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The Real K&C - Tomase reigns, Keefe lashes & low-hanging Mut 4-5-17

Apr 5, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis finally get around to doing a K&C post show podcast this week, recapping the Tuesday/Wednesday editions.

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Relocated seats on April the fifth to get I get a right again. Righter then right again. Chris Curtis what is up Ken layered Mike Toni came through let's ease off a match on the mossy I told you from the start mailed it. Indeed 2017 Kirk and Callahan. A hole of the year eight holes right again layered on to Marcy who edged out the right time the subject to Boston Kevin thanks to calmer entire. I think Evans and actually cartman ahead. Occurred in Cali Schobel money Jones Natalie and recite that he does a yet to see you know aren't our -- -- I'm just thankful that the white guy was a bigger hole Boston has more over reputation for being racist in any and I think Boston can remove. Sigh of relief here and knowing that we're not that racist today the more you say you're not races the more you sound like are you racist you know the official Twitter bulls kitty kitty so we had to break debt. So we would do very scientific method of me just lying at the end of we have. The final tally is still 5050 the zone believe it during the break the callers have spoken and on the Texas have too by the way. It is pretty unanimous among the book among the techs and the calls during the break that John Hamas yeah. Well I will. Always for coming. Analysts say every texted this morning for two months into. Some calls and some I mean the texts and calls both said that it was the lawsuit but either way you know we wanted to get to moss 2000 picked followers some addict Keefe can mock kids. Twitter audit next time not to ship on Kurt have a friend of the program curtain and ran 191679. Fake. Yet while Blassie's very well deserving as honoree this year he was in the spotlight for a couple of reasons of late there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite act guy worked about hired its at all but really I think it's still goes back to the to the locker rate that's the that's the essence of the to bossy than a minute old Beverly. That will be his scarlet letter for the rest of his life I'll have to Wear and further arrests that will never ever ever dissipate I tell you when we have animal and there are the same three to five people a call Wednesday morning Curtis daily listener turning up the radio (%expletive) Tamar. It's like it just wears those people actually somewhat believe usually for people call in and they say that the other argument to listen to every word Kirk injures. We get those glossy colors I have a feeling the biggest in mobiles and that we Loren and you know my friends good morning. Police to get those with tangling when he was it in last year was Kirk entangling who finished. City city right which we play the audio today it was a controversial ending this is two years arrow the idol finalists come down to an exact time. But Curtis but it with the flow right now we have. Quite as look at me look at each citizen and 2011 votes which makes them says there was a mark next to one name or another yeah probably the most beat. Somebody figure who has more votes and I know it's hard to place but then again I just lived on in space for a year I think we could figure who has more votes in that in the 4000 vote balance that's that's yes. Despite a call demanding yes it's not so much that yes nice stride did you fail. They'll be asking for a reason tree I lost able caught just laugh your failure temple I don't know what we're sorry the Twitter doesn't display the boats how many votes does not percentages of what you know Robert. You're just asking you did you fail I didn't feel it that you tell us how many vote Kirk go what are you feel that the Mexico later Dale's right. This is perfect that's the only way effort and enable move with no end April co eight holes. We're Twitter cannot solve it cannot be solved in last year Gerri was very rude I'd forgotten that he told me I was a failure I pleasant. Defending its unelected. That voice I will never used to hearing that ever. The deal my voice all your old girl DO Curtis off I didn't feel. Discussed discussed. While you. Changed. Its them. Like yours better today you throttled or blank that there is a narrative away a brutal showboat Roemer and Gilani last all did in. Bloggers try to talk to Roemer about these wire you the media on bugs that policy and Alex. Mr. saying basically you know right things to be read Crist pleasure to join you tonight Chris compared to a the last month late Friday with the drill layered what he would house. Of the breakdown. Fireworks last Friday with with a cue me we right ought to know he had a wonderful people. Gaelic how do you feel. Things on what can you explain what happened yesterday. Yes look it's. So we had Lamar ball on yesterday because when of that and I mentioned seat in the bar ball made sense or are so he is bought his kids. 100000 dollar cars right yes and then he made a comment about now. Ali you know white people are brought up one way or block people brought up another way and I says no social. Went wait a how many white people get a 100000 dollar cars are sixteen. Indeed a comic all like music I mean obviously Brett joke you the album. And then Dale's like my three kids and now I did not like how odd to look at 92 Ford Taurus right so than Curtis thinks it's wetter. And I went to saint Paul's view as a prep school and there. And he's like keep was the only kid at saint Paul's in the ninety Taurus I guess insinuating. I've been hiding all the Stanley wealth right so loaded icon from money