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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 22: David Ortiz is having a celebrity roast

Apr 8, 2017|

Comedian Josh Wolf joins Rob Bradford to announce the news that David Ortiz will be having a celebrity roast at the House of Blues. Wolf, who can be heard on his own podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr. and will be hosting the event, also examines the difference between the celebrity sports fans he sees every day and those in New England, where he grew up. Prior to Wolf joining the podcast Ben Kichen of the Dale, Holley & Keefe Show offers everything you need to know when it comes to the art of executing a celebrity roast.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. So fortunate guy I had a real. Laugh Boston comedy club over by the waterfront I guess it is and assuming good friend John Marshall who was headlining over there and and Josh is a comedian he's been on Chelsea Lately as a podcast at Freddie prinze junior. Enjoy doing a podcasts. Waited Josh wolf and one in conversation. What he told me. Blue. Breaking news is he's going to be hosting. Roast for David Ortiz a celebrity rose for Dave Ortiz on July June 22 the day before Ortiz gets is number tired. So how awesome is this number one huge it is these stupid Dallas. Do any of that is raising money for great cause and David Ortiz children fund. And you're doing it through a much much entertaining at the rose art so under rated. And so I talked to Josh. For about seventeen minutes about a lot of things about him this status out Nelly the Massachusetts guy. Com we talked about oh. Podcaster Freddy prinze junior and we talked about the rose Ortiz a lot of things we talked about but before we get to interview with Josh wolf. Knowing that we were going to be talking about the breaking news the brat for show podcast breaking news witches there having this celeb for David Ortiz. I called him the star. Of the dale holly keeps shadow correction that's true yes absolutes Arden the bright shining star sometime I'm I would. We don't lie on this podcasts but why would you we don't need as we've as we show with a little Maloney podcast the podcast of record and we we we. And we also breaking news in this is the breaking number very special emergency podcast degree breaking news about this Dave Ortiz. Celebrity roast which is even on the website it's going to be a house of blues keep collecting because I personally I would buy tickets to it. Obrador is going to be and I couldn't name but other people in the united bullets usually build power is done so anyway. Kitchen is. Entercom. Occur on the entire station is known for his expertise with celeb zeros which which. The whole dynamic to me is aptly. So that the first when askew and when it comes to a rose. One of the do's and don't call parking Yugo when they want that sort of demean the when we get Ortiz gets up there it was going to be acceptable what is going to be uncomfortable because really to me he. The the litmus tests. Is beat Michael Scott office episode query gives the rose that is that is for me well roasted. So tell me what is what is the decent though. The do's and don'ts okay do com go as far as you think you can go. There's obviously a limit. And reverence has bee is means you can because it ever knows if you're doing a rose it's in good spirit we're just trying to make everyone laugh at the same time. The one example where you can go too far is Amy Schumer did this a couple of years ago to Steve vote just after his. Fellow jackass cast mate had died Brian I'm Brian I think is yes he just died in a car accident and she did a joke. But he had no roughing him I was and you Steve oh. And it runs like moon which she got the grown. Baywatch and that's going too far. And you get that and people who were go to these things the people or being roasted. And in terms in case you don't know how it works is a various people get up there. And like I I'm going to be what the cab back I believe core rock is going to be one of these people someone writes a joke for Barack yeah. He rips on everybody on the quote unquote Davis brits on all of them. And then gets to the David Ortiz and then at the end of the says oh it's something nice about the teeth so everything's different every day at the end there's it but David you know I love you and you know thanks for having me that's how every single set ends. But it was finding you ask me is pleased that after Don Rickles to yes well no it's no coincidence I did. Look at them you want to talk about it absolutely and so Rickles if you go back and watch the dean Martin's celebrity roast which I've done. He was. By far better than everyone else. They work that blue now they work on very blue in the Comedy Central ones which for me start with the Drew Carey one which one my favorite jokes of all time as. Drew Carey you look like Buddy Holly and Barney Rubble had a baby together and heat our commitment but that's just a great job but he did agree peed on it for anything rose to make stars roast and made Amy Schumer. Rose made Anthony just grossly Greg Geraldo who was became a mega star blades cradle all right draws so. Harvard yeah the Harvard Law School yeah we can agree comedian. I just be as funny and as crass as you can be now my one question we're doing it David Ortiz grosses he speaks good English. But he doesn't have a full grasp of the English I'm by no he does. I IE does he does this album and her money interviews for I think he plays a little dumb so it doesn't have to answer city an odd he he does