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Apr 12, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss Season 1 of "Legion." They break it down like only they can. (Spoiler free to start.) How does it compare to other comic book shows and what is the future of the character? Plus an April TV preview in "This Week in #DORK" and much much more.

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If the door. My path to leave the door to my chances which cheek is the door. The idea. Is that you guys today don't mind cash. Thanks for journey into another episode of hash tag dork I'm once again host rich keep Jordan once again is Ryan Davey Davey howry who. It's good to have you back ride as we talk legion in and out some people are saying they did that show. And a couple of weeks ago Walt tough models. Yeah. Now's the time we were able to digest it we're able to do this is actually show that you probably had to watch a second time. Because it's computer addict. The clock it's computer it's not. I actually in the end the week after we did iron fist actually went back. What this season finale in and watched everything dad yeah yeah in preparation for this for this part. So on this will live on forever this'll be in the dork archives forever so why chances are pure and two weeks we've already finished it but maybe year you've been backed up. We will still started we always do was spoiler free. And then get in to spoil learn is. But before we get into legion let's get into all the dork news. Why did you see these four rag Iraq teaser trailer. I saw that the war wracked Iraq teaser trailer two dozen times in the past 48 hours it was great. Yeah. I really enjoyed it. Now don't we saw some of the still pictures before so we know is gonna. The colorful that is the word regularly knew it was going to be that. But it every every looks god as far as combining you know crazy action and fight scenes with a little bit of the yet comedic element and it looks like it's going to be all that. And it was never ever early on like I forget who Olympic the director Tyco which he'd loaded into an effective Billick he hit it as like a buddy cop. Space. Which sold it to you here they go OK that sounds really cool them what they showed like you know what. He might actually pulled itself. I look me in the line with the war you know he's the result excited to see halt and he's like yeah I like our work with him like that is good stuff now. I really excited about either for a movie that we forty scene when your eye of the regular normal that sort of really do forming. No it doesn't but I think in I think. And there are some pork and spare the sports fans out there yes it was going to be like you just don't we get it dissident wanted to look at. I have a great. Fifty foreign Norse mythology that the other they fight this guy eat. Scott Scottie. Or Scottish cap yeah bombed and that later. But IED really like the director here. I got from New Zealand who did such movies as eagle vs shark. What we do and shadows to accomplish security did you see that movie little documentary looks parsed and really really good stuff also without com. Really talented director pellet upbeat kind of standout close personal friend Jermaine Clement who will get into. Rule yes he was very good. By the way if either one of a solid core with tin can let's look sounds like right now I don't know what that is where in the oven in new studio and I don't know if that's on me or what's going on. Great on my okay good firewall that's on been on everybody's. He's going to do issue idiotic. Yost added in post. Now we certainly will also up for Iraq Iraq. A thing I I was obviously looking forward till it that this is one of the rare cases kids. Now we know so much about these moves before they come out we know so much about a before we even see it a teaser or trailer especially these ones that are in their own universe is like I didn't. I didn't need to see a guardians trailer. Volume two to be excited about it what is automatically laws. This is one of the few times right saga select yep I'm even more more anticipating at that I thought but now like I'll while we get we till November to see this like number I'm pretty excited. And I think would reelect soccer you know we're gonna see it for another four movie yeah. You know I'm like OK like that's cool I have no problem negotiate or movie in the theater and well but actually looking forward to. Now I really am and then now you also throw in doctor stranger we did not see. In the trailer but he will be in a movie. We without regard to this as a very guardians feel to it it does. Even the graphics like the graphics I'll be a little logo at the end and what the new guardian graphic they look. A lot of like the do you gotta wonder you know at some point they gonna show up in and help out a couple credit heaters. Dick WW big surprise because they've already said they made all these ridiculous announcements of all these characters are gonna be infinity war we're like yeah no no kidding. This could be that'd be one that maybe they don't tell anybody. And that was him metaphorical tomorrow. Now in the world of DC movies I know maybe not as strong as they are moving universe the DC compared to the marble. I would say yes yes a little bit weaker. Let it weaker less strong now this is a rumor this or that can read it rumor. That minute steals to which they are can apparently make immediate demand is still too even though that may be Superman essentially was man of steel to. Regardless or make a minute till two in the villain Ryan. A lack Adam. Led by the rock now. It did just that yes you know because one that I resisted that assisted god awful Carriker and two. But it's nice to see. Plain job that I called by Israel and now I think he's trying to go playing torque split up so to keep Dwayne the play of Villa. Yes is it now is if interest. I like that also a member SNL that whole bit about how a blue they'd give us an all about how he's like the series. Savor like when they threw him in the fast and the furious or did you throw him into whatever kind of movie. View all the way back in the day when he like came on the mommy a little scorpion king wasn't great but. If there aren't there is still shot in the arm would with the rock -- that's exactly what the DC extended universe needs. And maybe it doesn't mean people he definitely has following. We'll tell you this right now he'd write a lot of people don't know list com. I'm supposed to say it like this because that security was marketed to who's gonna make me do it but how. If you throw that out in Massachusetts calling feel okay comet Dwyane Dwyane is now married to be. The girl that my two mile. Square weight real. And my mother in law is like the biggest Dwayne Johnson stand on the planet now. She likes swept him like you wouldn't believe it's a sad Iran's. Hi they were finally appear like a couple of years apart a Bradley they know each