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OMF - Aqib Talib avoids punishment for gun incident, Pats sign ANOTHER running back, 4-1817

Apr 18, 2017|

HOUR 4 - Aqib Talib will avoid punishment from the NFL regarding his 2016 shooting incident. The Pats signed Mike Gillislee to an offer sheet. Danny Amendola takes another pay cut. Calgary Flames broadcast team rips Dougie Hamilton into a hot mic.

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Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. Quickly and Lou and Christian I think it's pretty selfish of him. Make them play it can't but perhaps not decision and that's what I'm just can't Bruce we don't want it gets in trouble with the league but it was terrible job in let's face it running real Sox console. Son being in trouble with the leader in order to call a thought it was terrible what they called you gotta kill on Sports Radio WEEI. Silliest thing about it Nikki Philly did the right thing and he could have shot up a football with sets a fist pump that up with a herself like that should with a hair done. Instead he shot himself. No criminals or surfing the criminal charges either no no criminal turbulent and what what state with its that was fun right. Else it was against blacks it's Putin's united as the New York. I believe the government is about it yet it wasn't there plus the plot yes they are down but you saw how he was also in club. There and reload this look outside like apart late. You're way across the street elected to a movie Arnie but it wasn't like it was literally got off Scot free I don't know suspension or fine people upset about buck. He's gonna have to completed firearm safety. And I wasn't. My arm and I have got away I don't know exactly I don't huddled with a pistol. And he's not a dude do you. Is that apple might badly. As soon. There's also a he's also got to submit a list of his own weapons. Always manages weapons out there. That's so glad I did in his right to register Rihanna got a problem yeah they get off Scot free he's got to take this this course. And he's got a list of weapons though economists. Leave will you please showed clouds you shoot a firearm. And odds are ladies and McConnell Billick college. All of somebody else take the course for the woman tends divided I did my drivers that did you get two tickets and driving school. You sit in their product red day for eight dollars Ozzie oh there's big money. A competitive. So I thought I noticed that over the I think that on your left. Lap I'm glad I am in making a firearms course up and actually put him in nominal those things echo the firing Byron TO didn't match. The shooting range that's what they're nobody but it's another like long hallways sometimes you don't speak to people next you who it. If it happens to be open at the studio and blow up at the open. Yeah I can't please lead lead to score around during the far black. Holy I play the I need. For candidates to understand I'm still on the commission did not doing criminal charges will wait and Malone you know. But suspended four games for violating the the Fed policy at two. Then that he poke somebody in the iron Eminem when he pokes Indian guys who get one game suspension for. You saw that neck cracked trees change all that's all right all right another want to look at me it was a tough enough though news of politics so he's been suspended before. You thought the commission it would take is British was suspended what 56 times before. And that's why he got the four game suspension because he had a record he had a history there was ever you you're either you have to go back and look at the story because with it. The heat it's a little shoot him or was it has done all well match one up when he shot and so do we don't know. He claimed that he accidentally shot himself what is in the place but if you shot somebody else or somebody else shot you. And he didn't wanna be a day. Spiritual would you do you use at their Arabs Elizabeth tomorrow. You know don't be original that the rumors going around is that it happened inside it's in the club and establishment right didn't have that carry out these and he had to get out of there and go someplace else that thing now that's yeah. Hit on 91 line that want to shut. Clark. That's focus on O'Donnell that investigators are sharks just pitchers think you can get the movie bar. OK or you could be in the nice little park that's located across the street from the will be boy it's 2 o'clock in the morning. We're gonna bit. In a park. Are you gonna get a handle on and not a whole lot of acute it's a subject I drag my ass out of rock of an event exactly. That's exactly what it is but you can't tell me. That at 2 AM in the morning when he could be a call and he actually is still alive and the club. You're the Ed apart Bangladesh who wanted to but mostly I thought like Stanley and one's own statue at a small and knows that that's on the south those types of establishment big crowd you know could those guys that. Can't find it dates. Did any a ten genetic club or bar whatever is going to me. Did you go to one of