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Ever-Green with Holley and Keefe Ep 1: Michael thinks the Celtics will make the Finals

Apr 14, 2017|

Michael Holley and Rich Keefe debut their new podcast dedicated to the Celtics and the NBA. The guys talk about the Celtics first round match up, how they think they will play in the second round, and Michael proves to be as crazy as ever.

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Michael holly and Ritchie sees he's ever green team ever going podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and and parish to pierce everything C. So let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie elite evergreen podcast. The north basketball modcast alongside Michael Holley my name is rich keep big kitchen is our producer here is here as well. Guys Oreo doing great I'm fired up you'd be doing really good about your number one seeds Celtics. Let's not a Niger gloat around I don't know a lot last time we talked I think there was some doubt if about the the Celtics in the number one seed in the Eastern Conference but now it's happened it's not like I'm listed here it's like do it adds. That I was talking about guys that I thought I was gonna happen in the entire year. You accompany all year pretty my guess that it of the among record the call a year we'll probably half the year. Paramount theatre yeah immediately eject or pass look at budget yeah you are confident that we're first I remembered Fred. February is when I believe he started most of the great and was vulnerable for a long time yet set a new big thing you still feel that they're vulnerable. I do the Phillies something is off in I don't know why I don't know what it is. I mean it might just be arrogance admitted they might just think they're just so above the Eastern Conference. About where we can just to go. You'll go for this inferior conference and you don't think that they are you just know I don't wanna I don't think I don't think they are all time great team where. You can just does show up and started off and on and in expected just blow through the conference I don't think they're like that now they may not be an all time great team but they did the war I think they'll be on last year last year last year and I think that's also part of their product. Everybody's is doing themselves off off of last year. You can do that if you're the projects but project you can do about last year and talk about it they have got a finals every year bunker but the right. He is the worst thing he really is when it comes that but other guys I don't think have that luxury. So we'll see. Judge do you think he'll go back a couple of weeks ago what they'll do against the Celtics doesn't that prove to you that that's still what they're capable of it improves that that's what they're capable of on their best night and when the Celtics are having their worst night that they make the Celtics have the worst thing you can make that argument somewhere and I'm not gonna go there the result came up with a softly yeah at home there well there are more rustic shouldn't play better. And there weren't they at first place on the line and you could say that that is more important to them that it is to Cleveland. Right after that that meant more I think that night for them. I'd never seen Cleveland treat the Celtics like that and that's including the time the Celtics for forty and 42 you. Many get treated like that by Cleveland so in Cleveland went to the finals that year. So I don't think that's really who Cleveland is on the that's really the Celtics are. Has matured this Cleveland's better yeah. Mortality and more big name and then there's no question. Cleveland has more big name talent yes including the best player in the league but finally two best players in the series without the real for us 12530. Points better in the sultan. You've said before now may have been on the allowable lost episodes of this podcast yeah that Kevin Love should know what you saw this on the radio as well Kevin Love better than Al Horford right senate you know. You still got some push back. From that come on that comet from Brian Scalabrine. While most guys tourists celebrating but did not like daddies that oh I'm trying to win. Basketball games and not enough word that the numbers this it will blow but when Lester and games and you're entitled let's get out of my able to Hamlet yes hard. Kevin Love is winning basketball games now and giving you nineteen and eleven yes who's getting the stats that I want from Al Horford not necessarily in the nineteen more than eleven. Yeah I was eleven yeah. I can I can we get there like an upper nineties that's OK yet week to week to week twelve and eleven. 