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Mut at Night - Christian shares his Celtics thoughts and hate for Alex Jones 4-17-2017

Apr 18, 2017|

Hour 4. Christian cracks up at the birth of a baby Giraffe. The conversation switches to the Celtics as Christian previews their next play-off game. Also, some thoughts on Jae Crowder.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. EI. I actually really like this time that's the thing I really love nitrates like my favorite Guns 'N Roses on. But it adds ammunition night train I think patriot on night. And especially a producer like humanity Marines if you don't know this many of the marine is a big time hit Bob head and if you listen of the late night broadcast when he's producing. We get some fantastic. Instrumental selections. So I feel like this is. You're you're like you gotta be able fly got to be able spread your wings I had an instrumental lineup for tonight two of them. Next time next time I'm on in the actual times like tomorrow as write the Maher should tomorrow beyond the twelve to two of I'll be on after Red Sox review and that's actually the -- people ever in one that's actually the way it's gonna go from here on out if your family night show. Fear not I'm still line by. Instead of going from tend to do obviously Red Sox are going to be on most nights and Red Sox who Buell beyond after the game. With much so it's gonna happen is after Red Sox games whenever they end. Muck we'll do read that your view until midnight and then EEI late night with arcana obviously will start. At twelve and go until 2 am so it's not quite what used to be but I'm still a lot of stolen just about every night. And Ivy League Richard are can fix when you needed late night on your way home from the barge or were reared back now home from work it's there we go of course. Little thing. I had when applicable again I haven't heard it lost its ethnic with Christian. Sports. He knew that he he needs this seems to be the whole thing with us really remake agency stock to go with. Source Arctic but we're gonna get weird here. We have the little things. Yeah I don't know I don't think John knows he's part of my entry. I saw on the other day and I was gonna element that I realize I shouldn't tell me there's going to be I wanna out of ought to be part here and try eight do you use our if there's something not it. Joseph was like dead weight. Maybe doesn't like back I don't know I only I'd I barely ever see the guy I work with them like a couple times he had the voice thing and he doesn't Omiyale. You know maybe Dave wants nothing to do with my show however it's a great drop isn't it. A degree and the re in the Genesis of that drop for those who don't know was I was doing much job is doing that was studio hosting a game. And I came on to do my update in the fourth inning or whatever it was. And you guys are now with the update here's my inside the Husseini an incorrect and his jokes that we don't allow my. And so I gave the scores and I just said and and then yet the stock is yet to stop in between pitches rate. So in between pitches to stroke that sounds a lot lakers in our camp. And I told paddy don't go day it was a petty save that please I know that's gonna I know we don't want that somewhere down the road I know I'm gonna want that drop and loan be holed. I got my own show at night. And that dropped just mop fits in perfectly doesn't it. Via it was like it was it was meant for that was meant to be it was meant to be absolutely. 6177797937. Is your phone number there are under way third period. Tie game we could have some overtime hockey here at the at the old garden. It's a oh man what a comeback what a great comeback from the Bruins I thought they were dead and buried tonight. I really did and I'm not gonna talk about the bronze while the plane because I know that sucks but it. It's I mean really I had a I had a real real bad feeling about this game. And I said so I said it in the hours leading up to this game ego baggage checked the tape I say you got this many of years. Providence Bruins got out there on the Blue Line. And I even called the way the first two goals are gonna get scored. So the first one anyway. I said they're gonna you know what a puck trickled past them. And someone on the senators is gonna go back there and cherry pick a breakaway score goal and that is how the first goal this game was scored. It was like I put on my it was that guy in the old Johnny Carson show that would hold the amble up to his head and then say this is the carnac the great or whatever this is art and whatever it was I don't know like I was I was carnac you are again like a rumor but the journey curse that your. Sure one off the year before important. At any rate. That was about his on point of a prediction as I've had and I'll be honest with you folks I've been off. Badly in my predictions lately. Like really bad pom rants are cool I did not have good news the good feeling about your primary it's either. I dodger Palmer it's going to get shellac and I was wrong AF about him. I was right about the way this game started. I was wrong about the way it's gone since then. Ottawa got off to a big start buried three goals it was three nothing in the second period. And then the mythical Ottawa Senators who never blow lead blew another lead. And it's now a tie game we'll give you more updates on that as the guy game continues. I don't know I feel like I should stick with story times three time