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Trenni and Tomase - While Red Sox pitchers struggle at least the offense is coming alive. 04-15-17

Apr 15, 2017|

Trenni and Tomase talk about some of the struggles a few of Red Sox pitchers are having early in the season. They also talk about some positive signs like the offense starting to come alive. Even though they have some lost games recently they are scoring runs and they hope the pitching staff figures it out.

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Are ever to attorney and some classic haven't you live from the AT&T'S. Story he beautiful brand store I'm innocent street in Boston right at the Boston Marathon finish line lots of people crowded. Right now at that genocide because the one mile races are taking place right now capacity could ram I. On the fastest mile ever ran was in high school it was like six. Right now I do mildly. Drop the six. This week that one at about 20/20. Rodham island ass at that point and I just say they're stuck in my cell I am. You do and your young life he actually you know you can't watch it here because it's time to be easy here but if you're outside you're listening to us outside of the box area will be reporter on the Boston Marathon course for obesity. Sundays the departure Monday. Watch a preview show fortified and universally HDM Sunday and then the race. Coverage begins at 8:30 in the morning on Monday SE TSU. Your needed on Saturdays. Portrait intimacy so you know to beat the riches and Comcast needs you for six day. Yes they do wow what a mean these people make writing a look at a bit these little runners make it look so easy now that they they're they look like they're probably and Chrysler's middle schoolers. Some do some research and look at that so I Galen rap is one the American possible favorites for the Boston there by that bronze medal in Rio. And Keyes says you know I ran an okay Hafner and trot a few weeks ago he said. My fascia is really flared up and so beyond them it was a great it was exit could it was easy not easy for your cover. Yes how fast he ran average pace he ran. For a half marathon thirteen point one. Any guesses five miles or 44. And that was like okay. Sign hastily made it may name the recovery much easier to 44 days after the 32 damage right now. I mean these athletes are. I mean just there's the answer and you see them in her I mean like that Fuzzy is not very big I saw mr. for the first time in person per unit not just on TV like. Oh a little guy as 42 years old and so running. I mid Ohio and the errant thought Mike is it's amazing what the bodies to. I know I always thought like. Back in better shape if I jumped on for the last hundred yards and I beat them in the sprint to the finish ready for an 26 miles I'm just trying to run out I court. Now I mean think about it and I think we are I think and they say conditions somebody could be a little warm for runners later in the day. But people will run a little bit earlier I think they'll the yes you beats will be okay if it's gonna be high at like 65 in the wind is supposed to be at their back. I don't think we're that far away from seeing an average marathon a sub two hours. We just let the record now Britney 68 delegates like 20 due to a two GO two or 201 I got them but cannot but yes I mean you're hovering right around. I mean it's all simple one half marathon I mean it's it's it's in San. These are matches runner. He ran a nineteen minute three mile. That's about a five K 1943 that's actually pretty good. Me Emery that's actually that's actually pretty you guessed it now granite loaded up with crap too. Now days that he did. Did you run that bloated up with facts not Allen has sent but it presents appointment with the pack on. Arts I decorous and all allegory out right answers I just think it's it's it's a great weekend for the city marathon as a Catholic I'm McNabb out. And never interested in news volleys to get annoyed that the Donald TV stations that's a diamond grades however once I got older my first jobs of the middle six news announcement in his rating and that was there when the hundredth marathon. In 97. It's a 121 right now he's an average gas and whatever that were sent to. It's that we cover the hundredth marathon and in our towns out there hot it's on the star. That was pretty cool being at the finish line and I remember it to the big story on. Us Kathleen Spitzer and attachments with staff announcements. Is the fiftieth anniversary got a considerable if if checking in after hours at least trying to fail iMac a minute being returned very excited about it the actions agree interview. Your comment. And say yes I think it's a great time it's a great time in Boston this weekend and it helps that the Celtics and the currents are both in the post I mean what is crazy thing by the Red Sox played eleven. The marathon new unity of lethal hobby finish route between 121231. O'clock. Then you have the deeper ruins. At home and set at 7 o'clock I mean you. Date objectives and it's supposed to be 65 and sunny which again Akron for the writers that your spectator it is going to be lorries glorious day. When I was in high school that track coach admits that we still live football coach Mike reading here's my basketball coach at the