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SUNDAY SKATE with Jimmy Murphy and Ty Anderson, 4-16-16

Apr 16, 2017|

Jimmy Murphy is filling in for Ken Laird and he is joined by weei.com's Ty Anderson. The two give their thoughts and react to the Bruins game 2 loss to the Senators.

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On Sports Radio. We EI. Berlin sending any chance we can later. From that could give Callahan yellow shirt all time. So right rear axle from bar stool sport. I dot com Bruins writer Todd Anderson Sunday ski is brought to you by the AT&T. Star market in my wife's neck speeds where you gotta love lost. Sports Radio W. They've got a real good team over there. We find a way to fight back down to tie it up and over time it's it's a great. And welcome to Sunday ski this is Jim Murphy significantly air here with Tai Anderson. Without her out all right outlook heart trouble for the admiral are hoping he gets over here soon that. Will hold the fort down until he does tie somebody agent of the guard and I'm glad to be here. Now Atlanta what a tale of two stories are not wanting to me that he could get forced. To. A typical example how the playoffs to have somebody momentum shifted Bruins losing thwarted three after losing after leading 321. They lose in overtime the Ottawa Senators come back and tie the series up. I'll tell you what though ties we are just seeing off the air before we came in here. Eight you know it's great to split the series on the road there and come back tied 11. Edited your own building for games 34 NN I'm not gonna take that got part way here. Well what's kind of scary Jonas beard of trendy now it's it's kind of intriguing is the season wound down the Bruins may get pushed to the playoffs. Is that they they're wearing down and obviously not by choice they've had a chronic injuries on the Blue Line they've had some injuries that aren't obviously missing David creaky. And I think right now it's showing that even you have this amazing youngster Italian actively who's coming and had done a great job in a lot of minutes. You shouldn't be going into the playoffs. With 839 year old worn down at the end of the season Zdeno char and I think obviously. We sell our problem Wharton county is when he needed separate part the delay. Yeah as one of the worst plays I think we've seen from all season. Yeah you really l.'s career I watch I watch 85 times and couldn't believe what I was watching where where where there's where there's nobody really coming in on him. In on the attack in blue line he has all the time in the world to just bank it off the boards get it out. And the are going overtime overtime file on five. Instead he just flips up echoes in the stands. Penalty killer and I'm talking about penalty killer doesn't have adequate are in a jar and overtimes and up over time. And I think he saw as that OT war on all of two minutes of it but they've really missed the arch are out there on the PK. And is sure that's a dooms them. I AD even with penalty finishes tonight over half an hour of ice time he is too old to do that at this point his career. Especially the first round the second game of round one game seven he can take that game too that's not a good sign for what's to come. But it really speaks to sort of what's happening right now they have a nineteen year old. Rate that now right now as the number two defenseman he's played four professional games heading into the series. On the HL. And then you have Joseph Mauro as a plates in January right now logging big minutes played almost what immense yesterday he played well yet but but this is sort of went back what you're saying where. It's just too many to many key injuries right now for them too many guys they need in this series given the way the senators play it's gonna start to show soon. And I don't I don't obviously Kipling the entries on anyone that's just circumstance that can happen in sports in and that's you know hockey season at the end of the season. You know he body wears down you get some bad luck here and there it happens but. I just think that you don't want we looked. Into this season heading and last summer and in the off season and you're looking at a and you say okay what does this team need to be more of a playoff contending yeah going to be one of those teams that. You know agony writer on the borderline needed just make it in or just don't make it and that's exactly where they work but what are they need to sort of get past that point. And to me as it was dead it is now it's defensive depth and you know you look at a guy like Kevin Miller last night and he gets. 2729. Out there for a minutes and like you mention actually came in at 2747. And chart thirty Oden I. But this is wearing this guys like to unequally chuck and Dennis Seidenberg the skies were key Eagles to cop runs you know they they were eating up those minutes they were great. Insurance. If chart ward down. We agree I think that's it I wonder why that was addressed throughout the season. At obsolete because those those the categorizing need. Come this time a year that's our own or talk about the series to be getting mentioned how how important players like Adam according to Kevin Miller would be because they'd be relied upon to sort of beat. Those guys those. Those boy chuck those those side brake lights they would be the guys that really would eat some minutes blocks shots and Lou look at the way that they that they. Hang and they play you need those guys and not have them edit it's bad when you look at. Sort of what will they have to contain here is should it should get better here at home might still be able different match up exactly but that right now I mean it it's. These of these road teams were not for the faint of heart. And it shortly some on our minor caught fire listen as he can Colin it's 6177797937. Again at 617779. 