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The Real K&C - Hardos, strawmen & fart noises 3-24-17

Mar 24, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis have a Friday edition of the K&C recap show as 'Hardo Mut' was in with Kirk and Gerry.

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Marched before three OK it's seek Hitler here Chris Curtis we now militant brawl. Mutt is indeed a car guys fury Clark guy very high gas Ari car gal was army so you know he's got something to hide was thick mud outrage that we were witnessing it and why are great but with just you and me. I read at the real. Set the scene yourself in the first segment showed much Jim behavior came. We don't know months get that I'm back with that the tempo and Charles that the that the lifting gloves. The sweat pants to work boots are the bottles and gallon jug of water every heart and I think it's open waters is guzzle special mix and we'll read seen BCA's yes wait wait wait wait 401 height Argo item which I saw with my own eyes. That notebook I secret I don't know what lurks even help to help snow covered I look at deficit might kitchen just memorize which your phone you can write him. Much city added in the in this cars work out back. And then it was given us the big time ice for the big Stifel about going to get said that notebook he didn't want any part of the insert going their did when you're going there. Yet know what you're Eric we see an opportunity you have an open out the car note. July. I like him on the interns that again no one's going to focus on high I caught go orchard nope let me go to like all go. To segment go go done nothing just as close. So then and he seized Jerry having air and speak with him in the studio. Eggs. Yeah he's angry OK everybody's. In third and hard to picture is our first the ball. Motor car who gives a (%expletive) we of the video months com to terrible hosted it's a messy Cobb these in the trunk right now and you know what's. Actually feeling the trunk. Gallon jugs and and you are such a hard though I'll might contradict. Impossible. Who cares that a person rappers on the ground. To him you know a couple of lines. But you know he's. Apple Daily racing forms I mean. Derby preview of the accuracy that's acceptable to little now and ease market obviously. He's in there and then he's gonna go these (%expletive) guys doing that isn't it a mile. Like all out it's all raider year should be like a little bitch Aron was actually in the studio because Jerry wanted to tell notion that I. Do home with the car. Yeah how do you feel about that bodily Jerry it was a out of nowhere I thought Trace at legit they were fine he didn't like your Ian Kinsler suggesting yesterday. This story if I was so glad you're here yesterday because I was busy. Trainee did headlines in your seat in the hands of the Ian Kinsler story is that true can yes Ian Kinsler why in about what it was reported story headlines for shale I was it was terrible it was parable of so much going on the workers just gave me a print one out. Trade on Martin documentary from geez Ian Weinstein Co. can you please throw that away what what will talk about here is how we know Casey Weinstein Co. headline story but the point headlines talk we wanted to discuss that or laugh about it that's that's it you're turning fall like his what you Kinsler again. That was trainees point that was not my idea of tape which shows this our show Paul even doing the show for about four year would lead you can and headlines ever know that interest. Is Jay-Z do we trade on our documentary interest. I thought it was somewhat interesting because we marked Elvis the Hollywood elites have noble or OK okay and slowed they've they've it's okay if you're took it took it wasn't Ian Kinsler suggestion it was restored within the packet. The tree pulled out when she was reviewing what have light Shula did. And I kinda tried to divert jury hears me say that about the cute story it's tough talk and have. Lot of them like yours and it was in your packet for show right it was a bit I brought in four had. But I think this has been simmering are not happy with headlines so this sort of boiled to a head yesterday. And or came to receive boil to a now. Over. On the camp where more than one outrage Kirk is down every. Every account should disclose. Gays against the end of the week he's been there but he included. So he was taken jabs at Mott and as a model but it adds lefty gets so it's a slightly in the op that's like the outrage. In the control room today during the show. I can no longer determine whether it's real or fake it's just so entertaining though even if it's fake a cattle like it is what about this qualities he takes things so poorly it's is it. It happened like on a dime again right guys at one point reflected in my about coming in. An additional day which obviously is assignment you know he's the tallest midget in Kirk's and he wants him and more often so that's positive. And the next second Kirk's late. Don't really give you are in walks he's not obligate down the hallway lights. Up a little about drew he plays the work you know screaming. Written. And I think that this is somewhat we've talked about the exaggeration for effect at times. But on the baseline there is some real frustration there. Yeah well you know it's a money is no hobbies no personality agree we brought it up today what 56 point four. As good as weighty state it was what 55 point to get a great progress today Wednesday 350 might iWeb I once every three point eight people are always get his PR perch up I did. I Barrichello Jerry body slightly behind sixteen yep abs. Comma push up. We'll super set their next they want are now 157 point two what happened before in the day fortunately it's. Reading from his journal it was that a play a fart noises over the Lindsay holds up last year. Dove that was. I never met you before working with you but I remember listening last summer before I came back and I was in my car. Pissing myself at the Buchholz in York mistreated and it was. Almost as good today just being in the room the same exact segment has brought back the guys were on the floor laughing. It got its. Preference coughing as bad as Clay