1412 little unfortunately I'm just Tyson Chandler if you can double if you could double double from Al Horford. I don't think it'll bump I take away his career high in assists this year he averaged a career high. Hi there great high it set the screen so I don't think this is from five. To three. Okay as the two left arms and give me two more rebounds boards and I'm feeling pretty good about how worked. But so big that is one where I think Celtics fans are gonna say Al Horford better I think most of sick really or different I think that's the center. It's L speaks a lot of so but it didn't get inaccurate we just pretend that we can jump into a time machine and guys we're not doing this for dale dale he sees exercise without isn't known and it's like analyst gene well just tell. It's weird I don't wanna battle won a imaginary. Doing that. But if you go into a time machine and this time last year so April of 2016. Al Horford is not a member of the Celtics noted how terrible the playoffs again and assault and Kevin Love. Ouster with Cleveland. Yes the Celtics fan who's a better player Al Horford who's not on your team and Kevin Love was on and you're told you it was Kevin Love them rev WellPoint is he on the team now. Yeah but Kevin loves that lake some people and they certainly it is wrong what I think it promised the carrier yes. Yeah does he was on a different team I don't know if you says this that would occur because I've seen I've seen Isaiah what he's done this team but. In the case Horford vs love this Micah. Are you gotta be crate it could. Well there's a little bit a bit slow it's a good basketball. Conversely you lovable or reliable or Horford and love all day you know look at what I did before turning it into that. I. Yeah it's not even closer look at uncle did in Minnesota. Vs what Al did both in their primes it in Atlanta well love was a double double machine. But he also wasn't he had been this is where I don't go out and I don't know what's out there a point and they Wear wedding he's put up numbers I'm not gonna give him credit for opened up a bunch of numbers over six years and I'm making the playoffs. Whereas Powell has been in the playoffs. But nine times out because of better defender there's no argument I'm tired are you a question but Kevin Love is a better offensive player and a score better outlook passer. Maybe the best outlook passer we've seen and Walton. They say analysts on the pedal and make no mistake about it the better rebounder. Always yes you play against better score than moisture or you know what I'll say this he's a more willing rebounder. That's I think you are feeling really rebound that's my new whenever my mid race like god willing to do more willing to do so he's got better at it Yemeni is better. Yes that's been out of Baghdad a guzzler that's that's my point if they do you play each other in the Easter conference finals. No matter where you have eyes favors Tyreke Cleveland has three of the four best players in the series that yes that is almost impossible to overcome. And and that's what I our guests and how sick about this on the way in here on nice sunny day these thoughts on a sunny day yeah clean up their thoughts and thoughts. It is. I I a one of the things I hate about the NBA loved all of the NBA but one thing I hate about it is the predictability of I don't like the fact that. I can sit here and April. And tell you that at most likely is going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers the MB finals let's keep. I lawyers for the third straight year I keep trying to come up with the ways. Where that won't happen but it's probably gonna happen. Like I love I would love to bid to get them get on the board get on the bandwagon. Of very good basketball player in mediocre rapper Damian Miller. The mediocre but look at an average that that average rapper that I put himself out there I think they believe below average dollar is the average public let's. Profiler. And there's got to go rides because you don't expect it that's why he's better than he is. I'm sure. One suit tickled well you does not do that I'm better tickle my issue isn't buckle or whatever it is this gentleman she. A good. Terrible right now. There are getting rid of any other guys try to get into the music world that he is Barbara when the dust on. Iverson rap game and our test wrapped in a shack. Upon Jackson and Kobe. It goes longer it sunk because then you'd like Jack moved to bowed out the video gear or the old album but at the plate but. I would love as much as I would love to be on board would Willard and say hey you are gonna upset the warriors China. No no and you wanna game and you know and adds. And and I hate dead because upsets can happen in professional sports other professional sports upsets a variable that can happen in the NBA too but they're so rare. And a first round if they usually happen in the conference finals or in the league finals and then. Can you really call it an upset when it happens in the league finals and he made it to the championship match I really get excited. If it's just over lakers in 040 yeah I mean. Does that make cute does that make you jump up and down like oh in the. Amber is a lucky. Dow's loss them still have the cradle to the death will prosper through your Iran's yeah promising nine titles that I was awesome this there's been a lot of people that comment kind of crap all over the Celtics here and