7937. We got a caller right now. Read in New Hampshire want to speaking degree defenseman and what happily buy in yesterday Erik Karlsson. Fred wants to talk about right now. Fred I go well at Sunday's game. Very very connect. In out of that the engine that makes sense is. Go. Talk to. Spider. Mean I've certainly got an eighty mile away watching TV. And I concede that the guys get a foot problem. Why don't take advantage of that admission the NH out into the playoffs they should be camera and that's what every chance. And they didn't. I mean what I do the Charlotte has has figured. But that thing in the Carolinas here and picking them without account that is in any chance that could get. You and you get names understand how. Because you take advantage of people's team's weaknesses. When we think that that's what I would make them run. Every chance they get that want to keep them what you get content community that he would and you don't you make city. We took them out the side. Actually I mean. Bit of weakness they have. And that day they should take advantage of it and I don't do well. Into actual call and say well that's terrible the disadvantage of this doesn't think it. It will August. All right thank you Fred the colony you know I agree look I'll say two things here. It's what didn't look that bad monopoly and tying the only thing that asked integrys aren't that pretty lengthy like he's little lord healed enough. They're different things there he only needs something else let wanna play that was. Eight I'm gonna take up a lot of Boston people right now but that once or ask I'm sorry. No laws and he's he is in my opinion like I always hate it when Jack headed freak out about him winning the Norris trophy. He's he's an unmatched town in the NHL yeah he it there's nobody who moves the puck like him there's nobody who can generate offense quickly out from their own and up the ice than him I mean he is he is a generational talent. You cannot please all its name to now I'm in ironically. I think the fact that he. Lot of focus on the defensive game and improved in defense of any blocking shots he's he's helped the team down and he's been great leaders well. I think the fact that he puts an emphasis on that and rounded out his game is ironically didn't prevent him from getting north tropea because. Burns has more points so. You know progressing and I mean he is unreal out there I think he could even be considered Hart trophy candidate and it's hard. What Fred said there about the injuries aren't certain degree singing cheap shot people but don't tell me that the target injuries ethical that you that's why you never hear them tell us what injuries are they gonna say you know general body soreness and a lower body lower half hour or half a backpack. Reasons that you I appear McGwire and on Carolina in Canada. And he always he talks about when he was assistant coach with the Pittsburgh Penguins and how they targeted ray Bork and he immediately into conference finals and you know on nine he won in 92. That's what you do playoffs he you know you figure out who's got an injury where you targeting consult Reggie right on that maybe they need to do a little better job of that with Carlson but. The first thing is to catch. And that there are yeah yeah and the other thing is to it to really read his tendencies he's so. Unpredictable. The way he seamless shift. He he's just an amazing player but he was a huge factor yesterday I wanna get back to what we're talking about though about the Bruins. And you know you look at Kevin Millar in I was thinking about it as we talked about Seidenberg and wait maybe that's I guess who they're looking to become. Sort of that role that size Seidenberg at what template. Yeah. I plays a left and right side Eads minutes please please hard PK minutes. You run for musicality and and winning battles in front of the net things of that nature Ken Miller. He is as strong as they come he is now actually taken a human. On the promise that he is really at his best when he's your number four defensemen in my opinion anything more than that he resident trouble and he saw that last year. Policy he's that he can get so overexposed and away he really is a complementary piece he's grown this year I will say that. But but in my opinion when you're down Carlo and you're down McQuay and he sort becomes or de facto number two number three defensemen. I'm not as comfortable with that as I am when when Europe full health that he easier number five defenseman does wrecking people. Being a battering ram really making life hell for the opposition he's one of those guys on the fore checkers come and he can put them right on the grass and and you need guys like that especially UN. Panel what Fred is talking about the sense of it taken runs out Bruins defensemen all series in two games now. Right they are going at Bruins defenseman they wanna see Tommy cross appear they ought to see backers would appear they don't want to heel of his NHL. Roster approves defenseman so. You need to return the favor at some point I would agree. Yes and you know I feel sometimes you can't million out of you mentioned equate it to he'd be a guy if you know he could stay healthy it would be great he got two minutes but. You know I feel and sometimes because of their contracts that sounds crazy how do you feel for somebody when they're making some money but. It's tough sometimes when guys get me be more than your worth. Because and that's what is that that month in their back and it's never gonna be an eye syndrome exactly it'll be about that it. And really I mean it's like you put it right there if you utilize these guys the correct way they are technically work on my. Problem is. And it goes back to worst and we start the show here's everything sort of art black would become come to the depth on defense for the Boston Bruins and that's something you're gonna have to focus on in the off season. I want to switch up front. What are