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Mut at Night - Villani & Bradford Celtics, Bruins, and Ham

Apr 14, 2017|

Villani and Bradford discuss a little about the playoffs for B's and C's, but they get a little sidetracked with Bradford's love of ham. Rob also pushes Chris's buttons.

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Third hour of the program Chris Maloney rob Bradford. The games good for you. And good for you the amount that you beaten epic failure of protein you get a lot of proteins the amount that you beaten. I think there's been a lot of foods there is a gathered the tipping point there's a point of diminishing return where emboldened him. A lot of hand. Nan linebacker by Elsa had asparagus on playing for the tie. Abstruse and vegetables there I will say that's I can't give away too much as of trade secrets and company secrets and whatnot but in that tomorrow. To partition the Boston Herald moved front page a back page out of me somewhere in the paper brought in the middle. Middle age at a murderer gets in the middle way between comics in the obituary somewhere we like to call ROP oh yeah rest of paper. There'll be. EE story that yours truly was involved in along with couple other fine upstanding up photo and video journalists. Having to do with nutrition and food. And this may I change it go David you look the susceptibility Tom Brady. I cannot confirm nor deny an idol ice what was a dead sprint greeted something out saying how horrific we bad. Beat Tom Brady food wise that's a matter of taste did you did you do this a matter of what I mean c'mon it's not this isn't the throw newspapers against the front door error anymore you never know. I did it there are hundreds and today it's online right now whether these special taste test coming and it doesn't bomb the TB twelve performance if you have to do you did you eat I sampled some of the president disgusting. Depends on your definition of yet it was his critics to Paris. Well its its X only it's for this hour purple Carrick company it's all begin. Yes so and that's what they do that that's their data such as the Brady line that's the the company does it to be so. V get as I understand it is obviously no meat but also no dairy. It it's just vegetables right is brutal loud enough they've produced by an animal nothing priest by an animal which usually literate with 93% of my die. It's some thing at hair bigger in the ham is not being shopped anywhere our hearts about the best I 83% of my diet had parents and one point. So that acts out pretty much everything. So yeah it was not is nights. It's tough for me here's my pregame story you know begin story now as a beacon story he brings. Being up by have a story that's right Brian Meehan let's do it. I was ran the marathon one year and I was gonna try to do a book about a non runner fat person doing a marathon. So the new just the person the IA knew just the press tonight says after a worldwide search I said I deflated back in my own house works. And are met up with was in trusting people could you know how the book businesses Kress it's all about marketing X. So I'm is going to be that would mean in trusting people who had unique lifestyles. So my brother knew someone who knew someone in that someone was Moby. Mobi the yes camp that whatever he has and I am not exempt techno music and I'm and yes he's not a bet but. He knew I I drove you said you title rolls over and I drove through a mile an attack I drove to New York right I drive to New York. Knocked on this door movies to hope he's there. Mobi it's of the door this'll bald guy doorstep to Moby so we talked to be who he talked about his to the whole idea is healthy lifestyle now famous person and begin with this thing. With him refrigerator as disgusting as like to talk to Tom Brady stuff. But the whole the whole targeted at nothing in it it was like disgusting food in the refrigerator. And then nothing in the apartment. It wouldn't be physically impossible for somebody in our line of work. The gold Egan because all of that stuff is extremely. Perishable bright and evil in a few days either vegetable. I I have an avocado in night dinner right now that I cut up it's already brown that is. Slice this morning so. I feel like it here in the line of work like we are the hours are all over the place here at Fenway you're running how could you possibly be begins carry carrots with you the entire time like how they're able to do over that's what Tom Brady wants you to do doesn't meet US rate at a nutritionist and at that -- well schedule I know but he wants you to buy this stuff and put it in bags and go out and do it and pay. Ten times as much as you would pay for any other vote. In my in my it accurate about this it's I'm the one with the 200 dollar wouldn't cookbook you lost me 78 dollars for three meals. Yes opted to conserve potentially two people. Less and less a meeting sushi about doing that. You are being in the sushi. The answer but he times last week off. And I can average Brad fell weak but still my Mercury I'm like a thermometer right now. Our Mercury levels so hide. Ridiculous that's your beacon story. Is the worst V in stories. You doorstep Moby that's pretty damn good yeah I guess we're already the meat is the last I actually more surprising halving of the story you'll bumble bee story. Well as a mobile guys so other people that I met up of four bit this expedition in this experiment that I did