time and he ran a marathon every year many coaches the next day. And one of those years in the ninety's. They ran the marathon unlike in 85 degree. Why I bring their apartments points while it was 878 people a chance to back out and it's not your finish. Closer active. Not for like four to eight by force. Now I mean it's I mean. I trained iPod. Like right by just I can't and yet. I don't know stance and a advertises story about him with cancer as well. We now have this just show up it's actually so 2014. I say was running for charity that it did halftime pop by after it injured it's like thirteen. Really wanted to run here after the bombings really important psyche out everything. Like I stopped drinking I was eating just like vegetables and she came. I I might buy it sounds like it is like I still would like guys Terrence. I mean I wise. Mean amazing she. Like I was right seventy mile weeks like ice smile I'd ever done so excited for the race. They started to feel like I asked god just it's taken imitate him entering like make. Them kick this. Keep this thing. But morning comes and sick at my place it's just it's gonna back again before in the past just they're going near me so hard for parity this. I get to the start line and in that I'm in the fifth wave because I write for charity project for charities opposed I. First got mine I'll just a moment that. Starting yeah that's fine you weren't nearly you block ride. But it was more harm it was like probably in the sixties by the time ops are sliding catch one in the camping but these terrible cramps like. So we're paying them hydrated and eat right drink right. So we're husband. Pine casket casket where it's. And panic throughout the night. I. Sprayed out in front of everyone was. And it I am like at this point I'm like to hear this because I'm hydrated every ethnic group three times like you that morning and -- Iran in turn around like it needs I hope receive in this morning's show and I key to keep on keep going to get out of this this is just beautiful mostly bases like fancy people everybody's lining the streets and I I thought our pot I I act I know I can handle that anymore ultimately through people like gaining. And somebody else's destroyed support a hot aren't. I getting it I had to. And I keep an effect as a talking to a letter not realizing now at this point. Lead actor it. They keep running again like not quite get around my new Wellesley hospital at this point can and it straight line and the but it really moving in heated and I am I right it's like I had to go to medics in aid to my blood pressure the beauties of it let's get back out finished. Okay didn't really want that I'm different. Just watch me. And I tipped my blood pressure goes home and my pulse goes on and ended ended and you are going mystery to the hospital mind. Heart rate we still low and my temperature was so I'd like I'd asked me going ambulance. And I ended up and it was here I was devastated but I ran main three weeks later tempers. But I am with the magnet by states lists the yen the title tonight I Acker is fine to be at least and it. Will be my pants. Could do imagined could you imagine if I would have lost it like. What like pipa outta typically covered I covered that depict native I would have like lost it I mean that in Wellesley of all places like the nicest cleanest sick. But I said you know nobody hoops. Now know it's now that it's like they go over the alignments. Where ever write that they don't they don't they don't define who feel anything else and they're like we get on the highway good data to do back that. That was it. Well I'm glad you survived this is didn't embarrass yourself for the files Wellesley no but I've told everybody story excellent place at least three times on the radio announced. I'm ready. Ran a marathon super good for your body. How about those Red Sox out about those Red Sox. I will say this for a half hour we have a lot of people who I think you're kind of their dream girl because he talked about sports that you give it back to the morning guys it. Talk about things like map like whooping yeah. Athletic status packets that's true. But I'm an adult something to list of what makes you averaged listeners in Guerrero you know no statement we took all of last week. So I leave the studio. And it's funny at home against RO and I bought arms to mean I move them even now. And it looked in my rearview mirror and there is this one and it hit right on my tail. Right being like someone in the Bourne movies and them like. Hi all I've never in Europe midwesterner too like this is an aggressive Boston driver I was really proud actually. Tip my hat to use you drove by the agency mean because you might expect. Racing off I did pop star who think they do see you beat your on their. Yeah soccer Bradford and yet I'll I hate slowed drivers I I wanna that the team I wait to merge my buddy and I tell you laughing you know let me if I historian and let the yes yeah I'm dreading it is an aggressive that you shoot you would have a career. For Hooper. War any of those places he knew little extra cash you aren't from point a to point B very quick I would get their silent you know in the doesn't it's that it is reports. That it transit. That is transition let's transition air reports. Aloe. I