those establishments. In and it better myself. You got. So the gun didn't go off. And he means that nobody said anything out you just never want somebody is an on your lap you never want that are you know at least a three song deal two for three. To cut him. You know data at a news specials I don't think anybody is thinking that he accidentally shot himself except for the commissioner. Which is buying this for clients stud Q. But again and there's no there's no criminal charges in the here and pictures. They're the commissioners does this many times before where there are no criminal charges he does this all the done this so this guy out on its southern guy operates isn't a surprise. So you know you get a fine let's say Europe let's figure out. Outlook was just meet clay pigeons just as you know somebody's Lamberth on like that are very aware of it that adds that have a lot and you and it shouldn't your foot. Oh what you Clinton pigeons. Clay pigeons and you driving like a shooting range OK I think everybody's clay pigeons some guys that you staple got broke you shouldn't say actually shoot your foot. The is gonna find you for shoot your foot. Yeah community football. Is it differently you're unable to enjoy doing it it will show more question I guess I need a question that was my point was originally all of that all of that and that's America what isn't hypotheticals. Does he not wanna hear the writing a book goes on a horse to be done to suspend. October and what the jail and prison and jail depressed only because the laws were different and that's sentencing that was what. Jail prison different jail is like holding us we're held wired or retired number I just think mentally to think with jail when you went to jail that he. Excellent prevails on the bed and breakfast scared person it's one night I just associate that now that prisons long term. I it was weird they'll feel badly lighted up the difference you know the difference but my when I say garlic spray JO a couple weeks ago. With I don't you know Smart ass Lou commonly what's the difference on now there's quite a different. That ought to. Who spent many night in the overnight. A tough guy trading at the other guard had the big all of its all the keys on one big giant blue yep that all computers. One thing about it and go and and I don't think about that at the official now. No paper cups that K shortly they removed all the paper cups there. Okay you have to use the one thing but yet you don't have your own one teen mothers now eight dishwasher teachers put this for free but you said you took. One of the most out of the dishwasher did you not this morning yes it is and that's why don't put it all the dirty. Then night we clean I'm all this morning take up this morning in all of this Washington this morning order. Awesome his talent as a result we generally haven't ladies ladies to explore method apparently annoyed you were to let me mention trying to say that it took. The company has decided that no longer will they allow us to pollute the the -- that sort of taken away paper cups slogans in the year it was a year do you look at that we're in the world biodegradable and if anybody knows that. But the electorate stickers and stuff like that. Israel and in the trash. Yes but the but the recycle derived great news you know fundamentally good perimeter around the league they blended with a ground. So what they at a donors they have these the ceramic mugs. That we now have to use all the money that they're saving on paper cups is standing extending well that's why there water on their Washington negotiating. I know how you guys these things to Washington bottles cups the they'll get that one thing mugs. Many of forestry and once you wanting tailor it to you styrofoam they wouldn't if on the Baltimore they've brought record and are out there right on the money on the money in the budget. Shoot role. Word got their sleep easier to the train bus or Sean but I don't understand the Plaxico Boris thing is any different state. Don't know I understand legally how it plays out. But the commissioner taught him self image of commissioners already told us that he does not rule. By the the legal status of the individual is we've seen that with pac man. The Jones who see that with player after player from so how should this be any different it's the same infraction like a boards. Accidentally. Of that or accidentally shot himself formally we don't know exactly what happened generally that. And it doesn't look it up ball ball up off yet but exerts a chance in the club he used to talking in the weeks and bite bite out of the fall when he went to grab it short shot at Harvard graduates on them that's what Jennifer Bauer. Check it bothers me and then I and then the whole story on to lead does that. He was in the park just hanging out with his buddies too nice around Dawson 1 morning tell store you'll bird watching tell stories on your bird watching and I got off. And that's it yet. He was notable people are. It just happened to be located. Within a 112 I see where it was alcohol he didn't have. You don't do that