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K&C – Patrice Jones Interview 4-18-17

Apr 18, 2017|

Patrice Jones joins Kirk, Gerry and Trenni to talk about the video shared by Devin McCourty and Chris Long.

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I guess at some of the videos music for him here to video lecture or. I couldn't use them face. Strange choices yet. It's Chris Long recording of the patriots fans talking trump. They came out I think what you end of last week right Patrice Jones of VP of global creative pierce and put it together. A he's a brother Beaumont regionals get along with that well people see if we get along well better Patrice to restore possibly the month. On the TTO like Patrice how're you this morning. I'm good I'm good. Hope images along ordered by. Quality well I mean I think the the video as well done you do good job putting it together I don't believe those are real patriot fans nor will I believe. That that the patriots Chris Long and and have McCord of being brave. Let's skip and a White House to really believe they're the brave Patrice. I think so. A big 81 standing up for what they believe they get people have the opposite point because everybody wants to go out. And say that they are not braver that there are not being patriotic and put themselves out there were their viewpoint that also was buried his putting. You're in New York police out. Toward valuation somewhere there's not hear an echo chamber to immediate but there. But this is that is coach what do you say what what was the brain power you. Wouldn't say don't would you say that this the safe take it to the social media world. Is to denounce trump and knock on me you're gonna get a lot of toward applause and at a boys do that you'd agree that. I know if you don't meet one of the reasons that I don't have YouTube comets or it is because their kids in the studio. They're headed your way through YouTube comments. Response on the right is all. Also really personal and really fierce air about him a subject people to so I don't think it's that at a boy and other normally start. Going to turn. So you think you're thinking the media also in general is more. A pro trumpet at each other terms of media responses video. I don't think the immediate response was to point of the video that pointed the video was to get it out there to always have people speak about these ideas to media response did you stay it was somewhat unexpected. But that wasn't the point talk about it if I'm gonna comment on what the media travel consumer and media. To tell you what do over a lot of people go to the media that they like I don't watch Fox News right so I don't know what's going on there I don't you don't sources. Start to release speak to that is where the media. So how did you how did you get these how did you get for getting the accordion and long for sec how did you get the common people who. A portrait of patriots fans how did you get them involved. I started. Sort of interesting we are initially had a bigger news the players are just wanted to try to five. Patriots fans who oppose front and because I figure there's got to be some guard division is if you think about the political bent of Massachusetts. Didn't have everything meridor on with the patriots have Richard Spencer and all that stuff there's been brilliant and craft boats. Plus started with it would in my social media and we had a crisis you know argue the patriots fans debacle distraught. Right we got responses back to their people weren't you know the term of curious about what we're doing and I had a focus group jemaah missile understated I have for Atlanta and under the New York. There was a time. Slower up until about halfway to third quarter where I talked about this riddle when I had this feeling of dread. The supplement have to go to the White House is right and get ethnic about. Thank you very much Tom Brady. And what it ended up happening at the start to see employers drop out and output while there's you know maybe as an opportunity. To try to get that story out there they get more players not to go. I have to focus group lift people that I knew at Boston and they were like that is not what we want to see here in Boston. We we thought about telling people what to believe he told people what to think. Blood they were dealt with something that's supported the players who are going to hold free speech speech angles that we know what they believe it. So that's what the police started to. I'd and you ask for patriot fans how did they prove them patriot fans. So do you believe we do believe the guy who told you he stopped watching the Super Bowl in the middle of the game because he doesn't like trump. I know this guy and he didn't say he's stopped watching the militant comedian like totally stopped watching him Miller again could he couldn't take. The agony of what you thought was the pictures didn't beat down that's what that was about to have nothing to do which. So you believe everyone told you their patriots fans. Yes nuclear welcome Toby very rigid or some other metric by which you determine whether people a sense. No but I think there's a lot of phonies we've talked to we talked about it a lot funny yeah I trees British Al works on the ticket you can ask you can ask a fan you know what what was your team grown up what were your fan of his basketball falcons special hawks and Al Gonzales stuff. So I ask you about you