Bruins scored three goals worry just tell stories about our cars and chicken wings and sleep walking and all that other stuff. Right yeah any stories anything on oh yeah I know you're about to become a father is the due date todays the day and it didn't happen obviously. I was in a world she said the Bay's movement around the lottery now bush said pulled off four more hours on base speaking of things being bored. Did you see the giraffe. The giraffe was bored did you see you I was so excited to see the draft abort no lie. Because it's hilarious. First of all the feet coming out. OK so the theater just hang it out for like an hour rate while she's in labor he sees through boats just. Hang out of pert backside great to sort of flop every once in awhile like they cap would like lecture notes or his or whatever. And some things just walking around in circles going through labor which Hampshire is very very painful and then eventually. She gets it like to stand straight later comes. Hand the thing comes out like folded in half. CC today you see that feed you see the hugs and and the head comes out next so why you see these hopes this edited it. They try to get out. And and they give birth standing up so that thing falls about two feet out of the uterus and just splat summit. And I don't know why evidence but salt. It. It's just walked to this. Saying get bored it's good to wrap his weird anyway a question of giraffes get bored. And then fall through feet to the ground and it's just like this massive Bert than whatever it'd just slap on the ground. Ended giraffes or it turns around with a big neck and looks down and it is sort of nudges it. And for the thought of that other thing was dead prevented you know shares shaking its head and it was good and it got up and he'd you know fell down and all the stuff but just watching that watching the actual moment. When it comes out folded in half and then falls through feet and splat on the ground to me is just like classic Betty hilarious slapstick. Like that's funny I'm sorry I thought that was really written before. I don't know maybe a Michael weirdo but I thought that was ex super funny. Now tired and as we have to care about is. I didn't care about the giraffe I just wanted to see Godard wielding slats on the ground in giraffe the line in the low on what line. And the rumors Cecil the lion of the body got killed by the dentist there whatever. Heard something like that in place and I went out I'm like is safari killed the wrong lightly your allow the hotlines you weren't allowed on Cecil. You know Cecil had a special designation agencies. And that was a Bombay thing rate. I mean accuracy American treasurer minority. Trash on the insulates. The you have here a minute gorilla is more important and it's I agree but the kitchen admitted there tiger let her rot they all around basic gorilla little boy walks up on what if the vote the thing. You brought that was launch. You know they are just like last year they don't like kids going there. Wasn't around baseball for others has been a gorilla. Like that they didn't go crazy he went tigers beat the you know that's those things go. But NIC redeeming. I really care about she's a line you're right people get called. And the the annulled and the better I aggregate of one another on how bad they feel about things right around they became like a joke though. You know I karate became such like a funny lately in her Ricky just became his mean. You see in my ever dunaway is this day he took a shot if you take a shock. I mean see that I mean it's funny but it's via an. I don't know it was still lake guided pita in late hardcore animal activists had a problem with the around a thank. And then there was also lake. Like liberals had a problem with around me too and I'm not really sure why. Well like the less they feel like the left had a big problem with the way that around me became the thing. And I don't exactly know why I don't know if they thought maybe there is some sort of secret racism going on there which I don't think there was bit. You know as food that they they can find it if they ever get a whiff of it they'll find it. I didn't I didn't think there is anything particularly racist about around it but I remember like the liver like the Lafley the political left leaning. Society of America had this for all around you can't everybody just stop OK Robby is not funny anymore. That's the funny actually. There's a first aid course and Marine Corps where they shoot a pig and you have to revise our heal its wounds and Peta protest that thing. Every time there on the course there are. In issue a pistol and shotgun and you got to pick it up and revived. Yeah America makes sense. Wonder what Peter thought about it the drafted number one camera there probably like that's that's not right. That shouldn't be that should be captured on tape a beautiful moment like that between two breath. Deserve privacy behind the curtain. Rate you know what's funny is that afterwards after the draft got bored. Got bored my seniors all after the draft was born. It's like Ricky from trailer purports. After the giraffe was born with. This guy like is that veterinary or whatever went into the cage. And was trying to light you know Checketts vitals or whatever but the mother giraffe kept it in it and gently kicking at it and finally a guy like pulls little movement goes or in the side and with its back wait the giraffe mother kicked the vet right that John the it was