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Tragedy for Isaiah Thomas, 4-17-2017

Apr 16, 2017|

Bradfo is joined by CSNNEs Evan Drellich, and the two open the show discussing the tragic car accident that killed Isaiah Thomas's sister Chyna. They are joined by ESPN's Jeff Goodman who has the latest on Thomas's status.

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Jeff Goodman of ESPN is reporting that as of the moment it looks like Isiah will play. The Celtics game today we will have Jeff Goodman on whether it's about 945. Celtics will play tonight at the TD garden 630 taking on Chicago Bulls in the first game. Of their playoff series the Bruins lost 43. Overtime of the Ottawa Senators. Series is tied it 11 Bruins look to rebound tomorrow. At the garden. She guardian rob Bradford had fox Sports Radio. Yeah eyes every facet of new England sports gets dissected with Mike can run on so let's continue the weekend right now it's GR. Bradford on Sports Radio WEEI. At. He's everybody's happy Easter. No better way to celebrate. A holiday such an important day. Also at the 84 patriots day Marathon Monday. Then the GO RD in Bradford show in usually we will start off the show with a good rant from my two yardage because he's so angry. And it carries us right on through the the rest of the three and a half or so hours. But today might GRE has been stricken by the Fenway flu even though he has been nowhere near Fenway Park he is ill he is six. We are gonna have to make do so I wanted first off I want to apologize to all the listeners. Because instead of my Tea Party we have Edward relic of Comcast. Sports net new wing than ever and good morning. I'm gonna try I got a little ugly tried to say as sincere thank you for coming in I can't. The anger that you are not believe I just believe years your anger fake it and hear it. I admitted up for those forty minutes that one why wait why you resting on little anymore that's me why you why you're. What is it sure is it's not the morning of these this these people into the with Lucas and in this for us while the seven drought covers the Red Sox knew we hired Comcast sports a New England. Also the only guy in the history the Brad social podcast. Who did a fifty minute podcast for me it was unusable because you didn't bring the right equipment for the interview you were conducting try to back you know quarter yet one microphone so when I was that you way. Who put you in your place. You couldn't use yacht that's your fault lines. The reason I'm running to study the history of the gradual pockets doesn't exist. Personal note that thing in the bracket show pod I said Brad though Shell's second on all of the reason I even bring this up as for this exact reason. Evan we're gonna be here together for the next three and a half hours Corey. Dole jumpin in Iraq this is this is as the owner of the podcast I can tell you why did run. And the reason it did Ron was 'cause because you had to keep jumping in it in Iran ever interrupt me. I was we yet I was trying. Two Q George hit you a chance to speak I was trying to speak this hour or else. We might ease into it I'm sure yell it. What's what they did just wait wait till I finish my sentences avid please okay. 61777979376177797937. What's yet I'm rob Bradford that's live with Evan drought like we're going to be talk about a lot of things a lot of things to get to B sides and in 1980 each other. By. That's true the first thing obviously you know rematch in the trending now is such a tragedy when I we I was in new reds clubhouse and I heard about this yesterday. You probably the same thing. Isiah thomas' sister passing away in a car crash China Thomas now he's she's it was a half sister off of Isaiah. She does B share the same father but they were very very close by all reports. And I can imagine what is it. How that is where OK obviously use a sibling. It's it's a travesty. It's it's a terrible thing. And then your inflicted with this dynamic of something that you work for for the last six months of your life. I'm going in the playoffs what you do what you do what you do and as I said the trending now Jeff Goodman dubious VN has said at the moment. The plan is Isiah Thomas will play in this game tonight. And avid I don't think anyone would begrudge him at least anyone with any semblance of sanity would begrudge him if he said no thanks and outline. She could be an adoptive sister have to circle sister I don't care what exactly the relation is this is entirely. Up to him in a few feels like sitting out that the probably screw them in game one yes but that's doesn't matter. It's irrelevant at this mode when it's something. On that level personal magnitude. And act I know there's somebody out there who think that yes he'd better play for eight you know he owes it to us he owes it to me the Boston Celtics head up. He does not both at two whose family and to himself what to do with this time was desperate for a piece of emotionally distraught. That's gonna go up there it's just not reasonable that you. Did you when you went through this scenario when you were thinking through this scenario did you do the same thing I did which toys. If I mean this spot what what I do how what I feel right while only child's a little hard for me to try to like well OK okay well over a savior your. Your parents. Be