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The Real K&C - Fine hosts & Ted Nuggets 3-31-17

Mar 31, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis recap the Thursday and Friday editions of Kirk and Callahan with a double shot of MIke Mutnansky in with the guys

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March the way it should be closed out with a real can't see can't layer here Chris Curtis here breaking news right start program. The PD got a direct flight booked from Boston to DC rest easy Curtis are working are behind the scenes here for you. I mean we live at all the moon and we finish the show today it was a wild Friday yes atlas. And disorder collecting ourselves I'm just relaxing trying to read on some movies Chris cinema Curtis one Joseph is. I have booked you a direct flight to DC. Jerry gets up makes out with them starts kissing or am I mean it was justice. Corporation so I love you Caleb second week big news Jerry's response that was. Let's celebrate its one thing about. Our station were able to broadcast from which dope I guess from anywhere I guess from the hotel room if we need him on an access that's fine. Some are all older talent may not be as a confident of that and that is under insufferable nonsense some rockers price. Up on up to the conversation in a disparaging manner that's for a media being naive you think the DC trip is actually gonna go on April 90 I don't I can't see with the patriots. In DC although the flights have been booked. Not much else is rated ego I think like much of the patriots roster worker Kelly and will not be deployed how's work well for Kirk minute hand is endorsing Donald. Anyway. I thought it was pretty good dent. Quality program today how are you feeling you like came out guns a blazing he took an early lead on but. In the battle to bring us in our big movie challenge at 830 today you nailed you stole Saving Private Ryan and navigate. The games to find okay three Gerri let's go we're going to start with the hot no no ought not gonna go one. To say okay for Mike the ski. Can hear the cut again shortly call. Shopgirl. He says tell me I'm good man helmet live degree life tell me I'm a good man. Yes you have to guess that's what the rules. Cocoon. I guess that's a good. Geisel. Guess wrong Curtis we've talked about some show recent don't we don't need an essay it's it's an in Saving Private Ryan. And uncle Lee. With her has got. I've ever duplicate ballots in time I don't care what topic Chris Curtis over my Komansky. I was shocked I was so happy when I heard that because that. Soup right I've watched literally. Thousands and thousands and thousands of your old one is elected Robert Ehrlich Celek them like it so. Soc for now. Plan that potted plant in the opposite of waiting and waiting. And asking for to be replace in this feels like to eat for me because I actually go the movie and it doesn't get that felt like off like. Vindication was on the way it felt great I had confidence that we need Kirk believed he knew he'd been. I hate when it's. Well I was tactically I saw pressure as it is to do well anxiety. I have diagnose things I'd be curious and blind full today which feature. When you lose once and our other senses supposed to be heightened. I felt like (%expletive) out of sorts and with that going. On. For how much Robert anyways. The pressure got to meet its gonna. Number plate cut and this is for Chris Kurtz. His mind. Perfect perfect. He'd have jacket. I'm no. On let's go we go and I don't know if we go full metal jacket I. Had it through yet. Full metal object when lawyers battle this is this is great what to Dominic Edberg library in front it's true is I collapsed because the second we got out of the contest iPod giving. Past that response I was pretty that was good thirteen. Or four. Fest I'm Gary and I wa. You still didn't win the double nothing because that I had pressure at the end to win. Right right when he entered when he onto the whole way. It's hot shot. Yes yes he's done so far. I think border north to be real it. It's him he suffered seriously and teacher freaking guts I certainly hope your targets when I purchased for Eisley plates arms really I really hope that happens you suck I hate your guts give yourself to choke. Sock you suck you saw how funny was that way and no pressure on you gotta I don't like I was competition out ball it's forty don't see you miss dealing king which is is tragedies today. That was I should have used my mutt lifeline appearing again. Because it was an obvious line the story there was the board's committees want us whenever seventeenth record that's not a good that your own z.'s music at number seventy. And well that's a Major League. And I did. Not intend. And a voice all my god. And get the asthma Monday. The man card sent a man you saw we heard John Dennis could get act. You leave that you. Although the rest the show leaving and yes that's and I didn't take a I'm a voice that was a (%expletive) up there's no excuses. Wanna say (%expletive) up a part if you want peace