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The Real K&C – Drellich lives, promos die & DC in the crosshairs 3-27-17

Mar 27, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis recap an Evan Drellich revival edition of the K&C Show on a Monday

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March 47 it's though relocated seek can't layered Chris Curtis and breaking news in the back in the office Kirk was not around here this who. Who who but. You are going to Washington DC we are going to watch DC you're putting green and White House lawn. April 19 patriots visit the White House personal guests of Sean Spicer. Sure and Spicer it's happening it's done. Huge news big ugly big league Kirk and Callahan as the number one show in New England rightfully is being invited to the White House yet. Also happens the patriots will be there as well and so little piece of the Tom Brady Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and Jerry Kirk. He's a friend someone who was good to merely very down time and I'll never forget. You still may not beat the White House we were discussing broadcaster arrangements and we may be doing broadcast from your bathroom when your hotel that's fine I just want to get 10 o'clock back I wrote we're going I don't know of the flights haven't been booked a hotel seven embark. So are currently stable legally CD right so I think it's all of this thing in Jerry's daughter's apartment outside of so I suggest again it's just came out on the matter little this to put a verdict is very exciting so that'll BA yet commander trip down there one. Two nights so no 11 night one I don't you were just saying Wednesday that knew him. The show the White House back to Boston. Bureau at the rate DC to Boston Oprah. Jerusalem when he first in line protect us from DC to Boston but deleted connecting flight through these Columbus at the Boston. A so that was a good does adding that nature somewhat happy in the way out how ever angelic making his glorious return to the casting couch today relic making it. First four hour appearance we think this really lasts here and I you know I was annoyed by the the two hour one I'd love the subjects and I also didn't like the suggestion App Store than I was nervous and have doesn't make any terms as lifeless maybe I'm going to as well I would agree is mediocre. Yeah I personally give you my credit for inspiring him in light sparked it makes a link he was much improved to per. The last couple times he should abide Syrian Kirk launch is set by breakfast your former. Ports that are said you'd still be that cat can I do you know I feel that you off the radio each I saw her my hand on a platter you know guys I tested him and news it was amusing I mean you know. I think you know again denied that you'd still be at the hero kind of people I want to. For his next visit he should be buying us breakfast correct because you would be returning have not been for our criticism which made him turn and probably his best performance yet in terms of sustained. Different topics you could just go off for forty minutes I think you just how to fit of rage when in the first time in Fort Myers what are you push a little bit more this was four hours solid aggressive. In the face of Jerry Kirk on all topics. And again I just thought hey this for you or not really mobile and they could say a little bit to have the support of Saturday maybe this is a this is a example exit line I don't believe what you want. Experts have. He almost was oh that's a crescent. Jerry admitted there was that at times he was just arguing things that and you need to be argued just music to art it was kind of attitude I could never say that the patriots. RC knots in the exit which is yet. Hours of the Fort Myers fire I think it was a pretty consistent. Engagement through all of our times inevitably our show we're you'll you'll. You know we don't have time going it's (%expletive) mid march to worry mark nothing really happened. And it is sort of we don't the shape topic bonus and power and it out of the oldest by which. It was got the energy back up the past few hours eighties he had already. Consistent basis it was really help show. I loved the first hour at 7 o'clock we finally get into the Michael Sheen neat Campbell discussion. So he was denied entry to bar because he was wearing new. Jordan's dollars and ninety not because of their new but maybe these guys like us is because they didn't want to quality slacker when nobody said he said that you do Georgia where you take everything dollar terms as literally. Is that social it was when he says Boston is racist right this is the ultimate question do you think he's saying that every single person in Boston where we call it took the most racist city in America that's pretty game I I assume that he had any number of bunny ears as these. You think he was denied entry to a bar because of the sneakers I've heard that's happening in other please outline. I mean that is in life and absolute lies and first well because I don't like to make I don't