averages this. This is that he doesn't give you what I what I think again likely usually what happens in these situations. Just my observation haven't broken down the numbers on the is that the guy used in the play right and it ends up being some sort of motivating factor that team rallied around him and it's a good distraction. People in times of trouble and lost usually want a distraction right did you do you know using one incident but for some people that is the best round. I had to guess I guess he place because what would she walked right usually that's the calculation people. What would my sister while all of my mother wobble of my father while while they want to continue ideally like they want to go out there wanted to do my best to win. Is usually the calculation but that's not what he rides. Nobody could sit there and say well you're somehow doing her to serve it's nothing like. I can't tell anybody how Isiah Thomas is feeling. While I would imagine playing amateur psychologist ire of don't agree disagree with you haven't but I would imagine for there also is an element of this is so NATO. This news. He probably doesn't know what to do and we're talking about a day after a day after. You're asking me shot essentially shock yes in and you have your family back in Washington. You have obviously like I said the reality is that you were if you are immersed. Your whole world has been immersed. In this day which is. This wasn't going to be the day when you have to deal when your sister Dolly this was going to be today where you start your playoff run with the Boston Celtics and all the sun. You have back there are so I would imagine what's going through Isiah thomas' mind is is. What I don't know what to do because because everything is a note if you do it if you you go down three days on the road. I would imagine Isiah Thomas is probably gonna feel a little bit different but he did right now and I'm not blaming for how he feels in generous back. It's it's it's just that an unbelievably. Bizarre tragic. Time where this guy's life is coming to do the crossroads it's crazy. We shouldn't discount the idea that the team is it second hand yes right and it could be some benefit for him particularly if he's still processing it. Think the rest of the Stanley that the game sitting right. Courtside. Right view. That you got with his other second Stanley and team on the bench like. I almost think that might be the best environment for him you don't want him sitting. Alone. I don't think he would be alone in a situation like this but but in some way keeping normalcy. Is is the best way for people to adapt to the hardest times. Well in Rio once again we're going to be targeting Jeff Goodman and yes began after the first break here and because he was the one that he's very tight with the Celtics. He knows the Thomas family. And he was the one the Cayman said right now as we sit here Isiah Thomas is gonna play. By there is that element of Walt does eyes it go back to Washington and I don't disagree I mean oh I don't know if his family is coming here. The Boston because if that's the case you're absolutely right if it failed he's coming here you of that fairly and then. It is not hyperbole to say that the guys he worked with every day is his family it's like as a report herald this morning that those in his inner circle are on the way yes and so that would make sense. Because if if he is going to play that would absolutely make sense what is it. Yet to add at least the way you would you leave the decision. You give enough time you'd you do you don't necessarily have to make the decision right away rightly they can come here and if you decide that came later today. I gotta get out here I got to be watched involvement and get back on a plane they fight back across the country. But it that it's all centered on what he's feeling at that point in time. And I'll go back to go back to what you said about the family thing in people's analysis team it's it's just a team is to it's what's well yeah all that's the thing we're around baseball at times. And the reality with baseball players is that they're around their teammates more than there around him. Beth Beth the fact. Right now baseball season is longer than other bus pulls out basketball is is pretty long in and it's a tight community obviously you saw the outpouring. Of affection for Isiah Thomas and condolences. Throughout the league and certainly from the the Celtics in even the commissioner of the NBA. But that you cannot discount that that you cannot discount. How well the the people weaves around right now how important those people are to them there and that that is obviously going to be beat part of his decision. And I don't think he's gonna do. I think he's gonna play. I think he's just like guns yeah it and I wanna say in anything taxes in the of the text line. 37937. Colin 6177797937. I know there's instances of this I don't know in terms of this short a time table before between. The actual tragedy and having to its side if you play. But I know in professional sports even college sports there are instances where people have made have to made this decision I remember them playing. And I don't I encourage people loot to surface some of those. And you know this going to be emotional times going to be emotional time for