awesome. Kicked him right the doughnuts I thought it was hilarious wrote that it was trying to assume with baby's gender. Yeah right and that is unacceptable. At the zoo were what are the hell was not into dozens and cannot do that you absolutely cannot assume you it'd be eighty direction. Unacceptable Ryan garbage announced any got a haircut. Why now. What do you you can go you can go interview for a job now. If you wanted to get this anybody to see Ryan and forever. A 61777. Ninths. And 937 Asian phone number 379837. Issue number on techs were still tied up the three year. In at TD garden for a Bruins with a major combat in the second period. Three unanswered goals to account of the three unanswered goals to start the game. By the Ottawa Senators and errors at the big hit in front of the senators' bench I didn't see who was when a guy and the Bruins just went flying into the sends bench. Doesn't look like there is any funny business over there but it was. There's a big hit. This is gonna be a pretty intense third period here I think so we'll keep you posted on what's going on there. And they give you score updates as they come in 617779793. Said manager phone number you can text in a 37937. And you can find me on Twitter as well. A Christian or can't. By the daily Arnold text line. One of our celebrity. Tweak the tweeted Twitter fans. Thought that relic with rob Bradford. Play got legit thoughts so say Dick nice W Brad for drug does not sound like Bradford. Last time relic was here I thought I'd legit thought that he was Michael Holley. I thought he sounded exactly like holly less than it was here it was him Gilani and I wanna say. And I was blames him. Bradford and can't layered. And I thought it was ten Laird Michael Holley frail like I thought it was it to them doing a show like this is an odd pairing. Britney here we go and it was relic and I didn't I'd listen for a tonight I'd ending drugs satellite Collie tonight maybe is like self conscious about it now but anything you sound like Bradford. Like at all Bradford you know Bradford. You get your Bradford coming down the hallway and always come. You know he just like the way he breathes you can tell Bradford blah blah blah blah. Exactly and this is not a knock on rob Brad rating it's important have a signature shut signature sound which he absolutely does. You finish it off with a little that vehicle that there. Sure do. And dad and all night. Six or 777979837. Phone number thanks again having drought by the way it was nice and stopping here. I always give much crap about the fact that he has. All these you know gas and stuff like that coming in but you know like when there's news is another game going on. The F the program against. The will differ from the united night and I know up on late at night. I'm howl at the moon a lot of the time but I'm also getting reaction from these games. Which you don't get when he games are actually happening so you know that's part of the job that I had that I understand that I wanted thank you DeVon drove again for coming in here. Again good to work with. On in the meantime will talk a little Celtics here in the next segment. On an I your feeling about the Celtics and this year he's IE and not quite on the alleged that I think some people are. And I hear retaliated pump the brakes should get off the ledger or anything like that if you're on the ledge you stand now alleged. The Celtics didn't give me anything you'd think they'd. You know this this series is gonna suddenly turn around on a dime here but I don't think they're completely out of yet if that if that makes any sense. They're trouble. But I don't expect a Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder to have such Porsche shooting nights and I don't expect the bench to be so bad I mean adventures trash yesterday. Just awful. All of whom I mean everybody everybody went in except you know one guy debenture was OK with Gerald Green. You know what one point in eight minutes. I mean everybody sucked is the point. And you know even Marcus might offensively I know mark Smart offensively or whatever by. Even hit like I'm watching Jimmy bought we get to the basket. And can score pretty much it will. No matter who was guarding him except with the exception of Avery Bradley. Avery Bradley was the only guy that was consistently bothering Jimmy Butler shots and I know that they said picks in the switch and you got all these. At that had I understand a basketball game works here. It out and Crowder. Jalen brown. And markets Smart all took turns on ball. And he was doing what every wanna throughout their mid range getting to the basket hitting threes I mean he had a great night last night except when Avery Bradley was guarding. That was the one match of the really slowed him down at all. So from Brad Stevens I'm thinking maybe that's that's what we do either we throw a double team. And keep a guy out there on Portis who doesn't have budget threes in our face like he did wide open all night long. Buy it I am unstick him Bradley on on Butler and leave him there. And forget about the rotation I'm okay Crowder was not getting the job done and even market Smart who. Normally I would be right there with Avery Bradley in terms of guys I trust and a defensive situation but it was really just Bradley and nobody else that was it. So that's that's a big one there people keep talking well Isaiah in the area all the stuff on as my yes I know we did but Isaiah was fine. Al Horford was fine