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#DORK 7: WrestleMania 33 Preview

Mar 28, 2017|

Rich Keefe is joined by Dale Arnold and Ben Kichen to preview WrestleMania 33. Is it a good card? What will be the best match? Plus Ryan Davey is in for "This Week in #DORK" with a look a couple new trailers and the always great "Black Panther Reads #DORK iTunes Reviews."

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If the door. Marquez. Is due to a Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that has my dorm blob cache. Day to Jurgen or other episode of hash tags or my name is rich Keefe and if you're tuning in just for the wrestle mania preview. I now want to go ahead and skip 1015 minutes ahead because we're start as we normally do. With all the dork news you can handle we bring in the co host Ryan Davey Davey how were you. I'm great Richard got a gear that is always great to have you here are you ready for some this week indoor. Am I ever. Yeah this week of course is wrestle mania and Dodd bill Arnold and then kitchen and will be joining me their door debuts they'll be joining. Mean just a few minutes but first Davey a couple of big trailers since we last spoke here trailers outlook Spiderman homecoming what you think. I hate. Bit it's still would have minutes right now in the two and a half minutes they showed of this movie and I said this on Twitter is already a better movie than anything DP has done in the past five years. Yes I think. I'd argument be overstating it though over saying I think. I think at a time out it looks good yeah it in terms of a marvel movie. But I think it's it's irrefutable that it's better. And Batman or Superman yeah you're right yeah it's going to be better than Justice League and wonder women Wonder Woman yes so I'm right. If you put it that way you are right but you're making it sound like it looks like the greatest thing ever I would say to me he. And in this is that this is what EC would trailers all everywhere is a shame too much like. Those the new Spiderman movie and you heard that Iron Man was in Vienna and Michael Keaton was into the back guy as the bolster amid ardea. Why they sure a lot of vulture and a lot of iron into the turn and I thought it was a bit much. Maybe it's a little bit much but I think I loved the line where Tony Stark says that Peter Parker if you're nothing without the suit you shouldn't have. And a because a lot of people were giving them people like well what about like he's just become inspired me why you giving him like a stark spider meant to duck already that the epic goes through. You know these use trial and error like all the stuff it is kinda comes out with this like. Would like this that was not bad. Activity of the stroke play delegates scarlet spider tangled up. With the Pletcher and all that stuff so I don't get a little too despite a man with he's red nose dive it'll be the. Line yeah if he's an odd little play. Yet but you don't every try to there's a lot of cool things going on. With the with a suit and all that stuff about how we get to take it away from comments domestic haven't figured out all that stuff so. There's also hey you know you look in the mirror Ryan and ray and it's going to be a lot I think it's in a lot on him Sufi said you're nothing without the suit that he shouldn't have the suit. Self educated Buick really yeah. Read it right back catcher or what have you done all I don't know. Just created a half of the villains that we face an entire marvel cinematic universe rarely. And Riley. And aren't going okay and Diego are very. There are reports that there might be a separate Spider-Man universe supper from the DMZ you are done by Sony which kind of concerns. Yes so there they're pulling in and it was kind of this we can darkness do they just announced that the Sony's neck. Dip into the marvel cinematic universe is going to be a standalone venom moving yeah they're claiming you gonna be rated our. I now I'm I'm intrigued but. And the last time we saw the last and we saw that I'm that was not very good night. So I'm Wilson Wilson with do you think venom to Terry's own movie. Except. He actually. Spiderman would have to be it a little bit. Theatrical context right. Arabic if you do that like. You what does they're like oh. People like dead pulls a little bit and they like that venom Savannah will be good movies like I'm I need you need a lot more there than just thrown venom into a movie about mostly. Anything else Spiderman four children. Just really excited he would I think there's got to be and exit guardian despite bead of the next big movie of the summer so. Yet and I seventh and doubt that the still they've they cleared out a bunch of pictures earlier a male curry and on the trailer. The drug that look good I think people want to go a little overboard. But you're right you know what your your thought on that it's better than all the DC movies is. There's not. Santa suit and speaking of DC movies. Just this league now. Who's in charge of the Justice League like advertising. But they to weed out all these like images of just each individual character. Then they each have their own liked when he second teaser. And then they're like hey state soon we are a bit like the big trailer coming out on Saturday. Night Saturday is that really. The best time to be releasing that putt. Mimic are just slapped all of them together and that's where you got was that was the trailer woods lives near Justice League. Let me let me first that they did speak to what you're talking about spewed this whole thing and I go I realized that Spiderman is guilty of the Q&A lot of movies are guilty of the Cuba. Now we're having trailers for trailers. Yeah yeah a ticket teaser. For the trailer and I like two days is much more connected. The days we're gonna show view a movie that comes out a part of a movie to come out and six months. The it's a little it's a little much for me. But that being said it you know I think. IE word is. Very Adam Barr said very low with the Justice League trailer yeah it was in and came away feeling like okay. Like maybe. Yeah that he can hit they didn't show villain we don't have the ability at what they did but it was clear it was quick. They should they yet to be sorted this yet you don't want to know report. Well again I think again that man's the and I'll wonder woman's good. I'm still we're still very much up in the air or the other three they go through soft for ten seconds each indictment be Superman. In the big to be a very Allen seems like he's got a little wise cracker maybe Andy he's credit why don't you think. It'll much much lightning. If