obviously for Isaiah. Obviously for his family but the people care about is going to be emotional time at the garden today and this is it's tough because we sit in the year. And I was unique funny view for now people break down the Celtics and bulls matchup. But. In which we will do so but but this have to this is the story this is when you when we go to the garden later today. This is the story everything about what is happening at the garden tonight win or lose is going to be about Isiah Thomas. Your image and again it is entirely up to now I do worry. I at least have concerned that if he were to not play it opens a room for regret. Down the room that that in the state Shockey decide okay gotta be with the family but then. Let's say they lose tonight it was series you know even months weeks later he looks back outing goes out and I. I wish but that's sort of talking about have an historical. Eight you have to make the decision and there is no good decision because. The emotions are so raw that decision making process is is so short amount of time. How do you how do you say that you're making the right decision in a 24 hours span where your world has been U I police say when it right to talk. First thought but I sort of say that that's why when we talked about putting yourself in his spot and I said well you said journal which now ago. And at what point was if you had a lovable loved ones. At a at a key moment at a pivotal moment in your professional life. Pass away what you do what more could you do to honor this person. That's a play I had a stellar I gotta be honest review my first reaction because it should try to put my head around this I did try to put myself in that spot. My initial review what reaction was he's not apply. He's gonna go to Washington. What were those your for I I was the opposite yeah well I figured that he would that you be out there because. That's that's that's your daily life and and and again what more can you do. I understand I just invited. By this is my initial reaction everything that we're saying everything your saying I'd bizarrely agree with flat. But my initial reaction was. Losing. I have a brother and my if my brother passed away in this situation my initial reaction was. Everything else everything out even though on tight would my teammates everything else. Is that pushed aside I'm going out to Washington or whatever it is and I'm dealing with a. That's comparable week dropping like. Does that to ask you why are asked to go well if your brother yeah that's where it fourteen Sen answers Red Sox. Yet. I don't even know that's comparable because you talk about covering an airplane ever. Is I could and that's why it's my body recovered at you as this went right that might be quite honest confusion Bogle is comparable for us in our line. No I don't think. No well the game I remember is the is the Brett Favre after his father honestly that's a good one that's a good ones yet and that it will Michael Jordan playing a game actor his dad was killed two that. One on I don't I doubt I wanna say that waves with equities. Yeah that was about it in the autopsy that Brett Favre won the Brett Favre brought it in that's the one that I remember that is absolutely you know the one I remember. Which with the Monday night game he played. I believe he had a great game and it was obviously an emotional time but. You said it happened whom he can do that he is the one who is gonna make that decision he's only one should make this decision we shouldn't. We may have callers who say he should play you should play because it's so important subject is now that's not it I think everyone knows Celtics will tell you that as well if he decided he was gonna fly to Washington today and not play. Then everybody should say that is perfectly fine the Celtics will march on if they lose they lose. That's it Edinson Volquez as World Series back in 2015 is bothered that it does I think he played two. Also is he doesn't Lawrence laughter in game one that is dead I think yes he did he didn't like are more times than not anecdotally people end up. I don't think I can't think of anybody who didn't. And he weakest surface too far. Bolt says I can't think of anybody you'd been. And they're in the playoffs it out there and I think there's any doubt in I do think that there is something to what you said which is. Your family is eight is the people you've been around your families your family but cannot discount. What the importance of these these teammates. These coaches these people who you're around all the time and maybe some people can't get their head around that but that's the reality isn't it. That is the reality that we have come Danone seeing this. And people should understand. This as as the ex yeah is is quiet and Fam. On the other on the other Sundays after they can if you choose to believe somehow being disrespectful. To his being unsure about what do you think that was. Some days it'd be critical of him in either direction. And that's wrong it's off base and it does show. If you're saying how could you dare play how can you not fly all a lack of understanding of what this guy's day to day life is and how close. Did you think it do you think in for those people might say that even Isiah Thomas to love his sister if you think Isiah Thomas is going to prioritize. Basketball