I'll take that from those two guys for the rest of the series rest of the steam as the play better offensively. In defense of OK it's not just the often. They have got to play better defense. On Jimmy Butler and on whoever bought the decides to take it out to. There's collapsing on him wasn't really working and whenever they did he take it out and body porters were hit three rate their face. Which is unfortunately what the Celtics couldn't get to happen down the stretch for them. Jae Crowder is through huge threes in the final 42 today gaining wide open for both of them need for them both. Right after Regis made one so I mean I guess UA was shooting but it just didn't. Didn't work out that way. And I don't even have to tell you how badly they kill on the boards everybody knows that. But those are the things you expect you expect him to get beat on the boards because they always do when you expect a secondary scoring not always be there we don't expect. Is free team the breakdown defensively like that and have such a hard time. With you know some you're better on ball defenders having such a hard time Jimmy ball dribble as a great player okay. He should be scored thirty points per in the series now with the guys that the Celtics have the put on him. You know that that's a that's a major let down defensively the Celtics are. Unable to contain Jimmy Butler here for the rest of the series 6177797937. Asian phone number quick break over APEC after this year on Monday night. These times it's much at night on Sports Radio yeah. I should know that. It's this day having beaten. I'm deep now who is it. Schools like jail. I'll big fans what you actually alchemist may just be okay. There's gonna say it had sort of those that sort of sounds. At a marine bag there in the you know ones into this year. Plan on immunity in it that's I knew I knew eventually you're gonna have that. Break out of the Guns 'N Roses thing that I knew that was coming at some point. This is the mud at night without my arc in here in his stead at. I will be here until 11 o'clock at which point category will take over the airwaves and you'll do my show so that's what's going on here tonight on this patriots day. I know I said earlier it was evacuation it was a joke and it's not a evacuation that's. At Saint Patrick's Day. This is jest funding industry today. And that's not what it's called it's called Marathon Monday it was a lot of fun. Good day down in down in the city. And Red Sox won. Marathon on off of that nature everything was good there in the Bruins making a major comeback here at TD garden we'll get to that just a minute in the meantime your phone calls it 617779. 79370. Back to the phones start to Alvin he's in Revere as some thoughts on the salvage from Brad Stevens Alvin high. What's going on Saturday Juniata black caller so we're at poppy and Eric are you glad and there are black actually got a camera with a list of all on a second out and just in case you think it's a race thing. Many the marine police have Bob all the time and on the biggest iPod in works here. I saw him on the camera phone theft that the gap and we tapped into a wreck you know I've a friend by the way just as an as an aside I have a friend. Who puts like a little stick them a little piece of late post it note. Over the camera on his phone all the time. As a white he'd be faces are watching this who else watching you. They never know again never know. You never know anywhere it's up now he's in our Arab journalists and in the last few days and and people are putting a lot of you know blame towards. What players are stuck and not what players and are stuck or not. And and we played some and at the beginning of the year if anyone would have stayed this team what do you remember once you know went over fifty games. I don't think anyone aware of the ormat I don't want to aren't there okay. Over fifty get a hold on a second I would have said noting the number one CO what is said to me I would have taken maybe your better on the fifty games I think they could want over because they want 48 last year fifty and above is not that big but come via the. They basically have made very very little change Bannister make our Horford by. At the end of the day I believe that these players and all our. Are giving you you know what they're gonna if you based on the so it's okay the problem that I'm seeing news that. A much harder so you that works he was not a good coach I think you and I were coached. But there's many facets. Of being a coach there's there'd be extra notes okay clear the spirit of philosophy their the management of personality. But the thing that separates the good people from the Greek people whether it's coaches or players as one that. And that's the ability to make adjustments. Did I do not see that common are Brett Stephens Matsui. The first thing is we are waiting to be what we've got to sit playoffs that's the number one and probably that there are to be some adjustments made. There's one Thomas ghost of the bench you get knocked out of this lineup that he keeps could have on the floor yep. So what we are being told that OK why are we clear that same line up on the floor when he goes to the patched. The first solution so that is this okay. You have to look at all right so you'll like the Fed Chairman nick how much of that and for the first the first quarter keep them on the bench halfway through the second quarter. Let's let's look at will charm not to gain Turbo will