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#DORK 6: Quentin Tarantino Movies

Mar 23, 2017|

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey rank the Quentin Tarantino movies and discuss how they all connect in the Tarantino-verse. Plus "This Week in #DORK," "Davey's Video Game Minute," "Pick of the Podcast," and "Black Panther Reads iTunes Reviews."

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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to my fans which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that he has a dorm bond cash. Things are turning to another episode of hash tag dork I'm once again host rich Steve during the once again is Ryan Davey Davey how are you. I feel fantastic. It's good to have about. To be backed outside what we're gonna big. Episode here today Quin Tarantino movies you're. We're trying to figure out what we should do for the week in the some that we kicked around a came up on one of the episodes. A couple weeks back about how all the couldn't Terrence you know movies are tied together sort of go through. In great detail how they are all tied together Plosser rank our favorites from. One's a nine or maybe you'll even include some of the ones they wrote as wells what we have that coming up are you excited for that. I'm so excited because this is something that a bomb went pocket of people about you know particularly once we get an idea kind of kick it around to my. Inner circle and people are like words like actually lead on I'm not really interested in Mike did normal stuff you guys do but that I would doesn't. Which means we're on the site. He's death but to bring it we can bring in more people because everybody has an opinion on Quinton Tarantino. And either love or hate some of his movies a big lobby able there's at least one or two and they're they're like snapped that's one of the great movies have never seen so. We'll get and all of that first let's kick off. The podcasts as we normally do with this week if hash tag or. First things first Ryan I saw Beauty and the Beast last nine. Well outside I got roped into it would with the white she said I really wanna severely obese and you're gonna go with me Mike. You sure you're ready you know you can't go that is and your friends like Pope armor I wanted or negotiate a Mike. I got off like ten and then she says it was the last movie that I wanted to see that you want with me. Bowl. Media and but it gadget that they absolutely gets it because that I'm sang. In. The war us take a look at they're comfortable with like five years ago my our look at some like all right. Fair enough. So we wanted to discuss issues discussed the merits of seeing the movie by yourself that you really want to. If you aren't big fans of that and I know that's very unpopular for some people but they like eight it would be dependable myself wrote fun. There is great you can really get in the area of the world what's going on so I way I went to she loved it I thought it was crap I like. Not much of that if I was at a nip sickening or bring any dips in which have been. I've been doing normally but there's there's a bar there. So I got it I had a drink to go in so I was fine drink don't expect I got hundred MI snack on end is it was. Would never admit Conrad. By the way that was a reference to a very viral other one of the very first viral YouTube clips of the other receipt. And I don't know that dealt with the Delta Airlines scheduled draconian gets back on. Omar got. That was a blast from the past. The fact that both estimate. Better a better than Beauty and the Beast but anywhere in the zone you may be aborted see it or are going to be dragged to see it it's like two hours it's that's a pretty long slog. There's. No good physical Wonder Woman preview them like a bunch of crap just do it's rated PG so there's not a lot of good stuff bug. And and it anyway what I have been watching it we're gonna do a standalone episode a couple of weeks on it but what are your early impressions and how far are you into iron fist. I just finished a six episode for those who follow me on Twitter ideal life tweet of the first episode so that you just varies marquee. I was you know what I was sitting at a hotel room by myself in Carter's bill adult Kennesaw Georgia rule. And I was I had nothing to do so I was just kind of sit man comic you know at that might be good idea and it's not going to be any spoilers to get him going into a blind. You know it the first episode so you don't have naymick pole along with me up and be like tweeting stop and actually pretty fun we. Yet those that was pretty fun so I might do it again. Com guide there was it was heavy on the market. Yeah you're in seem very critical of it I know we talked about. How it was get like 14% rotten tomatoes are out this is the first huge mess for marvel at Netflix. And it's it's it's a mess it could definitely I mean I have to note on it here you know it's it