out. One of these even better one of that triumph the insult comic guard. Don't really. Yet have the right Robin Roberts might go to the dodges of the Getty IP he hit one that's what he got out that that paper bag which Roberts Michael. Roberts Michael you know him right yeah like a notre and a triumph yes he's triumphs guys. He's an easy read her triumph so I basically. Raid on the treadmill with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog barking insults be nice. That's a pretty good story to add it up and knowledge to do all ties back to the going to be unionism Tom Brady's crappy food but it wasn't enough to sway you over to. Know going into mobile department didn't exact opposite. I wanted to run to a McDonald's gift. You told me that ought to do is eat that food. And I too would play in the NFL well into my forties make a ton of money Marius supermodel and have a cute at Purdue morning and I would swear to god out of the thing well we. Behind the scenes because no one wants to upset the patriots behind the scenes every one started Sunday. Thought that you the end of Brady's going to be little strange Brady into the closer to fifth the fifth the news now that's going to be a weird wacky team. Elliott thanks dad yeah probably me I'm Erica sort of what's bonded pushing along with you today weren't skinny jeans chase him around on. That was Milan dismay and my career Doby died. But I think Tom Brady is going to be Tom Cruise after owners so thank you because we were actually talking about this in the press box today. And that's what I wish I could remember who said that at some would say that exact thing. Right maybe Jim McCaffrey said Sargent jumping up on on a couch somewhere professing his love to know about but this this normal guy who was beloved you know for a while a middle son Bowman takes a right intern in. It's gonna take that kind of and it's Scientology's of the evil and I don't think it's taking its I want soldiers Thom Berry believes and Scientology's would you believe it. Now I I would not believe that I I don't think they'll because that would. Because you know that would give an opinion on something we can't do that the one thing he believes in his this food. Like that that kind of stuff that brightly living that yes when when he is defending how's Guerrero and going into the the new trotted out later it was so good that was the best radiator view they've done not even close of course is that is senator questioned for second the other stuff he takes a pass on that he was that's the thing that he is the most. Passionate about yet if you go back to that interview and because it was it was when they got into that it was about half. There are done they were done it was going to be the typical probably 1820 minute and beat him. And then he will Bakken boom he came in depth and I've talked about this before. People people upset a cart. Say how did you go what Tom Brady like that it would what do. About. I have to have a normal conversation. With Robert we can't do us. It was great because it was actually conversation back and forth. And he said that Coke was a real food everyone should drink eat candy and. As a what did you see on that third down play into the and allows just trying to make a play there and he got opening get a great Chris Hogan did such a great job getting some separation and yet the normal Brady Tung gave everybody else and he gives the stocky hitters and passes on the controversial I don't blame them for that it. Yeah yeah I mean you know and that's what we're trying to get at him with the politics stuff. Anything trusting this because. When when you thought he was gonna get going with the politics when he said I'll tell you who I voted for after the race and now when awake is you know to sell a lot meet him. But that's where we thought we're gonna ago. And to have that conversation and saw askew this Chris because this is coming up again this coming week in with a White House yes it's Tom Brady there now. But I don't think it is I I honestly nothing to do with the guy iPhone owner of the or excuse he was searching it well. He ended up getting spotted. Looking at iphones or watches a look at one of the other. I don't think he's there on Maliki goes. You had to steer clear of the count how many how many players we have documented there is like 13 year four or five guys who have said. Or at least insinuate they're not going what I have done some of those guys are with the team anymore but I guess that they'd still be invited guest as members of the patriots. Yeah so how many how many don't ago. Opera. Boy attended ten people narco. I think it is well over half that there. Might be 1012 the dog I think the vast majority of the guys. I think the vast majority as the years go I think so I think this will be a bigger issue honestly Niemi. Well I think he dazzle more outspoken there. I just think it's a bigger issue with whoever wins the NBA championship then I'd be in fairness to by the time Wednesday rolls around in my have to be visiting doll prop open in the mountain North Dakota. In some bunker in the western part of North Dakota opposes their part there's pretty flat it mafia wherever it is a donut today as spent some time in Fargo yes I don't have a beacon story or Moby story by opening an identical are as stone of Colorado or anywhere you want and hope. So yeah I so it will be interesting that can be what's great about this week coming up