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Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Dan (Greenie) Greenberg - (On the Celtics) STEP AWAY from the panic button 4-17-17

Apr 18, 2017|

It hasn't been the greatest two days for teams playing at the Garden. Dan Greenberg (Barstoolsports.com) joins the show to talk Celtics fans off the ledge. And if the C's can't get out of the first round, is it time to start asking some tough questions about Brad Stevens?

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EI Sports Radio. 93 point seven FM. Sports Radio W. Fourth and final hour of late night here Gilroy. And for our hand. Still the plenty of time your phone calls six point 777979837. Takes the program at 37. 937 find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy. On roofs and you know it's one of these shows one of these nights here in the city where it's tough. Because you can feel you could feel the building at the garden. To sort of the late. After what happened to the Bruins and it was deflation but it was angry deflation because of the manner in which the Bruins lost the game. They worked their ass off come all the way back tie up the game three three goals apiece force overtime and then to have. Essentially the decision to deciding factor taken out of their hands there's nothing worse in professional sports then. A refereed at an official stepping in and did making essentially the largest player of the game those balls were deflated. We've said it you know time and time again whether it's the NHL the NFL the NBA doesn't matter. The best performances for officials forever reasons when you don't know their name is when you don't notice their performance on the court. On the ice on the field. And unfortunately for the Bruins tonight. That was not the case of the Bruins find themselves in it two to one series deficit. Going into a critical game for coming up Wednesday. The other team that shares the building of course is the Celtics. And they will find themselves on the wrong side of zero to one deficit looking to tie things up tomorrow night or later on tonight. As the Chicago Bulls come back to Boston. Ed and look the Celtics. It took them 82 games. 82. Games to earn home court advantage. Throughout the playoffs. And they managed to give up home court advantage in round one of the playoffs in just one single game. And for a team like the Celtics that is relatively young a team lighten the Celtics that doesn't have that playoff pedigree that I. Championship team like Cleveland has or even that the playoff pedigree that a team like Chicago has with a Dwyane Wade to lean on. With a Rajon Rondo Selena. And Jimmy Butler who's been there the last three or four years Selena. The Celtics don't have guys like that their best player. In Isaiah Thomas failed to make the playoffs until he got the Boston got swept out of the playoffs his first season here against Cleveland. And was wildly disappointing. In last year's playoff series. Against the Atlanta Hawks you couple that with the fact that I and is now carrying this incredibly heavy burden. On the shoulders. With the death of his. Baby sister shoot just 22 years old. And it's almost. In unfair ask if you're asking Isiah Thomas to save the day for the Celtics but the Celtics find themselves in this. In this deficit and look they can ill afford to go down. Two games in this Ceres and cough up both games at home so for the Bruins. And the Celtics their next time at the garden becomes must win time at the garden and that's a big ask for both of these teams for different reasons. The Bruins continuing to battle the injury bug the bruins' leading on HL players collegiate players guys that really have no business. Sharing the floor. Sharing the ice in an NHL playoff game are going to be asked to perform step up. And play well beyond their years of the Bruins intend on time this thing up on Wednesday night and frankly I think they will. And I I save that. Because if I've learned one thing about this Bruins he over the last few months under Cassidy. Is that this team has got balls and I'm not sure they had those seam balls. I under close Julian this year they did it years past. But this year they look soft and did disinterested at times. But under capacity everything has changed and I believe he will have his team ready. To perform and perform at a big way on Wednesday night because I think everybody knows that. Look they may not be a championship team they may not be a team that's got a legitimate shot at the Stanley Cup but they're a team that fully expected to put themselves in a position. To at least win a round and compete in round two. And in that manner in and that way I truly believe that the Celtics in the Bruins sort of have similar expectations for themselves in the playoffs here. It'll be wildly disappointing to have both teams both winter teams bow out in round one I just. I think we all expect that a lot more from both of our winter teams here the Celtics give themselves an opportunity. Tomorrow night. Look I think that they'll find a way to win this game tomorrow night but they're gonna have to change some things will get into what they have to change with Dan Greenburg from Bartel sports he'll be coming up. It just a few minutes on the program because. Yeah we talked as Paul Walker. We talked about the rebounding issue that the Celtics out. And it wants a look it's too late in the season for the Celtics to sort of reinvent the wheel so what do they do. But what they do at this point they continue to let Robin Lopez. Destroy them in the post and in the paint. And they continued to allowed 232. Chance opportunities. Like the dating game one because that is not a recipe for success. In the