you rank the suits or like the costumes or whatever one through five how to deal. All right so I really like those so when they did the poster when you look at the bat and cost him on the poster. It looks really good it doesn't look like that in the trailer but the one may have on the poster. Looked really good. Yeah I think grab him do the best yet I mean I don't want to name and I Wonder Woman looks great yep. Like it you take a document. Etiquette is tricky lead wouldn't it wouldn't do it arguments doesn't look like a complete astle. Brevity has put the scale we can have a good fish scales but the took Iowa beat panel looks cool. Now that the Iraqi want. But I would put the flash next to. I'm not a big fan of that too. Like that the flash do you watch the TV show or are you have race I pretty sweet suit. Yet it's simple it's a load needs to be simple. Little girl locked ought not would you say it's flashy. Hole I would not them in their dose do. And I know. I'm not a huge fan of his character anyway but a lot of people happy are taking issue with the cyborg. That's terrible. It looks like he's the terminator and not in a bit like I'm like I'm not a huge fan but people are telling me it's supposed to be like it's integrated into him. But yeah most be it but like basically all machine just like Pappas base. Out there and there didn't not supposed to be like that. You don't wanna see the standalone cyborg moving a couple of years. Stinks. Are they may die and get their leg of Justice League is bad news that they're served formal clogs on a bunch of these DC movies you think. It captive at this if it you know. Dropped beeping pile of steaming pile at this week we might be done. Could I could in that movie comes out again. Lee later on in the year so. Foreign now mean whatever will Woolsey Justice League. I wanna how much they're gonna turn her off the vendors that the first preview the first. Trailer is just that Affleck being Tony Stark recently you know basically. What it is like that the former pro margin. But whatever. I went out what to burial maps which are superpower does it really rich. Yeah that the Tony Stark. If that they would never say that. So that's that's as well I think the more you think about the more are gonna dislike. So let's let's move on somebody else here's the question here's a huge question for you. Next week's episode. Should we do. Iron fists. Or legion. And then I then I would say. Whatever loses that would it make sense to do the other one the following week or two we just punt on what everyone loses. I think we can do we can do that that way bonds or to resume W I know we can do 11 week and one the next week so what do you think is more Russ. Well. We are big science held ams in the dark podcast in that role model quote I felt you my favorite Erica and joked frank has Banda. When he stand up at the best of his stable impounded and on the table and says I got a lot of problems with you people are married to hear about it. You're hired this is we're gonna we're gonna aired some grievances of iron fist I'm not done yet. Since you better hurry up because I get a lot I got a lot of big I guess today. No I'll be done by next week's a few artists but next we who has a pencil and iron fest yes I'll be airing a dork grievances OK yes yes it's not admittedly is not great. So the following week it's gonna be a good week and a half after the season finale but I think we should still do region meant. This people wanna leads it would that it onto tweets and a couple of emails even about legion. We'll get to it well we'll get by I got a quick I gotta get I feel like there's that one a 200 pound gorilla sitting on my chest right now that's called iron fist. But I gotta get it off. You know it's actually not even attempt to spoiler. To a are. All right so there iron fist next week. And then the following week will be season one of legion which ready to catch up on anyway and animal an episode behind. Article Bob dork madness or hash tag dork madness rolls along we are into the elite eight it was pretty much chock with the exception of a very controversial. Win dead pool had over Iron Man literally by one vote. One vote one vote decided so you do or you or you or you whoever voted for dead pool. You advanced that pool onto Wolverine however Wolverine is already defeated dead pool to make it into the final four. Mag need no doctor doom Joker Harley Quinn. And bat man's Superman. I was disappointed that it wasn't Batman Wonder Woman and a one. A little alcoholism when it do Ed and I think. A great match up would have been dead pull Wolverine in the final four I think belt have been hit a great match up yeah which is sad. I thought was that was the massive and illegal remind you Tom asked him I don't screw up but I'll tell you that. Wazir say about. That meant Obama be Superman you actually gonna get one navy may be worth paying attention to an editor. Both good and decided to figure out that their mothers and Kmart today and be trapped. And hopefully. They'll say you know what we chewed like a let somebody else when we don't we don't wanna go on it but it's looking like a Wolverine a mag need no. Joker bad man final four which is actually pretty sick. By the way you expect comic books fight throw magnate gullible. It is sick that it works out that way like can I just threw together like others go onto the seeds is trying to figure out where they would go at them the ECQ Alec a lot of really good match ups along the way like no of ones that would interact with each other in the comics so. I got to believe meg I want our way. Over doom yeah I think especially because the fantastic four movies like all home of them pretty bad so doctor doom the people voting doctor doom longer religious. Comic book fans not move things right so they'll try to run out our before we move onto the other topic is your you have yourself a video game minute. All right so this video game minute we had to give markets some whole thing in our enemy. Oh yeah markets were boxers foods. If he's listening. If you are doing it probably is thank you still listening. Now maybe a video game minute. Daily may be in. What you want kind of rusty want I want I want out of an eight bit demand to rip. One that's gonna have a good one. Or like you'd Alec something like the Mike Tyson's punch out training montage. Genevieve does and I yeah. Yes although we did it not for TV's video game the OK so I got 3COM. This week 02. That are coming up this week there are dimension data dimension again to the came out today. And one for the ball speak so let's used the tube video game today I