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K&C - Where was Horford in the 4th; Isaiah played well. Michele McPhee and the marathon attacks. 04-17-17

Apr 17, 2017|

Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry talk about how surprised they were with Isaiah's performance and wonder where Horford disappeared to in the 4th quarter. They are also joined by Michele McPhee author of Maximum Harm to talk about the Boston Marathon bombing and what caused the attacks.

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Skirt and Callahan. With Kurt commit Kate and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. It is a moment. Ground like that. That makes me comparable to that tells me he's he's not and should initiate the play I don't know how to measure and but to be sitting on the side. A few minutes before game crime that makes me uncomfortable for him that's just that's just not a good look in my personal. Whatever he's doing he's due in. We'll open anyway he needs to and wants to. Stay years and we'll be here surrounded them and if he wants to go to Seattle then she goes here Cisco and should be. You know stuff like god Isiah thomas' sister and I should put that in perspective but I remember there were times when it's this that would be news people. Equally prosperous. Now why are we doing on. Because we're doing favoured weapons in the mid to get a day off yes they do we in the old days things. So long. Shouldn't they have jobs and yes the details so we get caught for doing them one. I lost to them that you negotiate. We wish you could take our case for a particular case for. Between that story. Casey and the lovely beautiful. Tracy misunderstood. She paid ideas guys may. You know he didn't work for you and credit. Excite. You would want Ehrlich. Dangerous aspect very well I shutter that knows that picture of those packets. Bias biased knows. Most issues he knows we eat as a two year old well or. Lower in the woods. Should definitely. Emerged a protest outside the twelve she was a that's that's her lack of office for a typical Democrat. That's it's on them Scioscia. She's still experiences in the job. Yeah but I think Thomas obviously the story that story last night. And I like it to the sort of what was sort of greens you ought that you said its results I would bizarre and out of your work we hear it we hear the importance we place professionals sports and the responsibility. Mean these. Was ever a thought humans. On the road now I don't know Charles Barkley. Like obviously he's. Obviously emotional. Odyssey to play. My question would be to play effectively play well they need by the here's. The public knows linebacker. Just frustration. He missed shots is if free throws in August in the office and he was really read. That to me. Was surprised how good a good shot Welch. And so what was. The line. Three trees plus twelve. And 33 points a great team that's like nothing ever happened right that is just like jail the judge Thomas. Tomorrow I will say is I will say it for an order a good move and put on him while auspices he was apathy solving its use he with you Xbox live's in these last night. Apple's new Xbox mean Rondo can play defense he wants to. Products equipment like public play hard. Like what well I think he's I think he's energized by us by the way in this one weaknesses Celtics won the board's yours. Basket whenever he wants. Whenever. And he's got guys to kick it to. Lose wars big ol' palm but here's the thing. What's scary. Use this story it Thomas's sister. Elections. That's as it was good motion was on the side. You'd think that they would have a big game to its plan hurt Democrats at the and ten minutes that can. It was not back on the go Phillips was console so when the series. And a title reacts to New York I tell you it's it's not a good match and they. One season and currencies and that is. Fuel for the fire at this point yes I think that the weakness. In motion. They just. Enough and you see this. Rebounds 5336. Yet when he offensive rebounds the bulls that six. Have. On this Kurt is actually. Mean they play. More on how to Zetsche. It changes and make the stuff they're able to opposite the Chicago to be able to view. It's going to be a subsequent answers but it's six or seven. For short Chicago when but it game series of technical aspects such a weakness there. In the bay as big as a finesse. He's back here no he's not agree re defensive player is not a physical correct guy. He's he's cut and stand in. The game last night. Or hormonal. That your but it did seem to them in the fourth quarter earnings. Here's what scared that you regret it when he great. Strikes. He plays past. Still. Thirty points. Still should not typical of what I mean me thinks that he did nothing in the first quarter but he took over the plate with confidence. Even though the great defenders in the open gains on him gladly. And in and Isiah Thomas. Still lost forty you know you look at yeah. 52. Twelve of fourteen. Or for you but there's a hole for Thomas Bradley on the defense and did their jobs in the hole. Court. This revolution is not at all going around people get mad at centenary week once married we see incredibly weak