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The Real K&C - Icons, desperation & DC dreams 4-12-17

Apr 12, 2017|

Ken Laird & Chris Curtis tape after a Wednesday K&C with Trenni Kusnierik in-studio with Kirk and Gerry

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What the hell dais at Wednesday the twelfth of April I think the real K it's seek Italy and here it is an honor to be with they radio icon of poop and our staff productivity excellent scoreboard update here scandal there. A pizza and thanks well I'll say it is not about the broadcast last I didn't notice the public yesterday's big. It at a soccer may have been a buddy meters much Sheri was mythic college thank. Came up to be randomly at a burrito place that we. Big fan of the show was listened to podcasts on his app. On his own jokes lately huge vindicated seat especially likes when the curtain Jerry make fun you and I saw that a little sense of the you know this is biggest regular when he met yet look what they should all the producers pretty much. But that wouldn't big Curtis a policy you know we're getting noticed in public. I've had one such occasion as well I thought this was a month or two ago I was a little corner store and Sophie. And the sky was hit Chris and I just assumed I knew him from celebrities like hey I was trying to do it what's the skies mean like notes on. It's like big fan of the show I'm like. The bottom. And so huge so bowl all members of the statue it's going to be real currency. Next so close the Memphis Grizzlies and so we've combined to him in the short. Yet illustrious history of the real currency hurts your dog collar photo. Spread across. Atlanta. The brains behind the unit in this room while ago that could figure it frees us it's sit on the third. Lou down. Slowdown we do have big news though in regarding the a DC trip from the back up as you put it today on air during the regular show at 30%. You would docked adaptive chances that agency was going to be live at the White House next Wednesday with Sean Spicer. Sure and Spicer today are you by end with the tedious thrown down. So Josephine is our bottom told Jerry knew me and he says the you're going to it's official great hotel booked got a lot we've got studio book and one cabbie. Joey is coming along the that's what I know it's now 100%. That we are going I've been informed that I have to be very digital savvy I have to be taking pictures here is realizing or is it strictly for I've already gotten the markets dialogue they order from from Joey mocha China not to for a Wednesday morning we'll be lugging around equipment with three of them he's kissing passenger and Kirk the sort of be like himself on the back so it'll be very exciting trip. Jerry was there for the news he seemed at least yeah. I mean there were many complaints. That it is a bottle and again the details trip after the Boston lefty had a little. Skepticism that the fifteen minutes from here or there or did you know the distances that were thrown about records that are insufferable nonsense but I think Jerry is generally pretty impressed which you I thought he was impressed it also helped that. For the DC news came out our bottle handed Jerry parking pass for the Red Sox in the treatment so great he was already in good spirit because he's gotten his tickets he's got a spark us get more tickets because I saw an executive last night drop off another pack. It is up to 62 tickets it's -- the -- fought. The whole extended fairly is going to be in town that the delegates are rare respect for the morning shall hell's happening it's a baseball and we've established so mr. Choi will bring in mud built for someone are erecting new sales team respects that you know we got into that so I'm looking forward to a really federal everything to -- than ever with opposite is actually come to fruition what you've been personally invited here to a lot Milton -- from -- location you're gonna head down it fitted for a suit I don't know how does that -- while if it's truly spoke it's gonna be weeks could be weeks anyway I don't know did you go to got a four with the what do you know my first week this is how things have changed. Stitch the old producer people don't really know any thing they just call in and they blather on its view about Shawn Thornton myself Jerry Kirk. And you know went to Hilton's after a show and he knows just. I mean he would clear that place so it's good to be good looking at my son alive hat and my daughter of assembly and actually you know he's got like six carts full of (%expletive) Meanwhile these guys and elsewhere could not be nicer and loved the show of great support crucial Ehrlich would. Right into takes out the store after or before music capital grow right on the street that's open for once we all go to lunch and Kirk. Still it's a buyer kind of quietly ordering our salads in light lunches and then you know Jerry split the bill. It was just this Alamos like awkward. Once with a pair slept the note back in the glory back of the glory is Jerry Jerry Jerry and and are still laurel says when they were still all get along I'm enjoying it's important sites that. Always I was I was brought my waste is was probably 44. In April to speak in charity work for you seal and it's about a 33. Jeez well you get against some a new digs I'm sure Sean Spicer is gonna be as president based on today's events or the less the Toyota where I was events that soaring as despicable as Hitler didn't even seem to using