Buchholz is wife achieved far hidden cost of the studios secure. There. Where the cops which you published. Mr. right. Mac. Well enough to. And in the Wallace asked. Walls. Instruments. He's. The papers. She. We're the cops what you look at. There's forever vigilant purchase. Matthew. Way up to the right. Yeah since the Wallace. Two walls these strikes. Went out one time. First marriage. And mobile. And most of prey upon a patron who are beginning swings and misses. Getting to that reflects. What my case. It's. That the desert storm. What's next I want him what happens after this morning and anymore. At the world news or if it's quite as it is whether you get in this house. It was pre we got about colonial thirty seconds on the story I it'll be at six point Bruins point tomorrow night maybe different. At a problem and no problem at the dart knowing who you don't hockey game that's gonna bring Mike Ollie the bandwagon tomorrow I help people out. The conversation. I had to talk like that. You have voice again have a conversation they talk like this Europe and the dart for a hockey game that's gonna bring Ali back wagon to talk like that last night. That was actually got to that. Do you do you guys Antarctica nobody was in his defense team's lead mostly to the goodbyes it was a good emphatic keep walked him two months. Rick's parents are. We I was it was an explosive return for Kirk. Here on this Friday after being off yesterday first hour was a little volatile and Jerry was gleeful. To present the knowledge that management is getting in the way of a curtain Calais and in DC on April 18 when the patriots got a. Yes so this is a this is one of those where Jerry was sitting on some news and you can see. It as we've experienced with Jerry great guy eat good while the better man he does that really sick to college to Gerry Callahan. Good columnist. Should write more should right more Terry gets so excited but he has something but he knows the ticker. It's like a kid in the candy store and so we have this talk with our bottle and when Kurt was out about the possibility of going to the White House and even the cast with disgust that budget and all the keywords were thrown out there buy or borrow about why this could not possibly so. We get about five minutes into the show maybe a jury. It is good news April 19 Jerry you and I will be at the white I'm not sure you weren't here the other day I don't do do do do you and I didn't let us let us not start I'm so sick of this patient could vomit. Needed again and mom and again I really am and vomit you pitch for Athens. Land and well I'm gonna make you feel better coming out of spite of that god is upon meeting him you know the spice of thing I've told my story I met him I don't have to what's gone well I'm just keep in that list is up to speed perky amendment down there aren't inauguration week and he knew we words said. We were invited to the white house with the patriots. If they want. Once you're here when it's that you've got to that unifies us ice that you slice bites right on me you Belichick and weigh in Brady. We're going to wipe outs and we might not you've got to be (%expletive) yeah those of the bosses are really you really do everything you really do I mean. Let me finish I say I should tell the story sure. You know tell the story I'm going to leave. Anyway the boss is stand their current careers so it. I'm Jose brought all Somalis as I'm not sure if it's in the budget we're you know it's we're about watching expenses very closely with that is. And many say goodbye to Nazi related to Florida for two weeks yes that's a relevant but so what Lisa we need to sponsor of the troop of since one day again it's one day forgive. Which could be our boss throwing out a would you call this AM. The John Dennis is relative. Through the south Strom your simultaneously strongly my argument. And implying that trans women aren't throwing out a straw man managerial. Hurdle. That he bold and clear for us to look like the good guys you know sand and miss my conspiracy theory. Adding Joey wants the Sani listen. I'll do some forty year on the take care that somebody gave you guys DC has just hard to believe that they really would require us to get a sponsor for the trip. The they would hagel as I can't really believe management is that I first treatment. I can't imagine it either means you have a personal invitation by the press secretary of the most. Famous bizarre man who's ever walked the Europe yes speaking of tiny more masters and Sheraton four feet I'll reiterate I he's four feet tall I was taken by surprise and you have a show. That covered this. As well as I reached pretty crucial country disagree leading directly to hook it to me what I thought that's set up we can't guard that was totally out of they did get the win that that's a full week and they were very down on political clock and the trade deadline in baseball and were also monitoring the trade deadline I I'm with you I cannot envision a scenario by which we would be blocked for financial reasons of getting to DC. So do you agree with my theory is our motto is just making this up to look like a good guy. When he eventually approved the sealing down I don't know like him enough for good at. Okay okay okay okay okay. We that's a lot of work though I mean I I think he's durable but for effect here it on faith and and I think you had to be true I mean a little bit of resistance needs building opens at. I think that there are people this building right now that aren't happy with our show would put up resistance almost anything. I'm not speaking out of direct knowledge of anyone or neutering got a lot packets in them pushing back on almost anything we do but if they don't let Disco. This will be if you thought they made a big deal or not calling spring training games that's true they did actually get delayed spring training games which would of thought it happened. But that's totally believable that a yes because. I it's totally believable for many reasons fair but anyway that's the currency affairs April 19 maybe maybe not. Her Italian publication entirely and they have full competence in the being able to help out of the broadcast on yes. To bring campers can do