one nicely I think it's its credit Bret Stephens when fifty to a three with this place and they play. Hard. It was finished with a better record anything with LeBron James with his health. And understood about six to watch see who's losing record wrote that the Clinton. In March yes and mark and mark now. It was a record road changed. They decided. Coast and decided to look at this swiftness right. Thanks to an emotional game one bad experience I think the topsy means more so on the dish it out some some albums from. You seem to comedies. In second chance we have that second chance points all. I mean it was just one. Office of remote after these corporate edit it out status watchful eyes which were for fourth quarter push him. Apple's cool it's 43%. And how many of those second chance. To acts. That is cool. Meanings you know I think he has sent with. Sent. It is. Ball like that yes yes but that's that's. We know and that's it changes an eagle and practiced. Bigger. Changed teachers out there will be that drastic spray this year activity. Or be able to run this year's Celtics the witness series. But instead it's the sixers. Suddenly it's four. Yards in. On the board. And you know probably. Won't blow it like he wanted to integrate other point this season. With 20 in Chicago. Is in. And then. Predictions. Stays with his. Word yet. Can he stays for game two. After. Game. And meets them to. I think it's the obvious that she's the strangest existence. It's a seat it's a job essentially is meaningless really means that it's at its core is no war I'm looking always to blow here watching different running today. All have jobs. Every single one of them looking hundred people right here. If he's set to always keep your brother died your sister died it would drop everything to say okay in its in you know Washington State they would get on the plane and fly across the country. You would in the drop of hat right in this guy and I excellent pressure from the media that some pressure from. He makes an excellent pressure from fans feels like yes state to play first round basketball game it's crazy it's in several finals it's crazy. I think about you know but that's the way they do things I'm not surprised at all right if you left notes. I wouldn't stop these as separate shooters I saw this white this white. That place. You say what L series in which you want me to do it with this. That that's the rationalizations. It's in for a minute if this L always say you know it's my obligation to teammates to coached organization but to write that we opinions. That no one thought twice this one go home no nobody would. Only. Too emotional play. Other market experts from rock market but I do agree Washington guy like that those of more than watching grown man cry. Washington got quietly for passcode is possible if there's. This going should. Green Zone and possibly get him now let's look cried bodies there these notes. But it's an emotional game. Challenges to channel that emotion and why they don't have motion vote in my personal. I think I think these guys do no matter what it's the bigger the game out what's at that point I think if if this happened Todd he. Tuesday Super Bowl week. It is plain and simple it was mr. probably probably right I mean it's it's it's an inordinate amount of importance we place but that's that's us that's it I know I I agree nobody thought it was gonna leave nobody should. This would you should do evil after the game after game two. It is amazing thing you can report basketball's more important and I would make on the Vegas obviously but it's still it's still really really strange it is actually. A look at last like crime with with. Aaron Avery brown and once it just. Stuffed in coping it is obvious to me which one but he would come against the wind chills. As for other pluses day play that she would want to play. It seems well originally it. So I don't know much statement saying how would I know your sister. You know. But this will happen. We placed such importance on the wall range. Of services every movie that Isiah thomas'. Playoffs you're right. It is he played I think. That is that it amorphous I think they will go home Tuesday night or Wednesday. Funeral away whenever Wednesday Thursday and beat back your Foreman. With its its sister nameless sneakers in Chicago and yes I agree. Strange story we'll see elements that I don't think you missed this on that seek to market. You know what the B people I would be great I give him full credit he said today you know what the steel's on going home. That you think people Christmas. Yes we they would pull people who think players should. Be public but. It's a whole different. This is just sister dying in car wrestle but I would groups as well I think there would be some secret reasons why you play and then honestly I'd change ups or open your cells except you which she can be. Because well you understand when families grieving you wanna be with them too we also don't know relationship to sister wars and it's much stranger to the late in the game it's. Street Anderson was light that strikes me about this miss the game angle hole but she were. It's. Easy for him to the news and 3000 miles away so