definitely has its flaws it's definitely the worst of the Netflix series. Yeah and beyond terrible no it's not like I. I think I'm probably where you are forget exactly where I left office in the five or six there's thirteen episodes some roughly halfway through. And it's definitely the worst out of the four but the bar was set really high were those other ones. I looked up may be given for your great and I think there. And I fight ranked you know my top ten or fifteen shows of 2016 like they're all in. They're there they're really good this is more. Like the first season of aero. Was better the mess. Then the subsequent seasons of aero are probably more in line this would just go watch is not great but it's it's okay like. First all iron fist the character I never really loved. Mel and I think I think this is what am I wrote this economy this is one of those like careful what you wish for just beat defenders elected JP avengers. So it would make sense logically to have beer vendors in the big screen and the defenders on the small screen. However which you run into is that you know sometimes you know when you see hideous things on the closing bracket it JC Penney. You know there's a reason why some things around there it's even why this person is in the defenders not the avengers because they're not very interesting character I always found a beanie ran at the least interesting character. Of the defenders. Yeah I mean he's got is guests like sort of a more rip off like Bruce Wayne Oliver queen type thing going like how many like errors of the billionaire franchises or in you know enterprises all those of you have an entity yet again. I mean I wanted to particularly due to we're gonna do little about it is that what the overall it's not the worst but it's certainly not great. But a bit like eighteen on rotten tomatoes right now to elect a lot of those reviews are like it's not terrible. It's just not good at it they don't that it may have the pick Beasley yes or no alarm unless they know. Yeah out. And I incidents in anyway before you know they keep people who are listening out there are gonna watch and energy efficient and they're going to be like that was great you know I was. It would it not worth my time. Other TV news there was a a report article written knighted read the whole thing. But says there could be seven more seasons of the Walking Dead. Which I don't know I mean. Here's what I wanted them to do and I think they've started to do it and this is completely spoiler free bee today you know I watched it like two seasons but from. What I've got hearing is that they're starting to kill off major characters. Yes yes there below what I what I think it led to the beauty of this show is and what I was watching like the third episode in you know people started dying. Read their expertise and at the third episode one other thing that's sadly this is gonna be great because you can just kill introduce people until people off but it and I think by correctly from wrong with that put the graphic novels that. Well yes and now I mean people are now. Yeah I mean there's there's still with the of people haven't read all the comics yet they're still some sort of core characters that are very much the senate like. I would say beat top supporting characters can change but the main characters really haven't. I mean but that that's the beauty of a show like this where it it's people die I mean look at the game at provident has access successfully yeah exactly you can kill off major characters. Spill moved up Ottawa M and I think if they're gonna use seven more seasons of this. Not my first reaction that was in a surge of kids in the in the Carlos in this on the your Moffett. (%expletive) off seven more like I just wanted to know. What happens again this morning and this shows that good they they sort of at like every third episode is good data thing now. And so I'm like I ice I wanna know. We ever gonna find out what the cause of it of the opera was earlier get a cure or just everybody intern who was obviously it is. Tubby I believe I do they even care at this point the people who are involved in this new world they even give a (%expletive) like out started early dislike. Mine is what it. As I survive and advance. That's this will hurt on oh. That's that other TV news' Bob Bates motel this week ever watched it yet I don't nobody is watching evermore pointing out Ryan because Rihanna it's playing Marion crane. If she's in this week's episode it's going to be next week's episode doesn't is pretty cool. Yeah and I think I think it's great to I'm actually watch these these two episodes I've never seem to show that obviously it seems like Coke and a brother Vince Vaughn's Psycho. If that's there which is they shot for shot remake to. Terrible why wouldn't do a shot for shot remake of something. That we just watched the old one you know. But all our other way I need to point this out my sister and Lama Cole who. Listens