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#DORK 8: Iron Fist

Apr 5, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey breakdown Marvel’s Netflix series, Iron Fist. Was it as bad as critics are saying? They give you the best and worst parts. Plus, “This Week in #DORK,” “Davey’s Video Game Minute,” “Pick of the Podcast,“ and “Black Panther Reads #DORK iTunes Reviews.”

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If the door to Martinez. Is the two of my chance which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. They securely into another episode of hash tag nor my name's rich teams joined once again by Ryan Davey Davey how real. It's great to have you back Ryan and this week we're gonna talk iron fist the latest marble Netflix program. I came out last month he gave her right appointed time including ourselves to watch yet. And we will lot of break it all down in great detail coming up. I will say this like we do what movies and TV seasons. We'll start out spoiler free so if you have not watched it you still listen to. This weekend hash tag shortfall by the beginning of that. And then if you don't wanna hear the spoilers portion you can skip on way ahead to be the rest of the program but. Yeah iron fist and then next week and a lot he wants our collegiate and we'll do leads in the tolerances greats program on FX we'll do that. Next weeks of this week iron fist next week legion does that make cents. Okay. Sorry this week hash tag dork Ryan how about Rick and more the season three episode one they ran it on Saturday night they had about three hours or so where they just ran it back to back to back to back. Because they've been very aloof as far as one African minority is gonna return for those don't know it's an adult swim Cartoon Network. Program it's going to cult following it's very very go to the did you not watch American board as you go check it out it is tremendous. And so they've been a teasing for awhile when season three was gonna start and if you're on them on Twitter ball. There always says someone throws human got to stick it forever I did that they're pretty funny on Twitter too. And is gonna fitting that April fools' day this case they release some of the episodes there's us up you'll tweet about it Iran that was obviously a joke. I don't wasn't I've flipped over there and I I saw the first episode. And you know it's funny is people told me that was going on and I was I was actually I was working alt Saturday night I didn't see it. Oh my I know I know which is really bad because of the big cricket board exam. My wife is not. No she did not like what I watch cricket board you giggle. But I watch it on Hulu is that she's just like not cabinet to try to go to sleep and I'm giggling like an idiot I love the more it's so good. I have to but I I've I'm. He took over Twitter it's everywhere it's like to watch this episode tonight by the bit correctly for rog at the scene in itself but start to throw a month's rent. I think it's at the summer whatever that man's error review all the loose god trends translation of the summer so could be early to be late whatever but. It's a one off and running. I think might still be streaming but only for a short time so. Yeah I don't yet know they'll there's so anyway. We recommend that. This news that came over the Milosevic could Josh Sweden I know your will your wife's personal favorite. Is plans to write direct and produce. A bad girl movie. Which is a distinct because I brought the that the my wife when we we treated it out or some like data and ultimately did sir whenever and I was like you know all like. You know I can't believe it lets you switch and you know from these. DC getting them OS like well you must have a cigarette that's. I totally forgot that he says the only way he would come back to marveled at two directives to directed standalone. Black widow. Right. And out of backer. Interest thing although the credit that yeah they are I mean they can change that up they can really cast anybody. To be a hero out of there himself to read it I thought that was it needs is looking out for your own McEnroe I think we should they get work. Now I see you need to go go Sarah Michelle Geller go to rules look at older the girl. So I was talking to my wife about that actually and she was saying she was telling me to those who promote and you weaken stands out that. There Michelle as MG and the terms of Baylor I got a layperson yeah. And jogged to really get along. I knew what in his favorite was actually Alison hit again who. Now hole. Read and write all I know that it should be a terrible mackerel. No I'm just save election isn't it funny that like he didn't really have a best relationship their shelves weird disconnect of the red headed dot Sears all you're just it's already have welcome back. Yeah now that's true but I would go. I don't know I would probably be some I don't they blew the unknowns as that girl. Yet know all dependable ordeal I've it'd depend about predict that the origins story. You know maybe or maybe we come in you know in the middle and she's you know she's a practiced bad. Gerlach a point I want a better not be like the animated the killing joke where she makes we loved about them. That's just creepy that's the worst they they give you that that's. I just we'd read ads. Job Sweden redhead yes yes Tucker has. Backe threw me a bit the animated love tryst between nick father and daughter like that is already tested it yet. I I I hated that and out without interstate in that that's one to where if you have any ideas. Tweet us at or podcasts or shoot us an email to our podcast at gmail.com. Who should play back girl and got the interest in question. Question. How about dubbed roc Meyer is gonna be an IFC show might be debuting this week I think they might have an episode available. On line have not watched it yet this of course Hank Azaria played a baseball play by play man and it was a Funny or Die skit like a handful years ago. An action on the episode that I did with the party on he had not heard it's we played the whole thing. Probably copyright infringement I'm not sure but we fled little thing we reacted to on the podcast it's hysterical like. It's it's. They they set it up it's almost like would've been a thirty for thirty mini. Will Dan Patrick Joseph balk rich Eisen talking about Hank Azaria as Jim Brock Meyer. And so they're taking that five minute like stick it into a sit com Ed's call I am really excited to see what how this turns out and he should be tremendous but you never was on the latest you really have no idea. Yeah I'd would take it there will be because such a character yeah. Instead I would like this team gold and blue though you know I'd like this team got to go off the rails and I bring a little bit. I think he's going to yeah yeah I think that is definitely what we're in line for their vertical a trailer for which look good but. I mean anything you look at their true that we can make a dork trailer looked good so yet it doesn't mean we could make you look at it would be there would be phenomenal. How are you still donor log. Yeah I guess right I mean it died eighty excited right now but it it. It's up there return to. While the plan is after we dominated northeast comic con the other cons coming up there is comic con and wish it would sue ends in Connecticut that did not that I'm going to. All I've heard back from them yet and and also Boston com account which is August. Which is going to be we are we gonna electric inevitable all the nets softened up please so if we can. Speaker trailers though we were just talking about trailers and round about way did you see the its trailer. Scary. Like scary AF as the kids say. It was it wasn't so much a clown we do the crowd would come and hey aren't enough there's a big part of big premier big part of it was the club. The big part was vacated they're little kids screaming his brother. You know and extremists like no no no I'm out until about the out. No thank you now are. How about this their routines of the just came out today the defenders. It was like less than twenty seconds is on an elevator between it is