that's got that it's my triggers Evan is. When people assume that everybody went to a prep schools it's filthy rich like they only allow the Vanderbilt in the Kennedys to go to prep school he's angry I guess I'll multiple sources and kitchen with in this building that says that he was. This shouldn't bother me as much as it does bloodied it does remains missed it destitute and yours truly yet so anyway sides respondent the Curtis made a comment about how you know he'd quit. And walked away from the job and apparently had no consequences. You feel about that. I've known Rick since we computed on the hard knock fields of the ISL when he was at saint Paul's and I was the river's edge and back before when you were did this eight has well. I've played. Baseball football rivers noted he had at a saint Paul's point against each other and always like a nice guy had a really old Judy cargo which was weird but a place. To place that say at Saint Paul Reuben is gonna (%expletive) third Roman numeral after their name fifty grand a year but whatever you know whatever. And the whole Bart real real real two or profit there's a bit and ask would go a tough times don't last tough people do credit him that was responsible and anger came with that we. Once said that it was. Fired about consequences I would tell them that I got two full time jobs and review before its first. And opening OK okay okay. You are actually fired correct you actually like you quit as it was spun came back Europe sabbatical. Let's sabbaticals over. By the therapy yes Rick yes. I backed. It was good I have very high levels of anxiety and then I'll really I guess renewed chorus yeah the tour. The care of some things health wise up like in order it's reasonable return. A giant in the industry titans somewhere in Syria deport. Him. The show was a lot more welcoming some regard. Us exactly welcoming. He suffered seriously I teacher freaking guts I certainly hope your targets when I purchased for guys like your wife's arms and really I really hope that happens you suck I hate your guts I get yourself to choke. Sock you saw. So just do recap tomorrow sees the whole the year Kirk. Lost its fastball and he goes out in the semis to blow money Jones that's embarrassing it's entered Paris Mets he's mobile he's become irrelevant. I was stunned honest to god I did not I thought that was going to be a even on. Tomorrow she said on Monday. At families like Hulk he was this that Kirk it's such an easy field right. That was going to be a joke. I 99 on and on and off. And no there early returns just stock went like 62 to. 38 oddly racist Boston personal. We were so does the mayor elect have a conversation about the Saddam talk to him about his experience what he's experienced some Boston I think you spoke with him impress people. Or I highly doubt it's gonna come by at the finish line Alan I don't think he's gonna make an appearance. On the Tuesday April 4 edition of key NC which were battery get three ships that it does pretty well it's that's a lot to get through but we get muddy and with Kirk and year but took a beating I would say. She'll be 8 o'clock segment probably we can't complaining to sound out seems to be some Kerr fought for behind the scenes but the the scoreboard update was getting tarnished it was it was a tough Tuesday for much. Applause today with the with cork out. Though it was a little goes where it's started to sort of organic thing of explaining you know. There was a joke and hang of explaining you know there was a joke in there about the final four. You college basketball North Carolina and Inzaghi here and on a flight to station WEEI beginning at 732. We got. Goldman Sachs mock UNC. The national championship game. And in the process of getting good joke. Zag wins my wife is gonna beat me in our bracket challenge means I have a lot of want to do for next week I think that there. So that a segment of a certain broadcast is good banter back and forth between my apartment in my different Pittsburgh did witty repartee. And be. The intent as the play that in sort of focus on the printer and Jerry and Kirk sort of fixated on com. The scoreboard element of said segment. And the scores that were being discussed which is not. Well it's a little bit of an insult to segment. I guess but really they were criticizing much creative liberties in choosing to update the brewers game in particular which. A little bit honestly I would put in Mike Trent. You did discuss an exodus and yawkey way wow that's the whole team it's my guys that's my squad Friday noted Abram Friday rim not a out. Does so is and I thought it was all good fun I. Listen I S senate Tuesday at thing Peter Clarke are with the best our yesterday. Every actor Kirk category aunts but Adrian Peterson craps not knowing whether he was down. He will be a big way you don't know for years and you know he's got a bag probably it's pretty okay are they have to do catcher it's explain in simple plays an early to tell congress they explained to me that's. Quite. The that. Really. Efforts have not reached to throw in the just ask you pack it up pretty idiot on this he's really shocked shocked that it. I have a conversation as the light to a huge idiot but lump the you guys had nothing I've gotten about him or not the week I recognized the way we ought not reached yes we have and because you sound like table August. I thought it was a good sick but I thought the and much deftly took the brunt of the anger about this by the way I should copped it is starting the clock sync Tuesday. Much as I've criticized my good friend might. For going low hanging Curtis Langley air Israel hanging fruit fighting the exit routes and things get hot oh boy that I go lagging my. And can mattered Chris Curtis again answer here I guess and