what I thought that what. Remember the titans you got yes. If we don't come here. I'll remember right there. In hang over. And over. It's few. Let's head over. Now. Is pretty good at the re. Telling kindly write newer movies that Selig if we get out. And what. Well Tom that's Tom Hanks and yes castaway yeah. We are gonna work out like last twenty years movies you might beat. I mean. Are surprisingly close matchup I mean but really is dumb movies while lot of Rambo in concert was probably your brain and brain dead of the brave listen that moment. That's and remove ads is Sylvester Stallone. You know good points for that. Cobra. And Curtis with a solo contract. I don't know videos on Contras or video game that I don't know it's I don't Vietnam you're rattled in with the AT and sent the intern to the ATM downstairs you probably paid five dollars and feeds I'm an old. He does Kurt has given the money which you don't home it's in not his money he him forty owes you give my little note to. Says sorry you let them down really don't lies and mud mud for before album went back on our money fake while yes it was very good even monies you actually got his money not to shock her as such for Kirk is such a dink that do not keep the money Kirk. Definitely took the forty dollars I never shoot again no I think Kirk appreciated I think he's right now puppet you know skip lunch on me pasting an area pizza. Indeed OK so that was you know we were all anticipating that's nearly a cent in busy day with Mike Pence. Dale Polley coming hard at of the guys is yet to Bayside and now the build up to the big Lamar ball interview little collar response for the morning to the afternoon drive Kirk seems happy that the fighting back a bit couple threats couple veiled threats. Ordered snap on and I've spent my entire life. Seriously. Trying to trying to keep control of it nasty temper. Most time a pretty good that watch out Kirk. Watch out for us out of a job doesn't watch out as it is gonna get nasty yet what. Since the beginning of this is. Michael hall yesterday during our show and throughout the afternoon it's been blaming the editing of the sound yet to shutter unit and. You can take a clip of somebody. And then you can edit the clip and you can put it together to pit and agendas that the Fed a narrative and then you can get whatever you want so I can have a clip. Of of Kirk many hand saying he loves Jesus Christ I can put that together for like I can do that guy up with some help. From my my radio gurus here Indian band a pretzel like it. I didn't make Kirk men and some like the biggest Jesus freak going if I just use radio clips that talent that happens. You have words that came out of Iowa well you said that you were going to leave if doable our ball interview went well. It was a choice between Lavar ball and Michael and then. Replay that sound at celtics' big meal each spin this edit it. In a (%expletive) you know lost their minds a few months ago when I had the audacity to clip. Him saying that money Jones does not back down the money Jones does not back down you said that he backs down to everybody he's locked the entire Massachusetts population. Eight to. It's like. Just respond to your own words in response to actually criticizing you rather than blame. Some producer. For mr. mr. Edwards that you actually said fake news segment that Curtis pulled out four and those guys catch the ants they missed the elephants and yesterday they had. I'm glad they did it a popular view was. OK I don't know how much you can do with Lavar but instead of wasting time blaming somebody that nobody knows. Once you actually address Berkman and Jerry Kelly equipment from guitar and what. Does Morris go to Howard Stern used to do he's good at what brought this up. It's a unified mostly the details host he's trying to oust also called mark. Highly entertaining for segmented into their own publicity game yesterday great entertainer you guys leave he's not a great night entertainer at all what's great about him he's not what's great is Smart man. It's great he knows how to control and under an integrated demeanor. It's offered applied there. Well I hate but that is about dale in that he was so against the interview with so apt to take the Twitter victory lap two minutes after it was over. I hope he praised and kitchen after the interview for forcing him to do Thursday show with mark the end. March 30 addition was not great what's it to best moment so I would this it gets a Kirk's prayer and a moment. We did have though a game that I into a plane that's what the hell did he say featuring Michael Irvin. Austin this was quite entertaining so we never really got down to the bottom of what the hell Michael Irvin did say. I've got to talk to playmaker for you understand what he's saying yes Anderson mostly what we say yes the Euro was a person decent record he set I paid the bill to set. It up no assets would be to send us I did yeah bell did not that are critical and you guys all idiots that's what he said it would be I think he says what it says. We