that it's a private plane so that's why we're. All the gonna do tomorrow night that's my prediction that moderate. And I wouldn't be surprised if the whole team. That'll be out weeks ago maybe Google there. Shall support to our enemies of this place where you know the services are now goes on. March 6 what set at 7797937. Summits are playing out for their basketball sessions tomorrow night. All of which we have tickets to giveaway we get back to the team he was well and maximum harms the book Michelle the the author piece here but has shifted. Did you get caught a couple of copies of the book yours so well together. I'm Michelle would join us next door to her new book. Maximum harm which is an excellent two weeks. It's Kirk and Callahan. Now Sports Radio telling you. All right tax code word who. HO OE 37 I think percent and that's and that's yet to weight pair of salt which gained due to its most we. General contest rules apply that's it battery life well let's let's hope. 8037. Ninth or seven right now to actor two short history sport at that time is author of the new book maximum on which 160. Pages and. Chipped it looks great deal let's get back there and act. Your next. We have to make a decision Kirk and this is rumor that's there is rumored to so Jews. While sell them back out for if they're. It is. It. Which we should think that too we do applause Earl here. I think it's something we can certainly play with his days after a couple shows I mean I hate that he's way. Michelle. Knows the real motive era the murder. Let's say that it all caught in this compromising. Position. Let's just say that Aaron Hernandez. It was a plummet item before. It was picked up Heidi are off the field as well yes yes and that he became legs everything. Let's see if he's comfortable at any prison lifestyle out Bobby doable from self. Romantically perhaps well that he he got a tech too. Made out of like milked it blue ink right let's hope that group Robert got a tattoo that says like time which has had to check back. Frighten our cultural network that's true he is a beautiful young man who really should just say that Aaron Hernandez notes that both the ago. While that's epic chances and old Lloyd knew it and outlaw it was. Nobody in it he made the important move it like it to say that out loud to them. Right Megan would cut it one went out there and accessing without him Bradley got away who won't you know do I liked to have that but anyway that's the next book. That's an expert this is that the new book and it's. I've read excerpts analysts as well I don't want politics put it. Those of the ticket that the publishing house I had I Garrett a book or I'll have my excerpts it's great industry it is is great books with you you knew just to recap on everything but we would have been good enough but you choose a good reporter. But you break new ground and it is paid Europe. What would you place your level of certainty certainty that Timbaland who's idea was it right 100% 100. Everything in his pocket unity in this is this eerie. And that's about it. Overall conspiracy. Ideas this isn't he wrote the facts and the facts are that it. The federal prosecutors say about that all the ops. I think there's the makers out there that's the first hole long and packed it pretty alarm. For a while we went Bob what about the business if you tie it at two years ago. It was dark picture of him as a suspect that what we say. Tia and by the way we set that should uncle Kabila and that's the whole point crisis was so important on the shelves or read that book that's the first 5060 days. Is it does seem like there FBI people. All around those qualities between the bombing capturing these guys that are getting in the way. It. It's it's. Consider me at the National Guard and that's why the Blackhawk helicopter all over what it out and found. But. Our water I admit it got out was just that's right. It was that not as appearing movie ever out that at a point person here and I got it at Jerry and I that your like the idea. I hated what works character was that the everywhere everywhere this and passed. Out I asked her and it all out. Only we had all but typically tell any hostility lapsed into until after the pills and I always crying loudest one was something like gardening that he. Was not all. Accounts seemed so specialized because both cups it was pretty killer yet. Yes they collected it I think cell. Rated the first responders I do like calibrated. You know again in the Mercedes who was Euro at ad out now I know that that's that's terrible shape. He made a run for taking credit but whatever it was good that Mark Wahlberg was there that. Fifth I think he pulled out the vote it was everywhere who are there but but. It is amazing the efforts that the federal government at some level goes to make him Milan citizen that's what struck me. And in this accident is not eligible for which he wasn't eligible for right up until. October of 2012. Which is to form. 67 months before the bombing right there were federally G and dramatic were bending over backwards to help him get. He seems that your flight at a Russian team that's brought multiple terror watch list was paying for. Well exactly this is our