wanna look up the stats that. Pete Abraham had in his story this morning. Through three starts were cell is allowed fourteen earned runs on 25 hits over sixteen in two thirds innings. A 756. Earned run average and 174. Whip yet and they and this is this is so busy your reigning Cy Young award. Again this is one of the things about these stats community view drive me crazy little bit of like well his batting average of all the players like yours something like that. And there's nothing I'm lucky if you watch reports though this year there's nothing in my Cuba it's because he is in the middle of the plate a lot. And if you keep doing that. You're getting give up hits and guess what they're gonna be your fault that knocked it to be some statistical quirk yet according to us this article that Pete Abe wrote Ferrell center location six times last night when talking about record seller because he just he's not locating the ball now and it wasn't just the Morrison's home runs of the Morrison's home run. You could see Leo and sent us this guy fat. Yeah and it was a changeup that was. Had this answer you couldn't have centered at any dinner change without it protracted yeah I did not Cheney didn't do anything it stayed up it not change okay bomb gone. The home run to Miller I want to say the one to dead Sadr. That was the pits I think was supposed to be off the plate and again just caught the middle and so you know. You're not gonna win that way you can't win that way. And reports seller doesn't have the stuff to live there that's the bottom line he does not have the arsenal to get at night and a technical that buys up some at ninety amount apparently even you know what they so Kelli what frustrates people got him that he does have this stuff to sometimes make a mistake to get away with it because it throws so hard. But Marcella doesn't happen I mean he's more of me and asked pitcher. I'll give you good example somebody the other day was retreating it was some. Baseball if making website it's something like nasty pitches like it would but it's just. Historic you know to be like curve ball from Kerry Wood in his twenty strikeout game got out of the ball move like that and the one they had it was a changeup from Pedro inseminated retreated said you know they'll be whenever. And you look at it and it's a changeup that starts off the play and then darts over the middle to Jeter takes that first. I watched that nice about the hanger he's a young man and he knows that he target but he's Pedro and when you've got the arsenal that he has. Just the movement of that pitch in the changes speed was enough to freeze that that are. If reports outlook through that pitched it ends up in the right field seats because he doesn't have the stuff to get away with that. That's much. Now I. That was that I was gonna have this do we dare take and from Medford. I mean I think you've got the button hovering thing down pretty well so let's give the world are right and for Matt Medford welcome to the show. Hey Matt thanks sir Netanyahu and that's where. IEN news then there's hair and we are you could tell by your voice that you're going to be a lovely collar. Some. I want to not let their attacks. I'm concerned about public and while I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt because. He didn't have much money. I'm like are it would it would look like like basic intro to get more time but what do you guys think about. Possibility. Of a Marco Hernandez. Josh ravaged Britain. Its its falsity 2000 a bit about Rockwell at the base. Yeah you're not yet not sitting Rob Lowe he's going to be part of a suit and a half to get pretty dire. For problem not to be part of the platoon but I think we are certainly potentially heading that direction and you don't last night's game one of things we don't talk about because we're so it was so bad the problem came up with the bases loaded with a chance to do some damage when it was still a game. And ended up grounding out if you remember he took two sliders that were Hong he didn't take that we filed a mock but to. Bad pitches that he should be all over and he missed and you don't wanna make big. To be ideologues who pitches but it when he's locked in those are things that he should crash in the fact that he's not tells you that he's nowhere near where he needs to. Currently any swinging it like you so aggressive at the plate and yet like saying not swinging at those cute like Italy. It's it's it's a culture consent and with everything a lot act that was full and real quick. Because. In large part I think if reports and you right over the past few days they'd been blown through quite a bit and am wondering what you guys. They have a feeling them complete Internet also particularly about the U returned to Paris Harvard and what you think. It feels. Be like jet set up guy who like. Maybe quote once in awhile for Cameroon and kicking unsafe situation that he seemed socket and it but thought I could get up that extra beer. Yes tell them I'll start with Thornburgh I mean he's dispose the long tossing he's a ways away from pitching at all. And I think what we've seen right now is it's pretty easy John Farrell is pretty easy to read it comes to Harry's panic we trust him right now. The list of guys he trusts is very similar