that mean oddity is family's all from all his wife is from Wisconsin yet so yes so he does but it's a good question. Because there's going to be the the big laughs and this. I think Ortiz will know what he's getting going into it as you said there's. You there's no no no holds are barred Obama yeah that's right no holds are barred. No no no holds barred no holds barred no holds are barred it's one of my favorite I hope someone kind of does something on the sign because it's funny to me. Did you receive the Bob Saget celebrity roast. IE was actually listening to clips of Bob Saget doing a rose so I can't say I saw it but could Soros yes so what he ended his roast was a great line that I it's inappropriate for the bat brought to show why. OK it's not in a pro Brad just I mean it's in India as you'll hear in the interview with Josh wolf. There is it's the end asks. SW. Fouled. I just gets up and says yes thanks fro the N icebergs and suck my fifty million dollar cop a look at this so it would add to the sad it rose it's my favorite moment of any gross norm McDonald gets up was my favorite comedian payments about my two favorites and norm goes. He is just a sandbag because he doesn't like rose and he tells the stupidest jokes possible he gets like a sixty year old joke book and just basically reads from it. They Greg Geraldo he's got. The wisdom of and now all the eyes of an eagle on the beak of a hot ladies and gentlemen dispensed for the birds and if it's too bad joke but it's great at the same time. Such as being as mean and funny. Obviously there's certain words you should never say via don't have those words via and I think we know there but be as crass as you can. Because everyone knows what it is you're here for a good time to make will be interesting because typically something event like this the day before. The is numbers getting retired and usually this is sort of like that gala type of thing. Typically this event is televised for NASA and there is no way. The NASA in this televised in this you can't. They could after 10 o'clock at the moment now but they're not there I know they don't want to know but they're not but they're not because it it'll take the shackles off everyone's right. If I think that's the goal and an honestly good for Ortiz I think this was Josh Waltz idea. Because he would talk to Ortiz his wife. The good sorties for agreeing to do I don't know if he knows what he's getting into but I'm totally bit me as a con a sort of roast them these are so under utilized. In it doesn't have to be on Comedy Central all the time they're still under utilized in in our daily life we shouldn't be doing one year. We should be doing one here it's basically mean tweets if you've never seen a roast it's essentially mean tweeted yes. But they do do them all the time you become a center had the rose battle show. Jeff Ross is the roast master. And it's great deeds highlighted new comedians and everything you really haven't seen before so they do this all the time in LA at like at the comics or whatever. They do these like for themselves to make each other laugh and these are the jokes you'd say amongst your friends but then also now everyone else is welcome into your group of friends but that's how it would tell me if weeded W I roast whatever got some people could take it some people could who bright blue visibly Douglas Cairo the Michael Scott office episode who wouldn't be able to take Clinton ticket. Ali he says he can take it Clinton ticket now he says he can take nobody can not. Now blue blue get angry. Lula who take it relaxed while I bet you just look at your school let's go he'll be like exactly how it was in the pockets those reform that was a fun and no god. He's gonna pay me in a corner. Christian won't be able to take it that much to take you for a little domino that and it's just telling me an idea that the don't appeal to take it now Michael could probably take it up to a certain extent. And Al that you would enjoy rich can take it. Daddy rich can take it now here's the question morning yeah it. Book could take it he gets it he gets it and he'll throw fire back out to right every now can tell him take it. No matter of an idea Dodge City I've probably don't this column that that's a good question that's an act that's an excellent question I think I think he could I think he could. Is a guy can take I like the battle I liked about but sometimes I don't know if you like the doctors battling an image is sitting there and taking it yes that's so that's a challenge is if you wanna see a train wreck you roast go watch the Chevy Chase throws yet he couldn't take it. Partly because none of his so called friends actually showed up is nobody likes them well here's the cal in favor Coulter Ann Coulter or how little doubt that when you talk about you talked about an awkward when witches. Where you get a paycheck we're gonna do rows we're gonna pay you a million dollars or whatever it is. And just take it I'll take that Shaq and I'll I mean you talk about a fake smile. The entire time through. That it outweighs that way is due to rule it was brutal brutal guts upon or kind of a bad for but she didn't. Take it correctly if she just kind of laughed at it they wouldn't of kept going but everyone wanted to double down on I saw she was simply that importantly too it. She only they're smarter book value yet but that particular player yet. But rose ten go very wrong but rose can also be one of the greatest things comedy was you'll ever see. If you ever of a chance on YouTube find the Patrice O'Neal roast. And that'll show you how good