chemical weapons but it does mean to make a comeback while away from the news cycle we spent a lot of time though today on the show trillion here on the Wednesday talking about John. Speaking as a foot Nile rare rare occurrence. So hateful woman gives them the chance to us through walk that back in the call us Ehrlich there was no he was not using the gas. And his own people the same way. That shot is doing in the there was clearly tied and stay with C a shot I should not be in this situation not. In the Indy he brought an intimate two. Holocaust. Equipment same way that the sanctions are finally went in towns dropped down to in this into the middle to welcome to the centered on your right opportunities to shower clean on the left some soup bread and work rules that you pretty close. And a new element like it was to meet him but that was yeah you keep it keep mr. and we hope it keeps Wednesday but. Long term might faith in the hole it's shaken and reduced role mean. Up there with the national security team Jesus yes but he's expendable unified. That's true there was a TV show about that it will we get any begins next week it Spicer is getting cut neo. Will we pitch for a chance at DG ET I've been having these dreams. Of light. Everything working out ago well where with Brady and craft and trump sees us and like I get a malls on the light and we get that great she'd had a dream lesson for the Bruins traded creature eleven drew Andrea and and I couldn't get this (%expletive) bless you guy I've gotten I've lost all hope from Farrar blessed. I can play. Her I love the player they like the player that's right. Dream scenario or scarier praising the great cars good job critic feels Axl or to the grosses but the more likely scenario is that. None of these people likes Atmel for five minutes. The Matthew Slater and get a mayor as a personal Leo was it an adult sponsored by organized around that they will be chasing him but his net. And be so busy trying to color. Open when Warren the talked to him about his experience what he's experienced an Oscar show is good it was a fool. You BJ. I've ever covered one of these I've no idea hours I've no idea how close sort of the players I'm hopeful that we get maybe Jonathan. On Wednesday morning before they go to the White House and obviously we'll shoot for Brady should trump shoot for Spicer. I just don't know exactly the days ago. We got into some inside Comcast after the initial training that was a highly entertaining she was a little uncomfortable with some of the salaries that were being discussed over their own Boston sports tonight including Michael hauling a. Are always make over 200 graphic content that's record that's close to would them. Went to a much hears it and same thing seems to be a big source of gossip these sports and then we we found out the number yesterday from a Major League but given us via the lowdown. Yeah and all pumped for Kurt it's going to be. Like him losing his mind when he hears this and it never even dog it's the right way in mid and the biggest myth is that you can keep anything from him he finds out about everything. Ever he has more sources dementia. And so we leave here yesterday we get on the error message series face or what he does what he thinks he has something them but Kirk doesn't know. I shouldn't tell us to Russia restarts and seller and Kirk I don't know errors like 24230 minute a terrific. And have anything over and pitcher. It was legitimately pissed at the possibility that her colleagues at night maybe one of the female colleagues and was making X amount of dollars Kirk had that myth built for a little bit and it was excellent excellent month iphones that. Everybody and it's it was making more than I do you we did there would be anarchy will we can work on. And I heard Casey Smith is making like freedom through twentieth skeptics that 220 branches. Plus Sammy got the same person to slow us down to 1 AM I Ina and that's. A person but I clothing line yes. I really don't I want that's. And normally. Don't watch it for pleasure to watch it because I pickets out as he should it is sort sort of masochistic part. I'm I'm listening to theirs and think. That the victims. Actually gave his somewhat sample pro wolf for the early edition city count. He doesn't he doesn't entangling intra day. Which is because tourney was. I. I will say this I'm enjoying your show because you understand. How to work with -- where you understand what we knew we have we have no I can't stand number of people three penguin like these normal a legacy she's gonna act differently which is not here I'm not a fan of that show award trouble would you wouldn't agree. That at least twenty and yes and yes it was Haley is arsenic elders and Feld is the issue I've had other doesn't wanna be there wise he's there. Maybe they should be more like Kirk in Jerry go added over Mike Pence bring a bold ratings. In a little soft spot like that today Kirk was digging into the old Dino and Gerry years why how where he's coming elected officially your base are very people who Larry I'm very well and I'm very well or because you were Smart I can I'm very Smart like I know where your rating was. Right joined the show. After the but that would be wrong you know taxes because in the seventh of vote for a a language course I answer I must say I I guess let me answer questions Jerry you're calling your rating on big game where might your sister your pasting these URE. For a little sensitive bone I Jerry was