your thoughts on the fall on the fourth lines obviously missing DB created and that sort of shuffle things around there how to act without preaching one. You know I really don't like that. And the role that's the winner's plate he's been invisible for too long now and it's funny situations where you start to wonder what is going on what the player himself because. This isn't trying to coach doesn't like. Yeah that's another coach that likes them is is here right because Alex is here ask doing last season less than ever did. And it's very frustrating because the supplier that we've seen we saw some luster put a 49 point deeply with a banged up knee for the second half of the season. They was in the anyways anyways an injury that that limited him in the second half of the season so. To see him beat this an effective. In a see him kind of dragged down that line and away I mean granted I think you get more from Pakistan out in the it happens on the what he's giving you. But he is playing strong forcing game a physical games what you wanna see. But they just don't have anything beyond that Bergeron martian posture Nightline and right now they're getting it from. The Frankfurt Toronto Dominic Moore Riley Nash line which I NC down cumin personally yeah they played they finish the year strong that and think that was going to be a fit as far as a third line goes. But they've played well but the problem is that you tell us so far. If you're middle island Stafford Spooner and Backus isn't doing anything and I know Stafford article yesterday. But overall it's been an effective two games of that group my opinion is need more based on what packets makes. And based on what Spooner has done through in the past I think he'd more out of that line and in I think you're waiting for to come. The promise that you're gonna ride time here if you fall on a series deficit and cast he's going to have to switch it up in some way shape or form the promise that don't have. You don't have a biter placed into Prejean who is an in incredible playoff performer. But at this point you expect one of these guys take hold of that series. He got any insight on what's going on with critique I mean obviously I argued all I but yeah he lot of knoller and is Russia when he plays all 82 games ease that he. Yes 23 goals for high. You know he's third on the team and and points he was the best of seasons form but I didn't feel as if he was limited by something this season. And the Monday's skate comes right out first practice after the after the regular season ends he leaves her own that upper body injury and that's bays at last we've seen of him. I'm trying to take it down stretched V there was any possibility where he might as African Cup this is purely speculation on my point. My part I mean the cell phone calls per room was here and I think the creature as a concussion. I'm just trying to figure out honestly withdrawal of women like you said there were no signs of an injury. So that's sort of the only thing I could think of where you don't necessarily. Notice a concussion right if you're the observer so. I I'm hoping that's not it but if it is its market needs for the Bruins will see. If anything more develops on that if he gets back into a lot of you brought David packets. And you know I took a shot at him one quarter. Yesterday during the game he did in visible and they got him specifically. For playoff hockey. You know I missed the guy that's had a lot of playoff runs was it was now they haven't exactly succeeded. But he was brought in to be that warrior type to be in that grinder that leader. I've seen any of you. Now it's been really header mr. mean there's so many times where I've looked at his production regular season and I say OK we missed some time with injury elbow injury question. This is what I expected as far as points per game and things of that nature. Then there are times like eventually just don't notice him out there and it's not getting any better he's not getting any younger the contracts not gonna cheapened Fauria it's. It's what I situations where they've gotten really to be an impact player now. And he's not going to be that player for them now in the playoffs what is it going to be. Because we can't sit around waiting and hoping that year five back as he's going to be 37. And nurturing at least a plane and I that he was nursing a back injury in a head injury and a knee injury about apple how effective he really going to be yeah so's those situations where. You know people especially on the show not myself for word hammering Louis arch enemies now that on this Louie Ericsson. No they can't do because the excellent scores goals to be a fit anywhere upon them. And it's that that has been the Kaczur back it's worth it looked at his best he's today. Problem bravado martian right right that's a spot you can plug almost anybody in the eyes again and exactly Riley spent sleep walk for an entire season and you put up points with that group itself. So I do think that it's won at least one of these things where he has been through with crate she's right yes benefit its owner as a senator Ewing played super try to martian and that's when he can hang. So is that really where as it is moving forward. A lot of money for a guy that you can you can get that spot for Tron OR chip shot Allard Jimmy Hayes or somebody and they would do the job just as well now. I mean it in all it takes to I wouldn't care if David acts as invisible whole season is long as he shows now. But right now he's not showing up reminded which he listened as Sunday ski here on WG EI brought to you by whites that you give us a ring at 617. 779. 