have that playing this week obviously you had mentioned before the super excited about one of them all time hockey. Which came out today it's it's twenty dollars an Xbox arcade and PlayStation network and it speaks speed. So it's not an expensive game one that looks like a lot of fun to be discussed that the one of the coolest things is deep beer mode. But that's also an up week we can play with one hand. Which is which is really cool multi fight block to block block the flight. Not the quickest looking game but some. We could just sit around you know the president probably really fun to play. And finally Jason Pierre Paul complain game comfortably basic ethnicity caddie doesn't happen like looking at this. They're low well death the giants anyway and anyway. The other what you obviously another sport in this week it MLB shows seventeen which you would came out there you do the customization now and I think on the career mode now has cut elect remember and be educated like the light yes. I think they're doing a little bit with that now where archives the get a rise up a little bit fugitive customization which is really cool so I'm excited about that the calm and you know it being the only. Baseball game on the market like these well yeah. Are there right now so that's the only show in town but they've really they've turned out really good games over the past three years so that I'm really excited about the pick that up. This week in ball deep. Like stars I've started playing. And it markets can come up with a jingle. And I of that ugly we need to go overboard here probably got us a lot of a whole lot of image in the last July at imposed. Yeah I started playing. Ghost recon wild lands which is actually really really cool. The map this huge. You very key before. Taking on eight to rubble Libyan drug cartel. So yet to pick people off one by one. It's really cool oh big open world big sandbox that the game lot of stuff going on. And it's just it's really fun to play get a little repetitive and they're vehicle controls a little bit kinky. But if you play it you can seamlessly move from single player to call up four player co op which is actually a product on. And that's the kind of match and games are viewed four player co op that stuff pick this game up it'll keep you busy for hours. There's Davies video game minute time now for the topic as sure. As the topic of the day. Wrestle mania is this weekend so we bring in wrestling experts dale Arnold and then a kitchen and a making their hash tag dork debuts guys thanks for October on the podcast. I like being called an expert not a rest and I recalled a dork. That's a good it's all good guys who first off organ in the car for wrestle mania the overall state of wrestling right now. Elected the heat watches the area somewhere in the middle is a compelling view weren't enough. I've been off the bandwagon for awhile now. I I tried to watch the the goal home show on raw and gave up about halfway through and just said now. 'cause usually that the raw before in the raw after wrestle mania of the two biggest of the year yup I just I I couldn't take it I DVR it. The number of times where I hit seat delete and not even look at it here is more often then than the that I watched them. You still well I don't there's a lot of people have fallen to the a lot wrestle mania and then there's people I'll watch Russell made in the royal rumble. Than their people little pick and choose maybe you'll want summer slam and then their people lost rod smacked down the network and everything else. I don't I don't watch that or golfing I don't want all the shows they are trying to keep on like to know at least what's going on Enron went. The jazz in the watching all three hours is very very rare I actually for the first time in months watched all three hours. And I was born here yes that's like it was a brutal show and we talked about it and I talked yesterday. Monday morning before rod BC hit and we talked about how this better be great show. These are usually the yes that's raw get a salad sandwich to wrestle mania and in its dunked. It's dunk I don't know viewed as of the beginning with a hold tees for the undertaker. Who look like I was watching Ron 1995 again this is literally and simplest. Third they are against it the rest in piece of stupid aren't shocked and we'll get into although the match and resident I'm shocked that undertaker is having any one on one. Match I know you some of the rumble little he can really go on other programs stroman and and make it. Lay I don't know how long that match is gonna last out exactly going to be shocked if that doesn't happen and yet he racial argument involves I. From what I'm understanding and yes I. I still do read that they are cheats more than actually watch the product that's a guy that's meet at the viral from what I understand this legitimately could be his last on his hip is really bad and he needs reconstructive surgery. As you lose. Yes if he loses in this events loves Roman rain doesn't accorsi got no anger or what yeah Roman rates destroys. He destroys like Goldberg on letter to struggle if he does that you have to turn him he'll. That's why I have to yeah I mean Vince is convinced this guy's a star he is convinced he can shove him down people's throats this is this chase and you know what. Ross I probably will Sally. Yeah yeah he will do the business at the hole. So yeah. I. Not everybody gets very I yeah are I you know he will he'll he'll do the job yeah and and he will get destroyed my guess is you and and an error but he'll hate rain that's fine at that that'll do business themselves. You don't Callaway I columns of originally seen the undertaker. For the two weeks used kaine yeah its secrets of boxers 99 like on the American path. The evil you don't even though. You look at Ali looks like it is a security guard rich is admired right now does that take. And they'll match up is built around. The yard to the day. Yard pass or simply to be a backyard wrestling accurately it's the whole bill two it is about the final deletion. That's an incident though is that this is Roman greens as you are now and it is willow there's still Leinart. That's the that's your story. Yeah that was and that's past it's a great source and the card there's thirteen scheduled. Matches that includes the that I care about right that's the thing that you're the two in the pre show the are under the giant memorial bowel royal I hate. Battle. Eight. Eight hates them battle royal you know what it is it's an opportunity to get twenty guys a paycheck yet you don't deserve to be on the card and I hate everything