now the link I first read out they were moved in and they they put out and one later on the okay fine. But it's Luke cage Jessica Jones daredevil and iron fist the four home standing in an elevator then met. The security camera. Jesse Jones turns two and Mike destroys the security camera. And then at one point the time reads like 818. And as a few seconds to and then get on seventeen and then of also revealed later on to put the dealer pretty quickly. That August 18. The defenders. Will be available on Netflix and eight episodes there so the thirteen that we had with all the other console. Which is. Okay all right get out there aren't a lot so far you're gonna ease and that iron fist children a lot of Richard that's okay that's got out Norris hot chili. The other news as a relates to that same moral Jessica Jones season to. Has begun filming. Which is great I'm really excited about a publicist who zones. Are you ready for Jessica are you ready for your segment of the program which you carry. You stand. Okay. Even hand. Smart. It got absolutely love. Marcus on the boxers podcast who. We did even reach out to we simply just said on last week's episode that Daley needs a video game minute intro. And we sort of said what we kind of wanted to sound like. And I think before. Before we even uploaded the punch chassis emailed us and opened so that is. It was something like it was something ridiculous like eight hours. Some truths Sokol that that not only did he listen to the podcast which we appreciate but he did to turn that around and made that. So that their abdominal I want it what I want that is exactly that so that is tremendous that's not going to be a a staple here. On the podcast so Davies video game minute. Not so here go to video commitments our football speak first I'll ask a clue to what are definitely isn't a little bit now and Irish it's. The year ago lots MLB to show you consolidate your PlayStation foreperson arm and one of the things that's on the most intrigue. Is not only the customization and all the cool things you can do but they have get this Richard it's except Ken Griffey junior graces the cover yes. They have eight classic mode. I lowered somewhere and sit if you like RBIs baseball we but the pitcher on the move Wyclef right school if you get Mikey you don't mean that they're that they. It's Superfund. And you know like it even took a casual baseball fan I mean this is you can find something cool about this that's that's yet really cool and Ken Griffey junior spill is completely. OP where part of what we're UK David use them. I well with the longest already that would Ken Griffey integrity during a baseball Obama. And X 700. Oh lead and yet. Let people talk about Bo Jackson being like the most sacred herb Michael Vick being like the most ridiculous you know what but football player ever now on. Unhittable yeah I gave Griffey junior Ken Griffey junior baseball I'll put that against anybody. Yeah right like overpowered character in any game. Yeah I think you're right I think Bo Jackson in. Even in the interests of our audio tech was admirable even that I think. Yeah I think I think curfew was better. And give it more is more unfair. Yeah very never pick you click that like big huge circle. Like the strike zone what keeps you he could not hit it. Yeah I think that the whole thing with a hot zone and a and here's the man. Reliving that came up as we could have actually got my eye on is big game that critics loved. Developers love. Everyone loves this game except not a lot of people played it they actually remastered game called bullet storm. A bomb which. I played an act actually really liked it cliff was fifty who did all the gears of war who games he may be the first person shooter. But he actually left epic games and went to another company and made both storm and it actually really good. But nobody really played it when it came out Aaron failed why there was little bad but. That might be worth another look I have to look at the price point yet but if it's under immediate it's sixty bucks the market by it but if it's you know forty Emma look at it. So what does it light isn't like gears of war or that. So picture elected the first person shooter. Where you actually a bit like just all Google wallet could doom. Couple storms yeah it's definitely an idea that and but there's like bubble and stuff in it too. I'll it's a thinker. Yeah that's a little bit of a fingerprint you know it's it's actually really fast paced really spun it doesn't really feel repetitive never really felt repetitive zero and I LA at duke I like. I like somebody who has brains and bronze. Right yeah that's I have gone every week and that's not that's great so that's you know that's both storm aren't so. The big pride my last point they'll pick up it is only a minute you know this amount more than a minute that is more than a minute as the Broncos are correct. I'll be biggest thing to happen this week. Is that our since I've been on is beat destiny to trailer came out yes. Which is a huge huge deal for the gaming world obviously. And what I'm gathering permit and it looks like they're taking everything good about the game and then their and and finally just making it fun to play yeah. Least that's what we saw I mean at some point the original best they've ever take some heat for it I know I I liked it it was really fun to play but at some point. It didn't there wasn't fun anymore who. The united name like that you and applying. Yeah just that I just kind of it is kind of physical form you know I mean luckily there you know the currency in the Mikey couldn't upgrade your weapons until he found light but like Beverly poll do you like weird ripped. Get light. Yeah. It's like some people stuck with it and figured it out I would just like have a purpose that I. I'm an enemy and so that's so that's bad I mean that's that's your video game merit there are a lot of good stuff as we bit of a slow week but still some good stuff there. I salute the great stuff there we'll find out if if this next thing is great stuff we move onto the the topic is your. Good artists aren't there are we got iron fist against four other free to start iron fist the latest. In the marble Netflix world it is the fourth and final defender. That's also the fifth season total. Of marble Netflix shows it's thirteen episodes. It was released back in March that we've given everybody time to watch it. Again we start spoiler free Ryan Davey iron fist did you like it. Now. Okay I but let's let's say oh we try. We try and I will say I looked David duke and this is not going to be a situation where. You know I come in you know my which really run and hot as we just says that's eligible rip this thing to pieces we need to talk about the good things about it which there are some good things about it. But Richard you and I both know we tried. And being made excuses and then we said well maybe you know. There it just wasn't. Good it wasn't good in the sense that that's what we we needed. A couple of weeks ago we went over colonel but a month ago before it even come out a few. Our critics reviewed it in his smashed on rotten tomatoes rob Dumont knows as a war. And we are saying well maybe that was just the first episode or whatever else and everybody was saying like all the headlines were. Finally or for the first time. Amiss on Netflix 'cause he'd had two seasons a daredevil one of Jessica Jones of one of Luke cage. Which is probably the weakest of the four but that is still good. An iron fist comes out and nobody seemed like it. I serve to watch and that we were talking over each other that it's a bit of a slow burn also admittedly. Neither one of us are huge iron fist. Fans we dislike him and got our. I didn't real lot of I'd pick Everett any standalone iron fist hitting iron fist ISI he was like. Thrown in with the other characters and other times and critics like NASA was like I can't wait to see this. Iron fist like all novices. Here more than anything too long to get to the defenders. And again you know comparing it to the other Netflix shows it's nowhere near. Now and that's what I did today but it doesn't hold a candle