and people on I think is on ESPN were saying that. The the most likely upset in the first round is the bulls over the seismic shock therapeutics when I tell my Janney. Shock a chance if the bulls the bulls are a perfect perfect example of what 41 and 41 mean that's a record. That's what their records should be yeah that's who they are that's exactly the earned 88 bottom of the of the barrel playoff team Tuesday. That they they should. That's the Celtics the Celtics should beat them in five games I would be surprised they swept them. Tiger not that good I thought they were tanking we that the trade deadline does it it's not gives him a really great job Doug McDermott. While about the bets two top six scorers and two of their top six rotational plays their best shooter no doubt about her daughter just thought it best best shooter. For Cameron. And yet it 55 games thoughts that you love games gives an average about seven rebounds so he's clearly rebounds early rebound yet and everybody on the team yes. And so they traded him. Now you think but it team that that really struggles with a three point shot Jimmy Butler is improved but not as scary got better for his lawyer arrangement. Dwayne wade has pointed finger Rondo all hell was going on there actually he's been the wave and it's Wade's best three point shooting career a year of his tour and he's your door and upper 31%. And here's the other never gotten as weird McDermott. Was was their second best three point shooters they treat the best free modern the second point three point shooter. So the you're concerned about the bulls I would be concerned about the Taj Gibson. And it Taj Gibson on that team McDermott on there some little more to worry about now. You should just rag doll. I think the heat without a very outside chance of an upset and maybe gonna talk yourself in that if you really Celtics hater. Even if you're sucked but the bulls. To me that pose no threat when people are sick well Rondo in playoff games. Not about this Rondo went natives Rhonda. Does that my theory is if Rondo feels like OK now I'm I'm getting revenge against the Celtics that place into the celtics' hands because that's not he's not. He's not to that guy with the bulls if he feels like he's got to take it over that means Jimmy Butler got a point is not getting what he needs to get so go ahead Rondo Philly got to get revenge because that really takes the bulls out. And a game we'll the worse with Rondo and Dwyane Wade on the court. The same time not a doubt Davey they have duty generals are actually better a much better shooting team without Dwyane Wade and it's is best three point junior Oscar. They're better shooting team goes up like seven percentage points they're feel that you. It's just say this is so bad mixing in his former point secret an old man that did to. Wade he's just it's just brutal and just looks like eighty now yeah not to worry about him you certainly not to worry about him defensively at all. You're on offense. It doesn't make quick movements he is a very deliberate guy yet offensively so he holds the ball for a long time. And I think he just drops to shoulder the guts you know telling us now I think you know the number one seed for the Celtics I do think it's a big deal in the sense that the bulls are the worst team that's in the playoffs. In the second round match up is also much better than what would have done you know the wizards talks are not not easy seared by any means but. But a better matchup for the Celtics and the raptors would have yes so that and that we're gonna go play well is it regular now yeah it's Cleveland I don't think it's a big deal. But the first two rounds it is it's huge that they got it. Yeah and they have to that they have to knock it down they have to win this series even though there heavily favored to win and pay in my opinion it should be heavily favored to win yeah. They beat the bulls in five they sweep the bulls. Most number one seeds don't celebrate a first round victory they just kind of shrug and opposite of course what you think who aren't right. The the Celtics. Kind of celebrated. You can go to jail or or Celtics fans say it may not later they got a bit Donna champagne party but as far as the Celtics followers even waiting for them to kick down had doors that they do kicked out the door and get to the second round of the post season to the dumped Gatorade on Stephen whichever happened a long time no no no no not Gator go to that that that now. They boldly. Maybe when they don't know shard and ankle showed now. It and Brad Stevens probably nothing not alongside him he's probably a lot more of its got a loud side he might but nowadays I would think I have to give us some milk mixture. It. Think Daytona. I wondered did go drive some out. There excited yeah baby yeah. And if this is. It's gonna be interesting for them and then you know we've done but second round. Controversy. Controversial but. I think is gonna be Toronto knocking off clock. Here we go again Toronto knocks off the cavaliers in round 2 silly Celtics raptors Eastern