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Mut at Night - Christian tells stories while the Bruins make a comeback 4-17-2017

Apr 18, 2017|

Hour 3. Story time this hour whether it be Red Sox locker room antics or chicken bones. Christian keeps you updated as the Bruins mount a comeback in game 3 against the Senators.

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You too much at night on Sports Radio. We. Vegas birth rate at WEEI. Friday night arcade in for my. I don't know who's in for me and I think affected your Elena said. Coming here and every gets here I don't know Evans relics and now she's hanging out. He was down offense well day. But some of us can do two things today you know it's not that impossible shots fired shots fired. And another thing just while I'm taking shots in my and a I did not I did not in not that I have a problem with you being here obviously I'm glad you're here is would have been top talent at the moon like this for two hours by myself. But that's what I'm used to doing. That's I mean Matt I'll tell you that's my show and it's not your flow in national my flow value greatly at night usually I'm here you know rear at welcomes and sometimes your. Jury comes in once in awhile but it's generally just me in the callers and that's fine but it. During a Bruins play out game is not going to be a lot of callers on glad you're here however I deny. Demand a college is so we know I didn't begging to come and you were scheduled to come in and that's fine and. I'm glad I was asked earlier today. At the ballpark okay play if I was available. It did not sound urgent so I think they trusted. That was I not available right you would be just fine I would have been justified either body telling knock knock you totally yourself. Normally. Your other radio settings yet find yourself sometimes. Sometimes I do I got a caller yes in the car often when IAA has had a long day and I go home and I'm just sort of you know. Sit in back unwinding all start just saying things you know just things that happened over the course of the they'll start mumbling to myself I talk to my sleep my girlfriend says. I just yet what one time in this was around. I did see assemblage. Yeah over the summer it was rookie week it was me Jen McCaffery we did a showed exactly on the different day okay January they'd like you better and that's an eye yet. Part timer from they had me out it was me Tang Wei and I Jim McCaffrey had a great time. And I was really nervous guy I'd never run TV before so I was nervous going into it and that night afterwards. At week celebrated little you know I after my TV debut. But. Apparently allegedly. In the middle of the night I just started late given the scores. To sue the people you were what you've gone to bed in bad. In Israel and yours and obviously I was asleep and have no memory of this and according to my grow white tries that I don't believe we just make the story. IE in the middle of the night sat up started talking started giving us her quickness yet. And I don't jets to effects I think it was just gibberish I don't think it was any actual scores president of bears beat the Monkees by the violent you know I mean I averaged mom and stuff and she thought I was like really talking and she's a what what's the matter and I sort of snapped out of it and and it was to have that some dreamers something that yet that site actually do you do it just talk college keep talking to. Let's hope it's likely touch on an only child suddenly talked to. I'll talk to myself what god the end imaginary friend Teddy rocks and maybe get to ten record grown a little bit patient. I had a Teddy record growing up and I kept it and then later when I was in high school we grew that we used the get lake wrapped data from put him in the Teddy rough wrecks in. And Teddy erupts rocks that were wrapped like the grave diggers and like the old were saying stuff like that. That was actually kind of find that was a do it used to tell direction and I think people make like YouTube videos about that now but we started that might in my high school we start with a very Europe and that. I don't know why I still had the thing around. But yet he rehill rap like his mouth moves and no rap along the science. Journalists into Saturday somebody just like the pro they were they can respond to tweet of mine excellent graduate college in 2017. Of the description they're violence. Expert asking anything about ninety's pop culture and they can you are. Under the nineties because like people appropriating the night he's now which I. The appropriate and click it give her kids' day and a it is you know if you're. You're wearing the baggy clothes to protect your Kirk Cobain I'm not. Why did. Yeah it's true I think that's sort of happens though that happens in waves every exactly -- I guess he's now it's like kind of cool to be the not a night they just missed it but they wanted to partied every can really be I think Carl clearly Jim Morse and tonight I didn't is that I like the doors like the music in my parents' generation that I had some fashion choices in the late nineties early two thousands I'd probably take back if I could now or sweatpants sweatpants up until it. That little can really. One that is true story. For Christmas one year. I asked for and received a Boston Celtics blower suit. At least a warm up or just look like true passion