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OMF - It's not "courageous" to skip the White House visit, 4-18-17

Apr 18, 2017|

The Pats visit the White House tomorrow, and some players are being celebrated a little too much for skipping out on the trip because of their disdain for President Trump.

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Fort Wayne where Loney and fortieth. Christians aren't Sports Radio guy. All I'm after 6177797937. Samarra. Is the date that the New England Patriots. Will be honored at the White House and sell a guarantee that we're we're gonna be doing here tomorrow it's during our shift during during our chef grant are real life. Sure absolutely absolutely it'll ask what time it's it's the right 1115. I was gonna toss something like yeah okay when his minute talk. Alex yeah. Yeah Baltimore airports at you got my body I gonna be there they just going to Baltimore did do their radio show from some Booth in Washington usually when I don't go away from the White House and his fly home. Why are they going to members of the media say they're not going to get that close to the action it's not like they're going to be. Bright under afterwards do afterwards it was a lot of picture taking a lot of you know pat on the back today with the experience slide you know tales of well well how excited were you that's it yeah. And Miller around afterwards they put your butt on a bus and then to fly your ass back. OK but what are they going to do act ask questions here incur to. If it's unbelievable Mike comedian Michael hole. Interview grow older players aren't what happened during a subsidiary in my heart 15 game we get an ambulance with Spicer. Okay what are the Charles Fleischer he couldn't call and he could do for me. They're just flying down saying the right to do so what went on not Booth in Washington are they're showing that you don't wideout flying home they have credentials could go to the White House they know that you don't mind not enough penalties that they don't have credentials directly go to the YLA for the ceremony getting five times more content to bitch about not being advocate get there with guard erratic combinations and then we'll from the content of what would you just get Melissa McCarthy that. Spice to put our he's very. The only countries that it's the only thing that that it's worthwhile and comfort shows just simple they're doing Michael hole exit doubtful of the players entered what lol. I don't know marquee player I don't know we'll bring you don't do well written show on Rihanna I don't know I heard it it was really this is that there is actually happening. So the section in the complaining and that and that will always be in all's I gotta I gotta like the BWY Jose media and he did terrible jobs that'll thing that's real. Remember next three get a room and extended its about the company blowing money wasting money remember this trip. Is this is a complete waste of I've ever seen lightly just like Bradford. And that's why I mean good lord it's only some miles on is that I don't can harness all cruise Owens heads Wednesday. Kmart got gotten out of penalty always gallon. No stone is also quite Joey that's what's he like me don't they know there isn't anything else is only deal let's have a good time. Chili realizing just gonna scream at them about landing at Baltimore is there any delay easily have problems of the rental car that you always gonna hear. Here the whole thing to door to door sedan. Let's animal for. Two doors with no with no air with the weather though I don't from behind it felt so it's. Putt humans. Discount. Well all right so cherry blossoms and so we'll get a lot of content from the nets I guess current and so did is pretty good today. You had anointed as the Celtics now denied reports that the possibility that bridge doesn't show but that's tomorrow. There's legally possible. It's I mean everybody's life is so often that it's like I I don't know that I don't get the earlier who shows up yeah obviously I don't care why don't all of my only on personal touch on settlement watchdog showed he needs a lot I did rob. People called it courageous to be to some courageous is that the others don't agree were they getting. Applauded for us other crazies Corey to lose any crate is Chris Long is being traitors for not going Democrats he's courageous for not going I agree he's out there and are ones that there are expected courageous to golf because that's when you can be criticized. It's a courageous to a something and everybody agrees with. He got backing from most people which is you know you don't go to trump everybody just applaud you on Twitter at our donors are also I like they're the first guys that do this to not go to the white. House you know right away from the air and on because it was so I thought about before we won the game Hassan grows up and I believe the legacy of president. There is I don't wanna say damn why did you go when you knew the right thing was not that music these players here. The music for you and a view revenue these experiments you dated. Each and all of these things are out there goes on for like three I don't know your vote him. It goes right about the courageous part because I don't remember people saying that Tim Thomas was courageous they rip the