I couldn't have been lots of fourth. I would say characters that are sure I've analogue in his journey here for the first two hours thirteen minutes producer Richard yen is worried. Trying to think something. I think I would rather he was on need to start you and I really early producers were assigned to feel. Little carcass out there was the player rattle for a little while at work dull boy did it work that much so forth. Through Yahoo! it was anybody's in the water. And I'll write the cafeteria. Lou is open it's yet to deal for you recount so. The bullet. A potted plant that potted plant anyway that brings the Wednesday show Kirk was off we had air shows money to write decent decent. Today we never it's going to be without Kirk it typically it's a big drop off in that show will suck it's always going to be drop off and Kirk. Or Jerry. I thought it was a great show and it was a definite Jordan know what to expect in terms of what exact direction the guys and girl we're gonna get into him O'Reilly off the top yup. Was great the advertisers you know leaving him. Having training today is the female about the sexual harassment workplace was good. Obviously good Nance I thought was that the biggest takeaways today with a great story that month found. It is the most magnificent. Hydrant reboot spoke to me like every way you can actually say this it's spoke to me the red balls until I am I to of the kind that sort of hi my feelings. Passage so they got married on his second double what it was perfect. Arnold Palmer was there the sex of any Jeep perfectly when he got the early morning. Rain a lot Bonnie Nettles is an excellent A Flock of Seagulls soared along the horizon as the two exchange house this isn't Brian user who wasn't there a writer from the Washington Post who says. A Flock of Seagulls. Soared over on the rise. Does this guy have an editor. Anyone read this report comes in a conflict of sales soared on the horizon to horizon which kind of 00. Jim Nantz in the Washington Post and that was led to the golf digest which led to the toes which led to defeat the grounds Wednesday at Augusta yeah ironic that Phil Simms is in the news because he's getting bounced in gymnastics the front how about that. Right now and you know I thought we did a little too much on marsh and today I. I mean it was a little too this or for foreign trending. The wind coming despite playing two periods without Brad marsh and it was given game misconduct for a spear to the groin. I thought I would have the right stuff today we had one thing that I wish we got to buck we just were. Blame me I shoehorn the O'Reilly and consider wanted to get that emits and tired and we hadn't played it would play in little drops of my favorite things this show has ever play and. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today and we will leave you with me. I can't do it. We'll do a lot. Oh well good why. Door hi I don't look a lot. That's tomorrow and that is it for us today on Bill O'Reilly thing. Mean price guy our name any day now any day now. So we got better and that we didn't get to Jerry's girls sewage Steele I have found like number two sage Steele yes there was speck tack I. It's staged daily at the Michael Irvin regards Michael has an office prop fine. I don't know how do you think that it went it was I'd like I say I was impressed I thought this is a good in case of emergency Kirk is suspended for a week. This is our writing goes to Oprah and Jerry with tritium. Pretty canister Chinese not afraid to go anywhere. She gets in the Celtics talk in Celtics history. She's a bit out of water disposal times time he'll levels and are asked to what do you think attitude you if you're current flu a fewer. But she still willing it is the talk about it she was Britain that Andy chin a little bit for work on it locally in the older and each in Jordan comparison. She's not afraid to talk about a contest brother okay natter find out. And I'll tell you one thing turning those ten times more about so which district richer. He's having this season he's had and his colleagues who murdered at his bags of Dole's 42 days no doubt you know sales debut tonight and we spent most of the 8 o'clock hour Celtics but we still got enough I think of typical day and see stuff that Kirk would be at least happy with the topic to approach it. That I think the Susan Rice much of a good job headlines today of just sort of introducing a sound read in the story getting Susan Rice and Andrea Mitchell finally it's nothing to know my. Lying two weeks ago about the wiretapping claims and I think about this and just letting Jerry Trainor illegal out of a thought was good. I was a very you know a little long but good fifteen minutes sort of back and forth in headlines and you know overall I thought. Today moved and I was insured not just because Kirk result but because of the topics what was really gonna stick mineral disorder known to. For that money in training and it worked together. It's true that could have been awkward at the dual two pros they have the well what do you by the way. Training new show tentatively start she really seems to Alicia fakes it well enjoy the radio. Part but I just get the sense an elitist tag Alicia will prove photos give a chance. But two hours every night a trainee entangling us. Joe's going to be great Canadian may. Yeah my way of attack where. She pushed the radio more full time and can't guess about once a month. Or so depending on the time of year paternal holidays and we have different hosts in the might beat three times an hour I say tractor. I can shows that you know it's just distracting yet not a lot going on somebody's fault it's just (%expletive) out there doesn't happen often. I watched that show and it's a tractor and it's two hours it's