it right can do it's who she brick and are incapable of doing that course. Of that protest before. I'm remotes on the sooners got him Oprah. Well you will not always errant got the video box cards. The aura to the best thing about this I experienced this and we were in Fort Myers and I went to it Kircus hot chocolate there's an uncanny ability of curing Kirk the second you walked out of the studio. For your name to be brought. I checked with you on my way to go to his a chocolate or governments and inhibit or whatever the figures today I'm walking double hall calling era to majors the league. And it was. Like other lines all of this sucks is that notes that you were lock him. You better not leaving right otherwise today we have bounced the probable that we to suggest that show after the heart those kind of part of theme today at a shelters. SI interest it's not chapters fault I guess he did the story that certainly made him look like Arnold. You have a fitful night of sleep tossing and turning his mine racing anticipate that they had. He's so loaded with adrenalin as sizable watch. Is broken on this neck Hickey now I know just lying abetting laundry figures and OS tiger at some access. Was the guy in the Franken hotel room when he was tossing and turning out again you always say you're right you should say you know according to work after censorship after believe this guy saw them watch it may be does he know we had a fitful night of sleep passing and turning to Xena was mind was racing no use trying embedding laundry figures he gets up it's turned toward gears. Firing off Texas sources you can do in this bed around a league general managers agents front office people coaches with whom he's developed relations over 27 years. Covering the like one of those Robert Clem coast tourism MM BQB made up don't trust just wonder if the whole thing is in the African. There's sometimes when I set up a rundown on a fun story and he sort of a signal within a story that I know Jerry's gonna read a size two. In the second I was reading the show after break government QB and they broke down as Markus white shot a lot today but he had our power to run down the cafeteria. I did to pocket pirated usual slowing China allies that extra hot no fault. I knew Jerry was gonna fix it over at some point today it pays to know that's that that's FOG friend of Jerry Lewis yesterday how many times he couched with Leyland I'd like Adam. I don't wanna read it. He's the best. Stallone he's a guy that's been very good for the show. So we don't wanna you know news lead subtlety of it but they have a scoreboard ESPN for stories broken. And his points are like 702. Places like fifty. They actually have a standings of like. Reporters standing like much opposition. Records in the boat and it is that similar point to. Ball. The so anyway but yeah so it's a good guy to have around because there are times when he's the best person in the country have given show but this was. Pardo central. We had done a couple of mutt calls in the first hour people supporting mutt. One guy may have minority at least intelligent college we've ever had that was a much fan hating that pilot to Turks point forum. Our revenue and record doubt when you got. Renny I hear it. I get to might get to much your boards tomorrow we isn't breaking down the field. A lot. Up by the bad. Iowa would I believe I you guys are there are lower lip and it a lot on the word yet but let up I'd bloody. Thank you Joseph I when we saw that he suffered a night color of course we did get to Riley Dennis DeLeon piece of data off that we finally got around to a to our trans woman arts and Shia festival Riley dentist who never vote. It was the no girls allowed. You Writely and it's steered my eyes Riley was you know Dennis is woman. Some caller remotely nervous Reilly doesn't appear but the sent. That was a Good Friday after a TNT Jerry Thursday. Moon. I thought today it was agreed under the we've got a crucial clue almost apathy now for our last two days of the NCAA Holbrooke. Again I don't get that we talked for a week about having Joseph and Tim in the tournament out of turn and out they were actually showed up on a day Kirk is very happy. He wanted to separated didn't didn't want them to have those days on a date for one of these. You're wondering the exits NATO ground ball by Reynolds 37 miles an hour. Sit through that one day of Joseph against Leavitt hard and one day of him against the Euro Albert island well. People will be pleased going forward Monday as their final first round matchup it's Jerry Kelly anti Christian Fauria equally Fauria while he's been. Taken some re do most pot shots the bees right now so I'll note that at the border to beat down on him he's at the rabid audience were that. Could be there will go to finally match it's Heatley eight matchups to mossy V Shaughnessy. Let the tar is gonna cruise today c.'s meet the money Jones the next round. Re reverse Albert robot that's pretty good finally that's going to be a great. Eight and then we have pushed Jerry Kirk it's good what we hoped it would be all it's going to be great matchups are gonna be so momentum out of fascinating. Fasten I don't know if that's going to be able surpassed many had vs blared in the best bracket. Challenge that's true Kirk was rooting to lose that one. Xavier as a result a few ten seconds which is a lie to I I've I've signed a couple times trying to pick give him. Listen friends' emails names in your zip code for Nomar as made my why they have what it. One semen sample and you're not a design problem from watching the best host. Favorite WE got host Annika when a VIP baseball experience by signing up thrown Ivo I I've I would tell everybody right now to go sappy you can't. And vote for and layered and he won six and maybe because neither I want I want out of this thing one being that I don't wanna win. Some people this bill would burden that mutt so all along and oh yeah dom dom flawed. Poorly executed. Bracket by encourage everyone to go look at it but I meant no good week at. America is currently trip and Jesus where that's what's trending well on WEEI you WEEI dot com. Could reach him.

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