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Mut at Night - Christian is in previewing the Bruins 4-17-2017

Apr 18, 2017|

Christian is in for Mut tonight and he is fired up for some play-off hockey. Christian previews game 3 as the Bruins prepare to face off against the Senators at the Garden tonight.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio. EI. Thanks hey as nice. Hello everybody. As mud at night Christian art again and for the six to ten slide here maybe a little bit more after that not quite sure what the plan is there but it's great to be back on the air great to be with you all here this evening. On this the holiest of Boston holidays Marathon Monday. I hope everyone had a wonderful day downtown if you were down there are if you were just tailgating or even you ran in the race congratulations to everybody ran today. Really a nice day in in Boston weather wise it was great. That really saw some some some nice things at the finish line today. And that would get into some of that a little bit later on in the show sign nice when from the Boston Red Sox an hour getting ready here. Time ticking away fifty or so minutes until we drop part. At TD garden tonight. The Boston Bruins in the Ottawa Senators game three there are lots to get to hear. And they just wanna get it out of the way right now. Can't talk about last week. And I'll I'm not arguments about don't Colin don't text ad please don't expect that phone call and and let's just move on with our lives here it comes up at some point weighed down the road maybe but now it's just that. We talked America on Monday here I'm very happy to be back in this seat. And not doing late night tonight I believe mr. Gilroy will be in to do late night. So I'll be doing much show and then when it says art can't nice actually gonna be Dora which can be confusing for some people but it's a holiday these things happen. Nothing out of the ordinary anyways again just wanna say is wonderful to be back here. And Al on the phone lines up here early and often it's 6177797937. You can text and at 37937. You can tweet me is always at Christian are cans. Nice when for the Red Sox today and we'll get to that a little bit with Evans relic he'll be joining me at 7 o'clock I know usually in this hour reach Keith jumped some of my. But since Keith was over lax these it with Hamas he didn't make sense to do the whole. You know you stayed that Doug lane wanted to get allied there he just wants the ball you know doubling its whole yet you've. Yeah of Venice is 4 am. Is that right exudes. A million to get into Boston for all the other remote this morning that's right where we're Kirk and Jerry were at what the AT&T sewer at the AT&T story out there. They were eighteen the then there was the game. And then it was jets that was dale they're tethered ego right the gorillas here in studio he was here studio OK so. Yes very very confusing lots going on a lot of moving parts here WEEI today. But I am here alive and 6177797937. And you text 37937. Yet so that are. I wanna get into the Celtics a little bit we'll have more time to do that after seven of course. But I wanna spend most of the first hour here talking Bruins as we get ready for this game three. A couple of things that make note of number one I said in the training David creature will be game time decision tonight. I've not seen any updates on his status I know that he was skating today and from what I heard at morning skate crate she was not looking. Particularly spry I guess is the best way of putting it will operate little. Little mechanical ability was where in the bat man's suit you know one of those sort of deals by. I gotta say if David Krejci can play if he can go that would be a big boost for the Bruins and there's another name there's another player who might go tonight another forward. No charge may play tonight. And you may say big deal about military what what really is he contributed towards the end of the season he really found a scoring touch a big hitter. He's got that I would actually like to see there are OP can recover and be a boost for those bottom two lines because. Well the third line in particular just as having so much trouble and has for months now the fourth liners really pass them and be nice to get a little bit of pop there maybe a little scoring touch. Down there on the third if that's what they end up doing with a cherry will see but the big story tonight here. What to do about this defense how is Bruce Cassidy going to get these guys ready to go and how what sort of a deep pairings were gonna be looking at here. This is I mean this is. Really serious. There's no other way to put it. This is a serious situation UF forty year old Zdeno char now who played eleven minutes in the third period in in game two witches. A lot I mean that is a lot for a guy for anybody certainly a forty year old defenseman. And I gotta be honest with you. They might need an even more than that tonight. You know he he's in that first pairing which Charlie Mack a boy which is worked out pretty well so far. By year getting needed minutes adding him no Adam Quaid notorious crew Colin Miller I guess is a game time decision but they're saying probably not on him either. And it was the fourth one who's well on branding Carlo right Carlos knock on an idea that this is. Sort of unprecedented because what we've been saying all season long about the brewers the real issues on the Blue Line. And we thought that from the very beginning of the year I mean most people