other but not going to be about like this he like I did not. You know you can Google it oh there. It's not not migrate the vodka but it's silly it's got a famous person. Hewitt on. Beverly TLC whenever caliper weight diet like a reality show yes I do like she was on Matt and Mike. 18 or almost wanted to welcome. And then nothing really Canada. And shoot so yeah I mean you know dated. Now who's gonna replace we left that Lopez do you think your line you know one back broken light a match and burned down mediocre wide receivers out. Now that's unfair he was not mediocre he was quite good hit it two years we don't want to sports talk Andrei. Andrei bad moon horizon yes. So anyway. Oh white Ryan is out on black Adam. Yeah I'm just so oh maybe. You know we get all wrapped not a pattern make that a character worth seeing but even when playing them the game injustice like just days away from the public. Have to pass. Yeah again like the Iraq don't rule them all wild about the character and I'm certainly not wild about men of steel tube so. Now he's been did you see the publisher poster for nothing like it. As attorneys has pretty slick. Mostly neglect is I. Looked like he'd been issued and a bunch of different caliber bullet. A lot of different rolled out yet to make the skull there are so it isn't going to be this year so we know we're getting the defenders and we know we're getting publisher. This year I gonna go out on a limb and say both will be better than iron fist. I think took two and I didn't terms of timing so this has been wrapped. For some time but it wrapped production on and sometime bear some talent multitude of though it's done. I'm guessing it'll probably be all the public said. It would make sense that they put remember when just jelled came out like October November yeah yeah like that tied at what it before Christmas like that time slot. Now we are you yes I do there's so yeah pumped with a report that. Speaking of TV or television programs. This month April. If you're listening this month. Here's a ton of great TV shows. Come back this month now. America's go to the list here give me your your thoughts maybe you're excited you're not excited you don't watch the show you will watch the show whatever else and then I'll add my two cents. Okay. Last night we're recording this on to this a Monday night better call salt season three debuted. The. I'm very much into this show I did miss hit I would I would unavoidably detained that's fine do too much but I'm excited in that. OK we got that first tee it was great. Yes if you would just OK who's who's yup it would still better than 80% of what's on TV group. But now I'm that we hear reports that old Gosling. And are. Also why are making an appearance this season. Which right and so here's here's my problem with better call song and I know it gets great reviews and everybody loves that. I've got season to for the most part was pretty boring episode one or give anything away I also felt for season three I also felt. Was boring but if you watch that I know you didn't but it view the listener watch that they want what happened Tommy what have I I watched the hour and ten minutes. It is a little bit longer. And what really got done so. They are excited. Yet you should reach around hit but here's the thing. Police now like they've already got us that were were both breaking bad fans arguable that low breaking bad though they've already gotten us and so we're gonna wait to see. You know. Most players are mono stairway to see his first interaction Walter White you know may we've already seen it in breaking grab a work. We're reports of that in now so what I don't like is the best stuff in season one was sort of finding out who this guy was like he's always different aliases like Saul and gene and Jimmie liquor. We're try this listening to appear on this guy as season to. To me is telling if it wasn't a breaking bad tie in that I was bored to tears by so we'll see we'll see also the watch. But it's not as good as some of these other shows I think that are coming out this month. What we all know that one of the greatest things ever come out of this this universe if you can call it that. It is one of the most storied franchises in the German league and football. Club. Yes you must where are my house yet managed by and eat up. Which is you know had a lot of success but now we have to battery yet look we're look for. You know titles just yet. But as you know again there. How about on Friday the reboot or the new look mystery science theater 3000 will hit Netflix. In this this is the big misspelled it factor for me can remember coming home. From school. And like two or three in the afternoon and immediately elect sitting down to do homework before I let you practice or whatever. And to show crowd watched back to back at work kids at all. In mr. deer 3000 grew one room. In my blood back to back like yeah exactly play a lot immediately my cable from school well I am really excited about this and now I ate seeds and stills and stop so I hope hopefully because I'm excited to movies they watch exactly hopefully there'll be more content you know I mean. Yeah that there will be that Patton Oswalt good inside shirt a surely find some of the Fort Hood Texas some of those episodes this weekend. Also this weekend Ryan I know this is the show that you don't want to discuss this before. Want Jerry you can't watch everything it's true and what my favorite shows of all time is entering its third and final season that's the left overs. In some of the people some of the critics at a forty watch the season are saying it is their words not mine extraordinary. So anyway I'm from rock hard to see the leftovers. Also also. That and same night I'll veep is back although I sure the season behind on deep but he's very gut. Old common academic. And yet people can beat fine how about get our next week's logo season three. I'm really excited about it there's this I love the idea so far even a movie Fargo we you have like. You most like brutal crimes happening with like. The nicest people on the accents are amazing yeah yeah I immediately just click the public really likes salt or beer like that people doing me like horrific thing it's amazing. Look like dark comedy a lot yeah you know might my father and I were like trying to tell I don't know cubic Coen Brothers and put all. I Philip. Like my father kind of weird and that we watched like Cohen brothers' movies and then my colleague but he'll call me and after it. Did you think this was hilarious and yet I was really funny yeah peninsula military and No Country for Old Men a much doubt malaria. Yes and no such known principles Hillary. Yours that you are not throwing out and they each every week here on the podcast oh also Nestle tie in the lead or one of the leads for season three of Fargo is Kerry Kuhn. Who is one of the leads in the left overs so at that time and time out altogether but it brought us Sunday