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Mut at Night - Evan Drellich joins Christian in studio to talk some Red Sox and David Price 4-17-2017

Apr 18, 2017|

Christian is in for Mut and he is joined in studio by Evan Drellich. They discuss the Red Sox win today and David Price’s return timetable.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio. We. Our number until Monday night or can it for my here on this Monday Marathon Monday the most holiest of holidays here evacuation dame Boston nice to have you with us here tonight. I was about to say thanks to stand up that's who they say a late night unite and stand up now at 7 o'clock although if you ran in the race today are probably pretty tired so I thank you for staying upper stand out or doing whatever you do. But I gotta say. There are a lot of people went down with the injuries I mean it was hot out there's we had like I think about 2000 people that I had to get treated at the medical that's. So like you may not see the bars quite useful tonight is usually do. After the marathon and I know you people are the people who go to the bars we still with the blue jacket in the metals and if you ran the race a bunch of times he got all the metals like you bring in Michael Phelps. Trying to pick up girls get free drinks. God bless you good luck and good luck to you ran the race to get to do whatever you want I have no problem with it I'm just jealous I can't run for more than ten minutes that I haven't had asthma attacks. They would leave and finally today. You could walk any where everybody excited rocker type of race at an awful president got home and you know triple the amount time yes. That is the voice of Evans relic by the wayside in a bad job of introducing of Evans relics here as CS NW EEI no longer with the Boston Herald but he is here with me tonight. As he usually would be with Mike or whoever comes it's Hewitt and Tomas. Brad Garrett and Arthur were offered only today Atlanta on Monday that's right I was looking across the Bradford for what three and a half hours yesterday so I'm just happy that. You look at some it is not. That's our rob Bradford you'll you'll grow to hate me soon enough where that there's a reason why they never put you would anyone but as Barry said my nose here. I got out wanted to this man is our bottom must not think I play well with others you something is I'm never with any by get rear admiral to come in at like midnight once a week and that's it other than that. Gil or a year ago right hangs around once allowed to really mean. I'm I'm a big quarantining all the time here that your wife mystery. It's the disease I think I got Red Sox flew that's. They write a Buck Showalter that might take you just throughout I think is the problem Evan first of all great to being here working with you finally we did that one cross over that one time but this the first minutes off five minutes it was a great five minutes I'll never forget it. Provide it's good to actually work with year a big fan your work on the on the morning show. I really enjoyed listening to you yell and scream at those guys. And I while my parents I didn't get divorced I was amateur artist altogether both my parents are lawyers so I think there has ended a big reason why I'm able to sort of talk to myself all night is because I'm used to argue with my parents told sounds like you're regularly child. Noddle brother yet I still have little Brothers he's still he's still exist but I yeah I was not an only child. I feel like that kind of plays into typing shower got an island when you when you're the only one injured you know. Too angry parents do you wish you had siblings growing up we'd like three jealousy your classmates who did on a typical cliche count a little bit yes yeah. Yeah yeah a little bit but there's also like you don't know until you have it right eyebrow I get spoiled like Mike. My grandma loves me and nobody expects that's a that's great whatever works. Well we had a had pretty busy day today all around the sports willbros just getting started we'll give you updates on that game already ran courts about commencing the National Anthem. But I gotta say I was very enthused very relieved I guess is the better word from what I saw from Steven Wright today because I had high hopes for an this season Evan I thought they. He can really be. Big contributor at the bottom of their rotation and after his. Pitching machine impression the last time we some I would start to think maybe maybe not and with the knuckleballer you only get so many chances before they just say OK pull the plug this is working. And I kind of thought tonight you know if he was bad today I thought we'd be another step closer towards that and we are towards whatever they ask. Every kid out there that last start again it was a really terrible start and Stephen Wright got this nice. A bug killer self deprecating quality about Edwards it's like you know anything would have been better he says that righty grant that today he's. I think he could on out there and done less than he did today and would've still been an improvement. But realistically that we forget really quickly. This guy was the only starting pitcher also they had last year and we forget how violent alcohol is when it's moving. In terms of people I like watching pitch he's very high analyst whether the knuckle balls right yeah because. Like we all ultimately pupils was good and solved and also knuckleballer this state different remarkable. It's like eighty mile an hour knuckleball almost any Rogers. What field negro like right but. He can be very fun to watch and he is all important part of the cretaceous stepped forward to it I think people were a little too quick to be ready to freak out if he saw that. Yeah I I would agree with that I think people were counted you know if she ended trigger finger thereby. Even before he had that ridiculous pinch running episodes last season he was start to fall off. In people forget