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Danny Picard - Red Sox Review (Does Farrell receive to much criticism)

Apr 16, 2017|

Danny talks about the Red Sox win against the Rays and the performance from Pablo Sandoval and Craig Kimbrel. Danny also talks about if Matt Barnes is being over used early in the season. Danny previews the Celtics first playoff game against the Bulls and talks about the Bruins tough overtime lose.

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He sees Red Sox would you grade sucks review was brought you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. To recap of the Red Sox and the race. Here toward the hill. The world baseball is done at two out of network equipment. Red Sox review where Denny took cards. Ultimately it's up Wednesday that a ten restore their films vets like me. At least puts it it's two run single for Mitch Moreland and Red Sox holding the ball game six of. Dial 617779793. Shattered. And he supports that want to move to. Playing at night very vulnerable. I. I expected to allow and they think that there they raise seven. Yeah it. And getting excellent really cool that it oh on. War in two thirds or any. News seven lives lost that way. Now here's Danny a card with the Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. What's not welcome to Red Sox your view on the host Denny we can't take you up until 7 o'clock. And taking off phone call 61777979837. 61777979837. The Red Sox win it seven a five day at Fenway. And now they have to turn it around real quick. Tomorrow on an 11051. Pitch Marathon Monday baseball's the Red Sox and rays closed out. This four game series let's talk about this one this afternoon. And got it again withdrew Palmer ends. Not having in this spot he would've liked I mean this third standing. He lets up three runs in the first and he watched the first two batters that he faces. And then get a hit down to left center field and her bad attendee ends obviously the Red Sox still missing Jackie Bradley junior better than he missed plays this ball. It was big pulpit alleged shadow but it was incredible ball. He could not gadget. And you have a couple run score on that and that a passed ball that scored another run in the spring up in Tampa Bay L Palmer and he struck out. Three guys in that first inning and it was a very strange game drew bomber and because he is again with ten strikeouts. But no decision goes forward a blurred but allowed five runs. Two home runs in this game aloud from drew pom rants and the Red Sox and up. Women had but Palmer and not have the stock he would've liked to let that strange Scott Palmer has because he did have ten strikeouts. Although the Red Sox get some big hits in this game from Pablo Sandoval a. Two run home run in the fourth inning that tied this game at four and obviously Sandoval was hit from the left side bets threes out as best. He puts this one at the opposite way and that this isn't the first big home run we've seen from publishing and while this season he's got a couple. This one today was huge it tied the game at four in the fourth then and then Mitch mole and does it again a two run single in the seventh. They gave her Red Sox a six to five lead at. The Red Sox added another run on a Christian Vasquez double. I'd deep down the left field line this one was. Rip Tampa Bay was an Indian field in order for the month. And and Vasquez just ripped it on the left field line and at school as another run and the Red Sox took a seven to five lead at that point. Now credit where credit studio Joseph Kelly who came out of the pen gets the win and this 1212 thirds scoreless innings for Joseph Kelly. And after that it was you know you're what you're seeing right now at this Red Sox team is Matt Blunt is obviously the eighth inning guy. Did get into a little bit of trouble at a point where John Farrell goes out for the web the against the lefty with two outs in the eighth. And he brings in a lefty grubby Scott who does the job and you get a little pop out in the foul territory at third base and about catches it. We're outnumbered three and you get out of that jam and a Canadian doctor Craig Kimbrel and I two picks up his fifth save of the season Kimbrel. Gives you scoreless ninth striking out till. And the Red Sox win it. Seven to five taking your phone calls honest up until. 7 o'clock 61777979837. I won't signal. Some of the playoffs doc that's going on in this town you know this is a shortened. Version of Red Sox review because this dam lets so damn long. What a lot of other stuff going on you know the Bruins lost yesterday and auto they returned to Boston for game three. And that's going to be. Tomorrow night at the TD god and senators Bruins series their first round playoff series tied at one a. And at beginning shortly be Celtics and the Chicago Bulls game lawn of the first round playoff series. This one at TD got an and are all wait and see what's gonna happen with Isiah Thomas he was out there. Taken plot in wal mart's. But Brad Stevens did say he is struggle and and I can. It's to be honest I I can't imagine what's going through his head right now he is youngest sister was killed in a car accident yesterday. And you know look if Isiah Thomas doesn't play in this game. You know I'm not going to be surprised and it to be honest I don't know how we could play. I don't know how he'd be able to play in this game I can't even imagine. What's going through his head. Thoughts and prayers and Isiah Thomas and his family but the Celtics. On day I'd get ready. For a game one at home against the bulls I'll keep you updated on that game as they began at 630 this is obviously Red Sox review of self. If you have some Red Sox calls I'll take that but it you do have some thoughts on the Bruins Celtics I'll take those calls. As well 61777979837. Let's get right to your calls Todd is in the college