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Is Chris Sale a star in Boston? 4-16-2017

Apr 16, 2017|

Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich debate on whether Red Sox ace Chris Sale has already achieved star status in Boston.

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You mean on the weekend sports talk action right now with my GRD. Rob Bradford plus Sports Radio WEEI. No I think you're I think you're the the accurate word and you back here. Gave away your glory right knowledge that behind Libya's. I have ever thought. I've never listen to what you have a bigger than ever I haven't. Are we to a party or if you if you are ever ran back on the mortgage. Now. Yeah your band is sensitive to your band is a little bit sensitive though it's history I apologize. I thought it was a bit they had no act like it was a guided the dog's stake. And it isn't really were holding ground. Welcome Comcast I'm rob Bradford of the Bradford GRE showed you said unfortunately my charity is not here believe me unfortunately my security is not here haven't relatives here. Of Comcast. Thanks for coming in Evan thanks for sweating all over having people on board. 6177797937. We will talk a little bitter about Red Sox coming up but I wanna get to the Tex lines. Was it 3793737937. Tax on and that's why am I could read this one person this keeps taxing taxing. This is what's great is what makes this a good show today and congratulations. For months that some Texans love unity this morning. Right you have a natural chemistry is because we hit each other but we love each Bradford he sucked so bad today. At city. Brad Mo flow is record dot dot dot by Europe its tank. So the air shirts are always less than mine as we use that will establish you are the king of getting chicken wings sauce all over yourself every single time future. Error 617 so similar I seven I threesome so let's talk a little bit about the red side you read the other week it's insurers and passionate and yet all it does that won at I would go and call you pathetic yes show's over after impassioned and so meek and that's what it was when you said why are you yelling. Because you know this judge knows this too. Like we you can view when the other person across from you is yes. That's me today that yes that's we normally and better as you know predict you don't finish your sentences to the plot Catholic it. This tent just relax and get your podcast right off between the two of you feel like a baby so what's going on. Avant Avant let's talk about the reds up OK would you be so you had mentioned we were talking about you or disagreement with Lou. Thirty thing that you think that you'll just when you have a show 1 o'clock this morning the night the disagree with them about yesterday's game what was your hot take away from yesterday's game. Well I managed things off your shoes what was that Chris they'll never shakes his catcher that's an old story we're yet physical shall. I remember fly that people aren't as our analysts though it's already until he writes ago that's correct as the paper record of success so go ahead average so Chris hale never shakes off of catcher. Right they've kind of credit about how many guys thank you pull that off you have to have three pitches that are so good. That it doesn't matter what the catcher calling nobody L may be ample guts to do. All right so we're gonna talk about 0% mavericks. Shakes out as catcher that's not exciting but what is exciting is Chris let me Chris sales I know that's the problem get there. Chris hill's existence as a base in I said this last night when I was driving home and try to fill time for Chris Fulani. Which is this is the first time this is the first time in a long time that you can say that is an ace got. And remember you remembered maybe you were in Houston when this is gone on. But you remember they the case is an important is not important happenings it's absolutely important have an ace it's just absolutely you have been an ace like Chris Sale it's right. Okay you've got to define case that every team to have like a number one this is that kind of group of you know three to five maybe ten to lead the league pitchers to always tell you why does Florida have Chris sales pace tell me why it's not what they were saying it wise which is just need a bunch of good pictures tell me why it's important how about one. I think for the confidence of the team that to know that when you're one guy going out that we can win this game especially when the other pitchers are pitching I think. Think that that players only hitters meeting with something to do with the fact that they were not scorn for him I think as Mitch Moreland said after the game was much ado about nothing well. But but like if you look at the numbers the all think they're metal the package and off of turn. They weren't hitting home what else did you meet about except the fact that this pitching so well for us we're we're. Has nothing to do it that there's absolutely nothing to do this they've they've never you're never gonna go into a game and say hey guys we feel really bad for the guys. While score bunch Iran's okay. A phone. You follow these are foreign but come on let's go so anyway no