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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 23: Manager Lou's anger, analysis

Apr 10, 2017|

Lou Merloni joins Rob Bradford once again to discuss the moves that were made, and the moves that need to be made when it comes to the Red Sox. Rob and Lou begin the podcast addressing the controversy the first 'Manager Lou' podcast, in which Merloni believed Bradford was trying to paint him in a corner. Plenty of anger and analysis in this one.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Well joining us were you still active and be a year old. Manager Lou Maloney podcasts. It's not another move reload you Lou how are you. I'm doing good earlier part two here I like after week. Now before we start we have to clarify some things right up as let's clarify when I was doing the podcaster you're the first man to part. I was under the impression that you're enjoying yourself you like the constructs. You finished it by saying that was fun let's do it again. So and then you get out. You immediately say hi how dare I pay you or corner. And it and and mixed in people Comcast are telling everybody that you caught me walrus face. And hit it and you're going on the baseball so personally I'd pay to view and a color. I thought that it was a fun experience and that Al productive experience and one that you thought exactly the same. Yeah I did but I also note the reason behind it that you later on its spot checks and balances yeah this is that. It would kidnapped abducted that was horrible power art you're you're my opinions out there. Soul god forbid hit by criticize your boy John Farrell over anything you look back at eight to you know put you I don't know. Renault no no he could've made it could well. Lou in fairness. There is no checks and balances when it comes of this stuff not surprised that -- in sorry I didn't mind doing it because terrible problem that we're right so so how does how hard. And that's why didn't mind doing it but it what was behind the walked into object that yeah. After talking about a rate you'll go in or reacts to colored. Regulate to a street people including two votes in areas in votes do in the severed their so that last moment that sort of approach. So it they were the ones that heard it in detention walking. By double and just bring up grant. Dollars in your head or junior. It was it was a budget but by putting an end you can you can. You can say that that was my eight impetus that was my intention. My intention was as I say limited time it'd chick nothing changed which was. I want to go through baseball scenarios we view. So both by the way both you and I could be on the record because this is a fun thing to do and it's it is checks and balances for a Saul what's just pay you'll heading into the season. This is what I would do in this situation and see if I was right or if John Ferrell there's something differently than that was right. It does to me this hole and then you know Stevens announced your way. Black latches onto it and also you go into owed one go into John Farrell's process. And and and say yeah John I don't. Aren't you know me better that number one and you'll also were right in the middle of this well it was a productive exercise there was no ulterior motives. Regardless it is. Such a little surprised. And they went. I was upset about the whole conversation. But I just seems like you're just you refused to admit that it would have filed. Kind of having you on the record for the purposes. Of going back to it by acceptance that acutely needed pinch hit publish say the blown civil on our guest he's good at it. Look at what's wrong when that for you or I or anybody. I think like there's nothing wrong with it because I replied in mind doing a particular gonna catch me. Truly you I mean that's like what what what you think what do you think what do you think. You thought that I was trying to catch I know that you thought I was trying to get to what. Well I'll tell you are elected is you'd say and note on things as well was that it signs I've been unfair sure. And and stuff that I I complain about. Is in fair so you want to have some of those record which is fine with me again at a Chrysler doing it again year just to prove it. The conversation we had last week. About some of these guys that we talked about logical New. Delhi. You know he didn't go with Joseph jelly and you know I wanna sit here for the first week and I wanna watch out John Ferrell uses these guys. And then what I wanna see his consistency. Especially the guys performing well and ability to view a lot of those guys performing well so he's gotten as well. What we have we don't let these which it wouldn't that wouldn't have to do but he should note that last this last second the last retreating in the because it. But very good line at the murky corporate get those guys she rubbish got you right eat out to give an opportunity to do that as well. We talked about how much they hate and administrative specialist that I consider Roberts got beat being used in the bottom third of the order went into an opportunity. You know than Mikey in the took comfort critically on the co op in the current argued for charting