because that is going to be enormous story. And last time I remember remember the last team that went there that would have been. Well wouldn't patriots. But the of the you have the Red Sox in 2013 that's the only time I've gone out. And and before that it way is the Bruins and Tim Thomas was a big deal that was the big deal damp anti in so I wrote the story like this is going to be drama free delegate Tim Thomas to Asian. And sure enough what happens the self heated Sophie Sophie Sophie. So. One of the dumbest controversies tale. Well I was totally in Ortiz side. I just self itself they get hey hey I slowly combat capitalism baby it's the American way through phase IUE 100% over an asset that they were in Baltimore so after Roland asked about it. And he's like god knows this random and then he went on to do a commercial for Sam. Heaven forbid that in an office where photo ops are as much a part of the business is signing bills in the lot that somebody else. I jumps on the stage and and steals their game if they've there White House is mad at any HB copyright infringement. Photo ops are what they go gas is somebody else. Getting it in for one moment played your game a little bit better and got paid for could forget it and. Oh you look back at it now like what's the harm went a year you're done here's spicy and your notes pricing toppled in the way of Islam wilted. Statement but you you're you spice it up a little bit so why it's entertainment whenever it's not a national security. Hazard the right definition of a victimless crime yes. By you know by so then we go to what's gonna happen on Wednesday when it's Wednesday right Wednesday nineteenth. If if if they've talked about this on the morning show every day for months you don't have that they have committed to memory. I sort of know what they say I'm sorry Jerry Sean Spicer cannot see you now. If if you actually colonel the facts you see guys they cal him if you're running for senate against again that was warrant. That's not the match up I'm excited about it's the Gerry Callahan Curt Schilling primary. If there with the with the with like Jeff deal lots deciding on what the hell is happening you know like who is suing his. Nobody voting for me what's going on busted Toby that he wants to he has already started needing is Liz Warren campaign sweater which I even know there was such things as to mossy knitting or was weren't campaign have through IR OIT yes it gave listened. It'll be great I I look forward to those debates. Right its NC which point he gets the right or the other carcasses campaign manager and to begin their run Shelley's campaign. I think your question. Rate is much better at running anymore now I don't think now. Noted dream on the Italians there rather though I would love it as somebody who covers the stuff we'll get a little bit of excite yes absolutely yes he could win. As Ed and I believe and now the poll numbers show Liz Warren actually one of the least popular. Senators. Going right now yes. Now typically. People love their own representatives and love their own senators so she still has a higher approved as opposed to disapprove. But she's one of the big eater nine highest disapproval rates of and senator. Well put her in the bottom 10%. Because if you can take the casting couch to the senate or retire. I'm voting for that every single time fantastic I'd 6177797937. Hour talked to Celtics I think this is walk for the sees round number one Brad though disagrees Randy in Chicago. What say you on Celtic symbols. I guess Elian to help. Good I are in our quick yet you have a quick question now aren't you afraid of Radek on back to the garden on the big stage. Doctors he can now he's as the shell of himself. Couple years ago I might have answered differently but now on. Yeah I've just so that's probably says ebitda is they have got to look at like you go out and I think they waited six but I think they do is still one in the garden around a rush job at triple double up but I think in terms of us. I did and went in six that you see a little bit of everyone in the wedding a bit Damaso at least one every game but I think ordered. Bradley Crowder I'll have I saw it in of these two. Or is it already Horford is the guy who was the most maligned here we we cannot forget. How invisible he was in the hawks win over the Celtics last year we cannot forget how invisible he's been in moments like when they play the cavaliers. It is and when you have those moments I'm sorry this is the deal. You paid a hundred million dollars and we are paid a hundred million dollars you're supposed to be the guy who takes the heat off the main guy. And he's just thought that player enough. Yeah ended LB doesn't show up in the playoffs. He's going to be in good out of box and I just thought I will be done that a lot of as a person as a player he's rated a written eternally bigger prize story starts or spotted up and beat it. I don't know if sister ruled yeah he's got to me to get out form. Yeah good that I hope we showed up I got there I mean I got bitten and now I can turn quickly added I think we see a little bit everyone. Shell out along with that they're dropping at least once again but I do of understanding Brothers and expect here and will lead them to deal. One in the garden editor about what they go turn back the clock Republicans. I hope you're right I hope you're not because I wanna see Brad on them monocle and I I do think Chicago steal