the podcast and has been on the podcast the handful of times when we discuss things the making a murder and if she's a lawyer so we've had a romper people DOJ and stuff like that. This is going back a few weeks I forgot to mention to you she was very upset with you too. When you said that I think beyoncé was overrated. I didn't now now I did not David beyoncé it was overrated just sick of our yeah I think so I think we're. I'm kinda not over it but I'm just telling is that all I think I'm tired of everyone kissing beyoncé that I can. You don't immediately strikes. I eat. Recchi game recognize game it sure does like you can make sure that dictatorship and seeing she can dance she's great she gets that up like five performers in the world well I don't like. There is so let me go on record of critical I like beyond that while you're there to there Europe I actually elect beyond these music. What I don't like. Is everyone kissing her act even people in the industry yeah he's become like robot achieved like. Above the law so what's the off season ticket do nothing wrong yeah good point. You heard me even when she misses even when he does something that like. Like. Like drunken obligated. I I think beyond he doesn't need to elect. Lower herself to assert or. Yeah I heard he did it get what you need to do that public and and the people like no you can't say that beyond his blood applied. And this is exactly my point you can't say anything negative against beyoncé because in the coal combat. Thought out. All my dog's nose didn't say he was overrated when it said little tired everyone has an arrest. She was this evidence is taken up with me on and I I did say these things like about a huge fan either in the Mac guy than that turn little thing. The IN IC now I appreciate you could you know what you're always. You're always defend different jury you have to do yeah like you had my back and that I appreciate I did have solutions that don't Nicole I like beyoncé I'd. Elect summer music is awesome. I'm I'm just tired of like people consider. I guess there. I guess there. Yeah I'll get a text messenger and email here soon. The fears she accepts your apology. Now there's a new over watched character I did know thousand be in the video game minute or wanna get to that now. We get a down I mean I have a lot of stuff I've placed up in the dead beer game minute. So how how we even say your name I don't play with the area. A recent. Yeah Erisa a reset. The reset I I have any I haven't had a chance to I mean I played his first of all she's not available in competitive right now thanks. So the stakes. And even quick play like IE I have plead I think I got back last night acrylic or buy games today and people like picking her up like that so it's gonna I'd say tweet it out to west CP of those boxes podcast it's gonna take me you know three weeks even play this character once everyone realizes there should he tank. Like Hank yeah right and yet I mean like all right we get it like you're excited about the new character like on the back Jermaine. There are about to go jump around a guarantee that they got a tech well I'm actually becoming a pretty serviceable tank so. Yoga I. I had played a long time that I picked it up just in the new season came out though so give it the re rankings I got I was terrible. Yeah I got kind of lost it like every else is getting better and I just had like completely lost my my momentum side yeah I didn't get back. Yes I was somewhat simple it'll start with a soldier start with you know. There are reaper Greer you know you pretty I can I can reap the report. You know elected Democrat that backed billion square one where you started. Just it's just rain bombs in credit if I knew that I do a reminder to keep voting on the hash tag dork madness is we're down to the sweet sixteen. It upsets do we are getting upsets best marvel DC characters you can vote on. The on Twitter at dork podcast. It looks like right now in meanwhile the results are Thomas has posted but I'd dead pool. Last I checked it was taken its Iron Man. People are all odd couple repeating Spiderman. Already Bahrain now. And number report to Wonder Woman vs Superman on the other side of me as an ego and so what we'll keep you updated on that all of the results. I don't I was scouring the Internet today Richard you know what I found was his bond due to be upset. Give us squad is doing a eight bracket on the best sports games ever. Sports video games. And that's and they had bracket put it at the baseball bracket for the basketball. Love hockey in our like good missile maker like Mike Tyson's punch out to all those games are mixed in there. I had to throw another what we have when we come up with some although the better for next year this is task tornado. Heavy hitters would you have liked. NFL blitz vs Madden 2005. Yeah that's really not like NBA street purses like two K five like. Unbelievable match. Yeah that's a good so I