is some there warmed up in it might in 1960s maybe because the late sixties early seventies as you can count it rushed to look. Yeah that now you're talking about what Chelsea future could sure pretty quiet yet it was day and you lost Teddy rep and rep Donna. Really. We are doing it me in my friends for doing that freshman year high school we weren't you know. They put it would take capital needed that's us yes that Iraq's been raping easily awesome. And then someone appropriated that apparently put that we don't like that's an obvious thing if you start a Teddy rugs been lying around in your pocket they can do it that you feel like you know mega that they're having now whatever it is. But yeah it was it was good entertainment fodder especially at that age with them that he does succumb. The mini disc. I worked their radio station ran on mini just. At the end of the mini disc boom in a everything area we had these like seminary mini disc players we added pop all these things in and out we all knew was on each meaning there's like a million things I need this. But yeah we had a mall separate and in and put out there it was a it was a rock station and a work that. And it was all on mini disks and and one day it just wasn't anymore that. They replaced it again by the way it's now three nothing Ottawa esque I miss this goal what did what happened in this cold you missed it through and Eric well whatever. If you're doesn't mean there's really damn Dallas in the show anyways you could probably call and tell me. But I am senators are now up three nothing here they have a three nothing lead in the second period early in the second period. I don't know score that goal I can tell you that might always Mike Coffman again. Often with a second goal of the game on a system on a power play. Not looking good here for your Boston Bruins and I do hate to say I called it but I call that I have feeling this is gonna be. Just a bad effort you know why forget about the defense of what they're doing right now. The Boston Bruins have taken four shots on net four. Can war. Craig Anderson pretty good guys maybe get a test them a little bit here. He's. Four shots really. By contrast the senators at that point at seventeen shots on net to the Bruins four. Says three of the sorry it was are there honestly probably keeps going like this year. Alleged almost equate comes back. And Colin Miller. I don't even that mean Carlo be nice but they're saying now on him as saying no one crude to a probably on equate column Miller's the only guy likely to come back. And I don't think he's enough to avoid it if not a sweep of five game exit here. I mean the brewers are getting smoked at all. And you knew they were going to I mean c'mon you can't have for your six top Pete. The guys that were either healthy scratches two weeks ago. A sophomore in college or the captain of your HL minor league team if she she can't win that way it's too much it's too much this team. Too much for Cassidy too much for charmed forty freaking years old and at the paper plate 35 minutes and right now because all these other guys are injured a sweep the rest of the waivers so. And he had you know I'm kind of I'm kind of thinking maybe. Maybe unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong but I that's what's going on the Bruins game right now. Not a it's not a good sign Texas says not pretend they Kurt Cobain is fifteen dead. Let's look at two. I didn't I didn't know there's a Kurt Cobain is still alive theory I knew there's two parts. Elvis obviously everybody sees Elvis all the time is there another while everyone affected your life. Is that is there another one of the you can think of after park and in. And Elvis I can't really think of another one is there another dead celebrity many people think that people think they CEO upon. Tyson against is there another dead celebrity you can think of the people think they see all the time like Elvis or to pocket some of their another guy like that. No those YouTube and other dire girly I can't think anybody. Emilia Earhart and no one knows she looks like there are no long time ago. Yeah I can't really think anyone I guess that's it. Through interest being traces there Elvis into park it up here to boxing Q what he is yet on an effort back. Mentioning eras as to expand my scattered rain might ever found that plane did. And based in reality the one that went down the aisle that it did not immunity air hurt when no no where a couple of years ago about it every day. No idea what had seen enough disappeared open economy the heir hearts fumbled. He did that thought it was like a turtle fossil it turn out to be here like fumble that recent. That was about a year and a half ago. Was it connected to the hand bone which was connected to the response was expected anything to the lone hit in the Basel yes they thought it was like a turtle fossil all of by the way speaking of bones. This is a true story this actually happened to me today before I went into work my other job much there was expired rates are trying to forward Newt gas station. And I say to you also do my stick and they see shirt so in this feature of I went into the waiting room. And I wanted to listen occurred in Jerry interview the Al lawyer from the air and its case. So I'm sitting there it's mean the guy who works there in this woman who is in her late sixties. Who is sirte