know Eddie Johnson and Dominique Wilkens and Kevin Willis and those guys you would no doubt you have specific moments I was talking right. So I think if you have the patriots fan who was you know our age. The US in two or three questions you know right away that I was real fan right. That's I mean it's by the gets were saying it was back process that exists. Well if you are asking people whether or not you're stand before you tell them what it's all that I don't have any reason to you in a tightly scrutinized so yeah this what I do know. Is that these people were very credible we spent time in this gym talking to them there's some dispute. IQ are you going to do this some kind of orchestrated poverty and peace is not always you can live in Boston College people. Are McCain's aboard because they work. Pages that are self identified as patients or we can put words in anybody's well. So in terms of I mean what what do they don't Brandon survey to determine. You know addiction peoples and that belt but I don't I don't think that's duty officer critique of the east has put out there to tell a particular story. What is your what you know measure of a digital growing up did you know like. Dale Murphy's politics he bucked house key did you know and Kevin Willis where they all stood politically it didn't matter to you. Noted there is now. It matters now we're Steve part 'cause he stands politically. It matters it matters politics mattered now because we have a very different time than we've ever been in in my life to about sixty years old this year. This is duke most I think significant. Tentative in politics. Do that I have ever witnessed thousands the department. But you don't like you know like the guy in the White House. In you like Alaska so you think this is different but if you. Didn't like it if you didn't like Obama then. It's not different meaning that I. The equipment. Possibly the wolf Obama note this equipment are both very polarizing political figures who were occupied the White House. You didn't know that today yes they are both polarizing what you can do polarize it is not in each equally distributed phenomenon. Right. So all I can be a bad guy if I can. Psychopath and a message to the cycle pair of sandals are degrees of the same category and not to say. So polarizing. Does not mean the same thing and one error as. As polarizing the very generous. And so more you don't been dying to care. Do you think he's crass and crude I assume right T and let me guess let me guess he voted for. When Clinton ran against bush can just guess. That B William William Jefferson Clinton correct. Sorry yeah but you don't like the crude crass guy in the White House now. I don't like the guy who's advocating policies like this not only in the EPA outdated. Correctness is not the issue certainly. Well it is to some of your subjects in new video you would agree with that. Did I ask people what they cared about are they not tell them what to say if we were talking about my views you guys are deemed to be heated. I told this story that the fans wanted to tell I cannot tell this story out of my mind. How quiz clean water relevant to whether you go to the White House or not. If you believe the clean water is important and you've got someone that wasn't just velvet ETA an impact and not help people make plans. Then going to the White House and endorsing cordon to not taken an opportunity to play this person is very. This guy to columnists are detrimental. Yet that's the core Patricia it's accord disagreement we have is I decided over try to be there I don't like a we're going tomorrow with the show we're going for it to do what is the patriots on Wednesday. If I were right Chris long now that passion about clean water. You might have thirty seconds or sixty seconds or given the Bob crash in order may get a couple minutes actually talked to Donald Trump. About clean water to me that's more valuable than than a video on YouTube might be wrong but that's how I would look at it. So Chris Wallace didn't do a video on YouTube it looked talked and talked. Chris Long misspoke there endeavor but also welcomed a candidate. Doesn't darkest before it's addictive they glorify poster there is no opportunities that I. Would you agree that the good relation relations the owner has worked with the president is different than maybe before. So this is an into the parlor like I've done very good point she's got to cut me off. I think we've arrived yes I did little to QB. Dude you don't think you've got to make two points you've made plenty of points here a lot hospice nuggets so I'll tell us what our thoughts are now upon us this that. Your brother won't come all of us and I'm sure seems like your funny with him. Maybe you can explain to us is history of racism in Boston's label boss me racist city would experience is the as he had to come that conclusion can you answer that for him. Atlanta or you can but he insisted we will see we don't look on the shelf. Bit on my gonna have to sort of has had experience is. Opened to the mesquite. Do I'm not include my brother here I'm talking about Judea. It was done ten minutes of the video now mask your Brothers are well known personally by the way help get Chris Long on the video correct. So that I'd just ask you he skis label boss the entire city race less to do agree with that assessment. I don't think Boston is more racist than the others city in the northeast. But it's