over his sister golf course is not is human bing. He is a human being of course they are becomes a way. Well channeling. Dead obvious emotion I'll come back. Honoring your thoughts about if you choose is welcome back to the support system the support system for Isiah Thomas. And enormous part of his support system number one is reportedly flying off as is and number two is his team. Are the guys who he called family with his team yet. But I don't think the first thought knives in his mind is where is my support system it's what is the best way to honor my sister. And what is best for life in I don't think I don't think he's thinking about himself. I mean. Yeah well I don't know. I don't know I think there's an element it's human nature are gonna be us it's human nature is it to how my going to grief. Right. It but it Betty in your that we were just talking about that it's almost too early for him to understand agreement do we know he's right about that but that's life. I I don't know but that's the thing. I don't expect him to know how I've been I don't expect him to know how he should know how well he's how old is he. General's eyes when he is 89 series went the it's what he's like 27 year old kid or call 817 year old kid. I was 27 and I lost a sibling. Suddenly what was close to. And within that 24 hours idea I wouldn't know what to. I I don't know we wouldn't know what which is why again my guess is kind of Eagles with which the Disco the phone lines. Ralph and Cranston right route to work. You guys are of course it's a sad situation in whatever Isiah decides to do. It without boring into the the state in the way I. I could never deliberately. Might look like a lecture at the last. I just couldn't do it would be effective in the game and I think he probably will lose you lose it in took a book. What do you think well I mean you know we should be opposed by are quite true complete and that's probably what's gonna happen well guys I have to that I can still. I've still shaken by just thinking as a parent of what touch he is goal right. I mean not only that the war during the parent would save our and they're saying you know look. It actually feel comfortable with child were to lose it that way it looked in his. You know Isiah will be able that if there are cute cut he ever forgive himself that's going to be that saying that you know. I think anyone who has a creators say. What Pataki a tight if you can imagine. That type. Well Ralph your parent rice that your parents though yeah yeah so that's the one that its own case people don't know Todd Heap former. And it's all tied in accidentally killed a three year old daughter. An incident. He's back that driveway. Which it is which is you know. Stationing there of grief. I just I can even comprehend. Port now I can and and Ralph happy Easter thanks for the costs are. That one and in obviously. The Isiah Thomas one is going to be more newsworthy around here who are missing out yesterday you're not apparent happen. These parts you know that's that's or. By that and what does. That one for any parent at home because. It is something so innocuous so. So every day that you think about hey watch out kids. That one is Glenallen for a drop this try to get through some of these calls before we get infected Jeff Goodman all the car you would call. We'll. Keep an outdoor dual. Us. I just Joseph. I've been our college once outlawed that experience yet I'm Smart G-8. Members. I'll tell you what I'd say right I eat. Which sites do it and what he bought the cable certainly via. Would bet they. I think bit. What. We understand and support this. Team unity. Bill without people into situations that I believe right it will played. Illegal and carry it to the most ardent. Will little piece storage site and build a bridge that after a short week because she lives. That this result to be treated to get lie that dug my chemistry. Article says there probably not to TT. Yet they ended. I think a lot of student and I see that they have pretty of the program and what you know that there. All I would make the arguments good points and that and thanks for the call appreciated or make the argument that. It even if they weren't a tight team even if there and have great chemistry doesn't matter it'll go back to how much these guys are around each other. That's that's every inning and Pulte ascetic if you are you're a it doesn't not make a difference you're around these guys and sure you don't like some guys that team even the most dysfunctional. Team is going to win some tragedy happens you're gonna rally around each other. Even in the media. Who do you see more Vladimir your life. While you're mine you did better than that that's the way it is and I'm making your point of just how often. The costs and I was wondering why not so a lot of what's. Now right now this is Bradford. Related deaths should a lot more wonderful you know. Can I love you won't particularly number of the economic could be wrong in this sport. I bet when Jimmie Johnson was coach and they need it to those collars. You don't absolutely right but if I remember correctly peace to the funeral coached a game I don't. Super voted I don't know creditable as well. Unit to what's important one conduct a general attitude of that's harmless. Stoops has given in the Clinton to win the