out battle royals. I'll hate how this one ends I hope they break the trophy on their way out I hate these things. Well I don't know what's the hate your emotional Rowley that you and Apollo crews he got a big show curt Hawkins bronze star Kirk Hawkins was actually a roommate of a college teammate of mine they would didn't like New York the other after I was notebook that bronze stroman gold thus aren't true. Primeau abaco Curtis axle bode Dallas ginger mall and Sammy Zain. Did an interview them get tells Cinderella yeah right yeah it's does gender ball is in the is in the group you. What kind of match that it Eldridge right now on each I actually I kind of enjoy a I really like the royal rumble united talked about this many times I don't know the royals my favorite paper a lot of a battle royals enough or I don't kind of quid down that let it stand around. I'd like the idea behind the under the joint memorial battle royal. It's just. It's a lead and now late when big show picture of one Nagano it was a one point Zora won it and then I'm parent corporate. Area. In the big shall we just. Pulled the area and it intelligence is or not he may have that for a bunch of years now this is the fourth. Is that regardless but I don't act that we don't know anything about it right tells you everything of the royal rumble source advocates you get thirty different in throws in the space that the wanna saw the best things in wrestling as the intro and a guy comes running now and in their you don't have pro guys. Tied entrants are are the basket and hit it right awesome and the winner actually get something like they get you know the main event. Russ and me in the winner here at the trophy that should be broken the next night on Brosseau. Also is seen easing and probably ressam in his had a weird history to battle royals when they had NFL players wrestle me to in the US media for. And the one with the where it and would rat ands. Bad news brown in the Brett smashing trophy that kind of launched him it will be a surprise early deletion for bronze stroman beak and the could call but you're going to real fired up than most to him again. Also in the pre show notable. In Austin Aries for the cruiser weight championship. Resorts there for no. Meaning there and you know what's this moving on it's a great match and I know I mean they're both great workers cruiser weights don't do anything for me there. It obvious spot fest will be great yeah and then at number one in the the order. From bottom to top nearly triple threat. Latter tag team match Luke gallows and Carl Anderson the champs. End zone big pass. Vs the sorrow and shame as bad as head ripped open announcement. I was now we've looked at the pictures in getting stitched up last night. Yeah element added to each other so I don't know I do like the idea throw allowed her in there did you elect and they were you money in the bank at. Mean in the do that for appears to do it you know it was based in that evolution of tables ladders chairs yes yes yes so like that's that's. But this letter match wrestle mania feels like it's missing tag team. Source the new day. They're hosting us. What does that mean and means now. Let's. Average for you in the Andre the Giant memorial. So what's the way to get to check of the missing a tag team that aren't latter's specialists at ressam. Thicket in Christian are ready. Not quite who has talking about nodal preempted them the blazers are not grew GO that could be there yeah they won't but they will meet. I'm I think ends cast commandments. Of the heart was in there's any chance that there there on Monday after yes I think additional money. Now would that be awesome note you know they always of their surprise Monday after some. Dell's and Anderson in that W Reid do actual aggressive to be very good workers may well what they did they show us last night. I actually like them because they're kind of an old school tag team and they're good tactic like the tag team division actually do exactly. That tag team and so yeah these guys are all right now up. There. Are we have via the WWE. Smackdown women's championship elects the bliss if they go they'll bless. Vs Becky lynch vs an Italian vs Mickey James. Vs Carmela. Whip James Wells of god vs others TBA according to Wikipedia TB is pretty good enough and she's. Protect him. You can't make me it properly you can make sure you watch this live Diller you know to watch you will I wonder yet if this will be my autograph I. I will say it's got some talent in this map to about speculative electable us here or urges yes I'm. New Italian Mickey James both can work ass off yeah Becky can obviously to. Alexa Carmona was I don't know with the others TBA will I can't wait to signals are no idea on 08 Suk. Albany mr. Tenet and any idea remic this will end up being the Kathleen decent match but I really don't care. Not even now there are public this Intercontinental. Championship team Ambrose vs former winner of the author of the giant memorial dollar oil americorps and bearing cormorant your ordinary ones I like half of this this out like Pete Sampras and everything Alec arrows or can't make me care now. Not a greeter was popular in and XT and an item much the other and Muster conflicts of the NXT characters even if you or watching you knew all about yet but you knew that there that it could be the next big thing. There Corbin I think. They're they're trying pretty hard and it's not really working needs to go to promo. Is actually you know the guy he needs to talk Tuesday. Yeah and Corbin doesn't raise his voice to the saint never raised his voice work for him and maybe the break he's the only one may be right but. I think wins. And now another reason consulate smackdown. I think he one uses the Bart built hated all the matches lecture. Three or four I care about there's nothing wrong when he want to run for. Surprise even of Africa are really got this when I talked ago about the artist illustrated he's excited for this mass job Sina. Ian McKee bella vs the man is and Marreese any mixed tag team match. You're gonna like out ice out with a spoon before this thing is 01 why do and why why she's in the wrestler she is now. On exit is fairly wrestler. Right now I'm not huge ms. and you guys are I think in pork yes obviously can work you. Do to John CNET. He's gone from from headlining. And wrestle mania took this. I don't know flyer of a match did they does that have anything lined up for what is known and well this has been in the plans for a long time but and this world scene is going away. There is don't away after a while to ms. when the. No scene and go win this in