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The Real K&C - Fails, rants, & interruptions 3-29-17

Mar 29, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis have the Tuesday & Wednesday recap from the K&C show, including Kirk's epic rant at Dale & Holley with Keefe.

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March 9 edition of the real kids seek Hitler here Chris Curtis restorers there this year Kristi official host Joseph podcasts of can't be better than number one but he can't I think we have fire and dot back of the drops a little bit but you know too busy for me Kendall drive which is away. Ratings they show otherwise that's fine I like the drop I think you do a fine joke when your focus help them. No legs is the thing that's my point those affect you so muted now he's this is what happens this is exactly they want to do they tell the scale down nets for the ducks in any kind of goes away so they winning. To say no I've got the numbers of what we would have done if we can revenue drops 49. Even the Super Bowl 51 numbers I'm sure that'll do great things for their ratings always get a proof I thought my ideal wheels up drop was good today but I bet those girls are fine and family passes and they have to be dressed up and Webber gave them the pass and it was this year with some nosy person was in the high horse like yes took a live picture and then between now knowing the situation I was actually going to in this awful that make these poor girls change their clothes right killings is up in nine minutes don't natives the poor. Assets you were out ruled today until we get the 8 o'clock hour. ES skeletons in the closet came back up decurtis movie quiz from last year at this time one year anniversary how you feel you know. That was a very dark period of mileage you talk. And me. I'm the only one. You've been through tough. Don't know if possible we eat it's not a break it takes to another seven years he would never get other sexy. Yeah good old taxi that's what Christopher Lloyd reportedly grew search. I don't know recently tick Hooper and actually slowed can understand the commitment let's marked item movies not call pack sexy cam. Right to cap. Is like going auto mileage at that time and going back in hearing that was. Just so cringe inducing and then the worst part about it is that presbyterian Kirk. All they can be as big of a vessels or government but I respect them they have. Knowledge of the well read they prepare I've never been or ill prepared they at least care about their jobs and make your about it more than anybody I've worked so I respect the work effort and paper which they have John Dennis at that point. Tribe mock. My knowledge of movies. And you go jump aboard the curtain Jerry trained Buick and I know that god Curtis it and happy camel club sir you're more. I want my pick and Chris. You know that's what kid. Sitting there looking to meet you when you. That Jimmy hearing him (%expletive) on me was what really brings it back because. No (%expletive) clue what those movies were lol what you can use your. That's you know. Know a lot richer yet zero knowledge songs mr. music man Dino would request was bull bull add music. Or is. Adele was fresh and get. Like six years after her first release like he sucked he. He sucked so badly that got a lot beast in the or did I Derrick you and I could not happy with the solace house. He's a huge and put the show in such shooting corrections. 10 minutes every morning for Jerry occur to bring it on the rails like got even a word began it's a miracle the show survive his last three years. The Rolling Stones that's for. What led us into the Curtis music and movie quiz of years past songs without titles in the lyrics and or how we got on that. What's the best song. That the title of the songs on actually said so I buddy writing in this morning's meeting Prosser was on this was the classic example of the phones are off the hook. Ready about radical Islam lose let's talk a bolt radical Islam and it's really important. Industry amid the struggling America but no we head full lines untrained people love him hitting weighing in on her you know position about terror all that stuff and I'm answering the calls. And in the middle of this I catch wind of like every third word about looking for a song. That's the worst feeling because I don't know what they're looking for the faltering threat to keep answering them and you have your headphones like mr. trying to find stuff while running aboard the same time so I'm like. Totally fish out of water here so I am not hoping in the least I could have really if you know even if I heard the barrel for songs. Two Metalico. I'm even more at a disadvantage so we go to break and Erin brought in a list. Famous songs where the lyrics were not the title it's like come and bring illicit purchase looks merely. Way to be on time that's what they were discussing it was just yet I don't even better up not a bring you say yes sir so yes daddy I mean you're just say yes to call me daddy wants just do what you always wanted to say it. Say I walked out and I can feel. I just feel the Curtis is a moron talk yet and that's a second I heard the talk back to view as I'm opening the door to go out and at the opera. Courtesy of an era movie and triggered a stupid. If you ask yourself. And it's always watched gladiator again