Conference finals Richard Drake ready. Guess you'll want to Drake knew Jimmy came Franken Dawson asked please Drake he's got to be a Boston. Drake got to be in Toronto he's got to be everywhere indoors is gonna be doing RS ago or the doors what are we missing about this Washington and win a series ultra right now IE eight. Well a couple weeks ago I was even thinking you know a bit in Washington be tougher than Toronto now I I've scrapped that I should Lowry back to a trial of the tough matchup. Now certainly Atlanta. Might actually be a tougher series against the Celtics and the wizards would be I don't. You don't think you're not with the with the rebound and then Atlanta has and they they've been playing pretty well as your leader. The leader of the holy. Palin on Dominique Wilkens a Kabila are not exercised on the left their best player you have no sets or do you have Millsap to quietly yeah I'm not I'm not I'm just not bind the book you don't Howard you get a zillion rebound maybe. Maybe I don't in the I'll go there I don't I don't believe and I don't believe in their team. I don't believe and you've only got part of the right time yeah they did play well or do you not yet make a play and what not to make the playoffs but to get where they are down to six against the cavs. Okay is that. So women who was not open. You give credit to LA. OK okay I guess then Akron Cleveland has brought all about it Cleveland's 88 Washington went that's seriously Washington beat Atlanta. And so you have Washington Boston. Around two in the have Toronto Cleveland the rivalry between the Celtics and the wizards. Two teams with a lot of hate there. John Wall the greatest nation prouder and say. It it was a will Wear black to the garden I hope so yeah why not going to be home court throughout the playoff is real treat. Nadia and now Toronto is getting a lot of love from people. There was a Cleveland reporter exams Christie's door. Door ugly divorce Florida great mania. So speed or let's face it China. FE DE OR click viewer a million times. I Ecuador state or not really don't know that one of the great MMA fighters of all time all I know him I know you don't do it no mind. Theodore. Anyway he was talking to the fact that you're stuck into the cavaliers in the based on his reporting. More they're worried about an order in the Eastern Conference. Number one on their radar. The Toronto Raptors yeah I don't play that's a one on their radar then they go. I think Washington woman. That's just a slap in the face it and add insult no hawks. Box Indiana stock tips that he or out of surgery that he has put into. I had no wait. It's his reporting of so basically look at me on the street protest you know he's protecting no he's protecting guys and part of this league executives are the snow it's the cavaliers. Okay going any coverage cavalier to update or an ankle not intentionally or say CW just wanted to order and he say bail out on his conversations with the cavaliers. The Celtics were fifth Milwaukee was more a concern to the cavaliers. Then the Celtics. So they are arrogant they're extremely Erica. Are they aren't they they are I don't know are but the can be I think I did I don't think any team can be handled the the. LeBron for the most arrogant player in the league. Sense. Maybe after he'd drag that terrible cast into the finals write a one of the worst teams 2007 year one of the worst teams ever gets the final order far worst I think finals and I think at that point. He probably says. I have the best player and he was it was right he was and I can do whatever I want and I can turn on and off and I can't once they get some good players around me like I can't have just these guys to win the whole thing. That's like most out of Miami and since he's been a Miami. He hasn't missed the fun. I get this I get his individual arrogance I get it and most. Most great athletes are like that in some form maybe you don't see it off the court but when they're on the court. And there with their teammates you have a big exude that gantlet that cool I am he he said let me say last year. Was it the year before. When somebody asked him during the NBA finals press conference. Are you concerned about being down 31 ordered out because that will mean higher her yes but laps that doctors are on the best player in the world to I'm not concerned. So he's always had that. I'd I just don't think kids. To use a Jordan phrase I don't think his supporting cast. I don't think they have that luxury. Kind of walking like there. Activity in the. Playoffs. They'll go sort of feed off LeBron pulled up a mess around anymore and they have guys that sort of have design skill sets leaning to broaden the brought that team together. So give him credit general manager yet he's the GM he got a couple shooter and coach he's had a couple rebound years he's got a guy that can help all one when he doesn't want Obama whole offense like he has. The right pieces in place that. I think he is there ever wants it once they get into a must win game but it's hard to pick against. Aren't LeBron always