that every once as I was so great until this Ferrell made him go out their contract and it's not really true he had about three or four bad stuff on a bad start by. He was trending in it I don't direction recent outings that though was the I think it wisely weekend shot out there was one but it prior to that. One start and that was a great start no no question about it he was showing signs of not being. Thank god he would can heat keep that right we view what what's kind of the reasonable expectation for Steven Wright is not what he was in the first half last year. Is to be some sort of serviceable back right in the rotation. And I think people thought there Ali was so good to start the year that Aston you know it has even out eventually. It's not this good if he was this good why is he here thirty years old never appeared before in order to like there was a lot of reasons to think that that was sort of a fluke. And starting this year I was just hoping he'd put all that Tibet. And he didn't bite then you know now we sort starting to look more like a guided they can at least toss out there and. That's out there with him at least probably for him how long potential that he. We bribes and trading old by the wage Palmer to Stephen Wright or on delayed schedules. Did mention that those stores and training so we have this. Excitement for this amazing Red Sox rotation of Chris Hill David Price against guys both be helping them. Right off the bat. They mentioned that two guys aren't written to own and the right to be fair. Seemed to be a little quicker than pop solo right now I think if you had to choose between the two of what we choose what got tomorrow. Well yes I'd assume erected just pitch today. That's right they are both ready to go yes Super Bowl so far I think puzzled look on our hands blew me away that start their own knowledge I 96 miles an hour Hewlett. Terrific I could I'd been recognized you know this guy was hit and went 8990 in the spring. Yeah topping out around there I mean he looked like garbage in the Charlotte I think I was healthy. And published it was really turn it around to become healthy that quickly village. Astonishing I mean this isn't a guy recovers. Particularly fast you can play inside this. Remember anything it would you can think about what your Palmer has been through OK you have fans. Braves send him back and very publicly voicing that they didn't want it here right. Mentally that could Wear on you if you're the rabbit ears that David Price Hampshire. That can affect your knee combined with the fact that his forearm elbow whatever. Both are somewhat skirt up. I he's persevered. Rightly. Thought of the sports cliche but I think under the radar Pomeroy it it's on the really impressive job of whether or not justice help. But but a public dislike of him because of the other prospect who by the way it started the year hurts. Right and and listen I don't think anybody's really crying tears over Anderson Espinoza I think the crazies are some of the crazies are I'd like to have back just because at that time I thought Palmer has just finished we thrown 89 in the spring I thought oh my god let's just that we said Espinoza back so a we can have. One decent arm and are in our farm system out there aren't anymore and number 20. Palmer and don't let Brian Johnson denied well we'll see we'll see Alex tomorrow and also about Espinoza Theo. A potential trade chip if they needed to you know flip him for somebody else that they need somewhere down the road this year. Like they needed to Palmer has last year they needed him at that point I or I was on that day it was like today. The day after all everybody forgets getting data needed a starting pitcher in the almost needed to. Buckles and Joseph Kelly or off right at a clip buckles comes back the second half. Finally starts to get together and so. If you've got to look back is that they really need impoverished I think because you had no idea that could buckle was actually can approve usable. Talk about setting an out right after the possibility. That it traded away buckles. And then it turns out it showcased the bullpen and published it took care available and at the end of the season yes he did August the RA was two points that you like Palmer who's got all he wasn't. He was not what he was in San Diego right. But he had a good stretch there just like David Price had a good stretch David Price at times pitched terrific questions second half as you know if you reverse his season. If you have the second half first. The perception of him so much different than Ichiro right now Chris Sale. How much that first impression. Batters. It does break in that would imply that people would be happier he started to get worse at the end of the year. I don't think people would elect that's what I call had called a choker you know. Well let it already on the right at rates right if it's how that kind of taken them out of it but it influence that kinda ended up winning the division that. Like after his first success of sorts at 33 ERA and just some really ugly start. LC we get us and any stardom this. Yeah and that's another thing that really bothered me about that whole situation was she went to go see Andrews and the other guy would the other guy a trash alliger yeah true yes I that I struggled with that name at the time that he remembers. I could not get that guy's name similar. When they went in when he went to see him. Any said listen I would recommend Tommy John surgery for 23 not 31. I just thought well let's just leave him great allies what is what a great thing to say and he's not probably not gonna get it now and honestly. I sort of just wish you wide I wish you just getting and let's get at least one good year here and if it's good enough that he still wants to opt out fine if we have to keep them keep them by. I feel like there's no good outcome now. If he tries to pitch through he's probably not gonna be very good if he tries to page through and then