this this whole story line is set up to. Have John seem to propose to Nikki ballot after the long iron absolutely I'll put up to and I've I've heard the same thing that that's going to be the the emotional like god look what they're doing so the key argument surprise me if we know this Nicky Weaver surprise this. And she's a bad actors synonymous and back on though. This is there a proposed this is a total demons yeah this their macho man Elizabeth moment. A few good emotional moment people don't give a (%expletive) about seen in though those the wedding going to be like on Roth online. Smack my respect I don't watch much. That's right so I'd not heard about the marriage angle I've. I've heard and if you watch the build to this yeah. Mrs. Smack talk to Sina and bella has been aces from the government. It's good stretch doctor's assistant. Are the next match in our of this or losers or going in the next match. As the one emotional steeler it is that the Obama and the most forward to Chris Jericho defenses United States championship against his former best friend. Heaven on this will be eyes off the best match. Yeah I don't care about the things will be bigger deals. This will be the best match is this when you most in four capsule. Meets you know these guys one more run they had together. That moment and we talked about this the night after an obviously horrible and the laws. Capital watcher is a loss at the time. When they had there. What was the personal friendship the festival engine is operated television ads title flatly that even more impressive lobby level so that you could tell Jericho has been very genuine tie out bodies had and I'm really likes Kevin Rollins and then. You know the rock this is your life being with yet wooden ball league which was great it was the highest rated thing ever this was better. Review with those I'd decide this this was better chemistry between these two guys that might work. In the rockets are they're obviously the company anybody football these guys them today. A better than Foley might be is good in the ring and yes on the roster yet and that's why it's going to be on the watch them. Really regular jerk oyster was in Oregon. After the I think Jericho is. Now yeah promoting. The for aussies. I think Jericho stays until about may and then goes on tolerance policy against you'd at least have to whatever it is with a price fight again and then Dirk was. Sodium went. Oh. You hold the title there I didn't feel that way but I think Jericho might actually win unknowns except I don't the next paper where the next Jacob and indeed Owens and Zain Zain begin yet another view I don't of that. I've seen it 101000 times. Did they do of good matches but what's the if you don't know eighties. The platoon into the are its logo on Google and the amount that the best of him in the matter I wonder if that's him in the longest match to. It will not time for CNET and keep. Know there's a match here that would get to a like reform matches audited by far the long. There are yet wonder why her yeah it's we don't know. Are we they feel four way elimination match for the raw women's championship Bailey but champ vs Charlotte vs Sasha banks vs me it jacks. The problem with. Last night and believe me my wife never watches anything. Should happen to be in the room. And that was the only man you know when they were all in the rink together and might like says. Touch. The body beat her at the the problem. Lately Sasha banks can do that with me it's now yeah yeah Alex in in the here yet you gotta be somebody who played thirty albeit muted so who has mr. Fuji come during that that they need salt and heritage. Something like that. Charlotte went back here. The daily. It's document or even viewed as a fan barely I knew she gets a ton of love on the shows. You can see these either receiving special America's I think we both see some special sauce of some special charm the best thing Islam was on YouTube where a third and an XT pairing where the most in both show their messed around and daily. In and Fowler. I guess there tater in each each other's sentences like really bad that he's become a deal like that whole thing that's the man. And then into the same thing would like inflatable tubes and like. The Dow is great yeah her. I don't I don't dislike her by Alex Ostrom thanks a lot more mundane. Like I've its banks could do anything to beat Jack's. Eighty pound. I think she's going to answer to her every time she takes apart. Ashley she sells you out of a boss. A law. Against it. You can hear me laying it should I do it today didn't I didn't. Euro or I'm I went to Helena seller in Boston and it was pretty awesome he looked like she was broken and she legitimately look like humans I don't know how long she can continue. Charlotte Mi Jack's. Even like back you went to more built for Sasha and the only issue Saturday the best moments wrestler ever. And maybe light. Whitman wrestlers the idol are watching the board and generally cheese is it is I don't mind watching the China to cut. He's a real woman so arguments. A pretty it's not really in many of their policies he's. Who she is dead it's. More breaking news. So it would be upper when in the one char giant damn it this clean sweep up mine is an excellent. AJ styles. Vs Sheen it mic me and love I love you know Madden. He's the Russell Moore this is the one match series yeah. That scares. It is Shane and feels some urged to shield it he can hang with the big hits. Something incredibly stupid. And now please. What won the when they first show you when you when you tune in to watch the under the giant memorial battle royal look around the CU wants a human could jump off. And then be you know two hours later. It's unreal in my AJ style like the the other acre thing about was. Make a lot of sense like the way they hyped to the story was no school again and again and it just started to make sense yeah. And then it kind of went off the it's duke rape that moment on brought where he comes out and invents its human events in the ring. And and you know installed. Using who's gonna do it sweaters. If you bleep and beating yeah. It was a great moment and made sense yet but he didn't make sense of sudden the undertaker was senses it. Anatomy is really weird is a little too in your life. Without people understanding that that's what's the story here you were over the age is Stiles was actually supposed to wrestle or they're hoping that he would Russell. Yet this is this is a pop up filling a young Jane McManus filling here and like AJ styles can can carry you win me right to a great match so it'll be good. I'll be scared