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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 25: Jerry Remy reflects on Fenway pizza throw

Apr 13, 2017|

On the 10th year anniversary of an iconic moment in Red Sox television broadcasts, Jerry Remy joins Rob Bradford to reflect on the famous Fenway pizza throw for another Bradfo Sho short.

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Add road show. That might open deputy police would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. So when news breaks we break. Alex Reimer the VI dot com just posted a blog entry which I saw the ten year anniversary. Of the federally pizza throw. And when I saw this those locking up the Fenway press box and hooted run into Jerry Remy so what do I do wasted Jerry Remy. Will you please give me a good five or six minutes to a flat on one of the most memorable moments I think in Red Sox broadcasting history. Which wise. The ten year anniversary. The Fenway Park pizza throw in a side note to this. John Tomas he also would that be I'd dot com was intimately involved because he was the guy who lacks after the speech to throw is executed actually went down. Interviewed these people on in. I'll take some of the excerpts from Alex's. Block those here. So basically you talk about a seven of one game patriots day game in case you didn't remember in 2007. And Jason guiding Jason's soul was the victim. Of this pizza and he was heckling the assailant says it says management or indeed any Kelly. And as endorse that this is what he was quoted by John the mosque in the Bob Harrell of time. Next thing I know there's a fly ball left fielding goes followed my body says you wanna throw some pizza now. And he hit him right in the face. Hey that guy wasn't paying attention when you're in the stands you gotta be ready for anything foul ball a flying slice of pizza. Everything it was awesome it was a moment that ten years later still resonate that's an example of how entertaining. Everything outside the lines can be so it is a Brad though show the short. And otherwise. This time without your Grammy. History was made ten years ago today so and history is made returned to the man who helped make history Jerry Remy. Pays with its first ever appearance on the red social podcast Gerri thanks so much for joining us Tom and I never thought. That your first appearance would have to do with a ten years to pursue the pizza throwing. Since I welcome. Thank you accuse us of a memorable moment here at Fenway Park apparently in. You know it's crazy when you come to a park you don't know what to expect that receive both in the game or in the stands and that that is one of the strangest things that. I've ever seen happen at a ballpark in just kind of took off its crazy how it you know I got on social media and just took off and and has been talked about for Britannia is now I I can't believe it but we've got to we've had plenty of incidents is at Fenway Park with that was huge standout. And when you do that we're going back to that moment. When obviously this sort of thing happens when you said a lot of things happen but there was something about that and I don't know at the time. If you understood. How but he was going to be if Bibby was a slow game maybe it was a slow day. When you were going through this take me through what you remember of bow actually. Getting him starting with the incidents and an event you go you take it to the next level with a tell straighter the Remy straighter whatever you wanna call it the debut what you're. Camera but I you know just it was kind of like a routine fly ball on the left field line that went file was I think it was a pretty cold day here at Fenway. And everybody was bundled up would jackets and all of a sudden you know you see this. Something going through the air and hitting this guy and we at first I wouldn't quite sure what it was and as we got you know back it up and we got the focus on and got the close ups. Because he was a piece of pizza and we finally you know or able break it down and who throw it who guided. And but the crazy thing about it is the pizza was like I think canyon off the US side of the wall in a satellite was could be. And I always think about running down and get a bite because speech is not cheap you know and when you're at the ballpark I I just couldn't believe somebody. Would actually stand there and for whatever reason it was this guy wasn't close to him he was a couple of rows away. Take appease these good fresh peas beets. And thrown at a guy just again his get him dirty on rookies trying to hit him and head at the get him on the shoulder in the back something. But it was one of the strangest things I've seen and I've seen a lot of crazy things at the ballpark. Well one of the things that I think stood out about it what did you pointed out expertly. Was how low the pizza didn't defied laws of graft it it is sort of hung up through the course of its flight. And didn't rotating and this sort of hung up perfectly so it would splash. Just perfect. When you. Paper airplane and you do you make appropriate play and you opiate of beautiful play I mean you couldn't about it. Throw pizza I mean that they came flying up until if the guy. And it always. It was weird it was just one of those things that happened for some reason that's a cop I get. A lot of people social media that. That talk about that the talk about that that particular incident you know I think there's others that are that have been won yet. But for some reason that maybe we had a big rating I don't know analyst at. When that moment comes because the other part about it which helped take the next level to get the illustrator by should be a batter the east that. But I don't know what it was instantly with that your idea or producer's idea poor. Well as my idea and sense of taking its illustrator away from me for a lot of reasons that you know so. But now that is minute break on the play because you know always. You know to investigate that and a very should appeared at times we had to go back in running back gristle in the truck initially had the right people about because we knew somebody was gonna get on the ball. We wanted to make sure we had the right person before and that's why we've circled them and you know everything went the way it did it yet crazy times and that. You know with thirty is is that a lot of crazy when that when it's the one that always seems to get the most attention. To. Did that moment. You. The game a little break and a game. But those moments come up and you just know this is worthy. Of taking maybe four or five or pitches or an at bat this is worthy of my attention more than you. Well as a lot of things I see that I think is with the in my tanks of what is not to my bosses you know up. You know there's a lot of things that I see that you know I think would be pretty funny but sometimes we have to pass on them. For obvious reasons we've had some we've had him very close calls me yet. Let you know for me rob this is all been part of the game you know put coming to a baseball game is supposed to be fine. Watching it at home was refund you first put job and foremost is to analyze a baseball game announce a baseball game. But there are times when things happen and I think people at home. He enjoys a little comedy once in awhile something funny that happens at the ball parts of that funny might happen in the Booth. And I think that helps you audience at the elective upon the broadcast. Terry you raised your first appearance this was a bit as memorable as that he was moment ten years ago this was equally as memorable for me thank you so much. We have no idea what are pledges has been and I know you had a podcast with time kinda went out for about 3000 spring training I'm looking forward to having at least that now your brain has never been our thanks Terry.

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