as the surgery on his this year and probably most the next years like just getter overweight. This is with a big mystery comes here because it was never said. That it would necessarily be Tommy to answer he's probably. Talking about Tommy John surgery yeah but he he could also be talking about just forearm surgery. Which is like a 45 months repair so the big thing for me all along with this has been it. You're just doing what reform injury you're not at risk by having him try to rehab this whole season yet it's dumb. If you're playing around the UCL and Tommy John because you are going to lose upper twenties teens in that meeting yet. It's just the form okay. Take a whole season try to get back it doesn't work you send in September October and he should be ready for perjury. It's. In these situations it's always a little more complicated than just one yet. I would agree with that it he says really unique double you don't need UCL screwed up but everything else is probably working well now. That it's been okay. Yeah I got diagnosed with a unique elbow but the that's rare rare form of of elbow stiffness no pisses me off about baseball teams haven't been like wanting to just annoys the crap out of me. Is the way they baby's pictures in and set these picture these young pitchers and even doing it for a decade now fifteen years on solid disgusted with the seventies. It's not because I think they should be tougher in pitch more. It's because they've been doing all this time and it never bleep and works all these young pitchers still have to get Tommy John surgery they all go through Strasburg Lincecum. Cinder guard their fallen out of games now with like anyways thirteen strikeouts in the seventh inning like. All of these guys every single one of them. All of these young pitchers they gave them innings limits they tried to cap off what they can do and they all still had to go have surgery anyway so eventually you sort of wonder what's the point late. Why doesn't everybody just doing it can't find like a clause in your contract saying this the you're gonna have Tommy John surgery sorry I'll be back next you're better than ever I mean it's like every angle guy goes through with the pro. As a second surgery is a lot harder to come back from from the first one particular point in time we had kids going for at least it was a public the year. The people were going for prevented it Tommy Johnson click the slightest little hair yeah in a teenage aren't you would do it. And stuff but you're right and every single GM. Eight to hear these guys talk oh what's the next frontiers medical baseball OK but nobody's actually. Visibly making the advancement and the Mets are kind of an interesting team. Because it avoided injury just because he seemed to be able to develop pitching right click the Red Sox and cubs that position player think Al. Chris Bryant accused of apple let's don't play these two teams but pinching. He would help or simply getting consistent big leaguers is still a mystery to people. I hope you ever really figured out because you're dealing with something that's. So tenuous that literally just a little piece. Whatever I don't know buy it call the doctor what what what does a ligament the piece of something. Yeah these are some of the pins or something but if it's true. And it it hits you at different times at different points in your career in John Lackey came here. You what 31 years old and he did miss the whole season he had surgery I mean like that he should go on port sooner rather than doing any absolutely part of I think and that's what a makes me think David Price should just get a overweight I mean that's if that's what it calls for that's we're talking about that's. Probably just don't know we don't know for sure it's time just yet but but here's the keys and or breaking off the mound yet okay that he was supposed to done it. A couple bullpen to go and they're not really sure what he's gonna do tomorrow. Right out this very moment it is unclear what David Price is next step is that's not encouraging. Right yeah that's that's unfortunate and hopefully we get some sort of clarity on that at some point here I'd really love to see him pitch and be effective this season I'd I'd really hate to see a whole season go by where he could add were solo coming off a Cy Young Chris Allen David Price. And for some reason that doesn't. Look at ourselves. We're saws now what now what do you like what what he was last year Norton mass sect are again. But he still a good pitcher and he's. Think he's he's I think he's close to the report soul of holes right it quick look at the track record. Rated at fifteen when you know Gary and I breeze up tight ends are valuable pitcher and a. But he's not that this I hated this and I used the phrase this trio faces discussion. Guess he was an eighth last year but this assumption that report cell with now going to be this third piece in this triumvirate of aces was a bad assumption. Yeah I would agree with that I think that there's even if if they were both healthy I would his. In some gain even money that Corso would have a better year than price or taken it if they were both healthy I would at even money would taken. Just because the track yeah it's just two people were grass to count what they've been in and price alternately was. There are measurements that Europeans hate this. They say he was worth forty. Saves worth forty million dollars from so one wins above replacement. How much longer know which 69 depends on the tell us if one war worth the million which is apparently well OK yeah I've read about today and he with a five wood pitcher to what was like it or. It is people look at that bird numbers go up because it's so much money right but if you understand the context of like baseball economics. It's not that craze yeah and he he threw so many innings and at some extra. And here I am talking about report solid he didn't just get bombed invited breeze on Friday I mean he shocked