was really good. Our let's get to the video game minutes. All of video game it all right Bob and introduce the news segment here right this is the complete wildcard and entitled gonna do this outcome of this subsection of video game minutes. Let me first start by saying that next week we get to cut a major sports games coming up next week one of them. On the MLB to show which is just a PlayStation. The only baseball game you can get that's worth a damn right. And what coma that in the video game minute I can explain to you that this had one of the most hilarious glitches. That they've fixed. If you look online to look up MLB seventy show they're really the customization now put. There's a glitch if you have a certain combination of facial structures. Your your case can be like all air. Or more you can rule like. Yeah or you can look like they're made out like popsicle sticks. The bigger pared their horrible looking and they're more fine but it's really funny so they can stick stick you can look on YouTube and find it. In due and I'm talking about nice bump similarly next Tuesday as the apple mentioned old time hockey comes out oh yeah the I'll be playing that for sure nice. Next week also we have to read masters coming out which people are very excited about kingdom hearts and get this Richard ready. Yes rap the rap on. The front of the rapids back. Yep well. And up mighty might indie games of the week there's two games picked one came out Tuesday in one came out is coming at devote give up two basis a game called stick. Out shards of darkness it's all the bands it's spelt like the band. It's been actually a sequel. Stick is a little goblins it's if they. Yeah it's day infiltration stealth game we play a little goblins. Lately I've played the first one minute and indie game it it's really good the curtains. Expect this. And the other would call Kona. Which is a kind of bomb suspense thriller. Our credit and replay a private detective in the seventies and your investigating this which seems like a simple vandalism case. And turns out it's in camp that Canada so things things happen. Ice. You know. So so that that's the video game minutes so I'll tell you now that the news segment now in video game minute is called a ball deep. Well. Are on B goes ball deep and I'm Tony what I'm playing this week in what is that all what is actually taking up my time that what your balls deep what do ball deep in right now. And that that would be two games so this week its horizons in your dog. Yeah yeah it's rattled reptile that but it it simply go to the game went on this we've been. Or so what are horizons eurodollar today I just started playing again. Not that have been gone for a week. It's really good it's a really good and RPG they're person kind of thing. Taken down robot dinosaurs. Make up your Alley classic yeah. And yet obviously I decided not. Match and it is stick chart of darkness column it is here is really good. I mean if you beltway you can take out guards as you can you know vomit into their water supply point in the so any any game you can do that everything just kind of a fun spelt at a game so period of those kind of things that we'll come on ball deep in this week's so does next week a which are probably not something else. I can't wait to finally balls deepen next week. Are should get onto the top of his door. That's the topic of the day. Good it's Quinton Tarantino movies beat Tarantino. Verse. Now this came up by a couple weeks ago and we said you know what let's we should do a whole episode on this so quick answer to you know of course is a great writer. And director Academy Award nominated and winning. And basically these are the movies the main Louise I'm not counting sort of lake. He directed part of you know for Rome's he directed a scene in sin city Peter I got others other thing and be technically directive but these are his main. Films. That he directed star. Up. Yeah right direct. Right there's there's those terrorists and these are the main ones yet reservoir dogs in 1992. Follow that up Sears they are pulp fiction than three years later Jackie Brown which is the only one he didn't write that he wrote for the screen but it was a book so. Then kill bill volume one and then volume two in 2003 and four death proof which was part of grind house that he did with a Robert Rodriguez doesn't to have seven. In glorious bastards in 2009. Jango on chains 2012. In the hateful eight. In 20153. Others that don't include. Or ones that he wrote he wrote true romance and which was made nice and a three. Natural born killers 1994. And a movie that he starred in. Our coast and from dust till dawn he wrote rob or re is directed it and he was one of the deck over others with George Clooney doesn't accident six. Those are the main once again you might find the Nikon because he was part of this now these are the main month. What's weird to me Hillary ask you this first. When the hateful eight like at