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Xander Bogaerts Player of the Game Interview 4-13-17

Apr 13, 2017|

Joe, Tim, and Lou talk with Red Sox Shortstop Xander Bogaerts after he drove in the winning run in the Red Sox comeback win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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And the congratulations. That that was a pretty tough pitching hit the right lying to put the reds actually had these of these. Annoy it was a bit too much the way with. With the there. To hazard too ridiculous to offenses that the percent last month when you're up there to your approach change at all during if batteries that you wanted to take it the other way. Not. I did it I didn't. Bob in my first losers. Maybe have some people to go to go other hole what I wasn't actually. With two strikes he he will be just sort of Pretoria south figured maybe you wanna go there one more time away. So I dispute just try to sort enormously just to the ball in play put. I had my eyes. Mark my my vision going forward though weight or just because he commitment that he missed the second. Pitch goes in early on the eight guys that make guys hit it out of the line at the various reasons. But and three or four occasions now already early in the year you put some big crooked numbers late in games that's got to. That's gonna really built some confidence yet in that dugout late game. I mean we we feel good as a team and all up. All of us the stuff we get in there held to wise though was off. What you with a good team Korea we have great guys and follow through nova built a solid team defense of the office of new pitching wise great coaching so. I think we can go far this season again. An absence of David. So we know we got to chip in each and every one of us who are about the strike Christian baskets you took out one of the throws on the caught stealing in the third inning have pockets there are hurried up that get his release his release is so quick. But one of the quickest in the game you know but he's a young kid I don't know of the catcher. That last great success it would be because that dagger with me he's attack to make respect to two up and then you gotta go down puts him before he puts it back so. That was a hawk may have made it look easy in that situation communicating in the infield were you thinking he might go on that pitch. I kind of saw him jumping around a lot of the first two pitches even the guy before him I was the value so. I figured maybe not I don't believe it was a stolen base threat type of guy but I saw him jump around a lot and maybe they thought it was gonna throw a slider is there any to a fast forward. Specifically talking got a pretty good job also. You know an article back in the game like that you can minimize damage early in the rut. Yup that first inning I thought he combined with that all that really kind of kept you witness game as well he did a nice job after the first. Yeah he did lead the heat the he do that homer of the proceedings and I kind of settle down. Gave an aggressive you walked three guys off the U what do you do about back in attack of an awful but they're a great job with that hasn't been doing all year you know we've got to give a lot of credit belongs. Fortunately. Who also missed some time had did you chip there at the eighth inning it. Guys hit pretty well at the path via power doubles I was the host is that an epic game and he I thought it was seven for fourteen. Off him this was short on TV so army's. Also pretty good off it was the got to play the game bot. He likes of type situation or because the tribes in the he's been around the league a lot eat he's. He's capable of doing damage no matter what whatever the Wizards please if you talk about water that was there. At a great to see you back in we congratulate you again. Yet today you gotta let it take you. All right always fun practicing you don't get a smile and his choice. Yeah it tells us everything too which is great couple not stellar day. You'd be happy and couple last night as well some other Red Sox win it portrait of an eighth inning comeback.

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