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Red Sox Review - Villani

Apr 16, 2017|

Chris talks about Chris Sale's performance during 4/15 game. He talks about the Sox struggles to give the ace run support and he also talks with Rob Bradford who calls in.

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8 o'clock hour Red Sox reviews Sports Radio WEEI Chris lining with you up until 10 o'clock we take your phone calls 617. 7797937. But before that just a gang getting this this real world news terrible tragic news involving the sister of Isiah Thomas. And out wanted to get a few more details before it talked about it on a year innocent. Techsters matinee and just say it a few minutes ago but I apologize this kind of thing you don't wanna just. I shoot from the hip a wanna make sure that we're getting the news in the reports at least as being passed along. By the media sources out Washington. China AJ Thomas 22 years old. Isiah thomas' sister. The identification was made by the Washington State Patrol but it's been confirmed by family friends as I mentioned just in the last a few minutes. The Celtics putting out a statement. The car accident occurred this is from IK IRO. Out of Washington at around 5 AM on southbound interstate five. It's again according to the Washington State Patrol the car in 1998 Toyota Camry. I'll was being driven normally at first according to witnesses all of a sudden it started to drift casually onto the left shoulder according to his state patrol spokesman. The car traveled about fifty feet partially off the roadway hit Jersey barrier. That faulted the vehicle head on into was signed pose to came to rest on top of the barrier. State patrol reports that China Thomas was not wearing a seatbelt. Isiah Thomas of course with a fantastic season for the Boston Celtics this year they're scheduled to tip off. With the bulls I have been from what I've been reading here from reports from Celtics reporters they say Thomas at the moment at least is still in Boston. Absolutely no idea what it means that in terms is plans going forward and that does not matter. Obviously this is something that is you text your dissent at 37937. Puts things in perspective. And that absolutely no clue nor does it matter. What Thomas is going to be doing and going forward here with this playoff series. Deal with the family first and the unbelievably tragic death of the sisters just 22. Years old just starting out and I she dies in the single car accident so looks like it at least from the reports I'm reading the exact cause unclear at this point. We assume that there investigating that but. Very very sad news for Isiah Thomas his entire family spots and prayers certainly with them as they deal with this horrific. Tragedy. Four for them in your for the entire Celtics families he would an important part of that. I team that Thomas has become not just as and on court guy that somebody that they all rally around so. When one member of their family is here with a tragedy like this you have to think it. I'm in your story impacts all of them as they tried to to rally impede their form again. Putting family putting. The the real world situation Barbara for whatever may or may not happen on the basketball court. 617779793. Sevenths wanted to pass lying that information. There's no artful way frankly to trans am tinted transition back from something like that it taking calls on the Red Sox understand that's is gonna do. And that yup you wanna call you want to weigh in on on Thomas. Hopper you know opera some thoughts and condolences he certainly had a fantastic season you can do that but. I'll we'll keep you updated any new information comes out concerning that. Otherwise I will press on here it takes a Red Sox phone calls and then mix in some Bruins a little bit later as well again 6177797. 92 resent the Sox I'd knock off the rays this afternoon to one. Chris Sale with a stellar outing John is in Drake hit and he wants stock little Chris Sale after the lefty picks up his first Red Sox when he John. Hello John. I. I get a patent it and tan and a that. Kind of late it is not. It straight he. Still the worst it. I'm. Omega needs and help the only pitch once every five days so half. So far so good for sale the the question mark is going to be in a collar brought this up earlier as well figure from the rest of the rotation. Not act Collor was not. That one there and since it was built in broad street heat I agree. The fact is sale. Although he has come as advertised. Is followed where if a huge question in David Price. I think a guy that ultimately will be okay and reports cell. And then. Will city. As Stephen Wright is clearly still not working back in a form that's putting it kindly after. I he had a disastrous outing a couple of nights ago thankfully for him no we sock as it was opposite. The Bruins in game one of the Stanley Cup playoff series. And then you got her Palmer who rule. If Palmer and skinny you're even need necessarily what Gaby Tuesday night against Baltimore but I if he's at least a quality start kinda guy. If he's a keep you win a game kinda guy. That's all you want from back of the rotation panic anchor conference. So is pars sailed taking the Red Sox to the World Series. I like him it's a game one starter. If you get that post season if you you put him in a short series. And if you have David Price behind him even with prices