pilot. Expect that our outlets out. I was very impressed Campbell it was not as there are looking forward sure what do you mean why the loads and I don't feel like you know. Performances. In this trial which is it balcony and a lot control over the plate is well know early on geoghan and believe it lapsed time. He came in first stated. Moved well and it's just. Wasn't the most com ninth inning that we had and today it was just a complete 188 or I was expecting. Basket make it rate caps. Our nose and Adele is a tremendous catch any. It that was yeah I expect catch them on what I'm not gonna let the dogs and that net I expect them to dive and had no like that but that is a great catcher right. It is the biggest smile at that level of uniter and much tacky just a great catcher Eric Campbell. What people. Are an open the plate with what I felt like what I'm last year and that we. And it or not. Yeah I Don yeah if bonds you know if phone is. Not work on the national we got a drop what you. See what Craig Kimbrel. I mean I don't sometimes he likes to make it interesting and even today his control that was one pitch Barry at all through and he acts of fastball down. And took a left an inside and left handed hitter. And you're gone up all I did get to those are all moments in that it doesn't. It's not always. You know three up three down every pitch is ready what. That said I'm still watching and even games in which he struggles. Love watching them and I actually have a lot of company to greet him a lot of people don't and I all of dad's. And we all doesn't he doesn't like to go up there and make it easy on himself sometimes put. In my line I just think Paris and media members that that data more concerned than anything I have immediate cut down on him. Some moments and I that he makes interesting. And literally like them for that and and I I Arnold that rubs off on some people in Boston when it comes to defend putt. I want Kimbrel and it. That's the type guy 19899. Blown up by guys. And for all the times that he has shown signs of struggle out there have been some moments even this season he's got five saves. But Durban some moments that she's in even a most times a struggle he's able to get out of jams. And perform now that's in save situations. Not easy to name of this sick situation obviously he goes out gets the job done. Other big Campbell got. But because he likes to make it interesting sometimes I do. Obviously got last all that heated mix I mean I don't know why he doesn't expect him to have success Kimble is everything in his toolbox in his arsenal that ought to have success but. I guess. I have a different feeling of temperament at last Paula does but he begged Bucky got the job on it that's like passport Jeff is in polio which object. I have on what's happened eight yards good. I want to start bombed out barn are. Felix Ferrell us completely open usenet. Like. I mean. Yves OK. But he's used in the end. The last while or five games he used them and that someday saying. Bonds missed the couple games he was on the bereavement list last week so he missed a couple games from Matt I don't know but here because he's in bonds he's. This is the role I mean I don't want guys in certain roles Jeff he's put an eighth inning guy and I actually like Sina. I mean I hear you I'm not one. I feel like it's gonna get to a point where he's gonna that you you can already use them. And Egypt and keep putting him and not all that eighth inning brought it to him every day in any better and out. In all blown a lead ought to pay. Well I'll look at it I mean if you think that bonds is going to be perfect all seasoned and you've never lots of full Major League Baseball season. Some of the best relievers have had bad games in a 162. Game season bonds is not gonna play every night. But that luck that mindset that. At that colleges had. Is out and well it's a little pathetic to me because. I thought the way Farrell handled eighth inning today it worked out and it. You know what you're gonna use it you're not gonna attack it should work out is that parades and Farrell you're gonna use it to crush in my Cheney uses bonds too much. That that's an exit dec all right this is a perfect example of John Farrell being in a lose lose situation in this town. Because people party made up their minds and got. Anyone who was criticizing John Farrell at this point of the season you'll have an agenda. And that agenda is you just don't like the guy and you're gonna look for some and the regardless of the outcome and that all of the perfect big. Well up right now at any point. And complained up the job John Farrell has done. I don't see a guy you can do you say they over you bought the drug that positive ache today he's clearly shaken and I naturally tournament. They have rolls Bosnia eight general night in a game especially in which they have a 12 run lead. So you want to go to ponds. You and I mean it's the couple games last week on a written list. You retiring is I think usual in this situation. And in fact when he got. Little bit of trouble today there was a Lackey coming up to play with Tampa Bay and gets it happened yet done. And he brings a lefty rob he's god you know what Robby is god did he got him to pop out and foul territory and unit to get out of the jam what we're not gonna look. I'm not saying that John Farrell deserves all the rage in the world that moved to go to the lefty but is he did something that worked out. Don't turn this surroundings when other overused in the. Runs I mean that to me is just click you have an agenda and I is never gonna wind and ya mind. The Boston Red Sox with this win today over at Camp David 75. Six and two at home. It yesterday pat you know what they. Camera marriage today Lleyton again don't second he left again in the seven days and will what hamstring cramp. That. He already missed some time with the