and again bright and you'll be that bad yet but that discouraging thing about that adding that he was kind of the way Ferrell talked about it was the same way he was talked about 2015 or so where. Try to overthrow the fastball like that identity crisis of my sinker ball are I try to be overpowering that's not what you want from where so yeah look like last year five of the kind of settled into who we've ones. 61 those are 6177797. And 937 Asian phone number you can texted 37937. I you can Tweety the one of us me and Christian art in having aegis that Evan throw it to their. Yeah okay. They used to be something different. Well there's always has been Ed lavandera welcome. Soared to support nuts okay I know sometimes people change jobs and change Twitter app and postage so in terms of the if it happens sometimes it's funny it's always funny when you see summer's night. You know their name and then the radio station there name of the TV station and the British change it to. You know Joseph Smith radio urges Joseph Smith that you lose your check market prepare for. Is Eric I think if you changing anything I just got verified recently and they didn't know betting on me whatsoever. They didn't even contact me they just gave me probably better commerce something that you put them. You thank you good to talk that I would out and it did at I would be very surprised the better armed today the final one day burger. I just want yeah I was driving to new York and as I was driving there check my putter and there's Bootcheck mark I got followed by the verified account. And and I saw the check marking thoroughly blip on number that was the day you knew you were real person salado I was somebody. I think anyway. I'm still working on all that so that indeed 61777979837. Evan relic is here phone lines are open we'll get your phone calls when we come back here on Monday night. I. Much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. And possible body about a blue line. Not many defenseman in the league first won't drive that point 57 feet inside the offensive blue line with a vault but as the big that play in the zip it up this ballpark. You can see the stick. Putted rise in the lives of plotting right. For the coverage breaks down the path. And today you don't have a stick in the position to take away the nationally but Chris on his left uncovered. Because of the confusion in the room the Boston goal. He carried. The way to say told you so here good Bruins down to nothing early in this one here in the first period a couple of bad breakdowns on defense one leading to a break away Hoffman Mark Hoffman I think with the Arab breakaway goal they're beaten to caress he was wide open is not there. And I dare for sergeants now. Big break down their Tommy cross the Kagan called up from the HL. Lost his stick couldn't get in the passing lane and the senators. Just buried one pass to gates to nothing about ten minutes left here in the first period we'll give you more updates on this one by. I have a feeling people might be diva might be switching over from this one as just your prayers with on the answer I'll ally I don't know about that I I didn't I wasn't Brad. I just I had a feeling that this is gonna happen. And hey all I spent a whole hour talking about you know this is it an especially that kind of goal I just could visualize in my mind. You know trying to pack in on offense and put pressure on Anderson in just puck dribbling past everybody. And and there is often go that's greater the blame when it when it's a series of injuries like this now. Night employment by I mean it's just it's unfortunate it's an unfortunate situation for you know coach in his first playoff series and I don't know why you missed it maybe they can recover from this there's still time for guys to come back with a net tonight it's off to an ugly start their tune nothing Bruins trailing. I just under ten minutes left in the first period are gonna get your phone calls here as promised the 617. 7797937. Evan relic announcer talking Red Sox. And I'll start off with Josh in New Hampshire this hour with a thought on David Price low draft. I guys though I think that there are you going to vote. This you know what when he comes back. And I want to get sort of wow look at now I know 81. Inning. In the first inning which very bad I always in the first inning I think editors yes we of course NATO and their personnel through leadership quietly do your part in burden. More debt laden maybe. I guess saying yeah I was. We're going off. Great. Kimball a disingenuous and of course are out of that eight of fair and are sure I just don't. They'll like him last three days he's been great lately you know well kind of yes or a lot Washington. And whether he like he really broad question that's. We're thinking what are a lot of actually. It would otherwise involved from the site horrible what are you doing what you're doing it on law and you're sort of gotten involved. Well certainly has burned out or such as well as well as flight. Mainly this I told my parents maybe it's important groups. Maybe as of which were like in the house won't room where. They have to look at. Maybe it's insurgent groups. David Ajax that pitching coach got a great season at a record Celadon. It did in excess I hate. There. Report so they've been well doesn't very sort of were all OSS. Surely still on the Cy Young awards can be commodities could barely Viet North Carolina he was a Cy Young candidate he won. I don't care grow auto Portuguese water saver yes so look. Just to write about Kimbrel not being what he should have been last year and he basically acknowledges that he said I got into bad habits list you all saw that with his mechanics. But I don't think too often you're trying to pagan out coach or manager Craig Kimbrel. This is nobody else's Carl Willis didn't bail Craig Kimbrel after Craig Kimbrel failed Craig Campbell when the game went bad. Part of a test I don't mind their parties' relative