to any the other you know three or four properties if you count upon assured that they have yet known you know and what was great about those shows is that they were great stories and great drama. That actually had superheroes and Jessica good story of Jessica Jones. In that seat if you take it moved to target of scraps that subtract the fact that she's a superhero yeah it's still good right. If you took if you take it. You know Luke cage out of the it is unbreakable get out of it it's still a good show you and I feel like what it would. And that's exactly what did you get a read on that it's not bad. It's a Mitt yeah they met the then you spend that make that it's not. Terrible it's just that. The potential was there. And it was a huge swing intimate. And what's frustrating about this too is for everybody who's who's watched this that most of the closeness that I have watched it. It's not like you missed on a two hour movie like it's thirteen hours of contact. Like that is that is a long slog for people left to go through and then you end up. The fury don't kind of like it you end up not liking it even more because you spent so much time right. Today yeah it's just it's just it would tried so. Desperately to be like this drama. Yeah it does it noted that seemed formula that the other shows had both EU we used sacrifice. Action toward the end in daylight just to jump like there's not a upon action but there's a lot of drama concerns. And and did they try to do the same thing would it not a ton of action with a complete the guy is all action. Yeah big iron grip. The Kong fu master for Gaza laced with an iron fists. Got it right. You'll what did you think of the fight scenes. Well get to that a little get to that a little bit but there they where I'll say right now it. For the non spoiler people going to be very underwhelmed. Yeah right yeah that's a good way of putting it because you look it. Not only the character committee compare that to some of those really memorable like the daredevil. Fight scene. Exact problem the of the stairwell and always well. People were you can't just insane even even just Jones let her in the cage were fighting in in the cages bar area in and they give a there's been some really good stuff off throughout and news so that was a let down them. And the in the pointed in like. Older than actual will get to that we get to that the not the spoiler spent a little bit but for now. Also also duplicate character breakdown and that's also where I ran into. Some issue like. Again that the character of iron Frist. I don't really care for either way it's what I could I could've been convinced. Rent equity go in to a show where you don't really have an opinion a strong opinion on a character like Jessica Jones. Like I'd read alias and that was great. But like I don't know whenever there connection adjusted Jones so watching that show she could be either one be over or completely lost me. And won the over look a lot materially for season two. And that's a great point like this this whole thing this introduction to this character that people might not be familiar with it a sales pitch you have to tell the united defender and they didn't. They didn't sell me on this at all and as a matter of fact I came out of this double talk or about this with the character breakdown yeah. I don't like. This Carriker. Yeah and now I'm wondering too is that the character is at the actor is that the writing is that a combination of all that we will get into that I would more you know things that that happened throughout the series but that was a big issue. Late daredevil looted Jessica Jones the actual character and actor in each want what you really light what did they do a great job at it you'll like. I don't I I don't I wouldn't wanna watch that contrasted with anybody else adapt unity in the after watching each one of those actors play that character like I'm good that that's it that's it that is. But as a watching Aaron for a select. In the coming up and somebody else who could take I don't know like this guy. Let's go with the the hash tag dorks scale which again is one through six on the Infiniti stones which I've also. I've convinced myself that. I always. Grade things like us all whole stone too high. Because I'm sure if you go home back and listen to lake. I think I probably gave Luke cage like a five. And that that's probably a little high conflicts forced feels like it's harsh but that's probably more what Luke cage was. Regular or trying to think what do we we just gave something a 60 Logan begin Logan to get a six I stand by that. I stand by the outlawed but a lot of times I rate a little high. This sort of acted more time to I was done last week went with the iron fist after all the more time to think about it. And like I think it's probably three maybe it's too. Yeah I gave it to you saw details that's on the idea and I think we we keep equality we split wreck on the middle that the Pittsburgh. But the reality we go out and data to an app you have to put the the two and a half past Brodeur completely comfortable. Gives it a two and a half I don't think they'll put down on the Blu-ray box. Two and a half out of six tactic dork. Because I remember giving I think they gave suicide squad for. Yet answer I give out of four yeah. And that's probably high. It'll look at that way and say you know a three out of six. Doesn't actually mean the movie is the biggest piece of (%expletive) like that but you can give one or two that makes the sixers look even better. And I think this is probably the lowest rated thing we've ever had. Now we've done it yet because usually if something Sox are likely try and do an episode on it but this become a half do I feel like because I think. Didn't wanna know we are so right we're very important. And so and also if we were doing the Rogge tomorrow's scale and we just had to basically given a yes sir no that would both committed no. Right jab my mighty mighty review of that would be would be no. But it would be like but you'd be like if you're into this stuff you need to be yeah and I also think that. 14% are I don't know where iron fist is now on rotten tomatoes but 14% does feel low. Well that's very Ed you know I've already given a grade. If our elect you know BT Jakarta slap agree on a it would be like a deep slot C minus. Yeah that's fair Jeremy Buick yet PP plus. Which has the lowest we've ever rated anything you know. And look up higher interest now on rotten tomatoes that looks like at a scene. Yet it's up to seventeen. But you know what's interesting is the audience score we're hitting the audience course. Probably somewhere like fifty to eighty. 880. So it's similar to. The Batman v.s Superman member of that huge gap between the critics in the audience yet it's not act it's so all those skills are wrong. Credit lines you dollars it. The people who liked it are really got to try to defend you got to meet so they're gonna go ought to do it proper view in front are they gonna be at the sender. Of that of the film. I hope. Are anything else spoiler free before the spoilers now let's get into it aren't as let's get into it and I think as you said your your comment a little hot which is good. But let's get this out of the way first. But I guess we did this last week like you wouldn't it said a word of your own podcast out like. I didn't survived that like you have given it week to kind of you need that back it. You know we you can regulate this rough outline and I actually went through I had to like organize my thoughts go to their aid if yes we know Billick if we just that they are what you think I would adjust just ramble for now. Art. You know I mean and I have been good to go. Could bet there's Nam about what's gonna cat is this that just older standalone data are. Did he ran as the subsection of the door podcast is duty deaths appeared to be telling you keep what you can do and one in any recall Dick Davey dark for Davey Davey in the dark so there and it also are a lot are on dark. Are a dark. Bob dart about notably were read it's real nasty use the general real sick arms are let's go all. Would this one what was good