bill Burress had a roast yet and all these other guys a lot of local community Jim Norton. Is on that gross stuff Ben Bailey from cash cabinet you find out how funny he actually is. And that bunch of other guys who like this that it wants bill berg gets involved in this you know it's going to be different and money. In light that yet I mean there's a lot of people even knowing if he MacKey elected. Yes friends it's going to be good he's he's going to be good I can tell you right now and he's the actor of course he's been Thomas things Captain America or walk everything else. Obviously get a promotion we've promoted this. I also wanna promote Josh Wolff who you gonna hear coming up very funny the vary your big Josh wolf man like him what he's really funny good about. Talking much humor about his home life and his family and we can all relate to the weird crap that goes and I'd do this idea actually just saw him last night. Did the podcast interviewed him right after so is adrenaline was rushing. Always good to talk to Josh though. David Ortiz rose to Josh wolf put bread kitchen thanks for paving the way for this and we appreciate you having me. The funniest guy right now at least one of the funniest guys in our Josh wolf Josh gonna have to excuse me because. I'm not doing this sitting down under is standing up as they decide your act and it to scrap my pants laughing so hard those that are really really good job. Laugh Boston possible job came home. I'd a first wall first time I saw you perform other than David Ortiz is event. Putt it feel being back home being in front of you know the presence of me and and just being. You know what's crazy is that you touch yourself in the back corner like creek. Late you really they're pulling teeth get this in this poll they were booed tonight monetize their money's seats near her body is the so and go where did you stick yourself in the back corner like that like just like it creep like what was the deal with that. Although it was is that I didn't realize that so I have a so so I don't want to go in front I don't wanna do that. There with the is I didn't realize there was a ray of sunshine that I'll light because guys like you would never ever see I could he liked by the way was a little lighter so wanted to to the other thing. But I did you have a dark corner but there was just a drop of life on on you. It's never ever tell the court erratic that even sitting there in the table and finally had to say some had a bit amen and you were like. Ten he's. Honestly there was if there was for a while you're awesome and not just saying that in his view is really really decided I left Boston go check it out. There's a couple in front of me. And it goes double for me and ended the security guy I was roaming around us I think to ask you were getting the racier stories. They original racy they were they were at the gas gas I don't know if you have the effect on on. I will tell you adding New Year's Eve show. In Seattle at the old comedy underground. There is a couple so jaunt in front that they started to have sex. So she was sitting on his lap facing maple they were office and and you don't need a junk like you forget you're like anybody else is around you yeah I mean like that was one of those front. I stopped doing my act. Me in the crowd we're doing play by play in color commentary. On then having sex. They never noticed. Net nothing I just ended up going back in the my act we talked about it for so long that. That I was like I can't believe two people looking at it in the front row and we're all done whipped. You don't like it was a pretty. So obviously must be something good I'm talented. The girls and was with the girls and usually isn't. And last I mean and in fairness they were drinking some contraption. That way is the guy shouldn't yet it was called the Ruthie yeah yeah yeah. That is exactly it. At night and I should also mention we'll mention it to the into the podcast but you also have a podcast yourself with Freddie prinze junior. An excellent questions I have for you Missouri a Massachusetts GAAP. Boston fan you use friends with all the a lot of the athletes. So in the podcast yeah possible awesome pod that registered. He's a valid. Total. Lakers but this. I luckily when my son unit Jacob and even at their teeth. So reminds them that in Los Angeles so when he was about nine he came walking up my driveway he was wearing a Kobe for answers coming of school. And I stopped in the driveway and I was gonna comment he has come back to school and I go wears that Jersey as I wanted in the contest schooling if you like it. And really. And he sort of walk in house legal just you know you keep on the house. And he said. They are yet to Kobe writers he can't go in the house because when you were so expect. Indians went anywhere Celtics Leo we're Celtics fans regrets acts as a Bruins fans and repaired. We're now lakers fans we hate the lakers because. I like I don't care where you live and here's the thing. He ended up were Jewish in that go into account the high school because I want him to learn about everything. My daughter dated boys and girls and guys who have no problem with that but you don't get to pick your sports to the you can take it got to a operatives but you know. The patriots. Bruised. This actually segued nicely in the one of the things I wanna ask you about you're in the the LA circuit your that your celebrity out there you run in those. And you know that. Pretty tough but one thing's going and hits the fraudulent LA so we talked about you feel blossomed in an LA. Does it. Again. Cole