and yet I don't know Mel Gibson has zero chance against I the you were Curtis no. You enjoy doing better and you know who it is milk or partial credit you don't know who speak not so well to be fair or not that well known a film act the ugly out there goes. So coming up Friday the big battle now. ID Philip this big showdown mutt movie battle their bring a mutt and it is it is simple simple simple we almost actually it's funny train was and today we had a quiz for trading. Of inside show material how well machine Albuquerque Cali in morning show I think you would still mr. somehow we get it off that are out of order we never got to. So she's off the hot seat. What I remember correctly was that the show that. We were Qaeda if he was after the weekend with Hamas he worked Kirk was in a mood and we were doing real. I don't know if she was had cemented herself in the eyes of Jerry could not. And I think the show went really well yeah and so we were like table it can she fought back she was aggressive shouldn't cower she was there and we were I think it was one of those. We don't need to you know make her feel like (%expletive) right. You know she she proved herself that he has about that a good trivia. Well agreed to back its appointed. She by the way it was it was okay treat it's not great not terrible she did fight back with the guys I find it it's the ultimate irony. At the ninth thirty segment she's complaining that Jerry Kirk never letter. So I feel like cheesy far. I don't qualify I don't do it anymore and I do about it examples would you let any which is ever let someone finish a thought before you jump in guide. My point one but what you probably more than what nor is why is that you aren't like my little brother. But she erupts Jerry liked moments later there's plenty of the ear heard you don't want just a bullet to me it's hard if there are periods where she would just go on and on and on and just. Doesn't look for air option ratings we have proven yet she's number one. Rated host shows as did at her disposal moderately but she was in before today's -- that maybe balance the right to will be touch it's much in the ratings sink but this. Has already gullible station gets disturbed or it was offered a some offensive people and radio. Saw. I digress we have mutt V Curtis coming up on Friday at 830 to big showed up. The movie battle Kirk makes fun of much movie trivia for the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon game. But I do you think you'll do against the what meant when it comes into the future movie knowledge movie recognition. I've appealing that mark is going to be the spending every waking moment between now 830 on Friday studying that's true real bona during mock cruises he's gonna actually have whoever's the producer come in search the war files to see which movie clips you've saved. Be careful look at those and until Friday that's true you can early Friday Jesus snake in that regard we tried to an ambush here but I I've bit my tongue yesterday but all day today I've been I've been really upset bill accuse me of getting you. I hit right there's no way I can win if I beat him he'll say that. The real cane seat you know sabotage him so there's no I'm good either lose and let's gonna celebrate oral win and he'll blame some system where some you know for online on our I will not keep you any aliases and I want I will not seek a while it looked at why what I want to. Our show is better when you fall. Allow parents ship sell items are wrong while it's true I guess a fat. And at the Castro does so yeah yeah yeah though that that Erica out of a bedroom up until the other the pin cushion courtesy arrive for the movie tribute today so. Now looking forward to going to work for this is great it Monique personality atlas coupled switch. Stopped at a you know my eyes got fund our threat circuit matchup yet I'm excited how we doing here. What's your 38 votes shot up ten to wrong with you. The problem you know let's rock and now you look I don't writing career did you 48 curse nothing to do your votes why. Who's against it what are you doing what are you doing. What one to answer questions like that I should and it's much that you it was rod I think we're throwing out power to the baby right mostly present the problem. Surely no sex and the Cuban five the U we have it and I'm telling you had a pretty bad actually you why what's going on I don't feel good. It's crowd outside the weather is called people are Tyrus my alarm went off the morning and I didn't even know it dale lions can't find you even find the first two hours he hasn't. What's your excuse. Now cannot sky what what are you up particularly critical. You're drops have made no sense that not a place but given last sighting in your you know we'll also classic in person was gone with him the contest the NCAA Els has always been the domain of course nothing else your assistant wanted to be first and it would be bank just an energy so and and when is I have to go and you should say its closest tiger is getting good assuming you don't see Tomas and Versa Shaughnessy Tomas vs Sean I was in the open. To okay heavyweight. Vincent is OSHA dot com was bad yesterday because I'd tell him I give them the updated numbers these previous day's bracket. And in the back. I assume. That it's in the open so they hear it it's a final moment that