its course what this thing play out. And we'll see how everything goes so far there's no completed that aren't. This and are gonna come back to this has nothing to do we go into the season the first week of games. It is and you can't listen you can say that I did this so I can go to John Farrell. And how this Jackson balances John from a talk about checks and balances moved on Ferrell Lou I'm talking about checks and balances with you with me about. Situations like we talked about heading into a baseball season because there are great discussions and when we went in and did that podcast it was a good discussion and all of a sudden we come there and you it's nothing to me when we're doing that if you finished it. And you said at the end event. Will why do you say hey you know what you're back to me in the corner all while you you really were trying to protect on Ferrell you just said that was a good baseball discussion which is exactly what what does it look so. So that it had a problem and at a prominent discussion. Always talking about. Because you can jump oh and all of a sudden you're saying always trying to beat me in the corner. Target in a corner. You can like a discussion. Like how campaigning in the corner ever come up other than Steve Driehaus keep saying it. How that. Michael Wolf try this again we'll try this again this same exercise my biggest issue Lou. Lies when we were sitting here taping this interview you agree to do which I appreciated I said oh I said all the time do I said all the time I set I set all the time that. That it was a good baseball conversation. You sat in the studio you said it was a good baseball card rescission and then boom you're gonna caught Comcast in Columbia walrus. I'd have a problem at the conversations with baseball soccer can talk baseball they law aerial listing the specific scenario. And I don't care I mean but I know that you argued that it checked out. It shows that there wasn't ought to do about checks and balances it was a boat is about if it once again and you said that I did not give my pin right get a little more thought it was magical value walked out well on the radio misrepresented and it took off so let's talk about this still another one. Because it was fun I think that we had fun doing it right correct. Yes a deck so now that we're a week into the season. And and you've broken down our he's broken down some of the John Farrell moons or whatever and are you talk about John Ferrell moved. I wanna talk about and this was sort of the impetus sport before because you have this team you have these players you have what they can do and what they can't do. And so before we get into what happened over the last week. When you go forward with this team is not easy because I don't know if you do this everybody sick. But so well in terms of this team what do you do going forward heading into the series in Baltimore heading into the series after that. What do you do to tweet this whole situation. Do you push for instance we're instance you like Matt Barnes as the no holds barred. I know that you like the seventh inning of the high leverage situation in the seventh the date you like that guy the guy that we both thought Joseph Kelly was going to be. You like deference that's going for. Yes I think he's showing you need to repeat that. He's been given the opportunity here in the first week and I think the first game pieces you know Indian guys on in the ball well. But you showed now the last couple outings he stole the ball well and this is just experimental weeks you're trying to figure out who can do what you can't do it. He's done well so I think that right now he's your highest leverage righty are the pulpit right through to the other basic and told today that. I just to keep art gallery got right now. You like it do you like in terms of why you try to figure this out. Weather's Matt Barr in Turkey Pam Grier Robbie sky are still matching up like pay like he they'd John Ferrell did heading into the season. And there in terms of its of OK you have barnstorming like he did you know he broke as he brings the bars and that first game. And as a high leverage situation wasn't Barnes is best game but their near matching up and Robbie Starr needs jamboree after that getting to Kimbrel. Because you do not know exactly what you have is there's still going to be some semblance of matching up in those late in the eighth inning burns. Absolutely I mean all of the seventh inning whichever might be depicted. At some point got sick she got to get burned to a back into right I mean or. He's sixteen in the future and helping apparently I don't think he's got the flu in the infancy thinking yet I think he can be. In effect of lefties well I just I would be careful. Now with Robby Scott. Using him against writings and no we did that the job done it Pittsburg and it's similar scenario just didn't get the job done. In Detroit but that would scare me and there he sergeant Emory and spring training. Get some let these out. The last couple of outings then you aren't it is. I think. But what they wanted disease eat reactionary and yes you still orbiter he's got a lot more I really yet you know you talk about it in the in. You're a