the 23 of April Silicon Valley comes back. It says in terms of displaying this is probably the shell I'm most excited to see it's just another one by one they won be it silicon Alley is like. I can think of silicon silicone. Salute and play. Well. So it would counsel come on silicone yeah Lee what is it still can't go on the front Silicon Valley. You know one of the guys that still conduct. You know I will clean up or clean and all the post. Met now out of any other TV shows I don't want to. That wrapped up I think last month. Until a personal want to that maybe two of the people the world watched Graham. I failed at it that's fine so they just finished it with a series finale six seasons of Graham. And it's one of those all through like. David BC's premiere grim and I'm like this probably just still on. Armstrong is a Friday nights like for ever and so what a lot a lot. It's. I hit it. Yep that's why why put that they're not gonna watch it but I guess now DVR and everything people watch it but I would just say this for the other person out there that saw Graham. Spoilers on and on grim series finale there was one of those ones where. At this point there's kind of like ten main characters and there's Graham there's Doug Graham. And then there's like nine other like his best friends and girlfriends or wherever also at the main characters. And so. During the end there. Blake to the care to the main characters die in a public Krupp was like to either kill these characters that they've been off for six seasons but in your like a guy like. After an edgy and that's they're gonna do. Then they kill. The other like everybody else but the grid dies in elect Jesus Christ and the like you know what there's no chance it's going to be one of those things where. That was an alternate reality or like that what could have happened and that's they did nobody died public is something that's just. Terrible mama also elements in this Ryan or this might be unbeknownst to you. Next week whatever we choose to do for the podcast is gonna be be 100. Episode of hash tag dork. Oh now if only our tenth on WB EI but if you out of all together and I did that is a hundred guys connected. So I'm trying to think we don't have to decide right now trying to think what we should do. You're probably not do something like generic notion distill it to TV show or movie which probably to some than the that a little special for the listeners out there. The ideas of Lola that all float feel what if you yet out it's say it's a fewer of our listener email. Don't look at email back like we did for episode fifty. And then you do like five or ten minutes with everyone who's ever been. Jesus Christ I can't back kind of time. We edit edit in about what you know what in July if I could do like a minute or idyllic a mega mashup right diskette each person. I just go back to the old episodes in Gillick some words of each person that says you can only got a they are. I think we've had house comes up to their that we had eighteen. Different people along. Yes it's too much at UT is this must hit it trouble it's much too much to email bag. We encourage if you're listening to that please read do read your email yes and bill. We do read Twitter. Anybody who elect has got a response from us up that we do absolutely respond. Let's interact at dork podcasts on Twitter and dork podcast at gmail.com. Go on from Jared was talking about zero this season and aero which is really good by the way. Of the power play succeeds and one was amazing too was good to three and four Sox then five's good again so that's. A three aero stand a parent are you ready for the next segment of the program. Sure. It's time. You know okay. Either man. Right it is the million minute what do you got okay this is kind of big news polls and they sit around. This out resort on security clamp you rarely stand love a good sit. So. Opt not a videogame percent. In the did not. Even video game it looks good news but it's different spent. Be very rigid and sitting down and are among the business yeah. They may not be maybe they may really take us working out. Maybe get the treadmill get off the stationary. You didn't hear about that followed Barack ready yes the University of Utah. Hit the main news this week they are going to BB first university. To offer monetary. Scholarships for video games. Sol. This issue one minute video game scholarships to go right now I all say they're only partial scholarships. They're getting no. The school like seventy million dollar athletic fund like they don't. And that just yet but person B is going to partially sponsored players Opel legal legend and a rocket week. With plans to do spread it out in other games are able six or watch. A bunch other counter strikes a bunch of other games that are actually gonna come on board in the air. Went further and are actually encouraging other schools like damn. To put money into this and you're further release sport of edicts. I think we're I think we're. Make it some progress here and they make progress where were legitimizing. All the time he spent playing really against. If you think about it for people who sailor is (%expletive) whatever elect I tell a kid who went to like Pepperdine. On 82 but scholarship. Being able to better at technique technically an athletic scholarship demand had OK do you Wake Forest to bull. You know it would give these beat this money out there who blew the more I will tell you that there are at least twenty. Division one women's golf scholarships that are under used. Every year. We go to that's. Another ripped a real that's why would you come up with a Tom I believed I was told that December 08 a delicate okay I'll take college counseling. Office. She's that. What now there're two when he unused women's golf scholarships. Michael division one golf scholarships from women that go on use unused so you know what you need to do you have your daughter start playing golf. You years we see well a bit to what they've played hockey should still expensive yet not all the all the pads forget it skids roaring time. That's for the Irish. You know what might hit my old daughter tabulated see that cute little pair direct there yeah if you learn how to get really good with Pam. You know if you learn how to be atop a double quote top elected could explain person. Go to college with death stroke. As a 2.0 this at the bit about some though think about out there anything else limited in minutes. I think that's about it I've added there's not a lot not a lot going on this week now had a lot of that. Yeah you don't know good good judges I didn't wanna just you know have you leave anything behind. Are let's get into it. Legion Ryan leads in this is the show. Took the world by storm as they say it was eight episodes on aspects it is a moral bull. Production as that word. Air wanna start what no spoilers here. And as we normally do in the notre no spoilers portion I ask you Ryan. Did you like it. You