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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 19: Being Drew Pomeranz

Mar 23, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Drew Pomeranz, the Red Sox pitcher who so many are wondering if he will be able to live up the value placed on him by the Red Sox when trading away top pitching prospect Anderson Espinoza last July. Pomeranz goes into detail regarding his injury last season, the stem cell treatment he underwent in the offseason, and how he thinks things stand heading into the 2017 campaign.

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Another addition of Brad show up here with a third base coach or infield instructor. Patriots. Number one fan Brian Butterfield and I was thinking of who would be the next person I'm on the preferential podcasts and I know that water your decision making and your instincts are probably at this point Keener than anybody. So what who who would you like to see. On this part with a I think it would be droop over its without ego oh you're your wishes are net. Making its first appearance on the right foot so that means for teacher congratulations drew Palmer and here at jetBlue park drew gradually since not only be in the podcast but being married this offseason. Think it is a big big off season for me. This is this is an every offseason where you get married. You go to Australia aren't being briefed on truly private islands off ostrich. The a lot of fun in married and in a couple different spots in Austria lost because of so. Take me through the end of the ads starting at the end of the season you have. You you pitch in the playoffs you've thrown only six miles an hour you get married you go to Australia. Com is that it was it in and all the sudden you have a stem cell watch yet the stem cell injection before you got married right. Today. Done matches season and then decides them. Knowing that some relaxing time coming out of his deputies here a couple of months after there is no better. Wedding present that happening themselves successor immediately after. The playoffs where you knew that you were gonna get this stem cell injection. And take me through if you can't get we've talked a lot about the process he took. To heal your elbow. Take me through that decision was made in September and then. These him to do this in October. And then I'm gonna go to Australia. We again talked about it towards the end of the year. So definitely do a few years to oh. The partners in recovery for the next season knowing that I had some you know the doctors had to take some time off and lots and like on. I developed and lights anyways those as the perfect situation for and I know we've talked about this before but we haven't talked about it here. Why stem cell why not PRP played in platelet rich plasma which is usually the way it the last few years anyway. That's the way a lot of guys are gone when the instead of having surgery. To heal your Opel wise and so. It's this Intel's previous month. More experimentally colleges because the yet to use like those who are harder begin. If that take him out of the body in my own body and my case. That your hip yeah from about them. Big hit bone in my become lower back area they journal on there and extracted it and spun it kind of the same as Pierre. And and then just then injected it into the clincher. Again this is not on something you know enough to worry about getting married you have to grow in your you have to take your mind off giving the China patterns in the and they in the guest list and everything. Yeah. I didn't have much to do and in my life my elected miss the planning so just. And zipped off to LA for a couple days had it done and then came right back in the mean you know their radio get married. That's weird that's like when when you my wife asked me when viewing induce the child before your house or after you run the marathon. So today her how long did it hurts or when you're when you're exchanging vows to do you feel your elbow healing or did it was it's still a little bit in pain or how does that. Happened so little. It was two Bennett and it was it was so little sore for awhile after. You know I guess that's part of the healing process. I felt that. You know for about 22. And a half months after that prime pro about two months after that after had a done and then from there to kind of progressively get better. So when was the moment where you said this works this feels like it actually work. When a first it's Roland. You know I was still little soreness from. You know all the dealing going on there probably use this kind of tightness from from resting. What's got their own throwing very passively in the beginning just to see in my arm movement and get things on for a really started you know thrown the ball put some force effort into it. Probably. Had a it. It's sort of film way better we'll probably take two weeks ago to be honest. They say it takes about three months anyway it's three months wouldn't let me like. I guess late. January sometime and then affiliate hit a few different points where it's gotten better and kind of broke through and got better better. And right now it's pretty. So two weeks ago you said it's a return wasn't in the bullpen wasn't just throwing wasn't like oh my goodness. This feels a lot better than that hasn't long long time the out of a fierce and from where everything feels maybe everything's just tell us you know all that stem cells that are. That it just feel a little tighter rules. A little stiff. We've been doing our normal treatment just kind of loose and stretch him. Loan sizes. And I don't know I threw he tacked on Monday Croats play catch and it just felt better so I don't know if against them good blood flow in and broker giving up through. It was effectively use difference to review some stem cells about five different