the game just. For me it's a before it's much more about the bulls and Celtics all the question on the Celtics are ballot like it if they somehow lose this series the first round. Every ball comes into quite well. Brad Stevens I'll who has been OK well Asian golden goose protected and deservedly so I think most people like with Stephen's been doing but at some point. It can't be about the built forever. No happy perpetually for ever building was the Atlanta Hawks at some point you've actually got to win some. A particularly once again I keep Kate hate keep bringing in a mob but when you pay corporate that much money that's it this is Evan Turner. And by the way you also have Avery Bradley he didn't have the most that series right last year. And you have Al Horford and this is supposed to be the answer these other guys like Marcus Smart why don't know if you know this but he's never gonna make it all starts I have not aware. By you have these other guys who are year old earnest Mosley a year better. You have to win this series you have to win this first round. Because if you don't that you say well you'd get better next you'll be all yearlong ask them to be the narrative. Colin also comes back to mention or without connected Danny Ainge and that's another pair question there will be asked and should be asked if this core fails and that kind of what would be spectacular. Fashion. Losing 18 match up doubles never happens in the NBA regardless of how quote unquote week the one seed is. This Chicago team knows what he's been in the playoffs would like you were taking mid season trade away one of their better players was. By all indication interest in trading away their best player if this team beats you in the first round all the sudden everything is back on it came out I don't think it's gonna happen I think. The Celtics were I don't know yet and only do monocle. Tell me tell me if if this is stupid question. If if the reds are threats at the cellular Taylor of the hip and this redness that Ben Taylor is the face of its athletes you pregnant if if the Celtics if the Celtics were not pursuing Kevin Durant. You the duty Celtics. Go hard as part of after Al Horford if they said we'd know we have absolutely no chance to Kevin Durant. Do they go as hard as they did at Al Gore of course. Of course they get corporate I don't want people would say yeah of course it yet because in he's exactly what they need ball you know what I would say they need that money DeRozan. Other DeRozan against that he he signed for basically the same thing by Horford the second best free agent that they. Change teams and that particular summer it's a big drop off between Kevin Durant and going through it to Al Horford I understand that every you know Rich Hill was the best free agent pitcher in the market it's. That the dust on a good argument. Is that this because it's the week free agent class doesn't mean he's good he's usually go spread your money on. I do think there's some element and I'm I'm one has tried it and work for more than most. There is some element some some credence to the idea that much like what happened in basketball. Where earned baseball rather where. All of a sudden you have to sort of reassess what a fifteen million dollar twenty million dollar for every document Iranian gas. Can I feel like with Al Horford with getting hung on him is just the each year. Dollar value. Of of his contract but that's what a Max Steele is. Now in the NBA everybody's making more salary caps are going up revenues is skyrocketing. And the players are getting huge chunk of that. That's not to say that corporate has lived up anywhere near. That level but. The BB product of the of the dollar figure itself is just a product went corporate. Ice yes I guess we're doing Chris would you get to that level though you're right everybody makes money you know you have. These these pedestrian guy making ten million a year in you don't point and I about it. But when you have that that level that is supposed to be the star level or correct that is supposed to be V level where you're taking at least taking need. Off of your main guy or I can count on in the postseason here if you're talking about a big free of any team. He is supposed to be part of that Big Three right now it is but you don't if you actually had. The type of players you need to weigh in he should be he's not a Big Three player. That act like the old bogey who knows exactly what you're talking about with the old Nintendo system where Atari twice they present an Atari 3600 back in my day. If we would Al Horford beyond those Celtics games. Back in the back in when when basketball is basketball. It's basically NBA jam you know it's only two players. And if penalty when one of the two sorry exact travesty no Michael Jordan did him that was travesty I it's like the Indiana Pacers inside outside game Reggie Miller and Rick Smith yeah. The dunking dutchman the run it down from outside the three point arc is always on always he'll commit tees be as we go to break who would you rather have Rick Smith were Al Horford. Who. Liked. Is that it's six led 777 died seven it. 937. Or Ben Taylor gets a more your phone calls and text Brad pose hanging out crystal Lonnie with you it's Sports Radio WEEI. Hawaii and Brad 6177797937. Sports hernia WEEI. Yeah I textured 3793. Set allfirst. On the Twitter world Brad fell apropos of course and I'd buy me a Chris baloney 44. We have B sample