you don't get apartments is 2 o'clock in the morning that are close but no now to enable our now non. Now not allowed to do I but I don't assume the commissioners coming if if if legality has nothing to do. And the commissioner is going to rule based on the embarrassment. To the brain. To be she got voted for about. To shield them then why shouldn't keep totally get these same penalty that Plaxico sports an accident and has more die more because he spent on that gun license with you register with a gun that won out of the registered with the lights and I think they both elections. One again it goes down to a state. Law compared to you know new York and Texas it's different. Don't know I get the legality of that the commissioner has told this time and time again. It has nothing to do you read his arm and found no matter what but it that's right into nothing I don't know laurel point though. Blacks broke a law. He didn't. Court that it State's deputy commissioner tells us I think any faith irrelevant matter commissioners told this time and time again look bad that is irrelevant. That's irrelevant based on the suspension the leak is not going to rule you they like seemingly wondering yeah I yeah Raja Bell. As being in the could be consist I'm telling you what. Dean blending and it was gone for three days and all those regular it was an investigation. Behavior that is done. They replaced him down now you'll learn if America I think I've I've had a different story this week and online it was one of those four pieces. That's I got to the PR department in the NFL that not only great guy. But that he should leave us we let him go you know it's going to be a huge loss for the NF. She unusual loss he listens he was going to be big this big to do. About the replay and Microsoft tablets and you know the rest holding the tablets but all that decisions coming down from him. You know it's gonna rule on everything on every single game he was gonna be the final say it all the all the rest on the field we're gonna do you were just yet because actor is and what playing a role what we're we're hearing from the might prayers of the were born here from the ex referee's it was that I was you know over his Indian yoga or does he know you can't have him do this right. By the way talking about that Moody's and what Major League Baseball is gonna do and it started up like after the all star break they are now going to might cup. Umpires in when they go to the instant replay. Because you're gonna talk to god it'll let us know what's going on the show as opposed to just waving there are for an out or waving their cross that Chad sure it's safe to break in college student in Japan. Make the announcements up aliens to work here how how that happened they use them all but it is or. I'll always. Who's got my buddies and I musician yeah. How does he show you should've played up to the budget Japanese people he should have made it sound like you really knew what he was saying this stuff got monopolized chat starts screaming for the death penalty of. You know one of the rules as you notice this week you guys being built a whole lot. Programming day on Saturday or missiles Saturday in a great time and not Saturn is a great time on Saturday afternoons gather 430 game. Or pretty okay Saturday and it can be accessed in prison jail to what's it like for you went with that affected the stock and another friend of mine up and of the one rules you you know last year one when they decide to put the nets up. As we know they have forced seats that are right there along what does that the the first baseline I brought by the direct by the Red Sox dugout the new states. At a news feeds yeah at a news secret grotto of the it is it is amazing that. They actually were allowing peoples who knows seats with out the netting. There's even if there was a couple games were on couple yum I did today at the back outlined in the Mets saved him like twice. So to think that all that time there was no bid. There wasn't worse injury I guess is on insane because you're so close and just like we talked about. Not what was the Bruins game on people watch the Bruins game but watching their phones and I'm thinking attention. I took just not enough on them and I'll be okay if the court is that they want when you're sitting there yet you realize. How quickly your life in. Now you've you know you'd feel a lot safer than all out to not watch the game because that's the right now it's like a point value beyond you allele the watch any doubt that there will be the only that's the itsy bitsy. And the reason people to get hurt over the years because people actually use to pay attention. To think they don't want to pay attention but it on and get worse you know the worst one is the one that Jefferson's out the on the third base line. That's a file Bolton probable territory on the largely along and a team that's two guys lives safe but of the building alliances that line drive that goes right there if you're not paying attention. This don't add up the there's no it has not and all that we needed at all now like UC fine existence