flu Jackie Bradley Jew is out and the budget that Jackie Bradley G today. Benedetti and couldn't play that pollen center field and it led to a couple runs in the first and then. There on national T bats for a couple games with the flu does a lot of guys who bereavement list injuries. Not completely help you all would then know. The Lundberg no conscience Matt you're missing Robbie brought I mean. I just think that there have been salty things have gone wrong for this Red Sox team the fact that did certainly at two games above 500. At seven and five page that all the things that have gone wrong there. I just. Date yet not sick yet coming out criticized in the manager right now in knots I actually think the manager deserves credit deserve to be praised to a certain extent. Right I feel manages it too much credit too much blame put it ya gotta go the route of call out John Farrell overuse and Matt bonds gimme a break. It please you shouldn't be complaining about the manager at that in and you should be given him some credit for a naked and you know so what. He has given all the pieces even mention to begin this season. And a Red Sox have done a nice job without some of those pieces had they not. They have 617779797. I just. 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So we'll keep an eye on that one and the Bruins losing yesterday in all the time in Ottawa they return home for game three tomorrow night. At the guidance on all this is Red Sox revealed there's a lot of stuff going on cell taking calls on all of it 617779. 79837. Harry's in was notes up Harry. So stay alive I do sort of Q would pay that. More alarmed Sunnis and all be used barks we got our kids to dude that. And that and that I couldn't agree with you wholeheartedly. It is America are not a sprint but it's a parrot that god has no baseball so. I'll be honest talks and 67. And not. You know I'm not I'm not gonna jump on trial for what he what he dodged barn that's why we have bunch knee comes in the day he got secure our announcement it still so regarded at the got a call from our. But he got a call into these are all we used you know or which released intercede and Eddie started about all humans aren't the only catch is running. HER. Yes and and I mean look and I took Uygur again I mean. Back I clearly had an agenda against John Farrell and he's not the only got as an agenda. Right I am I. I don't mean for the last two seasons I'd like I don't come into the shoulders and say hey this is the day alma I'm gonna defend John Farrell. But I do seem to always find myself doing it based on some of the ridiculous criticism that that gets thrown out there. And that call was responding to a call Amy previous segment which said that Mac bonds is being overused he's not. He's not he's being used in the situations that not all his role Paul's fall which is the eighth inning got. Matt bondage you're eighth inning guy we want him to mediate inning guy given the stuff that yes. At. He's right now he's one that role that's his role he got a little trouble today you get a lefty Farrell might. Makes the right call to break a lefty who gets the job done after bonds to get that one out again you know lefty lefty matchup worked out. Get them and I can't that the general I don't always Napoli Woodrow are not. Art in a perfect world bonds doesn't get any trouble and nuts at. You know ages one to three run option down. There are going to be moments enrich the managers gonna have to make those detective died I don't I you could argue with the decision the manager made that's blocked. But bonds. All knock Allen had done got. And that's saying that he's been abused he's not he's being used in the right situations. That his role calls for he's the eighth inning guy. And the Red Sox you know eight they needed they needed a double and then obviously is a close and I didn't take leave until the vegetable and two run single. And you know that was the only big hit the Red Sox had published and of all another big home run in the fourth inning. It was a two run home run you go to the opposite way obviously. It left handed. When you watch publish at a ball play and this isn't just this season at this early in the season and obviously was hurt last year but eagle back yeah flat. It got to try to hit righty and you say he should not writing ever again. It's you know left handed he's got a couple big home runs this season and yet another one today and before getting a two run home run took the opposite way. And bulldogs scored on a it was a huge hit tied again at four now then plumber hands him on the fifth what happened on a home run John Farrell after another hit after that he was you know court palm. Florida third for Palmer hands. On the day to day and don't pretend strikeouts a strange day if Roger Plummer hands and got off to a terrible spot along three runs in the first adding. I think you could get it obviously when you walked the first two batters didn't I think he threw seven straight balls but. We knew he walked the first two batters and then I hit collapse at a deep to left center and the first thing you got that academy plans at a field. Not instead of Jackie Bradley junior Jackie Bradley junior was on the DL with that knee injury. That attending this plays it to run strong. Just like that it's through not and then you get passed balls three not and so all brands that awaited day. But he lets up that home run in the fifth. Tampa Bay takes a 54 lead then that you get this situation we need another big hit this seven day main and Mitch Mullen did it. Mitch mall and a two run single drives demand mall was two for 33 read these morons at 356. On the season. You know obviously your first baseman moving forward. And a guy now you re gonna keep Ryan is Hammond Ramirez led situation against left the game in the seventh inning on that natural and it. Veteran signal him