have I would do that cured that we've got to leave it out there are you know we got our great. Topic does your bag short TI outweighed Ford never shifts. Our I know you did like didn't soda and I. Yeah I think I was more intrigued by it then entertain immediate visually stunning stunning like it. Global art. Yeah it really feel like in this amazing suit and we said this about a lot of shows. You know but for a television show to have this kind of quality and production. It's like is these you know these are the same people that brought us Fargo shall we were just talk about which is great news coming back. And they got their hands on this character who's an obscure but very obscure character even dorks like us may be no very little. About legion maybe you get caught him in a couple comic books here there but he's not a prominent X-Men. Or excellent character by any means but vague get a hold the home. And just do it just do an unbelievable job when it. Yes and I think one of the coolest things I thought was wouldn't bring part of it showed again. When those spoilers RC but these do only thing I knew. About legion going into this show was probably the biggest thing about him so that they that they didn't much in the show they still a little bit but. El Al at the end they do they did but yeah I understand yet. Com and I thought it was one of the things that I really appreciated with it too is that it was required of a really cool. Depiction of what people would consider like mental ailments. Yes you know and it was there. A lot of characters in the show. Who were elected. You can you would classically call them like mentally ill. You know and how they had some form of it would be like depression and schizophrenia. Or you know posttraumatic stress or you know something like that like it was. In all the characters you know so. It was here really cool way to bring to those issues to light up like that. You know it it definitely was and again very different. You we've now seen so many comic book shows yelling in just in the last five years we'll say is numbered at the out of west that man tackle the young now you have. All the different network shows that you have you know agents as shields. And well aging Carter you have golf on yup all the shows on the CW. Which they now of what for what you for super girl on there like there's so many. Ways to do comic book show and someone normal like. Get the Netflix shows you sit and watch those and you can tell of their very much on the same universe right like they're all. They're all fighting in hallway it's putt there. We look at things didn't. Even the weighted shot again the way that the that the color use in the way it very greedy very dark yeah salt. You get that sense and then my on the on the CW. It's all kind of same idea where. Are these characters like pierce the superhero the may have a good team and they go back to their pace and they figured out they have like attacked our computers personnel and they that now they're adding superheroes are going around save in the city. But I like those shows but they're all com they're somewhat formulaic wears this like from. From jump street elect. What to expect but the first thing I thought it was a thought like the movie inception. But I actually wasn't a huge fan I know that's crazy to say people are upset with me but. I didn't logged inception this. I actually really did like. You go to Mike it was like it but it was it was different. Because this is your time and a mutant and it's in it's one of his like mental powers another one of the mutants that the bird on the one of the I guess you can say teams up with he also has a power where you're doing a lot of stuff in the mind so you know dreams necessarily like inception but. Well find work and you just didn't really know. Where the show's gonna go which I thought was great. I think I think I wrote in my notes to I was more intrigued with this show that there was entertained. Because one of the things that our government to ourselves one of the things that. What is difficult for me that was if you would turn away. Two small children so if you turn away from this show for it yeah you'll yes. Because you're literally and the only thing in one of the cool things and isn't giving any way that you know where you are in the show is based on color. Of the Ramirez. And yeah part of their Sony details are so many things that you could miss out on its a good point the other shows they jumped you know Watson gets up on the flash. And I can also be on Twitter where I can also be doing other stuff and just look out and in that kind of thing. Legions definitely one of those shows where you're you gotta be locked in or your or your stuff. You look down look don't put that out and you look into the wind help what that would help them if you know please let let them and well we're all we're completely different reality now right. But what one of the episodes Versa what what is an illness like the idea militarily as is any is any of this real. These early on so good character breakdown we saw that early on we're like all right. I don't know who was real or what's real but he discovers sort of play the game and move along. I would say this what they proved to me in this series was that you can take. I think literally. Any comic book character from say marvel or DC. If you have the right people behind it you can make it very intriguing distill your word of shell. Because let's face it legion if I'd told you. You know two years ago you know legion the character that you know very little doubt for the most part you know him. They're doing a show starring him at. There's been no other acts minute there's going to be no other real connections it's it's going to be a standalone thing. But. What a what are you doing why would you possibly do that I ever I was even more on the let me go back to like our what a comic con episodes where we were going through all the trailers all the previews. I think we still like ten seconds on the spot okay legion. A day anyway and I don't I don't care. But yeah we got a got sucked in and it was really good. Most of us are some think we should just wait for spoilers so. What would your hash tag dork raiding course one through six on the Infiniti stones would you give season one of legion. All right so I go back and forth they can do are we doing now stones still. It's real effort to adapt. You know a lot of the audience hates it but I feel like Rick I'm okay with a. That thought I would day. Or perhaps. It would up four point 56. Solid debut rounded up it would be a five. Yeah I'll bet they sent. You know I I agree a 100% actually because I think it's closer to a five but five makes us feel like. I liked it more than I did the guy like it but I didn't I wasn't like glided along it. Like five to be like you need to keep it yes I expected like masterpiece vibe is like you really need it. I don't know again that cute thing to do