going into this season diet. The Bruins were probably miss the playoffs again and the reason would be because they're they're defense was good enough. They didn't have the personnel and for much of the year it seemed like that would probably be the case they had a real. Real hard time getting back on dean just avoiding mistakes break outs for slow start I mean they had they had an awful start of the year those defenseman and eventually. Through I osmosis I guess I mean they just got better and it was it was really a sight to see especially. Under Bruce capacity they played some really great team defense and looked like a team that had a renewed sense of purpose on the Blue Line. And then to see four of your top six go down in the span of two weeks is just. Off all white guy rural. We're talking about I mean the entire Providence Bruins defense on this team right now. Mac avoided it forget the Providence Bruins the Boston University defense now. Mark Ed meg per is Wiki way beyond what he played a Mac avoiding they just missed each other. Mean you should be you ever watch him and hockey east tournament gives the river rocks a few years back Kim won the Belmont knows from Charlestown he's he's called up to the team Arnold he's playing tonight. By there's him a Mac Voight Tommy cross Joseph Moore I mean these are the Providence Bruins out there and you know I I'd. I really hope that these kids tin can keep it together. And at least not make too many mistakes but eventually. You just keep replacing your veterans. HL players it's. It's very rare that ends up being a net positive for it's very rare that that situation ends up working out in your favor. And the more these guys going down or not they Adam McQuay was the linchpin keeping an altogether that Torre Kruger Carlo or any these guys. Individually. Need to be out there for the Bruins to succeed but to lose them all the same time off. It's just a kick in the lead in the bills you know just the Brad marsh and slap on the pills is what that is. And I don't I'll I don't know what to make this game tonight I really have no idea. You know you're gonna be relying on another. Providence brawn to go out there and play well for you when at this point I'm just not picture that they can keep going to that well and expecting it to work out and by the way. News flash it didn't work out game until. You know he really did and I had high hopes for Joseph Mauro and you know what I didn't think he played at bat of the game. To be honest with you I'd put a little more of that loss. A token that I do on the defense defense wasn't great. By Duca had a bad third period and that is I mean that's not up for debate not not here on the she can call and if you want to wait on CIA can defend that he was bad. And you know it's good that happened some time. It's really unfortunate that it happened any game where after losing equate his McQuay went down with the injury and then they scored two goals to make it 31. They did that without a and then in the third period boy did they just all part. They really just fell apart as a team it was it was brutal. It was a it was a tough period of hockey to watch for a playoff team and if that's what you're carrying over into. And a man I gotta I gotta act and I hate to say it's not a bad feeling about tonight. I hope I'm wrong I hope the Bruins forwards can go out there and and keep the pressure on Anderson. And in the and the senators in their own zone I think that's the key to beating this team. You have to just keep the pressure on you have to do that you can't fall into their trap you can't fall behind all the all say there's. The two big things everybody said about the Ottawa Senators in the bros gonna have to do you can't let them get a lead and if you get a lead you're also act both of those things. Utter nonsense in the first two games of this year. Ottawa had a one nothing lead in game one of the Bruins came back and beat him through one of the third period no. And oh yeah by the way Bruins were up two goals going into the third. And they end up losing that game in overtime. So not only did the senators not protect their lead but they played pretty well from behind as well so you know take out everything you thought you knew about the series. And throw it in the garbage but one thing you ten. Certainly in unfortunately. Noted be true was that the Bruins are gonna have four count them four Providence Bruins out there on the Blue Line. And that is just that is a tough pill to swallow here as we. Get ready for game 36177797937. Asian phone number. 37937. Asian number context let's get your phone calls here early and often that's usually the late night promise but Omega the mud at night promised to hear. And they'll start things off of Justin in New Bedford with a thought on the agreed to with an update on David greet you. Hello just an area. Eight acres or don't and I'm fine what's gonna great show unfortunate the real source achieved much more moderate the scale of which I'm sure my daughter's. And very. Charlie Hanger and Gerard thought. We'll give me your update first in the they they can rely just to keep your eyes on the road just in Ottawa and when dinner here. I heard from somebody no if you remember associated with the for once you can't. Richard council to play it would start there. Yup every bag that's what I heard this morning and that's who we practiced with and Nationalists. Were more and it cherry or serve a cherry Coke and if he's lion that's great news. Scorers on the four of