had a couple further examples which we never got to OK your article was how slow I was one. Here's another hot recorded so well. There are all. Part. Old or is that doesn't let you don't. Appear. At that only other option. It's a six did commit the current I think yeah I think he did. He played backwards I'll pull littler from all the years of open it's not true. For many reasons but both the portly it would get back on our entries on my favorite guests and our favorite yes. Kirk was praying yesterday this interview was gonna happen on the Rosie special moment can't see history the Kirk on his knees the first segment of the show. Here's that say if you have in my today and you do do a good job you're going to win the game people say my piece of the mixing it this is your chance rich keep I am Greinke knew he chains here. I am begging you as part of the station as host of the morning Julia and it was very important in the success of the morning show. I look at mr. when I don't Wear on your knee I am I she's I am purely a coal mine in reluctantly I am begging you please I'll turn to religion I will become one of these people. In Texas who care to fifty people died the bus crashed because Jesus is happy for them. I am begging you please put this guy on today Abbie good contentious fighting in if you call him Dick if you want you'll be nice don't giggle and talk what's been chicken on your face. Fight with this guy Gail this is your chance be a match yeah. Please jacket to do please. Fight with this guy this man please I'm asking you carry my brother you with me I'm way via my. I would be a good glad I know you are you care about his ball Christian and Lou. Alou wants to do that to finds a throwing issue of the program I understand that. What's he cares about them more night you know probably you would you would go to the ball and yes original ball and yeah course. One more time I ask you please. Lord Jesus Christ evening over us he died for our sins he died for 44. He died for your weak spot playmaker he died for the baseball show. I ask you please interviewed this decade today please please please if not. Gerry Callahan and I will come back as thirty yes I do beat ourselves we'll take it will play take five times tomorrow tests at one point I don't. Know that it mattered again amen. And we're running an embankment. And thank you we have finally got around to Alex dreamers words on the cheap little show today thanks to Paul. Are working amid a producer it's up who found this an audio you tonight took some. Well lashes for a for a lot of the full Leno talk to Roemer will texted three Mercedes got the full Leno appearance somewhere back parents' house and bring in next week but there. Got enough of the sample I think that the guys are somewhat entertained today. So here's dreamer with Jay Leno. Beavers voice and this is fantastic here's Rima were Jalen what's. He's not the one big thing that. Well time it wasn't like a dramatic story. I was at my grandfather when Dan Arizona. And now searching the web thank you DA does sports page and I found it's about this blogging thing. I'd like an AOL sports page when I smoked them when he first knew you can. You know he's the editor and when he watched Sesame Street would lust after it. That earned him revert. He sounds like Harry Harry's four outs of 120 it's unbelievable New York's Abby and he has aged agent or waving it like he still has Betsy. Big victories in the picture is voice vote is just. It is useless if Donald Perry. I. It. Wasn't like a dramatic story. There are clueless. So extreme repairs will be good thing although. Finally got to chronicling some of the Geri re podcast that the that was well they are also the mood about the while thing. Yeah no matter what was going to be there. Commission and wasn't great it was more so I liked it because you had. Juries sort of waxing poetic about the radio industry now are linked here right in item correcting Alex for associating aligned to Dino that was actually Jerry's switches from time to argument here mention off the sports. That alone that deterrence bow for me you know we have one of the great new modes of all time and that's Penske says tonight it. Was he actually serious this is serious it was. I keep telling what I was ready to correct that up because a brilliant but I knew that it was that it's Nugent knock. But I thought was a so I wanna jump in and ruin the bit but it wasn't prepared to incur or. My favorite thing ever is nothing better than he would humiliated cat scratch fever and since it and knowing the he sees through you know remains Pittsburgh's. Can't. Ted new dance. Had nuggets got the. And cold that it has not yet but it. So resist but we're like a moron like you wanna make it look like. Because he was so upset at the picture of this Gallic up. She this. Sort of a by. Kurtz has the office were all we do like Curtis was better than I thought looks terrible picture but the regards to these thank you know did you. My guy courtesy and particularly that picture what is wrong what you