types of spring training. When did you feel the worst last year so obviously when you go down this road. They had to fell in and when you were moved to the bullpen the end of the year there was a reason why you word in jeweler drawn back when did it. When did a start hurting and be really feel like no this isn't good. Who's got an ongoing thing for her. Probably over half the year she says everyone knows something you know and in on my mind there was anything those nonstop mail us here seven best years ever it's you know my career was clear on things now. You know it's just one of those things you got to figure out how to make work go off there and you know feel good enough team did its job done every once or five days that's a lot of pressure though I mean just because you make the all star team you get traded. You come to a new team and anybody can Boston in the middle pennant races. This is a lot of pressure than there was then having to deal with that must've been pulled onto yeah I mean. Like instead everyone's deal with something and in. You know. And most the time where they'll where the ones that know what's going on you know wherever it's no no announcement and knows what we're doing when. Like I said I just you know our. Come on mine right to pitch every five days and you know it was recovered enough to to feel good enough to pitch every five days and go out there. And that still feel good. It can be tough it's it's you know. It's in the dailies in itself it's tough enough where especially when you things going on but he just can't stay focused and not let any you know anything. You think you know yourself so you have to stay within yourself. Dude you know you're capable of doing and step and not worry about the rest of any point in the resides in the uterus is uniform and when you came over did you feel. As good as you did. When you were cruising to the Ulster mean. You know I know listen I know you were her I you know making excuses this is degree in farther in this question goes to the reality of looking back at last. The I don't know some players said it was an ongoing issue for. A lot of most of the year so. I don't members you know. My thoughts up to display a fill up an announcement did then but also threw a lot of things and you know whatever about a foot feels strong right now. And right now it's just me feed my you know find in my delivery none of them driving the ball and you know after that. Breakthrough couple weeks ago. And this. You know trying to trying to you know get my rhythm down through them. Key for me that's the thing you do you go through all of that into as you said two weeks ago. On the triceps thing aside as we see here right now you must have some sense of gratification. Thing what I did and worked back in terms of how it feels. And does it feel like you did like to say at this time last year because I would imagine you felt OK last year this time. I feel great and I'm lost here you know as the situation. Had thrown a lot for him came in spring training because it's. I was going until went starters job but this year I had to take it easier and you know. Counted. You know let that come to nothing you know since I've come always every bearer of the events already come and then I've never had to do this before some kind of some of the things that I had to figure out before I get spring training room figure experience. If anything so that's the that's another. You know obstacle itself. In from here and like I say title goes along with last year and I. Thought there and pitch now and I'm not too much focus on results I am mean. You know no one's okay with going out there it's about spring training volunteers you know. What they tell you but. You wanna do we should also understand where you're at in the process and if you know if it was just yeah if I gave up five runs. It felt good and it was a step up for a figure something out that's a win for spring training is and I think if you're out there. It's giving unit itself to run you know what it's going on that's not. But that's not a woman in profits that that's not a good thing did you did you sense or ruin freaked out the other day. Probably you know I'd. And you know I it's and I tried to make a point to say you know I I don't think he was inning serious you know it's. This does that still part of me trying to find my mechanics down and find some inputs and a lot of effort into throwing. Really driving the ball of the played. It's just you know I was searching for that feeling in morrow mr. Graham I'm a little bit and that's. You know you're gonna feel stuff when your buddies in the wrong position especially when you get out of slot sort of put pressure on. Others your body. Wasn't that wasn't a big deal something and I went watch video of that night and next day and fear level is on. Takes effect today and yet been perfected the next day of figured out what I need to do announced it's not repeat that. Was a human nature because you know you don't know like if ones connected to the other and everything else 41 sack him feeling days. I don't want any sort of hiccups. Use something I knew wasn't related to the other so it's kind of Ali's. It was more frustrating for me because. You know everything that I did last year felt great you know everything I did you know took care of assaults is it felt great. And it was just another you know finally we think those two minutes this this is like insists that annoying little thing. You know what if the next morning and I didn't feel anything resting so wasn't like I was throbbing son knows this little thing that. So that I felt much support mama behind my body. And so I was really worried about it's. You know this is probably good thing crummy me in there and what the heck was going on and I kind of honed in on one. That some of the things and delivered in the it to him to polish. The one