chart how much real time at that event and the rest. Based on the way that he likes the player to integrate FaceBook based on the way that the coach likes clay Justine. I don't know you're talking about any more relevant way how much real time does that give him his break I don't I don't know we transact. Not game time so I mean is that OK Bret Stephens pensions what two minutes left in the first quarter yeah. And he doesn't like to bring them back ever so seven minutes left in the third quarter. OK why why is that less time ever break then it would be at a different time in the game because let's say that that's so real rate of eighteen minutes OK ten. All you have to do if you understand it that's our number one horrible medical hey you need to make some just soaking adjustment Rambo or. Maybe you need to play that game a little bit differently during that target slow the game down so that he could still get eighteen minutes of rest. But he's coming back and a lot so rumors you can raise that guard minutes in the game and still get on the same or moderates. I'd change in the way you played a change. In yeah okay so you can your potential panic OK when you go Olympics yet we option in the spring at Tyler Zeller he plays Zeller. And you play outlooks for privileged they used a cable we're gonna run some isolation close ups okay. I don't know problem ever happened to have an or a scheme where you're close enough force for. And you're taking your shots to police that and that's the shot clock. So now instead of taking a shot 88 to fourteen seconds into the shot clock when him when your shots are coming up so we checked in that sort of shot clock that's them ordered. Number two department chart moderates or two timeouts why there's on the bench that brings you more chart and he can still get that eighteen minutes rest where he'd gain and real charge eighteen or worker rests. But our but you're raising your game minutes. That's an adjustment number one that they can make okay. All that's great album but none of that matters if Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley combined to go nine for 25 from the field which is the real reason they like stake in the secondary scoring Guerrero wasn't there and the bench thought. Out of debt and government and the bench had 22 point combined adds it. That bench which trash. You can say all these things and slowed and the game to do whatever but it they can't if they can't score they can't fill in the gaps around Thomas and their missing shots. It doesn't matter how they'd slowdown in the game I mean that they're that's gonna happen every night. No it that's because the first thing that I noticed is that that the local lineup that he continues to put and we know that our struggles. You need to change that lineup that on and what poetic and it's not work. I know but then what do you do with Amir Johnson you give more minutes huge red co this is what it is out. Absolutely to no absolute arsenal which oracle is a much better option that'll when he knowingly or be on the what it on the bench yet. Penalty and yet at number eleven year by an effective and number two was the worst inflation European. In the NBA and probably make you. It already is the Willie Cawley Steiner something I have no idea I know he is a creditor Kmart is smarter. Yeah yeah he's or shooter yes I agree so now so now if you remember oh my god. Calls before Alvin listen I'm sorry just because we're going on for over five minutes ago ego it's not to it was a bad call it's just it that way too long. And I lost track of time there it was a good call by Alvin and a lot dissect. I didn't agree with all of it that in follow all of it but he had a lot to say he said it. Alvin called act anytime especially on a night like tonight when no pulse is all but five I was a long time that was nearly six minutes about the and that's too much of anybody not named me right there and at the way he shows both the guy. Homage to hold back now a case. Texture says wasting shot clock doesn't change the time on the clock slowing down the game doesn't add time to the Clark comments yet but when he was saying is that if you slowdown game. The actual timed it he gets the added Thomas gets the I don't know what that sense yet on mass I don't know what you said. We don't know what it's never just that piece of information today it's always information while by moron. Stupid right. The Celtics lost for a lot of different reasons. Last night. It wasn't just one thing you can pin it on. Some people is they just lost three that it wasn't just because they got a rebound they got our rebounded badly and still were you know right there at the end. The rebounding was a problem early in the game of the problem late in the game which was a problem late in the game for this team. Last year and the year before. Is that if they've put Butler on Isiah Thomas which they did. No one else to step in and be consistent. No one else can step in and hit that Big Three when you're down seven and he needed to get make it'd be a close game again. And even when they got that three and made it a four point game they couldn't get that other three to make a one point game they just couldn't. Crowder had two shots at an import them both. And really I mean if we're if we're counting on Jae Crowder to be the guy hit the big shot at the end of a playoff game. Listen I like Jae Crowder a lack I think he is a very very good player loves story a love re came from. I