the beginning of a painfully it says the eighth film by Quinton Tarantino. I count nine. Without. Count nine. Com and all maybe he's counting you know debt fruit and what was the what they grind house movie whose death fruit and it was well and able the other plants there. Planet Jeremy Davies archiving data like his movie. Policy that's an eye on I think admitted that management bureau and I wanted to kill kill bill would shot it wanted exploded in the do so that might be one movie right. Yes I think he considers that one. That's probably wondered is. So I say we first. Just quick thoughts on on Reza or drugs. I. Quick stop at red door doc I think it is probably the greatest one of the greatest directorial debuts we've seen in like thirty years maybe ever maybe ever it's it if you look at it now. It would be it's a great play pay you as it happens and kind of one room yes. I don't think it is best movie. I figured I mean that's the thing about this whole thing there's no bad movies here others. You know so it's just you know I wanna go on the record indicates some electrical come that it was. You don't what is the thought about it. What a day event like Indy if you look at the rest of his movies that are more polished in a more well written there are better movies reservoir dogs but I I really like that. Yeah like the characters the story. The dialogue which obviously he's there and the dialogue in the violence are is like the signature Quentin Tarantino stuff. At present or dogs if someone said it was their favorite. I would do I get the problem we have but it did dinner there's a couple on here that you'd say that's insane out of all of his movies that's your favorite if dad but that's stump. Sir as a Murdoch is unbelievable way to get started and then. And like a great cast ran out of the gate too which is amazing when you figure Quinton Tarantino 1992. What would what do people really no bottom and he's able to get the mall like big time movie stars and just a sick movies that I was amazing. Yeah and end of this story is obvious if you don't you don't know it the actually sold the script to true romance so he could fund. Reservoir dogs come up mistake wreck right yet. Which is what is which is also a player right now true romance. Out of all these maybe it'll crazy to say my give my favorite. It's my favorite I'll say that. Definitively if you're old it's my favorite. We just become strengths. Romance yeah I mean it is it's on believe it's a do you want or will we ranking issue we include the once he wrote those three. I'll get another subject but there on the side. But it amazing that you are sure though the passion project of his but he took about one and sold it weighs in America interactive. It's only Scott did and yes great. Oh what was awesome all right and so reservoir dogs amazingly two years later pulp fiction which I think most people would acknowledges the past. And their favorite that's the most you'll say. Hard to argue that they keep. For great story in and just seek a jump in time if things like Darren and that a movie that as soon as you finished watching elect I have air Austin again. I which you do something yeah and again met the characters the acting dialogue all that was done what do you what do you think it Jackie Brown. Jackie Brown. It's a good movie. Obviously if it's on I'll watch it visit the Tarantino movie and I think this is news to monitor his homage is to be blaxploitation move. Movies Al slump and which which is great I mean I think it's in those movies need period they're they're due in BP yet absolutely give it to them. But as a movie like it's not as entertaining. As the rest of his movies that this is beat this was based on a book. The public from archers something like yes he did he yum adapted it could be more parent you know issue but it's not. You know I mean. Yeah not the dialogue that you would expect so. Want some spoiler alert this is the bottom of myelin. Jackie Brown is probably last or second to last them honest. So that we we don't see Tarantino for another six years that if you want talk about something that he wrote it was closed it was nine years. But he comes out it back to back with kill bill. Which was. I mean. Even people I've talked to people who don't really like violent movies or like bloody movies and even there like now I'll kill bill. But he does that such a way or like about those recently appeared on a blind her idol but I just. Another way either way he. Does it and then the Turkey is just so bad past like beat jerks you know it is goes against. Bright guy and I think as seen if you put. This movie. As one if you were to see this new movie has won this would be up at the top of the split up I I actually split the movies a little bit. Well it's funny I know we'd we disagree on this you like the second one batter out the first emperor. Yes it's true I don't think there's too much there's too much build dialogue that bill Carr