has a going right let's just assume LeBron has always gonna have some type of impact on the game even fees shooting seven for 25. He's doing something to help the team win and rightly greet us so. What does what of the other guys is off you think Cleveland still left is still good enough to win. It'll runs off into my daughter just got so let LeBron gone that's a bronze on there's no question and then one or the other so LeBron daughter loves on that carries off yes there's still good enough. It was sub two years ago cut dollar carry Kevin Love off they were hurt they want on the floor and they were still winning games until it. By the warriors I'm not going to be the warriors locker I think yeah I have settled on the Warners are the team to beat. And it's him the warriors are somehow the spurs beat the words that the spurs will also beat the other cavaliers for the cast of meat are still the heavy favorite in the eastern. Opera is this got are is this going to an image to speak you guys to speak for Celtics fans right now couldn't see in this vision of something and it's. I'm just saying it out loud in the future got to look at what is your reference here AM. Comes in something and sent it out loud makes me cringe. Just let that go around so Toronto beats Cleveland. The sector around. Toronto before. Well according to yield yet and yet I'm sick and died of a legacy for you know I you can look at him as a sign off on the right OK but it does this play along yet a statement saying drop to reach Cleveland of course they may play the Celtics win in the second round against whoever it is a Washington or Atlanta event. I think you match or with Toronto and you have Cleveland with the way ya and you still don't win the Eastern Conference finals because Toronto beach in six games. How'd you how would you feel about that scenario the Celtics fan because we always we we save all your long. Cleveland's you know it's sort of bold and retires yeah minutes right airport yeah but LeBron not retired just lost the second round in Toronto beat Cleveland and you. How would you feel about that. Now I personally pay a Celtics fan. Would not be super upset because I do think right now Toronto is the better team and I go Cleveland Toronto Boston doubt in my Easter conference top three powering gigs however the majority of Celtics fans. Would be really disappointed I would get out completely understand because you're saying that's Toronto. You get a better luck of the draw this year you you can make an argument between Thomas and DeRozan and and you know those go to. Their backcourt burst your backcourt you can be you can make case for that it if you want your raptors playing in the finals Hewitt blew. Not that you're not yourself and you get past two hour anyway it let it happen. You would see the Fire Island to island supposedly second biggest market in North America yeah but that they want the United States markets I don't think the greater the ratings wouldn't be news there wallop. Obviously while on this or that moment that there is always supporters and and at a picnic here and I think video. I think they do don't you want strong there. I don't Canadian team there I wouldn't be that upset because I think Toronto is a better team they've had given plenty of problems. Last couple of nearly happened to their tough may really tough matchup for the Celtics and they know exactly how to play against the Celtics improved. They've improved yet you know a lot of people talked about coach of the year. Ed it's Casey never gets brought up. Yet it Dwayne Casey would have to be in the conversation and they lost Lowery for a good portion of the season for like. I've gained in they made and made some trades and they just kind of where those guys and seamlessly whether it's. Working and Serge Ibaka working in Tucker. It took a job. Yeah they they've been consistently good for a while and what you brought this up in the air before how to Rosen. It's of these in Toronto or I don't know what it is but it we'd never mentioned him as a top ten player and then after coming up the top of loyalists are up for girls in there. But he is he is really good really good plays added more than another or to leave. You laugh and I love them all of the man well he's he's got to do while the top five players in the NBA getting to The Who. He is that good he's almost unstoppable going to the home alone mid ranger who does not shoot threes that they are are now in the NBA you know does he creates space it doesn't matter scores it doesn't matter if you if you play that midrange game it's perfectly fine because you're creating space three no matter what nobody does it though was the only issue booked him and Al what's his name on Golden State. Don't the top point guard but I can't. I'll order our young lives and he said he struck with whistles in the next magic the next magic mix is this mega got hurt you know injuries yes I like her as a backup point guard. Yeah Parker pricey if your wigand's reminds me a little bit of DeMar DeRozan. That the school exhorting there and