79837. Tai Anderson and myself Tim Murphy here. No we're out today and I'll kennel there beware or hold it down a forty year. I two I think that you may be thought it would come in handy in the playoffs and so and has that mentality needs an apple asking. You know I thought he took it on penalty yesterday he's got to be more days discipline and he's got a Great Neck great. More for the Boston Bruins to really go forward in his place. Yeah apps that'll what is happening and it's really frustrating to watch because. You sort of watch him in Anaheim and and you look at that play effort to have the docs he had eight goals big goals for them sixteen games they were great playoff team there at third round team. And you just haven't seen that this year and I know he's been limited by knee injury we we know that's been bothering him. But I thought this would be the timer he was very of leave that behind and really be inferior for this team and just haven't seen it. He just looks lost out there and I and I can't put my finger on it I don't know what's exactly happening with him. He just seemed disengaged distracted. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for him it's our minds of Dennis Wideman and when he ten. But but if you've ever Wyden points and turn it on playoffs he was great yeah yeah yeah heart a regular season. But he turned the page in the post season and Fon which contribute it was one of the best defense in the NHL for two rounds needs so you haven't seen from alas he and annual waiting for that. This is another guy both he and Bacchus were brought here for their plan experience for their for their know how. With the game with its which is where that where they let everything go for a physically you can you can play an aggressive style you can play in your face style. And plus he's trying to bring up Lisa and penalties as so it's so that's a work in a not school Lauren. So what's a fit for you in the lineup would eat a lot of right now if they were healthy I really do wonder. That's a great point I mean we saw can be healthy scratch a lot down the stretch there especially after Cassie took over at say it's a great question you know. We've been pounding everybody you're an hour wanna get into some positives I I think whether people want to blame him for yesterday not to think it's obscene. He's the only reason this series coming back 11 is took a raft and I think he's been huge positive for this team. Tie down a stretcher on getting them into the playoffs. And also in these first two games especially game one. We're gonna open up the ones we get back but I wanna get your take on on him tie and just the way that. Since Cassidy. You could call calling them all to Collins Collins asked him to push some buttons and since he took kind of a beating in the press and on the airwaves. The way he is into the bell who's really impressed me. And I I think that's a huge signs of the it was not just now going forward in the future considering the contract apps. Absolutely and that's that's one of those things where. Eighth if he struggled in this team bowed out in the filed in the season for the thirty and around Rask was either in that and he had a poor showing was on the bench our oats that whatever was. You're talking about a player that is moved in my opinion because they would have sort of hit day. The poor they said okay no more of those were done. So so for that is sort of if for him rather to to answer the bell and to be sure that incredible. Roll after that call out after that early hook against the will of the lightning. You dollar. In pullback in us I played terrible looking back on it but it's one of those situations where. Hey if he doesn't answer the bell that way this team is. Looking at drastically different next season in my opinion. Is so so and he's he's been unbelievable even yesterday I know people want to blame him for the second goal where where. You know he's got two bucks in his face he can't see the puck there wobbly there for the overtime goal they don't want a look at the bad puck management that led them to that point. Or consider the fact that if not for him they would even have been an overtime in my opinion with some of the saves he made that game and then game one he was just even the wall. He was actually unbeatable so. So I'm. No complaints grass if you look at the series you're gonna blame game two on grass you're not watching your I'll watch the game well enough. Eight at funny comical it is that people were active and I'm talking to major Talking Heads anyways in the city. We seriously campy. Anton who dole win to beat goalie. For the last ten games or so and also to be the goalie in the playoffs. No. But you you want a critique you guys scheme that's one thing. But if you get a hotly. Get off the place like you know lake. In modern your money you're just throw things out if the controversy was fixed yet it is that's just acts Kamal I mean. It's one who don't win vs two grass it's ongoing for three quarters or even 80% of the season. I believe those products and get HI and not I'm not even play Larry with one major reason is the Bruins. Work further than they were because they didn't have a legitimate backup and. You know I'll tell you want that we talk about what India focusing your season. God has got to be it yeah its focus in the offseason I don't. Some people they've been talking to Don Sweeney recently it he said after sure that. We're gonna really hone in on that and try to bring an alleged acts I think it's on Goldman's days here and numbered wherein on what they were not locked in a deadline yet. Two of the need to get somebody like that because. You look at it right now call it the last few years. Tuukka Rask is Tuukka Rask usually do you want to be able play more than 55 kids of course you do but. Apparently can act if that's okay that's partly because I'd rather eat solid Tuukka Rask at 55 games. That award out to grass because you don't want to get back so that's 100% see what happens there. But what continue of course later on we're gonna talk about that cheese doodles extreme player in the weeks I want you think about that time we gonna give it to we'll talk about a little