we've been doing right in the open and they come to you for the numbers right so I wanted to update yesterday but. Whatever I don't go to that they probably should add it in yeah exactly so well by me and then so today we made it clear it out in front of them rated ago. In both of us were eager to update the numbers. And today's matchup it's been great I mean I think it's still couldn't do 48 does he was leading early for the first 500 votes yourself. And and it flipped it to mossy stake Italy and he has not given it back now it is. He's going to be I said you wonder what the 51 organizer of the loss he's not ruling Christmas yet I told you as much from the start. You write and no I think these are policy Shaughnessy coming back here I say stupid things all the time closed one you can still vote up until 6 AM tomorrow let the other NC. Yes we encourage so out of Rhode Island pulled the upset and dreary took out the top seed he's in the final four. Looks like if nothing changes it may Somalis he'll be the final four tomorrow will be gala retired people money Jones. The idea an inkling of how like Natalie it's going to be able money. Annan Annan Annan and. I would say really I was Syrian and I think the close of the immaculate 5446. Omani. What are you sick I say let its particular week we play well but lies fresher the subject to Boston Kevin thanks to come around town he sees the race thing is thought. Still yen and Kirk and asked me redolent Kirk Kirk wanted amino possibly be into civic and ask me about his name but we can actually. Let's forget his name amino assign direct I was close and I don't think you want to do what you hear when you every time you talk but this guy you ask Curtis to get his name because if Japan shocked and I'm anxious are you show us your shot up I mean obviously Kurt crystal's name again. Amino hostages at. Adam would what do you guys basket gonna play every day is best as a catcher in the sand Travis make the team reading right now coming back is Mitch Moreland plague it's all right is no lefties 5446. Oh money he's blocked all of New England. Always look at start of the block people east bloc -- eighty people he said members producer sponsor noise that he didn't know how to block forty there's no way I've done that 46. And 2009 there's just no way social that I know along briskly and people reported people is like this Odyssey to repeal of the it was personal Lawrence so you know. I couldn't. Love the city of Boston anymore I was born about twenty minutes away in Lawrence Massachusetts. On nice area LL be sensitive to the region. Prayer Miramar legs Lawrence very similar yet it really is yes outsold the money lavatory and it'll be good Kirk Jerry. Maybe you'll be close maybe 6040 but it'll Kirk's defending champ for Reese. Dale's taking shots in the TV does that say they'll like a pride they took my job like it did you and they say go go stand on the crates in introduced jacket with a voice of the Boston Bruins I would say no thanks I've pride and a man you're not. I think it'll be closer than 6040 there really is a deep seated hatred for Jerry's Matt people in the year it says been a year radical is. Also later Tuesday on four number I mean people here miserable true with the throwing routine. We fought them. So injured previously Purcell said the baseball thoughtfully itself. Question the driller verdicts that are out of but no I think 5545. Is about or I would put the minute hand projected victory over that your book organs and in real quick real real. I'm excite the census all waste time talking to you your time I'm taping a pockets and for too sexy major Sampras felt that you can as a going your good. But this is the seat. On notes. Analysts say corrected to note the. About records at the two week from the movie ratatouille well well but here's a problem with that you don't think he's someone directed to me well are the ER rat chef. It's Archie those quickness could go back. I backed me shorted eruption Kirk was able to the more important podcast that would be Kirk enhancing for the new podcast for a little low tomorrow coming up. Opens tomorrow this wiping next week oh because I'm one of the participants is coming and on Friday two record so. Let's just say I cried twice that okay. I tried twice at that came unit saw tight desperate Parker's new world audiences. In. People of did you work with 890 meet the corporate hegemony town natural yeah. We're fortunate as they were Ivy League foolish and I work with Kevin when hurting nine who who I work with my axle and ignited in the celebrity and I worked with Glenn Weiner adding on the former worker here. It nearly tangling name drop me an exclusive general manager what that what you're good news director was gone colts Michael market or barking and I are I know a lot of bark okay so back to that today's program Tuesday's fundamental course uniter three days a week now look milking it -- went to Fridays so we recap the the Roemer Tuesday appearance if you'd like to. Is said journey stories we're great I thought it was OK I just thought in general. It was the march 27. Episode when he. It was a march 28 style show there was just not a lot out there remembers insanity in Berlin helps him a couple segments and he defended the nine elevenths stories from the terrorist perspective and violence that was candidate but that