then eventually need to add some of the rebounding a little defense and and you know pass you need to add that Peoria as the scoring. Column. Yet the army to grosans talk what raptors boxers you think Milwaukee is any chance because that's it that's the team that for the last month or so people percent. While play them a verse from Milwaukee yes yes I mean like consult. It's no it in game 82 they knee what they didn't necessarily need to win because we we we saw it Cleveland this kind of Mildred and in Toronto ran away with the late. But game 82 for about three quarters. Milwaukee was right three and a half quarters Markey is right there with them. Day they are if that's what they're backups this with a scrub yet. They are they're kicking their ass for a little while yet Harry tough they are a tough. Six seed yeah that's what they are very long I don't think they can probably pick to win the series so they can they can now between bush and says they can Perugia a little bit though. They're just yeah it just annoying to play against. Guests are Toronto wins in six. I think Milwaukee takes him a couple games bomb best chance. Of an upset in the round 1 in the Eastern Conference we presets Celtics pulls no chance Celtic should sweep or win in five. Wizards talks. I don't look at the Vegas line I assume the wizards with a favorite. Just because of the foursome four or five is never really you know upset causes low when we look at so the lower seed lower seed it's the hawks I think the hawks are beating Washington a period via. So that I guess I'll bet that's one that's probably the best when it's pacers win any games against the cavs a game I had to them a double overtime and so elastic and maybe gamer to that they have respect for Paul George LeBron in the first round is off but yeah this is not happening it's never happened if he's ever lost the first shot not going to out crazy. That we just talk but the raptors box. The Western Conference. Dale Dallas warriors should smoke dame dollop. Maybe eleven nice gamer to and a nice drive to ideally the trailblazers though get in the playoffs but the truth was that the team. He talked about the the thunder before about how they lose a superstar now LaMarcus Aldridge isn't Kevin Durant but they lose one of their best players. Anyone I was an apple them. And I get that court and won a best back courts in the league at least get the play other wax but at least they get their expert ago. Out afford five clippers have won seven straight games and the season they take to get hold its condoned or in home court against Utah which is. Maybe one of my favorite rosters it though in the league who really cannot one action like the clippers in the and I heard her talk about the jazz actually beaten them. And it did jazz just don't have quite enough to go against the clippers team that another year away you know maybe move and all which she actually happened they're not this close is they're gonna get here it's gone I think it just goes on I think he's going to be in Boston. You've lost on boy yet so I've got a club and hear about his glove for for Gordon were black folks are they were. If you'll have we did and I joined. You can't you got hey you got a connection. Got it could actually I got a can argue and year ended year end this Morton honorary you know he'd have a blood connections that you can get a hold its Barrichello thought about it. I do you have an aunt Jemima I did. That's actually hundreds I had a dud and says that was. Other rooting for the jazz however clippers warriors in the round and round to a pretty fun going out they have to other than the clippers and had no chance against and they just don't. That is the match it will do that but nobody matchup with the warriors now how about. How about the spur are no no not not the what I love them to his buy bigger balls that's 6363. Gonna OK okay see over Houston really Casey over Houston. And I got Westbrook averaging 45. Your hand if you can we gonna win every one MEPs average of 581150. Love levels of the points you can say what everyone about Russell Westbrook but he gives you everything that all the things that you talk about with your friends like oh wouldn't it. This guy be pissed. And then you see the interview and he's very composed. Russell Westbrook sat around these they shouldn't I be pissed heels business but would he would go on average fifty. They give you everything that you want as a sports fan filler like him I'm Couto minority against him as the MVP of the league. Just like us you know Morgan and I think he's going to be the end it is just so sweet because not only would he lose the MVP you lose it to a guy he's playing against in the series right. So you just an absolute dominate. All the G gets a four and did you catch the the comments from. That Daryl Morey the Houston general manager and Harden talking about where I thought we talk about when I thought this is about winning. Daryl Morey took it to the next level where he's got a tweet saying he is active there more context go more context in this MVP