when he actually tonight the democratic and quiet very quiet. We decry any quiet was millionaire yeah mergers are gonna talented. Guys as such he is he's a baby Glock decade really I mean looks at it does look just like him but as far as. He's got them as far as the features as you would not I don't know enough about him looks like you know look at it now if you look I was trying to look. Look like it look like baby grow up and over grabbing all the big games didn't do it yeah I. Let's talk about blah talk about a Paul lot of discussion about all the whole powerful bullet. You go out there while Paul brought his girlfriend. And it is blatantly Alina yet I'm talking about bigger words work over achiever. And that's why we brought up along with the ball over here that's over receiver they like what is she doing with him and got us beyond you know that there are introduced before the ball as an overseas shipments on our a lot of levels I mean. JetBlue a lot of discussion but yet he looks over achiever that sickly a. Where that was huge security. Sickly commonsensical and others don't think he's like one of the kids from I wish I could I go look hard enough like it was fun. I quiet and not know nobody got hammered. Are we gonna fight I'll who was dream and left could easily and they want anyone who want good but he still got the win and he's got an ego. Our Chris isn't a truck next appear to know and that's what's up Chris. I ought to address. I think you'd like them in the main point Ivy League all it was you know she got such a club or nightclub orange and but my up. On May or maybe not at all one and we'll all be an apple yet right. On the ivy want. What what are. Agree. On this and I brought up and strip club the practice how. Now we get this I would of breaking news. Ticket out the whole place fifth. I doubt. Nice that's a surprise you get anything I mean holy smokes he should that was a that was coming I mean is three to wonder what if this is a patriot player school. You know I mean eight yeah eight games eight on the children. It in the divorce thing was worse than that he spent time. In prison as well so that was like a double suspension right here Chris I guess when he was imprisoned he wasn't physically able will actually play for awhile. Here's Charlie in Arlington what's up Charlie. England he I would argue that the next time the Celtics either when the championship and the the next finals appearances and so the next five years. But the culture that he will not Bret Stephens and wanted to thoughts on that because. And I'm thinking about. What's gonna happen with Doc Rivers I'm almost thinking that got me wanted to lump. Do another run through the subject especially when this team that he comes in with probably an act in a couple years that possibly be attacked the team that you wanted to coach like talked leading. And a moment on purpose compact and. Oh I think it's a very what I. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some sort of agreement Indian he had when he left you're welcome back some. I don't see it happen but I did so you're going you're going on the premise that. Brad Stevens is perfect for young players. Developing them teaching them the game. But once you get to the point where you've got a roster that's capable of winning a championship you have no trust in statements that we just and you can't go back you revert back to the it Doc Rivers. I think and I think it and I think Bratton will end up back in college. At a with a very good program have been met you I think I don't see him he opted stadium he expects. And all but I think in from what I've heard he really loves the NBA and did you really have an opportunity with the Indiana job opening up here. Any offseason rumors there wouldn't that have been the perfect thing if he said you know. Talking about time Mars because of Brad Brad Stephens he's already been here what four years. Yes. Thursdays and 45 years. 89 years or with existing twenty. I mean he's probably has Boehner the 456 years left out of a fresh air to probably move on there if you guys today for Ali it was today. Popovich in the end the young guy you think he's going to be so critical for the rest of his life the Bill Belichick and Mark Lewis is probably will move on NFL I would say to see the next 34 years. Just a circle back to to leave so I'll reduce tweets this out about the NFL's investigation basically came down of the fact that. His firearm was not illegally possessed. This is not some he didn't steal the galaxy while there are no allegations that the farm. With which you injured yourself on June 5 Torre sixteen was on unlawfully possessed under current. Texas law. It is critical that you understand that the decision to own a firearm brings with it the obligation to possess and maintain it responsibly safely and legally to. No really the LP can't import and without way your sense and that's all of a sudden because it is. A obviously in into the worst part is he showing us what does that mean for pat Lang the and the radio audience and robbed this race as the I think I don't think it's right