about iron fist. What was good about this it was good to see that the marble. PDT by I want them to you but the marble. People are all scream marbles there are taking a really. They're being very careful with how they beat in characters. Which I think is in this show who continues to be really well done. Yeah when you have a Bogart and you have. Even growl at some. Point oh yeah you there's a lot of little Easter eggs we'll get some of those come up to Easter eggs in the end call backs of all those things for sure yeah. I think in the one thing that kind of the one bright spot that in the show. From be ms. Rosario dawson's character. Claire so we eat the nightmares that nightmares. And I'll get into that we do her character breakdown but it's nice to see that they're still paying attention to. The bigger picture you know to meet an. And when they wolf those characters in and win Bogart dropped a little hint about this private detectives that she used to use it used to be really good does it started drinking. Yeah yeah I think like Joyce's yeah its current and you're like you're like okay cool like that up Alec that's what I like that on a game because it keeps keeps the people. Tethered to the fact that this is gonna matter down why write it it it might stink now what you think you need to be aware of this. For what comic yeah and I am a true believer in what's come. Who you know I mean I really think that the defenders is going to be good despite the fact that. You know iron fist that didn't do well a lot it's going to be good. If the defenders. In the avengers. Never overlap I'm Wendy tests. And they absolutely have to do it makes no sense if they don't 'cause why else are you doing this awhile see you create them in this world where they references. Like if it if you wanted to have it be its own standalone thing you could have done that you could only use every reverses. Yet even if the defender show up perfect 52 I saw a need to be in an infinity ward yeah beat the whole thing work. I think it I've heard this somewhere else but there are like if the avengers are out in you know we did guardians of the galaxy in their fighting this this war in space. And then they're like oh (%expletive) like something's happening on earth. And then their like I know we we got a group on it but that's all you need but the defenders that they they'll take Kara of ship on earth and the. And it's just like specifically like New York. Yet to what's happening in New York but we got people yeah like that were also we we got to do we have a crew there. What I would say it was good iron fist. I really lights call lean wing I was a huge fan of of her an awfully lot Bryant maybe mid am smitten buyer. I I have that use easy on the ice I thought she was a great character she she could kick my ass which is something that I that I look for a minute and a lady. Shoes this is good actors about as a good character. In an air show immediate health because there weren't a lot of good dirt or cement shoes just sort of propelled based off of that. But that was a character I didn't know really anything about going into this and I thought she was really good. But other than that man like. I don't ever trust and positive I agree review on you know bring in hope Garth in and having that overlap and in all that stuff but. You don't need thirteen hours of no programming just to be like you were also in this earth. Like yeah and no. Thirteen was way too much way to wait much. If you hit it into Wragge yeah red again we're gonna we're getting to this with the character breakdown and stuff like that but. One of it is the biggest problem I had a panel we're getting in an eight part now so now let's move on that's who Honda why why does that to a poor view. And end so that. I'll play first again there wasn't a single character who I was by the end of the show who I was rooting for. But that was just done. Let you know like you're going to guide it except for tipper Claire temple. Look I don't polling that showed together but even at times what made her character good to see got annoying. I got yeah he got annoyed. Where she was like she would. She was a lot of who's written this way on purpose or whatever but like these like ridiculous things were coming to light and you had cleared temples character soothing to people like exploit this doesn't make any accents. What do you do wink. Well yeah where did the what is the plant which you would actually ask Mike what the hell. Like that's not a planned at six point is that that's not a U running at mayor is not a plant. Does not give you an Avian like in it was great to ever be like that. That. Like that tether for me to do again this is this is ridiculous. Yeah rout it out you do something so ridiculous that one of your characters says this is ridiculous. Yeah I mean on the one hand is like video some are calling out for maybe you should have put all that and there maybe maybe should've. That a better job yet it's just. You're right lucky if you take away the indictment quotes superhero aspect of the show and it's Sox. It meant but you when you add the super hero aspect of it's likely didn't use it well enough Toyota and are good enough they just I don't know I. There's it was cover all those are all over the place in the what did you think of the the ending but what was like well what's rude on. Have valid happily we hear we heard all this like stuff about couldn't load in note one to beat aid to cities so lovable and how would like this mystical place and not want to immediate. Now and also his his origin which is true to the comic book in many regards. As he you know he fights this dragon. They like references and they showed you put the dragon dies and that it. They were they afraid that thousand be too cartoonish or like is that it could have been a pretty sweet scene. And it probably would have been but I liked it. Again we have all these references to Kremlin and watch Tiki talk about what have to defend Pomona at the dissent among from the hand of and hey you know it's like why. Why do you have to defend could look the why is that important they never talk about it. Now that they don't go there have doubles is like he should have been there I don't. Think about the more so I have about they didn't show the dragon more because I Dicky that's the big complaints it game with drones what I love I love him drugs and yes it's a more nitpick the complaints but I adding more dragons that you're showing us dragons are they taking the dragons away. What are the book good. No they Jessica had quick who plays calling winning is one of the stance makes. Do know that. No should know she once you want to where she's also learned not the force awakens. She she was like up pilot. It. Happened yet not now they were were were missed all this good stuff so how about that's the she's the game a throng of iron fist in force awakens. If one of those is unlike the others but. You're the whole point of this guy is is it or this. You know his origin is him fighting in conquering like a dragon you know like I gathered that also happens. At. How good they are beatable dragon and that's sort of the than in my chest. Well they went right in the hole then goes declares that there there are no dragons which acts. Which puts it in a lecture kimono dragon now know it shows you like Pete's dragon easily and on repeats again. Would that mean that's the thing that that kind of pissed off about that should suit very held don't show. Like you have that went characters had to explain things to other characters yeah I tell me why the two villains. Two of the villains in the show by the way comedy built under in the show. All my dog eat. And none of them are like washed out at all and like the main one probably was unseemly to get the sense that now. There's somebody above now. Apple like how does it goes speaking of Gallic how does she do it got forced pushed. Like one holy week we had great column never it never does it again great calls that she does that you're like oh (%expletive) you give messenger and don't they get her again. They just like grabber. Okay. And even the. And then they're