price you're right you're going to coming to Boston. You do want are cartridges which that you're going to failure stood a class once again and then. Purchase some of the fans why do you walk why do make money you're getting in my opinion. Dear price rose you'll come back that you go well for her over fine do your character. He's not gonna goal for fights back and lose five starts and Josh thanks for the call appreciate. A couple of things number one batting he's I don't know I wrote an article five Craig Kimbrel I didn't think was bad last year. And getting us live in all of baseball no use to cleanup and when it was just the normal traditional save he was very Gary was one of the top you know he. Only two blown saves I think on a year if you bring him in and any other situation he's a portal but you know indebted. Traditional and whenever closure comes in the games generally on the line usually saw mean. I I was I was pretty comfortable with him last year a lot of people weren't and I wasn't it was a Nunn's situation. It's September was really where it. Reared its head we saw at other points in time the control what kind of player here in the air yes he hasn't seen streak that goes back to June of last season. But but that's not really the right description because he blew that game at Yankee Stadium that night they clinched yup which in the end might have impacted home field advantage right here. So I don't like to bring up the State's streak with him his walk rate went up almost two batters per nine here but. His strikeout rate went up and you furious so he was still nasty right he just he could have been even better than to start this year. His first game he breaks occur ball off and somebody's knee right he could not controls her ball and just look like you were going to the same as last year. Now he looks like the guy that you thought you were getting when you make entry. Yeah and he was excellent today struck out decide it looked totally in command and just you know. Vintage Greg Campbell I was I was encouraged by that and encouraged by the right. Seven of nine in the city except for yeah it's nine guys and sevens here yet he was terrific and hopefully that continues in Toronto starting tomorrow's first series with the blue jays. The team that I think who is gonna be their biggest nemesis this season out an ad ad didn't catch everybody's previews I've read some reviews and Al sort of ran together in my brain so forgive me he said this in your previous. But I thought it was gonna be Red Sox blue jays neck and neck for most of the year. Everybody thought divisions that kind of shake up the weight of last year I was high and the Yankees and so much is he just you know which are getting to there was a possibility that rebuild who's gonna. Play up quicker than people expected and so they had inexorable and so far too but the blue jays start. They've been terrible or people. It's this or announcement but they've Josh Johnson's hurt. Sanchez hurt that they're purchase their cup all the part of the seams and you know it too intense stretch it is important season doesn't stand out as much but to be in the year like that man it's that's that's that's trouble and wrong. Yeah it certainly is IE I'm looking forward to this year he's I wish that there was some another and bright chance king the start the first game all well. It's nice to see him back and a he had a lot of issues last year with anxiety and such and so you know it's nice to see some sort of bounced back from that elderly to bomb tomorrow. But stroman going for Toronto he could never agree here last year so who knows maybe a little give and take. You know Johnson. When its first game we have hit. In the face by a line drive them a couple starts ago this year to at all and second line drive and again in the minor yes she's your arsenal to start and a he's OK so long standing of chemical yesterday's all right. Not to be who make light of the situation but if you add anxiety before he got drilled in the face with a line drives. How do you not after that via you know I have anxiety just thinking about. It was him who went through that Robert leave them orchestrate the hands that's been through a lot who has the guys can hit with a line drive. Bryce. Price brands now the pitchers in my days early to the price flurry member price Hillary yes whoever he got hit with a line drive space was just a match bloody. Yeah I just I doubt it whenever ratio think about that the John I needed reconstructive surgery after the first one he really. This is this year no no first of first time he got me in the face out there. Wow. Well he's gone tomorrow and our Rhee is on paternity leave. Which is just adding to the list the reasons why Boston Red Sox of missed games so far this year I'm now one of those anti paternity leave people don't have kids it's only one in the market right. Yet there's one who's open about it I think there's other people who've sorted feel that way but don't wanna say it. Regardless I don't have kids and I feel we're judging people for what they do to see their care when he some of the border where that. It's not your business so I mean it's the same as judging I think Thomas for the plays or not that. It costs a personal stuff like that is needed yeah I'm sort of with you there I mean if you missed like a whole week of the way he doesn't you know. Perjury is is not OU Red Sox and X anything right again Bob Knight isn't generic childbirth. The station that's yeah I it endless if if I had kids I'd probably have a more or developed opinion on this honestly when I have a valid opinion one way or the other. But I just don't so I don't care they you know what I mean all right fine it's what you did we. There are other sports guy Carol I don't know what's gonna complain about the threat and I mean and the list of things pregnant bereavement leave the full wounded injuries all of these things. It sucks that we have one for each category but you