come. Drags it down forming into. The idol I really like that especially the bit where he's talking about what people like Superman. Who that is but that's cool aren't yet that is such a cool if I would if someone ever said all right you have to read a monologue to like Trout like a community players something. Like that's it you're like you. I would I would do that model. I would read. Samuel Jackson in snakes on a plan. Ali's mother load of snakes of his mother can't complain if you're like okay Gannett united yeah. We're oracle slipped. But he and others there's obviously good stuff there at the the the fight scenes are off the charts like women are going up against all the different members. All the difference really. On that scene that's one of the best scenes at all of his movies I would say. Going after losing Lou there are so then 2007. He joins up of our Rodriguez. And I saw this are seeing the theater and they play both of whom back to back. The call to grind house but it is planet terror from Robert Rodriguez then death proof. Death proof was worse but I like plants are a lot more death proof. Not that I think people should on it on I was terrible but. I don't I don't think it was terrible. But this misled them on where he gets criticized really almost a little too. Too much dialogue like this is like nonstop like kind of unnecessary chatter going. Yet that one of the girls an in depth proved itself is like two movies. Did you tablet the introduction with Kurt Russell micro McGowan. You have to explain in a car to where you pay they get that big car crash whatever and then it bit it's a separate movie with you have Zoe bell and work our thoughts and and there was that went yes get the other girl. Wasn't are you have as it has there's gonna grow. Yeah yeah they've been here on the table talking about vanishing point which is cool movie and I wanna check of the car doubt a little bit. Muddy exact got a little whatever but it's just I think they grind it grind house movies are supposed to be destroyed ball the wall kind of movie in that slow it down a little bit. That being said this dump them who were unbelievable. Gather simple stuff there and as. I do. All that yet those scenarios to kill bills you know it's a death proof so he's got he's got the strong female characters which is great. Other dipping glorious bastards. Which is interesting because he takes historic. Character some historic characters. And weaves and into his his Tarantino overs would obviously like big. Spoiler alert on Engler's fast they kill Hitler so don't play date. Like a war movie and he would talk to make you want furlong time. Brad Pitt's grated nick Christoph Waltz wins Academy Award for it he's one of the great villains. Of all the Tarantino movies but this is this is also it oh romp a real I enjoy this. This is one of my favorite who wanna buy it not. My favorite but one of my favorite. Yep. I hate the next sort jango unchained. I did not love. Built it love it and I'll tell you this right now speaking of Christoph Waltz. If he's not in jango. It's not a good movie. Yet you. I mean I don't know how great it is any eyewitness at all movies are great but this one's right there towards the bottom. Like I think yes. Jamie Foxx is a little too RB IR really I'm not a huge Jamie fox spent I'll get letters not like I like ultimate. Jimenez in Germany's strong language at the character's name him his mother (%expletive) it Jones yeah. In a row or block is clear starting debut but Jimmie Foxx is not a good work. I don't think this was it. Yeah and I would say DiCaprio was great yep you got. And Christoph also Alicia and a move opposed to people aren't intermediate don't have those two guys it's not. The movie itself it was really about Diego from you don't. In this one armor Spike Lee was like all over Quin Tarantino for the slaughter him like he wasn't gonna see it and you don't just vote taken slavery and and kind of are the economic cartoonish. Like her to rising at a little bit. A little bit. I did it and that's what he doesn't he's a movie but yet but he you know how many of these movies you look right now where there's just liberal use of B Edward. Oh so that's the next level so the hospital is the hateful eight which came out Christmas Day two dozen fifteen. And Gaza was gonna ask you about was. It is never got to a point you and I couple couple white guys where you're like holy crap what I that's a lot a lot of and word in this movie. Yeah 88 get to that point. With me where I'm despite. Its miss it yeah but come. I thought this was like a couple more bad aspirin a clue. Yeah he's up for a side and it definitely had it definitely has some of that tune in and I really did enjoy this move. Sales slow burn. Yeah I would say the first half hour of this movie tools well look at a couple of minutes ago it's the captain. Or whatever law they added they had to pick up the other guys were picked it up and thought