knocks I have on our one if you just let the casual comic book. And Colin book TV talk of property and yeah but you probably could be administered as a result. Abstract. Yes it's the other thing ya like that it exists in fact you were like there's no price to. Yeah. Well actually our area that's true we can debate that the second. And I also say and pardon my French it's the whole thing as a mind block. But the Joey Dooley described as you watch and some of the scenes of mine who what is this. So it's it's especially geared. The largest rabbit. In the movie like you just pretend you've never seen fight club and you decide to watch it after you take that point. That's like totally. That is in the at eight of those. You know say again it's difficult to compare to other comic book shows but just you know for me and I've seen. I've not seen agent of shield by scene probably most of every other cop talk show. Or the last few years. And this to me like I like daredevil more highlights Jessica Jones more. Ands. Again makes when arrows really go the season one of aero I think about it like more but that's also more character that I like but I really like the green arrow. But legions Paula better than everything else. Yeah I would say you know it's I would prefer to edit and did a lot more to grab on to there. Yeah locate locate as a good yours it is it is but it it's pretty. In terms of like. Philosophy and in terms of like you know like meet and you know it's very straightforward yeah yeah whereas if I could watch this show report times. And still elect where. Al yeah in and you know you're gonna pick up on extra stuff that you hadn't seen before either so that. Yeah I think world will give it an official foreign half out of six. On the hash tag dork scale. It's announcer but the spoilers against so if you haven't caught up yet no one skip ahead to the end. Or if you don't care keep on rolling on the start. Basically the show. Is David who was one of the most powerful mutants. In you find out but he has a parasite attached to him since he was a child which you we'd be later tell used the shadow king. Who like like legion is in a bunch of comics but is not. Not one a year in Iraq or put while at the top 45 villains list early I certainly wouldn't. But so he's dynamite how did you know what you actually up Paterson he's gaining strength from David and it's not until episode. Seven which to me was probably the best episode of the entire series it's not until then that David is trying to figure this out as he's talking to himself. About how his father who will get into. I'll probably got to a battle. With the shadow king. AM and fear the shadow can put them later on Shattuck in fines. His father's kid that attaches himself to a collective twenty something years. Yes so at that and that was iconic figures around like he destroyed. This it has solid destroy the shadow of king's body but not as conscious as an in the consciousness. Found its way into. David so yeah again this visit in interesting take on what it needs to be elected to credit. Reckon that's a big part of this whole thing is where it so his adopted sister. Just bought for the longest time the that's what he wants what he's schizophrenic. And she visits him you know at the hospital but that's just wondered is it not not allowing yourself to say is this the guy. Who's got how course like these these this is actually apparently he's easy mutant and it's also it's similar to a lot of the X-Men movies in the sense that. The mutants verses. What regular humans are non mutants like the army the north east like that but there's there's a real. Bomb battle fair like. Like regular people hate the mutants they hate the X-Men they love the avengers because those people all got their powers you know different ways but if you're born this way or you'd like eventually develop these powers. People are terrified of you and that's when it comes. And one of the things that's our I kept thinking about Logan it was that you know they're they're talking about it Xavier how like the most powerful mind. In the world is now broken and Michael what you gonna do you read Jeremy to I have this guy who's like very unstable. Like mentally and you know he's he at least freaked out early on where he just like bloat of the world yes just because he just has a bad day it just so you eat it's. Cool thing to elect a mutant who's not really in control of what he's doing. Yet and that's announced that the the big fear and they mentioned early on when he's get Oleg and the people from division three. You know get a hold of woman they're like you're of the most powerful mutant but that we've come across. So it a point guard that they're aware of mutants and they've they've dealt with a woman forever all the different powers are but he is the most powerful one. So this is so Oslo second reading some of the stuff about legion and there's been different people who love. Different producers and directors and things that have talked about leads in and it's interesting. Because you have the X-Men are obviously under the fox umbrella and there was some thought that leads in. Would be again this is an FX show that legion would be in the X-Men universe which. Let's face it. We're all kind of an X-Men universe because they don't keep track of everything they've raced a bunch of things like it's it's literally all over the place so wouldn't be that much of a stretch to say that he's involved there. No like I understand the need to kind of can accented like you know connect the dots and that's stuff but I felt like this but again. It felt like while they were subtle nods to other things are mentioning of other things there was. It it is understood that don't concede that existed. In now all lol a little time. It's definitely its own eight episode thing it's it is without question you can have this. Isolated now there's also I forget who said this. But there was thoughts that the character legions could join the MCU. Which of course is the avengers universe. Guardians all those guys they could join at that. And just sort of start out as a show at the show is successful. You find a way to incorporate. Him there are high you do that and they were saying that that also might. Like to Daniel fox and marble. They would have to sort of joined together in May be legion is the warned that that sort of bridges the gap switched to crazy but. I don't know I guess that would rule anything out as it relates to him. Pop up but a movie your brother Micah. I would give it at the same time like do you want to exact order that is muddy everything. It could automate Africa and so obviously the biggest part and the only thing that I think you and I really knew about legion. Was up professor X is this bother. And so that. All loan and professor acts. Our weathered store earn back a boy have been in more like eight or nine movies in the band is alien movies. That they're all kind of different. Timeline