struggles in the post season he's still Ben. In a regular season one of the better pitchers in the American League he was that for good chunk last year the problem price and air texture says you're 37937. You just don't expect him to be back. Maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised in and David Price will come back and be able to pitch and be able to pitch with some level affected this but until it happens. I'll continue to believe that he's season is gonna win ball elbow surgery. And that's not the type a thing of pitchers come back from quickly. And then you're at a whole different conversation when it comes to price and it's not just. Though lack of David Price in the rotation this season but it's the entire picture with the contract. With this season that was good not great. It didn't end especially well in the post season for price. Last year. Followed by a lot season this year followed by may be another lie c.s that are at least a part of a lot season. Next year depending upon how long it takes him to come back. And he's got the opt out he probably won't. At these staring at. The free agent market the stock to be all that receptive to. Pitcher is down three years older is missed half of that time and hasn't. Played up to the the level which you'd expect to the time re has been healthy it has been effective. In prices is likely coming back in at that point you're saddled with them and you're just hoping for a salvage job at that point you're hoping it's not Mike Hampton. They're hoping the price to at least stay healthy and be somewhat effective going forward that's why. By the collar earlier that mentioned the idea of the thirty million dollars in just being worth the value being worth the money. Forget it. It's that's a I don't know if it's a pipe dream but it's so far down the list of goals. That you wanna check Koppel ledger when it comes to David Price it's not even something that I am remotely thinking about at this point. 6177797937. I do agree with the. I take now. Nasty streak. Irate behind the plate to your your acrid sale impression 61777979837. You're leaving Fenway get a chance to see this guy for the first time. What to think Sargent Lincoln Rhode Island wants to talk detected stadium plans with upstart. And he showed today and good evening gentlemen I'm talking about this so a new stadium planned talk they have going on in Rhode Island Florida ought Clark's darker Red Sox. Want to build a stadium and that would be able let go all Fenway Park. It and it was in Providence journal had a artist's rendition. In I believe this will on Monday I remember correctly. And I you walk it convenient store and it looked at an exit well wait a minute what's this. And I said to myself. This was going to be great big one what it's not good being weird or years. It's going to be in either 12 places in talked. A lead or near the Blackstone river I'm not exactly really sure. Had to drive a nice the dry likes nice. Yeah I get down try to get down upon size game once a year I don't I I like it he could see. Which are talking about with the dimensions in the dry and l.'s wanna make little bit smaller. Then McCoy according to with the plans they've put up by 9000 herself. But that's right on the river and everything looks great. I if your Rhode Island the enemy I don't get down they're all that often but if you're an island he likes in the pot Sykes it's something you should not. Absolutely be excited about because he's on the drawing looks like this is something that there rather put together looks pretty good. It dusk and you know I played in the court stadium when I was in high school I would actually rate you'll academy. Our that would our home field. All right and we played our baseball player so we actually played in quite and we are you're standing now it was beautiful everybody that he'd play York's. They wanted or else they would give up your own team old being played out just there because below the court. Oh sure I mean to Tripoli stadium as opposed to playing at you know high school feel but. It's time for a new stadium there and then to McCoy I didn't get down their last year's been a couple years and have been down there. I it's cheaper. And get a chance to see the pot Sox it's it's a good takes to get and we take. But if they're gonna build a new park I aid like the drawing that I saw. In look terribly out far into the details of the drying like nice it's on the river Belichick the drawing the pines ranked going on a sunny day. People are happily walking around some prom and odds somewhere so the drug always looks spectacular that's the real they need to do rainy day is exactly a rain out. Where the guys are struggling with the tar predicated over the infield then as the field look as a drain. Is the types of things that all these stats and players care. Players care about this kinda stuff they don't really I cares much about the fan experience but get this of the get you wanna get an experience obviously. And will see when this ballpark and give it to him a little smaller guesses probably reflection and attendance. Again and off Tommy and what kind of what can draw they have down there Mike in Connecticut on Chris Sale they Micah. I I didn't do well. I got one question for you name it and drop off. Do you think the Red Sox should be out at all concerned about what Chris Sale pulled over in Chicago last