think that he is a great guy to have on this team and by the way they have met a bargain. That being said. Is there another team in the playoffs right now. They. I was thinking about this last night in the Eastern Conference. We Jake Crowder start on any other player out in Memphis. In an eastern conference on site while Memphis. Start a Memphis he what is it met this trotted out the five people and dialing Vince Carter Mike Conley. And mark saw I had no clue the attitude as wire don't care they need some from Cornell doesn't matter of playing the spurs. If they're they're not going to be disperse I don't even though to start it would Memphis is starting lineup as I think about it let's figure they have. They have Tony Allen you know Tony Allen time out hurt right now they have someone named. OK I guess I guess Greta could start over green. In the Eastern Conference out. I mean how way to think about it would you start Jae Crowder over PJ Tucker now. Does he start. I think he dies soccer star through. While bunker I wouldn't start on the bucks to insert on the patient rooms are among the bulls. On the cavs obviously. Wizards maybe in the was it. Maybe on the wizards or. And that probably at. And again this is not. A knock on Jae Crowder. Jake Trotter is a great player very useful player on this team. I just don't think he's necessarily. The guy you want taking those shots at the end of the game. And it's it's a shot Isiah Thomas isn't taking a rather it was Avery Bradley although he had a bad night shooting. When my Al Horford taken some other shots at this point honestly I mean you know your options are pretty limited here. You don't want Smart taken that shot you don't want Amir Johnson taking our debt or any shot for that matter. Kelly only make I guess there I find that you want him on the court in those crunch time situations to note that. You know there's a reason why the experts quote unquote. All thought the the most likely upset in this playoffs wasn't a five over for her six over three. But the bulls over the Celtics. And there's a reason why deep back in the you know corner of our minds year's Celtics fans we all. Thought there's. We all had this thought. Today the Celtics should win this series and I still think they should I still think vision when this series. But if they don't. We'll all be very disappointed will we be surprised. Would be shocked. And stunned. I would be. This team has had the same problems all year long and I when I say all year long I mean all year why they didn't address any of the problems they had as a team at the deadline. Not a one. They did not address their front court in the fact that they don't have anything. In the way of defensive rebounding out there I mean Amir Johnson and Kelly a clinic where it rag doll. By these guys in the polls quite never even seen any of them but there's one guy and the ball I swear to god just joined the team he must've is that there. I think it was hipster. It was either Asia shirt or enough police CO. The police he'll be a bit earlier he had yes as a complaint not regularly. And by the way raptors have actually been splitting time between DeMarre Carroll and he gave doctors right stand by edgy crowd are starting a couple of those our eyes and yet Paul's that your. How that spectrum for the lead Paul's zips are always. Paul's that your. That sounds like good name of lake extra movie about basketball or something. You know like the fish that saved Pittsburgh guy and the other team calls that your or someone he USA guy who plays the Washington generals in the points and if the Harlem they have temples of the zip Bob zoomed about what was that thing it's repel said that he says the messed with white people. Like guys like what he's using what corporate repeating he's like others make up slang. Like a bill like okay nice to meet you Dave I really hope this deal goes about ovulate thanks man zip it up and zip picked out in their late. Exhibited Rudolph Bible it. That's all too well that's like old school Chicago skilling and soc the issue now is it an effort don't suffer great been. We got to take a break 61777979837. As your phone number 379837. Issue number on text quick break we'll be back after this German at night. It's much at night on Sports Radio yeah. Zip Bob zoomed about. It. We're back here and scores are ANW be higher in here with you on the much share. I'm actually gonna do the first hour my show and I don't believe. Because I don't know I just them that's what's going on. You don't like it lump it. Take it down the road and dump it by the way. Text here. Had a great point basically what I just said but a little more concise please let me read this text here which China and a high. If you AA had a true rebounder and are minus sixty on the board you win and be at Bradley credit score more than 22 points combined you win. It's playoff basketball guys based outplay tucked the what does that mean people their shots and what Amir shot shot means. Rebounds and what are you suck yet arguably worse than any other playoff team rebound. Text machine tough guy. That's absolutely right everything that techsters that is right 100% right. We're gonna overtime by the way TD garden obediently the game early late in the first period. If you digging you know like if you did you deserve whatever you deserve to miss this. And I think. I just got a feeling I got a funny feeling. Or is gonna win this game. I think they're gonna win this game I don't know how