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SoccerCast - A Very Strange Week in the World of Soccer

Apr 15, 2017|

From bombs hitting team buses to the biggest star in the world getting rape allegations tossed his way, its been a very bizarre week and Ben, Russ, and Alex try and make sense of the nonsense.

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Well I'm going to be honest review. Right the jump here this is going to be a weird soc test episode that you can already feel it right. Yeah Alex. I'd do it yet this is going to be weird not weird like last week now which is fun weird. This is just weird weird this is because certain very much Riordan we have to really bizarre things to talk about today. And let's start with the explosion. At the Dartmouth that are. Dortmund team boss before their champions league match of Monaco which ended up being played a day later but let's start there. Three explosions. Are archer injured hospitalized. And has to undergo surgery because of it. So. I've been trying to read what's going on what the hell happened. In Dortmund. And I haven't seen anyone. Claim. Responsibility for this so I have no idea exactly what went on here. I'd turned on to watch the champions league and then this is the story that was breaking and the controversy within us now I'm curious how you guys feel about this is that the fact that they've played the match when it for hours after this happened. I don't condition of play I know scheduling is an issue. 24 hours after something like this they should have waited they will feature does have a long history of poor judgment when it comes to town this is UEFA. This comes down UEFA. And I don't know if they should've play the game you're right you are a sorry yes. I think it was you know this is a traumatic situation. To play 24 hours later. You know I think is wrong because you don't know what it is and they still don't know. What all was responsible for this and then you play a match point for hours later and someone gets hurt in my did cross examine her surgery it's a Mickey Mouse for awhile exactly it's a very bizarre situation I mean this is real life stuff. If it's it's real life stuff and yet it's not as bad as what happened in 1985 before the European. Championship between Liverpool and you Ventas where. I can't I I honestly don't know off the top my head how many people actually died in that collapse of the part of the stadium right. Put much people die yes and they wouldn't play the game regardless right then anyway within hours of it happening. So there's been curious judgment calls here and I know the tough part in 85 has got to be. Okay we've had this horrible accident becomes game right now what else could happen we still in the stadium full of people right now. This is different. This is a different situation why why would they played a day later. Should have never should have never played it and eventually you play by essentially at all hours later. Though it it last submit it's really rude in my opinion that. They treated. You know like such object because it was all about scheduling and as you guys said that you know the first thing I knew it is mind. I think probably two golden manager British Dortmund played you know pretty simply things that I saw that day they were treated at that someone threw beer at them how exploded a bomb at them and you know I'd listen to ordinary McKean Turkish midfielder for British -- interview after the match that they lost to victory but you know just the. First leg once again though at that home so I'm sure that the behead them and he says and I fully believe W very you know forthcoming and on instant. He said that they couldn't even focus on the actual football aspect of it until the second half. And that's awful you know I understand Monaco is the painful spear right now they're playing great but. I'd like to believe that even a few days later they'd be in a whole different you know state of mind. Our departure are important player of the team. And you know guys I was so I got goosebumps not a good way at all when I read that you know what that they killed in the bomb hit wanted to address. On the bus. You know so not say that they got off easy but it could've been so much worse and you know. Never Teva Puente the Brazilian team it's not that we're not that far removed from something horrific like that in the end of the day period that means that it it's just the game it really is obviously that's. Always talk about from week to week into the game but. You kind of just realize that there's so many more important things that I think there are treated like object that's compatible. I totally agree Alex and that's what's shocking about this. When I heard that it was going to be rescheduled the next day and take on what would you do that why which we scheduled a 24 hours after this. When you don't exactly know what happened here and you're just gonna play a game like nothing happened like. Like god took also likely to prove beer at the boss. Yeah it's an adult at the heart you know that would happen all the time appear. You're Yankee in a New York Yankee in Fenway Park you're gonna have batteries don't you you know like that. Now that's 280 drew in Philadelphia. For. Give crystal ball and this is this is serious level this is you know beat this is way necks low blocks this dangerous. And it went one for hours later is reckless I feel. Very reckless and it at their home do I mean I'm not saying that matters of obviously visit Monica would