thing I think last year where you take away from last year there's confidence there's unity we've talked before about. Getting a chance probably getting your chance to start. Coming getting them making the most of that opportunity. Making the all star team and if I would imagine for you it's just about oh. I did this I proved they can do this in the major leagues it doesn't matter what part what division one league. If I'm healthy I can do this is that is that something that you having your back pocket that maybe you hadn't had your back pocket for his entire career. It's instant play nice. They years to think about but at the same time not she was last year and this year I need to focus on doing my job. Every time out like I did luster. Could duo. Draw on the past too much you know really. That does nothing Bashir. You know why go there and get shelled for five things and thank you would think that less here the other guy who gives a (%expletive) you know service. It's just the way goes. I you if you think about it you you try and take your pick was. What was what made me do well let's hearing panel ruled that over trying to roll that over into this year antenna can pick up where you left off and continued that on throughout the season. But did it's it's useful which can't you can't rely on the. It's you noted this is a thing is that when we look at this rotation. For Salem. David Price and the Cy Young award winner. Stephen Wright you all started at water re use you know great stuff for most it's a no hitter in all star in all star troops farmer. Then and this is I would imagine that one of the next up for you is being. Not helping people remind people all star drew pom rants is just being lumped in with the other guy com. You know it's it's. Great to be around those yeah it's. You know I mean this account learn from. You know the way they go about things everyday on their bus some. On and off the field there and here. Take care what they need to take care very thing you learn from being being this spring training him. Maybe there's learned so from the U I don't know by presenting you the picked up because these are pretty. Accomplished. Today kiss. It's more their preparation known you know Billy guys' preparations they have they have the preparations. To go into each start they know they wanna do it and make an excuse that's what makes them leave you know I. Sometimes do you know smeared anyone can agree on profanity dismiss this they give this guy out he knew how to get her gal but if you can't excuses that you're not going to be. Successful those guys are really good at that the sitting down on paper this this I know how to get this guy out this guy out this guy out they go out there and do it and you know we're gonna great position every time out. Yeah let's say it's not a lot of guys can do that some guys even going like going off scouting report trade via you know. And it knowing what's your round a little while yeah it's you remember how. And you start to learn how to get guys out there and you know when you're on even longer hitter knows we're trying to do it and it's about executioner. You know you can. Maybe maybe not execution and notes you're trying to do any message you get amount that's just based on notes that's. If that a definite thing you know they're the best game plan world. And executed. And still you have to Iran's analysis that way you know sometimes you don't you retire by human nature and human nature about the about wanting to impress coming to Boston and all that. The fire was rated one of the things that from my humiliation would be following the guy who has traded lower. Have you Google leaders just in Mosul and now on the ice ice I still follow. Him on the on Twitter you ought. Then at five team for five teens now so I've followed the suppose and that's what are some things that I see your stuff that pops up because it's you know. And treated three cup four times and there it is so. He's Celsius guys via trade or have popped up and you panel don't look around now I don't know with this situation has. In niners get pictures we have a give me the power rank of guys who treated for our youth who loses and who are some of the guys these that we know Anderson Espinoza last year. Anniversary goes straight to you bother menace from Colorado. And then I think I'm ready for Brett Anderson. And then. Oh and then Yonder Alonso was San Diego. It's news that first time your traded which was the ball little mantra remember that that was a big deal because a Red Sox are actually. There was some thought that they might try to trade for menace and the union stepped and when the when that first happened was it was at the shark tournament was that night and day compared to when you retreated last year because he had gone through it. Yeah now's a crazy actually. I was in Dublin after I was warming up for the gained house fits in and night. And you know it's the gains in ten minutes on the out compliments you know. From being ready to go in the game and its phone rings the bullpen then coached like they. You'd then take it and went with ten minutes before the game starts some walking across the field in some earlier starts throne warm up. I'm walking across to some homeless for decades centuries it's a missed. I just slow again remember the slow walk across the whole field stadiums full everyone's aaron's time thinking like. What the hell does this mean Mike what's going on that first year playing. I I didn't really it was crazy knows crazy so that the first your first professional years. That was my first year Provo 2011 for sites get adjusted to those and Simon did play. And then those efforts you're playing well. On 31 against a fuel it forever ago that does lots of squeeze them between NC times there between that first one. Filling us ten minutes when he hears film also. Very rich and it was