ish stuff rightly that you know days of future past sort of reset some things. So. You could make a case that Ari he does belong in this universe because that is such a key part of this. That that's his dad they also this is true. The the wheelchair that they show. They never once say Charles Xavier they never say professor acts. But they show like a little scene where they show though the classic wheelchair we'll look with the acts. And that is the exact launch from X-Men apocalypse. Okay those they got the border line the bottom line though it. The timeline no except now I get it is going to be. Yeah so that's what they're doing there and so. Again the professor X stuff is fascinating because especially if you're watching Collins book stuff here watching legion and maybe at all you're being introduced a legion. For the first time in you're seeing how. How insane that his mind powers are. You sail well. Like he's got to have something to do with either like Jean Grey or permafrost or obviously professor expects it would only make sense burned out some sort of connection. If scenario that's that's what you get. What would you say whoa gorgeous there was one of your favorites. Scenes and in the answers. One of my favorite team throughout the ballots pretty cool they've been and he was seven. We that was by far my favorite episode it was an episode seven and that's what yet. Or my eight and do you date when in the shadow OK and finally breaks they get out of David. He goes in to did. And then into Kerry's going to be so every time yeah it was like jumping from a person to person yet those knots. Side and you wanna go big fight scene with him switching people yeah yeah it's going around yep yep no doubt that people. I'll get it every elected that this is an episode seven let. When it. Let me so play by our Papa. No boo I would argue senate in the beginning it is not new which is very weird but. Throughout but she got better as the series went on yes you're we're glad we're there and seek out worse they're cared who got better. You know mr. should play good crazy just this year but once you lose. She had did in Cary you like cornered yeah direct connect out kind of later really cool elect a black and white and everything yeah really cool thing. I was dead I liked I mentioned before when. When he dated. Was talking to himself and his self. Had the British accent which Dan Stevens does like him realize that easily do you think is normal west. But they're going to the holes are chalkboard thing and that's where they sort of tell you about his dad. You know fighting against shadow king and they really this map and out CU which also sort of like. Legion for dummies delegate may be having gotten this yet but we're gonna explain all the other thing Chrysler I mean yeah. Like this. And it's a good thank. You recession so then. We have got to get. We're about to wrap this up but we just let our political gonna make this easy tree hill the describe it to you now much and maybe you know maybe I'm talking to himself and his. Is other persons himself at a British accent yeah subplot just because he goes somewhere that his father and a British accent. Mom the day maybe. Short it could be you know I like that actually yeah sure. I also like the scene early on where. He escapes like when he's in the pool right they're like over the withdrawal of the shock you and Neil Young you know it's another those three. Are you excited for season two. Which starts next February. Come and I'm glad it and together at the end of episode eight. You know it it was kind of ended and then I know I'm not to be EMC two with that post credits scene. Yes Owen oh yeah exactly. Does that go Hollywood basically saying like you we don't have direct thought the things they do but also it was a way for us to. This is how he's into it starts so like. And it did you do phrase used was out of the frying pan into the fire select your double one thing and I Iran to detect that immediately. Yeah exactly condone the real like the ending of season long that is the shadow king are you going inside of all of her. But then serve the start since season two is David getting sucked up into a drone. And echoed those strong that it or belong to is you know could clearly it's not division three. Would mortician one. Would you want us. Would you what the through which you can see. They've given scholarships to the millions now would you wanna see professor X in season two. That. Briefly. Yeah more. Character got a million but more like Seymour or at least him figuring out who is her or something like that. Mama are quick character breakdown here first yet David. AK legion place played by Dan Stevens brought out those very good. Yeah maybe they're really good job. He didn't have the lead and looked on that you look at you know the moral database theater doesn't like that right. But has like. That would go crazy. Crazy up I think that at that very you know that term but it is how do you yet now palm but. In the beginning it was really cool to see you know his character figure out. He's not. You know the of one point system to the effect elected the worst part about schizophrenia as it makes you think that you're not crazy. Right yeah it's so he's he's always love that edge and he doesn't know. It is great here and up. And then to tie it all together. James Mac Voight who plays a young professor X also plays a schizophrenic in the movie split which and a and that. But the hospitals local together now you had Sid Barrett. Played by Rachel Keller who go by the way it was in Fargo season to remember her and she was doing it. She was awesome amount. Hum but how would she not rogue leg early on big which is doing sever stigma gloves off when she like takes their power in my Beckham like that's rogue. Thank well I'd like road with the transfer of power where's she's kind of like she's switches bodies with David at one point. Based switched consciousness at one point. Journey means so it's like yeah it didn't look like instead have a direct let me just like draining power out of you like regional power yeah you're just switching. Like she'd never there at the scene. Where they hit for the first time an episode to whatever and they switched. Yeah right rhetoric and brother did you you know they were so what you need to do. You grab your stuff to. I would probably would think it's a terrible thing to do but. Look at you don't have you're gonna snap out of out of Nazi I did well you know all the stuff we are through most of us. Well adult and we've we've had that thought from nowhere were fighting you know. What would indeed you know it men and I think that's human piloted science. So you're saying we've all had that thought that if we switched bodies with a woman mole would we do. You haven't thought about other well I guess not. Not really heated at that moment re elect finally someone talk so where are. And if he stood the issue is out there and then