be the same type the security but. You know it's just that's what makes you kind of gal looks so down on you late because with. If it was up to you know the host if this is like a league game that was all about the host choosing of course they wouldn't have chosen to play like apple literally less than 24 hours later kind of an early start of the other champions league game that day. It just feels like it was like art I really quickly get the men ball Monaco is still in Germany here and it is just. It was not thought out at all. Well thought oh not at all. It's an unbelievable situation and it's. Unbelievable the stupid by UEFA totally and it just shows a pattern of the lack of compassion. From these. You know world soccer organizations or you know regional soccer organizations in this case they do this crap all the time. This isn't. I mean this is different there's a bomb but. We've seen plenty of incidences where people have lost their lives because of whatever. What happens. What was it last year at the European Championship. 0800. Russian friends and Bruins fan that's right. They don't they can't control situation at all. They just. They don't care it's all about money let's just get to get our money out of here as quickly as a ten that's what it seems like to me useless I like to me this happened. Are let's just play the game let's take money out as quickly as he can get that nobody here in time of nonsmokers can. And there it's it's gonna wash away it's already started to wash away we're recording this on Saturday this happen halfway past week ago. And it's already basically washed away you look at some of the soccer web sites none of homer leading the page and any of this anymore. It's already gone Russa Dortmund played today so. It they've played Frankfurt today. There and they want it and yelled god bless them and they want to do I would still be. Completely. Understandable if they were shaken and slipped up until that moment. Everything and you know I didn't unfortunate and watch regularly wanna do what the game is actually lots. Some of the first half I watched good junk. I would say it could look at it on fox sports ones really no excuse Alex. But you know I I it's. I think that and you're probably was pretty great right you know rallying around you know let it happen that I know they paid tribute to Marc departure. But the guys that you know last week you know obviously before bed and I've gotten to our own little thing. We were talking about we do all looked every week prolific and I really wanted to just be able focus on the fact that Christian Politico and they're the first three minutes today by. As we said it's just so much deeper than the actual game when something like that happens and it's just so there's no room for it. And I wanna be able to get angry about you know like what position somebody plays tennis in the day you feel like a silly that stuff is and stuff like this. That's right Alex because this is a more important this is real life. Stuff and it's hard it's hard to do you like you said I'd like to talk about crush impose that come late to talk about. What I watched by dom I kept thinking about this what we're talking about now was law and and listen the weed up to the broadcaster pregame they were talking about they were doing their job and fox sports one they were. Definitely leaving without which which I'm glad that they did. It's hard by it but yes slate like Ben said there were a couple days removed and it's the ability now I guess of everyone to move on from this but I haven't moved on from and I'm glad that we're talking about I haven't moved on from this. No I mean you guys know that I'd love British dormant unless some news might bell Layla meet them here American bombing Yang and you know obviously I'm stating something that we all would be you know really that any of that more witness anymore and it's got traffic but it could have happened. And you know these players are also completely different aegis you know I it and not dead that's Gary it's your forty verses nineteen ballot. It can be done this but if you really think about it like prolific at eighteen years old that cannot. You know making the depth of the next twenty years so. He's got a feel for them and I hate that they'd even gonna turn into a feel good story could you can get feel good story that way less serious ways you don't have to attribute them to address. It's just a sense tuition it's a sad state of affairs for UEFA Dele pathetic it's a sad situation for Dortmund it's a sad situation but Monica offends. It's just it's it's pathetic all around real one I won't say about the Monica offense they were chanting in Peru sure Dortmund. Truth though Bruce adored and stance. And David I thought it though I thought that was very nice and classy. Well let's talk about what else happened this week during the champions league obviously there is a guy. Demolition derby by U Ventas over Barcelona three nil. My guy. How low. Earth he has been since the beginning of this show. You know that I thought that was Alex is gone now Alison I've basically your backpack on for a long time we've both been talking about forever while he was fantastic in this. Alex and I have both recognize this guy about the same time. While with Palermo is killing it. Right. No definitely. He's a fearless little guy. He's not even a little that's the funny thing. He really is he seems smaller in stature of any actually is. I think it could be barely Wear shin guards he clicked like it docked