and out of tough looking things usually sit there and she was I was customers you work ever fusion sitting there there's this other guy there you start on the far. And. I thought I added on quietly. But I put on the enter the cool and I'm listening to edit in my headphones social sort of holding it up to my ear listening to it. And the woman turns to meet US can you turn that off I hate them. So you hate images I I they're just so mean those two they're just so mean I don't like I was like well. RA I'm way over on the other side of the rookie knew even years I guess I can hear it and I don't like it or rather than start a fight with some six year old lady had just. You know turned Iraq and then a guy comes in because you gotta see it. As against you why I go out he pops the what are my car and there were two chicken bones in the energy. I don't know how they got there like from what from wings like chicken wing bones sit there in the engine. And I saw what he knows what to put away what he's like no I found each year but she did not find those there. You said there were there chicken bones in my engine to sit there and there's only one explained well it's too explanation. What is some place joke on me right in through their lunch in my engine whatever you'd like that sign felt episode remember all the food was good and couple them. I moved to brighten and as you know the rat situation in Brighton at this time a year can be a little unnerving intensity it's warm out you know these rats are very bold they get out right in the middle of the street and stare you down like it's gonna. Think it's high noon at the OK corral and what I think passes here this is my working theory is that a rat made a home in my eight. In my engine. And was averaging for food out in Brighton and grabbed some old chicken bones were brought here sounds reasonable to have a little have a little Thanksgiving dinners something I don't know what was by. Too chicken bone which. Like just totally satellite finding. The the severed head of horse in your bed but it's it's a little for it was a little big yen and it's not like finding a millionaire hearts bomb on the beach or whatever that Dell that was by. Other growing while the brewers scored two goals. While I was on my awesome story about the why don't. I do anybody any more stories this story our government about oracle and other Bruins just made it three to till. So maybe maybe I can pump the brakes on my aid they're getting swept through here on out knowledge Sharif at 605. Got an assist from Riley Nash and then 42 seconds later David Beck is on an assist from Tommy cross and John-Michael Lyles who assisted on both goals. B Craig Anderson so they go to charity and back is that their first goals of the post season. And it is now ballgame down here TD garden three to your score Bruins trying to make gay guy game out of this one will keep you updated on this. Over the course of the evening. In the meantime your phone calls a 6177797937. Text messages at 37937. And you can that we either one of us at Christian are canned or at Evan dry like we're gonna take a quick break and come back with more Red Sox doctor Ahmad at night. It's much. At night on Sports Radio. Yeah. Right Becky and if indeed this is my deny our candy and Vermont were given and I up on me and that's and broadcast to the Bruins who over the time it took me to tell that. Fascinating story about the chicken bones in my engine. Military and David back it's both score goals in the space of about 42 seconds and it is now a ball game at TD garden. And a ball game right but whatever you know what I mean. And that's what's going on right now three hoosiers score with about let's see here eight and a half minutes left. In the second period Bruins trying to making game out of this one trying to come back on the Ottawa Senators which by the way I said at the beginning in Asia. Everything that everyone said about these series has been so wrong so far. They say you can't let the senators get out to a lead that protect those leads late you know life and death with that 131 trap. They Italy in the first game there were up one nothing in the Bruins came back and beat him in the third period then when everyone's that is if you get a lead on the senators they can't come back. A spot out on Saturday now. The senators get out to a three nothing lead. And there amazing lead protecting skills clearly aren't working out here in the second period is it Terry back is both. B Craig Anderson both got assisted by John-Michael Lyles and both are on the board there now is the Bruins despite only. This only taking eight shots on net have buried two of them through the eight shots they've taken gone on the net. There are Bruins fans out there. Probably just like Boston sports fans in general who. Because of what happened super all because of Brady now see any large. Deficit is is over comparable. Like like is the lingering affection number of years now work where fans are going to be more left insufferable if the team is getting a question brains beat him. Thirteen years ago. You know the it was insurmountable. Of all enlisted 25 points and fifteen minutes is amazing no question about it. We're coming back from being down 30 in the ALCS is I was ever a hotbed. They had the winning game and in another game in nodding you know I mean they just haven't agreed corder