to death because some distinction the band's gonna break his neck at some point. AJ styles will bring a great match up on. It'll it'll be it'll be entertaining. And and I I'm kind of a Shane McMahon in anyway yeah yeah I like the whole lacked any way he's great he's just stupid. He is he's he's not eaten but what it was supposed to be AJ styles Shawn Michaels that was out of everyone else on it wanted shall Michaels and John said. John regular confirm that he confirmed it said though is they asked but he doesn't want to about the other night wells auction brought in Shawn Michaels comes out. Or degrading draws little time to talk in the ring and who's right. And jacked. Yeah I usually in good shape. And also he just started pitching is crap movie rental laws currently is there any talent wrestle mania announcement is there any can't get anything to add these like. Treasury say it Ehrlich old man I will say this Michaels did say one thing in that same. Interviewing guests that I found very interesting words. He doesn't see himself heaven this amazing match with styles because it's too similar yet it would be a past styles clash. Oh my god and everyone who this guy Tom. You'd rather work with Simone John. Now at worst it's modules on start. As you know. It just shows with apple that don't know he's great. And he's been very much contestant in the Andre the Giant memorial battle and I think he'd probably get BA in that women's match. Mickey James and have. I mean there's definitely a match that or two that he can get involved and from the anyways latest south has to be timid editors make the most sense you can't touch it not a accents and then not wrestle again for nine months. You undertaker Roman Raines I guess my question would be. What lasts longer undertaker. Brohm. The first gone to the lights come back on. Or the actual math that's a good question although milk film though that match a match will be longer to milk it and it won't be good. No I won't be you know he's not in great physical shape now. Ultimately Roman rain tasked to win this thing because when is undertaker wrestle again. I mean maybe next wrestle mania he had just. I don't they love Roman Raines I guess it makes sense for him to win. But I I still don't like you and of the place long bananas that's why do you wanna reaction either way but. I don't know it just doesn't make a lot of. These two fighting doesn't make a ton of sense I mean they did the typical. Royal rumble elimination thing which has. Notes too many a wrestle mania match over the years the starting with. Hogan and macho man Noah up but. I don't I'm not invested in this like this kind of feel similar to the undertaker CM punk match. Was like why are these who fighting to. Yeah there's like but that was like you are that's just another name to put on undertaker resonate there yet elegant star stuff that thing into a sump and there was something for CM punk to do. Or did you look at him to match Rio here's undertake by now the Roman rains again yeah he'll probably win all must bronze stroman. Probably the right that's he comes and magazines he spiked from a rents are the next match. I have stroman spot Leo. Oh OK I got there are about our Seth Rollins vs triple H. There's where Samoa Joseph Louis non sanctioned to match yet is Iraq this is where Samoa Joseph pierce absolutely I I am completely on your side Samoa Joseph appears to help Tripoli which. Who appears to help Seth. Seth Rollins takes them both out. They are building him up to the heroic and they're building them up to them uncle back to who I used to beam that was one of the things I did watch last night that pearl. You know a I was happy with who I was I was proud of level was promo it on out they're building him up for. You're gonna bring Samoa chill out to try to help AAA H Rollins is gonna take both. The Lola Ambrose OK here's what I think's gonna. I think you're absolutely right the worst mode comes in but I think that Kevin Jones also comes. And to help Rollins. You've amber. And rent your brains. She'll. This is. It feels very similar to what they did with Tripoli to and staying couple years Oprah Eddie. I mean yeah you get huge pop with a shield. That's the only way you people root for rain though. Yes yes you want them to better the trouble is by the time if it if he beats undertaker like a pinkie he can't bring about to be part of a now based group. It's the ultimate after beating undertaker but but. They're they're building Rollins up to be face. Yeah they're not building about to be the shields could rent for amber is this a spinning Ambrose is a face to shield as a face it he can't brains cannot be part of a face group if you just turned him he'll against undertaker. If people don't want to go I agree with and seen them do weirder stuff and they deuce a couple of the cooker that that would be one. Hector Guerrero. So who wins you after a small Joe's run in any and after whatever else it thing happens to Rollins yeah past. And as it is much crap as the WB league gets. About young or old guys and all that stuff and like me main event littlest things the younger guys usually win. You write a more often than not they usually these are breakthrough win here's an alternative for. Because the backup for this match is set couldn't go Austin. So if some mode joke comes out and just some which I don't know Kevin Jones and you bring down now even playing. How many like who returns. Which is a big return beyond Russell mania compared to them the raw the next night I feel extra dollar to your returns him on Monday. Usually I don't we start a new story line you have him challenged the champ or Yemen back for the type yeah yeah idea. And I would hate zero mania I just think that yet but it it would be waste his though the whole thing is the whole intro stuff out like Al Levine yeah two point actually. Right just because it's not bring in logic to it already stole it sold mania and in the brokerage arm last night with the forty sold to people are gonna buy it and then the next night it's unity and and that's a big surprise that it's Ariza and it's been now are our most up bronze Ogg Goldberg. Is the universal champion. He will take on Brock Lesnar once again they closed out brawl last night it was underwhelming the Senegalese here's your bronze stroman run. Oca and Nixon's now I I I feel and and Goldberg has kind of hinted. That unlike anything in the recent past this is going to be a bit of the juice fest. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if ultimately this has stopped. Because of a blood and gold berg is stopped in listener wins and stroman comes in and helps get some of that that color political. Operable about it and well definitely a military action when dot com. Just trying to book it what if it's an alternative to see this happen to me times in the past but what if stroman comes and and knocks out rock. And now you have Paul payment and Brock and now he's meant extra room we saw this happen before the page. Yeah I had eriksson's are big came in all depending on what we are going to be dogs right. I can't imagine he. Saddam is critical Merck and I I was never goal for a big old family moment last night yeah as an excuse me this wrap up the street has Sunday it's not an end well. Now I don't think so. And like. I I like the idea of Lesnar being like indestructible and then having sort of like an Achilles heel it shouldn't just be Goldberg at what they should have done it after he came back from the USC. Have him be. Like you can happen out because the only way you can do what you you have to get in the ankle lock or something like that would be the only way he's that you indestructible but you gravel in his ankle and Yemen and armed are easier tap out immediately. The ankle. What if you think it'll never got a really cool apparently. No you do amazing by the way the the hall of fame and induction mr. Beatrice is that some of the guys that are present Jim court network alive Mike moves that's dangerous public that's really dangerous. I think it's a class this year do. Rick rude should have been no long time ago yeah yeah and there's knows he rock and roll express has yet. Like the fact that they're putting these guys in that never really wrestled for the WW he's slash. I think there's there's a good place for now they organic is staying would have been in the Debbie CW all go to put him in there even though. There wasn't BZW the ones that. Activated audit that he thought he manages the day they used to bring out. Like the old cool Luke says in those eyes the supreme amounted this whole paper views about it. Went all I TWA. These added. Noting our goal you receive Lesnar when you're in Lesnar. Yeah I know I throughout an angle lesser house passed. Yeah I have a new and then the last one I get out and opposable on last or not but yeah our picture this is beyond. The last. Out on this card well you you wind I know until you WE championship and it it writes that that having each leadership at the winner of the royal rumble who is supposed to quote. Main event wrestle mania the Randy York and against the champion ray while I couldn't hate this anymore. Okay why I hate why. This whole pack I love it it has become so old in hired it is his right it is it's brash. Like Randy Orton was a great. Bring worker yeah you know he get a get a match out of anybody great out great Wyatt. For a while there heat heat pared down a few pounds and looked like you know he could move rattled it and the port doubt again. He could threads I think it's ridiculous argument that night I like Brent how many how many guys in this wrestling right now are better on the Mike temperaturewise. Jericho loans. That may be CNET. Is better on. The good on the money ms. Better than rely on like bright light from the yeah I agree I don't I asked Ali is little out of diesel vignettes it's more old school wrestling Alec this stupid thing that they do our work cut now selling mores better on the money. I mean if he says the same briefing that's over at like. Cracked sketchy at a guests who sparkled deals that they have got to go off I didn't like that goes right into the Thomas Glenn run. How does and I don't think that's at that time as a Glenn run with a couple coffins and I also go back to bright white had that match at royal rumble against and Brian who were three years ago yeah it was incredible best matches of the year and so. Obviously it helps that Dana Brian in your match but if that's a good entry where this is Randy Orton instills that great wrestler great in ring wrestler the debris Wyatt. This is the biggest Brady's biggest match he's ever had in the WWB and and if you asked fans. Of the nation yes they put this out about four. In terms of interest. You're probably right I mean I'd that's I think had an interest in the island race I don't. You can close the show with you seem not you have to close and Colbert wrong parts of you can only watch one match it's for almost it's do or Caracol. An oil and the second one. Probably Rawlins replete now Shane McMahon and AJ styles and who understood. I don't Rawlins I'm gonna go wrong to bleach to beacons. As good as AJ is. Sheen's not. Seth were Tripoli H yeah to do something crazy but I think you have a better story told in bronze. I think at least half the matches. Maybe it should be more to trust me at least half of the matches. Ari in either gonna be really entertained or right I'm curious to see who they decide that way you'll be wondering like I. Yeah that was the only pacing around. Like Ireland is when is this. Triple threat who wins this one or. Why it Bragg why. I wonder if they're rolling on his way back anytime soon as the nose at pleas. Right there I want it is harder in the now is up and announced a water I want the old school why definitely miss it leaders and maybe get the shield the other maybe get old school wise the only together. There's no way re important start in and with nobody interference in coaching if you which could if you brought back. Harper or Roland yeah. That's where you bring Kurt angle to even things up and he teams oval comes out and helps Wharton. And place would go before Serbia braver and let's get crazy here aren't like ten DBC June. Now I agree not taking. We would put legacy back together mostly. Old Alice in them series in the battle royal we get them involved. Now you can embrace it he's the presidency gender all are welcome many Israelis. I've for a get out of here get any final thoughts Russell mania a scale one to tan your excitement level. But three or know that quote I I was as safe or more talks. Sox. But the Newt is the host. You're right I didn't ask him about myself OK it's only costing me nine dollars and 99 science at this self. After all we better wrestle mania or of the raw after the rock after rock problem. And where does our may very measured dollar of the parties. You know the bring out angle. Kurt angle you know they they've done that a couple of times or they bring out the class. Although I agree there but I do that there is any on home but the single get in the ring ever again. What is so big that he won it yet as he wrestled him to be every weekend. I think he does he he keeps putting the pressure on them by saying it