it up online right now of what Brad poll dressed like if in fact the Celtics either sweep or gentlemanly sweep. The Chicago Bulls in the first tag I wish we could finally get phone. From a chimney sweep where top at a Monica that's on out there anywhere I really do all disputed Arctic cat would models and old work and I want now. I'll be labeled cat if you remain I say I'm always on abuse cap. But I you know why because the deal mutton Bradford yeah. Is it had the feeling of a Saturday morning cartoon where they're too lovable friend the dog named mutt cat named Bradford in the hijinks they get into between nine and won every Saturday morning at. And an episode twelve TO seven people right in written letters complaining that the other show it on something like back over yes exactly and that's exactly war. There were certainly handwritten letters to not a lot of I missed that one odd Jason wolf that's. Like maybe there are typed typewritten apple Lopes is as say they were tight it was like in the scene in house of cards where. Frank Underwood busts out the typewriter that was his father's from a hundred years ago and it's that kind of thing yes. Yet that's and that's exactly what it was. The beauty yeah I showed cannot survive an army of seven. With typewriters I have been willing to hand write letters that is shows begin a weekend shows do you wanna see how much look I'm looking forward to our third purity in Bradford show. Now again we're gonna while on the lead into Red Sox which I stumbled opened with which they stumbled upon a a constant theme we're gonna happen every single week which is. My top three the stars of the week but that's a good idea is pretty good idea were the first top three media stars week one all my journey with a are you gonna be the number one star is hard Karen was number through Jeremy was number three Novak. About this weakening and he previewed a bit a bit of give you'll Keisel sample I'm. I'm gonna say that one guy who I saw today who did did this unbelievable work on about two hours of sleep. Mike may have skis and running me he basically did Red Sox last now an awful game home god and man he really morning shows morning really back at Fenway. All my god I you know what I got here one more freaking. Profiling courage. Mike Brittany and ski. Discussion here about everything that while he did a morning show after the night's show you don't light a lift Red Sox baseball list. It is not a heavy lift you knock out the pregame show when you can squeeze in nine holes between that and the next time you're on the air it's not a heavy lift. I do it looked. It's not hard which Ferrell you see your eyes right now they'll leave. All of them but what's gonna do the morning shall we get a lot of you here at night what do you think I'm doing during the day I swear to god management around here at things and just sitting around all day waiting for the all the run in and pinch hit for Red Sox pirates game on Tuesday night. Well. This shakes out stories driving I'm going all out. Go to court and cover wait for the African Hernandez verdict which is never coming down as in federal court today. What do people think I'm doing markets and out of boy. Because after watching the red and not to mention what it's a terrible game on a weeknight that's the best possible scenario because Red Sox are viewers what seven minutes long. After that abomination of a baseball game at all yet to do with lift a direct center. It. But he gets the out of boy if you know number ones. Are the IT IRA Iowa today I am not at our GR I've ever an odd thing you never again the reason I brought it up with you the exact reaction which I got no mention of Allah. Now people are jostling for position on you believe these threes are weak and on the morning shell easily over earners like 737 by the time he actually gets back to back sentences and I urge devious PM wants to do what the toys once or twice now once or twice. Curing insomnia coast to coast Sunday mornings 3 AM you can't sleep I'll give you all of the raptors box highlights tyranny and that and not seeing you just put yourself in the mix currently believable consolation sex like 37937. All right good idea because I actually need audio to go with the each of the three stars. Benefit I thank you happy to help via. Dexter I had a good idea looking at some of the Max contract players and where Horford and sort of fits in there so I just did is Biden. Biggest salary this season Brad those here are your top ten LeBron. Yup feel pretty good about paying him yeah. Mike Conley. A career year I know that contract was eye popping to say at least he got around that and we'll remember him now Horford a year pale memorial 140 million guaranteed. DeMar DeRozan your guys said would you rather have him and Al Horford. Yes yes sensitive exactly he's exactly what they need. I know they need rebounding bowel Horford is a prolific rebounder. Know now he's not he's got great play in a five either you need a guy who can score. Go ahead Aaron James Harden number four on that list MVP candidate. Al Horford. Yup number five on the island after that the rest of the top ten west Burke. MVP candidate Triple Crown another triple craft contemptible something he does at all and the it is like Cabrera. Kevin Durant. Yup it Dirk. Yeah number eight mellow. Yup and Damien little a number ten. Again as you ten highest paid players is based on their contract Al Horford of that group is