year. You mean did they Jersey thank yeah now. The pact as an easy it. Now I I I like the attitude for sale like a little bit of an edge that he has I. That's kind of stuff doesn't bother me. Begins at the end of the David I still competes that he still successful. It's the guys that. Might quote unquote pull something end. It impacts what they do want to feel old that impacts the clubhouse I think you saw a lot of data much about when it came to it to Chris Sale. His approach was still on a blog gay guys out. Now like the Jersey or take up such pristine cut it up as little theatrical. All weird. As a bit of a stunt. By does that kind of thing bother me with sale now at Selena. And I don't think it's anything that you know the Red Sox have to worry about when you consider how effective this guy is then we consider. It probably acted to spring training for me just the mental make up just as approach. And it feels like one of those guys their. Might give up I'd game tying double or something in the seventh then tee off on a water cooler. I like that approach from time to time like the guy doesn't wanna commodity game wants to get that one more out at once the ball. Bit of a throwback in that regard in sales all of that he's got the stuff to back it up. I gave these stats about an hour ago but. Appears repeating when you look at Chris Sale stacked up against Pedro Martinez's first three starts he's right there with the 21 innings pitched for sale when he went two thirds innings pitched eleven hits three urine runs 28 strikeouts against the with five walks. Pedro was I won't go brawl on but he essentially the same it will better in some categories little worse and some others. So. Even if there is any point this season where there's a bit by and I discontent for sale Al these kind guides don't worry in the same way the price does about what fans are thinking about him I don't think he's gonna worry. I'd necessarily if he has a rough outing his ability to bounce back from that outing in pitch well. I just don't think these are big concerns Barack for Chris Sale. Because he's got the the build of of a guy not the physical build the mental build the guy they can handle a rough start a rough beating he didn't have great stuff in the third. It is laboring a bit there a lack of command that you don't often see for him his boat in and out of the strikes on the walk to cure Meyer. Couple pitches the got too much of the plate is that the base hit d'souza. Gives that lead right back. And it it's obviously a Red Sox lineup that is stopping looking at a very. Effective rates so far and has been even less so with him on the map he's gotten three runs of support. In 21 and two thirds innings pitched two of the runs better and there was even an unearned run in there. By the Red Sox given an early lead would Moore went home run just one run. Gives it right back in the third inning doesn't have great command but only settles down after that but. Essentially goes right back and cruise control. And that's another element did you see would sail. That we saw in little snippets when he was in Chicago and now get a better look at here is he's not a guy that lets stuff snowball. Now settles down gives up the Ryan. Tampa ties the game of the third. But even after if he walks weeks. What does he needed to strike out that spot with two outs speeds get Norris and gets in swing. And then comes right back in the fourth and its. Ground out a lock wine into a double play. Inning over. Back in the fifth strikeout strikeout strikeout. Top of the fifth inning wasn't an inning as more of just a game of catch between Chris Sale on sandy Leon. Sixth inning strike out strike out ground out. Seventh inning line out strike out strike out. So any. Concern about allow the sale really have the good stop that he a little wild early on in the game as there was there was some of that. Gave at the base hit in the second gave up a run in the third had a two walks by. When he needed to win when they the Tampa bullpen burn up zeros on the other end he did need to just keep the Red Sox even in that game. When he needed to be able to. I think he can grinding keep giving game if he had the type of outing weary as they have great command you lose. He's got egg come back and not let that snowball. Emperor while. At least this early part of the season the Red Sox gonna need this version sale. They're not gonna be able to afford to many outings he has had one yet but too many outings where he doesn't have he's a or a minus stuff. Because you still piecing together things in the starting rotation. You're still figuring things out offensively exactly what this team's going to be I'm not convinced they're gonna be great offensive team or even a very good offensive team. Without David Ortiz and that's even if they get when they get. Everybody healthy and back in this lineup and start to do that consistently in. Weather gets better temperature fluctuations in. Anytime a team's struggles early in the season offensively there's fifteen different excuses you can get especially this year this Red Sox team. The flu. Bereavement. DL stints. Whether it's been cold it's been hot it's been sunny was cloudy whatever. But at some point the excuses run out and I think when that the dust settles on the excuses and this is a good offensive team it's missing. The huge link. Literally and figuratively that was