sitting there like she's tied up and talking about a category out by the way I've Mike 800 years old and like OK Anders would be just breezed past that. I'll tell ya that yet they don't explain nap of the the force push you a public god she's like darts idiots and then you're like. And a pair that you that it regularly you'll like a bumblebee game. It one match and I got a bit you stay in wants menu dead it would it would what are we doing here. They just like patiently just sitting in a room you know. With no and I think you'll like there adapt and that's the other thing that I hated about this is the inconsistencies in the show caused nonstop you have. Like what was the deal with Colleen going to dislike underground fight club quite yet. For no reason there's a tear gas and then never doing it again. Oh real I just remembered another positive. Does soundtrack. Great especially early on some of the Ehrlich went when Colleen was lecture Mike and Danny were doing like different training things forever like. So this downturn is and I went bad that but yes back to the fight club. OK with that. Like why why don't even do that and what does this whole thing okay. So here's here's another big hate for me right now. Yes and so I am very. I've been yeah. But it slow yeah I I I'm very sensitive to like. Asian is in the culture. Yeah you know I mean yeah yeah yeah. But you can't have like I was I remember having this conversation with somebody like I was freaking out. When they made remade the Karate Kid Jackie Chan and like genes that there Revver. In biblical wanted to beat you'll Mike karate is Japanese. And full which is its Chinese the movie takes place in China its stock karate it's Kong flu like that's different. Right like that's just that's that's an American thing viewers go. Asia this though isn't it traditional took a lot of big show took a lot of heat for white washing. You know. So why wouldn't you be more careful. When talking about certain things like here's here's a clap okay -- explain it to you in this is exactly other show run for if you if you're if you're listening ready. You have a cleric named Pauline wink. Who is half Chinese. Half Japanese. Right. She is pot self defense. By her grandfather. Who is Japanese. She then goes in studies. Among fu. Which is Chinese done. Then she goes and runs attend those schools are so so role education is there to hand right there's thousands yes which is Chinese she then. When it's when it's convenient for her character. Abides by its strict code of bush veto which is Japanese at a yeah you bed around. Eight school. For can go which is Japanese. Guys. So it like it has a solid players like you have to you have to be more careful than that yeah no they're editing yeah right and like like it. It's like if you walked up to pay eight Japanese person and civic oh your Chinese and they said no I'm Japanese that you said same thing. He's been like that person would be really upset. Let's insane yet accidents and things that. Yeah and I'm not I'm not being out I'm not being outraged for the Asian American or the Asian culture but like at the same time like it's lazy. Right stupid. Ready to make sure they take every bit of credibility in your show away if you do something like that. Exit for a cop mature all the details and tying in the universe and saying how you know the the the PI and you know hold our photographers thing yeah that you and Karen Page had an article in the all the stuff. The venue just dismiss something like that which. I don't know that I don't think you take a whole lot of work to to figure that out I also. Now they're like. But let's bring it to real quick why is why did OK for a person to just walk around with a sword. She's running around the source it is I policing of the sword. Are you tell you what. If I don't wanna go in the other direction and that never see that person again you don't run around the streets of New York with a sort of gone the other way. I wanted to get a sore and I was looking on Amazon the other day ashes awhile ago I thought they would be felt home security a little bit. And you know he decent sort at a fair price. While we're gonna have to we're gonna have to look at that separately MX or religious. I don't want a sword but. What do you got to be trained and it Urbina got to just general wielded like a baseball bat. I think I think you don't I think the gum it's like waving a gun around but if you might not be a very good shot but the fact that you might hit me yeah. Yeah I mean I've sort you might we get that yeah. Right or like Jesus Chrysler at least it gives you. Like a few feet like you can't maybe so say there's an intruder in her house. America my wife doesn't want me to get a gun but I don't I think she might be okay with a sword. Blow it blow darts poison. I think I could well I think there may be some user error on my part back back I think our kids. A mega points. I gotta suck and act like I honestly I could see myself doing that and deal Brower hit myself in the foot with that but I think. I mean it not the sort of be super saves but I think. That the intimidating. And maybe keep you know intruders that day. It yet if you come out all Mike maybe delicate samurai sword but if you have a debate like to David Claymores some like that yeah sort yes yes it's yeah I would bomb leaving. Feel like you are digging deeper crap and I'm not messing around I don't think I don't think numbed shocks and do much I don't think. On the size would positions mil range. Yeah its share range Imus on aside. And yes. Did Iran and if you are at a at a military I have two things are quick before you want Medicare to break down there I want. No I wanted to do what I've done it again maybe met did you go ahead does actually. Article put the odds are our show and a couple quick things episode for this was actual dialogue. From the program between the heralded ward Meachem he says the all warrants of the other one is the hands doing in rain and Ed that the guys said they showed up with their demands. And I said maybe they can play in the sand. We're not because and it's a big new land that they. Doubt that without those roster and. I'm graduate first because now I wanna talk about the meat of them you know boy you wasted. Hours of my time with those three. And at the end of this series they were inconsequential. To the entire plot. Well in higher paying well at the Meachem Bentley didn't exist this would have still been the same story. No not true I mean I know the father is the one who caused Danny's parents to die and for him to be brought up amongst. Different. Oh well. Okay fair but so you just need somebody else to tells parents that. Like it is so it's like at the end of the day like he was involved in it like he knew about it but it was out what it was. Oh the other idiots whom they couldn't say another thing Vick couldn't save his character's name correctly doodle up book I don't know it would quit a bit. Welcome to O or book Cavuto. They set it differently every Carriker said the name differently and that drove me. Patch it and by the way the guiding book who go which is Japanese is like Hispanic like how does that happen. I don't get it I'm numb I'm all fired up now. Action at it I have a ruling on on the pronunciation. I'm just as Scottie or Scotty. We got we know. ID or Scott tease you know or could. Let let the public has spoken to know which is the character's name I guess I looked it up Cavuto and everything but it would says book Udoh. Would be. Yeah I don't know the bill also say it differently. Yet not us that's and that's mass also note Japanese. This thing are not gonna figure that out at that point I also love there's a great scene where. Calling the wing. Comes running into the hospital she's looking for medicine and she goes up to the girl who. Used to be in the hander also is in the hands that we're sort where historic shares soared in the hospital and she says so that she is she says to the girl like. I need medical suppose this courtesy goes to we speak in private and she goes. Yes they literally took a step in the last. I don't like they couldn't of that and more the