Matt Barnes Matt Barnes he Embry Craig Kimbrel to an extent Kimbrel obviously does and you know Campbell's it's time in his. No issue there. And may be Robbie Scott I mean Robbie Scott is on top of his list of lefties. Right now he doesn't trust Joseph Kelly no he doesn't trust Fernando about a minute lights on the roster I don't know his teeth and appeared in the game. He had seized it and blow outs. And he pitched the other night in the in the Baltimore game today. And so. Yeah you don't know you don't know who barrel can turn to at the moment in the in the bigger issue isn't even the pen it's exactly what we call it M said. The starting pitching has been so bad that you're blowing through the bull and I mean Ben Taylor was a guy that he did trust and they sent him out because of the 66 pitches it. They needed a spot for Robby ross' flooding needed a spot progress and for two pogroms. They think he actually came off the DL on days that our he adds he please Andy give off that roster there. I think it was that I was after the game he came on for roster I don't remember how they got armory it's not I think they sent out like rare or something but regardless. They are very much in mix and match territory right now there's no clear definition. Joseph Kelly was supposed to be your eighth inning guy that was the plan. Till about two thirds of the way through spring training and a member with a weaker set ago asking for narrow. That was joked earlier eighth inning guy. He's one of many years he's in the mix of something like that suddenly he was not the eighth inning guy anymore. And so you're you're just in this uncertain position right now. With all those. I mean right now yeah you look at this that the starters you take away Chris Allen even with Chris Sale and his many school ERA. These stars. I'm going to be sort of a team staff on mlb.com because in terms of innings pitched. I'm curious where the Red Sox starting pitchers rank as a whole because they have to be in my estimation they have to be it towards the bottom of the ailing 82 at the bottom. Yeah I would guess. Middle of the pack I mean certainly the last week does not help them at all you know would be brought there and 33 pitches in the first inning in nearly get the five. And we're solid not even make it to five and Steven Wright getting lit up so it's been a bad turn it's it's a little early for me to say. There are a lost cause or anything like that we don't know but. You wanna be encouraged in the other than sale there has been nothing encouraging. From this group to start the year in and week we talked about it I wrote about it after sales last hour. The rescue should be breathing a sigh of relief for Chris sales delivered because otherwise he's got very little to show brought all the various deals he's made for pitchers. But that's the red sacks this is that this is an even its way out but in terms of average is some reason I've written splits and mlb.com and you've got. Regular season starting pitchers. The Red Sox have the highest average again it's advertise average against as him and I candidates. There ERA is not the the highest it's not very good day. It's yet when he's Betty it's out of 35 C let's do it. Last of map list that's kind of amazed at Cleveland in in its own right that was. Yeah if you asked before the season who were the two best starting rotations in the American League. I think he would have gotten a ton of people saying Cleveland Boston and maybe Toronto on him to sit around us down this summer. Any innings pitched there at the bottom to better start there 55 and two thirds innings pitched again which the Indians are also there so again that's probably an indication that things are going to. Even themselves out hopefully. But not a good start for us sox' starting pitching our time take a break we'll talk more Red Sox baseball they take on. The they have so they raise this afternoon Chris Sale and Jake voter easy. First pitch is for a five course in Canada shah's WEI Sports Radio network ala stick your calls maybe. On the Red Sox 6177. 97937. Welcome back to location. Not physical not to leave lingering effect. Innings a year ago nothing like that he he strong physically. Work has been consistent. It's a matter been game location. Location location location it is important in home buying it is also important in pitching in baseball. And reports though. If it was a positive to take away the last couple days of interest I would like to hear. Don't think get the offense. Has started to I mean even yesterday I mean it reported huge hole. But they still managed to you know it. Campbell was forced to bring in their closer yesterday. Because in the ninth inning they started the rally is started which is not come back win. Against the pirates. On Thursday after such any when you seem to keep that's go four for five start to get his timing back of that. You're seeing I think Manny Ramirez the one concern is power. But I don't care how they score runs like they score rise infected and being. I know it's not as exciting but I I sort of like a team that's able to. Manufacturing get Ryan's minus the home run against him with some empathy struggled last year and it lost a lot of those most. Yet they were you know they were a team that did struggle in close games Rolando last year. I'm not too worried about the offense or the home run totals I think those will come with the weather and with health and well that. And Jackie Bradley you've taken. 