somewhat bothered somewhat offensive there seems to be. Different of opinion of what the ratings were before and shortly after Kirk joined the program. Lou I apologize sixty altar call in 2012 senate Mineta right here never I've never been on the top five. The worst book I think ever had was would you rewrite here fall December 22012. Think in the so. To freedom did you react onto a tie for seventh place to WB yours before a joint station four times as I know that that story was false Chad Finn got rock and stunner in. But it Mike MacDougal. Yet the ratings were bad because they could do the show they were supposed to do never forget I remember that show listen. Like a lot of people insurer did to the show I was working at the hub. The morning after Obama selected and are doing you know. Milwaukee baseball offseason talk they were neutered by management totally neutered but perhaps some balls it's brutal talking hockey Bruins pockets. We had a little Mark James revisit today Kirk I think in Jewish day missed that if you doubled Tuesday we brought mark back. Mark policy this days but at night on WE. IA. And I IMO. March games that Smart witty seed James ECW bring announcer when we please bro. I used to be ring announcer for UCW ever and uses the ones that changes everything and realize that Ben sorry or something is real and yet. We got a regular cart you left there at the the Bruins dropped it again get ahead again in early. I would add my little two cents all on the TV series. The Bruins apt to get up leave every game. Real earns a gust that's not even have funny Kirk's reaction to the top. The Mecca to market to show idiot mark and reared together there was some debate as whether we'd ever rear end tomorrow after game one meeting mark are we need to market reared together at some more idea desperate times call for desperate measures and people just lead a whipping boy in Iraq right now a lot of people's with the boys to go in this town. We along hitless segment today we did some. Guys guys I mean do we need to play right now I think what is the relevance of this. All of the station well of course it's stupid. It is a good point can. I got clearly your Ivan you may gradually each of something else you care more of those things and show that's great we're happy for you. But if you gonna be here today at the three hours' sleep at least you'd do nothing Ortiz on the productive OK here okay Starker OK ma multiply and subject as that was the right time going to that. Sometimes when it'll eight celebrity passes but YouTube musician feel like they like to set the tone that can and out of the gate you know put that over the open. Today was not the right call. Very muted ahead turn what the (%expletive) you doing and they are more at once segment regionally and we you would go on studio proposals that told a filler. And you had talked to him about coming out with Kiefer. So I had keep quotas you know on the united. Situation which was that assisting well stated interest to take a rich source the morale of the now he's got the and they say OK and then like three minutes later Kirk really say OK just elect briefly in the get a quick fixes the latter but it. One of those dispenses talk Becky and asked for box shoulders. There was at least we haven't gone and so at times. Over the course of the show Kirk mentioned sound for later purpose yet but but we have later right. So I'm intimacy connect going clarifying. Bodies still walk you ever want this keeps and and so it's it's it's a thing of beauty. This happens there's like five seconds. Until we rejoin masking Curtis in the control room aren't chicken out yes no yes no yes no planet now play it. And it fires and it's. But I am I'm in one why why are playing now wanna hear rich Keefe like I avoid this in rich keep my day was screaming about. Promised Vick missed an addition. Well no he told the season and that was organized an account Showalter sound which is obvious happened he should have that we can't find anywhere we looked all morning. So uncomfortable I I even Letterman writers. That are wrong decision. Could doors like my appearance on the mutt score which analysts. Could a little bit extra excellent score what do they here's camp player but did you thanks Victor of this there are times electorate that to a ten minutes ancestors so that was quickly to the low thirty's speaking a lot. And modest back in tomorrow's second time this week we get bonus mutt there was some discussion of tomorrow being the day of the Curtis V much music off. Music trivia. The music quiz like the movie trivia last week but would decide to be well all totally Kirk's gonna decide dispute that we might push this awful for it's a little too soon. I'm not backing down from any fights with the muck man but I feel like you're a favorite in this showdown you know that what claims he terrorized. I think there's nobody worse than I know dispatched that's yeah team pulled this that. Have heard dispatched. No flying horses that are sort in my youth from Boston debate and terrorists on the view you'd there was a sought a band of my office auto repair from your government is action he's vacant and up it's a friendly service on a view YouTube now I don't I don't yet I named as his program. Don't know like I'm really saying things. Veteran accurate term total swabs. Biggest ever atomic states Olympic Kirk like wrecks have been out all peaches corrected be perfect. Or are really deport up because odds are (%expletive) up