all the way down it looks Rickie at the smallest little you know. If that he's not scrawny hell no he's an anger towards he's been but he's not scrawny. But regardless they win three nothing over Barcelona Barcelona look out of sorts. Next games in Barcelona last round we solid Barcelona did two PST. Do we see another kind of come back in the in the fold for Barcelona I don't see at this time I don't either. I I can't see them get this event to see is really damn good exactly at that just loves him. Is not that great good does have a great. Barcelona can't. Him and mount a comeback even at home in this one I just can't see it happening. Now aid to all this is exactly did exit these lat team if you were to pull me right after. The you know come back they're barked at over appears to Ian that okay what team could not happen to new. My first two teams I would say it would be you vented just because of what they're known for the BBC even though they can play to be beat the and atletico Madrid out we also really tough team to do that view and not even saying you know Antonio condi coached team that is not has constructed so. You vented right now obviously we knew they had. Or dog leaky lean people knew cheap move on as their identity for so so long I think it's even harder to do it again that this currently constituted either and his team. Because they are playing a back board they have. Eddie Alvarez who obviously is just such a veteran knows Barcelona as well. That would that would matter too much. Leonardo Bonaduce do I think we always say it like the pot up that are back in the world some Giorgio Keeley. And one of my favorite players so I think it stud defender Alex Sandra left back. So and by the way guys you know if you watched any of that game you know that met the at least start to always on the right wing and then as the game goes on to find the ball. But Alex Sandra I think the right approach against Mets leaders know. Wade actually be met David he was fearless you know he was consistently. Just making met the uncomfortable which if you know he'd start that the second leg. I just think it's not a team where they know waigel that you know labels I just it's too much three nothing no labels it's not happening. As we talked about Monaco beat. Dormant for it to obviously next match will be in Monaco. I don't money goes to good I don't see Dorman make in this one up three illegals a lot since you know. Overcome. So I don't see this one happening I see Monica advancing to the semifinals I don't know if you can see in any differently than I do. Bob May is just too damn bowl of his that's level right beautiful goal in store and I don't think I don't I don't think dharma can come back. I tend to agree with the U. Yes I agree directed Munich a sob got just I agree I think by the three legal dispute. More on billion baht they I think I said I always roll my eyes tonight here's the next you know this the next Messi is in fact the area on ring. Yet and so I've been you know I really like decayed but I hate to keep saying but the next Jerry Audrey but. Also read it really is on that second goal I know it was a really bad turn over by then vendor but the way he put that. The way he confidently dribbled a Nazi looked up for a quick second saw where the keeper was. And it would howler and curved and everything and it was just such a confident finish today it. I mean if I look at looking at a statement I would never understand how he's only eighteen years old I think decades especially probably won't beyond Monaco next year. But there's some energy about Monica right now that's pretty special in naked. They could even make it to the final at this point I'm saying and lake at least make it entertaining match. Next up another uninteresting game here. Real Madrid beef that defeats Brian Munich in by iron there in Munich in iron with a strong and a death. In Munich 21 and Chris shell Cristiano Ronaldo was awesome as it was absolutely awesome and instead. And it checked it out really I mean. That was the thing for me is. Also out is now when your best players step up looks. No you're right I'm not at all critiquing him I think at that are also applauding headings odds are making that adjustment because you know he started left wing like he always has but it. God I just don't think he's just as effective as the left Winger anymore which is understandable I mean I know he's a freak athlete but sooner or later I think is goal scoring abilities need to be a you know the most important thing and he moved a little bit more inward Bela not a 100% at all so. You know I think at times we talked about it and you and I have always like bent a little bit more detonated next guy and so I think. I think that's always really good kind of pointed decoys there where. You know he got in gold scored situations but overall he would actually drop deep in the second half. He's got decent seat you hold up play and and although in the box between that first finish was so instinctive in the air you know. New air edit unbelievable game but put it we're nowhere couldn't get at all. And then the second one such a poachers Spanish is that I think you know the border and although played essential now. I think the more moments go out like that that was legendary moment for the true legend. That was a little tougher to call if Byron can come back I see reality dancing. All right let's I think by an absolutely committed. Could come back in that match up to one it's a one goal difference to Lagos. It's going