26 home runs or whatever it was that he hit last year out lineup while he's been on the DL. I'm handling missed the big chunk of time the flu and he's getting back in the swing of things and even he set out warmer night the ball that he hit against. The pirates that bases clearing house basically double that was gone he certainly not a was gone out of them Boxee basically walked here's Daryn it. Stared down at from home plate. So I do think they're gonna hit for power eventually but. I don't I'm not one of these people says they don't need to because when they. They don't runs eat too but they it's it's Tim need to you know sort of live and die by the home Ryan. I again last year what bothered me about this team that was so different from that 2013 World Series winning team was. That your they were able to win those close games they were able to push or run across. Whether it was with a sacrifice fly or even just infield single or are and how you know bases loaded. You know hit to the to the right side. Today it to the right or I guess just to get a run across and that was something that they weren't able to do last year but yet they were also able back into went thirteen to counter that and hit for power. And to me ask badly in terms this point rimes is maybe people would think it scored 44 rise the Rangers have a high scoring team in the ale with fifty acts nine rimes separated TT. Yeah I mean last year there it's going into any forum in one run games if you look at the Rangers they were the exact apple runs out a problem. Yes at the home runs right now are down but last year I wanna save last April they didn't really hit any homers at all they wearer. It was a power drought and then they ended up hitting over 200 for the season yet as you know Hanley caught fire Ortiz caught fire Jackie Bradley hit his 26 monkey it is thirty so. Although runs weren't a problem last year. Obviously you're going to be down Ortiz is thirty to 35 that you had penciled in for the last decade plus. Do you think that may be any not gonna make up for an entirely that he is losing. And you've been attendees a full season and seems to have put on muscle and seems to be able seems to be capable more power may make up some of the act out. Yes and and we sub and attending an opening day he would become an opening day and so. I think he will be a guy to address that a little bit but the bottom line is they built this team to win with pitching. And right now they look nowhere close to doing and that's. In if that's your blueprint I don't think you can and turner and say well plan a didn't work we're gonna go to plan B routes like teams they're not built outs like. It really is astonishing to me and again I dare you know. What ten games and so it's a small sample size that when you look at where they rank in the AL in terms of ER eight. Now is the thirteenth with a five point 66. And that's the starters area that's not that doesn't include the bullpen. Starter eerie but in the Yankees were above them. Acts at the twelfth. Spot in the ailing pitching is one of 475 theories there's almost an entire Ryan separating them rescue teams. That's Timmy is what's concerning is that not only are they not pitching. Either they weren't pitching deep into games that maybe they were keeping games manageable this says to me they're not keeping the games manageable to even give the offense for each. Now and I mean we saw that this week with Steven Wright and torso they had no chance in either of those games in Mets. That's not a tenable brick ratio you know two out of every five starts Regis have no chance. And that's what they were last year until they get to prominence in the room that's why they get grants because the bottom of irritation was so bad the problem now. Is the top the and over exports LO has been part of the problem and that can't continue. Problem is right now but the only part of British and that's good if the guy's pitching to anchors say now yes and that's that's that's an untenable situation and a half and at this is where. You know you start to look back some of the moves David thank Dave Dombrowski made and it's. Why did you have to treat a witty Anderson as the nose so why did you have to trade away at me at the apartment symmetrical picky would integrity anyway. And this isn't even something if it's unfair put this on Dave Dombrowski but I think that if you Trace it back to even the bench Harrington. We they just have failed to draft and develop. Pitching yeah no that is absolutely true and I mean who I mean honestly. Who do you go to I have to pull up the minor league stats right now that's Henry Owens hasn't proved that he can do anything in the majors. Brian Johnson and I think he had great addict come backer and he's already been hit in the face once in his career. She got back I can have injury I'm sign out in his first outing AAA. So you know Jason groom and he's nowhere near ready but he had the what forearm strain or salad is concerning right out of the suits it's like. Yeah he gave up nine runs in his first outing so. Who I mean who are looking at