tedious it's force disagreement for example. You know reporters as Comcast government you are I'm sure they're very talented Wal-Mart on grates at awesome. They have Jeff how long you up to combat Gary tell you how treats out yesterday afternoon I'm going to be on put anyways head in the toilet. They can under fifty people on the south. It's just how intense way Don and that's that takes later this hot Jeff and is that takes or even on. Play the sound yell at each other releases Tuesday. Too many voices pilot training and Bertrand you know Oprah and good guy yeah what are they doing there one just occupying a lot of space tackle Colin here no disrespect again but I never thought that you would be coal. And the others are sort of like awkwardly in between and so I watched that show what it's like you have gold and it's your their former gold you know assault disagreement yeah. Yep people or a release house and regionally this often rattled. What angle and that's like never done and keep it for a reason ours in radio with stalking. Every every segment care while Boston sports tonight put that threats that they'd change about it Casey Smith has and everything everything is what's the vibe she asked about the vote live via yes everybody with the vibe like it is and every one of those positive vibes we try to present Jerry's thoughts on Casey Smith. For an awkward. Repartee between Jerry trainee today can be back for the 832 level with the modern classic girls girls girls from Motley crew is that the team. Terkel like dat going deep catalog. Jenny didn't really gauge though she well she said she is to settle the pacing Smith is smoke him. And if that's a good time there and a nice person to write yes and support to me no I've I think training knows she's Smart enough not to while not a Nazi everything I mean treated swearing here today yeah she dropped. (%expletive) today foxy Eagles. Flew behind him. Should in my conference. Up up up up up its act upon. You cut what do you cut from. Jerry started groaning. And I don't know there was a call but I heard him like Jerry made a noise like he was getting down point night. Cut out some of what he was so I urgency going down a path of like shooting in the toilet describing the fecal matter going and in what looked like in the shape of who was on the line it was Kevin Brasilia cameras and so. At that moment my owls achieve the release in my chock full coal port out. Like a butterscotch Charest. What I stood up and looked in the. I got nervous and hit the dump button and then within like three minutes is usually jury make that noise and I think like oh boy did I miss something. And then. Which are probably could've gone Revere was statement he put a collective or bar after. Yeah. We evils scandal logical whatever what's the term and yes you're and so. Anyway but then of course I expect this to you nobody knows whatever like four seconds later trees that ship. So the delay had fully rebuilt. And win the offer but we have a buffer and it's was aggressive so. It's all worked out by the way we get it in here. Sure number one show in Boston again. Congratulations yulia. Big news big league as a week it's a weekly weekly. And we for the multiply two votes in sort of like two weeks we have two more weeks until the bookends in the long variables that. And we have been kicking ass as usual the show is him. Really general so it's usually you know. Now for too much during the actual broadcast real came Selig optical listeners number one in Boston and point 550 for the last two weeks lost. That's even with but it much takes credit for what we were belts at the regular number one or number three. Tomorrow we will get it over to Roemer until. Friday Friday correct speaker flight phrased it. The Thursday edition features the return of old friend address the weekly Chris we've got a a return of a a friend of the show the president on it coming on Friday we take Johnny to thrills I got a text confirming this morning so. As long as he caller doesn't travel to Natick river in our lives but. Meter should be fine. This has the pension forest setting admin and for some fun Friday because you've got Mike Lupica in studio. 830 get meter on he's already booked the Atlanta journal constitution guys doubled over the haul it is for us amateur and we're gonna check on Matt Ryan CIA's new media breakdown the falcons wrestled watch that in so that public recap. I don't feel it tomorrow could be sport though although that sort of one real. Area where meter is an expert. It is three email. Tuesday it's true pot. Chick Newsday you lean in to break ties Casey Smith argued wall also with O'Reilly you know whose seat. Banging next he's he's into that world the the culture of behind the scenes of high powered XX plus working with Dino for so many years he may have some stories that shirt is on your pants and show me your. Broadcasters and Adam object okay it's a good my friend meter. What is in for a third straight game three days at a deep he did he took command right away today but was. Ready fired up did you go cafeterias open now yep Bruins work. Tantalizingly air forum TP talk about like going to a game made if you wanted to but no he stuck to decay NC talking points that job mutt and a tomorrow be good and then we'll have a big Friday's going to be a big day so tomorrow we're comport to a serial rapist appeal he has been a struggle and it took a retractable. We practiced our practices been more worst Nancy. Think so now it depends what political. If I put this when in ala cart all of these are solid unplugged. I'm wondering who called a bombing in fifteen at the aboard this is more enjoy this one curtains or wherever York. Your vacation shows over and.

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