your built in slump buster to change the entire dynamic your lineup but he's not coming back so you don't count from that somewhat. Getting a better than expected season out of Mitch Moreland. Would help Korea today for moral including a home run any scores both runs. Better run prevention. And they had even last season when Al. And Chris Sale is certainly huge part of that. So these are the things going for that as yet. As iron that out Z if you try to figure out exactly. Out what the best make up this team offensively is going to be getting everybody back healthy. Getting I guys like ports sell it through some early command issues that we saw on Friday nights on last saw last night. When he left a couple of pitches up blocks got him in trouble again commanding Bodine and out of the strike zone as you work through that kind of stuff. It's going to be important that sale is this guy is the guy that we saw today and it got we've seen frankly all three of these starts. It puts you in a position to win and can keep got a losing streaks that's what they should do and I think sale is built to deliver just that. You want to cut up the Jersey that's fine bring another. No problem they up why am I see him. Go up and down lands down street there Rollins. I ran across street there's a Red Sox team storage grab another journey it's cool don't worry about. 61777979837. Tex lines they're where you. At 379370. Chime in on Twitter by the way and Chris baloney 44. What gets you up you these tax can work your reaction in impression Chris Sale gets his first Red Sox win today. The general sense about how your feeling about this Red Sox lineup. It's at early in the season 1112 games in now there's fifteen different excuses that you can potentially throw allow. From the weather to win this case of flu. Two injuries down Bradley's on the DL but. I just don't get the sense that even when this entire lineup together they're going to be great offensive team. Is Ortiz story line is not something it's gonna be in April story line this is going to be all season. Situation for the Red Sox and it's nobody's fault it's what happens when you're trying to replace. Hall of fame player and trying to replace cash that was the most important heater in your lineup last season. So we'll take your phone calls and all that 6177797937. Its Red Sox review. Polite hanging out with you up until 10 o'clock here in this Easter eve it's Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox are viewed Gilani with your Sports Radio WEEI rob Bradford WEEI dot com is gonna join in just couple minutes use over Fenway Park today to see. The first win of the season and a Red Sox uniform for Chris Sale. The first ray and Revere once talk a little bull panel get to him up next they ranked. Yeah I think that starting in anti climactic. Not that old man. Between right armory in their rhetoric yet that edit it and she acted. And yeah I think that it will have a pot add it up and development of bull pen. I don't think it's strong enough and they get trying to get the the end that the group would get a good look at the mid July. And we're gonna add to it. The content. And I does wonder they can do it because it. Pitching anymore and it got to vote on our XP yet to take on payroll. Now that we get the latter. But John and got the position at one end like that but I think it thoughtfully. That that that bullet that if you're not a lot of work. But I I don't think they've got enough and elegant upper in the lineup change and it. That's my apple and syndicate Erica. Well and in part of that solution base the phone call raised part that's wishing come from you know internally. Whether it's at Thornburg coming back. Whether it's cars and Smith leave the porch light on for cars and Smith at some point coming back or rob Bradford whether it's Ben Taylor. Well I think we all know is going to be the true we answered to the Red Sox bullpen blows. Blue guys Taylor. All bank teller bed Taylor and I could you ever send out there aren't spectacular beer I wondered are a Twitter account Ben Taylor beard. I think you've got either send them both down a word word. Keep them both up I don't know the deacons with a pair however are appeared to be pro Ben Taylor goes down Ben Taylor's beard will be available for four outs tomorrow. It is you act so W take away crowds Mozilla dot paper today Chris Sale of good news part. About did somebody score a run for Chris Sale has that can somebody's around country. If Britain or maybe or you'd run. Told run run support and it reality now and then go back in every dollar break up at that everyone did read dirty looks like who aired by air. The lot not of the last eleven out of you've got to run the last run support everywhere I go late in the white Eric. Take care but the guys still pretty jig is going to be scarred for life to keep stored there there. So yeah it is in that regard by. There wrote to that area right after the game crypto that don't feel like that what the red carpet bid this year we're too. Okay you're all I could fail and now you trudge through the mud beat yet but Brian. And do we don't ground out albeit attractive. Well that only what they've been so far this year but for me. Rob just what they're going to be. This year and it is tender pretty excuses you can make four. The fact that the Red Sox haven't may hit the ball that well premiere of the injuries