do suck you just he's always use with current delete my picture us. You didn't say he said I think I'm probably in this climate picture. Put that back of course come on Jesus. Isn't easy being appearance as we noticed the picture of him in the plane. Bakken Sorbonne days where it comes alpha any boy he was lit but it. Arrest I was I don't know who would take actually at. Noon SR Aziz why prices are about. Like I worked and during the break and Kirk's laughing about the letter and were talking wrapping up the show. Really that picture look off. It's. Like she. Like it is best so recently came back and it is anyways 148 point seven. It is just right today it is open Curtis the lead at the picture. And he has the mortal that's been stolen. And or before June the nuclear. Acted like my and I think it was fine finish that he was as this reporter was his final post. That the K we are on the road Finley Mark Johnson mossy is in the final four of these deal bracket he is our last he'll. Will be one note to take Kirk Adams Kirk is rolling over chairs it's him heiress it's an embarrassment. On the books and notes here and so Monday can be announced this like I think we discussed this briefly. If not they'll correct Isp. We're gonna recede. Receipt so curt. All the world number one at the money's the force and tomorrow Steve the US so I like on you'll Tomas you know Albert semis tomorrow you'll be on self from self. Probably would I am assuming it's virtual money on Tuesday seat. This looked like Kirk at the mossy for all the marbles. And go through an official good kick start via baseball season Monday February I never worked with few. Really the start of the baseball season as the blood flowing REM you know yes it would grew Athlon media guides I was appalled at the Curtis who obviously epic four. You confused assistant GM Brian hours with my guys Brian neighbor who's the assistant farm director and crock. And you put on the sheet. Evans relic wrote this. Gushing article Comcast about boy Rhine dollar literally within minutes of fittings and a campus. Tax get a voicemail. Like it anger. F bombs or flying in pitcher Brian Abraham. Up fun. I wanna be there have you back here and got a model in studio city to meet the whole crew did you encompass the DC will have in the hotel were still will be crowned. We count. Solar where do you when we broadcast from where Satterfield studios so it's underground and no no for an accessory known open access but during breaks Kirk always ones to go out saying hello sciences on aggressive reply then proceeded to hit it. All by edited sentence or go back into via. The salespeople or. Bring me autographed picture yet. And headed to the sky and I don't realize applied it is whatever. But at the business owners of one right on the one that. Talking about here. I go suck my and everybody turns around. All of a ballroom dancers it's like my eyes. Read in the week as a good week. And that's the. Yes that's what Kirk decided to sign on his. Autograph and exerted edited out in this caused quite the yes of course Italian was headed back belt and pulled from the website within minutes. And get a city you blame you for pulling it down. My fault and sport MacKenzie of course was quick on the seem yes that corrective so. All similar okay fed went Monday weather permitting I is you heard in my trending today somewhere between three guys just north of the last fight so it depends on that goes but. Barry -- bring clarity here elected to cover all the base of the raw alternately give yourself wide range next week. Is going to be action packed it's it's rated ago Monday to glossy and eight to ten as we mentioned Tuesday the mullet man with the Nigerian Kirk. Wednesday Thursday. Will be Wednesday will be mutt too Renny and Jerry. Thursday. Meter. Depending on its temperature. With my injury in the Friday. Reliever. Kirk Jerry and a special guests. Rachel dole as all. 830. Friday so we 830 this week we had to battle the brain let's. Next Friday at 830 we have about a. The black ones and Tuesday. You a moderate gone head to head with music the musically it's I'm not feeling good about. It's a well today. Go to about it every god in heaven you should've said. The opposite you said they gain unit option celebrity TV ship it's Friday 10 AM my brain is fried just amateur were to begin with it was a it was a flop. That's the rhetoric. All right to weaken my friend we'll see you Monday actual seat. And also the Monday before. A B I will be. Go to the game but. To state 605 never it's 705 right acoustic is gonna do across never to the industries like eggs and that'll be nice to deflate and committed between. So that was me in those aren't charges while we're on everything you know. Perhaps a good dose of paper dollar up front aren't big woods at all. Flavorings he's busy so he's going to go to 810. Sounds it's not a blockbuster money. It is currently threat and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI you WEEI dot com. Could weaken.

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