discussion. He said so 1962 season now bill Russell's fuels Bill Russell as the MVP. And they put their their record now are there had to be tripled and he said will it was second but the record down Oscar. Your average of the triple double third. Also wedeman ointment so. The worst defensive player dived to the back of the player of all you can't say it's all about winning when you only play half the game. He only plays one way and Orton there. How about winning when you have it wasn't what we know this sounds very Tracy McGrady it share or when you're third. And there it's. The stuff like they've lost OK okay sulfuric that you just over to Jeff Carter is sort of on the bottom. That I San Diego and happily give it to Isaiah write about it that logic well. Apollo is all about winning builds rockets and for the better record than the Celtics very heavily edited that they still finished third in what has he yet and I got to. Spurs grizzlies need. Spurs dominate now Andris Biedrins it and then. Back into the long and they beat him of the when they are the exceed our view yeah those the younger Z Bo as a younger team younger Tony you know I know the monsoons in our everyone. The grizzlies are that list of teams that if you if you loved basketball. But they won't question it would challenge you if you really figure out how much loved basketball if you had an opportunity to watch it for free. They say if you if the grizzlies are playing the Celtics. The grizzlies are playing down grizzlies. Beings. Go and. Brad how not a cousins not Qaeda had other earlier optimist though on mom. If you could only watch one series. The rockets thunder yes yeah. If you if there's one series that let's say he might now watch at all you're excluding the Celtics. Obviously we're wants all the thoughts every minute of it but that rockets' top honors the most mossy. Clippers Jeff the second that was for me I think it is now if you got you couldn't want to one what you do is you cannot watch it which would have been wizard talks. You be OK with that not watching it I'd be okay now to. The other matchup is a pretty good I cannot move on from that warriors. What is blazers already laid you're right that it's going to be you really see much a great team though that's the one on the benefit of watching. Arizona did invite the great thing is policy of around you like if I just couldn't watch around one they're gonna advance a similar out to you or that cavs its users. Yeah that too. Announces both let content but I feel like wizards hawks the only thing that's of interest is the packets who's going to insult. It talks will be an NB ATV I've looked at yet I look at the scaly and at the NBA team you have chasers you know the cast that they take that seriously I don't know I feel like a playoff and our rob Arnott out Ariana aren't all that if the raptors. I'd so. For the playoffs start predictions on not the finals. Finals matchup. It's very boring Allan waters of the cavs. Seven game series and hope. Not that well that Matt. Let's not think the warriors fan wore yeah just it's just death she just has. Just put god it's there are look I Kevin Durant but you're not gonna yes you're yeah you are should be fine they play well what problem. Oh yeah because there that he'd have to specifically. You and him with them it's just a dynamic that you just. That's outrageous to you look at his his numbers and look at the shooting percentage and it's not really fair playing great basketball IA's. I still I have him despite what Russell did this year still have to rams the second best or basketball. Whoa whoa. Oh dollars two bodies and it goes LeBron Westbrook Westbrook second that's where I think it's a great year. Great year. He did everything for them everything he hayride. That you coach of the year to rest of that vodka says sits on the amount that. Let you know he's really done. Really no sir. Think those guys are okay. Some yeah my colleague hates Billy it never broadcast via and then we tried that before I had the we hate Dwyane Wade show remained mixed that there was a weak link though we kicked the idea Vietnam Sam are brought to that wasn't the name is similar to talk about rebounding deficiencies and I'm like lies. Leave it alone. Oh by the way I know this is for another podcasts in just wanna you know. The kind of wet your appetite on this just looking around at some of the draft prospects. And not that she there are by furthest after a two to evade the strategy that mattered little number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference yes is in contention for the number one. Pick in the draft was 25%. Belichick the number one pick them do it reaching the finals but you got four guys. You got your four guys you remember is that I'm in the worst case scenario is therefore. So. According to the experts every every now and you guys look at these mock drafts and yep everybody has faults number one yeah. It's a great Celtics if they get number one notre falsely lawful. Careful to analyst. They have Josh Jackson yep on the list they have. A man Alonso