believe it. Can he keep this up did he prove himself worthy clearly got a spot response of the show he met with the boss about getting paid actually sits in series. Sarah had we found another anchor for the casting couch I don't wanna go through four can we pump the brakes a little bit. Because we tend to go to buy into all this yet but we always talk back to Salzburg when your defense all spurs him it was a good show BS. The Jimmy's and Joe's. I always bring up that it was the Friday after a Thursday night football game including a team because you know you're gonna compare this it was a money after the baseball shall. He bought they would board is the baseball. It is so emotional why did you guys vote number it is the most god damn boring show not retreated. It was a lot like thoughts up to the drafting of boring keep kicking it and how did you meet IDC while Lockheed but it is it does have its at play any club we want from middle saws have I don't know that I can help you did not watch and I really seeing as how the cart outlets like rotation scares me. It just get Red Sox fan. I don't know you can barely see the results were patients. Airs you usually put ninety do you people might have a little problem would be opposite this is a bit with nothing going. And I thought relic of a good job from topic to topic. I don't know if you sort of talk politics I didn't really hear him the first finally get back into it today was up half talk about. George W. Bush and I would take dogs are challenged us. I take to George W. Are we to website it would take anybody that it is. Jerry's of said he doesn't have hobbies all what I like he has he is another faction. Like meters or Jew. Now drillers to Jew and he's a New York you rush gets so that's early New York attitudes about he's got a persona already which we can work with. And yesterday when I was going back report of a book coming in as a what are your thoughts of these Michael cherry comments and race in Boston and here's like all albeit Tomas she's like that's how I feel it's acumen I don't get why you guys get so sensitive about it and so he was willing to commit with sort of a not popular. Opinion bright and I thought he carried himself well today. And again I just thought hey this for you or now I really mobile and they consider a little bit to have the support of Saturday may need to especially this is a the line I don't delete or do you want. Yeah I'd let's it is so. We ought to baseball time coming up the bickering the only show down. I'm making a prediction next Monday at Fenway for opening date relic will be willow that's a big spot I don't Kirkland like this but I still I'm still curious. His desk as a catcher chill it's our baseball did chilly not available for hours today. I'll be showing would go to Fenway and then. Yeah so the so while some. Literally to do showing him a look you know together. Chitchat I don't wanna say it's going to be you know. All time greatest start but. A that's a tough day with relevant news Kaman and a puppet show well pretty well any response from Saturday night line to get somebody from facile. To you Michael. It's our representative. Told me you know again. On declined the invitation this woman Rebecca Mark who is a PR person for NBC universal. Is actually from Boston. Works masimo and and she initially said she's from Boston to help them come along and then that was yesterday around 1130. Since then crickets at Iowa a block a quarter up and protect their Twitter answer I don't know what that does that they don't seem to be too eager to help out why I think Kirk nailed it. This shock you agree with her burial but it's become a it's a slice. We got here telling jokes about the idea of Boston fans being excited about a good wife play in showing up. Boston is racist it's just become like something you'd say and look each guest in Jerry Kirk agree this not only do. Many people in Boston not get that joke. But instantly become it's just. Is something easy you can dip into it to. Jeb the city of Boston. An Odyssey defense people appear big time and it should. It always goes back of these. I mean real awesome podcast with him well you can't really kind of quantify how races that town has an answer though it's easy. Record scratches per square foot. And are sitting there they're just. One upping each other's Boston is racist. Gold standard of recent photo well I had the records on a carrier reckon I don't know Hayward on salary it's like they just say this. ESP haven't produced platform. Everywhere and then worthy households because. Pointing out it's flawed. No he's saying that Washington occur nobody's saying that Bill Russell and indoor races. Will there aren't some racist people boss. That's exactly what we're seeing is that that's why this happened for real in Boston late. It's dot. Likable Collison out the rest its specifics here or with David Price why don't you explain further why don't you give us some more context. Of why are you burying I mean. Through the litany of different things. And it's like. It doesn't seem too crazy to. And your image to look at the amount of times we've been cold weather siren or trying to year other people love these. Awful and Islamic phobic acts that been going on but it turned out to be hoaxes we live a climate where it's very much and Kurds to create these stories and what perfect. We have a woman with a good job in Michigan as being lit on fire. From December. 