it's about let's have the right approach this approach this. In a better fashion if that sort of stuff are so with Chris Sale when I talked about it days it's all the things about. Before. Big beef the day before the day of the day after saving your bowl and about exactly what you said which is you when you need a game. When you're up all the other guys doing well you know this guy's gonna turn today and yeah you like to think they've had that guy in the past the image that Chris fails giving you right now that if absolutely no holds barred that guy. Well am I wrong and things of that spectacle and Pedro Martinez which is something you wrote last year at David Price no. Horribly wrong don't know about that was actually that was before he even pitched a perilous that made my debut issue I. So yeah I'll tell you why you wrong once again but my point with that is that. It's not going to be like that ever again I don't think it's dark with Pedro it's I got the Pedro take it I know people went down the stands I mingled. I giggled with people Jeff Maybin might buy good friend Jeff mainly in my brother Eric are all these before the game and didn't say I got Chris they'll take it. That used to be Howell wasn't paid to a that is used to be how laws across the board but I don't think he's that way with Chris it's like Bogut Chris hill's piece that's great. But I don't know he's Michelle right in India are nodes on frozen after the game but I don't think because the dynamic of the way baseball is. It's about that anymore I don't. Yeah you'll like this with him I just. I don't I don't think he's the one guy. I cannot see right right now he is right now but if the if you lose two games in a row he's not happy that's nowadays. It's not like Pedro you have to do in Boston for an extended period time too wide for a right eight. Eleventh 2016. To twelve year it's David Price might be because Pedro Martinez writing back that April breslaw I was trying to fill time and space by writing that second ball that was you you're wrong. I was absolutely wrong. This was this was that. It's time. That was that was before David Price ever threw a pitch and the reason that wrote that have been with for the same reason you're talking about Chris Sale was because David Price was the first time you thirty million dollar a year pitcher the guy who is perceived as the be all end all and baseball one quote he is the reason and you bond that hit right. And then saved the program rob Bradford that the that it's ugly and I was wrong. At the right and I say I got right. That is the promise is the same promise that I had coming in which once again David Price had thrown a lot of this whole unaffected avid. David Price had thrown a pitch OK so cranky and so and so. So you have this dynamic. You went out and pay this money for the guy was supposed to be the guy who you wanna buy the ticket for. Chris Sale okay now that didn't work out in value of Chris Sale and what I learned after writing that I learned from my mistakes unlike you. I can with about ten of them have power. I learned from my mistakes and one of the things I learned was that that guys coming got a note Clayton Kershaw here if you say I get the Clayton Kershaw take it anymore. Pedro was completely different dynamic. Completely different. I think this is equal announcing he is matching Pedro in terms of that atmosphere this is absolutely closest thing to. Since I left there wasn't back back it's not that guy David Price despite a rapper wrote certainly it's not pick up. I agree. Watch a lot of pitching a lot of baseball do you not is that party that I need to secrecy. I look. I would yeah. It's every pitch I look forward to Chris Sale pitching number one because he works quick in the good chance the game that's that's part of the reason that's it that's my view I said this on one of the excellent broadcast which I was on in spring training. Watching him pitch that which I actually paid attention. And I said this guy's an interesting guy to watch it because the west doesn't it that's the script it is interest existing guy and that this next layer of that effort if you knew anything about broadcasting and you bring it up and then you analyze it. And what I analyse whether you look at exactly what you saw yesterday the guy with a fastball. Obviously made did not hide nineties fastball higher than we thought. A guy who can work both sides of the plate more pitches inside to be better than anyone in baseball and the proof of that with hitting more guys than anybody in baseball bizarrely but that shows you view willingness to do it morning. Most guys would you agree with what you think of how he's handled the media so. You know as a writer I'm frustrated by it. But as someone who I would give him advice I would say do exactly what you'd want to explain what that is which is not making self avail. Outside of dating he he pitches he will talk to us out blank. But you try to get him in between starts and he's basic. The guy said this before which is used in you see this as well you've seen guys who come in here and they do too much to try to be everything to everybody. And then they burn themselves oppressed that I think so to assert certain extent and in