they don't have to keep him the Dodgers to compensate for the game. Listen you grew up. Here's my it bothered me way more before I got there but I'm gonna tell these simple and straight out. There's just so much to do there. The you know remain in such a fun place to live we elect now. Or maybe. I'll go to the game maybe not it is this in the weather's beautiful. All of the time not failures look I'm just telling you right now I get it like now that's not how I watch my sports. In the never will be I'm that we stayed to the end of the Celtics game last night. That was not a great game. I don't know you know that they did not win that game. They were at that game in the third minute of the first walker right but it's nice and I stayed to the end of the game. Because that's what he did you stayed at the end of the game. But I grew up here didn't mean none that I grew by five grown up that's out there and he's just so. Do you mean. Also your guy Friday so he's if he's a sports fan he's from LA. It is he a good look litmus test in terms of this stuff IV if do it on your podcast do you. Do you hash it out to you or is when you go into these arguments because I know you know you're talking about I know that you know who the Larry Bird dynamic I know you oh. All that. Meant to giant tuna he. Knows his sports that he really does I actually you know he and I did a little segment on. He has in radio with it's in the Mason Shura that right as. And I get into I told them that the lakers in the new clippers. And they did not like that it's a bit. They like at all but ready knows his stuff and when he tell me no. He came I was reasons why were I was like oh okay actually makes sense that he knows (%expletive) now. I still. Consider East Coast fans waved banners and of course. They keep on this this in the heat I think hate is so healthy and sports. What I'm more proud about is not that my son loves the Boston teams is that he hates the Yankees. He. Heat the heat escapes. And he hates the lakers now and he hates Toby. I mean I'm more proud of that and his deep love for the Boston teams because I think that's so important court. Those of most fraudulent celebrity Elway fans sports. She's. That's so hard to well OK okay who's who's the looks go the opposite end of the spectrum. Because I mean trust in this I am interested in you live in a different world we see each other once a year in in the Dominican that it guarantees a fundraiser. By you live and a different world. So who is the guy maybe who is the celebrity out there who you say that guy is is for real remember when you Jack Nicholson I mean Jack. Still is for real. You know believe it now like guys like Mario Lopez who. The towel guy. Mario Lopez who is that geysers loves it got George Lopez. Is it Dodgers George Lopez. Loves it god loves loves loves that those guys love that elect. Nobody loves array. And because the eat did that Brett. And nobody is gonna give one crap about the chargers because they were the enemy I. Four months ago an error mediocre team it's so crazy. That it people expect in LA get moved deemed LA. What this means we don't I say it's nice because there's so much to do there that's what you need to team sucks they're gonna die there because there's so much do. The Redskins thanks to social that's my question is an exact work I mean is document. Hey no way this and I lived there on the degenerate gambler. I've been on and everything. You don't you wanna bet how many times an immigrant photograph it was game. You know. Zero time it would and so the the basically gave you exit Mario Lopez they Stan. Is here's the back story that I was run in the Boston Marathon believe or not. Stan. At mile three we don't Al Al Lee Landry you Stacy. Doritos. So alleyway and repugnant Allen's injury is running so minus three in Iraq. A possible. An area there Alley injury in Mario Lopez three miles and in their walking. They're walking there is like the walk run walk crime that's that's I mean this and I kid I can't ballots during his marathon skills they sound like that terrible. All right but it looks like he is also trying to get a little vagina it. What rush that yeah. This is it that there was a reason why we reacted had he looked out for alleyway entry into the question would you rather be jolly in with some of the do her walking without. Here's what happened is that we actually started running this is true story we started running backwards so we can take a picture of now lately entry from behind a realistic picture Mario Lopez. This and they had they say both equally supple the hunt that's. So lucky hit let me ask you speak and supple behind when you bring up Tom Brady out now way that Tom Brady did his fingers Jason Clark everyone loves them. I don't know if that we'd skinny jeans on bomb. What what was he what Wesley. Here there Europe aren't ardent. I love the patriots and Tom Brady the people say am or do they get actually. People hate the page its people hate the patriots and they a factory. Hate and you know it's so crazy to me. Wouldn't she want him to be the guy. Who's nobody thought I was ever gonna make it worked his ass off. Has had a zillion different receivers eight zillion different running back has overcome. Any any offense that Belichick is told the run he's worked so hard he's mastered all of them. And then he married a woman none it was a super model she made more money than he did. Wouldn't you want your son to be a Super Bowl champion to be a leader of man I don't understand what the problem it's. Well I would learn where in the skinny jeans Brea. I'm gonna