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Craig Kimbrel Player of the Game Interview 4-17-17

Apr 17, 2017|

Joe, Tim, and Lou Merloni talk with Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel after his impressive series against the Rays where he struck out 7 of the 9 batters he faced

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Greg what is series and put the ball that it per year you face and I then struck out snap it and that our base runner that really now. It's only work like that. If Theres after dropping the first game we came back out. As it answers quite nice. In that sequence to Longoria easily you see you throwing 999. You dropped him to. Books on both what was the it was a thought process attacking you know Longoria one stay aggressive. On you know it won't run ball game. You know one swing can tie it up so really don't wanna. Let's around we're trying to get cute it's you know the most pitches and you know they don't throw a curveball for strike one tennis that the entire. You know it took some for your fastball thoughts. You know I thought he was the attempt but it's last hits you took him it all worked out quite nice. Know Greg the last three or four outings have been a completely dominant just curious for you mechanically things too is it good spot right now to think clicking for you. Yeah I think everything's kind of come together rhythm wise but what boggles. You know it's always good to get to a good rhythm you know. Going four or five days now. But take their two all mortgage backed up their butts right now body still agree everything seems to think in. I just. It's just the sort of pretty good. 92 thirds innings straight for the bullpen in the the last three days without a run. And that really is remarkable. Horrible because that was stepped up. Just took that course last week which that's. Some shorter outings -- with the become men and then some ballgame that we that the only adds to it. You know ever Gaza and able to step up and play their part. It's it's been all around a team effort so for. The sees so for and so far in the season pregnant again. You know you injuries and sickness and whatnot and finished the first six games 33. They come back home here and things seem to have settled in a lot better don't you think team wise you know it's always good to play get a home mean. I think the the gold team is the play went in baseball home and he'll follow up on her own road. You know with this loose crowd the atmosphere and we've lucked out that's pretty good weather has been home as well. We've that would put together. Quite nice arms and then hopefully can take a moment we got here roadless. Kapono. You mentioned four or five days now three straight was here was there any doubt that pregame loser talk a discussion about how you feeling you're coming at it with the used. Yeah command both a little sore that's that they were gonna listen though. Told John. Situations there at like it. You know we don't know what tomorrow might bring we don't know if that's where it's going to be there and there was there today. I think tomorrow my about that today used you don't pitch at 2 o'clock in the head. On days like today I do so it was nice to go out there that's big day for the city. The great work for the city and because that we're heading out of town and we don't get to partake in the festivities around city but it's it's always great. Okay Greg congratulations thanks so much for joining us thank you guys write Craig Kimbrel with that half a dozen saves now and 383 days he's the save leader at the American League it that night with Zach Britton has now that the Al ballot. Frankie Francisco Rodriguez K rod out the Tigers.

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