playoffs it's just not. He's a player fears whether you think the bulls should be there or not at 500 whether you think the Celtics are that much better than the bulls are not is irrelevant. The top sixteen teams in the NBA find themselves in the playoffs. And you cannot allow any one of these teams to dramatically beat you in any category it any statistical category let alone. Probably the second most it is important to have a category. In the league and that's rebounding and second chance opportunities of the Celtics by themselves in a typical situation but a situation that I think they'll find a way to overcome it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Gilroy in for our camp which team. Is in more trouble I guess that's what I wanna know from you guys at 6177797937. Dex the program at 37937. Find me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy on hoops because I think both of our winter teams here guys are a bit of trouble I think both of our winter teams. Find themselves eat it up unfortunate situation but the reality is this. They're both facing must win situations coming up in the next 24 to 48 hours at the TD garden and if you're a fan of going to the garden and being. Sorted in an electric atmosphere that place is going to be absolutely teamed up for both of these teams. The garden is going to be electric wheel covered all here in Sports Radio WEEI in WEEI. Dot com but all that being said. I think that the Celtics have got to. A much more realistic. Chance and opportunity here to even things up and then to go on the road in winning game in Chicago the fact is this the Celtics were the number one seed. They did have higher expectations. Just by definition of being the number one seed and the Bruins. You know that they do and whether you believe that they are true number one seed at this point in the season is irrelevant because they are where they are. But to that point. If the Celtics aren't able to dig themselves out of this hole it at the Celtics do disappoint and lose in the first round again. We got to ask some really tough questions around here we've got to ask some uncomfortable questions. Around here when it comes to Brad Stevens and I feel like. Whether on doing the show here. Or doing the show up on one of the other stations that I work at or is it that the part of the writing that I do one line is it's almost taboo. The bring up Brad Stevens and a negative manner people get very defensive. When it comes to questioning the almighty Brad Stevens and I get it he's a very good coach. I mean right now if you took a poll across the NBA. Other general managers consider this guy a top three top five coach at worst and as a matter of fact if you took that same poll. Most general managers would tell you that if they had the opportunity to get rid of their coach and insert Brad Stevens they certainly would. That's how high his stock has risen over the years here he is probably the Celtics single most coveted access. And as the team with two future picks from the god awful Brooklyn nets. And a guy and Isiah Thomas who gives you thirty points tonight and only make seven and a half million dollars a year to meet Brad Stevens without question. Is the Celtics single most valuable asset across the NBA. That being said if the Celtics don't find a way to win this Ceres it is time for Brad Stevens take a good look at themselves. Because if he allows himself to get out coached. Outmaneuvered. I guy lake Fred Kornberg we got a problem here CC last year it was OK because last year. Mike Wooten holds her coach circles around young Brad Stevens and who holds or is why I'll be thought of around the NBA is one of the best coaches in the league become from the Popovic coaching tree. I think we can all accept that chuck it up as a learning experience for Brad Stevens. But if the Celtics don't manage to find a way to win this series I think that. You know I at least I will take some time to call out Brad now in no way shape or form. Do I think Brad job will be in jeopardy because if he ever got fired. Frankly if you look somebody would pounce although you are an hour long know some real console Olbermann a heartbeat erratic that they had to say you know. If he loses this series right now. He is. Two in ten in its twelfth playoff game and that's a problem. Nobody expected the team from two years ago to you know beat Cleveland. But maybe win a game and Lester against Atlanta. And the Celtics dealt with the injuries but the fact the is. That series only went six Celtics picked up two wins and now they've lost again as the number one seed at what point does this. Is it more than just situational and it's become a trend. Well this series last year with him and they were relying on Evan Turner's deep shooting team carried him through the first round and if that's how you think you're gonna win. Sorry you're not going to had any success Alec Evan Turner did a lot for the team deep shooting was not one of his strengths now. What you do is it about Brad Stevens is interstate as far as. The issues he had going up against might blown calls or who like unity comes from the Gregg Popovich tree he's learned a lot. He added that there was a 61 wing team two seasons ago. I think we're gonna find out. Right away. If Brad Stevens is capable of doing this world will know within the first two minutes well within the first two possessions. If we see the same things that. Killed the Celtics early on. If we see one guy putting up audio Ramo rising interest going over the top of Amir Johnson. Were we all know right away if if these adjustments have been made if they're ready to. It's fair. Did the critics if they're ready to finally grow up in who bought. But they're gonna be lasting