adjectives yeah. All the body. We did everything. That's accurate but that's like sending a letter took got to go pull over do you lies in remembering to drink responsibly and yet. Okay yes you're right I was wrong you wrote a groom Newt right and yet. Great awesome yet dominate every responsible might puncher I have run the league can say whatever they want the the fact is that there are different standards for different it. They found out that was. In illegal firearm that would have made a huge difference. Amid that amaze me not a registered yes I eat a lot of deal would differ with Texas also that that would have been a difference. He would Texas would've wrap him up do you reliable way he really believes only the truth and is no I don't the important thing accidentally went off now our cars you do you want one N one bird watching at 2 o'clock in the morning athletes. And athletes yeah he was going on here don't know. OK we have one athlete I think they get hurt by light chase of their dog or they slip in the shower you ever believe them. A very never Rhonda married now runs a lot of little things how nobody is also adequately or market is naturally none of them probably I don't mean. Any other means either survive so said the commissioner. Watney so why did why did the commission to take Tom bradys were for he told them exactly what he did on what he didn't why did you take his work that's my job. News there's the little woman at a CIA secret that problem and that's see that's the problem now when you component and and some people's that is OUP insensitive once again about the Brady. But it will be consistent. Throughout the entire league when you then. When you Levy out punishment. You've got to be consistent as so when it's consistent were all gonna ride back to the Tom Brady. Because of Tom Brady did it then that probably was the appropriate penalty but they didn't have the evidence and yet. They don't need evidence in this case right and yet they're gonna take his word sport. They're taken to keep leaves. Bird related and they want to target is 2 o'clock in the morning and looks it doesn't native Lou Arnold fashion not cross street. Right. Probably bella and Edward we're gonna believe moments. No choice now no choice that's the thing it just did that make any sense of yes we're gonna constantly. Refer back make comparisons every single time somebody Spanish lines are down I start and day chart ago way back and dutifully usual bet it's never gonna d'alene bland and l.'s fall. That's immoral to jocks I like working. Is jocks as you can you. Can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. I beg you on. And Poland now. The New England Patriots visit the White House and sure we'll all do the same thing like stake to 53 man roster room and start figuring out who's gonna show up and who's not gonna show that will be doing that all I hope we don't. The Great Britain over those of us are pretty good show then everybody talking what would happen what happens to go and read time. These are does does does Zell even let him go that's the question. When you return home Anson. Some past new split up what is Ian Rapoport yup this tweet it we gulf. Patriots extend their restricted free agent offer sheet to bills running back Mike Gillis ridiculously. It's two years six point four million. Four million in the first year. I say goodbye Italy Europe or that's so that's an ability to match that side and I don't know hole where they are but is that it. Does it sound like that's the point where the bills just walk away from backup Brian backe got McCoy. Two years six point 44 million in the first year. Managers think that the patriots seem to do this. With teen was within the division specifically buffalo and Miami I like doing that guys they see an awful lot that they feel in Al. We'll see in an offer this guy we we we really believe in our system he can do something. But if you're Lagarde blunt and you're sitting on that Italy offer that they throughout that you what do you do now. Well this is a camp. But here's the thing if that if this if their. If they really want figure blunt. They were they make an offer Wi gear blocked signs the offer they want right. Mean it's it's not getting a lot of money you're getting veteran minimum to medium he he thought he looked at eight I don't I didn't get anything he looked at eighteen touchdowns of one study looking or what it meant to send Mike Gillis when you already gave. Three point 12. Birkhead Rex Burkhead. They're offering four million in year one it carelessly. Seoul what are they offered blog that nothing. Not from anything they're just waiting or would we see nothing shaking up it but it is not you're gonna you know offering him more that he offered Berkett biscuit. Would you or would you. Offer more. Not the most popular guys that mark is you're going to if you aborted sign you going are excited Birkhead he may have Ed Moses about Devlin signed him you've had James lights and told him I was gallon bowl then go. Yeah I'll give a fun but these backs. And you had now they want deals lease you've you've