same place she's like. That we talks were private oh yeah absolutely. That the camera Damon moved it slips. Slide step to the left it's like I need medical supplies but you can tell that right there. Why do you put that line of dialogue in need of Roger please yeah. Well to start line for us to the recruiters from most I want them to Danny ran iron fist played by Finn Jones who of course was Boris Tyrell in the argument drones. I think. I'm sure is a nice guy. I think he sucks I think he's a terrible. Terrible actor I think some of it might be the dialogue well a lot of it could be the dialogue. Yeah I think yes it in the territories that they care to choice for the writers yeah west so awed. Because when he when you see him again like he's been gone for fifteen years right. And he has grown up. In a place that's full warrior monks who have beat the crap out of him and meet him who he is in lovable and when he comes back. Even still like a little kid. You know I mean like his whole persona. Well he is and like certain things like I was I couldn't so. He was gone for fifteen years cracked so he was Dominique was ten so let's put that at 2002. They came back if he doesn't have steamers to 45 so in 2002. You know I don't know how much experience he had win ipads and iphones and like IMAX. And any quick holy (%expletive) to you pick it up quickly the next thing you know he's like at these meetings it is like going over is like on his iPad like. Think about if you came back if you are plucked away for fifteen years it became like I think. Got my first cell phone in 02 worlds three and it was a flip phone which I think you could barely text on. So I could drop eyebrows disappeared on little monks for fifteen years and I came back he showed me an iPad in my head would explode. Any to any yet he he casually mentioned Billy goat like on Mike tablet or Mike yeah his which is based tablet and make. Have a healthy you know what that is. What that he also tries to make some claim worries like. Number he's like driving a car he's like our LA. I remember writing a car like on my dad's lap in the Hamptons in our Q would remember how to drive it well not only very senior. Mark. The home. That wouldn't happen I also noticed he did this thing if you watch a lot of Will Forte which I do because I love Will Forte. In like my Gruber or last man on earth like if somebody says something to home this can be hard to explain not a podcast but he has the very action racists like. But he can Alex and you know late. You're like are you gonna be able to lake meet you fraud she likes to meet you for lunch. I'm sure I could you have a guy like Smith yes he does he react that way to everything. And elated at virtual fort takes its you know for comedic effect. But this he's not supposed to be funny and he does that seem like Smith begged and like I drove me nuts. And Mike how about. Effective like he he it's like this ghetto assert its wrong word but like this there's GDP like Bruce Wayne Carriker. Yeah we're so many of them is there but what would you do with the dead parents and Mike they're Rick the company and make all the stuff. It's already lean mean it's Bruce Wayne that sort of Tony Stark we're all these guys was the apparent sin debt terms and they they inherit like an enterprise. Have been gone trichet sometime and then come back yeah I mean most civilian at the turn it. Open at the same time like. Would you pick to care Gillick pursued by the way big up to persuade for winning the bracket that big dude yes you. Bruce hash tag to our madness. Best movie was last year's the Dark Knight this year best character Batman so we can't only. Summary we did us there are like you guys should do a a video game one next year where our come whatever can wins the matter to set that turn out. And maybe it will. That's only one but you know but it. Britain lose eluding his parents in front of him is like a defining moment of who he is in its constant united yes yeah Syrian bloc that is parent is only like. Part of who we is when it's convenient for yeah. When he needed something to be pissed about like oh we are members parent that is an even either way remember that right there any means so it's not like constant. With them it's just become and oh yeah which is it if that's who you are that's your defining moment as a person it should be more. OM a parent sped away the united. Mean yeah I get him out on. Yeah he did so anyway he ought you underwhelmed and again maybe he's not maybe is not the worst actor but. It was just. All I I didn't think he did a good job in its day. It's an odd choice of may be stuck in a tough position like that obviously because he's trying to do service to defend these trying to do a good job and ups like it set up juries are great kids that just. Yeah not for me and how does she not know he's been gone for fifteen years and become the iron fist. Yeah where do you whether protector of Quinlan and you have to stand a big gate in nature and a bit and then coming here and how the (%expletive) do you not know why your hand works. Dollars and like the bad guys have to tell him yeah. What is what he can do you steal her you know isn't what is that we are ready to go to what that's like how do you know that. In any like loses it and gets it back and that's ever really explained completely. You only don't even get me started on the she. We'd like let's annoyed at random rich he's run down many more to me. Anymore chief Michael put it you've got imperial I don't know like last Heidi you get more to an end. Of course the bad guy chose him how to get more cheek and he knew although it's in the district got Caremark RX. I don't know that it's in the analysts ours are calling wing carries and highlights would do their calling and they've banning same thing with any grand which seeks to see you introduced heard he's running it kind of studio but also knows come to an all Japanese and Chinese which. Wherever and then. Again she's lives by a very strict code of Quito. Arnold's Wednesday politically when it's convenient. We're going to be article yet are so I don't know what I tell them. Trapped calling wink at that should grow. She will be in the defenders is wealth and ABC to redeem herself in your eyes yeah the colleagues aren't in the next character ward at Meachem. They'll but least likable character I've seen and show in recent. Let me ask you though terrible actor or terrible character or both. Both are no I don't know I take back that date back there were some good mode where Rick did you David heat there were some home health and Tom Pelfrey. But even at the character himself was site is everything I hate. With Blake. You know like deleted DG players as you might have played it a little to do well. That's well. Yeah I early on like you kind of grew on nearly by the end like you like there you didn't annoy me as much early on I was like this guy ease. He's almost too much like yourself and over again caricature of what like that an ass hole. You don't prep school Ivy League turns you know billionaire by the time it's thirty. With debt right we would all the daddy issues in the world. He'd he'd drove me nuts though for awhile. And it could tell when they like to be yet to go to like green have a music doing drugs like all the stuff I remember seeing him I said out loud to my television. Just (%expletive) die. Yet no I know well like I was so sick of this guy deadlocked mark. Did not caring more about him that his sister joy Meachem who was played by Jessica stroke who was in. She was in the remake Ehrlich the reboots of not a two win now. Which actually watched and she was knocked Kelly and David silver. You remember their parents got together like a debt so that they had a kid and she was the kids issues like one of the Lexus and a half sister half brother irritable and she was also in the hills of ice to. And she was in the pilot of our true blood so that's maybe where you've seen her so I really like her the actress but sure this character was just pretty. And I guess she did she help standing at one point oh yeah I got that's another big rep I have. Art let's let's today. I disappeared