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Dale, Holley and Keefe's Final Drive 04-18-17

Apr 18, 2017|

We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

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Drive cosponsored by IRS restoration specialist regardless of the season. A disaster in future commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place and make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more at IRS serve dot com real quickly as we go to our our final drive. Our rear admiral on bar stool sports has the video of this nit wit. Who was literally literally trying to grab a stick out of the hands of one of the Ottawa Senators and Erik Karlsson reached up and with his stick. Wrapped him on the hand with an eye like go to stick Yankee how high Colorado's got what he deserved. Days. Try to take a guy stick a weight problem and you get wrapped. Stay away from the rink. Got to start another game shall fail this was a terrible answer to a jeopardy question last night. The category was called three plus three meeting of the correct response should be two words each consisting of three letters a simple right. Here's what went down Jamie back to you the publicity for chief. Hired killer. Kevin. I don't know. Jimmy was opinion what is it. Go and I'm. I had to dive hot gun gun and I actually heard that what mock gun attack on the hook up and that's our advantage. I've waited thought wow that's all right I'm done no no don't let that Alice Dodd admits this it. It's no old now out of OTA is going on across the NFL that in Tennessee defensive venture route Casey. Wasn't happy that some of his teammates didn't show up for the optional workouts. The belief here is he specifically referring to running back Derrick Henry. As always good to see everybody shall also I think that's the big east and that it's a team will only see you buddy dedicated to it. Come out currency could without like this the OTA's Atlanta much open to come out. On they gave everything to date on conditioning man. Everybody that they all out there and we see day to play as you know thereby going to be dedicate to this team to get it get to the next level we need to be. Yeah. Our policy and a citizen Corning is definitely the debt to them looks at Martin Beck mama does that mean no luck in town electing cal. And you know would see its initial up as the grip. Leo so that it creates a way that Tom Brady was not at the first day of OTAs for the patriots feel like I'm gonna check mark that says he I can rely on him with it bothered him yes that I was probably okay Derrick Henry maybe not yes. Elsewhere in the NFL raiders quarterback Derek Karr had some harsh words for raiders fans that are considering. Boycotting or bailing on their team gee I wonder why they do that now from when they had the last it's into seas off. C is surprising to me. Which I don't know if it should surprise me because that's just how raider fans arsonist. They were going with you know it were raiders. You know like like a certain. Messages. Through the hard times and good times were still raiders. There's been a lot of hard times before now start have some good times. No misses us nothing that would just do it together. Split up like you've seen. You know other cities do. And do things like that for the ones that do I don't really believe that there true raider fans. You know. I feel their hurt I'm with her two. But at the same time world in this together which in two together. The movie different here. I would expect it would there's going to be I think opposed to some kind of like a thousand people. He's one Tuesday. Abstinence and that's that's with everything of them for touchdowns three picks you know you're gone you're good at both ways so. I expect that but it. If something happens it will be the 1% and hope hopefully it. Hopefully I'll focus on Mac stuff because there's the 99% that are loyal. Faithful fans are gonna run that's worth. He's an idiot I don't think he's got a clue wow they just under raider fans and an overall raiders did not here in Vegas. Personal Oakland's you're gonna different space when they go the way their record keep rooting for you. Well mighty or the NBA. The Memphis Grizzlies lost to the spurs last night now trail San Antonio. Love two in the series now after the game David Tisdale was asked about how the game was officiated off all Renault he didn't pull any punches. Very poorly officiated basketball game it Zach Randolph the most rugged guy in the game had zero free throws with somehow Hawaii and had nineteen free throws. First half percent nineteen point shot nineteen shots in the paint and we had six free throws they shot eleven times of the pain hits point three free throws. It's not a numbers guy that doesn't seem that add up overall. 35 times we shot the ball in the paint we had fifteen free throws for the day. They shot eighteen times and Payton had 32 free throws squad shot more free throws and our whole team explained it's a we don't get the respect that these guys deserve because my colleague doesn't go crazy yes class they just play the game but I'm I don't let them treat us that way. You know auto parts got pedigree and I'm a young rookie but then I don't wrote us and that's unacceptable most unprofessional. My guys dug in again and are in the right to be and again they did not even give us a chance. Take that it. Truck at a pilot that's gonna cost him some money that little further than Bruce Cassidy went last night and are gonna rock gods the failure to report just two more games and again you know plan for next year. Carmelo Anthony tenure with the New York Knicks may soon be over but now Melo has more issues to deal with the including a divorce from the infamous law locked. For reportedly impregnated another woman that will generally do what I thought login as an all my experience doubts. Well former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani learn more about your experience Ali Iverson lots of these sorts of situations have been in my life. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Apparently in mellow fans. Should the knicks Cape Cod melody. You think it even though it. You know he might have an extramarital affair. Judge. Sports carried he's done. Like that otherwise. From the jury. Apple. Is probably not wrong with the Canada cup and I don't know I can think he's wrong morally three quarters and Holland loath. A large number to me maybe he might be right do you think half of of the players in the major leagues at impregnated. Other win. In outside of their marriage should not relax shrine yes but yet the impregnated in part may be a speaking of New York. Mike princess this time it WFAN is limited the sports Pope will retire just before the end of the year and now his former partner Chris Roselle. Is not ruling out the possibility. A marine union. Now the princess has said he's got a lead WFAN yet he still wants to do something. Could we see you guys getting back. I would not rule it out I certainly would what would that look like well I think you would see shopping may be on any. Once a week situation it might wanted to come to serious I'd be very happy I've said this forever. We Bob might Amanda could do something on series if Mike wanted to do that I don't know what Mike is gonna wanna do east told me. I disable these kind of work January 3 I do think he's gonna the FIN I don't think makes a mistake there at the December 15. But it might want it to orchestrate some sort of you mule. With me I would have you know I would do it I definitely but I don't know I want to go that direction was kind of in his corner. Rights. Mad dogs then but it's possible but you're saying there's a chance so and if we mentioned the Pope and we got to play the Pope. Here's that cheerful voice Chris Russo can look forward to rejoining. Thanks to our pal act sports fun house it's time for another edition of my friends senses. I'm with Paulus let queens of summer. Like bridge all the clips of the duke. I just wanted to state that. Nobody's talking about it do to beat the Yankees. Do you think that they're gonna make it sort of World Series in October an artery but does. It wasn't loses not so we'll. 92 and on the try to list them so it was a great. And play Oz I talked about the Yankees there isn't an uneven roads I thought it was gonna say you know it's a little early to be talking about the World Series it's in October and saw the huge. Outline. Seems a little harsh eighth final drive also cosponsored by cards for kids don't H card up child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids are cards for kids dot com. I tomorrow. Dale and Holley with Heath and I think we're all going to be together in one place at one time rights will be at Weston Johnny's. Down but the darn it you're ready for the Bruins playoff game four tonight you've got Celtics and bulls game two will be talking about that tomorrow as well. A much in the house keys in the house they're coming up next Sports Radio W media. Do you think that they're gonna take it World Series in October and are period but it's a World Series as it is not so we'll. Thank you for another Franco has some semblance of frank and.

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