effects. Regardless what happens in the series they're going to be lasting effects for the Celtics that it that are so reverberate. Throughout the the offseason here whether it's the finally the questioning of Brad Stevens. Or Isaiah Thomas now look Isiah Thomas. VP candidate. Let's remove the story line of his sister out of the conversation just for a moment. Because going into this series I think look this was his future here in Boston came down to this series and I don't think that that's an overstatement. There is a certain segment of fans and I am one of them. That believes that the Celtics should absolutely give this guy Max money because the evidence is tangible it. The most important statistic in all sports is the winds category 145. Games with out Isiah Thomas the Celtics won at 833%. Clip. 125. Games we did Isiah Thomas. They want it nearly 67%. Clip. What I'd product you're not gonna have to wait. For that result of the series to now if this team is is real if they are legitimate number one seed but what about his future that's the thing here if the Celtics cut out of the first round nights he was able to overcome the problems that he had in the last couple playoff series I think that that's the final question about Isiah Thomas. In people's willingness or unwillingness to give Isiah Thomas the Max money he's asking for. Right so if the Celtics are able to go out there and win this series I think it answers so many of those questions and shuts up so many of those critics. But if they. Sort of go out there and they fail and they flop and they and unable to get out of the first round will now you're bringing back Isaiah Thomas. He really bring them back because the expectations again are gonna be for this team to go to the playoffs and win games and neighboring back Brad Stevens. So your leadership of Brad Stevens and Isiah Thomas have been wildly. Sort of underwhelming in the playoffs and now you give Isiah Thomas Max contract extension now you give this guy the money that he's looking for what he can't win playoff games. As opposed to hit the Celtics cut out of the first round with Isiah as their best player they competed hard round to. I think. It's a lot easier to justify giving him the money that he's looking for win at least a small taste. Oh playoff success it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Gilroy and for our candidate to join us here 617779. Is 7937. Next the program at 37937. Coming up on the program we will have Dan Greenberg from our school sports. You'll help us sort of figure out what's going on which this Celtics team expectations. For Isiah Thomas. In game two look Brad Stevens Carty came out announced today that IT will play in game two and then he will fly home to his family. You gotta wonder how all of this is affecting Isaiah his psyche that team they're psyche. In what is coming up to be the most critical be most important team. In Isaiah thomas' Celtic career comes up. This evening right here. In Boston at the guarded and I don't think that's an overstatement so discount notes due this thing in my opinion is just about done at Sports Radio. WEEI. I Sports Radio. 93 point seven FM. Sports Radio led W ya. Patrick Gilroy hanging out you guys until 2 AM. Sitting in the act Christian art handed chaired this evening governor join us here on the program 617. 779 is seven and 937 it takes the program at 37. 937 find me on Twitter at Gilroy. On hoops at Gilroy. On who've been talking quite a bit about our weaker teams here. This evening is both of paddy a difficult time in the last 2436. Hours or so. Of course the Bruins losing a heartbreaker at the garden tonight in overtime. In controversial. A fashion. And the Celtics overcoming. A lot of odds and adversity themselves. With the death of Isiah thomas' sister. Suddenly on Saturday and IT coming back and playing and playing. Incredibly well giving the celtics' thirty plus points and doing everything that he could possibly to. To sort of pushed the Celtics over the top. And give them a true opportunity to win game one the Celtics failed to do so they lose to Chicago 106. 2102. In here to talk us off the ledge. My good friend and Dan Greenburg from bar stools sports daily got to help me out airmen that game one really I did a number on me. Yeah how to survive you know take a deep breath this one game. A lot of there there issues can be a threat than say though I'll put that away would hit that button right. So I will say this though you said that most of there issues can be addressed but. To meet the one big glaring issue hasn't changed when we talked back in October and we're talking here now in mid April. The Celtics have been a terrible rebounding team for the majority of the season. And that the bulls really expose the Celtics once again. On the glass last night it it wasn't even close I mean look they out rebound the Celtics 53 to 3620 on the offensive glass. And if so please give up 232. Chance points so how do you fix that Dan. Well that but not a complicated. Thing because. That threat the number doubt that say that the horrible. Grounding strap. The biggest problem is they picked the worst time to have their lowest he sent the regarding rate of their tired even though. When I if they do you have any regret to get better route that that they agree slightly below average and that should be interpreted. Because of that that they were that is by war so. If you can go from horrific I'm glad you you know kind of sort arrow it's a compact. Now you're right I and I look I think it was just watching Robin Lopez look like an all star that really did me in a Robinson good players good role player Ernie he's got a number on the Celtics but. Ledee the Celtics fought so hard Dan to get home