crap out of town. So. You're courageous. If you agree with somebody's point of view that's all it comes down to. And I should just the same thing in the ten dumbest thing a bunch of Thomas I go because I have respect for of the office of the president of the United States. If you don't account. Don't go I am a lot of times I don't go all the time I know they lead the team they had on reason whatever so gonna go to the roll call tomorrow and that's going to be the big story tomorrow the Victoria's okay. Let's go to us. And it showed up a candidate did not attend a get out of that and then based on how you view. Politics right now what side of the aisle you are you war. You're gonna deem the one person discourages. Any other guys now that's what it comes down to ridiculous. And this is a photo op for the president it's a complete joke disperse it to spurs. I guess. Pro team pro championship team to go visit the White House and how lucky his battles buddies are there all the boys and there. But we're really keen I I don't you just here's the thing I hate us about the idea thought he would not the case not really quick about it OK we. You talk about it as far as a player or the president you don't want the press present to you don't want him out there aren't Easter Sunday rolling do a Lola. Like a roll right Medicaid's candy honest boon to you that we don't want it like Christian you know Robert Lawny editors Allen president and his Horry do. What we do with the with the with the presidency and right now we have more and deeper problems with what's going on Syria what's what's going on in North Korea but we have major problems. I think it's a waste of time but people love them because they think. He's like a normal guy on a normal guy. Obama wasn't a normal guy disguised appearance here enough I don't I will not playing golf three times a week and that's a hole that's another problem and a. I would say if it's gone do I care. Itself let's edit that professional championship teams are no longer going to visit the White House and have a whole little for a lot ceremony. You think anyone would really care. Now that no one would care nobody gets out earlier when it started back we had annoyed you with what the first. Professional football team our champion team in any sport to visit the White House officially like the president said hey. There's a great job or should look it up to a he says he hasn't. I outside its new center. What did you think the so and Benedict typical always thirteen minutes behind former President Clinton it's that this guy and I'm. The life. I don't have to listen I think it was probably nice food and you get the opportunity to to visit. OK I. Federal that sacramental team you've played with a minor league team they have a doubt yeah the what did you legitimately we revitalize you want to change jobs would dilute her accurately the unusually violent. Put a. Think from a president's standpoint there are more important things to be done and I know people say well you know he could fitted in. Well I'd rather have spent a little bit more time. With the real important things that we're dealing with every single day here as opposed to this flaw that's what it is it's itself off. At except for me it's just a waste the time and I always felt that about. These you know these Rose Garden ceremonies there are choke their all to make the president look like he is a normal guy. That's what it's all about but you enjoyed it right was a big deal for you. Yeah it and it trying to find out when it's called spirit they. Could address of sports he's visited the White House dates would would date you have at August 30 1864 and I had to volcanic nicely beaten to let me go. Don't say I never look at but it seemed pretty clear that it 1865. Your job and do Johnson. Brooklyn Atlantic's yet and the Washington Nationals amateur baseball clubs. And Ulysses S. Grant played host of professional baseball team leading a movement of Democrats on the hill right South America and its NATO Turkey go what I'm gonna go so well tomorrow. Guess they think Washington senators wake me up when you're at the Woodrow Wilson and if it's not a candidate at Boston Celtics. Well they go John F. Kennedy but Kennedy first president welcomed the NBA champions on both of them 93. They got political asylum and yet you can't go the way you never got to buy influence that we did you get a ring while before although he's done now you deny that he didn't want they don't give announces or shut most of the govern while we get a read it never gave rings away. Two and now everybody gets do you think that's why she baked chicken products can keep the real quick about I think about it so I just. It doesn't see the rings because guys did and don't get to see that ring I did that was insane attributes and what do you Wear that. I don't know I'm all for the championship race but can you. Guys for us in Asia and awareness continued casualties your bag now whether it was and I eat awful don't bad knee can't give me something. Who cares the player should care who saw raucous while it doesn't look at things you don't give me a favor. First cut out first president first president to invite any women's college team or the WNBA and look at. Gets.

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