and their minor league system that they can turn Jimmie I don't know how ruinous Alley is easily Estes pitched. Yes so he started the air in the DL. Kyle Kendrick could be the natural Regis today is that they see as Major League excuse me easily experience he pitched well in spring training John Farrell clearly you know as an affinity for him. He might be the first guy but based on that first start Tucker I think he gave up ten runs its it was something terrible. You can't really have any confidence there but the thing is they're not I mean they're not in the position yet where they need to replace anyone who's getting Nell. Who's getting removed from the rotation right now unless like Stephen writes in need is actually an issue in many DOM or something back. An end in you know. You know on the Lenore as a prop receiving wearing the breeze because I've been down with this new program we have I've been out of the clubhouse is he wearing a brace underneath his dad is going to congress last start so I'm not sure. And we know that he had it on the in the spring we know that he had a very good spring and those last start against the pirates and wearing the brace when he got hit around a little bit it was a terrible. But since the season society has been that guy but he was last RC wonders there's some physical with him. We should mention bomber Nancy was tremendous in his first he lives hands. I've not really been a bomber hits guys since that deal was made I still think it was a mistake I thought it was a mistake to make it. Before renewed upon emirates expert. Once we knew it was her I founded borderline. The egregious not to reverse that deal to get Anderson Espinoza back you gave it your best Ross who also got away it is on the DL. Yep okay fine but that's that's all stuff that we know now this is this is I'm not taught in second guessing am talking experts guessing when the deal was made. And so. It leads to prominence has given you so he gave you something in that first start in use today are right. We can build on match like that right now the way things are set up that is not how the injury start the year not I'll say this about. He definitely committed. Maybe steady some things early but when you look at his splits misses this is his this is what he does he's great in the first half and he falls apart from. More innings he pitches in the second half I think. That there was almost 2.2. Line differential is ERA in the first half of last season and part of that too. I answer had to do with the fact that he is heating via pitching in San Diego yet techno it's a teacher's hat it. Yup that was so cute. But even if that wasn't let's let's say he pitched the whole year there's historically he is that a guy he's been great at the start in Tikrit and that's. Yeah and year a year that you're looking at a guy who had armed trouble coming into the year over the oxy has never pitched to delay his start. Started the year on the DL the ten day DL because he wasn't quite ready in the spring training had a bad spring training by the way and you talked about the workload issues last year was is by far the most innings ever thrown in the big leagues and so you're asking him to suddenly. Even if you say we're gonna manage him he's going to be five to six innings this die you're still looking at a 180 innings they are opening got him which would be basically unprecedented. For him. And when you start the year hurt and then you also have the history of fading in the second half the year talking about that is not a recipe. For a guy who's the effort guy who's going to be in it for the long dad of course there's still the question marks or David Price whether or not he is going to be able. To come back. Much you wanna do want to risk it let's go to the suns let's go to the phones. About a raid Revere. Brainer here. Re welcome to the show. A check in the senate seat he hit on that tiny bit that the red arc to the not too wrapped did he develop pitching. And you know about one pitcher. In the scene here and join him on the team they've developed that on what the game that's played awful I don't give them drama that was. That was Mike port with into a trap. And I don't expect numbers depict the overnight with that the probably get back. And you know I'd really go back to a should've kept. That GB agent pitching name and the thirteen kids beat you he should be kept and under contract if they think they should've realized he didn't have the players in the mightily. But I can't fault them both going out and getting. No doubt that you can get the panic at all completely failed deal. I don't like but they gave up Kimbrough armor it ultimately. He's gotta win now if there were a lot played two years in a row in the bill on the pressure in a press criticism of what Britain is John Henry. He put in under the strain on the payroll. At this point picked it up open their mistake. They get what I'm million dollar wrapped up a birth date and dirt they had written down broke all. And it I think they're not gonna open up pitching this year and that an app to crack over that luxury threshold they actually make Iraq that's my take don't think it's that aren't. Type things right. Yeah I have a hard time criticizing John Henry for spending he's been to a seventeen