court advantage throughout the playoffs it literally came down to the last game of the season. And in one game you lose that in round one so so here the Celtics are I consider. Game two a must win game if you put out 02 heading back to Chicago I don't see this team coming back from that sort of deficit do you. Yeah I mean at the top but you don't want you never wanted to drop hurt you at all but certainly. Not number one it however would you admit he that this implies. What makes. Would give me a little blip level comfort is bigger than that different from the pulpit through being over the court and very few games we see them lose games they. We hear them have. You know sub par effort from the glad that ultimately cut them. But what we've also seen as they come right back in this sort of right that wrong today there's been a bite you on the scene that. Didn't have me lose the streets during the year I think. Oh. They need to wake of cargo worthwhile in this may have been written it was terrible looking at that they could win it right there by. For me there's just sort of how they're either has been all year though it's more of Arctic or an. It's Sports Radio WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy and for Christian arc and on the phone with us right now Dan Greenburg. From a bar stools sports dot com he finds him act a stool greedy he is truly the one and only leader of the Isiah Thomas fan club you had to be proud of what you're you man Isiah did overcoming just the the worst of circumstances. To step up and give the Celtics exactly what they needed and expected from him. Offensively Dan in game one but I ask you this. You can sort of understand that that may be a lot of that was adrenaline and emotion getting in through that game but. Look he lost his sister suddenly in that car accident do you worry at all that. Hey you know the time has gone by in between game one in games two difficulty sleeping all of the outside factors that go into. Planning a funeral dealing with the family still be shock of the of the loss. You worry at all that that if you don't get the best of Isaiah in game two that could really do a number on the celtics' chances here to win this game. You got greens are firm real thorough you know human like you or did I don't think we retained the right track as well he has. Play adapters that the work part about sort of the whole thing is you don't hear years ago. About who go to the biggest period of his life and he's a hate that you have to worry about that and do their music you know how risky it is. Take argued that they have Marines in you don't agree critical battle product that. Combo when it comes to basketball I mean he can continue to do you can't argue there and acting premier that the leading art is. Are sort of banking on the fact that. What we've got to have this sudden drop off and when you take all the off the court stuff out of it duplicate how he played. Pull a bat or their point it's impossible not be happy. Does that hurt. Ordinances partner in the fourth quarter I mean that was edited comments that we saw a year and really carried the team you know to equivalency. A lot has been said though Dan about Al Horford all season long he's been. He. I think he's had a very good year statistically he's right on par with where what he's always been last night he gives the Celtics. In nineteen points. Eight assists seven rebounds very close with triple double. But the naysayers once again have an opportunity to to really pile on because he was. Nowhere to be found in the fourth quarter specifically the closing moments. Over the fourth quarter is that. Sort of a product of the bulls defense of attention being focused on Al or the Celtics truly using now. As a point forward trying to find opportunities for Jae Crowder fertility clinic for Avery Bradley at forest teammates. More but I think it's a little hard the day he disappeared I think people are on that Orson mean. It took four hot recorder which is economic he made tool called. You know the biggest thing that they've looked in that hey you need to one rebounds. That's kind of trade he played a whole twelve minute quarter without the accord in which the ball of that happening out front but not like. They were killing him and corporate what in the I think that in the time you know I've ever gotten the focus you know you had twelve points for the most shot. And I think everyone while Bradley remind everybody hey. On the ball two dollars and how without the ball and moved to the basket helped argue concluded that the others often looked fantastic. It is moments where it used to it too late in the fourth quarter. I mean how great effort they've I'm so excited though. They do we do a good job of working together and make her more pass the ball quite. Block that guy is going to be the guy whose pocket and take the mug shot and I think that knows them knock on Allen he's our money aren't like that that everybody up and. So last night the Celtics are able to get nineteen points from Al Horford fourteen points from Avery Bradley 33 points from IT and then there's a sort of a big drop off here so I. He got Jae Crowder Jalen brown Kelly Elaine neck Jonas Jerebko these guys are all rotation players it will get a shot out there to help contribute. For the Celtics but would brat threw Gerald Green out there you knew that he was really searching. For some offense and we understand it's a crowd last year struggled the playoffs because he was injured was essentially playing on one leg. But Jae Crowder seemingly healthy place 31 minutes gives you nine point. On four of twelve from the field and one of five from three to meet. He was the guy that disappointed me the most in last night's game. What