at. Well I just Bristol uncontrollable and asked why I asked that was parked in Nam it's not you rapper who was booked. It's such a bizarre position because I'm like wait what advice that device that it takes Banda by you please exit through the did it weighs about. And stepped in began. No prob that's best militia when you (%expletive) And they Nicholas. Trip that was good today we callers donators some caller called fat. Now is relegated and that the U. Angela oh wait your yeah you. Are right. Argues at least. Matt Cain that could say what you want and all trying to hold on but let's be fair about this I don't agree with that we sale of attack anyway can't resolve it. All over the last of the Ike's. The other Chinese. I also attended your show last night did you shake our rather drag my balls crossed smiled broken glass object garbage and and. Yet John from all world. Was that the dogs out from all bros a double secret probation oh yeah yeah FBI on a test class retired. US. He'll. Secret national which knocked. Super secret colleges like a college sports talk radio cities to be aboard a secret intelligence. Allen an art market are. Relying on your line you've never hear you like Jerry wanted to changer in the military or John I probably. You try to work the post office to find jobs for Europe and whatever you did which you know you have your little dreams would I like I used to dream of being on the cell. OKMR secret military guys watch compensation right now I'll be living ally and that's that could kill you and that went into sharper tomorrow. He you can with the how much. All right of course you're our guy from secret intelligence would give whose actual maybe your call the sports talk radio does it isn't without it's not a very creative thank you. And China lying why what was going I'll give you some empty she need to protect injury in secret intelligence at the law group like right now because that'll. Secret intelligent guy again John if Kirk let me and like to ask who questioned what the secret I've never heard that term. Like the FAA out. Would Euro and the gentlemen here on CI CIA you've kept your intelligence quite secret so far during this college give credit. Well I can't believe it FB RBI and like that but. So secret. That twenty years now my contract to work for a company called lack want to Kirk. You and not allow. Our mind and he lost yet even believe that I need a beer is secret dozens of and you and Panetta black water near Lyon in. By the way I looked up his phone number isn't him through this again it's like nobody would close it is reasonable world that's the name. Does the breakthrough and definitely just go ahead of the breed of that's bond brand new look stock in trade was being grilled about her vibrator so you know we editing a ball melodic rock out to that we did. Like when you're survivors and up online doesn't come to your house and I'm not comfortable Tyrod storage yards but as a would you order your vibrator. Governor and the one time when you do usually comes this model you have right now some weird. One you don't we use. Went to birthday so in April 30 guys ganging up. We've Yucca tell me which I pretty seeks that you. She's just respected team and put a little too late you should use one I did say and it's like when you order winds and I sort of OK these are you check out random people's vibrator orders not Crocker occasionally the friend of mine Saturday Anglia. Yesterday we had moderate to mossy and Jerry I also thought that was good. Like Tuesday Wednesday backed. Jerry was thrilled with what yesterday and some two months and I've gone back and four for five minute yes and I did when he appeared anything that you don't like Saturday's. Last days last few he made a big deal about knocked up past 7 o'clock in the picture and I thought I I thought that's why you're here against and again shall be as nobody saw it's like to take it all the other segment the same thing you don't stop on the stuff you talk a little against some big dead air welcome Ozzie takes in that but that's him that's what he does ultimately hysterical and all I'll explain why Marshawn Lynch he's in the patriot much the patriots are using marsh on lynch check ID you could've said that five minutes ago month. I did just that right now. He did say five minutes ago if you said right now so after the idly Jerry said next time what's it were an item seven starts. Yeah so a 67 will be just Jerry incur tomorrow home and model being at several organs and Cumberland farms for breakfast. And will be happy to have them. As to what I've also about to do that but with a little rattled yesterday hanging mutt. And credit during a break right after Jerry and ultimately. A headline news goers in Portland seller ever in the market next. Though he certainly did. She's been Avaya. Now he's like that. Reliable base they hold now the most beloved member of the casting couch and think it's amazing it's the fluctuations desperate times call for desperate measures sports cards get some sleep please us. That I nailed a sucker but this is a Kirk minute special here. You are on two hours' sleep for an. Three Munich three this'll be our final podcasts until after Easter. Yeah I guess self Jesus this'll Leo first last week for I'm off Friday Monday Tuesday jets in and you guys are DC solo reconvene next week at Boeing next while nuttall. Figured out sometime next week. The repair Ricans could weaken.

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