report that the FBI released last week the one profit report. And they talk about the war mysterious man in the suit to a team and at that point. At it from the day he arrived back at the matter is they. That's why it's IC US federal. Because it's possible discern exactly which agency which registered went. It affects thousands Zach. I remember that he had connections from the medical that in this country. Oracle responded I loved him as organizers. Noble warrior I bought it all by Arum Maryland we'll tackle spot spot law. What's Graham Fuller and Fuller was a high ranking CIA officials who happen to EST she. And hobbled he also spent a great time in Turkey the whole family a Russian but coming to the country via our director. Uncle whose life was Samantha are for a full. So for the Heatley came into the country 2002 this it was Larry lurking around laps. And then you answer is we don't we ever had on specific. What about that guy that was his heels on it was trees back to ever trained to grow up in what name. That Eritreans trucked through with that money back to Paris where else so obviously this is a big department Homeland Security push. One of the targets is just to grow up around the corner that I it is in the audience wouldn't court records that with corporate what it's an act is. And some of the recorded conversations between cooperating witness in the target of the drag takedown operation on the Stan. Was hey meet me here why current market. Meet me at a 7-Eleven on the street from him on house. So I believe he was working at a conference khakis which is why he got passed on the triple murder that I solved it or not that unsolved triple. There. The last place those those victims call was Jerry's Thai kitchen. You ask anybody. And while I am on the night with that it would hurt Jerry tonight it. I worked there a few days will want to kill as Jewish because there was that does it that the first thought is that he holds. Those guys. To stop dealing drugs to a because it's becoming radicalized and now its eyes. And stuff that's my that they didn't. 1111. This three bodies that looks the console me it looked at video of nearly decapitated in two Jewish victims. Were sexually mutilated as well at all the markings. Slaughter it's opus are used in airports. That don't tell us about the trip he took. Without a pass right that's what sort of cover it it's amazed at the Russian security service SP duplicate. Wrote a letter is 2012 as well. 2011 point. Saying hey let's that we intercepted but he's very alarming conversations but I need to get that from Cambridge mass. And Canadian living here entering the far as well. The FBI claims it went out cursory interview that is the Yankees great no problem. While they started to end the Russians the intelligence officials there. They sat intercepting text messages between him and his mother in. His mother's cousin who was it to hot sympathizer in the leader of this group called the jobs which they can't throw bombs but it hurt people's problems one of those groups. Well now. As these this matter to the CIA. October 20 and hey we talked about this guy in Cuba where freeze to Russia. Well January 20 trial. This guy's night to watch but now based on electors from SP. I somehow still manages without an American past which is what let me direct agents and commission report to stop it in the green card. He leads Boston. Both magazine and immediately get spotted at this very controversial. Breezy mosque in my game is crazy this one saint. Like I outside the mosque. Doesn't that. He spotted the odd to people everywhere detail on that and the track. Sudden edgy idea all of Agassi and the whole time timlin in the Paula on though claims it's because the misspelling. Which seems impossible to go to. I'd have to travel document that up and I have every everything I have that right. I have the which includes his travel documents his name was spelled. Exactly the way we have been spelling it that he was identified as a marathon it's absurd she quit. Right after that just equals thirteen. That part of Homeland Security secretary quits head off I go where ultimately went. It's amazing Bob Mueller is an it briefing that Bob Mueller with US attorney for quite right at outlets both believe him about him that I. So it's it's all it's just white all over again to a different degree because. What the FBI released last week. It's that Pamela was too broke out at us. Okay it howdy again all the body apply it at a Russian tanks around you know without jobs. Abused them sick its food stamps BT that you keep part I don't about it and let you know we were punished the parent EDT cash for more than a year when they return to Pakistan. I don't I should be edited. We sit here is a meticulous every time some talks oh you know with the Syrian refugees hope we have very thorough screening process all of and what a load is the same garbage as the same federal government that allowed to go back and forth to. These these jihadist hell holes a with the people the red flag goes off and you that's. You wanna go there goes but you can't come back that's much. He had even like a problem coming back that he didn't need it as a stock that's crazy it's