1 the police say that's a hoax that story the Washington Post. You know the skepticism years. He should always have health. Committed to should be writers he's indefatigable 8 o'clock was very bizarre sick it started with recapping my appearance on Muster John. I had no interest in doing. Just call them random. There were begging me to c'mon they're blown my thought of go on and tugged the society and our officers are asked news. Three minutes recently. Agreements. Then involved relic in Jerry arguing about. The failed repeal obamacare which I think Kirk checked out for about ten minutes doesn't report yeah outlook for Rhode Island called a drop the disparaging word from a sexual. Most bizarre Albert island call. Of all time so. It really when it elderly outrage really want to lose about the Celtics obviously. When he called earth that we have been talking about the Celtics. I know. Ball up as well. And click OK I don't know what bothering to today's appearance like. You got street he's not discard launched she'll Eackles passes in the year it was awful display out. Oh I thought it was gonna go Hydro pool because they just met each other infrastructure in the noise you culturally it is haven't telecommuters to guide Evan. It's like going back it's really sensible Devin Booker a second ago. They had Albert two by two under. Albert. Still good matchup with sand iron nice to meet you know I ID beat him in an accident report Tuesday. It drops a slower Roemer yeah I'll it was it was just bizarre. You can turn on your toaster this week you can turn on your toaster NC this story. And here cam oh you'll bring that story well we brought up we broke through jokes and care and yes Kirk coveted it. Kurt before the top of the hour when you talk with him but what he'd like to do and easily wait we have persona goes. What you can with mustard and or. I tell you that and it's up there were badgering Utica long and political analyst bill from Amanda morello on the weekend. One note wanted to come on the show a great get defend route radio. I which had a couple college today just wanna know what that was all pro Israel out by not up. That is what not want talked about so that by all showed just call back. Most of the Johnson started to talk Bruins the producer of that eager guys at Emory I'll met and serve our country. Certainly wasn't listening to the content it's like he was just in a panic they kept mentioning me for some reason all the former producer. And jet. Up Peyton Manning sitting charters say they'll add. Four in the cock and our friend of the show they wanna be on Italy to talk about Bruins on the radio. Now it is stuck with the Bruins to a figure out they wanted to know what was wrong the pros they spent an hour. Thought Brooke or the first time ever I should never happen Clijsters the per. He's the mock the fact that the bread accent a Bruins show up against the there was an allegation of ice the Marco myself. Flaw in your blog Karzai was negated commodity EB three minute in my two grass taken pay more to what's wrong with the Bruins. Well throw the Bruins and other latest debt ailment is to graft out tonight it is. Yes now there is drugs like orbital camera we're going to graduates out and he's either confused or frustrated but I said overdo it must have been spot. Oh. Mark the flaw was okay it clocks are biggest segment today you'll win that the studio before our 8 o'clock top of the hour you said we've got. This on the sun in the sun and you mentioned Neil mustered just false. They had known about the mustard Johnson's on the prior segment so that was not be fresh sound offer that was rehashing the oversight Rica. We should question that a debt that got us off the rails and 8 o'clock was we end up talking about the American Paula notes he had signing Garth I will take full blame for the clock sick. Would you real Paul Simon's kind of pretentious bank when you're this bulky guy in some way to get out of your Paul McCartney's addict that much nobody thinks Holland notes have been timing on the hill alien about it that if you hiatus there remain so pretentious. You know every word of course I grow up we'll see these guys. Ain't. Is harbor island was on the air and we played Muster and so we did some good Kirk rants against pro that was currently third. We deployed Rick promo yet and it's a good idea. Boss suggests this view used to you'll like the idea we pro well the anti pro bowler. With a lot of votes from this state for. I'm going to say on the show we are not going to participate anymore to understand know or pro Gilmore got stockpiles they carried no I don't get the grade I wanna do them anymore to