lot the years will hopefully come to an agreement. On who that is what. We get back and give us a shout your 6177797937. Assists on ice skate with Jimmy Murphy and Tai Anderson. Lead back here W yeah. You're listening to Sunday skate on Sports Radio WEEI. Brought to you by star market AT&T and then why why snacks and here's ten layered rear admiral and Tai Anderson. I'll tell Iowa. I had just didn't welcome back to Sonny skate here on WEEI brought you by wise snake this isn't it weird it's Jimmy Murphy film and in. I'm with Tai Anderson here to the I dot com no we're actually did today. But I'll tell idea tie. I think it must have been about twenty minutes before that I tweeted. Something like I really love to be objective. Is something about the content of pages to liken this is it that. I don't is that a lot of words and at least in the eyes of goof but I love they still tries that in tough guy and they do you've got passed it by so many people so many times. Stop to stop trying to be tough guy he's a tough guy when the aggressor in front react Pasadena tournament yeah. And that's what song about yesterday after Bruins and is seeing that that idiots or the cool off is this not because he's not. He did put up as one of those guys that he's been overrated for so long and he's no longer even rated ever have any idea of selling out cool yet they they don't care about him anymore and I don't. They teammates of his two that I spoken to over the years been like in either. He's the guy that you know a lot of problems with an address and room fans don't like them media doesn't like him he's always been standoffish and I get the things he went through Toronto it's it's obviously one of if not the toughest media markets in the NHL but. Eighties he tests you jerk against split sample and have him that being the one like you said to score on overtime was just evens. When you think about how salt loop what do you think about how every time that he plays from a gala two teammates in Calgary they fight. What does that say about him yet drove again want to fight and everytime it play one another but it's been consistent this has been consistent throughout their separations from the moment that I get a left. Calgary and finesse left Calgary. They've they've fought and almost every had been had granted that those had hasn't gone down over over over the course the years as the humans on the West Coast and finesse in the east in the eastern conference now. But it's one of those one of those things where these guys tangled and they are tee it's for awhile and and they went through a lot of stuff together so. That that speaks at that benefit of teammates don't like Indian. Yeah after short list and order on listen this year. Give us a call it 617779798376177797937. Sunday's gay brought you by why snacks. It back to your grasp right now. You know get some taxis call it texting in right now. From the 857. Rask has to stop that shot from the point when editors glove. The soft playoff goal typical of grass in playoff history can't write lies and eating on this guy. Odd because they know his salary and they paid. They buy into the behind that he's not as good as what what they expect to be and that's just complete garbage in my opinion. You look at that second goal. First of all the shot drops. About what about six feet to go in front and I mean it's just it's it's sinking shot. And he has Mack a boy and I wanna say it was burrows not her recital Burress was on the road onscreen in overtime. But there's no one clearing out these guys and then when they try to they block his vision as well so. One of those situations where I don't know what you expect out of this guy he came into this series for the 97 DC a percentage of the last seven games. The because you look at adapting to the contract right one Harper's yeah it's it's ridiculous that everyone is content that dated back his name six Mel. And not score going out twenty games are never spend a certain point to seal the without scored a goal. But they but they hate the idea to grasping it's a million dollars money in one goal tonight is just ridiculous to me and mean you have to sort of set the the expectations somewhere. Did it creates he's been great for you for very long time right now this wasn't his best year. He makes seven point 25 million and he's more than two grasp it result the playoffs are here in the belly aching. I would hear brass rod for these games up I'm not hearing. Yet and with ridiculous HH is it makes no with no explanation. Yeah yeah notation that anybody and that we can say well upper body okay well. To grasp yet lower body right he had a sickness right we did anyone ever wants crucify him because he wasn't hung up by is by some strings in the post like Mel house in the Simpson's stop pucks last year so. So I I I hate to grass criticism. I think it's there. When he deserves it yesterday in in this series and where he's got you to this point he's doesn't deserve it my opinion. He's not the issue right now obviously the issues injuries and you know what worn down chart making a mistake he did yesterday. That's sick and needed that's what it's it's have to look at right now is to prepare for game three. I'm not trying to be all sunshine and you know the tie I'm gonna I'm gonna tell like it is what course I mean it is one want. If you don't like let's not forget that this isn't the end of the world yeah it got lead yes they have some injuries but the fact that. Despite those injuries they're bringing the series back to Boston for the next two games tied want and in the series. That's a positive and I think there's been some other positives we talked about two grass there and you can imagine Dominic Moore. Off the air India's needy year here cheese doodles extreme player of the week we're gonna we're gonna decide again and the next break who that is but. I agree with you though on on the pot and can be positive