the one which is. You can't explain one of the things is now like the other day you kidding me because you know the mellow stop EVE and would they are you'd understand how that happened the Mike Conley contract I don't know quite explain that the grizzlies. And he was really good this year but the grizzlies feel great about Mike Conley make a 140 million bucks era careers these are given that the IA. Played the best that he has played after signing that deal yet. The new ego and Al Horford do that would you rather have a desire Mike Conley. I almond Ayman al-Qaeda guys. Were both eyes eyes that we've we've done at one time. It does purse whoa we going go line to India and our let's go to Chris in Chelsea's he's defendant Nancy which is for an indefensible by Chris. Audio I tip lead you little Tip O'Neill that. What on the radio Kabul the Bucs beat all the big thing and you can't forget the king of late night court. But the native. The Beckham. Please go to in the afternoon Tony doesn't have another job he's potentially unemployed. And god at school public comment about holder's kid at school you were there. Are preparing a port I will I will maximize hours worked against Mike against these any week you want any week. Your view how dare you bought the pink hooker Brody. I can't believe it I it may be part on you. W you know you what are the great. Great talent that they can edit. Gigabit Lagarde would be cleared up with you I mean you got an anti Mike Adams is. Lines and at the end there yet Lyonnais rhythm. They threw the go. I like this is defending must be defending people Benny can make you want to defend Al Horford guide bent. The band and they got it. You're in the pocket outlook send it back top ten list I mean I have to agree that out of those and the outlook would probably and but. Mean you got Mike Mike Conley who again I mean. When he signed it but it's our badly degraded Mike Conley son colleagues to sign days signed this crowd here. He just signs you I mean mapped it isn't exactly attracting being. It's not figured they'd probably had eaten and the money he spoke out about it Google play they're gonna yet anyway. I feel like. Outlook predicted addressed in need by getting Al Horford like I know it paid the big money together. But we have still the cap room that and other Max contract after the season. So what I liked it back that was it like this in the back for the seem like I don't like outlook period really addressed the need that we had last off season. And I feel like. We're talking has talked about or oh we would have rather gotten to roads and it we didn't know they knew that we are able Kevin Durant. Well I didn't feel like DeRozan would detract. The team and now but the glaring need that we had last year. Would address without getting going to get out corporate and we don't at the ready to go get another clip art scene. Where everything so so I'm sorry once acted so you said the glaring need that the Celtics had. Be addressed with a Al Horford I didn't call you can tell that to me the rose it was exactly what they need. Well I think he's exactly what they need now up always liked. Mean we are up 5 C Eastern Conference too lightly regarded. But what what is let me ask you this and I wanna come back this. With bad. Without Horford yours saying okay this is the guy you want to build around this guy you want for the future this this this but not well that's what my concerns. I thirty years old. Who is rebounding going down every year. And he's he's not going to be the player next year that he was this year that's how it works. To that concerns me. Our I'd still like to leave if any would it sat on it and we didn't we don't go to any light at the end of not in the road drug but backed out we don't or pretty. I mean I like. If we go another year like you were aware were. Or six seats somewhere around that we lose in the first round I mean people are meant as you're right. If it into anything I think it. People. Applaud the gad Al Horford and he did helping them second best. After Durant second best three putted that changed in any any help the Celtics I I I understand that but still. When you make that amount of money where you're at that level the pay scale. You're going to be ridiculed or criticize or analyze. Above everybody else it's the David Price situation before that the J. D. Drew corollary yes doctrine color doctrinal tests one of them to one of us that's going on Afghanistan right out of the Moab Tebow out. The but you know so that's what your death but the life that you lip that if you're locked in life. And I'm sorry but that fifth Howard is in Al Horford I'm sorry the other point that he made is when they hear you make a lot when it comes to obviously non salary cap bark board must not make an author not that one but the one you make him baseball Lott we're. It's not necessarily a bad move unless it's. Preventing you from doing something else yet if Al Horford signing prevent other than DeMar DeRozan. Looking back at that preventing you from a go out and spending money on and I'd top flight dire free Ager working at a trader doing something. Going into next season it's not. Is all of the money to do right. Edit I get I'm not saying Al Horford has been a disaster or I'm saying is that when we get the playoffs. In our Horford is if he doesn't step up and deeply what you do for the arts last year. Or he plays like he did against Cleveland. At last week. Then