know he'll be back in. It's too bad he's risen to start here this rock. You by the statement today that respect because the guy they called up they made the move reported today's game. With Ben Taylor oh yeah I was pitching the seventh and got out of a jam I don't know we shouldn't pitching match at a bit but for some reason John Farrell thinks that OK we got runners on second inning. This is the time to go to the rookie right we just called up for one day rather than the more established. Established but more established he every who'd and the pitching the eighth inning because some reason. The eighth inning is more important than the seventh inning with people that makes sense but hey the that you can't not get too much to the bullpen has been great rent a movie is worked out even at. There are a little questionable. Yet of the bullpen actually has a way out performed what I thought of them start the year and the word out performed no Smith no Thornburgh. In joked that not even really an established the eighth inning guy it's becoming every now but remember the season started everybody wants farms barns Joseph Kelly I mean you know there was a lot of names and none of them really major wanna get up and start breakdance and so. But he's got management trainee who was assumed to not be on the team and now he's dealing yeah Randall bod miners will be left for. Yeah taking two million documents are being singular trade deadline pick up last year July 31 they make one. Move it for this guy yeah it was him on the playoff roster he might as well look beyond this. I know he might as well not be it's and maybe they'll need him down the stretch shall be one of those you know Paula I am actually good god bless you can easily. Honestly if you almost get to a point of misuse because the guy's numbers. We sucked when he got the Red Sox but he actually even on the wrestled Pletcher was getting its. Yeah he was she was he was better than everyone thought but it just so easy to make jokes at his last name that that's what people remember on the headline writing dream. I herald. Yes I have joined there are usually are my enjoying it so far yeah. I Carroll talked about it via so hard dollar federal law just because it's your yes right yeah you've left I didn't take your job done. Don't know that what to Chad Jennings that's right who I haven't met yet but everyone says his leg against us. On the yet so form a joint but I'm not an odd that in Poland should be OK we're done with them or don't follow that what do you think about John Burris over this year. Well if he's bullpen moves of blown up bottom at the keys have some people coffers had more readily. But we can't percent last year I was no not really in and the reason was by the time. Let's get like June or July my argument was that the club is okay. You don't like slam dunk guy. That you do need season last year it's gonna comment do the job and I didn't by the toward the bell argument is people see Soledad and it. 2015. And and because it's hard to put a better outlook Belo was somehow the reason. Lately it might be perfectly good. Rumblings through that some players didn't in that light him more than Ferrell to I mean that was in some guys who are on the team now but I guess at this time there was certainly ire and I'm on late night do you like people bomb stuff. Solid and in the loop and I solar. Does the job for a chances stellar reputation. He just didn't make sense in this a lot of things this season. You do that yet and I just didn't see the value and it outweighing the risk you know and and well. Also remember it's about the growth. Right you can't go through too many managers. At some point this team will fail. The growth yeah visible to wire and it goes in to John and that's that. It brings on somebody else that manager fails and you look at the yep Yang are more balls I think most of the media are Smart enough to realize win. Even if you wanna paint and on the manager. S is not how it works it's like you're corporate structure you know that's exactly right bottles in the way funnels it just the way it is by I think people are starting it well. I want mounting debt wise is maybe the right way to say this but. The Rask he's already seeing some criticism here just as all's players he acquired you get hurt. This is nice smile he really does it really does latest Roger's son he really does I thought this for a long time now we're on the same page with that. Every time I see him up in the Booth they expect normally take off the sweater and change issues and you know her go to the land and they are on the back where some like networking Friday. But yeah idea. Yeah. Nice. Yeah he does he's a very in and just seems like very little Fella and let people are. Picked up this hurt right now and that's true super Purcell. He he promised guys get hurt. Also buying hi Mikey yeah you're paying top dollar in whether it be actual dollars of prospects for these relievers. Investors it's not Smart and it's just not a Smart baseball works. The good thing the fortunate thing for the Red Sox is that the resources academy that go way. The kind of cover that up but if you are another team can do what the browse keeps doing you can't just. You know throw throw as much money you want around and not kind of maximize your return on. Efficiency. Is not his thing right at holiday that refuge here. Let's get rich Warren okay. They did a good job with it it Whitney we can not go for some of those that that we didn't turn around and acknowledge. You know. The scouting job that was done it's warm and because they saw something there and it's playing out he's he's a streaky guy in shorts. That we're seeing. Hottest version of it right now. But credit to David Brown he found it good first base five going down. Yet no question about it 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on text. They're just about to the first intermission Bruins trailing the senators by a score of two nothing. We'll