million and David Price one year after saying pitches in their thirties or bad investments in pre agencies he was willing to put that aside for two and a million bucks. He did sign off on pop blow and Handley. And or sell these are all twenty million plus guys I I don't think there's an a problem with saying that we have a limit. The Red Sox limit is more than virtually every team in baseball outside of the you know the Dodgers the Yankees and who are mere one or two other types the cops and so I don't have a problem with them the way they spent they just have to spend better and they have to. They have to do the cubs are perfect example the cubs are a team that drafted and developed offensive players and when they need pitchers they go trade for them. Or signs somebody else's they don't Limbaugh are there trying to develop their own that's that's not quite true but they've been content you know they they got Lester. In free agency they got Lackey right they traded for Hendrick the I've traded for our the guys from wall area are. Ariana thank you that trader from great trade obviously from Baltimore's that they are able to identify other people's pitchers and go after them get them the Red Sox so far Chris Sale looks like a home run. David Price something a lot less than right now. Yeah I paid off again I don't. Necessarily agree with the fact that John Henry has in its you know spent money on this team I think they'll ledges suddenly with electric tax threshold was a little interesting to me this year because they do seem to be so all in. But I don't know that there was a pitcher on the market that could have gone out spend money on I. It's you know I think this goes deeper than that I think this goes into the scouting department and it is very difficult it's hard to scout and find pitches but once you happen and you identified guys. I think with bothered me the most is that you haven't seen that did. Ballot it's now I mean Henry Owens was considered a top fifteen top twenty prospect in baseball three years ago. Now that may say as much about the value waiters as anything else the people who are making these lists. But he was considered a guy who had potential. You know top three in a rotation kinda stuff and it hasn't. Remotely panned out that way and even the other night of its socket. You did what he does a lot he took a no hitter into the sixth or whatever was. Like you look at it five Y you know 456 blocks insulin sat in his control is yet and out of context never gonna play here that is just never gonna play. Our time is it a break out we'll try to get to market cosmic back 6177797937. Turning to posse rides from the eighteen T store at the Boston Marathon finish line I'm Louis street I'm correct. Sure. You're better drier than me I'm not I'm the worst artists in the world and a snap mustard Johnson. Visualize that yet Simon yeah act now teensy. Ten minutes last. Let me ask second hour of F two hours or four hour and twenty minutes now in next to two point last yeah super sized plastic eating tonight amateurism all this the key getting supersize show that right now ones take you right up to the beginning of the threat tax broadcast on each constantly be eyes portrait network an attorney slime to. Well out beyond Acker guarantees him mornings I'm not I'm not completely out yet but this from the man last Saturday and some new. He heard. Like that to Wali thirteenth or fourteenth or somewhat. What might get it do. Yeah Meehan map in map route. Because I'm going on vacation money I do get back on May fifth it as much as I adore you. I anger or not I'm not on the right acting as one I'll have no idea what what it. Two to four hours radio after being gone for two the great to talk about Barcelona are on loan our fellows. And I'll solve the jet lagged hands just I have taken a full technical two and a half weeks of vacation. As he should get it earned it. I'm going Europeans. You should give Europeans actually I was nine European tie up three security that are threats are at let's go back we would never be doing for. Hours. People keep running by inmates that are cheering like Korea Panama and what's Conan and use that as fast like middle schoolers. The young again all right Ralph and transcend what you got on the Red Sox and the Yankees. Big guys that's probably the Red Sox in the Yankees you know. This year it will be a different record such now I look at its sales job and I kind of would be I read that you know you hate to she'd just plump. System got it. Well what you're you know it's not going to be here yankees get when you repeat it can't go to this if it's too early to it like it go yet what you bucket if you look at he guilt clay is of the church you heard it. Guys if they. Or you're asking about with affect people's national farm system actually voted yes it's an eight baseball I don't think that's what we used to be if you look at their ransacked and industry don't want it a little bit more sense of urgency to win the respect that we yeah we don't want a guy's a the young guys that the arbitration eligible eligible we have. Nobody would care about. Excitement the clintons would get a both of these final pitches. I go to the talk was lucky I love Scotts you know I think that nobody out there that could go with that