illnesses the weather all that led. I'm sorry without Ortiz this is just how lineup that I ate the keeping count on not to go cold. In stretches this season which puts a lot of pressure on not only sale I think will be fine. But the rest of the starting rotation to be effective and also the bullpen the run prevention aspect of the Red Sox is gonna be. Putting the focus this year because you don't have that built in slump buster Eddie Moore who is that MVP candidate Ned in a thousand OP yes guy. Yeah roll it there thank you for forward joppy aboard it right here at BQ are audit already. All right well I try to bring this up when they respect. And they were scored a run their government that all of their respective new out there used to say that the rejection. He regards to operate so. Awful what going on now because you don't have regardless partially Earl. Why or how long you've been. Your toll discounting. That you have the bad hitter debate fallout here and in no way that. You have big guy who took permanently of the guy who would be crotch when things weren't going well. And if they ever appropriate example. Are there are people of a lot of ever you'd get out. Especially what he showed last April 9 I doubt it you know great gay hope you are routed out OK you can do that way. But I thought this out the back this guy is gone. And then you with the enormous part of the equation in Europe are going out there. Sort of peace could be gathered figured out at you go it our movies they're no incredible look at that bill. But no or to accept that nor want to bring up porky they are don't worry about beer when you weigh in. Well you know what group they are. Yeah and awake yet always PC and Helio in the weeks seventh inning groundout and two of the wake can't always be. Well sandy Leon thankfully didn't hit the ball harder girls are probably would have been an inning ending double play that they can't be the way all the time. Oh oh did I get it and sell a lot of guys are gonna get our goal that area beat for awhile and you good hitters up a double wide out. Want to again what you what you are struggling that's a guy that you lead got an hour or target or target impart that. About your target the people won't care but they know that you opposition knows that. What did you do without the dollar report they're different. The appeal of different everything is different went you know are you hurt he's sitting there though you're gonna have to figure out a bit more limited which you can double. All live long day so yeah so it this event this I thought this sort of an example alt. What if he gave right now pretty good Michael got. Where you about says say I too was talking to somebody. You know earlier today and then realized it was me during the pregame show. I know it just didn't I I did. I did I did I would try to throw the gate where right to have it audit whoever our. Barbara I know I I did it somewhere. You did utter into that to myself in the entire Red Sox radio networks it was appreciated by and that the fact is. Does not worried about sale this guys who make up his mental make up his approach the way he attacks hitters. The way you know he doesn't have great stuff in the third inning inning comes back into shuts down the raise the rest of the the rest of his outing he's got the guy and I'm worried about a few callers Robin brought it up and and we became an act. Hashing it out over the first hour here. The rest of this Red Sox rotation and setting aside David Price for a moment because they think anything you get out of David Price this year is going to be a bonus. To the Red Sox have a knot in the arrest of that rotation particularly guys. Like ports solo we saw yesterday and armory into Wii's will seat tomorrow again coming up the good outing. Did to actually supplement Chris Sale and put together. You know the cat and ninety plus win team that frankly people are expecting in Boston this year. In our I I do think they have a velcro. By you know who knows we we don't know it retard that by the before we ate. You're got ripped the team the other based on projection. It was a terrible job in out of the way Bartley and all that. That you're dealing with a little bit different higher level but he's still a dealer projected their Eduardo Rodriguez. It grew our brand Buehrle did the other night it the right figure out become the pitcher what are out there all projections but I can about it. Then to have remember our conversation. Virtually when laughter relieving our you don't need to days you don't need at 838. This is due. Right Erma you're happy courts they have. In encrypt sale. Boris and John Farrell is. Bright luddite Soviet army yeah I did you go again production. By. But we were Chris Sale of doing right now. We'll all remember that different why you needed aid you needed aid to step but it went the other pitchers are pitching well. Stop the bleeding you here today who go to protect the ball all the big east or. Every day of event that they are there. Leading candidate stepped up the power to know that you're gonna get a web they did it go out and dominate in total up its what are we were curtailed. There's an appeal of an eight M and every team needs to want to skip all of a bigger. But if there's any other positive I think to take other than obviously Chris sailed today. It was a much better outing for Craig Kimberly with the Yankees