was. Amazing that. Inside individual game you know I think this become five nothing I can catch usually sitting there now couple pints and and thinking and thinking back so bold and and one of their mouth but how on no way you post game isn't over went back and sure it would. Allstate is the Bruins even have precedence to. 2013 against that Toronto. Ever the Bergeron murderer Bergeron gain out. That I mean they scored led three goals in the final five minutes they that was that was amazing I was one of the best comebacks have ever seen in hockey games of the bronze at that two for one game. Come back unfortunately. They did go up 30 against the flyers in Y 2010. Was that reporting eleven now it wasn't when eleven on the Stanley Cup and went on. But the one year they went up 30 on the flyers in the flyers came back won four straight. That was upsetting. Vied in terms one game comebacks like late game comebacks they got they got precedents there. I don't even have to you know go back refer to the patriots adjustment to the Bruins five years ago five years ago. Three years ago bush it's. When they did it against Toronto which was great. And I would love to see them just ripped the hearts out of another Canadian fan base because screw those damn Canadians are there they're so cocky you know why. Here's the other thing candidate should be stoked by these playoffs because every Canadian team except for Vancouver. And who's the other Canadian team is on the plants only two of them didn't make it that would be Vancouver. And Winnipeg. Every other Canadian teams in the lap Montreal's in the playoffs Ottawa Tampa Tampa about Toronto. Tampa Bay candidate you know as part of a new province of and also Edmonton and Calgary and Edmonton and Calgary are never in the play out so good candidate should be happy but I thought rip their hearts out. Just like I always want to see Oakland Raiders fans suffer. Oakland Raiders fans I think that I think they've had enough of them now not not quite. They have two more years in Oakland and here's what I'd like to see in those two years I would like to see Marshawn Lynch assignment rant I want to see him sign Richard Sherman to. And get to two straight AFC championship games and lose to the patriots and then moved to Vegas what is amyloid don't appear to select for the raiders is they won't shut the bleep up about the talk rule that's what it is they've been bitching about it for. What sixteen years now. I want to cry forever if you get a if you get a whining complain about it this one I want you to be said forever and out of the teams leaving Oakland. They got two more years I wanna see him get really really good and right there on the doorstep lose to the patriots in two straight AFC championship game and then I wanted to go to Vegas when the super ball just all those Oakland cry babies and keep crying that's what I wanna see. Actually feel a little bit bad for Oakland and I really hope the days and up with a stadium there because it at them like. Better than are ready awesome stadium naming off on it overflows sewage and be it's like. Now it could be compared to separate Cisco like this up and coming through the but it if I actually like the city of Oakland adds that the city the people and editors can stop on right now by this select five raiders had fun. But it would be very disappointing payrolls and disease I think. I don't and they ace and Duluth that I don't think so opener but there was all that talking may be moving. In prior years I think at this point. They will eventually work so now the giants beat jerks because now they the a's gave away the territorial rights but that's not a conversation. Now I would say probably isn't but I understand what you're saying that's fine to feel bad for Oakland it's rule that screw those raiders fans if you know I'd take a partial fault Marshall Faulk and he's. Another guy who goes out and I were sitting at the table it is going out there. When Joey are grown bad that would Alan gross seats that most proud I ever better Jewish or not he's not had a huge adrenaline that again. That was that that was peripherals and shops there was good stuff while I enjoyed it and that and realize you were. Why he goes through you because I've worked in Houston. And so they felt that can be some youth and there are ones I think. I was gonna go to Houston. And by they decided that they would do better having out extreme ago and gone grinder and then write articles and thought he he I about it. That's Thatcher does not that actually at in terms of like cool things about vote. What would the rumored for about professional things this year you know to be it game seven World Series in to be that simple yes that's that's when you can sit back and have a moment of sincerity that the morning Joseph would never. Allow anybody to happen yup that's pretty. Yes dad is pretty cool idea. The phenom Alex career. Savage her when Roemer was like twelve great all the years old twelve years old doing his podcast. And he was on Jay Leno and also later on and I don't know if you know you probably don't buy Reimer when he was in high school. Was doing a show on ESPN New Hampshire and I was when I was first starting off there he was a freshman at BU. And I think you like Skype to showing either from his former Marie went definitely could be you station where every day. And I was I was just starting