it's walks back to you expecting now he has appeared he comes back from my equipment. Yeah it's at a key Heidi hell hole and into heat on studies terror watch list. You don't Wiki the past the border protection agent. Jim Daly told the inspector general has its flat earth like this happens let's lets order up an intelligence report. Most of it's the tactic but even with the production can still put together the Eagles to Russia. People expecting real people who dessert cart record on Iraq right he reaches back in hand no problem whatsoever. The customs diet pills and you know the inspector general. What this sticky note FBI agent's computer I think. And then temelin of course is immediately now in the citizenship and that's the roadmap. So we both Russia made you help us we help you in the report last week that he was it to become a citizen because he wanted to mark the Olympics. So everything that the FBI report said that one that was mysteriously. Released and resorts last week as it. Pollsters. When things why haven't I Russian officials will hold USC right this guy is a problem about the fact that I. I went out of epic red light and calling yeah he's saying. I don't weather across the river raft apartment. Homes or some health problems. Or or protective bonds because they didn't build the bombs why who's the acting US attorney sick very recently when he took over the job which is a couple months ago. Is that it was built that's still a very activist who built the bombs while and it's like it's time without. And this. To this property that they didn't do with it didn't do it well there was guys. Was identified by its own family dies or MIT. All right easy you know what yes secret about locked up in June 13 with every single component. Of the bond that would get it right it was. Everything what all parents there it is their shrapnel. Do you abruptly ago from him trying to get campuses and that's all very shaky treaty. Going up and in the fireworks. It's kind of like. Because it's good reason it's only a couple months later please go to February ethnic don't quite so they pay. Yeah yeah all that went and Filo doesn't get a sister and you thinking makes a decision that they'd blow something up. We have to you have to take into consideration protection. Culture. In testing culture they say it's better to be taught the youngest son because youngest son has zero respect the patriarch of the family is really the oldest brought up the oldest brother. Now is are dotted fielders but let's talk about the pop. How embarrassing it was and that his little brother citizen shockingly September 11 might as well. At the Boston Garden that now he's yelled about the little citizenship he's pretty much at nobody and back at rush. His heroes at bats which that terrorist portal run by the form you know Osama bin Laden Russia double world. They identify that the organ match raid that killed by a lot about that median that. The Russians want us about it six other militant and a Russian interior ministry officer. Was based on a tip from won't. The Russian interior ministry at a press release and we lost and today we've rated that location be sent prominent thought. So it is to get back and telling everybody thinks the only guy who gets out alive isn't it cracked Reitman the white guy has got locked up and integrity of Iraq. He's back yet he goes all the factions that was Iraq. And so it's and we don't do that cracked his cousin. The one that the SP one to bow my academic part of shot. What a shocking coincidence gets locked up shortly after him it's all in by the way him that was wiretapping. Is he was recording his conversations with my part of which was slipped in to court testimony. And one of the only records with yeah I mean it makes actually knows that we both we although it makes no sense that. They're what 11100 documents as is means why. It's been adjudicated he's been sentenced to death right now his significant yeah attorney is fighting for these brackets that it will. Went to the exit date officially become that the judge told us right after he was that this attack that the practice began to feel that a matter of weeks after many years. Usually informants aren't ideologues of this practice by nature they're just trying to. It get away with stop returning your campaign picked by Tampa had a job back at Mercedes so why's he blowing up. Killen American because it tells you. Com today. Everybody who does anything I think especially now men and that the real channels but especially -- they are motivated by either. You told him he would hook up with citizenship. This is the second time he made the trip to the federal building and the second time he was told I was sorry you can back with a different is it or you lost. That last date January 23 when it well he became irate he to me it did it mean to each petition. He set all this anti American stuff on his name change petition and changes need to boo us which just happened to be named yet to name that you accusing Pakistan. And also. 832 was slain Chechen rebel. So this it's really pretty simple they he was made a promise you'll help us we help you. He was desperate to become citizens we know that busy did apple