to be very tough for them but I don't put it out of out of the realm of possibility of Mike I do the other two so far that we've mentioned. I don't know I think it's going to be very hard. Very difficult to win not icy reality dancing I'm just saying it's not impossible for Byron tell it's not it's not a law they just don't look the same one vote. Forget that Robert Levin doubt Q was called out before that game you know originally it looked like he was going to be playing and you know better what are your boys Thomas Mueller hit an attempted here in the Bundesliga but that's not what you do on the dollar that he'd laid back. He played really poorly because you know I'm not cutting me excuse but he's been out of form from a goal scoring perspective all year and up and dead you know he's really I really Morgan that are forward especially Levin does acutely in the line so I think. Putting him out there with you know Sergio Ramos pretty much man marking him was really kind of not being unfair competitive pointed out last week nothing compared sports. But you know I it was and got beat the fire in team that would normally go at a team likely out. It was his Porsche from them at times Italy looks like. Gregory really could get anything going at times and or Dario wants of those there onto its and to get him to get anything trying to go offensively and it just wasn't working as well for them. That the double header though was unafraid unbelievable. The height and the high power that he got on that heat. Now I I couldn't obviously plays pays close attention to it as I wanted to but after that he seemed to kind of disappear. How. Are all well Ellis had a policy or idea he he just kind of disappeared at that point but that that goal was. You have yeah absolutely beautiful the heightened power ego on. Yep I would like to believe though. I mean that would be ideal but you know that are not so I'm gonna say that the that they and Iran don't let them get themselves bullied so much as beat all they could beat all. I think the most vicious part about the dollars and attitude it's not necessarily its stature order is you know physical attributes. Clearly crazy which really helps but a power better as he said. He just looks like a bad out steroids plus. It does develop its involvement in this thing getting back to the penalty because that was right before halftime unit that penalty Europe to do nothing else at home. You know it's very different although it doesn't get a gold the whole dynamic of the high. That it into an. All right lasts only let's talk about obviously is that atletico Madrid defeating Leicester city in Madrid won nothing. I. Terrible snooze that's it's it's. It's two teams that you think could actually play really exciting up and down game with. The attack impression that Lester can give you an on the counter attacking from atletico you think he could be provide a little more fireworks you laugh because you disagree. No I I'm not disagreeing with you it has that ability but these teams are no plans in the hallway itself. I play the exact office that they're gone back to a lesser city I think Leicester city actually wins in advance of as much as it pains me I wouldn't show mall here's the thing I was shocked by the result I was shocked that it was only. Only a one goal I really was and now we is is that on the door wide open here. Does he really I really believe less is gonna and I think they gonna put everything into that yep exactly if nothing else played well this is special enough when. So they're gonna go balls to the wall they're just gonna press as hard as they can and just hope back on hold but. This atletico Madrid team while the personal hasn't really changed some people have gone a little too old and others are just kind of right before their peak. They're at a weird position right now where they've got to make some kind of moves and change things around in the dynamic of that team. And I think this might be Diego Simeone is. So once on here his last really thinks of them I do it's either this is an axe I think he only has one or two left there and he's got. His shorts at their choices. So you think I don't think they'd ever Darren from I was gonna say I think he's he could be there as long as he wants to be he's turned them into a top ten team in the right so. Okay why do you think he would want to week. I don't think he can get exactly what he wants. In terms of personnel. I agree with that I'd be in the I think he's just such a damn good coach that. We don't necessarily take into account week to week the artillery he's playing where. Vs all the other you know five start team I mean. Austro that you went. Don't you wanted to keep older people court by I've used in court follow the loan. But he wanted to keep all the court outlawed cost and the other both leave you know so I think. If he if he had the reputation and yet he's clearly wanted to bet your coaches you know they'll likely pound for pound bass boat don't eat what the debt Albert out her brain for brain. Coaches they're as I was. You mean we told all of a black smoker he says a bet you did and you beat it number one coach Hewitt acquired U restarting he's if he's not. No I do just the way you were saying it was just bizarre Paul wanted to pound for pound best coaches. The boxing tonight because they find their ruling class the images that is one of the best managers in the world must do that. I guess you just went needlessly elaborate the summer and I'm and it blows it it was all a bit. I