in New Hampshire. Anyways I guess sad state of affairs I was trying to break bacon of the diet work in Colorado and and I was working and music station everybody got fired storm moves as right as you are and yeah I was just trying to catch on January Kuwaiti and they gave me this weekend show in New Hampshire. By the grace of god this guy might win who stole my whole career Tuesday. Which is I don't know that deposit were negatively. He yet he he'd put me on the weekends and to show on right before mine was out dreamer instead she was typing it in and I knew how to run aboard. I would run his four. And he would do is show and and I come on after him into my show. And Roemer had the lake immediate callers he had the people who we knew would call and and then there was these two guys who would call him every time and they got through once I was also calls green. They got through once in a set a bunch of nasty things to. And I just that cut right cut a fall lineup and I was like sorry about that won't let him come through again and they start calling all these different numbers but they do like you have wanted to act they rebound began with a rematch and I think you guys -- college stop crawling or get a life get back here first of all the stations tiny no one's listening. Hey Kamal I give me a break and way getting cum like commodities things is Q who's clearly in college and trying to you know star's career out here which by the way I didn't know we've been on for eight years. With a podcast before that the yet I remember that I had to be the I don't offend the wall for Reimer did he called Saturday to thinking he knows about that on the you know about those guys I would maybe they can they got to once they did get through once you start talking we know. But yeah I don't know if you ever knew that the lights I went to defend his on a pretty good memory he might remember you might remember that then you might. Or you send. Pulled the old call in a pretend I'm somebody else move one of left something I regret this Knight who was later with a that you were you flying. The key. Maybe but I keep the is only as good as that Britain Bradford Q. Whatever I think we'll all be able Roemer called and pretended to be somebody else real and none of us caught it until after you don't mean layer. Out hey I don't do I answer it and we get well it's the car. And news you know it took me hours Rios. Keep track of inches is going to come. He shyly disguises voice finally it's tied up now Bruins and the Ottawa Senators are tied up at three. Wow. We got to keep we got other comic we really did predicted that I did predicted that property and this I thought they were gonna get smoked in a look like I was right. And now live aid made a monstrous thunderous comeback year. In the second period about five and a half ago it is 33 Bruins. Marching back here as storming back here. And I was David hoster knock on a power play goal assist from Charlie Mack a boy how about these. How about these goals here and he's cut Hostin that's his first goal the playoffs first ever playoff goal for him and up Mac avoid getting in on the action. We have an assist from Tommy cries and an assist from Charlie Mack of way these are your defense been here tonight. And they make it work in the second period another lead coughed up. By the Ottawa Senators whoever won told me you can't let him get a lead. Because they'll go back and they're trapped in you can't eat can't come back out of this is the second time. In three games that they've come back on the Ottawa Senators seek and take that whole reputation of theirs. And kids they all watch it you know light. Honestly at this point of Ottawa's like this team back in in at this juncture knowing how weak there are on the Blue Line. Listen. Ottawa's not play great series you. So I don't know hopefully the whole line here I'd really hate to see this team just get brushed aside because of these injuries but there they're Leven and all on the ice you gotta give that. It's the Celtics are going to be able to turn around after. Last night did. In around you guys there plays every game yet well yes it is I think you well this worked out exactly as I would have logically flawed. For him to take time off in the right there with the scheduling. It's a ridiculous thing to think about logistics of a funeral yeah buy it. If you're gonna kind of make it work inside the playoff schedule this is there. Yeah they're playing as well and then Wednesday and Thursday in Iraq game three would be Friday so. Depending on what they do and who the hell knows but the way to Brad Stevens said it today is that Isiah will play tomorrow after the game he's gonna fly to Washington. I don't know exactly if there's going to be service of its gonna be twos there went there what it's gonna error when they're there is there what it's going to be. But I do know that a lot of the players in the celtics' wanna go through it and it expressed denouncing him. And that's a pretty incredible I ever that's true yes that it's even pull that off would be. I can't think of the situation in the middle playoffs here you probably skipping some form practiced right. Yet you would think so unless they go all the practice on the commerce like that which I guess that probably could if they want to bit. Yet and I doubt I mean I don't know he's the whole team's gonna go like it's. It