it was going to second and he came up with a cramp. What does it what John Farrell say he's expected to play Marvin is that the latest report that are seen as a left hamstring left hamstring cramp. He was limping off. Expected to play tomorrow put it to early spot who knows how would you really be surprised if and we didn't play to our. Would you I would be surprised if and we didn't play tomorrow. Sell low key guy I mean a Red Sox just when you think yeah they odd you get guys in Rawls com and through. You know you get guys back and then Hanley leaves again will this keep an eye on the situation it's all tell you right now but. The game. Report is that it doesn't look like I'm serious. Every ounce of Jackie Bradley Jordan situation that I would actually sit in the studio watching on TV. Four right did red socks of you couple weeks ago. And Jackie Bradley junior was his round and first base and it looked Tomlinson he had you know his old in the image did he was walking around the dog on the said he was fine. Next thing I always get. Lana merrily from Detroit next thing you know he's on the DL and notes on that things can take. Sol. We'll stay with Ana Ramirez but obviously don't want to see him leave the game and limping off the field that's what happened but. I guess what they deposit out of that it was the result of an original and a two run single. In that seventh game. Ed did Red Sox their first lead of the game at 65 and Christian Vasquez. Who's just been ripped on the cover up the ball rolled but it on the lawn written down the left field line. Vazquez is 34. Today in his game he's smitten 667. Now he doesn't hit every day it is a play. Every game because they have Vasquez and sandy Leon behind the plate. But all parties to catch a voltage catches Vasquez don't have a big hits. And Leona that a couple huge advantage Red Sox teams so you get timely hits from some guys that. Let's be honest coming into the season I don't know if you look at them short since we own was great. Through a stretch for a long stretch last season. But I still don't think Daytona that is season asking those two guys to the stoic mariner offense you know you're asking from rookie year rest can put Pedroia. And it even to you know about a penny when you put them in the total there. And Hanley Ramirez but it's guys like Mitch small and it's god likes and Leon it's even guys like Christian Vasquez. Who've come of these tickets in a lot Pablo Sandoval. That he's all at 143. On the season putt you gotta acknowledge some edits the Santa Paula as you want one from Ford today. Had a two run home run he's got a couple big home runs down the want you in Detroit is bullpen can actually put form ride that money at the opposite way. That was a huge home run in that game. But on Randy said they've been huge. I think you see at Pablo it's that he should continue to just kick from the left side that's that's really my analysis on publishing and a ball early on this season. Not a great average 143. Overall hasn't been great but some big hits from Pablo and some big time we spot 617. 77979837. Jets in Holyoke what's up Jeff. And that I just want to well. What you think about. How Al Al Horford is have an impact on this game tonight. You know I think he's he's been pretty. Tom you know irrelevant and playoff games but if he can be in rebound. What do you mean he's been away explaining how he's been irrelevant. In playoff games. I'd I just think that. He he's not lived up to it is this potential playoff games. Well I yeah I mean you watch him and we saw you talking about on the block score like how how do you how do you mean that. Tell tell me what he's not doing that you think you should be doing in previous play Afghans Al Horford. He's I think he's just he's either adults or NATO or rebound might. Mikey does on a regular series Baghdad. Well I think I'm looking for from all of that Jeff is. I'm looking for him. To come up with some of the big game changing defensive plays that I thought really jumped off the screen to me early on in the season. A couple way I thought early on yet just this stretch of like. Nine or ten games. Right with an injury early. Net. But there was some poise both Ford and injury and even right afterwards in the first couple months of the season where. Yeah couple late blocks in big spots that that one game for the Celtics those things. They get forgot about that as the season goes on and obviously when he doesn't put the points that you've probably should put up for a guy that's get paid the money he's. He paid it. I can see all those things. You know they they get removed from people's memories CD game changing defense of plays that Gallup has had knowledge I would elephant playoff career. I can only really give view. I can only really go back to last year against the Celtics. And don't our military is very well and I can remember a lot of people look at Al Horford in this town saying we don't wanna. You know don't all bring an Al Horford. Dole don't sign him to a match contract because we go to the box score and a playoff games last year against Atlanta orphans numbers what the hawks. You know they weren't jumping up up the page where and when you look down. But what I thought happened last year and that's series fox and Celtics an elephant on Atlanta. I honestly thought and I said it at the time that Al look kids sides. In that paint. On that collect pummel I thought he gave Isiah Thomas and fits I did I thought you prevent Isaiah Thomas from getting the basket the way Isiah Thomas wants to get them basket. And it. Obviously his presence in response that give Isiah Thomas Fritz that's not going to be something that shows up on the block school but I thought it was evident if you watch those games. And if all food and it president's defense oblique. Pass net combined with proudest defense Bradley's defense and you