publicly he wants Sunni and Shia Kenny passed the tests that. And let's be honest he could still put a better match on them most multimedia effects yet. Our council pointed to rock of picking the ball. It's. Are delivered right to be back in for the pick of the podcast right would you like me to go first Sergey like you you to go first. Other offers a really excited about my ticket podcast this week. I'm really excited it's actually a comic book not a graphic novel yet the mom it is called redneck. Doll I heard about witness yet it just came out I believe this week. In it it spiked sky bound which is a little. Little outfit little comic book outfit. And it follows get this 88 family. Of vampires who are living a quiet life running a barbecue place in the doubt. So it Tallulah it's got a little bit of late Trueblood and it the would have vampires are trying to just coat this with people they live off the cattle blood. Said they run the barbecue place they drink the blood of a cattle. And then serve good barb good southern barbecued people it's written by Don TK eight. And it's got a pretty cool art in it is well I'm kind of a cool concept. So I'm I'm really excited to check the check this out this week. Nice very good now must also account book bomb in his it's that this series has been running it's twelve or thirteen issues beating get as a collective additional together. And I'd be avengers vs X-Men. Aren't you picked out on up at all but that's another one of these where they do these these huge events. In the marvel world and they just the robust view together and he goes back to a we've talked about before around the marble villains aren't always great so you do something like civil war or. In this case avengers vs X-Men. Cool story involves. No the Phoenix saga and Ehrlich of you know another Phoenix comments on earth at the thing and it's got somebody in mind and what happens and why decides glorious show it's got to milling characters which I was like is when they they throw but on a page you'll see like thirty to fifty different. Characters. Surprisingly iron fist played an important role in the debate of all people. Pete well he doesn't it doesn't yet cool and long is more or whatever like cool moon maybe. But I I I enjoyed avengers vs Bachmann so I would go pick that one. And also who you know who also was in avengers vs X-Men. Black panther. Now black panther played a big role. Well they all played you know an important role I would say and that leads us into our our newest and our best segment right now it's black panther reads hash tag dork. ITunes reviews which you can be apart of this lawyer to do is you subscribe to hash tag dork on iTunes. And you raid us and they knew Weaver review that the review shows up there we go back we have black parent there read them to you. And it's really it's been a treat so far. It is up to be accurate or. That's great black yet there if you had to say that coupled reviews from the from the final listeners of hash tag dork I'd love to hear a deficit. Here's one from George sharks which is. In patted the seat he says they're in Davies black ON two unforced. I don't know what ON that is going to be a tight spot that's finds long. It is no big deal podcast company movies TV shows gate comics graphic novels in general cool cracked up to. Did adopt a keystone and subscribe. I heard I don't know about like it whatever it were Easter but it. On this case that he has to loses sort of way nobody when he wants but the Joseph Jackson wants a thanks for the interview. But that and and here's one from our from our friends Fred is 603. From the good Brothers podcast and ate rat when podcast that he he can't get enough of well are wrestle mania take head over to the good Brothers podcasts and check them out there they're good time. That's what it's been a long time to discuss how expect book. And it has done nothing but improve week to week gets me through the commute enjoyed that we keep bent out of region that I and and look forward to each episode being released. Even if you pick a topic I'm not totally into I find the opening. This weekend book and closing the pick of the pot segments make every episode we're listening to. Well that's very night. Is our time thanks fridge and I'll have that opportunity here are not this likes to be a week where he doesn't joy at the V content are wrestle mania. I'm 33 preview lets up there. Not if you not sitting on like 495 to succeeding in his garlic gripping the dear now that's true bail you know that now that could be. Odds are anything else the tell let's see that that. I had a good idea on what I have a good. Albrecht took a it. Also remind you enough follow us on Twitter at dork podcast you can email us anytime door podcast at gmail.com. I'll try to respond to some emails the mental save a bunch of a mop and our freedom and in one particular. Episode. They keep on doing that. OK here we go around here are beat duo which keep in and so let's start over again got a white Ryan in the game that you. Let's call back yet ago. They duel of which key envoy Brian keep the endlessly entertained with that a variety of topics and segments. We might see it being this video game minute on the planet at the plans. It might be able to Paula people speak who work. This was probably a bit belong just hated it down and clean it up in post caused a call back our rights are colorful and post like that. Nice job so there. Yeah and how it's done gone at it and figured out. To our ability to go to bed. That's black pair at their reading hash tag dork iTunes reviews. As long as we keep getting reviews we'll keep reading on so you'd if you've already reviewed us we'll try to get to that. Or even if they're bad but we know we're not apple looking for bad reviews but. Cook a you kids it's just the five stars you could you can write whatever you want to look at it I don't think that matters just it was put by senators of all that's are asking for. Did you are people fall you on the two. On the on Twitter and twit. I'm getting my took my Mike Cameron is back so hopefully be twitching a little bit and I'll probably do some wild lands just mean mucking around shouldn't some bad guys in a. Sounds good. All right our next week iron fists Davies gonna get that Corel office just. Just retire because they are few episodes ago them. Not necessarily look at port to a final finish iron fist will talk nervous and then. You're not legion fans will talk leads in the following week season one of region. All right. Thanks for listen to hash tag or talked him actually.

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