should go I situation. That kind of travel frankly keeping good war. Competition now if if you're flying that far is. That's not what you want it you can abort. Yes I would think so I mean that's a crime with all the way across the country except well not necessarily easy to go to Chicago guard. Still let's not go along a lot of close you still you know if you can avoid it by if they wanna do that I mean listen Isiah Thomas I don't know what that. Locker rooms like I don't know how how together they are great if that's something that they all wanna do when they decide as a team we wanted to do this issued those. So I think it's gonna get harder for him as the series goes on probably am kind of happy that numbness of of yesterday. And then once you're more time to process this. It feels like you're only to the emotions and only get stronger and kind of more confusing. Yeah I would I would think so I I don't know I mean it's being from personal experience after death in the family whatever I and the wanna go to work though. I just wanna do something take my mind off of and something like this actually haven't you very recently that I came in writing committee and hired Greg came in the night afterwards. It was great it was great to just do something else and talk about something else but then when it's over in your right that elevator I mean you know like you just their shoes you. Right and I don't know I mean and this is just doing it show in the middle of the night Isiah Thomas has the play basketball game in front of millions and millions of people on TV. And deal with every you know aspect of that and by the way thanks TNT for shown crying every ten minutes you know and eventually. Yet he was having a tough David Ferrer all these opportunity commission on the crowd cheered form can show all these things and you just keep blasts in and sit in their cry it's like mine you know little. Is modern media which aren't sure how one lives on. Emotion tragedy whatever might be out that's what sells quick decisions like the March Madness resume and an indicator as you know played his last college game saw the thing that's wrong I don't think that's wrong I think that's part of it but this is someone who just lost the fame and you know someone is mourning the death in the family. I think that there's a line that they went way over with that. But that's just that's just me personally I'm also what you think he she would Charles Barkley said now Charles Barkley. Before the game we have the sound Izzo is right on the money will listen. I actually agree with Barkley and everyone went out of their way to misconstrue this which I thought it was really strange is Barkley says enough you know outrageous stuff they. This year and even registered to people are really touchy about this that the that we haven't. I'll see if we can get. I thank thank you name and the Marines don't look it up for me here but basically just double was partly said that after seeing the video of Thomas crying he's Ike. That made me uncomfortable scene and I felt uncomfortable for him you know maybe he's not ready to play it wasn't a good looking and people thought they when he said it wasn't a good looking male it's not a good look for me and the cry. But he Matt Light. I see a guy crying before game like that I think he should probably should play. Play Eudora took until we got a concert to rip them. Way attic aren't accurate and people were calling for his job people were you know saying he should be fired is it that way if you dig out context it's now police say are your crime and are very clear how immense that are set in place to get to than it was a little clumsy but I think he got the gist he was very imagery being very compassionate towards Thomas back. He set up my eight you know my sibling guys like that I wouldn't be able to focus. And I'm sure what to say. I'm not feeling comfortable. Within Sid domicile I'm crime like that that makes me uncomfortable so that tells me he's not a miss in shape to play. I'm known autism has gone to an out. But to be sitting on the side. A few minutes before the game crime that makes me uncomfortable for him overhead just you just not a good look in my personal opinion I mean he is clearly devastated when we all will be that we love to sibling but signaled a satellite like. What putting game that that makes me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for him he said you went on to go with. Fur like middle to look at that way on just on first listen. Really. It's just the way the way the first thing that. He's comical look. Yen to which situation there. Others but he said he be devastated like anyone would be needed to say he was V I thought you'd be any went on and so it's more the fact that that was the money quote obviously but he was being very compassionate towards towards Thomas at that. And he was saying at the way you would say about somebody was hobbling around with like a bad a bad ankle or shop and I some warming up and it was a bad luck he was you know hobble around it and look ready to play. That was what he meant. In and I see this guy and the bench here he's really emotional. I I don't think maybe he shouldn't player maybe he's not okay to go play but he didn't say that you know it's not okay for me and the crime. Or anything in there was one man rapper were on the morning yesterday and we were