Jackson yeah there's opened with a letter and if you pick up the other guy who says he's going to be pretty sheriff spoke wherever yeah yeah and I like it. Is. Up until it traditionally was. Awesome. She should strongly usually gotten. So off the top my head com. This is probably what my rankings would be again subject to change. But I go pulp fiction won the reservoir dogs to. Kill bill volume 13. In glorious bastards for kill bill volume if 25. Then it hateful eight. Then. You move. Just proof then jango than Jackie Brown okay we have we have some discrepancies about. Yeah okay we're we're gonna we're gonna argue that the backcourt are totally illegal won tonight and I'd want. Do what you did not do one and yet that's easier for me rep matter I have one pulp fiction room. To kill bill one. Erica built a guy doesn't say it would have been that I got three glorious bastards yeah. Four kill bill 15. People. Who. Six. We don't know that brought resorted rather order out Devin debt proof yet. Eight Genco. Knight Jack. Aren't sure aren't that. Dissimilar like I think we can all it's like when we have gone through we rank some of our favorite marvel movies that they're more like tears really when we did the X-Men movies it's like our here's one group. Here's a top five the the middle two and a bottom three. Okay it's really going to do go yeah I had I had reservoir dogs at six. You had hit it too. Why you have added to. I think there's so many memorable scenes in reservoir dogs like I think. August so much of the Tim Roth stuff. Wait whether it's a flashback scenes with him by getting into character or whether it's him. You don't lying they're dead it onscreen Ehrlich you know bleeding out you have the scene of Michael Madsen stuck in the middle with you would that would be your slice which. Yeah I steep. You know it is an athlete feels there's still talking about. About Bert or Tyrod right now I think Steve Buscemi is mr. pinky is like one of my favorite characters like in any mood for whatever reason I just. I like Buscemi anyway but the character that he plays is good. Just just like look at dank and you know that scene. I dozed a sort of like played out a little bit but it's true at the scene where they're all. Sit and there are around the table and then Steve Buscemi gets in the line about like why doesn't tip and all these different things just like a conversation always different characters. And then the he does that. What he doesn't pulp fiction where is jumper in time a little bits he got his big bank heist in the you'd get some information here and then it continues throughout. So I just. About a school and and I I do give it extra points for it being like the first one but this is sort of how how we started out about those two kind of blown away by it. But here's how I viewed this is like if all of these movies are on. TV at one time to look at that there's no bad movie in these nine. These are all good movies bomb both critically and is it from an entertainment standpoint they're hungry if there all on. You know subsequent channels which one might get a lot that's how I came into that you have nothing to do it on and to be honest with you. I feel like the movies I've put in the top three or four. In my top tier are much more polished and a much more entertaining and that the dialogue is better then that of reservoir that's why at a low but lower. Dot out of that it got to say Leggett said that I'd bet this is one of the greatest directorial debuts right right. You know today and that puts it in kind of that perspective but in terms of my personal favorite yup it somewhere in the middle. Governor I think honestly like the like I was saying before like the only answer I could somebody is like OJ angles my favorite of like that's idiotic northerly route. Eyebrow or death or just reflect those three are the only ones that each scene Sayer your favorite and they should be in some quarter ranked. 789. Other than that like Oz like you can you give jumble moll. Any any which way but loose or whatever whatever your your instant fueled more book of a blood thing actually they're all pretty violent. Like they they got something for everybody and and like the main character a mr. blondes. And in mr. Hank in mr. The orange or don't like those main guys and in Ras were dogs I think our. Or as good as any yet on now without getting too specific if you got to throw true romance natural born killers and from dusk till dawn in there. Rural Massa both server to be in the top tier we'll do our our fair. It would be like 181 beer Buick pulp fiction true romance yup yup. Now Sean Taylor's obviously. Not a fan I was not a fan Adam mean either I put that towards the bottom. And then from docile Don actually really really lights brought put that somewhere in the middle. Let me tell you that limit they liked it I loved that movie when I first thought I thought it was so cool like I thought to teach Derrick Caracter