understand I just you know I can do it right I will reaction you do them not to we will do that. And we're gonna be forced under the gun barrel to run Promos despite Kirk's witches adding that's legal well the nope not well ball we already have one request from Kirk for tomorrow we actually requests from Jerry. For Kirk here we evercore requests from Kirk for dirty here yes that's true and we've had this on the in the hopper froehlich. A weaker half review week. The Roemer. Callahan podcast from yes years ago right before the wrestling podcast and it is right we have the audio. It's pretty good. And we'll get to area and Alex's reaction here in the soldiers later on the sub special podcast with Alex Reimer back from Berlin for his full sure it's a review. All the rest of the league now provided the he's let back through immigration Roemer tomorrow training is now. Set for most Wednesdays is this. This the first week of the new training Wednesday's. Because of both baseball season and her into highly acclaimed. Show with mark Gary thing where Michael order Lou Wednesday's seemed to be the date going forward with Trent console local political. This through Wednesday I don't know if what if consultant are a our surreal I guess you midweek broad in. I don't know something catchy we get it up with pork. Ports from which it at the the idea as a shell. That Thursday Friday we've got mud back to back which is a little dangerous. Back to back martz we're gonna mud and on Monday we talked about the on the show Friday but a wasn't able to get him he's actually doing a point for our work out fast and throw the street so this is just gunned down there was pollutes. And Amy and Greg Gardner sunny on address at the new bells story. Here together. It's a part of a special on Monday assisted so no he'll be on Thursday Friday of this week. And then he's going to be in five days the next two weeks I'm the people's. Host whose vacations and others ghetto that is moving parts. Ends. This week is I think. By the people would not end. Remarkable. No Christian market Jerry continues to stop for the candy and basic good question candy man Kirk continues to put up a roadblock. And we will worst dance. Our inning in this week. And no peach in his final week in new. I have to say I was sort of the lone man in the wilderness sort of hoping for people pour les Wilson offer but yesterday it was those having to issue with Orton Moran. The Brooks is that bugged aero. It's like he said toys for additional. He was asked about going to Florida is at the red states it's pretty split read a controversial and you can't Wednesday. But we'll peak it's mostly he's the struts her on the straw that stirs this drink. He's well liked politics is that accurate or that there. A British show it probably not a good spot for real tootsie yet Yeltsin did a little strip down and neatly in days gone back to when he started in radio you know mommy references. For 27 years always about. All is that he's talked a regular part of Bradford Oprah to rent this it's that it. I like debt. Are slapped nick about how happy they were for the other person. When you know Bradford was stabbed. With a mid morning veto this is relevance of the board shows ago yeses teed off the station. But he was late. Is. Yours and objections the bill. Basic chip dot com rob it well bird Paulson. Will be terrific pace as they wanted to but football. They were out of this past the aggressive. Very awkward. Jesus. That is work in the shaft but it's about the fall off I'd X so. As these continue you know workings and rear admiral. Money line. Saturday's game against the do you do some light today vegetables that they lose it and like Ricci battle territory days. We had retired supplied about two wreaths at the reversal today that we can delegate I can't fault the effort for not playing your food poisoning. If you want that opens pants and you get a house. At the Aspen is cyst looks like appears to be some paint on the ice that dried off global event. To Brazil's last year I thought I was pleased with this the Arkansas X game took forever and a the Bradford an issue out of England in them that's. Cat layer producer. Back at our flagship station W. Reading the myth TV but pat manifesto. Which is the book Mike Metheny wrote. I assumed it wasn't eight nothing who wrote it. While striking and he still hasn't walked David Ortiz of the words you're east though is that option that chapter six. And by the way there are so right about this it doesn't matter the public did like. Tied game tenth inning nobody warming against the enemies like. Our mother enjoys his shell fashion collections that are literally still verbatim rooting out immediately bang on. Opening day is right around the corpsman. Negated ended gelatin. My kids Maliki said tanker 46 no. Homers against lefty. If you get something else money to his home had not panel won't run against a left handed pitcher all season. Worker's job critic feels any sort of the gross is Itamar.

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