he he. Art. On Sweeney's best move this season. All are present and I think that's absolutely the has personally think you look at sort of what more is on these in these playoffs he he is a guy who's Smart became the series you were sort of you forgot about you forgot about how much experience he's had of these last few seasons. I looked it up since 2014 playoffs he's played the eighth most games NHL's first playoff games ago the guys above them are you know that that the suspect you'd expect. Be it Coke retired Viet Patrick Kane Jonathan Toews Duncan Keith guys that are on cup winning teams and and and Morse is 36 years Obi is the play. Yeah and I think you look at him you look at that first Dini was a battle behind the net and he gets the front and he absorbs a checked into it hit. From our ASCII. Seek to provide the screen for her trying to decide on that bag banking triangle entree Anderson and sort of kick start a comeback. He also more of the huge blocks and the game to sort of keep things keep things as a win for the Boston Bruins and avoid overtime. And then yesterday I thought his line you know he creates that plane that is that it shall shorthand goal. And he's. He's been an absolute. Key for this team in terms of what their what they've it'll do. And all three zones that the very little production and gotten from anyone besides the Bergeron line. Has really sort of in my opinion and started by by a player like more in the way that he goes about his business he's getting under the send skin. With opening during nothing overly physical it is hard and that's yeah. You know I am reminded listeners are listeners Sunday's game. Brought to my wife's next year WEEI. Text line is. 379837. Minutes 379837. Wickets intact comedian right now. People talk not a Bruins fans hung up on Tim Thomas which is why they give to their grief to equal never get a break that's coming from the 617. It's surely not and I think I've heard you know like. Not Tim Thomas. First started. Anybody think he was gonna do what he did in 2011. Nine and the funny thing is Thomas stopped in a few of those playoffs. One of those I mean he he wasn't the worse but he would let up some bad goals and let some costly goals in terms of the time the time that would that they would come so averaging six and 2008 against Montreal member Alex took the lead and then he'd meet the eagles' second Koivu. And it was like well there goes there as the air and apple and is very similar to wet that the Phil Kessel gave. That was both test again in the greatest games yeah and one of the great impact of this modern Arab yeah Bruins hockey but if you remember that game he gave up a goal that people would would crucify. To the rest for they would actually hammer him because of the way was given up and and how it it did in the early in the third period and they -- eater attack so. People forget especially to and we talk about Tim Thomas when we come up with become 2011 right when he was. Unconscious for an entire season and has blacked out it was incredible. People forget though. He wasn't great Montreal series that Ron groceries he let up some bad goals. He wasn't playing at the sometimes level that we all body was and then Tampa Bay wasn't great decorating either so it's a situations where. You know he was amazing and 111 but he had the same problems that people want to hammer Rask for air and it's just ridiculous that. They're they're cute like I like that said there's two sets of standards for these players in the team. And the goalie is the most criticized no matter what he does and I get that it's it's wins and losses and it comes back to the goal right. Let the outlook of the big picture and I need to tick do you sort of what you said to escape auto it would be split. We expect it to you did you think I heard he was. That's what the series east institute I I think I think the senators and five. I really didn't think that the Bruins had a good shot community beat them all season this team is suffocating with that trap of frustrating. They're a team that I think a lot of people you know the general hockey theme doesn't really know about the they've been a solid team all year they don't get much respect. I just figure they're gonna command and frustrate the heck Albert and I can still happen we'll see what happens but I mean I think based and win the first two games ago and it's gonna go along with five. We get back to hold took rats and talk Tim Thomas is in the past and if you wanna focus on something or pass my neighbor not to graft and 2013. It was a monster then he's the reason they get past the past like around. What about. The penguins would get a pen he was real yet two goals against he kept Crosby and Malkin completely off the board which so if you watch those guys for more than one period you realize how hard that is to do. I and that you know it's funny we talk what 2013 or what happens does thirteen second round. First inning as the Rangers know Ference knows Seidenberg. That's right and that's maturing in no way redneck Kruger park house key in of then nineteen year old Lee Hamilton stepped in. And really powered your team to the third round of the playoffs. And they need something similar I just wonder what it's gonna happen but but the heat in what's on its death penalty could last night and an Anaheim on and I didn't stay up he's still he's filthy still make a bad penalties they'll take it back on the bad at the worst possible time so. But with Tuukka I do think that. People. Need to understand that this is going to happen I mean he's gonna have games where he's not he's nonstop and three out of four and and even last night I mean I. I like his performance I don't sounds crazy this but. I just do think that the Bruins had a Addie have a tendency for whatever reason to just completely. Get crushed for about five minute stretches there where they are. Giving everything. And it they really