project so. That's what we've kind of gotten a couple of dated so. This is a nick you gonna be a lot of poll I got to real he'd music's future could see a lot more and achieved this year Robert because. We don't we don't I don't win this state not from apple right now because if we did the process. You know I like habitable moon project you have to like fails it'll triple we gave up a lot we don't like some of the plays that even. One thing TP yesterday with an it will allow actual fact get to sit. I let Bennett is gonna say it like that you called the boomer Loney each now. Well I love this guy don't I wouldn't desk. So you know I don't until I like that respect they'll quotes are in that respect all the all the talk show host look who would probably want them like it and you know she shifted abruptly. May be secure a while patrolling picnic it you know talked about these huge scope of what he's a little pathetic as such basic he's picked up four guys now when I'm. To have a problem. You know I'll like it won't disagree with you disagree what's going on with or her conscience bit operates with what we didn't really know and book price. So they should say look quote unquote for the peace prospects to get these things. I could actually make sure that they help you know jackets in Providence I think you know we got a blanket you don't know they're appropriately for the use of Activision thought. Sort of metallic it would of course it's such as we have to weed out your credit you can afford it or are our people what that was to beat you also that we did the last couple. Aren't Ralph thanks for the call I gag I think they've made it certainly touch off rough. I think they've made it clear that there is a short window and let's be honest that apart that window was David Price and his player option. Yes you I mean that's a huge change hands on four scenes circumstance no we have the previous college thing that they. Should of spends its spent wildly jive with this and John Henry. Coming into the season you thought that you are committed thirty million dollars David Price to get David Price what why would you be adding Chris Sale. To a rotation that includes David Price. And reports though Cy Young award winner and a former Cy Young award winner prize and then two all stars Stephen Wright upon emirates and end. Atwater agree gets on top of that. Did anyone say. They really need to go spend again another John Henry needs to spending another starter this winter no way now though it looks like they had too many big they had too many data get rid of Clay Buchholz which is the right movement in the movie might need apparently that he might need Tommy John. But it's up the routes that is interesting to me. The Yankees in the span of about a year and a half have gone from zero farm system. Too like he said the number two farm system in baseball league you know again. They parts labor Torres. In the deal for Chapman and and they re sign Chapman's now you have like stud shortstop prospect I think. Consensus top five or ten prospect in the game you get on the list the guys they've added and you have the Yankees going one way which is. Ari we need to rebuild the system we need to build from within we need to be patient. You the Red Sox going the other way which is now look at this embarrassment of riches we can afford to lose six or seven or eight or ten or twelve of these guys and we got when he left you know. We still have. And I tell him the third baseman and. Miners and air on that. You know I'm thinking of anyway I hear you does you have all of these prospects. That you supposedly have left that year your list as is dwindling. Your your. Migraines might not end it there. And but the point is the Yankees are building the youth now and you're going the other way and win Carson Smith blows that is arm and when Tyler Thornburg we don't know. Winner if he's gonna pitch it. David Price could still very easily have surgery. Upon grants could still very easily have surgery that's a suddenly you're looking at these four guys who were sort of split in admiral acquisitions. Exactly and now not only do you have them to replace them and how do you replace that you replace them by trading more prospects to get. Other stopgap and it becomes a cycle domino effect yet and so very quickly could become the Detroit tigers' top heavy team and it's great top end talent the Red Sox still a monkey dance and am Pedroia added great topic talent. But then they don't have enough. Detroit Tigers and wonder why that's the direction of the Red Sox are going yeah exactly spastic sarcasm Margaret switched gears like little bit little right yeah adapters by the way in my garage sales averaged them decide I knew some into the to seven cents to. We're gonna switch gears talk a little football bill ballot check with at Ohio State yesterday difference at Urban Meyer an interesting comment that. Explain it few of his recent moves we will play those comments or not ought to have them big thanks to my body Bert Greer who us. Forwarded on the the and he three forest will have those comments and take your calls on patriots because it's always the policies and New England that's coming up at Howard number or three after intimacy.

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