gets his comply with those of us. All that made you cry that does it. But anyways I just think get letting go I disagree with you guys by the way I think atletico is. Going to be just fine in the second leg because of Diego Simeon but I also agree with bands that I think it data Atlantic or numbered you know a year rumors about entered last summer you know that's you know I historic team that needs to be turned around. Kind of went in the right direction but they've been playing musical chair where their manager and an hour. Yet no he did the had an affection for and Terry you know he's actually even publicly. Would all the rumors have swirled around where he can be coaching future that's the one TVs actually addressed by name though. That could be a big possibility that's bad that I just don't think he's playing I don't negate that silly managing it ideal squad but he's doing it you know pretty damn well. I'm okay now I had two dollars a share one thing I don't want on the way Ernie and I but I really don't want to leave my house and unemployment kudos. Would you think dead heat he's gonna move for a better situation that can give him the players in the money he needs in the and I understand that yup. But I also arsenal. Put up a good point Iraq's. But. For me I want on this day because I want someone to be. Out of club because they love the club and they wanna do with their but if you are hamstrung financially you cannot compete. With the best teams in the world. I'm with you I understand why you think he's going away if I just a lot of noise. I also I think part of it is gonna be the inevitability that and hungry since going to be gone. The major part of the got to replace another. Score. It's a concept it's a constant thing it not important it's constant turnover. Fell. Aren't they get there if they get picked off that attend the gets kicked off we etc. this is interest thing and it's weird and it's kind of confusing. So wrong. News came out this week out of Germany out of paper der Spiegel. That data acquired some kind of like out of court documents about Christiane Renaldo settling an alleged break. Back in 2009. Are settled in ten but it apparently occurred in 2009 in Las Vegas. And it's. The whole situation is really confusing in bizarre obviously versed ran all those campers denying it as they should. Regardless of whether did an operation deny it but. I find it kind of hard to believe on a couple levels but. You know the details of this are absolutely bizarre bill can you share with us the details for us. Cheryl all in all read this this is from from the dead spend embryonic sexy as you can not much into it. When Kate arrived with a girlfriend Renato and his friends has supposedly gotten into the jacuzzi he offered her bathing suit. At issue is changing he falls there. They kissed for another as Kay writes. It was not enough she however want to return to the others he grabbed her and laid her on the bed. She try to protect herself with both hands I've repeatedly screamed no no no. And begs you to stop I never been so afraid in my life rights K in the letter. When it was over Renato is said to have turned to her he is not and I'm percent not a bad guy. He reportedly said Dow 1% he cannot explain that as well how life Kay writes in her letter. This is from distant article. And I stuffed to play this game but we're gonna play nonetheless. He believes this story. Did not believe this story NBA maybe they should give you even more here from. Renault was representatives. And this is coming from there Spiegel that is that quote coming from. The der Spiegel article. What you just right or whatever that accurate yeah that I read our or drip that's been Augusta instead spend venomous I'm assuming that they're getting it's probably. Yet it did it says above what you read rut and there's Spiegel report type of emotional. Nearly six page long letter that seizing Kay wrote that yet. -- that are. So we know those are present lives you know release the same and as they you know should in the situation. The statement read today the German newspaper der Spiegel published a long article regarding alleged accusation of rape that would have. And directed it Chris Young on Ronaldo in 2009. IE about eight years ago. Article is nothing but a piece of journalistic fiction. Alleged victim refused to come forward and confirm the veracity of the accusation. The newspapers based their entire narrative on documents which unsigned. Where the parties are not identified and emails between lawyers whose content does not concern Christian armor and although and whose authenticity he cannot verify. And our alleged letter that is said to have been sent him by the so called victim but was never received by Christiane. The accusations reported by the der Spiegel are false and Christiane not Ronaldo will do everything in his power to react. React against since well. Let's we're prison costs an accusation of an act of rape is discussing an out raging and will and he will not allowed to hang over his reputation. We obviously don't have very much. We've got to separate statements clearly they'll. That we believe it. I find it hard to believe for the simple reason. You look at the guy you know doesn't really need to rape anyone can kind of get any woman he wants. Having said that. You know that and that's a very slippery slope to plan on having said that. There's people that are addicted to power regardless of physical attraction or anything like that. Yeah it's a Narnia situation it's a