there a time in that time because you had just sort of morphed into were reliever was ever a time. Where you felt like I'm not gonna get my chance to do what you end up doing last year. I didn't you know. I'd bounce around them. You know idol always known I could be a good starter. And you're not always Clinton situation I didn't really have choice and fifty mile from the bullpen. Our bullpen was doing very well and I got a heard ninja who is there wasn't really. You know. They didn't raises a demotion for his yes we need help down there and we think you can do it didn't move it much here. You know. Do you wanna do you wanna be the guy down there so I went down both men's. Pretty much. The first guy out every you know there's so if I was up that day and some snow on on boom Europe the matter when it was seventh 89 whatever. I was. But I I always in my head you know I always news that. I can be successful. As the star and decide to figure out how to get myself back there and kind of simplifies things. Just consume my mind all. On base audiences on my own time anyway offseason doesn't matter they united you know that's that's all I think about this ways to improve. It was always an honor because you know else you know if yes shouldn't be the best. Anywhere than you know and you lose your edge. Live with the so if that's the case then last argues in September and October. Must've been a complete mind you know why. Right I mean if if you're seeing there. They are in the ceiling thinking about baseball typically then when you're thinking about my elbow I think and about impressing people in Boston with a lot of generates that must have been. Like how I don't I can't imagine them. I was autos a lot like going on. I had some good games in there it's bagged games he nearly you can expect to be perfect every time mountain discount. It's part of us to this offseason time. Don't think about like whoa what was different between when I got traded on the games that I didn't do very rural. You know I mean I think there's there's a few things. Just execution wise sewer by playing going into the gains did a little different. You know supposedly stuff going on to its does that and to be you know it's going to be like it's right in a can have a you know it's not going to be in no pressure situation ever you know baseball is always. You know in a position to get out of things that. We've just got to slow the game down and the biggest thing I'm the tart brokerage and Boston and president is that if you had to look back and everything. And where the world when they went through last year is that just something as simple as this is slow everything down. Is that one of the biggest things where you said media didn't do that it's much issue and it's a big fan I think it. I just went a different direction and some of the things that may be good. You know a syndicate curve ball. Good. You know good forcing fastball. I didn't I don't think it through my two seamer it suited to some changes in their couple games that begin. You know it's it's I had a really good. You know game playing going and saying most of us that game to San Diego I had some bad means obviously. You're gonna have ups and downs of offseason. And video search teams are more times and but. In had a lot of good games you know I think you learn a line about. It's you know me sometimes you have some good gains from new going to connect Augustus and then. Doesn't go away one what the hell happened city cast analyzed. You know you know. He goes a little fuel to be going in today those little aggressive for me stand back when I don't say about him in trouble. And when I feel good offensive jam him at the front. And Carolina did there is a guy I realize that can. That's recess this. It slowed it down a little bit you know the law came comeback album is suffering is to stay back tonight some Ford when you have. I don't know when you can win but friendly parcel will be different industrial park the FBI wouldn't say that it was you know. Too much pitching there it was different you know as a a lot more innings and me. You know you know whatever it is seen on a hike is on the line can't find one specific thing wide I didn't you know. It's like I would have liked to. But it's a different league to increase in the studio and it's a fix it and certainly to. That right now. Do. It's. Excited about a person all the that's the thing is who finally due to wrap things up present as you see here right now all of this you've come through all of this. And here you are you're sitting here as perceived as the pitcher who's gonna silence of the rotation. Who is going to be the guy that they traded for him and you can feel. Confident that you don't have all the stuff that's going on last year yeah I think confidence is the you know if they can definitely make things a lot more. A lot more complicated deal with them and there's all these other things behind the scenes are Dilma. A feel good this year and didn't you know unsolicited and get them work on things alone like too because I had been. Because of the shorter thrown for and I had. You know didn't get to throw off and on anything before I came here but you know it's at the challenge and welcome challenge you know it's it's another you know it. When you there's nothing challenging it's a little boring you know and so I'm I'm excited to. Figured out these next film segment cited an excellent tomorrow and then you know I I normally don't. Answering fan only gets trying to pull together in the last of sorts anyway. Is kind of it over the new games gains gains. It's kind of bring in the other for the season. Not too far away drew thanks so much and and good luck and it's it's it's been. It's been a crazy couple months but things seemed to be settling down and now we can focus on 2200. That's.

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