go with the skinny jeans I almost forgave him for wearing that (%expletive) yankees hat but I can't dynamic of hard. Never get dumped it. But so you know I mean like when people get out Brady to me I'm like. You had zero holes no merit because there's nothing. Wrong but you said people now way they just don't know what they say don't get operated like okay we're moving on the next one thing. There's just put the win with a and a thorough in my face when they are safe Philip Rivers. Right so before we I want to get to the better your home listening to David Ortiz broke the coming up which is going to be insane. I want to get to this before I do discover and forget to ask you this. To speak it's a once again you live in a different world that tied him to be one good excellent one but it. Yeah by February. At a party I know it's so general. At a party stories because is that I'm Melissa Jones aggregate invited back to poke it. I. Mean. What paper's story shouldn't be telling you. While others. Because. I'm I'm one of those people who doesn't tell the people's story well OK let me ask you this who won was the first time when you're I go to LA standing outside on the McClain might soon. Who was in unison and we've celebrities. It. But but what was the first when you started living out there went with the old school that that I decide this guy it is meant peppers. You know I know ice or a show called Chelsea Lately and there was a week when Dave Grohl. Hosted the show he gets those that for a whole week. In what do just magnanimous generous. Do. Move. You know you know my knee deep world this week in your thus far you know I mean. But he would come and answer any question you had he told every story you want in the year he was like who wants to hear that story. About when and most of Paul McCartney Bruce Springsteen and Jo Walsh and we were like likened us. But he's so open ended city can do. And I ask mom like to thank you ask if you've heard this before why he's such cute guy manager Dave but overall. And he said you know I grew up in the punk scene. And those guys we just everyday gets in those of the as analyzed so that's what I wanted to make what was it what was the coolest thing about working on that show Chelsea Lately. The whirlwind of a little of at all like you're looking back on that I don't think they realized time how big he was in the moment. And because some people come up and people I would never it's not. Watched that that show was there was and I and I guess I don't tell people stories that there is a very fame is saying here. Who got nervous in front. Susan can I just that was what names you'll know me knows that I love her on the do greasing assigned the other is my favorite thing and it. But she and I just that they The Backstreet Boys they've actually put some public she was in just nervous I love you and just sounds like this is fun. Men that like I just sit there and say dumb things about celebrities in the showed just was like. One of those things that just lit fire for about a two year period it was a rip I mean it was legit man firemen. You. Give me athletes wants it because they were in north hills. And that was over Obama. So it was crazy I did you how did you get to know like you said we see each other down the Dominican Daimler teases event how did you get the note David. And that's our goal I think it's started. With you that it won his charity events. I hosted at the Sarah Colonna who also was on Chelsea. And then he went to you from you still less serious. Also there and I and then I forgot I started how I got such a tenth. David's wife and shoes they do I come do the golf tournament I was like yeah well you see it I mean honestly last year. You had a good time. But you know that was one of those things right I was just like. I'm gonna take him or roll the dice and I'm gonna try to loosen up a little bit dear mainly because they did a couple years where there was no loosening up. Because nobody chided now that I'm just gonna try it and Thomas even happens in it could've done. Pour related do you ultimately it could have just really should hit their head and people like okay. And yet this is big news. The the beware announcing David Ortiz is having a rose the day before his his numbers being retired tell me a little bit what's going now that. We we wanted to find a new way to raise money for his charity and so we ask them if you wouldn't mind as roast and many said I would do that. So June 22 at the house of blues and I before they retire his Jersey. I can tell you build cars confirmed. Gannon and Anthony Mackie will be there there's since. There's some sports guys they just can't say their names but trust me I've told you and they are suggested there basically say eight DB the top three sports guys in Boston and that's who's going to be there yet it's in the it's it's a great rose some of the comedians. Who I can't just say their name is quite yet but trust me simply get time com host and it. And now the money goes to the his Childrens fund its gets stuff. And in and listen it's going to be in the roast rose is the way to go roast is the way to go good work by you'd get in the down. I can't wait I urge you I don't know when they're going alive and I would get tickets as soon as he can't. Knight Josh Wolff come to laugh Boston this weekend possibly the Tabasco Jeff I am going home. I of going home to put to Tabasco of my kids figures lightest sleeper agent. You off the come to the show to figure out exactly what I mean but just nice votes specimens.

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