got us in a radical Islam which reloading got upset about I thought. The rant was the highlight of Tuesday. Obviously Kirk yet Kirk's its key for a it. Let's respond to that either passes and was supposed to session goody charge patients. Actually human resources and say we have an issue here guys it's not about rich key for doors of Michael Holley Dale Arnold which shows our model. In management I'm worried about their collective mental health and wonder does something wrong with them every chance to hire somebody after. And hired rich keep so Mike it's our really is it's or some sort of duration meant to usery brain issue. Because you could hire anybody in America right now and you hired literally the most god damn boring person. God is ever created ever in his life and you hired him. And that's it that's what I would say I would say at this is not to be negative toward anybody I think actually we're about to help we get brain scans we bring him in. Because they look at it in higher this like just again it's like whichever which was here nice guy didn't work out with patients say is. Rich your nice guy who will keep dental. We keep up claimants that or do you you can do weekends we're going to find somebody else I think I don't want tweet about that one. That show is the two day it is time to move on is missing its mistake. You Mikki Taylor Hall I mean I guess to keep doing that fine put somebody else in the mix led rich to weekends he's a nice guy I don't want to lose his job Allen keeps money. Move somewhere else and do much on a couple of jamaat every night in the weakens again Philippine Picard. That ultimately is what do you think pretty minor leaguer in the Major League position in it hasn't worked nobody comes up to me and nobody would talk about me people talk about. And a rich doesn't like that because I don't like to talk about sports exports as much as you the but I've I know when it's boring when it's not born people react to meet people don't react you you're nothing you're insignificant you've made. No attack there's nobody in history of the world too was made less impact in any job in history of the world and you have. You'll have done nothing to help the station and that hurts me. You are hurting Kirk and your argument and your treatment and hurting their kids and their kids in their kits you're ruining society. By existing. You are radio I assess what you except I probably. The moderator approximately banks once amid a lot of abuse took their shot out you sit there and you mumble about the Bruins and you sit there eight Gail. You know with him you loads exit modest woman dies you hate dale which corporate money or because you're afraid of deal Arnold bush. You'll shot to meet you'll afternoon show. It that's fine too to probably today whatever I'm I'm I'm I'm no matter what the final magic romance report. He gets it all you want. You're afraid of you are built. You're afraid of annual Arnold. Suffered a 1000000008. Do you like it. The guys gave him any means we had to out you hate illegal sale but did go and it's how I doubt Robert. And don't a jerk I hey guys he later wrote that Phil Howard thing. Oprah and laugh so that continue to you want. That's fine you know 90. It's. We of desperation is in the air it's not a before. I've and I've always have been successor race. But it's not working try being yourself which I can't really hate him do that lemon back yeah I'll be your guy. We now open HR never becomes you're not near to a significant new meaning to me on the voice might find. Took leadership to set them out into it. You can pretend not post Marshall what you always say you don't that's fine you can go on joke with Mike and have some fun and talk of what took all day long. But you know in nine of the truth. That's all the matters to me. And I you know like rich I don't mean this I don't wanna be its like ever at least pretty in the race to Oakland that's clear alleged America respond you know you can go to HR unit that tell them. I'm not gonna help. Again it's hard to go to HR in paddle -- when the program director was in the middle of the fight and it's again I don't wanna guy and the wanna get too into that. And and Dale's taking shots in TV years that's it dale like a pride. They took my job you did you miss a go go stand on the crates in introduced jacket with a voice of the Boston Bruins. I would say no thanks I've pride man you're not going. And Holley show by the way is going to be the disaster at night on concrete as it is going to be television diarrhea. And oils in the inaugural viewing different. The dale Arnold and create. Is such an ever going to leave it at that I will think about as I fall asleep every night. Is it is it's just a lot of Janzen at what grown man uses the word title tale yeah units alto. I was thing about why we hadn't played it 'cause I told her about it you and I've spoken Gerri about on Monday saying you know we have the senate what did you tell me from Friday yeah yeah with sound was formed from Friday we told Kirk we had a he was an all that intuit. We really know why are sort of speculating. And it finally hit me after he finished the red light that the reason Kirk you really wanna do it. Because he knew that that rant was in sight of him. And he didn't really want to. The guy in order any repercussions that possibly could fall he