course Seton. And the trial yup. Okay and where you're simply defensemen here earlier church aisle please yet well don't text and drag let let let one your daughters read it to her she put her on the phone throughout. Now. OK that's a bit different for sure. Yeah. And we have Euro or more Miller okay. Quake column or Kevin Miller and Marcum and chart yep. Unfortunately columns on an oval that's right that's what they're okay and go on we. We're outside a llama aware of that just that I've been yelled about it for fifteen minutes here yet it's. You know and Tommy cross is Ian. I was honored to. All right there you go I mean that's that's it that's part listen Justin. I hope the day I hope that they give you get game tonight but I got a bad feeling about their defense that is a lot of Providence Bruins in the upper Owens. Oh why. Credit they're a threat of boats rubio in my. Play with art the first written it was it was spent in the third period on the kid and they certainly work into periods through the fell apart. I don't think this is settled urged in could be crucial part toward your. Arc in the fourth sprint Riddick at first. Oh in the regular season. Yeah yeah. The last yeah yeah yeah am that was that was that it was an event and then. Yeah I think you're right I I remember it was a bad hit on this on the board yeah I'd like. Some get. Well I don't think it's gonna happen in the playoffs just maybe next year yeah right there are all out washing tools. Yeah so I'd much rather I'd write I'd much rather not play him for the Bruins advance Justin eight did thank you for calling you and enjoy games and daughters of that. I I I hope your right Justin thanks for the call 6177797937. Major phone number 37937. That is your number on text we're talking Bruins here is they get ready to drop the puck in game three with the Ottawa Senators. Tell me what you think about it fault lines are open we're gonna take a quick break we'll be back after this mud at night arcana from. It's much at night on sports. And. We want to make it two nothing. I don't think guard anybody and are among our decision time satisfied with a split mu or twenty minutes away from being up 20 so. That's way I look at it. No matter where we play or good hockey club home on the road so we went every game for the game plan to win the game so we're disappointed. Finally simple. Are right this is it the most important game of the season. Everybody drunk. Yes OK good. But at night here are getting from my. However haven't relic during the show at 7 o'clock. Dark Red Sox and their Red Sox with a nice win today we're talking Bruins pregame here as the v.s get ready for game three tonight home. And it's the garden against your Ottawa Senators team they'd. Did whatever it was they couldn't do it comeback from a through our goal deficit in game 20 on Saturday while I and everybody else is at Fenway. It was funny because at Fenway on Saturday. The when you go with the you know with the entourage with the intercom monster. Everybody rotates at these nice seats down front. So I got to go down there when I went down there the TV's you know TVs along the red. Rate there at the front there. Beyond the backs up the TVs facing out there are offshore on the ground. And I stop paying attention it was 31 that was Bagram on the Sox game now check up on the score that's 33. The bleep out of your house at 33. And then I made at the start paying attention right as they viewers for notes shot went in. And honestly I couldn't I do it was it happened very quickly even when I went back and watch it again I couldn't believe how fast that all happened I mean it was just boom boom boom RA. Two minutes and all the sudden we got a tie game and then. On that overtime what was it Dana Chara doing. What was that. I just I don't it looked like he did it on purpose it was just so nonchalant the way flip that puck over with twelve seconds left to go in in regulation in the it was you saw. One necessary. I just keep replaying that moment over and over gold what what was that would really mean if we have a little perspective here. We're talking about a forty year old guy who played eleven minutes in that third period which is a lot for anyone. Let alone Zdeno Chara. And he was gassed I mean they were all get everybody was tired the end and making. And when you only have five defense in those things are bound to happen I mean did McQuay went down the first period. They sat on merely a little bit and Ottawa had brought the rush they got a cheap goal to make it 32 in the and they tied it up honored legit one and then you saw what happened at the end. And believe me if you know they they rang the post twice before they buried their goal. You could tell I mean you could just tell loses the overtime was starting this is not good. And an almost the second targets out of the box bowl game over. But that rate there is indicative to me. And I have always sort of believe this but I've been hesitant to really come out and say it by as charge goes over the Bruins and you saw the last two years. Close Julianne for whatever reason. Decided not to do anything in terms of limiting charged minutes these last two years that he was the coach for the full season. Chara played a full seasons he led the team in minutes I mean he was out there all the time. And by the end of the regular season you could see Charl was tired and when shard gets tired he can't go out there and be his normal self. Bruins missed the playoffs three straight years blowing it at