in the Celtics do to sort of involve. Yes and at midnight it was mixed because he struggled you know from behind the arc and from the outside but I. You had a good level of success when he put your head down and caught the long run and attack the basket though. Sure sure game throughout the day and if you look at the bat it had to move without the ball gets if you. You know go back confident because of the bag with a player like it'd. The other night which is obviously our worst case scenario we can't afford to not have all five starters. Sort of play how they've been all season sort of beat Akron. Help right there. If one of them falter and nobody on the bench you don't tell your Olympic market that would occur we're gonna do that or they did that's where their disputes in pressing into this trouble. Dead before you Johnny geared to sort of one more question a bigger picture that the question. You and I've come back and forth all season long we're both firmly in the camp that you extend Isaiah you make him a focal point of this team. For the next 345 years you give him the money that he has earned and the money that he deserves there's a certain segment of fans that has been reluctant to go all Lian. Without Isaiah Thomas B if the Celtics. Don't get out of the first round of this year's playoffs as a number one seed. And they allow Chicago had to be the sixth team in the history of the NBA to be an eight seed that beats a one seed. Do you think that's gonna lasting effect when it comes to the Celtics and their decision to extend Isiah Thomas and make him a franchise player. Are you out of the house ways if he has. Every game that there it looked like it'd the other night and if they'll lose that you have no impact whatsoever. On on their think if he can help you win you know I've always been of the camp got a like or bird. They don't have to be seen team but they certainly can be AP's right so. At every single what you want in this city from our superstar athlete or coach you guys. So a guy who has done more to room that you work investment and work the money that that comment I mean you. Look to avoid giving you. Read perhaps either to would have received them you look at the level that it compute when the worst thing of all I'm happy to percolate. He comes out and grind through because he served about that he cares about seeing because of the print I mean. What more we need to fear the band too to want that be part of your to move forward it's not that I don't know what. So you still sound somewhat optimistic you still picking the Celtics I assume in game two when are you still pick picking them to win the series. Yeah I mean I've always I had been sick so I didn't aid that the net that they'd have to win twice on the road. Not that they have to hit it gives me comfort knowing they had you know they're tied for the most road win millions. I don't see why they can't win two I think different sort of the wake up call they need that video games to get some momentum and Chicago and take from that. Dan Greenburg from Parcells sports we appreciate it meant they sustainably with a us. Are we don't take it easy this thing Greenberg find him at stool greedy writing daily on Parcells sports dot com covering Isiah Thomas. And your Boston Celtics it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Gilroy in for Artie and still time to join us here in the program at 617779. To seven at 937. Guy's sports ring. 93 point seven FM where. The Sports Radio. W the ideal. Move. Final segment here is three hours went by in an absolute link and you wanna thank Antoine Walker. It pretty hard for joining the program. This evening helping talk Celtics fans off the ledge at least dead. LB dot bands play. At one picking chief Apatow. And you know that he he played the majority of history here this is where the most of his fans he couldn't of played in the band as ways to Chicago to Chicago to win the series and hard but. Six maybe seven games but it's one has got Chicago. Winning this thing I'm still pointing to a it's got to be some sort of an. John Rundle melt down. I just think a lot of the national hockey faces loves the idea of an eight seed upsetting a one seed. And making those same people believe that the Celtics aren't a legitimate one seed which you can make that argument absolutely how you lead and ended their season. I use lethal little short sided. With how old Celtics of failure and the balls in play earlier I mean. Fred Kornberg it's a lot of crap. Other than Vinny Del Negro as their band on a more unpopular coach in that area in the last day. And though he's the guy he's the guy is shocking that he made is weight through this season was able to keep. His job but I will say this and I don't think that it's an overstatement I don't think that it's an overreaction. If the Celtics to win this series and they compete hard in round two and bow out of six or seven games. There is certainly an argument be made. That this team is worth building around Isiah Thomas is worth building around. Aide adding talent to this team be called Georgia Jimmy Butler is certainly worth. Doing it because this team you would think that continues its upward trajectory however. If they blow these Ceres as a one seed and they're not able to overcome this this little deficit entering. I think that. But this segment of fans. That says you know what note use this pic wrapped the young guy build around this guy and Jalen brown trade up Isiah Thomas it's time to take a step back to eventually take a larger step forward with young talent. I think that there is. A lot more legitimacy to that argument that I thought there would be it. You don't mean yeah I get your Saint Andrews. As it about it now I am realizing