he's going to be open to criticism because. He makes that amount of money and he's relied on that marched to the J. D. Drew core audience the David Price corollary of the J. D. Drew doctrine yes. Leave that for a smiley cat 6177797937. We'll get more your phone calls coming up bus and taxes while at 37937. Gilani Brad though it's used Sports Radio WEEI. Well I get a hand coma you down that impressive amount of hand now he's back in a row and you've heard Easter. Well you raise your mental stealth you re rack from him celebrate our religion a couple of deaf. What what's the Easter plan for you by the way and I didn't even ask your Easter plans I to question they'll ask you before. I use vacated 9 o'clock OK take a phone calls to be busy few minutes aren't line. What are your Easter plants. To do the move I was gonna say the month Brad chose to do the PRD Bradford show that doesn't sound like a lovable. Carts and what's it like might be at Tuesday's biggest is in tradition of doing shows during important family time yet. So I will be doing that and I'll be going home I think you're heading out to neon Red Sox baseball Summers there with the man are you doing are you there OK well Hamas he's taken over from me I'm going home. A message around Fenway Park because I'm turnaround at duke eight Tuesday in the next day. Then I am in Toronto. So. Come to me the yes so that's my Easter is nothing exciting Easter used to be about you through my Graham moms. And we use I hear you get a basket full with football bats again and in plywood planes. And things like that now anymore. I'd buy them so I had to buy them myself. He's just Abbe a big deal my fail I'm an only child via so once I left for college and didn't come back for Easter is his kind of annoying to come back for a weekend as of five hour drive. East is that becoming a big deal and now the only drama on Easter is whether my dad's in the at a golf which right now looks pretty good would you be able to golf to be hot oil in fairness to our audience celebrates Jesus slight. Nice job I thought I just love the idea of the you know they're calling out the foursome it's like Feldman the oldest dating. Rosenthal. A lot ain't. It was gonna like Al Horford in the top ten guys being a what are these things a little different than the others a fair so our case. Rode the go we have our Easter we have our Easter it was Leo. A spicy question about whether Leyritz to endure for Easter is try to formulate now he'd thrown me for a loop. In formulating the much anticipate I think we'll do it 11 AM. On Easter Sunday. The U weekly. Power ignore the weekly. What because the three stars three stars three cars media restart of the Boston via. Now and and you put yourself in the congress I love that I can buy your rant I just like. Anke make my Easter that there is I'm not knuckle back against the Red Sox broadcast than opt for Easter dinner growth when he three which is so they have glamour ham. I think they're doing a lamb thing up right at stake. Care if your verdict at stake as ms. A tight lies ally the the other question on now you. I am going to Kansas City first time Boca Red Sox royals. You are illegitimate for fun and catch all out all three games. While we're we're OS it would ordeal many aids and Temps or and tell you that when I was in the broadcast Booth once caught caught a foul ball on and off your I don't know if they're gonna let me sit there I've. Oh when I get a panicked call that I need to pinch hit for Mike it's he's on the morning shows though yes you can Gilani do the game from studio in Kansas City that I probably will get to sit you better be read my friends won't. Won't really like all that much but I'll be so that this stadium the Kansas City stadium is right next of the football stadium issues seem a ballpark problem. That's it. But that's okay good soccer it's there's nothing everywhere if it actually take a step backwards from typing lotteries there's and it's it's it's nothing it's. I applaud you for go to Kansas City. You go to country club plaza that's where you gonna hang now an odd downtown in city. Country club closet which I know I realize that this is this makes my Moby story costs yes it's us. Thought Eric will look. Politics. When we. On the day when it would go to Kansas City that did third week in June some games like 1922 when he won the more than OK I was gonna say we could reconvene. And talk about your plan for candidacy on July 2 might my wedding anniversary now we will reconvene at dated discuss how Kansas City was a catch and about the last anniversary that you made without it being interrupted by that went into the foresight to get married in the winter. Now OK apparently not Baltimore the Baltimore around January is a lovely time Baltimore he had it all those Catholic Church the United States nor air conditioning. I must in Baltimore financial sector January probably would have been anybody pass out. Top you now. Not not to like at the dot ploy to like him that the Euro would debate that the the did you have ham at the reception and everything you only. If you're going around shaking hands smiling. Yet. Yeah the skip. The skip it. No right to the pure regulatory affairs for a right good order right to the fortieth anniversary where your shaving for you what your interest repressed and that's when he first anniversary re celebrating and WB yeah identity now Mike in the truck doesn't get back to the Celtics 