the end of the season that is not a coincidence or rate it just isn't. You have aghast Chara out there trying to make plays things are gonna go your way. And that Saturday it was an extreme example of that okay and I'm not blaming the loss on him. It took it into himself any favors either in the bruins' offense disappeared after that second period. But just watching him with that park up over the glass. In scenic go out just going now now it's two minute how can you. At the end of the period the breakneck. And I that they were having a hard time cleared it out and listen if you lose that many defenseman you're gonna have trouble. But that's an earache there was indeed it was emblematic I think of the problems the Bruins have had here these last three seasons. And Bruce Cassidy to his credit. Did a great job this year of making sure char was ready for the playoffs. But no matter how good a job you do in the regular season with all that you get to the end. And all the sudden he's playing 33 minutes eleven minutes in the third period in years you know it doesn't matter what happen in the regular season. He still forty years old and listen. The performance of some of the forty year old athletes in this city over the last three years. Have been awesome. David Ortiz Tom Brady Zdeno Chara. All three of them in the last you know calendar year. Have been tremendous. Charlie this is best year he's had no one like five seasons. Tom Brady don't have the tally and David Ortiz finished his career. With thirty home runs under some Marty I mean there's now a gay so maybe our expectations are a little too high for what a forty year old captain can do. But Chara that was our that was tough to watch. It was tough to watch him do that. David crate she is a caller in many of pointed out penciled in today. Up on the top line with Drew Stafford David Beck if. I was sort of hoping they create she would be in with Pasternak. I would like those two guys to be on the ice together but fine OK if that's not how it's gonna work out tonight whatever. All I'll defer to Cassidy on this one obviously. But it crate he's coming back it would nice that it be nice to see him there with like a legitimate goals scored a try and set up. Is David Krejci people forget that. There were a couple of post seasons were David Krejci was the best player in the world. And I cannot exaggerating he was the best player in the playoffs and Bertuzzi in 2011. And I wanna say 2013 was the other one that he is he is a prime time performer. David treaty. And he was also the third highest points or on the Bruins this year. Which I was surprised this. They played all 82 games this year which I was really surprised to see I looked at that thought wait a minute creek she played the whole season. He didn't miss one game when anything. Now 82 games. And he's out for the first two glad that sucks out that is just unfortunate. The absolute opposite of what you want from him. He's so good in the playoffs Currie has been historically who the hell knows I mean it's been four years. Or three years I'm sorry since we've even seen this team play a playoff game. And longer than that since they made it out of the first round so you know here we are. Maybe crate she's not that guy anymore but you know what. Rather find a rather we all found out first else. Even great she nodded a 100%. We'll hear other options. And I Riley Nash Ryan Spooner. Moving guys around out of their normal positions that he'd written c'mon we'll take great he had every single time. As far as that goes faceoff good two way player I'll take it whatever. But it's real shame these. Not going to be eight it at full strength tonight. Is David crate she even even at his age and this many years removed from the last time he was great in the playoffs. That doesn't just go away you know that's something that that's just an expected to certain players that he's got you know he's done it. So hopefully that can make a difference for them offensively tonight Bruins are gonna have to lean on their forwards his. You heard you heard what did situation is on the Blue Line. This is as dire as it event. Ever. I don't I I can't remember there are they in a playoff series in particular but even in the regular season where they had to dip this this far into their Providence bench. Charlie Mecca voice Joseph Mauro. Grey is like I guess isn't I don't know if he's dressing and I don't think he has Tommy cross the will be 27 year old Tommy cross get the call. And no beard third deep pair would John-Michael Lyles. Oh man I mean I wanna be more I wanna be more optimistic tonight but it's hard to be and it's not that both spent the Tommy cross pleas for people call as odds on across really good and the HL I'm sure why he's. A grand jury with a leader in the HL team night I didn't pay much attention of the now unite you we America. I figure maybe you're down there you heard something I'll plus ops guys yeah irate with the that the yeah I don't know I mean I honestly in the past they've paid more attention of the Manchester monarchs in the Providence Bruins in the age shelves that do the work of their. And MP Bruins they came around people come out to see him and once in awhile you have like you know. Someone down their worth worth going to check it out but it I didn't really following all this year I don't know anything about Tommy cross old Tommy cross Gamal and like. By you know there's you're they're you're third deep care. John-Michael Lyles Tommy crotch. Kevin Millar in shall moral