got Smart coming up the bench with his defense. Yeah not get into a situation of art. It's gonna score pristine outside of Isiah Thomas and a lot of people got to put pressure and elephant because of the contract that he gets me personally I I'm just not really doing that. I'm looking for Avery Bradley. Even though we know Amber's big fans are looking for him to step up and gives a big offensive games. And energetic product to hit most of the threes. I daddy daddy takes in the playoffs you know those guys step up have a big games aren't lies and maybe even markets not having. Offensive game like he did that game against Atlanta and the playoffs last year. You know. Yeah yeah asking right now this Celtics team to play defense of style it's not a defense to pieces they have that the it and did not wanna pop quiz wed at the trade deadline to get them another elite score a what does that tell you that tells you they're asking a play some defense they got a DR. In this postseason and outlook for needs to be iPod that. You know right now it's looking like Isiah Thomas got to play. And that's that's a tough situation. For everybody involved and not pick it up like fan obviously and if he plays. Which it's looking like he is he's got to be playing with having not I don't know how he's gonna do it. And I I feel awful for the kid. I didn't expect them to play to be honest. What if he has got to play which it does look like is. You know. Had Isiah Thomas is always plan that. Inspired basketball. But I just I I feel awful form I don't know how he added I just don't always gonna do it. With his youngest sister. Jailed yesterday and a car crash. I say if he plays Obi with a heavy hot I don't know lefties the effect is going to be I mean I just I can't imagine. That bat and he is. Frame of mind in this game is aged out or not I don't know how it's gonna do I really don't. Sell on what you're asking for a defense you're you're dancing question about who often. You know what I look at them on the look at them to be a part of this group this spot unit. Did to play some serious serious defense because I do pick elephant is a much better defender than people give him credit for. And I think he's come up with some key blocks. In big spots late in close games that have won this help the steam games this season. I picked the Celtics to be the bulls. I picked the Celtics to win this second round series against the Washington or Atlanta and get the Eastern Conference finals. If that likely one which they probably will idle at the Celtics will be cavaliers but they should beat the bulls. They should and will see how this plays out but if you're asking me again about often. What a mask and wound asking them is fit to step up and and play some defense and everybody else and and I think they'll be able to take Arab prisoners. Again Chicago 617779793761777. On seven not 837 on top of the Celtics get the Bruins. Abbott really reacted to what happened yesterday in Ottawa. But. You want me to real quick and maybe we can take some bronze calls as well Bruins or Celtics opened up here in this. In his final hour until 7 o'clock here on Red Sox a deal but take you Bruins and Celtics call 6177797937. I am super asks biggest. Support. If you listen mate are on WEEI if you read my columns and Boston metro on NBC Boston if you subscribe to my podcast. You at all. I am to arrest noble and support it and missed out if not normal alignment. One of one of his biggest supporters decked. I'll defend them. I'll support him because I beg to arrest is one of medical that is in the national hockey week. And I think the criticism that he's faced in certain times in which he's not been able to play. Whether it's an illness or injury or has gone through a couple top stretches. I don't think the whole foods. Those pots of his career should should this hour is current. I think this size of his success and being analytical than in this league is a lot logic. Then what people wanna give to grass credit for enough. I've said Rask had an unbelievable game in game one in Ottawa the Bruins do not when that came out to grass. I was actually. On him late night. After game one Wednesday night and I told yet to crest is my number one stock. Mac aboard was. I thought it was amazing to watch I thought he did a great job is in his NHL debut. But I mean at the end of his first shift he turned it over and he had a forced to regress to make too unbelievable saves in his own John. Don't and then get shower and accorded parent in game one which was just terrible to watch. And took a had to step up and makes a big saints took arrest is an oval on star game. And as much as onto his biggest support. Did true. To a grass needs to be vetted and that they're they're OK he doubts he needs to be about the second goal Ottawa scored the Bruins at three in the third period in auto. The second ball that goes on to arrest on the bit. I don't care if it was you know little knuckle logical if McIlroy Nady made the decision last minute to not market get out of the way. I thought he had athletic we're not. Where if things going on the are on the that's a bad goal and that's on the goaltender all right. That's a bad goal to getting to stop that made it 32 not a game tying goal. But trouble I talked about and I could brazen Bruins. Team commitment to defense the commitment to team defense. Down the stretch like this season. The trouble on the game tying goal you know he's a four decades back to great. But don't get back and stop chasing also around we are on the outside the ice. I don't know what they're trying always to keep this in that moment and I wide open bottom. And Collison made a beautiful pass by but travel make it that's all what is your form. I don't was on the truck. I don't know he was clueless in his own don't we got back Chris and I get credit to get back when they were already in