keep you updated with scores in that one quick break cougar effect after the utes. So much that night on Sports Radio. We EI. Just to. Play at all. Outside on a lot sorry but I have but the quality is not over there right. Give me. It is very executives. That is that it is. We've toward. You can't name me this afternoon the upon the war. And memories there as patriots he's really. Kind. Oh. They do wrong. Well I'm humbled both on both very. We'll. Did not play the man that we have the latest on the back from every commercial is delegate thing is that any imaging like it has to be the son. It's attached to every break I saw lots and he's. Mike yeah busy tonight against him into the game and there are sure I understand that it's hard it's tough to do you feel like one day. Very let's issue well I thank you look. I like much but then might put me up against Callahan in the first round of those. Not a whole bracket like that which I feel like the most bracket the and I only have one baby tees that week I was that was the week the opening round of the NCAA tournament. So Thursday and Friday we were preempted by the games. And I only have one day to beg for votes so I got I did OK I mean I was a second we had the second closest match up behind Keith and dale. It was I was challenge of winning. I'll Ali Canadian dollar policy Mike yam much said it not much set himself bouncer at this we are matchups yeah for me about what Callahan. Well our road all the in the oil fragmented. You wanna win that. Well. If I ever you don't wanna lose our round and anything that is the last name. If you with Tomas easier it wise you know home was known was stop and entering no stop in the GA teacher and that things you know shrug and along. Losses is they force. That guys is a great writer. I like them I see a lot I think he's a great guy I really go I ain't what you care about. Nothing. I think he's a great guy he's Smart he's five an opiate there's people that there's little here responses like which is to that and it's too bad and you know what if that's something if you're listener out there right now which is will refuse the average is Tomas he is a spy gate OK it's your -- it's your right as an American. We emission out of some good studies degree greater. Uses very very strong contributor WEEI dot com I'll read this stuff. And I think he's granite radio it is an agitator the morning show yes and they hate him and this. They hate you meet Ares I guess for all Raleigh or road so that right I suppose I don't know I'm not doing anything right these things. Anyway 61777979837. His phone number 37937. Your number on text haven't relic in the house here we're talking Red Sox. Should we should I or should anybody be concerned about the offense so far I mean is there. There five Gary invited her only concern is to Davos audience which I am yes. They get other runs like one inning they go long stretches without doing anything negative I'm not I don't love what I might last year the complaint was that they would score early than ever score early this year than scoring late but not early and it's like. So I think you're the good players on both sides like. You people ever happy right. The homer and the puzzling but when I think about it you lost one guy. David Ortiz. He hit a lot of home run count and confident in what the rest of the law has been basically the same. So you can reasonably expect the home run for the power will be there and I think that you showed some pretty good. Politics obviously they've they've you know they've been down what you come back said that you know later tickets at least three times at this point. A coupon step in that they've they've done well they have made some combination. So. There average with runners in scoring position as one of the best it's. I think it's I think it was chair picking last year they were the best office today they're not gonna be that this year right but they are still in good offense. And if people could appreciate you all that's last year well your honor I need to get your head around this. Yet the end if you flashed your wasn't good enough wary unity this year I'm just. Worried that they're gonna have to start squeezing sandy Leone and Christian Vasquez in the lineup now and bring up some other catcher is those two guys are both raking. That that mid season decision if these guys both keep saying I'm skeptical they will both keep it where at least one of them probably falls off. When you look at a point where it just just hypothetically and they keep playing well you've probably got a ruptured. Because it to have a guy who could be playing more and other team is more valuable right the team to go out get a piece you need yeah I don't know what piece that would be maybe. So that he can actually hit. Lefthander pitching at third base but he. Are you talking about the team home run leader publishing and the law. Got him home run leader who. Anything LaGuardia at 143 and during the day yes but he is leading the team at home runs which is worth a big home runs and got that look he's a platoon player yet he can hit right handed pitching from left hand side that yes he can let's go to your phone calls your 617779. 