been waiting for jealously he's been on your radar so also you tell me that on the Garret blunt. Was like they know not opt out but found out money for me he knows. He knows what value is. But you're not fighting it you're saying you need federal minimum I'll stay on the team. He's gonna get is gonna get somewhere else he thought someone may give them like a hundred grand assigned but. Eighteen to read more on the plan. Eighteen touchdowns he's looking at it differently he thinks he's going to get a lot more money out there so he's waiting to problem is as every day goes by. You're losing that that that court you have to the New England Patriots and if you know what this signing. With this offer out there it's probably dump her in now right book they started at Buffalo Bills that the matchup summertime we know how much time they have. A week seven days I thought was sort it out. Those of you please point it twice refusal. And had a great game against projects we have less if it was put in doubt and at times so mean and Golan got as well up through so he's he's good but police block just wondered like you know. I thought bird atlas like a it was was an expensive Bolden. But we know he can run the ball low but won't be going back bald and you're like OK I don't get that. I don't start ghostly offer of four million and you want them to think and what. They're offering these two guys more than her off from the airport. While but once out it's wants to Lasik that's being launched right six point six ridiculously point six. Birkhead don't want citizens as we exit eighteen touchdowns he's gonna fall off that much in one year. I don't think that I'm out I'll leave that has anything to do with it I think it's more of deal's lead into the same thing yeah I think Lou they're looking at you and you don't have that many opportunity if it sounds like even as any more than are given blah. All are surely Arnold are at odds because you don't plug elected you offer me a million and a half we just got four again subject three point one pretty good eighteen touchdowns last. I don't younger. Age you keep hold on BT if you look at it appears out of his apartment ET touched. It's Tom Brady it's the receiving corps that it you would to a position where you can run the ball for two or three yards and you get credit for the touched. But did you really do that much to get them into the position for that touched on how much you're responsible for that does that it's a number that I think Belichick quotes that says. I can get your sleep well and what's a year ago was it for years was it they say they put yours on that term was it to two years six wonderful book for new ones. Element that's a lot near one at that 18 they'd like period they like that's that's a lot and only two years. That's. You don't think you can get you can't get two years out of he would he would be the huddle blunt he's he's gonna be your highest paid. It did bill Brown's attorneys team into Kentucky. The only number one and wanted Hans ms. long's status quarterback in the U wide receiver and tight end they're gonna be nothing but wanna don's giving according to me corner to new safety. Everybody else is just one and done. Linemen linebackers you name it offensive lineman whatever he just get a score and and it's just to bring ghostly for one year in any on next year Adobe and. Also you're paying him real premium at his peak earning potential. To get a guy like ilsley he's 26 years old just finished his fourth year in the league. I went to Florida what a surprise lows both both Florida teams and as those SEC. I like this guy just here at despite interesting that. I don't know I'm just just assuming that there road you know they gave Birkhead and the new give this guy Gillis league. Twice as much as they even offer the their loved one you yet enthusiastic I think I think you're right you more knowledge Iran. And I think they waited with a bonus structure. With a four million in the first year. To make the Buffalo Bills have to miss out on your right but yes it often remain a half Vietnam alum like 30 like four in the late no. And an eagle on give Berkett three point one to get this cute for you should nibbled on OK you know what enough so they give up. A policy give up a fifth round draft right for this yes fifth round via. Talk about nobody that does have you given away another pick as the Obama. Wasting our no we're not sitting there are by no we're not we're. We're better off sending people to Baltimore Washington capacity to weekend of the of the traffic and have a three picks. Regulated third at some point two held there will be no blinds that week. Zero around and thank god no draft. No no no Adobe yeah at league night in a drought for a we don't usually do it I don't know where it's only know of doing all the hours it was in Chicago Philly is Philly I'll approach it differently when doing so. Good we can really. We'd do the show from a billion there and they go to Washington more shall it's okay what we should go to we got track at all and only one day we found your reply but I don't. I thought