pitcher the foot outside which is. And something to us something to appreciate and as sailor earlier Campbell's ignited Kennedy stress free of that bullpen is tailed guy you don't worry about. Once every five days once every five days you gonna get a jam. Or at least a very very good outing from his starting pitcher to help protect your bullpen. To help out of the lineup can't put together. Eight consisted of bats. Creek Urals got to be roughly that equivalent to meet at least. In the ninth inning. If you've got to give you anything aiding outdated they jiggy with the runners on second and third. He's at least got to be heck I who you don't really worry about and I penny to his credit he was that today. But he hasn't been that offer for most of his appearances or at least some of his appearance that this season. He had about a week ago I wrote bad. You might be the most or one of the book org I could not be bought or and we got to sleep on that because you closed repeat of one minute. But all the reason that you that is our right. It took the guy that have to be derby. You don't know what the reputable credit card and Ali deputy apt to be yet. By yeah after he might not be a little bit better than normal but he might have potential a little bit more than normal or it goes back to. It might get our a couple of W Brigham and or oral. Audi in April which which he hasn't done I think they've been viewed up eleven. You might have to do that at least start today you you are still trying to figure they know. Where the red charged both but it would. Yet our bar and go out there okay about our speakers they regard you regard it that barrel trust right now but he put slaughtered where accurate. And with a one out too that aren't comfortable you have Joseph Kelly a warming up we clearly have a comfortable with right now why because if you ever you know available. You Robby got a guy the other guy who barely palpable went out that. Abated if not a lot of comfort level there at Edward. Your pecker and all the other up out here figured out why have got to go right got to deal without Ortiz. I probable bad unique guys you know we're gonna give you like Chris Sale like Craig your role of like Edward Garcia on. Is Barnes the guy he's the eighth inning Garrett now but is. Kenny be the guy can he be that guy that John parroting consistently turn the ball over too in the eighth inning. You know today notwithstanding the that you said he put a couple of guys on and frankly need a pretty good. 543 double play a really good turn by Pedro way to get out of that inning. That wasn't entirely confidence inspiring by. Barton seems like he has to be the guy by default if nothing else at this point. Well broke W toll did they re Edwin Encarnacion by so article that it disappointed that apology. I jumped built try to get word that moderate by rob I know up. I figure I keep ignoring you eventually it'll just go away is that not to do. It like land that's like when you ignore me when I'm trying to get you to committing pillows stand out and I you have ended. Your year whites having gallbladder surgery or a jury anniversary or it it's you know year year mother's 75 birthday or something like that. And you try to ignore me and I just keep peppering you with text message you're essentially doing the same thing with the Encarnacion to me. I have my date and you're going to drop W what began on Monday it might front seat for respect and we thank you that. Ill another to eat if you are all you can currently they're bought pac. They're gonna get this because you don't debt. It's been in in forty years it's a boy Glenn. You know little Bradford is is the about my dad never love me wasn't there may fifteenth birthday what was he doing he's tiger about Matt Barnes blocking guys to put runners on her second run out. Nobody else could. The. Employee at the map aren't good they've. Will be you don't know you don't know it and that weird thing is now does that create that. Yeah darn proud clearly a competent in a few guys aren't. How Embry who once again was not available today all you gotta be ready tomorrow but it it well when your door for mobile are at earlier it. The little go at the little lit. Are worrisome. I bet you also Robby got remotely god feel comfortable with that and and the comfort level code you are. Upper level in years past. So there if we don't Billick don't we are you right now is get you there at Uga do well we April what April 5. Mean fifteen to check out Robinson day and one Boston day in tax. There ago and so. Are you get to this point yet that basically patriot day Marathon Monday stroke. However an ideal what you have read it and really how bad idea what you have what is the network. A bit make you worse we have a winning record they have spell well at a good place to start. Wheeling and fourth major Palmer ends tomorrow is a follow up the Tuesday. I've against them felt particularly. Big time. And I he I'd be you know I I think date he'd feel good about himself. They're young North Wales and feel good about themselves about that but it must be the opposite that yeah. You know I think bet you'd licking your washing their target our rent the last few days watching out. I think you real real cop a biggie feel pretty good about what happened the other day alleyway how the other day how he'd be open I don't know are good for anybody. By no doubt that's where