detect through says dale what evidence do you have that his teammates will play accretion Lee better. There's no such thing as evidence when you're suggesting what might happen here just can I just point out the of that evidence doesn't doesn't apply to things that are in the future. Are now it doesn't I think what you have an opinion right my opinion is that they will play better. In tonight's game you don't eat can't have evidence for something that hasn't happened yet. No but I try and too hard here yet I I and I think that's fair to assume that out of specially guys that Smart all live next hour Crowder. But what made all three have a good game but I don't think all three will have a a another bad game only to a big at least one of them hole shall have. 6177797937. Mics in Providence they might. I guy Elena and paper you have the Rock Island jail brown Ilan trooper to a monkey taken the only contract but weaker part of it is not all that. And audit for example right I agree that that that wing three pointer from the site. And it will move it to the next election in the possession after that he does anybody in salt from the left corner with the nearest defender to him being in the eight. And market Smart passable as I was dollar or twelve jumps. This is the sort of brought you see that happening in lacked any is that it threatened the tendencies and stop it. Brad allowed to happen during the regular season coming back. For example nineteen they're doubling off Reggie brown and get all white all credit market Smart of the act of mobile. Or tell you know count a lick at bat mobile and he means it is just one thing but the year ended up causing that offence to back. Locked out of the ball not find in the guy. My diet should and by the way Jalen brown I'm left quarter three shoots 46 disarmament beaten does not like that. What would you do Mike defensively though still brown they tried that the Muncie new ball and that's not over I was not good blah honestly and you think about it you know. Except for the one time where it was. Hemoglobin or compute and I multi front. I mean do you want him pressing up on Jimmy Butler thirty each week basket I don't. He's just any Jimmy at 33 corner Jimmy Butler it's a 33 pointer I mean I didn't think he played and that Orly. It's just wanna be the end of the guys that I'm shocked at shot you just kind of ride it Peru rat strategy in the mail. And that game like suddenly Jones Oracle's on the floor suddenly got the sell out there yet hey let's put Gerald Green and again I mean get it back. Yet they are and I'm with the on that front I was surprised by that unity and you have Chicago again who's the eighth seed and it seemed like they had a much more. Defined rotation you know they played nine guys in the game. Three played major minutes to didn't play a lot then whatever the other whatever it adds up to those guys play coveted in the middle wars with the with the Celtics. It seemed like they were just hoping it. For a spark in Augusta or this guy in there and hopefully he'll turn things around Ari that's not working get him out there another guy in there. They put eleven guys in a playoff game which they lose by four. Should college play eight maybe nine and and go from there and Galley jailed brown. Who I'm not I'm not his biggest supporter in the world knocks out three he has a dunk it and annexing and are your out of the game. That when they needed somebody else to step up pop up offensively. You don't like to see maybe they give him more opportunity. We had a call earlier in the day for those of you who were with us who basically said if if the Celtics lose in the first round again they need to clean house changed on Stevens gone I mean basically I guess. Go back to the drawing board I'm not that part on the happy highway okay. I think that their that this team is poised. To really do some wonderful things and and maybe even some good things this year yes but you're gonna have a very high draft pick this year top three draft pick this year. Probably a very high draft pick next year to add talent you've got room from a Max contract guy whether it's Gordon Hayward or whoever it is in the off season you've got money to be able to add that as well. Why would I want to blow this thing up if they get beaten the first round and I don't think they will it be the first round. Not on the idol beatable it's not a out of these are either but I did think you'll lose the series is just one game they could still win it in five when it gets real I think that's honestly realistic. But yet you'd have to really look at they are the number one seed. It's only happened was it five or six times are five times in the history of the lead. As the number one seed lost so you'd really have to look at it they are is this team. Lol what's it gonna have to take. To be a contender to be NBA content or to get to the conference finals if you're losing in the first round you would you would definitely have to look out all kinds of questions and Kama penal. Woody where are eager pay Isiah Thomas Max money you know ours is Bradley and Smart are both of those guys gonna see another contract doors only going to be. One of them so. Yet they'll be a lot of questions. If they lose but I don't think that they well it's just one game without a couple of days now to talk about the next game and it will be flown a lot better tomorrow at this time when the when the series is tied. Mike's in Rhode Island am I played on. Hey Gary you starting to Barney prologue time that would somebody able to act but we we knew so longest time that we need rim protector we need help regarding Richard it's not a mystery. And now semi trucks and noted that it went 73. We outrebounded our opponents Antony. I wish he would need one simple sticks and iron in big picture. But to regulate acting picker Richard that there is expiring contract and neither are toward Micky you know protecting jailer or not he Turk all know. Like acute that we would have been to submit helps. And it really odd to me that he