couple momentum coming out of camp and if you look at. Yeah outing or eat every year going into those final two outings against Washington yes and happy hour. You want don't ball well at all in camp he was given it up. But he threw well against me out Washington he struck out European opera and back to back. And that was enough to be considered momentum you know on the Indian look cold weather. There aren't even though it's Europe are pitted before it there and they need to Kelly who. Struggle between the last couple of lines at the very reactionary again that's something I'm not used to put you can stick with that. And I hope that he thought these guys so far we get the job done but I would be careful with Scott. There are apparently got a book before. Situation electing. Bought certain order Lleyton gains because he's not gonna face electorate that are going to be pictured opportunity and he's gonna be lefty or righty and ethnic. So let's go back to this to go back to the V game where Joseph Kelly came infer. And and didn't get the job done instead of bringing Timbaland for four rounds. So my thing is I'll tell you. Might take on this which is I would love to know where Kimbrel stance on this because if you go back Kimbrel hasn't pitched in April more than one inning since 2011. He didn't pitch the more than an inning until the end of may last year. And and win this bullpen might take on this is that where would this bullpen sorry but things changed and whether that Ferrell or whether it's Kimbrel. By your you have plenty of examples throughout baseball closers this early including Zach Britton who pitched two innings on opening day. Where you're gonna have to pitch more than three outs and with this bullpen. You've got to do you you're gonna have to do a lot earlier than you're comfortable doing it. Yeah and and maybe you know it's Jun young are not the time whatever gains early get a like that they gotta order partners. 23 weeks garner wrote I hope that when you get that in situations. There he goes using him in that situation you know put. I get it if it's early it's we gained three little ones here I do believe that people based all the different that September. Look different than October because it is for example like today Chris Sale. Is second start as as a as a member of the Red Sox. He's in the situation the game is tied the game is on the line and John Breaux leading Presidio in. Is more the relationship situation. And we be keeping the opportunity to get out of this rather than pulling them until that hit every single big spot. You know Lleyton games you know trust indeed Christie with a chilly that. They've written all that bird that and Castellano Swiss re for when you begin sales. And then I mean there's already. He dominated all game long but I'm just saying I think it's still had this much is the matchup played into it still would be relationship building and so. I don't think you in that mode right now early season. You know. Every doesn't get the job done in the walker a couple guys and a Monday at Vatican inspector thought that was fine he's messed up in it was a little bit careful. Now you put yourself in the situation we get Robbie Scott coming in knowing an official right. Now he's expressed that he has confidence in him manipulation. Maybe adjust that down the road that he goes to Joseph Kelly in the bottom third of the order. I mean I don't know what would happen. But that was you know Miguel Cabrera all but the Martina if you look on Kimble but you know I think at some point you'd you'd better start thinking about news and four out is that located. But it'll help their confidence in the you Kelly or somebody else there are bringing Kimball here for a you know finish up the ATP runs in some issues early and not have so much I am. To beat him so what a scene I want seeing these chemical for up and you're right I was Kimball feel about this and hopefully. What does that point that he said not gain three we're okay well Hubble pinpoint. Well this game or just what we do this for closes right now on baseball who have gotten saved not dispatched. Gotten saves. Without was getting more than three outs so is being done there has been done. And I I agree I mean I think that you have to look at things a little bit differently would this ball and there's no Koji or are behind them and you know in terms of that game to the other problem I had with the was that use that you want to stay away from Joseph Kelly. So stay away from Joseph Kelly. And and it is this early in the season we talk about early in the season when you wanna stay away from somebody then do it it's not worth it is just. How does that probably not gonna bring in nine after bringing Kimball in Kelly's role that in between the games tight you know also it's just like. I just yards. Do they got the last out you bring Kimball to get the last out there and they're probably ought. Yeah wolf it at any. And I gotta love you so you you would have no problem with them are once he puts Kelli and no problem when Italian. It once once they try to game up yeah. Got no I understand it means through two scoreless innings the night before not that I know before and that he you can. You know