weird situation mind. Thought on this and it's a bad comparison but I remember all the stories about. Lance Armstrong got an all the in all the denials about Lance Armstrong from it was slow. In France I can remember the name that was a lick qui or I'm not sure of the name it might have been regardless but let's I'm showings denials ruined other people's lives it. It did to add gravity and it did it didn't my point was. Two roadway that they had to have something out and they had something and they obviously ended up being right. And I'm not saying that this is right but to run something like this. I would think that they would have to be pretty confident that they have something. Let let me just say this thing and it doesn't it's apropos of nothing but death. So I've heard two stories about Cristiano Ronaldo in Las Vegas to. One this rates are that we just brought up. And the other story happened what a year two years ago something like that where some girl had like Lester wallet the table and he's at around. They like contact Scott got a phone number somehow contacted her and color and we have your wallet here whatever the situation was ill and like her and her girlfriends came back in Buick bought the mob dinner and hung out of them and it's a couple hours and mrs. apparently like the nice system in the world to them like paid for everything form. They just they just had a good time on his diamond hung out with him and his friends. And that was it. So for ten stories who dramatically opposing stories of one of an act of horror now and the other an active absolute kindness. So it's very bizarre. I think there's that there's spillage even though. In my opinion that and it has nothing to do with the fact that right although as you know obviously most well by women in the sport but. Ronaldo didn't hang out with Israel did he date July so. You know it's really hard to know who we really that person and beg your right won an act of kindness and the other ripped through is completely the opposite as nappy or. To Scotland. Only time we ever hear covered although in the papers that had anything to do with outside of the pitch it was women so Serb one is about. It being more than gracious the gentleman. The other is about and supposedly reaping the lament. At the end of the day there is the theme of different although it talked about it and not supporting fashion it's about women and I don't know how he goes about it obviously Bennett he's dead yeah. On the on them. It sending to be said about Derek Jeter and there's never anything along these lines. No no of course not and and what to get it's really tough for meat. Jump to any kind of conclusion here. Let me ask you Alex. My point is that to run with the us you have to feel pretty strong that you have something legitimate here so. Am I wrong to feel that maybe there's something to it or they would never have all written the story and dish Beagle. I am I'm leaning more towards that what she writes keeping pace is closer to true then what are all the camp driving. And especially if that quote I want to guy notes stemming from herb and especially if there was a quote like. 899%. Of the had a good you know person I can't explain the other 1%. If that's true I mean what a cop out right it's like it's like someone paying 899% of my life I've been nothing but a gentleman the other 1% of total a lot of people. But overall I've you know night at present a great guy I mean that's just. Bucket if true that I really do believe that you know there was some palm flurry going on and not it's not good. No doubt wolf will be interested to follow this story I've a feeling it's gonna just disappear like most of these stories still. I think you're just gonna go away but it will be interesting to see what happens because it could be. It could be and I highly doubt it will be but it could be the downfall of the is arguably the biggest athlete in the world. In arguably. Makes the most money. As the biggest profile. Is known everywhere across the world he did Americans here know who he is. You don't really know who it is a different name and that's that Q rating is sky high for him higher than anyone else in sports in the world ball. For me personally I just hope it's not true that's all I was not Churchill I hope it's not true for her sake I hope it's not true for his sake tell. I mean it scared me that. It has not been doing anything really but like it's begun and it. Graham who's the one person and I love a guy there's one person at all the photo without an Adam Curry band about you know things. But today a sketchy person off the pitch I don't think he's a terrible terrible person but he's a little bit of a loan bullpen. So is her although it when you're dealing with a lone wolf it's really hard figure out what's going on their mind. Yeah are what's what's. Two things on let's changes topic there someplace and end the show OK let's do both of those right now. Is a (%expletive) up transition and apologized. But coming up next week on the show I will speak with Brian scales. The director of youth development. Forward to new revolution. That's a lot of positives coming on the heels of data through and is reaching 101000 minutes is homegrown player and started problem not that far behind its right to do is like. Another gamer too he can actually cross that number. So. It's going to be interesting to talk to him so if you guys have any questions on Serena let me know and if and you're in the audience has any questions you know imputed to tweet at one Abbas. At young Ben WEEI at Russ underscore Goldman. An act. Alex Goldberg underscore he got her right it's like the third or fourth quarter handle just Oscar. You don't know Joseph rule it's that thirds. It's a third. Weight of it did actually start on this show when I had at gold elect's. Yes this is did a guided third Jesus. All right. So if you got any questions and now. To question do. Russ. Yes. You've done T gimme a minute to nine minutes. Yeah I have a good balls to soccer balls aren't real I got a fair idea of a minute starting in five Marcus Moore. 