rely on their goaltender so he makes a big Sais and at key points. And a promise that when that third period came they were completely out matched they were running out of their running on empty. There's no relief in sight met McQuay was not coming back crew and Carlo or not even with the team. It's just situations where it finally copped and so. It is they arrest move tomorrow and see we got I think that's a big statement for two Grassley comes out tomorrow night. And he stops thirtieth 31 and they win 31 beckoned back in the great things especially on home ice heading into game forced to. And of course tomorrow please is gonna be rocked in its two marathon days it's patriots day here in Boston I missed that I have Salinas case debt ceiling. The crew piece of intoxicated people on TV and I'll just about everything. Go to reciprocity and followed it a and the other Red Sox eleven you'll you'll catch yet of the marathon somewhere. And had a TD garden year I get your gold volleys Carolina during the pregame skate. You know obviously did you know he gives out yeah exactly. Now I think it's been a long time now and as always things that people need is sort of especially wanna hammer the team and and and realized that they could be better and enjoy the ride at some point is that it's been three years this is happened. You need to understand this team is still rolling they're gonna get better from here. It be great if they win this series I think fish are gonna win the series I was expecting a close one I mean I'm sorry I was written a blog rather at Bosnia close twice on the bruise and six. But at some point and enjoy the ride stop looking for scapegoats stop looking to place blame. And realize I your team needs to sort of all's pick up their pick up their play here and winning game. Our coalition we get back Morgan who located to Arafat cheese doodles extreme player of the week. And you know I want talked about some the other issue is there Agassi will talk a bit about the Montreal New York region series because the winner of the Bruins Ottawa. It will get there one of those teams it's been a heck of a series of part of a lot of great hockey going on across Stanley Cup Playoffs is all itself will get its act and again we'll give you art she's totals extreme player of the week we come back here on Sunday skate. On WEE. You're listening to our Sunday skate on Sports Radio WEEI. Brought to you by star market AT&T. And by why snapped. Accept your skin layer. Rear admiral and Tai Anderson. And well. Back. That is eight years WEE IG the American Olympic and Lake Tai Anderson here rear admiral not make it today you'll use cards to moderate. Cart props to the. Add up enemy during the wintertime. One of those those storms that we have a Teddy got a lot worse twenty degrees he had no exact definitely yeah. What's going on here Italy's venue layouts cult that's why it's not working man's eyes wide as I possibly happening right now. Now and it leads rear admiral if he had to walk it's a few bad today compared to that it would undermine our listeners out there is is this any skate. Brought you by wise snacks. He can Texas at 379837379837. Cause it's six point 7779. 79837. And like we said we gotta do that cheese doodles extreme player of the week brought to buy wise snacks. And we have agreed we kind of debating between onboard Tuukka Rask in the the original break there and then. Kind of look and generally will. Activate. The boy wonder who minutes Charlie Mack away. Log in what he did employees he's shown in. Like it's you and I said I think got the aired before the show. We are both saying hype is key in on open doesn't kill the kid and he kind of came back on earth a little look there period but still overall. It is a meeting. What he has been able to and stepping in and look like a veteran almost at times better than his partners and chart that. Not silly and I think you're crazy you thought I was gonna happen overnight. And I thought people that were saying Matt was Jimmy's that regulates and using that as a as a knots because he's not he's nineteen years old. And this is now his fourth team he's played for this year between Boston University. Teen USA. Providence Bruins the Boston Bruins assistants try to learn and a six month span especially when your kid. So it's a he has he has a few days of practice he separate the fire is winning one on ballot is boxing out guys in front of the net. EBay he's made some mistakes sure but overall this is not expected to not like 25 minutes a night out of nineteen year old. An NN a solid 25 minutes at that added up to that commented I think if you did you're crazy person who either lost weight what do you hockey horse just pie in the sky Bruins. Let's look we both agree off the air to get rid of this method of cold Juli is here he would be playing those minutes. This is known knock on Charlie McIlroy I think. He has earned those minutes as it's gone on he deserves to be getting them to say it's hot it's process of elimination wants to apply. Continuity and oppress our second doubts in Atlanta. It's ridiculous how rabbit the defense is so this has nothing to do with. It'll. A coach having a lot of the young guys if she showing that they but this is more by necessity so let's you'll. It's time we move on from all physical Julie Andrews khakis that I think is Cassie and a great job I think we'll Julie did a great job I still don't think it was his fault. Where the Bruins war I think. You're seeing exactly. What is wrong with the group that's not to do with coaching in had to do a player person out right now. And they don't have the depth on. Athletes on second line I don't even have a and I haven't I'll await your that they can trust and in my opinion beyond pops out and Bergeron I mean iPods on the martian rather. And those guys on the same line right now so you move beyond that he had no scoring you're gonna run the trouble