begin eking out of the next night probably expecting you know what you feel at bat ninth as well that I know that at a percent but it appoint a Kimball. I'd like to note that the decision is because. As you know this bullpen right now with a guy like telephone or how who knows when he comes back. Now might be the kind of maybe extend Kimball a little bit people couldn't influx it's a little bit strange being up there are a picture back here. Or to get Norbert practical. Game you'll be here pretty go to whatever you do that. You some more artfully or. When they're open probably help you but right now might need to lean but there are worth go to current. British or no wires or what game would do. Yeah I decide is look at baseball all around baseball on that bit this is in its is an aberration and like you said. I wanna know what that conversation I wanna know what Campbell me Kimball dances around it. And Ferrell probably not gonna say well the clothes or won't do it but you know you know I agree that is something that you gonna have to revisit. Because we can't even right now we can't say Matt Barnes is the no doubt guy breaks no and after a week we still don't know we still don't know what yet. But the guy is starting to tell you that oil. They'll tell you com. You know loosen up for those types of rule by the political rhetoric of formatting in the moment right now arsenic which are with a complete cynic feature up again I don't wanna keep bringing Robbie potter and the great right. Particulate and a specialist in it right handed hitter. But it by the here's the thing they don't think he's a lefty specialist. Oh yes I mean I'm just saying at the right handed hitters in my mind that the great hitter to hitter you got any right handed hitter in the game the last person on the NBC in the RD field vote. Side arm let these. The only person unlike every last but those side unless he's in particular moment gotta love them or see the ball so long that it even. Right handed hitter age rule oversight on lefties think they may not looked up not for sale right. Right it's like president whether or against lefties. Goats just like that little lefty that kind of you know is is you traditional left handed. You know guy that got like Harvey Lopez you know Google 199192. Warn you what that's why the there's a right handed hitter goodnight bring him all day long uptick yet all they've all announced that they think you or rent let these precious did not years. In the you know he's good I'd like what he's got a but what possessed of Little Rock select Q waste or the ball down the stretch I like Camelot. I don't wanna see him. In too many spots where he's forced to face right in a pinch hitters off the bench. I agree with that I agree delegates and at the same thing for me with Arizona why. Right I didn't want to but if if you're if you're tell if your tell me that he's gonna have to face the occasional righty which you know he's he's he's done OK against I've seen him pitch. It's against right before but I agree with you Lou about that dynamic like I said the same dynamic with Brad -- or against lefties I would be a hypocrite if I didn't save that Wright said that it's easier pick up the opposite fought side when you facing a submarine or or Atlanta but I never better -- I understand that right up there a reason why Brad ziglar was bad against lefties. It's so there. A day. Well I mean listen I mean as late as I I'll pull out I re happy to pull up many tweets which I responded this about his numbers against bringing Brad they go there in against lefties it's just lessen this stuff that it presently is gone it's what we're agreeing on the same thing which is. It is easier pick up especially for a guy throws from the side. To pick him up from the opposite side we can agree on that yes we're a little all right so in terms of the lineup and and we get it everybody sick. So forth and so on there was a couple instances where he did not pinch hit for Pablo Sandoval. A couple times or at least one time it was because he admitted I think who has won two games at Fenway. Where you said you listen we didn't have brought call wasn't available so I wouldn't had anyone reported third so he couldn't pitch it sells ski. But I still look at bubble sin of all I'm saying. By the end of April this is absolutely. A guy the gonna have to pinch hit for against lefties are naive. Better to give mullah I get more time and that will see. We'll see how it goes bureaucracy of the east analysts are what are out or except for the. There's also the way you locks is this the wind the way he swings. I understand that but I just you know I'm not gonna. Bumps over the give him every opportunity to get these guys and I know he looked awful and in and they don't tell me I was at six more at bats against left these are the forty warfare. Well you've got stories so what are when he when he went three for 43 or whatever was two years ago I mean that got into early may. Or I think the middle man. So I just don't want you to the point where it's free for the 43 and then in that situation you knew that this was automatic out in our. Pastor we'd have a championship so Q also third. Don't know what is this is assuming