321. Go awful not a massive victory. On Good Friday they beat New York City or -- row three to one they played the entire second half down a man. On and scored two goals in that second half. They won we won this match like I mentioned three to one. And they are currently seventh still 72 points behind. But they are well within. Three points of two teams so they are within. Shooting distance I guess you could say of two teams in a playoff position. They need to get in the top six and they have four matches to get at them. How you don't ask you ask for a minute you did it under thirty while they're just over thirty talk cock so thank you for being them. Punch in just this time I appreciated that well it's a big deal from him are from footnote is that while we view that's let me give you a mere seconds per episode I'm now. If you wanna hear more that's a good teaser if you wanna hear more. Of Ross talking about the only place in the cottage to absolutely how right listen to con stuff and I you've yeah I guess you have to rush is there any got to do. I. You just have to was in this one won't know you also have to listen to another podcast. With a producer that we. He'll have to again you don't have to listen to either of those it would be good for you too can you be even more informed you have to listen this when you don't. Have to listen to. Carnage Stockton. Whatever the hell out of those Americans. He's angry. Mean now this is. The Pope of it. I was actually was taking in the fact that road Holmes got a third that goal difference. They did know which which also if it's unbelievable 46. Play 46 games. And I'm gonna tell you something because of reputation a full match and you guys are gonna laugh when I say this but they really left are the Barcelona. Of the championship because that's their style play they play that style of football it it is a very. Good brand of football in Barcelona and seven personally to know there are no. The rule you know they go. And had a commitment there about and one last thing actually had just out of another thing yeah the FAA player of the year awards. Yeah baby yeah. It's obviously gonna view rule just please Alex cheerful side it's obviously going to be one of when his two guys from Billy Conn they're not desired. I don't know which one it's going to be hard. I think it's that it's probably going to. May you I I didn't think I was silicon today I actually would too. No why do you think desired over politics you want to said that he made the difference is C a how to do not go to. Because all of what's happened to avoid the last month. Brought up. I don't get me wrong I mean big angle Conde had been amazing I don't think it's a coincidence that he's going to vote a minute but not gonna look at done in one today but I don't think it's a coincidence that you both likely going to be on back to back. Beverly champions you know in different teams. So I do think he is. Second most important until the end may be in the cleverly disguised. The target then what he's scoring goldeneye and did not even though he's an attacking midfield is not a player you can fully weigh on in statistics. He has been so consistent from the start of the season to now now he's really starting to score a lot of important goal but here's the number one reason why I think it's going to be a guard. It's not the fact that he got a who scored rating way above everybody else. These shows the guys he showed up in big games he's scored against every top team this season. And that should not be taken lightly he scored a few goals against some thought he is specific games but he had spread out in gold against big big teams and this year. Not like last year when Lester was the winner and you know all the other team for a and that it wasn't your normal group this year. Look at the top five look at the politics with all the talk in that we know and has started performed against every single one of them I don't think that can be taken lightly. Just one game he's been nothing but consistent I think it's gonna go to guard. Okay Russ what did you just say a black I don't know he was his scrambling to get Hillary is not that brave rambling that he scores in big games are implode come back to you. Is he as influential as he has them with Al content. Will you be without contest. No I mean I mean does he have the season and he has without depth Ford does up where I putted and call that a player that he has been the season. He had that he didn't do see them go away it was but it was less of a defensive midfielder and that was quite a lot more. So actually wrote I think it's even almost more impressive that he doesn't have to be taken this year because fabric gap has not been chosen starter and I still. Actually disagree with you on that I think the season was a little better two years ago. Because with can't say easy. He isn't good ball distributor. Being a defensive midfielder Andy starts of the other team is doing