leaves him the title but he looked up Woodstock and about that this is the stuff above their weight more dead either. And I did add that as much but anyway I thought she was good you're dimension Aubrey plaza. Who played Lanny. Who was David's friends but then later on was in his consciousness. As. Really the shadow king or was at a mall farouq. A multi Farouk general came. Who will look like within a yellow light double or political. Yep so what did you what was this who's the scariest. Version of the villain was it just. Let me ask a riddle me first about the three you have Aubrey plaza. Looking like player complete psychopath. You have a dead lob god doesn't have an act like the guys is that the big head and then you also have to kid from the book the world's anchors boy in the world. So that's an episode was pretty scary and very Bob the dukes feel to it. It's odd very much have bombed a so apparently. Is that no holly how easily and he actually wrote that book it's that book exist and not selling it yet but they might like he literally wrote he decided wrote that book the world's anger is board the world. Another player the scariest iteration of the Shattuck saint yes. Doc. Oh yeah. Because about it every like serial killer who like taking it bites from like dog urge you are told to do it but that's pretty. That's a lot of home yeah doesn't appoint. Had a death then by Jack. Nicklaus world. At the at Mellon through. You also had Kerry and Kerry. Louder milk those of the two that joined bodies. And then. The female would only age when she was outside of the male that's it's a very weird chairs a firestorm third weird care to renew the way like Taylor. I was I was really I thought that character was really cool again it's like you know you have. Two very different sides but one's personality. Because they describe themselves when they're in Mike etiquette episode six when they're all in therapy yeah yeah. And in their talk to the world we are the same person that we understand he did we have a good relationship but like we're very different. If you have. The guy Carrey sent the girl Carrie yeah we were very like Scott TV's got. Yeah it's got the ain't gonna. But they were elected code intended audience I would go to and then it yeah. And it can't exist without each other and they help each you know so. I got older really cool first all of Ford's second all but it really is cool character. It was a pretty character you also had the characters of the homey Wallace. On opposite. Tommy Wallace I think yesterday. He thought the economy sees me he's like chaos. These like the memory artists where he can really get in there and bring you back to it which would be really a sneaky amazing power leaving just go back and relive anything that you've done or just want what every dollar going to be sick. Anybody what I see only superpower I automatically think of like how could somebody use that for that. If you just block it at someone's memory and you feel like other computer password for their computers here where they united and domination of the state. Well where they carried the body. Yeah this is very inception accused a big yeah I liked how he referred to himself as a time traveler ballot commemorate. Artist public you know I'm traveler. This is very sect you had died David sister amien both. Here's just fine. And Katie was an open Hilton yeah. From the league. But I was very under used that exceeded an actress and yeah there was a weird moment in the beginning episode where I eight thought it was his mother. Yeah I wasn't sure it was going although they get very first of like is Alec is the as is my hours his girlfriend or what's going out this with adopted sister of course. Which com. Note that I intentionally where he was very big it was she was probably at Hollinger has sister. I feel like everything I didn't the show was for a reason so probably. I thought Jean Smart was very good as Melanie and Byrd of course she I read that she signed on to. Because she knew it was. The same guys from Fargo issues great and Fargo and been and like all of their offer this union noticed about just like amid and so I assume it's usually goodness. But not as good as her husband Oliver bird. And that's drivers treating him you know you we can't watch it but we also can't know everything so I was curious to see how these two bit. In B marvel universe in terms of comics and they don't exist. Most of the characters don't write as far as like Allegiant and shadow king are in. And then maybe they've taken aspects of a lot of other characters but for the most well they're created for the show. So all of us about Melanie bird because she seemed very you know established character right off bat. And it turns out she's just a poor man like more Packard and Octavia yes yes. You know she just she's one of those but she's not a mutant I don't think. Not that I know where all of her husband is. Jermaine Clements from flight concorde's he was trapped in the Astro plane. The doubt in my trip all of this small dusty realm of minds the ASEAN plane. And again there's a handful of characters Doctor Strange is character that we know you get in on the Astro plane. And so was legion and so resolve Byrd who is trapped there. And his store what's this story a boat the this law and order I love that I love that goddamn thing quote Nazi Wanda some kind of bird thing. I was really we're ranked or use radio as usual the best characters in the show I thought. If you lived ice cubes and get around wearing an old school deep sea diver. I think Geneva mr. really cool music music of beat poet as a don't weird yet. It it tricks martini is all the time is tremendous. And also Clark use the the out some of the beginning at the Andy like half the space burned off in so I would assume he's immediately pardon season to. So because he cattle what away early in the middle. This the season is recovering he's in your recovery should know that collect fees they collect and donate. You forgot all bottom row you're literally there is because for a our right a final thoughts here on allegiance is one. I'll what do they think they're really elect on this show and if you're big music but dorks like me the contract was amazing. And you know I was yeah right now a lot of laws are just so a lot of Radiohead lot of bully you know absolutely it was kind of like that weird. Type of music yeah a stroke about music and everyone likes. You know it just hit hard adjusting choice for the job so I'll file but I mean it's definitely show that. I think is worth your time. There are not. You're at it's not entertaining I would say a look at daredevil where it you know all law all the time. Especially thinker. Yes it is out say this might my file followed B. I know could be difficult that I don't budget pain in the ass but I wouldn't. Like to see him in the X-Men universe somehow I'd like to see them connect the dots that way. I know I think they the only