and up at the top Zdeno Chara. Charlie Mecca board. All three of your. Just you know and let that sink in its gonna take a monster effort tonight for the Bruins did. To the point where I I'd almost you know. I don't know who's coming back who is on track to come back. I know they think that Colin Miller might be guided they'll see sooner rather than later McQuay Null. Carlo lot of Holland added Torre group probably not cruise probably not coming back at all that's right here. And I he was usual really banged up and in the Quaid he would. Doesn't sound good for him either. Carl Miller maybe be even if you get Carl Miller back those with the least experience guys out of all the guys were hurt. In not branding Carlo I'd probably rather Sienna Miller at this point just because he can populate their chart you know those two guys will be good together and honestly I trust Carlo on a deeper or somebody else to have. Whether it's Kevin Miller. And why holes or anybody else really I mean fine he's twenty years old it. In that she's just the sheer youth of these guys you know the you'd been in any shell inexperience is is really. Really tough it's gonna take a whale of an effort for them tonight they're gonna really have to put the pressure on auto referred. All ball sixty minutes there's no they can't let off at all. Into grass cast to play a whale of a game here. You know this can't be game where he lets in any softies they're cannot be any cheap calls getting passed through to tonight. There's just not going to be enough did the defense is gonna have their hands full period. Too he's gonna have to be strong. There's you know around it he's been strong all year obviously he's covered up a lot of blemishes on the Blue Line. All season long but you know tonight this is a must win game uses 11 going to your home ice here. Bruins they don't have whatever that. The thing was the last two seasons really could win a game at home that's over with their normal home team now and that place is going to be thumping tonight. You gotta get the crowd into it you gotta get him going early and often you gotta put the pressure on Anderson. Any got to just cross your fingers and pray that those Providence Bruins down there on the Blue Line can get the job done because. This is unchartered waters here for the Bruins team. That is a lot lot lot of defenseman to lose on and are ready week unit. You know this is gonna have to be one of those one of those stories that we all remember forever when those three kids from Providence. Forget Providence the three kids from being you all came up in the same time. And held down in the absence of all the starting defensemen and they went on to beat the Ottawa Senators I mean that right there in May to write a novel about that if that happens. Hopefully it won't come to that but tonight it is tonight that's what we're talking about 6177797937. Asian phone number 37937. That if you number on Tex forget ready for Bruins senators here. On the mud at night show we will switch gears and talk with Evan relic at 7 o'clock Red Sox with a nice win today. Over the Tampa Bay Rays could series all around you know for a team that's starting to get their traction year didn't have great pitching performances some of these days. But certainly made up for on the back end Chris L green on Saturday. If we had a good start for Steven Wright today. Very very encouraging your going into this series in Toronto which starts tomorrow quick break here 6177797937. Asian phone number 37937. You're number on Texarkana and promote your arm out at night. Yeah it's much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We EI. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. You're number context here. But at night Eric Gagnon for much. I've gone till 10 o'clock here Bruins and Ottawa Senators about to get ready to begin we see the lines out now according to food oceans our ages to weed them out during the break. Patrice Bergeron centering Brad marsh and on the left David Pasternak on the right line number two David Craig cheek. In the middle he's playing Drew Stafford on the left David back is on the right. Line three Riley Nash Dominic Moore and all the cherry more on the left to cherry on the right and Ryan Spooner on the bottom centering Tim shall are on the left. And Frankfurt Toronto on the right you're deep pairings Chara and Mack a boy. Joseph Mauro and Kevin Miller. John-Michael Lyles and Tommy cross yeah it was a as. Would also very stupidly pointed out. Tonight defense one month ago you had two healthy scratches Joseph Mauro and John-Michael Lyles both healthy scratches. Captain in the AHL Tommy cross in a college sophomore and Charlie Mack of it that's more of your six Democrats and tonight. I'll man. I'll pray for your Bruins I'm praying for you here in studio I'm not kidding I'll be pouring here. The I don't know if the good lord's gonna be taking my calls anymore but I will I will say a prayer for the Boston Bruins here tonight 617. 