you'd start you start with competent your Google ability and right now I think Farmar is out that because the BRI a ordered. It support a couple guys go here while the other guys figure out. So it's a tepid team. If there are I don't they are a roll over they're going to navigate starting pitching and they don't regard it right now at a decent level. So lives and you know I if you'd said to have a good pick the next few games I would say you're crazy. You have barely you know able to get one today without your ace pitching like an aids and you got to Tampa's bullpen with nobody out in the second inning. And how has it as at bats is positive a scenario is he can play out it's still take a stand Leon well timed it well placed in softly hit ground ball. Yeah yeah if it impaired by the way I get by the organic ever so after the game whether particularly on thing I don't know you look at the split. But he basically if they bring it left you paid cement particularly on the right side. Where is Barbara died it was great great great unity on the left side. And I guess Earl that I wouldn't surprise because. What did David Avery Cedeno put a lot of ball on the ground in pro life figures could spell mean Q Michael Bedard bull. About hey you know why you can't stop there really are no matter what titled lady god. You're gonna do whatever it takes to excel. We know and at the end that they get into the soft ground ball and what we do portal. However he did like super Superman hasn't always doubt the virtual wall looked great debate Doug Doug you just got it now maternity. Oh what are who. What are very good bit video group there at how do you extraordinary that they. Are great talent around. Let's go back to when he cannot see on let's go back to that if I did some career as son's birthday tonight sincerely norm on his actual birthday. No no. I'm going to clear eyed view unemployed. Bet the big show tomorrow morning. Which you'll be known as he Bradford majority show will be it you we know where I'd told European Union Korean media start of the week yes but rumpled little little little. We get two yard expect. So we have the unfortunate circumstance about me bring in Everett relic or good yellow light cover three hours and and call that day the job because the Easter like that. The volume of that show is going to be impressive people should turn down the radio is already in anticipation. Looking forward to it thanks Brad poll tidy sand. That's rob Bradford WEEI dot com. And going at the a lot of the same sentiments were talking about right now at this Red Sox team in. It's a question for you as well at 6177797937. Dozen games in its early I understand all that but do you have a good sense of this team. It yet a good deal of what this team is gonna look like here are you kind of line would be that this. Story about the offense and in the sputtering. I'll lineup is going to be one that persists or at least pops up at various points throughout the season. That the lack of Ortiz story line is going to be one that persists and at the very least pops up at various points during the season. You buy into the rest of the Red Sox rotation after Chris Sale. 6177797. And 937. We get Samir call Samir thoughts on that also is apparent in the New York Post. That I just could not believe in that sentence in and of itself has been said many times before. But the classic overreaction. That leads to a very ridiculous suggestion will get that a little bit as well as we take some your calls here in the Red Sox. Makes it a little bruins' next hour as well a week until 10 o'clock Red Sox review crystallize your Sports Radio WEEI. It is Sports Radio WEEI it's Red Sox review I'm Chris Maloney here until 10 o'clock. I jumped your phone calls in. Just a quick second sixty seconds here because I wanna just mention this or in the New York Post is fair surprising to me because. Yeah Rachel Sherman from time to time like a lot of the stuff that that he puts out there but. Did not like at this particular blazing hot take it comes after a sixteen inning Mets. Marlins game. That I'm short next to nobody around here watch Vietnam people Miami watched that there are only a few hundred people that were. I'm at the game by the time it was done to more than five and a half hours. Why is Nigel Sherman is proposing that Major League Baseball move in the direction of a tie. After twelve innings. They played three extra innings try to figure it out if he can't it's tie everybody goes home and team could be. You know 897. 162 and it does. Thank you beater record. 168. And two at the end of the season. And well. The world would not stop. If you want to retire to into a team's regular season personal I don't think it's the direction sports are going. This sport that quiz of the major sports the four major north American sports the one that was most associated with having ties hockey moved away from. Moved to a format. Gimmicky though it may be to decide a game one way or the other. And has been taken steps to try to make it more likely to decide games in Toronto player in some form of the run apply. So I just don't think sports are moving in that direction in the case of football I'd even indicates hockey. He can't play a regular season game. All night long Nikkei continued his plea quarter after quarter in football or period after period. In I hockey when you're looking at a back to back