becomes back the sale to. You don't go to part of that are you do not what we don't. Abate as well as long as at some point is what I wanna ask. It or ask media relations. Gimme the day beat Chris Sale is located Tom. That was up one day a week because we went back it. You around a little bit went back it was here that Beckett said today after that I pitch that's that day that I talked. That's fine this tell me that. And so if he does that then I'm fine with it. But in terms of how he's approaching it now. Yes inconvenient for us right now because he is an interesting guy you wanna actually believe it or not you don't wanna talk to about his Twitter account you wanna talk to him about pitching. And if its heart it is not a hundred Turk about it but the only real. Yeah so anyway this goes goes cause of the pocket. David in the case I don't David what's going on. I don't have. Already talked about one lifetime. Direct stock at the best. Pitcher numeric. Oh well here's an artist David. Here's the thing heading into last year they got what they thought was the best pitcher in the American only. Yeah they did they didn't get them but they 1000. Well and where we have three starts here David. So if David Price came out and and he had three great starts last year to begin at Red Sox tenure you would be say the exact same thing. Christian or the best pitcher Andy actually slashing our report sell little but. That's the truth my son and I don't it'll say you know let's talk about why couldn't we yesterday's ticket. Why do we get secret. That's because opposite because not. Well I changed and you rather have the maybe you would rather have Chris they'll take its Andrew pomerantz tickets right. I hope I get them some other and I. This totally irrational oral direct shot. Right now yes that's the case still. Horizon well. She let me react to that number eight Adam all behind well got there and I. My doctor put it. Out yet person on end and got church. Yeah that mentally I think is better than a couple of good old good old 66. 66 so you are I'm gonna ask you this question. You would admit though that it's not like he used to be when when you look you're the you're occasion where you were growing up hold on them. It wasn't it used to be I got this ticket I got the Clemens ticket right I got the Pedro take it it is not like that baseball nearly as much anymore. I think it tightened everything that happened to Red Sox and we won so well sure I caught it yet they if they get another one. All of a sudden I got tickets. Yet. And technical. End Mike ticket how people and lecture ever took about seven. I'd go down to set and how it I don't know we want it at whatever they call him. People thought it. Lot or because. Because in one or. Well sure this entry and hostile. They're obviously a century. Is it sentry key because I doubt that are always. If that it could be. All they flick on have a great W Sunday. It's this of the day I'm not gonna win this argument a much more wronged you wanna be I'm now on. Like price or wrong and Chris Hill I set are doubtful we write today today I am absolutely right. Today I am a 100% right by. You are never gonna win this argument today because people have it have that image of less than 24 hours ago a crew sailed long way arts eleven guys were in the numbers that every stories mix right bar by your fresh off the if you did this for days now. It might be at. It Mort my paper it's a little. It right. You're right after ice on the edge he's gonna fall no that's that's what my argument is based on how baseball is these days which is that people don't really glad it's you know Larry quite literally pitch beat in this comes back to you saw the list. The list of notable baseball players the most recognizable. Professional athletes right. That was the came out. Not one active baseball player at the bit with this it does it does exactly to this argument because this is the problem this is the problem. You'll think that Pedro mart is at his height with a Red Sox would have been on that list. The national profile discussion of some kids are my choir Albuquerque, New Mexico question in Boston. The sale is the currency and then answer my question. Was your question it's right. Don't you think when Pedro mart views with pitching on that list of what was it it was the most recognizable or most popular most. I would think yes okay don't you would also agree that baseball has taken maternal written that would might throw. The best player in baseball we're talking two different things I transcended no we're not we're talking about the same thing because this is what I'm talking about Chris L it's fun to watch Chris Sale sure I want experts they'll take it but it's not like he used to be where you say. I have to go to the Chris failed in Chris sells becoming that right now about the okay. There you just distract yourself in the corner ideas and you in the corner route itself if he said becoming that he hasn't become that he's become right now 67779. It's that every story that we don't and brought on by giving the phone number 61777979. Freeze up and I'm rob Bradford that's happened relic will talk more about it right this.

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