the zone to be fair and Kama. It's just the truck I was clueless. Indicted three the overtime goal shot from the point. I think to uncle was screened all lot more on that game wanna Benny was. On the second goal that went under Zahn. But you know what if he doesn't let up the second goal packets honors on it then it. Bruins going to go to all the time right there when I can't. So I mean. As much as I support Tuukka Rask he's got to be better in that third period he does he's got to be better. You know William Bennett and and game three tomorrow night against the senators on home ice threaten me. More coincidental with injuries right now but still I think they have enough to be able to win and beat this senators team if all the you know took it is the shake that off and shake up real quick. Mad and play like he did it in that game one. And those expectations for two good that he can do that and bounce back in game three but there's no question about it it don't look at that. Point the finger at certain things in game two and a lots and auto and until. As much as I support to grasp. From some of the criticism that he faces a lot of credits is not a faces in the stock. To get needs to be better and that third period in game two in Ottawa there's no question about it. Take an ammonia calls on until 7 o'clock. 61777979837. 61777979837. The Celtics. And bulls about to land game wanna keep yet. Updated on that TD god and then they just showed a clip of Isiah Thomas and the pregame shoot around. And I mean pregame shoot around like right when they Kamal before the National Anthem and tears in his eyes on the court. Crime during the shoot around there was as a picture that's going around it. I believe it was this Sany screen grab from the TNT and which Avery Bradley. Is console Isiah Thomas on the bench during the B shootaround earlier today. Isiah Thomas with a had down on his war on crime and and. Yet to see that video is in his eyes turn it the legit pregame shoot around right before National Anthem. Gist emotional to watch it's going to be an emotional build and official applied. I mean Isiah Thomas I don't even how he's doing it I don't know how he's doing it. Thoughts and prayers. Him and his family as they grow through this difficult time if you haven't heard Isiah Thomas his youngest sister was killed in a car accident. Yesterday hairy is now a day later. Playing in game one. Of an NBA playoff game for the Boston Celtics and when you look at Isiah Thomas his role on this Celtics team. You know he's not just plain for this team. He's obviously somebody that this team asked a day asked him to win them games I mean I've said all season long. That Isiah Thomas is an MVP candidate and should absolutely be in the MVP conversation. Because if you take away Isaiah Thomas from this Celtics team the Celtics. They. She's a 53 wins and the once it is to do to where Isaiah Thomas. Would literally have warning eight to 23 ads which no I would not get in the playoffs. In Libya the composition the worst team in a wig. That's how good Isiah Thomas is bent soul. You know when you put this tragedy aside and you look at at how we will book an added to read through three days ago what we don't. Will look at a caller ID series against the bulls and you're asking I think it's all does that. You know when this series and and how to win a second round series and and then you come together as it did in the I didn't see you can know against Cleveland in the east finals at least that's the way I look at it and that's how much faith I have an Isiah Thomas to run get the job done. But. You know you look at it now in and. I mean I I just don't Isiah Thomas is gonna do it but he's got to be out there we'll see what itself which can go in that damned. Line of their first round playoff series with the Chicago Bulls. DN ABA playoffs are in full swing. There are a couple games already today Washington. The wizards beat Atlanta and their game one and Washington won 14107. Subtle wizards. Had a 10 series lead over the hawks than in the Western Conference again Golden State. At home they beat Portland 121121. Only nine so Golden State Wednesday and wanna get the Celtics and bulls. About to begin and then tonight at 9 o'clock you got Oklahoma City and Houston. As the rockets they Houston Rockets host big game one. Against Oklahoma Oklahoma City at 9 o'clock tonight. So you look at the games in the NBA playoffs yesterday Cleveland just Billie beat Indy. Our Cleveland beat Indiana 1091 away their game one Milwaukee goes into Toronto. And beats the rap is 97. To 83. And San Antonio. At home they beat Memphis 11182 and a game one you're top. Golan and LA beat McCulloch is 97. To 95. Salaam. Yet some you have some drama in the NBA playoffs and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Yet some have some drivers are like I look at the Montreal ranges series. And my eyes is real but look at Ottawa when I I think this I guess you could you could say that but at the same time. I mean it if you shot what the Bruins were able to join game on an even all the 31 lead and going into the third period and two on the road. He's got to think Jordan with all these injuries. You know do without David Ritchie. Without Torre crew and isn't column color photos Alan injury. Part of charge got to go back against her attic was a big loss for them but not all that situations the broad had to deal when it there was distilled. Making art that they should be up to this series are really its critics think that they should be able to beat the Ottawa senator is in this series and Obama's second round and if that does happen. Then you are gonna play the winner of the Montreal Canadians and New York ranges. A game three of this series. Is going to be tonight at 7 o'clock at Madison Square Garden. This series is obviously tied it one. The Rangers won game one between