elites. Some hybrids on the but it's a special webcast is probably the other networks. We're gonna say he introduced in Brooklyn that Christian but when it I don't know where. It is an assembly that was more important enough and was nearly as important in diplomacy. Produced in that specific. Than that England's nick stepped out. Yeah yeah and thanks for the call John you know it the one thing that you said 20/20 220 years old days when he did twenty years old and twenty. I don't care if it's always come dressed about legal now. OK so is the 29 year old you still don't know what you're doing it when I actually I can vouch for that Selena but as a 28 year old. Who is immersed in this in in have you lost anybody have you lost anybody else lost her grandmother and last year so a grandmother who saw I had thought I'd sorry about that. But wasn't a sudden thing. It kind of catch their condition that touted. Gone with some act summoned closer your age like you so you don't have any siblings. Of the city apparent that you're close I lost thousands of schools with an iBook what Eddie you're not a good example but that's as Isiah Thomas twenty years old to think that he has all the answers. And in this situation just wouldn't be a reality it just wouldn't be at you and you don't worry you said it before. One of the things you worry about is regrets. You don't want him to have any regrets and it might be impossible not to have regrets in this situation. I don't know which regret it would be. Wouldn't regret the guy that went out to Washington missed the game I regret missing game or was I was so immersed in basketball that time that I didn't about the Washington. No one has the answers to this and I don't expect this twenty year old guy as much as we. Put him on a pedestal to have the answers for another crack. Ethical level. You know this time degree there's only one time for the playoffs but that doesn't in any way mean you somehow obligated but he's you know how to skewered. Remember that or thought that was when he said Jimmie Johnson. Mean Jimmie Johnson missed his father's funeral he said. To coach again yeah I've been able fundamentally. What was that. If Brothers and mother mother funeral. Air and I would imagine that would have been a regret. To be that's a regret. I'm guessing I play of your business or did final I'm sure we're Jimmie Johnson. But I'm thinking that he was probably so immersed in that world. That he thought that that was more important or maybe saying this is what my mother would want I don't know I can't imagine that that. Would be the right wolf I don't know I can question in my mind the situation is why with why why would open schedule such that it. You know crude oil for oil because the priority and listen ICL the call 6177797937. Mike Otis spends all of you. All right I see all lined up just hang on because we we're gonna talk to the guy. The guy who is really into what's going on with Isiah Thomas with the Celtics with a family Jeff Goodman of ESPN right after this. A more new England sports talk with rob Bradford. Might she yardage on Sports Radio WEEI. All right I'm rob Bradford might yard he's not here you on assignment. Homesick. In his place I apologize to all molesters ever relatives here processed or not. To people you love you have to earn that respect you have to earn it. Maybe by 10 o'clock you'll earn it someone who has earned all kinda respect Jeff Goodman our good friend Jeff Goodman of ESPN's Jeff what's going on. That I have not it's the one that is. Now I know Jeff evident every relic said that he knows you from like ten years you. Jeff you'd have no reason remember this I was still a student a student at Binghamton university in new York and use the middle that scandal back then and I call argued. You just you help me out a little bit on the phone so it's one thank you for that about ten years ago. You don't have a broad right. We'll have a broad S seven Brothers it and their program has not recovered so I'd love to hear more about lightning and has recovered totally out we'll save that for another day topic our listeners Seattle us slow Americans ought to have that they'll be in the polls show podcast with him and wrote their I just assume Jeff you've been all over the size is Thomas story is -- the NTELOS. As we approached game one here of these. Polls Celtics play answers. You know I I heard about earlier and I mean you're right it's a tough situation because obviously we don't know how. I can only dogs who are popular rock ark and numerous people close to him and they don't be surprised that he doesn't play. Largely because of it DNA and and the fact of the matter is somebody like him talk again cotton all the people I have around him say he's gonna aren't solid on the court. I mean that's we hear a lot of when you speak to. Any type of athlete that lock somebody close you'll. They fired at salt on the work. Or on the field or whatever he's doing what they love a person so that and I spoke to Iraq he'll chelios it's a little while ago coached him at south camper school Connecticut and it's consistent watching it. And and he said that. He was extremely close with witnesses or there are secure support she would be a lot of you don't gangs and she loved watching him. She loved watching him play so ultimately I. Again gathering