or. Playing 82 games coming back to playing a Thursday after a Sunday in the NFL there's just physical realities that said he and with the nature of those types of sports. Basketball play how might. Until somebody wins rank in baseball essentially the same way and that's. It is the fact that this is a conversation is only because this sixteen inning game the other night that he probably had to watch him as. May be used angry the fact use the air for five and a half hours have been there. As did that. Do pre imposed for appear as a Red Sox game I've been at a national broadcast on ESP radio and ten minutes away from leaving. And somebody freaking tides at the bottom of the ninth the next thing you know it's the seventeenth inning end. You don't know when you're getting out of there and the idea of baseball being a timeless game sometimes can be a royal pain in the ass. But this happens. How many games realistically go more than twelve. Innings for two. He he thinks that's bad I had to do a double A Fisher cats game to fifteen inning started that it was like a West Coast game. At how it happens. That's the way it happens and the argument it firm is perspectives other than tradition. Why are we forcing. Teams to play until there's a result and I guess. I can't give him any answer that doesn't fall back on some version of because that's the way it is. But I also think that there's just not an appetite for ties. In sports in general it happens every now and then and football. The NHL which was the sport that tolerated it the most. Is moving away from it I'm personally not a big soccer guy understand that ties in soccer draws or whatever and that's fine that you do their thing but of the four major north American sports. The concept of of a tie is just not one that's palatable to a lot of people it's called kissing your sister for a reason. And on top that the the bigger point for me is this almost never comes up gains more than twelve innings. Are incredibly rare you might have won every two to three months. And have a a massive all that they've been this kind of stuff the Major League Baseball perot's around they. Look at. I solutions to shorten games or speed up games. They involve. I messing with extra innings there is that ridiculous. Notion that was floated in spring training of putting guy on second again with the concept being in the game sooner. So you're going to impact. The most exciting portion of the game potentially when it goes extra innings and high impact a good game a competitive game between two teams are playing each other evenly. Instead of trying to address. The amount of time it's taken between pitches which happens hundreds of times per game as opposed to a couple of times per season these are the kinds of not seeing the forest for the trees solutions and it feel like. Are thrown around in baseball in this one. A little ridiculous to me. I don't agree to be seen ties in Major League Baseball anytime soon and I certainly don't wanna be seen ties. I'd Major League Baseball only times in which Graham called for the break Patrick and spent not next. On other Red Sox 21 win. Is there was no tying today thank you see any Leona. Over the reins hey Patrick. Patrick. It died but. So yeah. You wanted to interject here and on that emit stressed out. Yeah he is absolutely consistent right now I mean Mitch Moreland has been consistent for about the last six or seven games so they've gotten. A couple of guys that have bend but. Yes no sale has been and an absolute base so far. You know I'm batting right now it's a bit you know couple and others in about they're not you know. It was an eight to watch I'll decide then you're only when it's route one you know I'm also an important and I don't want to let you get my health. You know I don't have much in the open up the job most retirement not. Yet and that's a product in part of a lack of arms the number of arms they get the bra and part of pride to Craig Kimbrel and his inconsistencies. The offense that said I think that's the story line all season. And they'll be a stretch where the guys get hot bats is on buyer and the for a period of time for a week for ten games whatever. Why you don't have the built in slump buster you don't have the ability. I'll tell you and done big boys guy. You don't have the ability to. Just fall back on that one guy that MVP caliber guy that changes your lineup. And that's a that's going to be something we're talking about all season long this Red Sox team. Now because the big boys got pissed me off me take joining Connecticut guy John. Georgia. I think you may have been swallowed by the whales are at 6177797. To 937. We'll get more your phone calls coming up this 9 o'clock hour after Red Sox to one victory. Over the Tampa Bay Rays I'm curious whether anybody. Is in line with Joel Sherman do you wanna see ties in baseball. Does the occasional fourteen inning game fifteen inning game really bother you all that much. Is that something that that baseball fans would be willing to stomach I guess is dealt. Because baseball is notoriously slow when it comes to embracing even positive changes its went to me doesn't feel like. It would be a positive change 617779. 79370. Get some of that with your phone calls 9 o'clock hour straight ahead Gilani with you one Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI.

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