the Canadian and they won game general would. They want and all the time right. I wanted to all the time so all public that series I asked myself. I'd rather play in the second round Montreal and New York. I read a play and every other play New York. They wrote when New York. And it. Not Montreal assists from me I I think that. I'm gonna go opens Kerry treasures one question what we're told that would've liked to face. More. And and that's a tough decision because it's not like you look at. To a worst goal originally you looked into the best goalies in the league it's just may at this stage of their careers. I think I read a plane on course. I read I'd rather played a Lundqvist then Carey Price. I think that's wild personal decision in my opinion is the bullpen as I Kerry price is having a season in which he's been one of the best goalie in the world. And I don't know that I wanna face that and and second round playoff series. Month but especially dale and injuries but. Well I added it wouldn't be an easy series against New York I tell you that. Would be an easy series against the Rangers but that's the second round that you look at a few actually looking ahead. Past Ottawa and I know you might think that's crazy to what pass the senate is because the Bruins senators play game three tomorrow night. At the TD got an and you look at the joke to be better than he wants in that third period. Will also keep silent on the David Krejci situation which. I have no idea what's going on man when it comes to timetable adult now brand and all. He did skate today. A charge skated today. Blood Paolo he's look at this same doubtful for game three tomorrow night a Sharif. Play I am based all was said today unexpected charge being a Bruins lineup tomorrow night I'm not expecting to follow. How would always had a shoulder always got a concussion situation. Not social applied. I can tell you with prove you cannot expect him back. So you're still gonna have to have certain guys step out. Not like jolly McIlroy step and once again who I think it's been great given. The lack of NHL experience he has and the fact that he's nineteen years old. And the fact that now you know playing with Zdeno Chara. You know is quarterback in Apollo play if it wasn't for Ottawa's power plays. You know. You would jump and probably would have the most critics in the game to give this played the second most minutes in game one behind Shara bud. That is only because jars on the path to get. So I mean. You know if if that wasn't the case backward and playing the most minutes and in these games. And that's pretty amazing given the fact that he's nineteen and he's making his NHL debut when I'll plant any regular season games. But yet you look school. Calm and collected out there and he has confidence on the parts on his stick and that's just the way place and an idol I heard someone say the other day that Arnold this is jazzed. You know all the moment been. So big that yes even realized it yet maybe when he does realize that that's when the nervousness. And and the postseason jitters or comment I don't know blood. It to be honest with you I think that you look at Mac voice career. I think it might have been involved because he's some big games in any place in the world juniors don't just some big dams and these plays blamed the country's. And I just think that. The and the tact and some pretty big games and some hard Pritchard situations against some pretty damn good players obviously it's not the Stanley Cup Playoffs but. You know when you go from the hockey east those world junior tournaments to other big games he's played and the it's not like McIlroy is never played in a big game in his life and I do think that the experience he's out of those big games. I think that plays a role in the in the confidence that you are seeing right now with Mac awards held abroad and asked him to continue to be confident. To continue to be poised out there but. You know if there's editing the Bruins need given some injuries did the alleged right now all. If there's anything I need in game three it's for Tuukka to have three periods like he had in game one. And not have a third period might yet gain too. He needs to be bad now. So unexpected and that it. You know. I expect him to turn the page quickly. And to bounce back and on actually spread the Bruins to win game three on expect Ambrose to win the series against Ottawa and that would set him up for a second round against. C. Ranges all the Montreal Canadians and they played a big game three tonight. At 7 o'clock and the Celtics are about to begin and about to tip off at home against Chicago bulls and again this post season. If they are able to beat the bulls and his first round series. They will play the winner of the Atlanta Hawks. And the Washington Wizards and today the Washington Wizards won game one at home. 1141. Of seven over at the lamp. I wrap up the shot it's. Wanna give you a a couple minutes to take that call 61777979837. Celtics and bulls. Game one is underway I'll give you an update on that just a moment. Jimmy is in her entitlements of Jimmy. All the gun at. Thought I'd let it fail complete cure it tablet. That's when they're not doing it's well look at what they did well. You sit up. Wouldn't that situation looking like searched at Helio I think all their patch in the line. I mean weary opponent and you can only have one and I was gonna I was gonna say well you could do some with the DH spot but not you got Hanley back from the flu. I mean henin match Lawler an idea is no DH spot form. They can't have an open line out. Yeah I mean it's it's kept at it and flip flop from what I think and one of them gonna take off. What I liked all that that's. Well here's the deal I am a Christian basket says to me is an offensive catcher. Christian Vasquez is somebody that. I think. They love as a defense of guy I