but I think they're gonna win and I did predict the way this game would start. I did not break the way this game would finish and for that I apologize and apologize for questioning the Bruins. And for saying things like they're not gonna win another team from here on out. Which I didn't quite commit to and I was right I mean I was right there I was right there and then on the ledge. But other Bruins did it make it a game and now with. Regulation time expiring we will go to overtime my favorite thing in the world. Overtime. NHL playoff hockey. Doesn't get better than it does it. He really does there's nothing in the world better than I don't think. And then or react to whatever happens straight here in these airwaves should not meet category will be here. Starting at 11 o'clock. In the meantime we even talk a little Red Sox and a little bit a Celtics here. I was gonna talk about the marathon but I don't know what to say about the marathon to Kenyan people wanted to again and I think that's fine. Every once in awhile you see like the occasional tweet I can't believe these canyons keep one in the maritime. Think what what someone from Kenya wins America. What did anyone if there's anyone listening here was legitimate problem. With like foreign people winning in her pocket played the Kenyans who went and every year whatever meant that the definitely ZE. The flies Guillen actually are those John rhetoric. If John Wright is the reason I'm here. When he's not my dad Billy he's the reason I'm I'd I worked here mistress teachers are. He got me hooked up with metro with total traffic. Back when they used to have the sports life. Our people don't know there's the sports slash B would do sports I mean size CA Pete Shepperd back in the day eschewed a coffee clutch the all these guys. Mike Leslie was the guy actually replaced Mike Leslie moved to Dallas. And now he's like a big timer bordered on their covers the cowboys and you know all the teams down there is doing great but I replaced him at metro. Just doing you know score a scoreboard updates on weekends you're WEEI get the occasional like planet Mikey shift doing the flash. And then they just discontinued the flash altogether. And started calling it training now. And then they just started doing an in house. Everyone shorter man you don't your shots yay here anymore any the other slash B was a flash people anymore and other host system. And that. And this is sort of unfortunate that there really closed the door like I have two kids now tell me how I get into the business however breaking in this business. In all the all the avenues I took they're all gone. And that's Sox. I got really suddenly. I EU head a smaller stations and other states the you can go to we can't go there anymore. There is the station I worked were here they think. If you've got condemned by the FCC I'm not even getting is staging in down Agassi or what. But it was down and South Shore area. And when I first moved back here from Colorado I was dashed. Or is needed is that I needed to do something is the Libyan radio is the worst thing you can do is just have like a big space on your resume or were doing anything. So I just need something just to put you know just anything. In this one place is making around the bore we campaign as to find sold whatever although and is need I need something I was bartender had another job obviously but it needed something still radius up. It's an apparent that this is place you lost the signal after you pulled out of the driveway. And there is one time where. I was working and the owner of the station came by and showed this classroom for kids around. And there are LA here's the station in years this and hears that and let's go out back and show you power. And they went out they show is about twenty kids and they showed on the radio tower and they were so Borden thought it was the latest thing ever in the they left. And I heard a couple years back the place got condemned because it's armor was unsafe but they. It looks like being held together with like duct tape and you know safety pins. And now it's gone so I'm. Like I need these Kino kid had what what do I do Hattaway get into it now I don't know what the talent anymore got a podcast. It against me in is that way to break in the business at this point they have the right people here if you tweet your podcast of the right people guess. I don't know what the tell all about networking I don't with the town anymore. And I I feel that I wanna help feel like writer helped me is to get him a match or give yourself on a given Tony did. He was great ineptitude at that was really nice of him and it. And I wanna help people to but I just don't know what I don't know what to do anymore clearly don't want to hear what I have to say around here on the come intern for your show the error rate. What are you doing at midnight. With wanna hang out of me it. Mean this guy met the towers aged or hear a commodities and school province. With a it's. I can't even get someone delayed two and hit it that night. Doing hazing come on the show an aggregate of intern. Yes we have a great job opportunity for you holding up our rickety tower EST to stand there between the hours twelve and twelve and make sure doesn't fall here. And Al paid double when it's raining out with a that's true for respected them and never radio station that can become a it legit I condemn. And others said it in metro is still exists obviously it's the work of its Knight is