which allows. Has are more time with possession. That's I think it seems a little more impressive was suspect there two years ago than this year with content they think country's got more of a slight advantage in the impact he's had on the game as opposed sets two years. I don't fully disagree but I think you could arguable way you know you're absolutely cannot you write you know like argue book and no matter what then he wins because it's one of this place a lesser. Well I mean I'm not even I'm trying to be as objective as possible I had just dailies it's. Of a cancer of the state that we dust until the but are are really just think that he beat the other way to argue that is sometimes you know he had an upper Echelon attack. Acting mind there's very few who think on the same inning he wants to lay out we want to do all the things that it's pretty hard for someone like no money had not pitched even think about that though. I get that their countries so you know sharing any toast dirty but at the same time average gas had an upper Echelon mine and it comes. You know what he can really do to I think compared to a dart admitted that there's a lot on his shoulders to create. He'd start that left wing but by the tenth minute he's in the middle of the pitch wherever the ball needs to be. Guys a wanna bring one last thing up before we go and to get away from the Borussia Dortmund stored ticket and a different place who were talking multiples sick. There's speculation. This week and someone after contact to me that's the spurs and the let me know about this that they are tracking him. That now talking Hotspur are are tracking Christian post it now we talked about this on the last show. I usually talk about him as relation to a Liverpool correctly known here correct but. But not I actually responded to destroy undermine and so I don't think it's a good place for him and I still don't think it's a good place for him because. Of that course already built where does he fit into that core. I think he would definitely doesn't fit in the middle that's carrier ask him yeah yeah yeah we've. Fits. On the edge. I have well well that's like our wide and they don't really kind of do that. But on the other hand he'd be going to another coach who is a very good proven track record in developing young players we've seen him develop parry came we've seen him develop. I don't really so it's. While you're right position only if they think kind of confusing Wear seat like little I just don't know where he fits in what they like to do I just don't know. Where he fits Alex do you do you know where he could fit for Tottenham Hotspur I say I think he actually fits much better for bands Liverpool. I agree I agree I don't think you know. Doug Quinn then is gonna be taught hated player by American and did you know Christian ballistic goes to pot and haven't been publicly can't get a start because. You know Don is in great great form because our. All he's ever played fantastic. Oh he's been great you know Eric and Ali and Cain are the ones that get advertised you know rightfully so but. They've needed it Enola up for attacking players to be he leads. Randomly goods from week to week. And stuns isn't really good idea obviously not try to take any idea headlines away from those three previous section players. But no I would really be hard for ballistic again and that side I think that if anything it cotton and it will acquire young. Promising players it's to be in the back I know they have Eric Dyer and stuff but. I need I just don't think that's great situation for a I think Liverpool it's that dial better much keynote a great coach but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the right situation for ballistic. Now. Like we said tactically on the field doesn't make a whole ton of sense. But. There'd be a lot worse managers for him to learn under that's for Hampshire. So. It's time I'm a flip of the coin I think in my in my opinion I think he's better off to call. It by a visa to. An element is agreement that but I don't think it's horrible situation in time and I don't think it's a great situation either nobody but Alex's point he's better off. Really with two local that's where he should. Blankets on the boy's body the belly today. You know Roy McElroy is back in the line that but tell them you know the belly got ten Bundesliga outfit you know Politico is good enough there when he scored in the league. Yeah no I mean he's important enough to include an I think that ballistic just keeps really good thing you know I'd like this entire match that I. It means a lot of them to buy opinion you know he's an indicted in terrible like bells ought to take that. And that's a great point. We've we've never had to worry about anything. Injury related with her supposed watches. What's the mindset of him what I can go back to the coffins watched how we set up that first goal that's all you need to know from the doppler. All right I'm done tapping out or kept sending more crappy doesn't bring up so Oregon out here. Bonito on done all right. Good watched children menu tomorrow. Ross and I told you how much blocking it out sometime yeah. (%expletive) hate each time national emblem outside. And like you didn't ask you didn't say anything Euro would know while grew and grew and hit I get more fluent in one more reform plan aren't that in five. 432. When your fisons got. They play ambiance pour money it is tape delayed I believe this out to third.

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