mean you Sean jump in the next day you've seen him throw some guys out and I know I know you've seen me on dress and Izod to. But I I think when the organization breaks down Christian Vasquez in what he is. He's more defensive than offensive and Leona would be known as morally offensive guy. Now I have to answer this question realistically I have the mole what this kitchen staff wants like. We obviously know plus cell wants to throw to regional. And yet are gonna change that because she's the reigning defending Cy Young award winner in the American elite so what's gonna get but he wants he's earned that right. When he as the Siam when he's he wanted to early on he personally I'll. You know does Chris Sale wanna throw your own or does he wanna get the baskets. What does he want because of personal Fallon telling him that he wants to draw a basket at some point like let's say we own keeps it up and Vasquez does offensively. But Chris still still might want to throw a basket is moving full. Here's how I'd handle that situation I'd say Chris Sale gets re watch. There are certain guys to get to choose I think that have earned the right to get the god that they want behind the plate much like. Yeah a lot Jon Lester. 2013. He wanted to go to David Ross. You know David Ross was that a guy that they yup in the lineup holiday we know that he's got a puppets of big hits. And he's got to go to before and he's gonna hit home runs dress that well yeah not even asking for you are expected. They don't pass that. What you know is that. Just gotten pitcher feels confident with that got behind the plate sell more than anything the top spot pitches like most cell and net Chris Sale. An image to an extent when David Price hit back with those guys want. I just feel like it's it's going to be up to them now all the rest away however you want to manage that. You know you'll probably goal. Probably all would the guy who's swinging a hot bat. Right now it's that decision because they alpha. I don't know that automatic is out to be a crazy issue in fact it's a good problem to have that two catches. Rip the cover off the ball but it does come down to what the Topps dot pitch is one who wanna throw it puts all of super Leona. Not you know to be honest I haven't heard sales say one way or the other. But I still think that unless. Other Vasquez guy running let me just say that Mike IA like Vasquez for his defense and to me. He saw I've heard and I've been told my people the organization. That you know he's someone they do not want to get ripped. Bought a big Leona has sort of come onto the scene as this offensive catcher that is also pretty damn good bond play. When it comes to throwing guys out of the defense of guy where. I don't know the move on from him. I think the only way you move on from San and we all is it his offense gets so bad and that you get summit topic is saying hey you know what we've run out of baskets. But as long as those guys wanna sort of Leona or sell the sale then they don't gonna be out. And. I don't really ultimately that you should have a problem with that and that's what those guys want that's what they should get. So. I'm not complaining about it too good problem to have when it they're catching situation Vasquez couple bigots today we've seen. Sandy Leona and the big it's he's had this season. So it's nice to plug in either of those two guys and know that offensively. Then not just gonna. Hold their ground but they're going to be guys that come up big hits in time we spot to drive in big runs. And that's what both of them had been doing it 617779. Seven not 837 got a couple minutes left wrapping up the shell which is bad for the most part red sock your view but we have not ignored. These Celtics in the Bruins. In their respective playoff race is the Celtics in the polls underway. Here in the first quarter at the TD got an an emotional an emotional night. At the gun with Isiah Thomas lion in this game for the Celtics gotten in his game for the Celtics. He's got on his snake is. He has RIP. Little sis. And if you didn't hear his little sister Isiah Thomas is little sister was killed. In a car accident yesterday and here is now a day later. Play in in this game for the Celtics got in this game the Celtics obviously with a heavy hot he was crying on the bench David picture him. And Avery Bradley darn warm ups it was sitting on the bench Avery Bradley was console them. Isiah Thomas during the pregame warmup ripe for National Anthem he would shoot around and he was into is. He was NT is there a moment of silence for system before the game just an emotional night at the god and he let. Right that a free throw line right away. This the first one but it's the second line he's got a couple big shots and right as you can watch and that reported you see it just hit a Big Three point. If you wonder and about the celtics' defense and how they look at against the bulls right now at least to begin this Dan a couple of minutes in the first quarter with a celtics' lead at twelve to eight. De Gaulle and where it. Jae Crowder on Jimmy Butler and Avery Bradley on Dwyane Wade with Isiah Thomas sunrise John Rondo. They've called a couple follows on the Celtics outlook add on that call was screen on Amanda Johnston. A file on a screen if Vick called out all series it's going to be a long series they call them right away it was just. That's a God's call and I don't Sydor and and oddly too much about officiating in the NBA because. I didn't he do it with every game they're about a couple calls early win. I hope it'll call series is it's going to be a long series. Some sloppy basketball some turnovers early but for the most about the Celtics right now lead pipeline it should be an emotional night the rest of the way at TV gone. That nice job behind the glass Iron Mountain San.

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