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Mitch Moreland Player Of The Game Interview 4-15-17

Apr 15, 2017|

Joe & Tim talked to the Sox first baseman, who scored both runs in the win over the Rays.

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I Christmas ship while congratulations are home run your first as a member of the Red Sox at double that as saying oh you score both runs that. And then now watch some great pitching. Yeah absolutely. This is a a big game you know big game for us and obviously sell that the way with what he's able to do as a another another great one from him so you know they let us being able to get a few runs on the or four and finally there is. Is not so. When you have a home run midshipmen rushed Mora Maris had just come in the game because motorist who was hurt. It was only the depth amount of time between. That you soft promoter reason when he left the ball game in the the first pitch from. Former mirrors you know what I do what did you see out of hand after you know waiting for that long. You know I just I put myself dominant and aggressive mode just because those 10 and then we took some time off so I think those you know really tell myself to. Just to be ready to hit and if it paid off you know physique I think even modest almost still been loosened enough a little bit on that first pitch in the he pretty much just put the plate with a cells that would let you know putting it's going. Thank you get to double off the wall which yet. I think we'll see a lot of these years around how to explain it nor the doubles title ready. Cain I can explain that but you know if they're gonna if it's gonna happen out they come every one of whom let you know I'm just trying to go there and and keep it as simple as possible and you know it's you know so far been ball four. It on in this ballpark to. Is a good ballpark for your swing is you know when you with his son with a club would need to find out you're going to be had a to the Red Sox you know thinking about hitting at Fenway Park what were your thoughts. Well I have always been comfortable there in my you know my limited experience with it in played I don't know how many 445 games I guess maybe. Two or three series acumen ruin it was but it wasn't a whole lot but I always felt comfortable here in. You know off a felt like got up hit some balls decent that way in and they've been outs in the past so. You know to have that all of their little extra help as is always nice and hopefully I keep taking advantage of it yet the big base hit scored the winning run there at the seventh any. With Tommy Hunter he was throwing bullets do yeah I mean he was he was pretty sharp. You know I was able to kind of battle battle against him in the it occur bought over the plate and and you know. It up the middle there and and get us going there but. You know the decision that was some big bat so it through that inning to scratch out another one. You know and a key key at bat by San needed to but the ball in play right there and and if the running so. Kirsch it took some pressure off the defense by striking out twelve and play one time zone his career he struck out twelve and a game that's the most any pitchers in 2012. But what was it like you mean you're pretty close to a first base what was it like watching him work today. Mean I'm glad I'm over first and that's and in the box that these he's pretty special to watch pretty special player and so. You know he's just he's been that dominant seems like every time he steps amounts. Hopefully we can. Keep that keep that level going. And keep the bar set in and then we started a few more runs for next few starts and his intensity must have an effect doing everybody oh yeah I mean he's he's definitely gamer he comes out rated ego and you know he's a fiery guy especially on the mound and we kind of feed off of that those. You know when he's doing that we will let you know who in the matches so it's. It's always good to have that have that mentality and try to go out there and make it happen it's thank you so much for joining us congratulations yet thank you got.

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