that the outcome of this theories as more. At stake in just a first round Allen out again I mean you keen hole. That another islet Al Horford is gonna go got you know even when the Celtics are in their asses by the team I was playing on dad. That all so loudly in the look is at stake geno he wears a funny acts years Israel out in oh look there's a leper colony does back. I wanna be on the eighteenth you can hold. That there's going to be the gym but there's gonna go oh you know what boy they sure try art is smoke then in six games where Paul George's gonna go seems nice year round appoint himself picture you are right. It's irrelevant if you're not winning end so much this thing comes down to winning. And I said just before LC begins at any age has done a pretty masterful job rebuilding this team on the fly you look to other cities you looked at Philadelphia. You look to LA you look at these teams that. Are having a real hard time coming back after. Hearing their team apart and being competitive and being a playoff team having a team with a expectations. The eighty Ainge has managed to do it inside of four years. It's next to impossible to do. With the any changes done in the NBA but ultimately what is he building here and I think that the series will have lasting ramifications both for the short term. And the long term when it comes to the Celtics and look for the Bruins they're they're a team that I think that. There's a lot of potential there for this team to add to their roster going into next year they're a team that I think they found something in eight in their style of play. Under capacity and I think that Bruins fans have every reason to be optimistic moving forward especially coming off. How disappointing. It's been around here the last couple years with the Bruins essentially imploding. During the last 23 weeks of the regular season miss playoff. Best three teams of dealers season. They mean the last couple years being between one game at a three and it will lose all three game right so I think that there's a renewed sense of optimism and I think that the Bruins will. We'll take this opportunity to build to their current team I don't think that a first round loss for the Bruins has devastating effects on the direction of the team the way that it can and I think will do for the Celtics because again. If the Celtics aren't able to get out of the first round as a one seed against an eight seed that they really have to question what they're doing. Over there on causeway street one thing I will say you know we didn't have time to get to this during the program today but at least the Celtics. Arts the Nixon if you happen to catch it over the weekend. Phil Jackson came out essentially said you know goodbye to Carmelo Carmelo holds. All the cards here he's got a no trade clause but for the first time. The Phil Jackson's publicly spoken essentially said I think that Carmelo is better off without us and we are better off. Without Carmelo Anthony it's been a tough week for Carmelo for that news breaks and now looks like Lila. And Carmelo Anthony have decided to call it quits and have split up so that those kids are gonna make it. Remember Kevin Garnett though and and the comments that he made about while Lott says the Carmelo Anthony Lake is not ala has inserted herself in Q. The NBA and into trash talk in the NBA did it together for ten years that get a ten year old son. So this is kind of a big deal for Carmelo his his whole life is about to be uprooted but I don't think it's any coincidence. Lyle as one of those people that likes to sort of be hang on and she's used Carmelo to grow her own fame. And now it looks like Carmelo will be leaving New York in the media market that is new York and while I was like peace out I hear. Because without Carmelo be in the center of the media world. What purpose does he really serve well now wondering. Who it's going to be data card act Sheehan asked there between Aaron and Carmel. I could be either one of today's data it drives that. You know Carmelo add that he is somebody that I only bring up because he's somebody that the Celtics have been rumored. To be attached to he's somebody that. Carmelo has publicly said. That he's willing to waive his no trade clause to come to the Celtics. And I am not sure that a 330 Carmelo Anthony they did no bank is the way to go you can keep that right where it is we were there would just finally act you all are but are the Celtics doing just fine without Carmelo how he. He's an albatross to all things it has. I. Him and Robin Lopez the to buy steel there I'd I didn't know exactly either one I think that's where you and I agree if I had to choose between one of the row Lopez Brothers it it's not rob it Brooke hey it's rob Robin is somebody that. I just have no use for adult and Brook Lopez good player but again not a winning basketball player I'd give rob a lot of credit for not leaving before the offense with Spanish for the bulls used impressive program. So Sports Radio. W yeah I had a lot of fun that I documents while walker. We talked degree Dan Greenberg both of those will be available for your on demand listening on WEEI dot com as well as the WEI. App Ryan thank you so much until next time we had all right at a lot of fun here and until next time and everybody out there thank you for calling. Thank you for listening states you'd NBC Sports Radio coming up next right here on sports radio and W guy. Bruce we don't want it gets in trouble with the lead but today it was terrible job yeah. Rumor sauce consoles on being in trouble with only got a orders call on farmers terrible. Get control with the lead but it's. It was terrible job illustrate.

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