for fifteen years and then I came back to your front door. And l.s like hey David it's me Keefe if need be like first beast article about your dad and I'd like an idiot you might be like I don't think it's you. Couldn't you like quickly ask me like off question that you. Oh I'm so glad you brought this up can keep bringing up like six or seven things that only he would now. Right now icon and you look that up on the Internet they couldn't you know you could not look up what team you played on it in six year old soccer I'm sorry that's not on the Internet. I would I would just ask you like to. What characters did you used blank check it. Besides what do you think of the saying they are about this like I can solve that two seconds of according to tech and three characters. Boom cannot all right here's the question I would ask you inevitability could view our ability from talking to rich keep right now I'm gonna have seemed like watching. Along the would you play on the on the stereo. They knew I hated it was a band I like but that song I hated what what's wrong with that. And now it's a system down spiders. Yet are you hit the fact that they're very very civil very very clear that drove in us because that was like. An episode or two of the of like. While he says he's Danny ransom excellent opinion it would fight a war amid a limit this war I wash them altogether so I don't want to tell ya what it would explore episode so you can see that popping down when I saw Danny. I. Right. This is the answer. The cycle asked to go all the brown eminence. There was that bugged me about the meat Jones hit. Me jump I didn't mind I'd I'd like I liked this guy David when I am who played. Sarah Mir from Lord of the Rings. A little bit different obviously here but I actually liked him which he knew he is the Baghdad throughout even when he's trying to give you the old Okie go there. But he was I actually thought he's put ago. And how about that topic they did a landfill from beer fest yes you can that the public. They kill off of it immediately bring him back there isn't a done he's done in order to pick you know. What do you what do you call Milan tilt at. You know so they can but they have that built the Garrett there and they didn't famed they didn't. The liquid always came back worse is that no we didn't he would still like that big of an apple that was just smashing plates. These these mean and he goes back worse every time it is an all time he's got to suck balls by a Gary Eads we're about out. We lost in the first episode look O is a heavy bag he was fierce fighter. Played well at it and this fight anybody. Now he like kill the guy we told a couple of guys. Yet the mimics stabbed in my and a but I think it was like another we've gone back to the big right how is beanie ran the worst fighter in the moat and then show. Yeah he seems like he may have then I mean you want some fights I did it. I did that the one fight that he had that I was pretty cool was the guy that the drunken fight. Right here and show about what the guy with a penny looked just like lay from tact in when he doesn't when he get him into the junk stance. Would spank. It's awesome really he's like Carolina back and forth you know noticed on like that that was god. Okay that that would so the best fighter in the show Brady even met starlet thankfully was was battles. Should've been the iron fist. Who wants it and I believe I was I was reading this earlier that. Are they say here he never got a crack. To dvi iron fist but I I think in the comics he actually did fight the dragon if any could not defeat the dragon. So you he's got a crack out of here they say he doesn't but yet Donald's is it was a pretty good fighter. He can go and in he would look at you what I think any should've bit which is like you know very like none unaware but very focused yeah. Where data was. All alone now. So I don't like kudos and gal. Again sorted CO2 of the villains or in this. You know gal we've seen of course and in. Couple times over she's the she's back. Claire temple your dimensions hers she's sort of Thai and all these characters into young. Well Mullah Omar take more than they. Colleen waiting refers to book Bhutto has sent today Japanese. He could come through Chinese. Justice and it just brought out. Terrible now thank you thank you for doing a Gerry hope Garth I was like journal Garth you courses and not just good Jones in a daredevil so she's back in this one. Carrion mosque an actress so I won't get Karrie she's great so whole earth could clear temples good. Yeah those that anything else and the characters. Now I just you know we we we talked about the gal force push and then never doing it again that was Madden. People people just look at exit and I'm like 900 years old note unrelated and I don't even go explore. I think not addressing the gals force push her never doing it again at that and gorgeous talking about not knowing somebody or not believing it's somebody when they're telling you stuff that only they would now that those are two of the prescribe. I drove I drove a car with my dad immediately crashes Ward's car and the next scene at a brand new Aston Martin can not perfect yet. But somehow we got a driver's license right. Yeah I did hear some of these us that you Easter eggs that song we dirty hit on these or somebody just noted down. Somebody mentions the incident again of course from a ventures they say all since the incident more people think their heroes. Com one of the guys in the board room tells the meets rooms that. You've gotten more YouTube hits them a green guy though not the Hulk. Are Claire says sweet Christmas a couple of times. The cage. They mentioned there's a Danny Rand article written by Karen Page in the new your pull tinsel shouts Karen Page. I again how. Gal straight up mentions the double from hell's kitchen and the man with a unbreakable skin. You're dimension this one Joyce says that she used to PI it was quote worth every penny when she was sober. Odyssey just beat Jones and then there was they stay in the lead poster was in NYPD closer or the pictures Stanley on. There was Gifford DC Erfurt Netflix MCU stuff. This is the order. Yet daredevil season one and Jessica Jones the daredevil too then the case then that this one with a iron fist the defenders as we mentioned coming on August. It's later that publishers coming out later this. Which I don't know if that's true or not but that's what that's what it says a Wikipedia. Now show at some point he has to he has that are still technically be a defender but he has to be in there. And then they're already isolated for just it's on season two daredevil three and Luke cage to civil Wilson model. Tell me what you all I mean hopefully you know. We can we take a step back at this point and so okay that we get a preview we ended may be a good bit defenders to meet we'd get a little bit more data ran where he's like placed second fiddle to Alex and heavy hitters yeah. You don't get as much of them are or may be taken chemistry dish it out Billick looks. You know big east European business. Do what you're gonna. Do you terrible. Well then he may be here and Luke cage. Leg you mentioned this a while ago leg in central Luke cage to an iron fist too because those guys did so much the other comics just make up our men and iron fist season in just combine the two. Here Pryor and oh yeah we're going to be Debbie downer Ari are you remove one of the the next portion. Yeah. Because the. It's. The podcast right would you let your first originally made the first. Way you know what I recently just soft finally is get outs the Jordan peel horror movie it was good it was really good you I don't know. Again you know you see there was it like a 100% 99% on rotten tomatoes that that makes it. That kind of props it up may be a little higher than it should be but I Rick I really liked it and I heard an interview that he did. I think with the but on the nearby that Hardwicke on the nervous podcast and he was talking about it. Like step for the wives was like the original stuff for wives of the motivation form there's definitely some of that. Our skeleton key