that she reflected no way I look at my emotional life and didn't realize it. Enough for addicted stray. Legend he's diagnosing. So I don't so ghostly ends up getting on in the money on the that team that's an office. So much speed. I wonder from Atlanta very fast defense jumped on person thank you guys you guys remember very fast sideline to sideline extremely fast team. But if you don't get younger you get past that. Lee averaged five point seven yards per carry last year. Last year and in 2015. Is good now ego. New England Patriots it say what you are on the ceiling that's it I mean. Why would you read about it right now. Well the wait seem right I mean buffalo could match it needs to Iran and oh yeah I know you wait until of them the matching of this. But if you're giving this guy four million bucks in the first year illusion you're not you're not reaching out giving Garrett blunt. And guaranteed money in the first year art. Mean he turns it if he gets called back to buffalo. You don't turn around and on it's easier if you if you have a question and that's what we know already are actually on that as it has yet this guy committed. We got over and so suffering what you don't. Get. Separate show asked Paul I know we asked Paul you know addicted to get you know how much time does the buffalo have before they have to match or counselor what what's the deadlines on time. We like the whole article so so we senate seat he. He sends it to me anything do you use in check your phone I did that a whole exploration and that's old one as to how many how many can I do they have to Hollywood to figure this out I just tell me how many they have I don't know apart. He hit and it's it's gibberish it's it's. If it's a shorter time it's not like among big let's look at everything why I didn't get a look tonight at seven with a short of the net actually. If you already put up or she is not executed on or before the nineteenth. Players' negotiating rights of artists mostly to eagle claw I don't know. It out of the depending on what I energetic and utterly an area. Gentlemen quite brief hold on in the nineteenth. It looks like the nineteenth so and so may be the only guy maybe one day so maybe they do on the patriots waited until the last second. To jump on business with one day remaining. Put buffalo and a half. Financial position when they got to make a decision right. That would be sneaky while I'm like. All due to a new taxes yet and maybe there's a deadline volley knows that when the patriots signs mean as soon as years ago and offer sheet Pittsburgh at five decent F five days. Just look at the effectiveness. Thank you fight it's a main offenders off my sheets got it right. History reaches a level playing talent does yard at that high I'm John Ritter an urgent things they play a message thank Mike Modano predict AIG got a hot girlfriend that's all I can say because you will struggle on its behalf. I don't know a lot of people impressed with Paul of the debris and he's got to have something go wrong because the rest of the fact that you're kind of sell. Los Angeles and so what was it would've dirt in Eunice is really not much durst is Roemer regardless you know he didn't go. That anger that's the shock of oil you're also now just watch the Bruins game root for them to win and excited about you know the game and very depressed that they ended up losing the world or watch and cheer the way. I don't think you'd have to see him. Many all over chipped away over two Callahan. I don't know I don't I don't bullies are apparently not charity hockey game only that was happen. About did did Alex have another run arm wrestling thing which phenomenon which is weird you know. The fact that jet beat Alex to me is is the mystery how did that happen left on how to best. Biblical. They did it right at it it's not the right and and lefty so Alan you're telling me Alexander out really well let's begin to tell me that he's got the best body and it everybody would just. It's good as your body heat yeah Rafa or Alicia idling right now channel Hollywood we had about eight or shirt thought to prove Taliban be. And it every jurors are well my body is the best I got the best body. Maybe stronger than even I got the best buddy get a lot of radio facial we pull that harness the demographic is it gay men. At this station Al Davis omelet a case of who pulled from here that's not typical. It's like all know Callahan junior got a good body as a if you click or ugly and crickets. Lou look so yeah. So we hear it on its formidable opponents probably they're awful and from there out there on it and we're pretty there next year but yet. The point is jet. It has you know I also think it yet another outlook with cell talking about don't jet is no muscle tone and needs them down and twice. Fumble outside the right side they would ship when you look at and you think he's gonna he's about the feet about the thing he's gonna pass out yes me like there's pale and engaged yet he's. Being around it. Lately he's a college suitable for an agreed and we have never heal society so late that they thought nipple and