box a passport right he told the FBI hey I want to box that US Olympics. We know he was motivated by money to do with dad broke and I employed with ID cards. So this is a perfect scenario when he got back he did doc lets face it if they did track until. It is deserved it attractive deal for the guys who ran all world with their all of them here except it's got a big drug case never attacked and it's traced back to the very same Eritrean front row. That I believed him I was working at a evident picked up where we're out isn't it odd that Gerry Leone quits right after the marathon until we all know that Terri hardy a lot to Middlesex County DA. You on the fast track to be in the all the sudden April 2013. You eat this. Political it's probably they don't battle 68 he does where's our captain Russell today. Let me add that you know all army teams like it's locked up right at participating. Cap Russell don't worry about it she's just who going quite the motor city. That's the last place of rewards for the white that was Dane right the last place anybody soccer was a homeless alternate Jersey. Which we all ballot that would answer well no welfare if you did go home nestled at the top of the list it's next house. Hit an accident that I haven't been out yeah that got him there really. And it is amazing that the what they get away as if as a family in what we. I don't. Well I just had. That's appearing to want people you know what let's wire wants to stand at the airport screening and make it for are refugees she really had actually knowing it was she's talking about because she lives in a million dollar house in Cambridge. RD like I do what he ski boat factory. Where's the where's the mom. The mob back in the in Russia ever got a hold pretty good that they but if the country allegedly with the help I think our roots rock bottom line. Was because if they return to Russia they would be built right which is one of the things that I have been terrorist from a report which you know congress' right. But it said it says unequivocally we have to stop the practice letting people return to countries is that it would be slaughtered if they return to. Using Nick Green card to come back to center but he says. I go back to Dagestan a build up slaughtered a political political asylum and they all is well all. Political refugees are eligible for all that each guy who would like I pay full bots and Baltic. Who was murdering people would invoke at him a little heat that he was over there pricey doing it right over got a school gospel of the multiple. They cut that the Princeton who we augur. And overly will knots today we've whether these citizens that legally or not. Knows he's unsure right. I'd sure rail which he sees a lie he's he knows he knows that early what exactly they had to unite the violently but. You know early widows or as a mark on that yet ultimately I'd like to say that that's really yeah yeah I'm that's the case of that as well while. Straighter day. While that aggregate all right well you obviously to us you're breaking new grounds fast it's great great what is the the reaction nationally it seemed like he should wake up. But it's not and I think a lot of it is that people are embarrassed that they are the story. Certainly locally and I think that some of it is people don't want it on the government game like this no enterprise reporting. You know of people every right press releases say they don't want the softness sources and the FBI the CIA you guys know me while I have to I'm not worried about this and I myself. True when we always talk a couple of guys who live bird Twitter applause and yeah social media plus people afraid people I flip to value the bad guy afraid to be wrong and predicting. Just on. If you know what I think are calling his family owns it Rosen is owed it. Good point out the shot with Rosie at the diet laws at the end and part Rebecca Gregory. You know Rebecca and I had a Britney to earnings season and it seems like make it be great after at least tell us the truth that they've light of these victims faces. And then they hug them at the end you know the new crop of via the very good so you can see in the book that I applaud all our placement including the people who replaced. The old people but what really theory about patriots and I mean. If I could be in character based on decked Dolores I'm like right it's not all do. It fat liar I get into a hero and not have a big play you what we'll be discussing argue. It's true you're so happy. You're right now show a year ago this time executive should move right behind him right the largest block of and I thought slipped out that is fantasy is that it felt sold ski. It's still does that we have was adamant it would though Richard says no I'm glad it tanks nobody won this you know. Boston Americans that you know we're not mention this. Mark Wahlberg and allegedly the victim is very attack as Robert you know at this premiere and it in the eighties they told us about me. As a VIP seats on the full effort in this I was watching but it should be uber periscope things you knock it over victims accused him. Like the prospective method I must ask. Geez what the book is great maximum harm. It's