7937. Jason is in New York with a thud on the third base situation without days. You guys are still my underwear at that started talking about. Let's get you Jason first of all through things number one it's our funders it's all our thunder you have no thunder and number two we were doing next week I wanted to talk about third baseman so let's use that as a lead instead of complaining about it. Well you just edit rights and the ball seems to be good left handed option. And unfortunately you're next you're stuck in the third best option there Hernandez then maybe all who were also coaches are redundant pieces yes I'm ally in the lineup right now Molly first question though. What about Swire well at least he's such a good athlete and I think he's proven that he might be amazingly better. Are are they gonna stubbornly insist on economic catcher combat does look pretty well yes and staying in power here. So the incident that they wanted to develop the catcher and they wanted to do that going into the season because we didn't know what's into the you know or Christian basket would be as. He's also more valuable. Long term as a catcher you that the justice trade bait. And then there's rep mild peppers right you've got a legitimate right prospects. Are. Let's back and deeper into because of diverse. I guess there are. Rice you don't wanna kind of stunts like arts development further for May be a marginal offensive upgrade. For one season. It marginal calling him against her oh against left handed pitching played third base and universe to pull 25 man they complain left and right field and catch. If he can actually become that person will play and that's that's asking a lot Jason I mean that's a that's a big ask for. A guy who you know conservative. In between now at last feel last year before the injury no I mean I don't doubt her. The question is if if these guys hold on a catcher wielding Vasquez are both. You know capable and they actually hold onto him they don't trade one that would reduce wire two traits wired or do you make this your utility player that Jason's talking about. I think in the short term I mean if you look in the women 2017. And you can get your 25 by Pascal ice I don't know I'm worried about hole I like Marc Warren and his book again either redundant peace. I just concern any big vacillate so leave it there is there a right handed bat scheme it left handed pitching they're third date and I don't we just try to answer. I agree with you on bro yeah what about ratings one hour. It becomes what are your top. All right hatred and Swire only because I don't think they eat at the peak of his value he might be really got a we we at least Cadillac let him hit 320 at triple A for two months and maybe then we address that. Maybe down the road I still wanna trade in my I think you tonight's beat and you know for what commended Jim Bolden. It's complicate pocket Dombrowski and Dombrowski and Canberra attacker and all but this guy. With Swire. Yeah yeah I've actually heard the opposite Rosie thanks for the call Jason. Portraits lighthearted maybe that's been church and calling lenders who could be the end did the grass yeah I'm sure he thought about it. Yeah I think I'm sure he thought about trading every single prospect on this and tired the united least. It in his mind assigning value to woman thinking OK if somewhere down the road this year I need X. I can turn it to whoever I can turn to be announced. Blake's wired whoever I mean that that's that's something you have to when you have that job yet to think that way right but with the Murkowski I mean held. All that sugar is there a greater than 50% chance that they finished the season with all three of Julio Vasquez and why are still in the organization. Onions. Don't argue why agents guys gone. By July 31. Yeah I think they'll all be in the organizations the for summary on the Internet well I don't think you I think that Vasquez and Leon will be added that the catching console in all for a one of them have to at some point. I'd I'd hate to say it but it's probably going to be sandy announcing Vasquez is really that good of an offensive player period so you know when San Diego is so go to catchings. Holds the lead Vasquez has been in my leg cake in the say it is fine to drive at all that kind of stuff maybe also pretty on felony were not talking about some guy who's. In January on what 29. Well this is the reason nobody can would send out because the age yep and that's important is an unreasonable it buys you can't get better as you get older. And tell girls got the appointment whatever you want to believe John Ferrell but he's got to the point where he says this is not Lou. Actually don't particularly if he destroys. You dodge I think he's a serviceable catcher it not necessarily any. 300 plus that are fine the key to be capable offensive. But Kenny play third base that up again he would be the second fattest third baseman hand. The buildings they took my advice on high slim margin you would be their second panther vision. If you've probably more muscle. And here are part I like the Marco third base to unit against a lefty because Marco shown he can do it. Hit lefties in the mine yeah and I just have no faith NC double switch it what a bummer. That was like to see. Having your hawkish it last night at the he was a picture of Bogart's in and it's at the game is that the game. Guerrero. Are you would argue your defense first. Basically it lets face it first round cost how dare you go to a playoff game. If you fly does that upset you wired things is not like the other is all is my point right you're looking at. Two all stars were guys who nearly beat all my truck for MVP yeah and Gavin are rarer I let it just. I get their friends admirals and talking to drive up Oprah if they get paid but it's funny. You see likely Garret blunt Julian Edelman and might need Abner yeah. It's like about what to undergo the Sox got her to the wrong girl he had an error rate I like them Marrero because he comes up to two phones bike navigates. Which is hilarious is that song about being cracked the that's why it's through policy ones for his friends ones for when something that's got sick and yes you did yeah. For the Kevin gates reasoner for work. For work at her in her purse check money and into pop. I'll work as Asia and its reason if you if you try to log into the Comcast email system might have like. Three different passcodes that are at stake token in particular that sounds like fun. Not. In Africa and we're into we're gonna take a quick break here 61777979837. Is your phone number you can text in. At 37937. Drugs saying now for another hour this is our Canon from bottom out at night.

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