more importantly would you're. Grow from thinking of of the coral there. Welcome Susan rusty putter is really nice and she's not real Smart then there's you want to know who knows what he would like hide internal auditors should anybody use it would be enrolled cryptic we yours you know place. Come jointly he sees that all by himself what it over with that is weird zone isolating him or got to talk to our other than Roemer. That it. And rear as dad. He was dead and two addresses and their feet field gates and his tweet. Pick up patriots and the any Amendola agreed to reduce contrary of you got a thing of core business and make six more details to come port and great guys they have they got some play. Talented receivers. The ridiculous. You bring amid a bold got a break and echoed those clubs there and he might be gone through what difference you bring the men and then you're paying them less money so. Can almost cut these guys you know homework let it. The company how many you have. I'm assuming he can't evidently we ever did everyone understands that brandy could choose to Mitchell Mitchell and old gentleman elements like pitching Amendola never have enough time. We don't need backs. Brian Johnson Kamal up. And you can never have enough I guess that is there is that there is going to be a launch and it's there's no way to keep all those guys on the roster we got a good and get out early running backs. It's a wide receivers. Included tight end that no not included nodded and that I didn't you know announcers. Always or usually their pro team got. Many of them are our off the team at times when we got a couple of announces. Who war also the team in the team is playing. Okay bought when they go to break. They wrecked the crap out of players. We got it for next experienced clay and. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way now back to more or waiver of Lumia Fauria watch Sports Radio. We can't do this this is pretty funny with quality of key commanders say extra 44. It'll still can't. I agree flame announcers are sitting there are saying all nice things about their players when they are live on TV on their. Including saying nice things about Doug he Hamilton so that they go to the break in Hamilton having a really tough game. And this is what they're saying as the microphones are still on. But the show care. Do you. So you probably know. Stupid isn't brain. You mr. flame you play America. At its no no news and it's. Actually thought. Those Calgary announced coordinate. Seriously who the vote of the real flame thrower Reyes and cookies that Doug lane of Calgary I think he's the engineer a real a real daddy announcer one is saying it. And I'm just you know I'm the one who stuck the claim that title on it like it's it happening. But it was that a Douglas who does this get out at the physically don't call amount I willed that he's at the Yankees opportunity talking to the color guy. I'm gonna Dudley is that gonna Gilani aired center elbit yet they'll be Dudley I think that they don't have a guy when he's fit. Becky can keep him off the air but but supposedly the one voice is not the play by play. Well no surprise with that he Hamels I hate saying but no surprise. I'd never thought it was stupid thought it was quite fun. I I didn't I never I never gave the thought that he was like that one of the not matching penalties. There I'm access ridiculous I get a hit they'll go on a macho man and about bullets in him like it's not just me it was it was literally every. Media person who was in the building watching the game. It was it was Eric for what was the refs may call him appeal has been accused of it. Incorrectly. In in some some of the publications out there he did not make the call Eric Berlet made the call. He screwed up. But as Bruce Cassidy said. They're night and apparently got a killer it was absolutely terrible call which you guys of the biggest for a bigger problem they have is their taxing their. As they're making a line changes there get caught up in tough predicament on especially with a guy like Eric Carlson. Who can pass our audience believe hassling as the only got the first colossus is that it humbled yet. He's so good in and I don't think I gave him credit now for a few years of his career because he wasn't this good the first few years. I said he was just an offensive player you know his defense to Pittsburgh he skates very would say it last night watching the game in the Peterson said he. The way he skates he reminds area Pol Pot. And ever stepped out to I'm gonna where he goes from zero to six win. But we'll talk some hockey needless to say well toxins Celtics as the afternoon goes on I got one right. But the New England Patriots on the I'll gloat about that as the afternoon goes along he finally got warmer I guess about time I can do is I like Cambodia Leslie picked to follow the bottom of. Did you go around one right. I've bush see you tomorrow at 10 AM they show a lot of okay I'll see hear be some people will be absent in Washington we use bullets and it's an alarm.

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