and it's it's wild to me that that we still. Sort of point the finger at at Claude. And I think I'm an up in the Tampa that the change was necessary I think he'd write that move cutting into Syria wild in a push some buttons in May those guys realize that that the status quo is not going to work anymore that they right to put in some work they work the same team they aren't when he eleventh when he thirteen. Their legacies were on the line. There are gonna go from from cup winners cup veterans Q3 time jokers. And they found related to sort of rally around that idea and and make the playoffs and push here under under cast of the new style a new system and a voice that I think is more. Willing to listen to feedback but also the voice that's talking down to them is is an is. Tell him hey you got you got to do more you gotta give more and out of the club with really do and I think he was. Behind the scenes but maybe not as strong Charlie were in his Cassie will will be and has been for this team. You know the thing I'm worried about the for Cassidy to an in we're seeing it right now we mentioned earlier Ryan Spooner. Things like that the flaws. Are still there. Yes he did a great job. Solar catching like in a while they're on a stretcher on getting into west he pushed the right buttons I I think he's doing a great job he should be the permanent coach. After the season's over I'm wholly agree with that. My problem is. I feel like they're going into the playoffs right now that the weakness on not more so if they continue on to the second round is gonna trying to hide. The issue is with this team. And therefore they won't get addressed in the offseason we don't have enough constantly talk about to happen another time for money with you want to take and that. Because. I think there's still some major issues here regardless how far this team goes. They need to be addressed and it's not coaching it's not it's not goaltending either. And I think people start to Vegas it a try and people need to really start focusing on what the real issues are here. I mean we're seeing it right now when the injuries happened they don't have enough depth so. I want your take congress and the rest at play out so quickly a series that you've been focused on is maybe staying out he was really entertain you. Which went so far. It all right this. These these caps lead schemes have been incredible and well it's one hosing that Ganassi coming I really did think that this is gonna be quick series but the caps take care on five. I mean they they still could of course but two overtime games two great teams to get Frederick Anderson and Brady LP dueling. Again they did not see coming beliefs are one of the most entertaining team teams in hockey right now they're gonna be absent or not. In about a year and a half maybe even maybe even less than that my opinion so. So that's series that I can't get enough of right now. Yes and you know I I kind of felt like the leafs would play him hard in the beat hiking I'm with you lights are only the 45. And like you said it still could go five but I get a weird feeling this one's gone pretty far. The other 1 I am watching just because you know my ties to Montreal on also. It's at T you know one of these teams will play the Boston early the next round of the year creation and Montreal Canadians and man. You know a lot of people out there speaking of goalies can't skate goaded. A lot of people all big keep up on Hendrick along with straight now and he is prove that that was a complete exaggeration and hit he reached his demise there I mean McCain is still the king. And I really felt for him not getting that win the other night he's been unreal liquids prices been great together and that's been a heck of a series as well. And socket a watch there next year he's I think he's been sort of. You people talk about Claude Julien on his young guys right. He's really pushing the right button buttons with outfield and act the young star player top three. Pick there and he's been. So there is a series has gone on finding his way working his way up allies becomes the biggest is there to force a game into overtime to. Yet none and that's sort of been the big criticism of quarter he steps and and you see who the players is who players that can't pick a deadline it liking it Steve ought. Jordy Ben they don't advertising heat in the playoffs it's sure and I was so they're gone they get these guys act as they're gonna gets that these are slower they're older there's no sense in that have these players. But when you look at how they call them address the roster makes all the sense the world right. I mean they are building this team quickly mind you includes millions image and sort of what he wants and demands out of his players. And they're responding. Sort of tempted to get back game tying goal he indeed does that because he says pathetic he can play mechanics can win the faceoff and start asking us for the pop starlet. Very similar to what he do a priest Bergeron here where he would put Bergeron out there you want the puck because he knew when that battle so. It's a good roster fit for Claude and I'm I'm still hoping man I I really wanna see Cassie included in. In in the second. Around it would be the absolute best for me. And it's a writer's dream and it's a B I got it already got ads in ruins playoffs eight and at that aren't limited to that it be something else listen. I've been a pleasure my friends absolutely it's it's its July oh Iowa the top ocular implants into. Of course yesterday for years. To marathon bombing in that I just wanna give a shout out to all the people affected by that. And let him know we think you and also. A big good luck and go get to Lucas star Matt brown a Boston Marathon it is has been this Sunday's game. Rock you've by Weis next year and WEI and Judy Murphy that's Tai Anderson. Happy to. I.

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