waiting for somebody call him. Just say he has to play or take a stance of the way right and I have that happen and you anybody really in the end. You know look totally un compassionate. Jerk you know I think you would have thought exists somewhere they've still wanna crop crawl out of a hole. Maybe I mean I'm sure there's people out there who who think those things but again when you're talking about the death of a family member everybody's different everybody has their everybody acknowledges realities in the you know dealing with stuff like that people think. That the talent somehow that they can make the decision for the player the player owes them something right whatever they would do what the players should do and he. People are domicile get. Yet people are dumb and people project a lot Nate you know. Turn all their anger and you know and self hate on nude athletes of the city that's been going on since before you or are born so and it's not like that's worse for sport now like that's our mortgage securities are still a 61777979837. As your phone number 37937. Asian number untaxed. We're tied up at TD garden here folks 33 your score I guess threats also more stories U the Bruins to take the lead at such coming up next throw mud at night. So it should be happy but I don't want to repair hearts. It's. He. We got ourselves a game TD garden about 28 seconds left here in the second period offsetting penalties makes it a four on four situation love the ruins of a forum for even with this depleted lineup means they only have to vote on defenseman out there which is good because they only have like two. If you can reliant which is interest things so we're gonna take this one into the second. Intermission Bruins now tied up at three haven't relic here for about ten more minutes. Before he has to hit the road are you going to Toronto. I'm not gonna try to go to Burlington so that you Ariel re either Austin sports I multiply them. Music influence on you yank you out of here literally just told me that how's that gone so far you're doing it. Joining of people to rip on it but I I have a good time with that you know I don't think the expectations people tune in for three hours these guys they did that. It's kind of their fuel why. Why not to. Why wouldn't you tune in for three guys now I can drive time radio worry on a commute and you gotta get somewhere I mean you're sitting at home it's on why wouldn't you watcher for more than it. Oca let's of their work there but that's like their programming it to assume that people don't want to. How many people at home you know lately what it will with the normal added beef for somebody like it would be for a show like dad this Seattle to turn over. Or fewer just you've had enough of the brewers are second term to an Indian army and wanna actually talk it's tough I mean obviously it's a programming at the play a game again team but yes yeah after that it was there Bruins on this and I guess that makes sense. I don't know I think for a show like that. For me anyway I don't know about you but I obviously the TV on in the background for hours and hours rush hours to do group go do something run house or whatever rate which is there yeah yeah. That's what to do so IDC champion like dat girl like you know. At a bar like sports are summits on. Speaking here at the same sample of it or some regard it is kind of surprising that there wasn't something not necessarily continuous but. What was the late show that was going in Boston prior to this. The latest radio show let you know latest TV show that was outlined. That would be down in whichever show started and whatever is she essentially started and was that I write for that rookie you know you would think for eleven at twelve. When ports tonight whoever was down the top retired sports and I told the Felger show. Right it. It's kinda surprised like what the lord I thought about it the more sleep at 3 o'clock o'clock at night. They're people who just watched the game who do want some off the alternative maybe to. Another house organ postage and India right. Chair now absolutely. And I think that's part of the reason why the late night show here way it was put in there I mean you know there's a lot of post game especially at this time a year with oh the Celtics in the bro is now the Red Sox still and once this summer really kicks in in the winter sports are over. That's gonna that's gonna change and sort of swing back in our direction here for the late night hours BI think that was sort of part of. I can tell you off there you know when I was a kid when I look forward to was the late because grown up watching the Mets. I'm already double we're ills on Twitter back going you know what it is early 2000 yeah so what I have had eyed Joseph Benigno WFAN in New York. If he goes. Are you doing overnight. Didn't you like win a contest yeah that's just got that crazy orange origin story here. Our contest to get a job on the radio that's why it went Albertson Rhode Island it's whether the what are those people still a loss to Florida that. Screw him but at the picture any thoughts any closing thoughts here before you go anything any any matier anyone trap where you go up there tonight. Any pro wanna try any one liners in my mind occupied. Like L Craig Kimbrel apology to those trashing them to start this season you're. Well because his control was the same