the ivory one and holds there are holds available to go to third or so. Think that the pinch hit the pension Republican appointed burn through that. Right so now I noticed lately but it's lame game is OK once again we'll go through this is late in the game I'm sorry for not clarifying this. It's late in the game you have a runner in scoring position okay. With one out its date is eighth inning. Hi game. Runner in scoring position one out left the on the mine mound Pablo sin ball coming up. So anyway don't hitting right behind them UPS it sells before. All singled out right now and I'm just saying because it's just I. It's been better team it's like give this guy an opportunity there's going to be a lot more benefit is fine patient with him and he shows he's competent against lefty says that they huge. It bigger benefit to me. Then starting to pinch hit this guy in April and sitting president as the year goes that's all of. So does a very sizzle on the lives of the sale stop as and in and I remember a couple years ago Lou I was with when. When Hanley was playing outfield. And it was April and are you know are you appointed defense replacement for Haley and his answer was yes they've thing if I do that now on the homes of. Simpson used ejecting thought that's what you get committed sitting in April you have to tell problem acidity year old or seven. I mean hell was yogurt or appropriate political Shepard you'll Mora was portal for nine now fourteen per classics. Yeah so mean you don't fire this to me how we haven't and I don't look back. Is no doubt about it. But I just. The benefit of ways that are just aware outlook or your your yet. Where do you where you have been intending. Eight. Okay this. But he's helping maybe mediate between nine actually right now you know where we are. I think we're about this Olmsted the weight room or maybe even report. From people realized he couldn't. Well I was just gonna say that I think that people still. Our our jaded in in blinded by the fact the at home run on opening day they have no idea he sitting under 200. Know any article back in a bookkeeper his rookie year he was to perform opening their parents Philadelphia Obama's well it was like her take off and more reducing caloric. Bill here than in your arms up in the seventh goal which for about ten days so and then get comfortable with our backup. So very deputy gonna be a great player. But again inner circle which doesn't happen. A little Obama copy of the accused against Baltimore and swing the bat well over the weekend. But I'm I'm just guessing here that by saying I don't know Thursday Friday. Upbeat meeting called bubble and that attendee down in the order because the reality in the book of well. You were you had mentioned mu Q which is a good one because when rookie was going through it I reference and other people referenced. Probably the best one which is Dustin Pedroia. Right 2007. There's nothing wrong way of figuring things out because he won rookie of the year but we all know what happened that April. Right he he was under 200 by the time may rolled around it and I got below stack could be bet into and the. Yeah and that you don't be look at Boca. Remember it per year yet he swung the bat real well first couple months. Affordable and the third base and I think they're a little bit hectic here for the kids but he was getting six or seven you know a lot you know we came out of the gate. Except my aunt April you know in the sort of need often plays hitter. You know to get like com lectured Adam Kennedy. In he only hit nine you don't like a 300 hitter they're guys that have done enough to get one here tonight at 830 or. You're going to get your facts you know maybe you or walk or set on. Well whatever it is nice mentally it's not snowing in your career you're you're one knock entry error retrieving it toppled it on its record 35 and night. One hit that cut once I guess what you had to order you know so it's just it's got a lot of pressure. And you know obviously the kid's going to be able to handle at some point. But I'm telling you. Eat people you know they look at that and that's a big it is no question about it to hit. It's just that will be hosting continued that the very quietly. And that would you know to order her. Today is so so so let me ask you this obviously. Part of that equation about dropping him down the order. Is is breaking up the lefty and righty because if you just move Bogart's. The new a bunch varieties up top and you'll bunch of lefties down low. And and especially if Pablo is not hitting lefties and you bring in the lefty it always on your face saying. But you know what here's the thing you know just think about this letter that he publicly tool. And then you can say what you want you know volume nipple in the book saint forgot since it's only a dinner yet it don't sit there saying you know. You would get this guy benefit double that in India I understand it's a weekend they'll reach you panic right now but to protect Pablo Sandoval. From getting them let the outlook of the pan. It was a pretty good idea put them in between. You know Dustin Pedroia and we'll keep that in Hanley Ramirez you wanna bring in electing me giving a quarter you