which candidates like Rick you know option on I thought though there's a little hint of that as well. It was cool it was it was good in my albeit the acting was really gut and it was it's definitely worth seeing so I recommend get out. I might pick it apart guess I was gonna bring this up earlier. We are on its receipt of valid coming up at an HBO show. Going on right now called crashing com starring Pete Holmes. All of motivate either. Very talented comedian and podcaster I think he's really funny. And so. Are related so the whole premise of the show and what I found out I get a little bidding could have been chosen the show unbelievable like what happens to this guy. But it follow the comedian named Pete. And it turned out that it auto biographical like the home got his start he was a rated evangelical Christian. Got married right after college. And his wife left him for another guy who. And that's how he because he even did was try to be comedian and it. That was really weird I just unplug my phone bus. Editor at pocono both. So he he gets that is why speed you don't need another guy they kick him out of the house so he winds up staying late doing. Like open Mike in Spain with other comedians out there like every week keep pace with another immediate. Okay so like in the first episode RD Laing and it TJ Miller all right Silverman the luckiest Spain. And with like our and there are like try to give him advice and they're just looked like has messed up. As he has yeah the animosity. It's great it's really funny and he's like this really nice guy. We were your liking genuinely happy Foreman things go well formed yet but he's just. Trying to get advice from like the biggest scumbag right. Is that right yet that as good as a good promise to get. Really good and this season's finale next week so if you're gonna being something. That's on the line now that's another one he should you should probably check out and it's it's a good bridge because with Silicon Valley coming back. Like business market great but yet so that it's been actually really get to check that out. Awesome bomb argue of there's black panther. Have time to do some items reduced if you are so once again let me just set this up first of all. For those of you that are subscribed on the iTunes to hash tags or iTunes a personal thank you. But he can also give us a rating and a review Ian is you do both those at the same time. And then the black panther joins us later on in the podcast and he reads the reviews it's quite a thing. And everybody's is very excited about this this. Part of the podcast now so without further ado here's black panther reading hash tag or iTunes reviews. Would be in the future hello. I haven't yet read some of that review other great respect. It. These dark time. I did not know what to do with myself. It did in Beckel I'd do and I barely pitched become famous and in lost some weight I expect book will change your life. That's pretty that's allies as signs. Yet there writing reviews on my mom got to run and ended up black typical rent a little thing here. While black bear their road. You don't do that scroll through some a lot of you are done all. These Booker is awesome. When they talk about is in in my own mother look in my hit. All these peak and all we are Arctic. Or dorks as part of a threat to the title etc. aren't thanks thanks for the review but I mean that it Bernanke for not nerds. Dorks. The big difference. There very long they do you do expect. Great debate and confident on everything I got paid on a full liking as a child. If you're a comic. Book or movie type of game. This is a great listen. It's organized. And what do you to tell if you're if you're gonna leave under review what. How would you describe the podcasts. And you and they've listened zone. I am upset that you have a book about me as much what are the army you're good you're you're a movie like next year. Eight grade. They AP black implement that has been passed on from generation to. Generation all the odd I think we know the story but. Next year I thought it would middle have you want to discuss your movie because if you give you begun filming yet which like spoiler. Yeah yeah spoiler warning here from the from the nobody got. But keep violence out in my refrigerator now that's that refrigerator at first small it's barely a spoiler we've we all saw the end of the last movie we view that civil war we know that Bucky Barnes staying with you. I have I have noticed spoiler everybody knows that he wasn't spoiler when he got. It is if famous black actors who is going on in my movie please remind first of all. I don't that the spoiler is summit at the base they've announced every black actor and actress in Hollywood right now is in this movie. Also you about it yeah it's been out there forever give any give possibly any kind of detail that we don't know yet about this film. Yes I doubt it. What he got. My father in animal looks ultimately. Are you and Betty and based in marriage sort of meet and I was not happy with so I traveled to New York to find my bride and I go to be a photo of queens. Now this my best and now this is coming to America that solid there's no way this is in the movie that already happened it was a great movie. And I feel like your ripping ripping that off. And it happens it just so happens that. My girlfriend find out who I am I seeing my face a hundred dollar bill. All right now that is legitimately. From coming to America. Let it get there again no home on living yes there's there's a big barbershop argument about boxing in this. Have you seen my movie now I've not seen coming to America though that is. Left to. Outraged by your father has pushed off a cliff. Yeah it is trampled by an herd of wheels the beast. Now that's Lion King that's definitely Lion King I appreciate you moving off from coming to America but that's also movie. I guess an African movie technically though I guess in both of them might spot as James Jones best. It's true discuss this that's it etiquette skywalker are elves are Luke Skywalker. Yes. That's great talent that will definitely have to have you on again in the future here give us nothing and you sort of mentioned a couple of other movies that aren't yours that's fine. That's I think I think we need more reviews will be to me it is getting a bit stale. It will definitely dealer news. Or come across is begging though for the review. No you don't but go in my movie it is but it's not out putting it though it Arsenio Hall plays Mike and now he's that's not yet not. That's not the right. But they actually thought up that it. Looked at. Of a pretty unfairly Easter that regular meetings we might have been an issue. But I we've all seen it at this when I don't think they. I've played four of five catechism a little. Sick. Want to open. Don't I don't put one Turk there and did the I think. I don't. Know yet duplicate period do we take your sexual chocolate I realize what. I thought you're gonna put a and later to put him in the clumps. That it's too late you both. My boat my babies under those opportunities. I doubt that the event that diaper as Hercules Hercules. That's just that's that's a fun time that's good time out so we are gonna close that this episode hash tag dorks though. You know you you show up Brian says the U stay for black panther and so we keep the MCU Roland maybe at some point like other answer slushy talk to each other respected their. I'm sensitive part that I did we could accomplish and I need to find a guy I either find a territory in due to begin collecting other talked Susan Waldman a track and help anybody won't wolf always good which we could do that yet. You check us out on the Twitter at our podcasts you can email us dork podcast at gmail.com. Another way to strip besides iTunes and Google play is WE TI dot com slash to work. By and where can the fine folks all you right. We could well be that. Our Monday on Twitter which. Wherever else just look at that you'll find it somewhere aren't some dude anything. Look comfortable Basil Doug next week where we talk legion season 1 o'clock and then.

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