all the information Iraqi and it certainly economic change or your two dates Jewish can do. But most people close to feel like. He's got to play with a heavy heart today and water faculty. Particularly in place. Better just is that's what he does. Everything duels and that's how his life he's been in an initial you'll meet him more to do this quirky sister. It's the jedi council China but the family dynamic at play there when he went to prep school Connecticut it's my understanding was hard for him to be away from home is. It's kind of a whole body in some respect is he somebody who even beyond the normal. It's really. Tight with all those around him and his parents and and family. You know I just know again people close to him he's got a small circle. But one that buried here close knit and you can tell within. He's been doubted every level I first saw him play when you're your soul. You know hey you ball itself can kinetic covered pretzels. So I remember seeing him play a lot. And to watch how he Cologne he was always a terror. Gregarious I hear you again everything you'll. I remember doubting them at every look. I'd really like Europe out of every level while this year I started buying that Isiah Thomas being at all. You know player in the league in. It is amazing. So watch China came Grohl. But I think ultimately it is about his relationships. The closest to me it's pain me is what I've been told from everybody around him. A static route sister. You obviously waiting. A year or so ago and a lot of people had a chance to get to know or air we've been assault which organization. And again or six years apart erased together. So yeah it's going to be a lot that. I don't know so we can process it this quick. But ultimately. He he probably plays Alexi as a change of heart today which you can't blame them for I thought the one member of the Celtics and and they said to me. Whatever he chooses to do. Worker we don't we just one metres east. He's good what he's done for the right the last couple years. And just kind of how he how he acted. You know how he's present themselves. As a Stanley man I'm doing all the right things. It really logging in Boston win. In the past and corporate taxes he really out and so they've really embraced him and everybody understands. You'd get again give him space to make whatever decision he's gonna make this not put any pressure on him. Just let him be. But a you touched on Jeff and Jeff Goodman of ESPN. You touched on it it's almost impossible to process this Foley as a twenty year old a brilliant edit anti aids. This amount of time when all this stuff is coming at them and one of the things when the elements who also touched on. Which is the family dynamic dynamic of the team and we were just talking about that earlier which people I don't think can really comprehend. How close. Players are when you're on a team in the NBA because you're with these guys more than you are with your family to a certain extent he talked a little bit about that and and how that dynamic place and it. I mean Avery Bradley mean he bought for people so when he got the news yesterday it was Avery Bradley that was console. You know there are couple your support it vote grew up in it to all ball. You know played against each other and now been on the scene Brent just a couple of years you know. Like you said I heard it said earlier I mean you do you spend more time. We've with the people that you play it would you're more remembered you're practicing with the orchard. They knew sometimes my later opt in might. You're on the road at all in the NBA. Whether it's baseball or vehicle or whatever it is you're on the road a lot so these aren't your your brand. And you don't want to let them down here and I think that's part of that it probably struck process right now news. You know what do you have regrets he sat out this game. Not only her sister you know pursue it there in the package you want to play but for his teammates. Down the road I mean. He can't even imagine what somebody's trying to process in goal right now all the emotions because it's so sudden acute. 23 years old men in her life taken from or. You know sort of sort like this. He's yet again you you can't. Question anything either sides in this. You've got to do it Carol let him. You know make whatever decision he makes it that he feels is right for him and his family and his. Jeff I don't know how much more information might have them without their most report for now we want to we have talked about just simply how she W knows car accident. Just killed an iPod washing saves from 5 in the morning pillage do you have any insight into. Any other details of the accident or or kind of what's out there of what you you're aware of. Just what I just progress and to be opposite it's kind of too new right now and maybe he'll address that at some point. On May be his family will. You know the law enforcement will come out would work eke out a short some point in this but you know all I knows kind of what what's been out there are in the morning. Users single car racked. Just got to outside of Seattle federal way Washington. Hit a barrier and saw the pictures of the the scene and it is it looked that. And yes it is it is I mean strategy. It's everything about it. 22 year old you know girl. You know start of the Waldman