didn't. Care. Kirk here's the repercussions at all I think the headache I don't think you wanna dig out of the keys used keys as valuable. The waste all energy ramp yeah I think there's something to keep his flight back struck. But he doesn't do when someone's there. Is no Dale's there dale lose dale dale it's the symbolic dealt for a little jab in here their buddies Arif the fifteen flight he apparently doesn't have a TV game anymore cut who. So in order some flooding back to around 5 o'clock am and out of Bruins at which they did yet that we had those cuts for the final hour day off to new Bruins pregame. It's Jerry won a renegade Jerry you gotta like. More people who go over this with ten so actually knows what you want to play I don't what you do we get to remark I heard Keith Gilani decent. We go I was what are you waiting for that play or it's called a setup yet foreplay Gerri let's go right the (%expletive) bow she's rice epic that's ready. Congrats. Nice to calm down myself I'm thinking about. Dale yesterday he is so mad at that line you know he's still mad about the great line go stand McRae he insists. There that was called kelp Quincy Jones. Weighs about platter for you bill callous and Quincy cal I don't. I bought a lot of Mac O. I appreciate call thanks very much 617779. Hammering truth birdies on 77. Of restraint. It's on tonight at seven yes we have the premiere of the Ream job. And Maya how much fuel while he's very anxious to get this discussed them as they were podcasts ago we would you know get it going here yet a little Shane Wilson. Reaching for a plug for milieu from you a it was written notes it is nope it just it went 57 point 46 so she's been at my pump the brakes you know Kirk talks about risky occasionally. Personal talk about you occasionally. The dollar only taxable done so much you know. With the fourth score the royals it would give your boat's keel thanks so much Danny Valencia. Over the importance it'll be interesting I'm sure that's a couple cast members unison casting couch griner. Albeit all glistening I mean I use of those in the month elect the guy but what tends to delight idea sport O zone zone Kirk during his ring yesterday took a couple shots at. At the end gonna detail and like Kirk destroyed key. He crushed dale. With a couple select comments your favorite the crate. And in the public that he's drop in the Mike as somebody said. Drop them stabs my right in the got. Obama would pretend to thank my adult football columnist Nicholas at the end of the day. He moment us he plays long and us but you take outside of our world. He's the sport the Roman times would curb record all the so what about federal affidavit that the that the curtains to. He goes period there. Let's assess amok almost forty like idea it's Kirk's accusation he's a sport apart so Willie bring re into the sports discussion. From 79 or they stick like in the media. A blood and stuff easier Clark Kent at home on the road. He's Superman when he plays there at Heinz Field he is Clark can ask when to get this kind of wrote. I think they'll do some sport stuff but I I do think that bill and a very big chart of two hours. What's happening at the students on stations cast coach on casting couch crime martz corrected. First our bracket that that really actually be it's in the types of hardcore sports and also big no informed you of some soundly when it like for tomorrow. The brand new Michael Holley shield contest has some off podcast rights among. And sensor podcast that that the air mid ratio was doing its best to curry favor with the more actual electric we have resist or way. Trying to make. Polly look as bad as possible yeah. Two you know we are heard some audience probably shouldn't play before the cause any issues at all I mean. I sure Curtis who stayed together and heal you legally play it on the end this you realize that allows. Lawyers are coming later on today for him mentally Carty about the good news is he's a lot lighter food no take two lawyers. Anyway I wonder if this is tactical days ago so there is a podcast for the new show. On Comcast yeah it's gonna crazy game Boston sports tonight vodka. I mean look out the they spin the wheel on the podcast through. Information. So it's 35 minutes with Glen has promised I haven't had a chance Lesotho we just found out after the show little world listen tonight. There are rumors out there that Michael Hawley. Audit because he told me that quality. So that this was thinks it's gonna be the pressure always been a part of so there are some juicy halting nuggets in here. Some F bombs am. And and almost double up I don't know was volley but maybe Tom Giles sec I seems like while we worked in the night I do not block the work prohibited. Yeah. Once were Phil Simms OK sorry. It's analyst analyst lunch we loved football game and if personal analysis itself for vacation to the I'm. It's a you're gonna dig through that I'll go about tonight and we'll have some hopefully some nuggets out of there and we got back to back months which. Should Earl of its very that had it there really had a podcaster we discussed and money in full time we agreed on today is a week. Now the reality is student. Why it happened much to do is in a row or this or replica in the poll results accurately. And stapling. Study up for I would.

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