know provide those involving were ready. You've actually protected him but put him in the midst of some really good partner. Shore and the other option I think you'd be if he comes back is Jackie Bradley. Absolutely little yet and and you know the way he was swinging the bat before he ripped up Disney. Now I would actually would never promise that it was a good Jackie Bradley it was yeah. So. Is there anything else the lineup that that you might week. Like I've Kazaa I can't really I mean analysts and they'll bait the it they're just getting guys back in. It's topic are we can't even talk about this line up right now and should opportunities is open earlier billable. You know it's just you look at this team in. You know between Jackie it and in order and Hanley and bill you know he's back but if you think he's a 100% to be told to clear this a little bit took them. Bedridden for three days he's not right either assist or acts. That are out of this lineup it's impossible to judge this offense or to judge rules. Or lineup questions or why this guy you want it is guys there. It's just it's too lark right now given you know the injury did bereavement list and they have. All the and in my in my young popular opinion off of off of what has happened because if five six games now five whom they scored in one inning. And acquitted bizarre it's it's it's almost impossible to do and especially impossible to deal when you're three and three. By I look at this and and you listen we get it which we we have to find opinions and we have the final analysis and yeah it's hard to do when you have bereavement in sickness and everything else. But I do think there is a small percentage that we should take away from this is the remembering the Ortiz factor in the reason why I say this is because it was the same conversation we had in January. Which if you take out a couple key guys than you don't have Ortiz there to protect you Ortiz is always the fails the fail safe Ortiz was always the crutch I'm not I don't know if today would have been any different today being. Monday's game when you lose 21. I don't know if we'll be any different but is the reminder that you lost the guy with the best OP yes and all of baseball that. It what you remember low he was the human crotch. For more times in period I think you'll remember and right now. I agree but you know what they. But it when everybody gets going. Out into the mission is much. And you're a great it was it was agreed hitter but you talk about that. You have everyone going more obviously more than he did. And aggravated at him line up on the deck car right now was will keep that in nearly every hurts me that's the reality we want these guys have been in the lineup here. This first week of the season. All literally and also how are they gonna make up for the narrative for how they can make up for big part of it was spent and he's gonna head. Kabul say animal's going to be better right. Mean I'm an ill wind it's more chips integrated circuit relic it's more than the standard Leo IR yeah I do believe that when Mickey Dolan. He gave rookie the numbers monster numbers one basket and all based all due with a lot of this still. Comfort scored on runs in my mind and I think one pick way I. You know sixteen intuit. It is. The way in three of those games are we putting together late to win. You know whether it was in the real three run bomb an extra what it was Friday night. And all England but what. Could have maybe should look stole that game. And and you come back even on a Sunday game. With a note beginning in late in the game as well so that they only scored. Its spin it you know big innings Lleyton gains to win games. So I just. The I could possible for me to sit dictating that they repeat because if you guys you can rely heavily in the premier that you just have been. Is that is that the nonexistent can pick the would look you look at a time that that they can't available apparently get back in Britain. So what started our little timing. All right last question. Do you feel better or worse for the same. This the vibe you have about the success of this team than you did the first time that we met. I kick about the same you know. Only because the wage should be better but it wasn't that servers in the lineup the Egypt re entry team you know put it what they've gone through. I don't know I couldn't you know excitable Chris Sale I think also lowers them what you kind of expected to do just that. You know this little leaving out. With him you know like ground ball people last year quality group you know and I think that's but it just a big difference with sports so there's so far to be changed. Right you ride you know but I think pleasantly at the bulk then. We've seen some guys step I mean that aren't you know wouldn't know. Every as the culprit doctors told Falwell that. It just it's about the same I don't know like you feel better or worse even than the fact you've received his team out there. Yes you know we work at worst since the SARS worsened SARS. Yeah it isn't the skiing and you can judge it after one week. And now it's fun to do anyway I low. I wrote it wrote that. If the.

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