out everywhere write it out anyway I make it that you do in the Torre doing the rounds going around about Iraq you know just a little buckshot. Wednesday LP at the pro that novel excellent good bet definitely picked up it's definitely worth three dollars I don't know about that got pictures to who's. As you see the picture that from the state department of Campbell and not gamble and it is that Allah I don't get into this in the book but it's very often. When you look at these photos and you can see that the department dark write this it now see that guy the use my age it's gambling. Look at it Melia it's an identical dark clothing handwriting state shirts. Clearly not yet. Now I don't get it to that because you sound a little pocket remember you know the whole operation go story the American. That show is based on a family that lived around the water from the and I support him. Yet. Congratulations and looks that I like discovered notes it's it's excellent torture you liked it you know. Who tried not enough but it speaks so well done. It's me and. And how the fact a lot of talent that too is all these people around the right thing checked and there's no way these Brothers acted alone ED nine to extract of people pulled out of it all out all over the place. What's so why didn't like hearing that his parents that was working with the arrives at somebody else highly built the bombs and has no real push it's like a great job. The feds are all over the statue placed before the caption that's exactly and the and the owner of the house will be okay. Can't believe it yet but this. Was really slow start Michel thanks a lot and enjoy it. I think she'll book could jog like per gallon we'll be right back with our fourth and third and twenty has twenties and twenty. Yes we that the extra weeks vacation a bit older right. WEEI. I think spotlight Georgia. Show this you know just a caucus wrote a book is released. That's all like like good reporting and it's great reporter but she's right talked about sort we talked about after the break. You know. I believe are reasonable I believe this is true. And it's so under reported bash and the scope of this this guy in Paris the Boston Marathon bomber she said we'll look forward. Was FBI informant. Here's what you have to keep in mind you know read the book and read it here you know Chris cars you know. Keep this in mind John collier would be alive today should be. Another. Sounds. Rule would. But this and knows it Michelle knows it and here's why the second. And those pictures secondly the media. As the audience. The world federal agents federal agencies. Who knew it wants and he did she goes through. You know examples. The the federal agencies you know basically. Based on. The local people that don't matter that are important putt a better term for. We're trying to do this time and time again. So Michelle let's say hey you know we look for him to notice. There was an exporting its that you know I know. Went real time but it's amazing that killed more than that no question when and as much. Weaponry is you read what you really get what she forget how how sure that is. You know forget in the movie but that's true but I I took a good job in the movie to show how crazy it was but. It is remarkable that we knew and egg right now. Idiots like you know Al dreamer. Mosque in training think those same federal agencies are doing it could choke job betting. These immigrants. These refugees. Well this is these are the people you trust. You know the people who had a guy that the Russians warned us about who knew all about this guy. They do and we're in the bottom of the pastor opening of the marathon and hit the road they didn't. Make everyone aware. We ought to be what they was thinking to themselves and for example we appreciate you just can't trust these these federal agencies you according to flimsy you know in her work home where she speculates that this. This is a book cannot tell you source and there are vote. 20000 examples this book comes in she's got a perspective it's a moderate to check the question on 130%. Well after I I I would be so I'd be so upset today on the bus right now heading out there the sun is out it's gonna be I would be so frustrated and. Mitchell The Who wrote this book maximum. Also revealed that. Yes and the murderer. Whose name the alleged murder in the in Princeton. ON SOO Carlos Ortiz. And angels hello Ortiz is local news is illegal. That's no one of those things not a surprising one that's. No. I have to admit I was much it orally based jeweler says I'm not sure he's DA to yes who's got them charging him whereas DNA that's what doesn't have its status in the urged yes. Allegedly gave us. Right so you. Hugh you lose that white papers write big fight. Known that that brings. Us back to life to be nice to know. Again nice. Understood and Boston. This line of refugees. Some of whom are too. Tests this is told us that they used the refugee and against it did in France. Here people it's okay. And in that element. American terrorists were accurate. And for those spots are our 461777979%. Are now live from the finish like AT&T store. On marathon.

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