not a feeder and the Ilie he used to be like shepherds are off on metro. Sauce CA was there and all these other people shoot off all these guys. And it's just nodded the agreements that doesn't exist anymore so I don't know I don't know what to tell people. And I echo valley I wanna you know I'd like it is sorted but I tell what have what did you do I tell my work here in the united. Worked for free over here than I did this over here and you can't do any of that is that these plays he's hit his. Late it's true it's it's tough it's getting. More more difficult every day. But yeah basically you know until people get ready to work for free uranium to a lot of unpaid labor. And just. Did don't ever say now it's pretty much it getting paid basically work for free on. As someone well what are the 6177797937. If your phone number 37937. That if you number on text here. For go to break we're talking earlier about celebrities. Dead celebrities were rumored to still be alive. All I can think it was Elvis Presley in two part. Some people started taxiing Jim Morrison's a news came in with a list of seven celebrity's Jim Morrison's one of them. Another people like party in his grave site all the times though. Michael Jackson. People think Michael Jackson thought. About Michael Jackson was laid dying five years before he got. I disagree with that. Andy Kaufman I guess he had a visited pranks or whatever. Who else Kurt Cobain of tomorrow. Kurt Cobain blows at all. Who still think she's a lot. Princess Diana I'm pretty sure we did. Really. Like OK you know through part maybe he got shy. With anyway indicted the hospital so maybe something funny could happen there. Diane issue with DO way and anchor it. They they could hit something that I suppose they could have. Through pride he had Elvis he had pretty sure all is the board of other definitely held that for their JFK conspiracies. Do and you thought might still be alive that whole thing was an elaborate setup. I didn't hear that one. We hear any Alex Jones show you exactly where it by the way he does not going out Alex Jones are before we go to break just real quick I think is so great Alex you know Alex jones'. Enforce she's this crazy conspiracy A hole who said that the sandy hook shooting was all staged and everything he's one of the he's the worst kind of person. And he has this big info wars it's like his radio show media outlet or whatever it is any does the show on it it's just. Over the copies of these and eighty pennies to the lunatic. He's a raving lunatic is what he has. And he's going through a custody bearer right now and his wife who try to divorce might have been separated for a few years. And the wife is saying I I want full custody of the kids because he's unstable. And now he asked to say. I'm not unstable I just say all those things because I'm put not a shell I don't really mean them is just things I say like you said some awful thing he said it. And you know I said things about sandy hook you know he's just he sucks he's the worst. And now he's pretty much forced to strip himself of all his integrity you know journalistically and all these takes and stuff that he says. And basically admit. In under oath in a court of law. I thought crap and this is an hour really feel about anything I just know that it's outrageous stuff that's gonna get people angry and excited and they conspiracy nuts here all heated up and I just do it as the does that make a bark. And when you're that far into the rabbit hole when your late. You have to earn their respect to those people those people are out the launch I'm sorry if you're one of those people but. These conspiracy people I mean it's just every single thing in the world is a conspiracy of one dollar bills a conspiracy you know the thank you she was wears a conspiracy everything you can spears so you have to really sort of earn their trust. To be considered a voice for them you know and emulate that's in the that's an important part of all of it and now he basically has to go into court and swear on the Bible. I don't mean anything I say. It's all just an act of Hussein is I'd should be allowed to see my kids all the time it's kids are rolled through there like fourteen and nine insist on their little little kids. There and a there are old enough they debated the old one to babysit for the younger one trades not like their tiny little babies here. By the wife is saying now I don't want them around him anymore he's unstable look at these things he said these things he's advocated for an shall. And now him and his attorney basically at the saint we we don't actually mean that. We don't mean anything that we ever say and his entire media empire is built around saying the most ridiculous things ever. So good I'm glad that happened Alex Jones I hate out here. I hope that the united just figured I hope I hope that his entire. That his entire aura and everything about him gets torn asunder. And then he's not able to make money saying things like sandy hook with a conspiracy and that those kids didn't really die and make money from ever again. Does that stick and he's a sick person. And now hopefully this helps some will say 61777979837. Asian phone number 379837. Asian number on tech's quick break will be back after this year this has been mud at night. And it's about to be WEEI late night for one hour than categories here it's confusing there will be a quiz later however there.

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