thing that would say about that is. I'm more nervous about where the X-Men universe is going not so much the legion Carriker. Yep what is legion and legion he debuted. Now you can master all the time line stuff by putting debuted in the new mutants. It's so if you take some of the characters from the end of Logan although I just another legion would be too. Yeah I don't know how they do that myth that they have to reset everything again days of future past to cut it yeah decked out. But I like to see them says if it's somebody as Smart as no holly doing it it's something you're out a way to get him involved that's not yet. Right to do that the. Time now laughter the pick of the podcast we should do first or would you like me to go first. Well you at first let that's sort of first as a comma and go to double barrel real game and actually right now who loved life in the I just picked up C and this is this is apropos for both of us Richard he too much it's February. He dropped a book and it's called Norse mythology. Com and this story you know Norse mythology told by a guilty man. And you know are very intrigued by that I know so little about it and it's really cool Tom brought that we need to understand. The character and some doubt this option practiced correctly it's either got the horse got the. Scott T. Yes I like Scott got its gutsy yes okay so we needed to know about her where she gets risky. Maybe they'll be anywhere you know long ball although Beckham thing. Yet so I picked up that book and job. We talk a little bit about returning to television. This this month but at the end of this month. Stars is going to start Neil game an American god believes OnStar is this month on our business at the end of the month which is one of my favorite books. Ever American guards in America god and has been Legos they're really like some cap. Bob it's an amazing story. And I really excited about it didn't even know I read the book several times and really like get. And to get better time I read it. Crispin Glover is playing somebody that doesn't exist in the book booted Cindy electability and Mike in the book. In the show we'll itself. Yet in Crispin Glover is Delano he's going to be so yeah those are my two picks of the pot this week. I two picks is well one is a comic book in that is one that I never knew existed like I thought I read. If you don't read or heard of every baton and kind of graphic novel. I'd never read broken city by Brian as a well. Inevitably go run in you know as a run in doubt man like years ago Eddie House and then they do they pick up a writer he gets like five or six issues many layers throw that together as a collective addition. It's called Batman and broken city. And they got a bunch different villains popular Crocs and at the ventriloquist. Who was not able to a subtle. So I like it and penguins and as well site about it's it's a quick read but I enjoyed diamond broken city. I also now I didn't love this movie but I was entertaining and I was calm Skull Island. I thought I saw Kong's Skull Island. And it's not even a spoiler anymore but they're gonna tie this in we've God's own. And you don't yellow shared universe is so get in on this Skull Island in the mid do we get congress is God's zillow and the month mock rock and everything also get in on the. Allocated TV boxes did not care for a thought they had a dog owner Kong island. Got Villa. Eight Austin yet until like. Just go scrap. Oh by the rise of thanks to Marcus from the boxers podcast for our pick of the podcast team are. It is the duty admitted being in this we can hash tag dork also thinks that OP for our opening theme. I mean to think those guys every week and I literally forget every week shows what an ass hole I am. With the stood. Marcus on the box podcast in open the poet. Do we heavily does black panther have an iTunes reviews but I wanted to say that our next week. There seem to be to move right to refuse to all of the great about the Arab. What decorate podcast. That he received an illegal is not. Want to rich even watching the shows and movies they that are view. So that's actually very funny that's very good at the call back. There must have been a listener there's one time. Guy let's talk about the Celtics on WEEI and he asked me if I even watch the games and I would lose my mind at that play you couldn't. Really get it. Right exactly right. I can't hardly watch and so that's sort of set me off so I think Greg call back to that's a nice job thanks for the review again you can review hash tag dork on iTunes. And maybe just maybe black panther wolf we'll read your review. Richard did you hear anything about my spoilers from last. Week yeah I did I've people. People enjoyed your spoilers but I am afraid that I don't think you really give us anything. In fact I know for a fact you were you were talking but other films you weren't really if you have any updates on the block at the movie out would lobby here I'm here. We have got separate issues. You brought a lot of reassure Osaka disposal a somewhat with the script. Apparently be orderly peaceful yet knowledge just last week you basically gives the plot to come into America so we and we all knew that I wasn't. What black Panthers in the day. The mantle of coming to America has been passed down from generation. Coach terrified at the answer they mid movie once in the eighties and that's it. It is. Know you're you mayor making a sequel to coming to America. I play a green it green I don't. Know that it's clearly that's the movie track. Why did and we disturbance yes there is. Of the pride about it in. It and call. For two out. Ireland and I it is confusing because Dave Chappelle who plays Reggie goes up there have been able both are very good. It's called him that you idiot with a up the just that it worked and it just that it hardly stand up but at Charlotte raw. Mark that that the Pentagon that it probably. Create. A vote. And vote. Hydrant and a that you do. We need to lead do you can now follow us on Twitter at door podcast you can email us door podcast at gmail.com. Please rate and they'll review the podcasts. On iTunes that helps out the podcast that way so please. Please tell friend told to work to do that debut working with people follow you. Our Von. YouTube. Cool YouTube yes. But the it's on video. It's mob a bit and Bob varied on. Why I drove all over campus making everything look cool though. Like dad and his new we more drone work like that. People we need to go by the way you don't we've missed out on there was a furry con and bought the and we missed out on. The next time I'm told a so wait to hear back about comic con. In Connecticut. I don't. Well there's a whole story behind now the hope we're going to that and then Boston comic cons and August so we'll try to knock on the door so that as well. So tired that although Ryan thanks lawless. We'll talk to next week on Astec dork.

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