7797937. Asian phone number you can text in 37937. Let's get your phone calls here LE it's in Brookline with a thought on the Bruins oily. Great great show thanks. I know who are throughput. Yes let us join hands and bow our heads. No. I'm not look quite good it could not know about it. I saw Nicole Miller Gagarin the first game right. Also notable anatomy code that you animal or less yeah. Well I would mission that these would really like a couple of real big issue. I think. Karl good yeah I do this and just. Who. Well like a butterfly sting going to be I was I was blew up about a bit. Yeah okay and dump the puck and it caught you know I'm I'm I figured the only. You know it's only fair play to go out there could be on the way without some of our garage yeah. Also Carlson I mean he's the all the bad foot in others there's he's here and obviously is a guy and Bora Bora wacky I don't know what the hell they might just said the he was a guy a gore recchi who. It was hit Millard and now he's out with a lower body injury to he went down with one. He got held out for the rest today game I don't know if he's playing tonight sound Boucher didn't say so while we'll see if we see him out there and. Well crashing to play and hopefully that he would he would play hockey gonna get that just got a big game like this. It's probably the worst in football if they are both I just wish. It's a role would take out cults and you know it and he noticed he just give you a concussion that well Ellie again and I appreciate your your show I appreciate all the great job you're doing it I'll be looking at thank you so much your and gentlemen thank you shall thanks. And call the gentleman by the guys think of your Carlson a concussion that's good that's the key. That's that. Nude. Darkness in the light of the Boston Bruins are there is of the phantom summed up in one phone call. You're gentlemen I appreciate Joseph Levy now I hope that team goes out there and can -- is one of the next if he. With illegal hit I'm sure his body was trying to say. I don't hope that they go out there and injure Eric Carlson I mean Eric Carlson a great player. One of the best offensive defenseman in the leaguer that your knees he's a great guy gets on down. Insured debt means taking the body if that means you know land a couple of big Lex autumn I'm fine with that they're a beer with and you know put in the what I'm Kyle person a couple of guys and that team. If were if we're being totally honest with ourselves here by. I'm not sure that's the key to victory. You know I don't think going out there and stranded light guys up all over the ice is going to be saying it. Leads the Bruins into into the promised land here there a not that kind of team. Who's a real big hitter and his team charging at people I mean Charest when he wants to ten. You know on an LA it's not like we're talking about in 1995 doubles Syrian others now. There is no guys like that Roman around in Asia not not as much of that in the game now anyway now. To be fair. The senator's been video. You know the senators have not been shy about making sure anybody who dangles in the middle in between the circles gets. Gets their oil changed their gets their clock clean that's that's happened a few times dominate more in game one got Molly wop I'm surprised he got up from now when I forget we even had a but I mean. The senators have not been shy around you and the Bruins have been trying to give it back. They're not necessarily that kind of team. They got some guys who can bring it up. But again I don't think that's really what they're what their primary goal should be here. Primary goal for the Bruins should be to keep the pressure on in the senator's own as often as they can and make a nice tight seal of the back end of that now the problem is. When years. Trying to make it your game plan the most important part is what the forwards do it's what the defenseman do with the back. They got to make sure that nothing dribbles past about the leaks by. No odd man rushes start the other way because there in the wrong place and when you have as the flu go instantly pointed out. You have two healthy scratches in one college sophomore. And one HL captain out there is for your six defensemen maybe that's not a great idea either I don't know what cast he's gonna do. I don't know what the game plan is I don't know how you Tryon and cover this up. Heavy on the offense and bring things into the is only you can't be vulnerable on the back again. If you got John-Michael Lyles and Tommy prospect there you know I just am very nervous about that. Very near how can you not beat. That's that's terrifying. And this could be you know at the Bruins are dealing with here for a third of the game. I'm not sure necessarily what the solutions. And I really don't envy the position of Bruce Cassidy is in right now. It's tough enough coaching in your first playoff series against the team that you struggled with for three years now. It's really hard to do that when you're dealing with you know two thirds of your defense or guys that weren't even on the ice here a week ago. A week ago. In the regular season. This is I mean this is beyond anything you did you'd ever had asked quote. In your cash he has to deal within his first ever playoff series which I'm sure brings that whole you know hold. Group of factors to consider their TO. But here we are and this one's just about ready to get underway so we're gonna switch gears years is Bruins game gets going. Evans relic is gonna join me we'll talk some Red Sox they had a nice win nice series over the weekend here capped off with a good performance from your bullpen. And a nice start from Stephen Wright to get the win today. Drone joins me at 7 o'clock you'll be hanging out till around nine we'll give you updates on the Bruins as that goes on any other news it comes to the wire we'll certainly keep you up to speed on as well. A quick break we'll get you trending now another are coming up Monday night.

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