didn't you don't want all hold talks looking into it seriously I don't feel like we would collapsed. Almost became a nightmare and because now the leak into the team brought what some of what my one particular. Not you're not wrong Mike I think that was the Chris is about the times are too big it's revisionist. To say that they should have gone out and acquired a rebounder you know nobody else would the other team have taken the package he just described for Tyson Chandler and not to present George and get moved but I think you could have so that on sort of an unknown. I don't have a beef with guys who work malls are but how about this narrow some oil traded I can't shoot though I didn't shoot. Did you ever live and all you do need and don't I don't in Brad Stevens system he's got to be able to shoot so what does Amir Johnson do he just gives -- 2.4 anti minute I don't want him out on the floor or anybody so I don't I don't wanna replace him with a guy who also can't she bobbled a guy who could defend and rebound shore I don't think you need five guys to shoot I really don't I think if your four guys can with it with Horford there you have a big man who can shoot. Merrill's while or Andrew Bogut. Less so Serge Ibaka but he also got moved in PJ Tucker there are four rebounder. Again if you wanna say Serge Ibaka I agree rebounder anymore. He'd be the best that you have on the Celtics so that's all I was gonna look good or is it is an upgrade. Amir Johnson the guy who started all year he plays about half the game he gives you nothing. So you can replace his minutes with somebody who's just they rebounding specialist. Maybe you don't get beat up on the board maybe you don't give up to when he offensive rebounds in game one. And yet I think I think that's a a huge problem they they definitely should have added to this team beta need to turn that that's connected to do all that and they so could've been better. And in the what I was tied Immelt was like DeMarcus Cousins Jimmy Butler Paul George know those guys went to Tyson. Janet Janet didn't go anywhere Oprah posted guys you know I would have taken him and I worried about I would not. And and you want you will admit you were in the minority on now are yet another and by the way how that worked out. For the pelicans yeah out a big bullet just missed the playoffs just just significant that at that he had yet so that bit Kim is it safe to say the move probably wasn't exactly what they were hoping for. Alitalia once. If it's an hour out there but but don't you think this looks good about it rebounder. I think with the roster that they have that that could have been maybe a missing piece of winning the title. But it having an easier first round if you win the second round went with a guy that can do that of the bigger lacking. 6177797. ID 37 mics in Brockton in my. They're totally don't. It's that they you know and that's is that from it I. I mean great good that a lot of commuters this year and you know they're probably wondered that the that the weakest once he gets in the walk along. It's great their technical. Audio and tools tools the slums. Could opt out who wants. You know sort of the best player party cart who in Crawford nailed. Them to plug that you've got to bet that's week. And you've got a team that can't rebound and that can picture that these guys now playing mark mother seen all the time. Got in and night out when you get the close at all that change. And that would that would really magnifies their first game. And you know you've got Kamal if it and they are now on the war I don't know what the numbers aren't the only view that's confined outlet. I wonder what the plot lines couldn't or wouldn't doubt on that war they can't score if he's not on their war advocates will point gain to you watched that game where. Compared routinely become spectators. We have the ball. It if they don't you can go out there who can have a lot and they don't have I think it that there on the prep school and acting to me it is regretful. And other than that they don't have guys that can war. And it's even worse when he you have to go to that Antarctic. When you that's what a little while ago where. You know metal bats as he couldn't grasp that struck you know it wouldn't you put in green in the third quarter legacy in the court or gain. And you put in the third quarter when nothing's really bought well. I do expect him to come and and an in school are or are coming into this sport he would not return to it street ball player he's not that kind of player and very streaky. They I think he's he's in that they'd get rule. Chicago. This no way to get to Washington. There's just no way they beat Pitt walked in the much better team and out and beat Joseph Waldman editor new. Job all of them give them fair and especially if he scored in the war in court talked so much better. Offered a rebounder and finisher. And Robin Lopez is rob locate and kill them you know. Killed on anybody that was in the thing. You know outlook we gave them nothing Amir game is that nothing. You think Al Horford given nothing. All 97 and it. Should be why are but that's that's different than gives them now yet he does for you was pretty good game one that a lot of people want more on Al Horford but. He was not how ultimate is not a problem at all now views on from game one of you for a stretch used the best player on the on the floor. And I wouldn't worry about John Wall the wizards just yet they need to get through the the bulls' first study in what were worried about Chicago I understand his point though. Is he saying Isiah Thomas one of their problems is Isiah Thomas is shorts but and there are other problem is when he's not in the heat score some. I've got zip Thomas the problem. 616177797937. Is telephone number. Patriots and had a busy day Celtics plant a playoff game tonight at the garden Bruins lost in overtime and agonizing fashion yesterday. All of those things are on the table 6177797937. Sports Radio WEEI.

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