thing that was at the end yeah neck collar college said he watched daddy gives a meatballs that's knighted today now it's not a home runs David Price in Naples but now. I really think you fix it this quick. And if he is nine days. Barrel one point said he he's just gonna ease into the back Kimberly is he he's one of the few guys who actually kind of combative with the media. Like he beat Condit said just yesterday. Yeah he will answer the question in in a that you did not answer and while to Google's market be prickly. So is out of line. But he's also condescending tar rack quite like Beckett like bag which is now rate op style Virginia as well. I don't think it's quite Debbie are always is shot to see these guys that either beats out what used to be the players don't that's not true partial guidance about who. Put up a fight with the media some degree in Campbell's one of them. He will go all the way and but today today he was more pleasant maybe because he's shelf for three straight days. Yeah that'll do it and he did yankees it pitched three straight days he was great in these last three days so policy. And probably no go tomorrow on the matter what situation they and tortured him the he is all sonoco. Although it was funny I thought it was funny on the for her was this second or third game of the year. Or when he could recommend for the four out save in Ferrell as daybreak can't till we don't do that. But you know game twelve we'll have a go out for three games. Or arbitrary. Arguably the Ferrell had had. It peril stacked up and say if this is indeed the reasons that you know what I don't trust has control right now. Which might indicates right because it's controlled did suck to begin the year I would've bought that more readily and it's game three. Yeah it's like one up and down one inning break is going to be that difficult for the guy. And listen it has been formed historically he's not been good in those situations but I wanted to do is doing just get out of the way to say try it out if it doesn't work we wanna ask you to do it again. But let's see if maybe he can get one of these instances under his belt where he doesn't completely blow it and then maybe we can try again at another time when we need to light now in the bullpen is shred later everybody's out with the flu or whatever is going on so I. I I thought that would have a more worked out fine you know and it didn't work and you just don't do it again. This whole non save situation thing. It's come up with high games to where he has been bright good effort that a foreign. I don't see why as long as the game is close to. It that it would even have a one even third dollar run and he's pitching. And it's like. This you really think camels walking into a game it's a cages configured so on distract your yeah like. I didn't know what the numbers say but when you really start to think about it doesn't make sense. Now it doesn't make any sense bite it's always call and tell. So important. There's a lot of mental parts aspects of the game that don't make any sense I mean we we a lot of aiding that goes on the relievers to its stature and that's very true and I do think that there's a certain mindset the good closures have maybe that. In other relievers don't. And sometimes they don't necessarily out in Koji was some cold blooded bad as slate you know Trevor Hoffman or Jon Papelbon or somebody like daddy was just a really good pitcher who. You know focused in on those would be even he had trouble in the race like Italy ability you know yet even Mariano Rivera and non save situation was and always. You know a 100% did it's just the way it is I mean it's just the way it is with those guys that's. Cut pro associated. Mara a quick yeah god he blew the biggest game of his life of the people ever talk about. Are they do around here did well maybe that's so maybe talk about 2000 wandered out as reports the odds of 2000 outcast to me that's the biggest game. There's nothing big games of the world's true but he Garrity banning World Series where they won before. Right but never game set and a gash. Yeah I guess and those worst fears were close right they'll both teams hit torque. There any news as Sen up when I had more honorable way. In that in that 2001 in the second nature yes yet it straight so why is remember Rivera for being that down and I think somehow the that gets overlooked when. Yeah I agree Evans relic rated down Mario burger sectional and on that note. I like Christian it was great having you and I appreciate it let's do this again some that it probably won't lettuce is they don't like me with co host but this was fun and I would be if you whatever they like portraits for the mortgage are absolutely if you ever wanna come on late night doors open for and you get your thing but if you ever you know if you're free wanna commend Barbara Jessica we're through your car sounds excellent all right Evans relic find him online at Evan you're liking catcher Muncie is sending cash from around you get from everywhere. We're gonna was soldier on without him. Oki continue to give you updates here on the Bruins is they have now tied it up it is 33 at the second intermission. We'll talk a little Celtics we'll get your phone calls 6177797937. Quick break trending now coming up here on almost on late night on much at night.

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