only monk now now mom went to Vieira and fox has gone above all some good to hear the elderly. And that's what I saw a couple of about this is this an over reaction saw a couple of sites in a couple reporters say. I talked to general managers and they found it eye opening. What happened Alonso ball that Kentucky game that fox and monk with Arizona sheriff Larry Obama meant to blow bubbles and white kids you know better. Puts me post paid and so I'll let particularly well so a lot of her mother and let it put all those names are mentioned so two point guards faults and lobbed a ball. Josh Josh Josh Jackson and you can put in fox if you want but I six. John but I don't yeah sailors it yet this pair but so for guys. Would you be like if the Celtics got one of those where would you feel like I mean it was he worked at this program pick and I wound up where it. Faults ball. Obviously accent that fox would actually be the one minute become like really you don't need this guy. Yet but it would put him out and just go with the Disco Isaacs is Isaacs Isaac Isaac Isaac or Cingular like Gregory I don't want either integrated currently guys thanks Greg and I forget there. We don't Isaac Hayes got some guys guys McGregor and other Bruce. Whatever and Gregory Gregory Isaacs lonely days ratings ratings the yank him RE DS. A big failing to totally do it I think there's an estimate and I have to say that I think. Or ball. Or Jackson or faults those are your four if Pedro what is most guys' job that I think I'll be pests or you would yeah I mean I. Actually when I got to know you already made it like 6119210. Pounds on my dad yeah. I hate those guys don't like five edges. A last year year and a half and you can't shoot from range yet. That's probably those guys on the likely Julian Wright never forget the obvious puts on weight some don't wait don't just add muscle summit that is he's skinny guys that are in and around the league. So I don't know I the could be great. That is frustrating a year where help all of falters or the main guys Josh Jackson really came on strong really did you do it. I mean unless an all don't know no love for the league model. I forget what I forgot one other point one and I saw this guy in that I'm telling you jobs in this. And and you college basketball fans are piercing sounds like you and what's gonna come past you write a tell so and so odd that the kid from duke. Item isn't it is probably some dogs Lou I admit very highs though. Let's take out Isaak has got a stupid no pass on this man putting Jason Taylor printed up yeah let's it would support guy that's better. You can pet him and I'm Lamar happy. I'm happy to the Celtics are in good shape no matter what happens so if today. A lose in the conference finals but they want if they win the lottery yeah I think Celtic and it doesn't it surprise. Leading Celtics in public look canard. Losing easily gone just vote on duke I don't know about him about a bizarre and no I don't need more you know they'll like him. I guess yeah it decides as to why this is my boy usually you anymore anyway he was tremendously. Really good score and last year grace and Allen was the better player than this year with all the stuff going on personality canard led them in scoring is actually a really good player or if he'll be great. NBA player and he's coming out early regular soft warm reviews he's actually did you would pick a number one overall by of course not you'd pick them. It you can probably leave lottery are debuting at home burn. Finals pick. I kind of the kind of figure that you would yes Celtics warriors in the finals Celtics were Celtics warriors as you have seasons the summer over ward played really well. Do we just called the show puffed up past month highs having. That's a I don't doubt that tells or activity outside can appear giving names suggestions where we're in the market story odd name of the podcast that was your final spec. I counselors marginal. Six. And it's just the Smart I know I know it's boring and I'm not really going on a limb but it's like an exchange student next week where are those your point earlier you know who's going to be in the finals this this isn't it should be great series though someone like Ali go noted it's going to be. I go back to your gonna have. 7UP. At 245 best players in the world on the court playing at each other. That's awesome but I know it's kind of hard does that the formality about liquor any good series along the way. And then you should be in store for the rubber match cavs warriors should be good fun. How many times over under on times that that I dream mongering it's flipped us accidentally hit somebody's crutch. Over in love because he thinks loves soft that it would be one half wearing it would be the number via. In politics deal or he'd he'd do want to maybe get away with a and any due to a no I didn't get operated on had I won't yeah how what I operatives playing basketball Barcelona although it for a drug this episode will talk Diaz actually seeing it.

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