more racist than Atlanta. No. More racist than LA or Chicago or Spokane or or Corpus Christi. Listen racism permeates our entire society it exist. And in different amount or are different levels. We didn't see these within neighborhood if their races in the Boston yes there's there's racism in Birmingham yeses or racism in New York yes. Is there any objective measures detail which you are racist what I do know is that Boston suffers from. A history. Oh of racism and then in the northeast and that legacy is going to follow you until you do something significant. To change that and notable and there's the whole discussion of the food. Whether racism as Aston. Seems to happen and after an absence of any watershed event right. I get I think a lot like. Like the racism conversation around here starts again when guys that your brother no other ESP of people. Big blanket statements of Boston's most racist city in America with nothing to back it up. I mean you agree that's a hell of an accusation to make to say they they they cheer for this guy because he's white major this guy because he's black. That's a pretty big statement when you say. I have never my Brothers say that without measles. You're reading now I'm here and you reading into that making your conclusion and asking me to address or conclusion that is that is what he has set. It is and we can play and where you want. What. Dreaded RR produces billions we guys filling Iran has a dummy Patrice was go in bill. Well that's not that's not the statement that you know this whole thing that's part of it. Jesus Christ Patrice it's it's tough to get help you know. Yeah hey do you think if a guy doesn't like trump when the patriots doesn't like trump and goes to the White House they've you have a problem with that do you now. I mean a thing. It's a formal protest right if you feel strongly enough commuting dad as a way you want to make it known that you do that if you go out there and you get appointed to shop and you. Rocket don't talk to mr. Daschle waited protests. That you're you're going to look away from whatever you decided to Portugal to protest the. Or what if you just view it as not a political event just that team and I think that you know celebrates the team. Tell us why this is the thing about it everyone has the right. To express their opinion in the way of their position and awaited those ideas and don't look to the White House. That's one thing if you don't want to do what he does slide to but I don't think there's a reason. To have a problem with people decide not ago. Our Richard Hoosier brother talked about Gordon Hayward died out about Gordon Hayward the Celtics seem like a destination for him. Because you know prestige has coached at Butler Gordon Hayward you know coast above that. And our ops day news I assume that the idiocy that you'll blows down let you could the media until need a reason why we had in his Diem compensation. Larry have a relationship these from the it was OJ as a it is as though it's not about he would as light up that that that's that's why the people in the crowd clapping. Though it and dole. Why Gordon every gives those glad involves the. There it is yeah. Doesn't talk that way at Thanksgiving dinner. We talked earlier here you don't you don't know it's fine distinction sang. Yeah details grammys because what. So he's saying that the Boston fans cheer for Gordon Hayward because he's white which of course is ludicrous but I guess do you agree with us. Now it is well it's very. Close at all there the difference between having your at a city for a certain players. And put this board meeting very do you have something against other players. So I do think that Boston has a legacy of having. Really good. White players right and that becomes part of the identity of the team that doesn't mean that they don't like by clear and well I was going to be lovely poppy right there's all kinds would be above. Black players in Boston. But Boston also has. A history of having. Used to like Arab public out of the box white players and places where you are mine and expect to see quite clear like the receiving corps for the patriots it doesn't mean their bosses the racist city. It doesn't mean that they like people fast like guys are actually not little best of what you think about it is that these guys you know close to schedule the bat and quick and bigger than you think periodic cavity captains and small. But it doesn't mean the derby they give one army black people if you. Like white people right you can like everybody. I guess that's not why they were cheered formats not what your brother say you say you know and I know wider cheered and. You wanna talk about what he's saying talked to him. Again he's too big of a close to come on the show like give you credit you are not to be blocked the entire state ready tire region doing what I like you I don't like him. Put it if you get educated you kept talking about not a proxy. For him. Okay pleased to answer questions we appreciate the the video to become and you it's all over the place now it's the tree showed he. The vehicle created appears to that we did the videos own self pipe self finance side project with Chris Long with the recording came on and talk to us which we appreciate. We'll talk to hopefully get some temperatures we do appreciate it takes time out to talk Tuesday. All right thanks a lot trees.

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