and and it just. It's really sad indeed due process in a normal family it can only imagine all Peru. As I heard senator Barack you know this is supposed to be at dale. You know starting. The policies in as number one C. All these up all he's accomplished. Finally a lot right as a LB player for what they believed to hold the key that that between it will put the number one seed. And instead he goes into this thing. With a heavy Barton. Not knowing probably what could be going into the game I think what Egypt's if you place. Again news every side every indication he will play I mean what he's out here. It will be fine. And that's what I've been told by those close to him but he is so. The leading up to an out there and and the emotions that probably heard from port now. You know it it would be. You know it'll Beatrice and Yemen could be they're not actually bought it it's like my daughter in it's in Ramallah a whole lot of law and order moment. Were brought in a box and we're gonna do we're choosing between Red Sox itself. Don that's that's come on I mean Jack that's. Of course that's not limited choice today with all due respect and Red Sox. While eating speaker eighty degrees. Speaking. But you know look I'm I'm more about on you know that someone in my daughter's thirteen. And execute their base. Say that's. Thirteen year old that's a lot of that's a lot of that's a lot of money coming out of your pocket to keep her entertained. At the base model lot at it it a lot of time and our own during that asked the guys or is it as dirty way that the bulls find a way to beat the Celtics in the series. Pure he had absolutely accurate in this since maybe Jimmy Boller still. You know can carry this team but they've got a lot of flaws. They have an avatar chemistry through the year. Thread or worked our trouble this would this group a little bit just because. He goes at it could be trade. Earlier in the season. So I think the Celtic win this war but listen there's not a lot of disparity. On 18 in the east and and that's crazy to say that we're putting Cleveland in our group but as we saw yesterday. You know going down the wire game water hole. The cavs don't look like the cavs right now I think he'll get an gear but we said that the last since he also Britain haven't done so sick. I hit for flawed Jeff Goodman I appreciate them on Easter and these spending time you feel with him regularly go without asking this question. Because we're gonna be asking this question. About five more times before or June. Tropics get the number one pick us sell this at the number one pick who they who was Jeff could advocate. Mark they'll all. I want to products. It I was watching you don't sort of mark helpful didn't win a lot of games this year didn't have a ton around him he is a scoring point. Who could play without. While until all of the other it could be in the mix but I don't know he plays without all that well people really need all hands. Or you can trade a mean to me I would look at the lakers get number very. It magical walk want to ball desperately as a point guard from LA to be the streets they're they're right that's. I there aren't any odd target magic today. Want to ball you'd be gone by a number three if you want him. But to what what are you won't partly in addition the number three pick to trade down still get real there's not there's not a lot of this very wonderful. You can forget about Jackson. Awaiting our chances you get to concede him this kind of got all yours lightning audit duked. So. I think there was a lot of options on the table but certainly what that number one pick in indicate the players you think has the opportunity to be a superstar. That's a great point Lavar all these the best ally of the Celtics as long as he keeps pushing his son. That'll make your own. Are Pickett thank you Albert radio air which you are out of respect. We've already got a taste of it. Jeff hey man I appreciate you coming on them and I happy Easter. And now and have a great great Sunday have a great time with your family today you deserve it when the hardest working man I've ever known. In this industry Jeff Goodman part thanks he's. We'll talk oh are bigger and another. I look forward to a Jeff Toobin of yes the end so pretty insightful I thought. Yeah it was thought that just came to me we're talking up the first game here. Safe place as a great to have its emotional night then I think that the caller earlier in the at this point about. All the emotional public about it because it. Think we should think about the rest of the theories. Elect. Even if Pete I was able channel tonight is he able to get Google through the whole series it on some point to get to step away from the team. Her. Well you don't know me and this is where we talk about the the services the funeral services we talked to a Jimmie Johnson earlier where he missed his. Is mother's funeral that coaching a football game and we're getting more and more examples. Of athletes who have had tragedies and gone on to play. We're gonna get to those were also good to get to the call of this field is Darryl all of you lined up 617779. 7937. We're talking Isiah Thomas were talking about how much they despise him relic. We're talking about all of it and you right back after this.

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