6177797937. Him Mike. Abe I Brad the guy was doing a Mike in my mind there you go this is this guy. That's typically a patent and Heidi you know at bat boy but he. Why not a moderate job and works. Did that Red Sox gig is a piece. It's sol. Easy. This is you know you do the pregame show want to do that at that. Well top of the third in Baltimore and the Orioles have a three to two lead on the Yankees ten back to you with Eric's Canadian. And it better real well you lot out here and even a good job. Really believe digit win to rob did it to get through Iran's. You think it's gonna make our track trying to adopt and create in the top seed in the county area they didn't get as. Are a great point. Absolutely that is a good point you get the Eastern Conference finals I think it becomes appreciable easier to sell the sell gets lucky say hey where you'll way. We'll worry where this past year not winning a playoff series to conference final and now mr. freeagent we are you away. For taking that next step in getting the MB ER is a. For Mike and Chris Wear this with this group we can rail now Horford all the live long day but when this group Isiah Thomas. Al Horford you get another free agent with a top free agents out there that whenever temperature. Yet another free agent and then and then you get Alonso ball. But they are they are. They are right there they are right in the conversation right. Why not this is your time. That this. Have. Grabbed you know you have potentially the number one pick this is you have officially beast the moment where you can go for it right. This is no longer building. I all right Mike. You asked. Her head banks of the phone call might. Some at some of the guys that are on the mice that car is Jimmy free agent and can I mean he's going again Blake Griffin. B freeagent this year. It's the route is either best rebounder out there the no Gallinari might hit the hit the open market discounted. Scanning around here. Gordon Gordon here we're a free agent again according were always a free agent is perpetually at altitudes I don't know if you do this but there was the there was a game where the Celtics fans they plotted for Gordon Hayward because I heard they know that he was a bad freeagent hired about that wasn't widely applauded. So this isn't guys out there I think. I I'm still not completely. Just it did. Disavowing myself the idea that this altitude trade this topic that it's going to be. Some kind of a deal to move whether it's going to be on the ball whoever. And make some out some sort of splash of that way. When your already guard heavy into guarding heavy draft up at the top we know the guards are probably going in the top at least two spots maybe three spots. It feels like it a situation where you. Try to move that pick and see if there's some kind of package out there adding get something of value in return I guess. Abby gas in a perfect world but this is a perfect world I go with talent do you meet talent give me Alonso ball. Alan Jackson and no one mark helpful to update to be one of those two guys. Come visit but when it comes back to is we cannot have that conversation anymore it's officially done. After this offseason of the Celtics are building I never thought it would be able to do what they did I'd never ever thought that yeah. And Didier tooth pulled off the incredible and it has nothing do with series were target about. The next year's team. But this is Dick press no more we're building we're building we're building. Not sit out the body get ya think a big step forty or an eerie out here but real quick here's Amir top reagents. This is based on I guess the amount of money they made this year's that's the words and the plea Griffin. Derrick Rose. And Jeff Green back now. It and I don't know Blake is the next ball appeared surge of Barca is Serge Ibaka guard me Jeff. Chris Jeff Reed is like dipping dots and I attributed future always will be the metered spots and it would Dalai Tyreke Evans stepped curry Jrue Holiday Zach Randolph got goes splitter Taj Gibson Jeff T anybody doing anything for here. Now now now Blake Griffin I'll take. You take him and he don't rant. Well it's by the way we should note programming note Kress yeah. After you Patrick Gilroy is coming on right yes I am and Celtics game and are more referred in a Horford who just weeded out item joining you Arroyo and who to add to corolla and hopes. On their BI tonight at eleven to one think they're gonna talk about most argument Al Horford yeah it can get ripped Diana I mean I'm sure she'll be very diplomatic. Well we'll break down a game if she is she has she's also good at the leading tweets. She does. Yes yes. That's I I think with the eighth grade I I feel like you or for because finally someone goes on Twitter who somewhat related to somebody. In a world of professional sports in his spicy things he is a terrific follow me the only batter in his religious one single week. But Kate Upton missed week. At MLB after the Justin Verlander thing was spectacular and I'll tell you storm out there who can't tell on the air now OK fair enough. Our Brad goes out here after he tells his story off the air another hour until 10 o'clock root for you on the phone lines at 617. 7797. 937. I Chris is gonna tell a story when I leave I will hold them off the clean up the story not at all and and relay it to yield a lot a year till ten Sports Radio W yeah.

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