with all of them yeah. And here's a funny story Richard and I visited honest to god it's where my kids to restore the I have. Made contact with Selma hikes who among where it got sold the note and an outlook on. So I was not a flight I was coming back from Italy I got on I got to JFK. And I had to get recycled a guy like I have a connecting flight jacket hour it's three. GOP's future you know it's terminal the way you pick the brain but got to get through customs and pulled it a look I had expected player really to get through what you need you. He's like art here go. Come so I. Go in the lineup it's pick up all my issue my shoes. Off the from bending down and like discuss it again through like personally. Becoming only one in this one and only went and I go to like been my issue would give my cues. And I feel like a Russian hit some excuse me. Particulate booms like brushed against the back of my arm mood in my initial reactions like what you just told me you're gonna get me through first indictment people go ahead to me. Yeah well you gotta gotta come a boob touched on. Some high at Belmont. Got. While. She's about 51 subpoena oh and you're not real cold shower after the just the little little brought some some high brush wow. So she was great and I when we brotherhood. She had the best like five minutes. Yet I actually an animal reflect our liked what. On truck in food on my end it would not have been three minutes. But did but it seems to come out as they can and I don't like snakes and even now gaga eyed good looks. Look at that yeah I think you're right I think that is I know you're going without a doubt on. If you give up 21 years ago so you watch or not doesn't but. George Clooney play with a gecko Brothers his like tapped to scheme is one of the most bad ass. It late in movie history and they he's he shot as one of the most bad ass characters like at any Tarantino movie. It. ER Clooney right out pretty well cedar haircut and try to do you guys are amazing. And the mimic so. Here's that here's the great thing about it so the quick Tarantino movies all take place in the same universe and he did an interview a year or two ago. Where the action says there's two different universe is Hillary and everything you know like ours so from dust Obama vampires. Takes place in the same universe pulp fiction. Yes and no. Yes and also this quote from Tarantino wrote I wrote down. He says. So from Brussels on the kill bill they'll take place in this special movie universe. So what all the characters of reservoir dogs are pulp fiction when they go to the movies. Kill bills what they would go to C or from dust settled on is what they would go to city. So it's like he calls it or honorably he calls about but people of call at the regular than real universe. Which is really are yeah. No actually than says that shouldn't that be better fit. That is like reservoir dogs true romance pulp fiction like in glorious bastards even even jango and painfully we're gonna get so hold onto his connections. And then sort of the movie universe. From dust filled on action at a couple sequels aren't that I saw. It. Those in the kill bills are in their own sort of universe in on the we said before Jackie Brown is not in any. So yeah. So. IFC. Their website they have some good stuff. Other couple website that knows those. Looking around for stuff but the handful so that is come obviously if you watch his movies a few times are obvious others. Are you really have to look for. So here if you hear a few of the obviously public Vincent Vega played by John Travolta pulp fiction. He is the brother of Victor Vega who is mr. blonde put about Michael Madsen in reservoir dogs. Yes and that that's one of the one I think people started get clued in a bit of doubt that the first major connection. Absolutely they're like wait a minute and there's a rumor for a while. That Quin Tarantino is gonna do a Vega Brothers movie. Which I don't think. Given John Travolta's current state they get it wouldn't be very. No I think you said both characters are both actors are older now elected that they miss that window public that's pretty bad Ascot and because that you look at the jobs that both of them are a put jobs and quotes like of that both of them have what it makes sense that their Brothers and have a similar look as well. Hello this this is gonna connect one that that he didn't direct the but he wrote. Mr. blonde again Michael mats and his parole officer is Seymour stagnate and he a year and talking musk agony a bunch. Instead Betty is the brother of detective Jack stagnant who has played by Tom Sizemore and natural born killers. Which they go to Oliver Stone movie had to grin Tarantino movie crust and. Right so he's chasing down. That the boxes doesn't matter who or forget. Julia Louis and Woody Harrelson went down. They have been boxes. This is this is another one that after watching a couple of times that jumps out to you but mr. white. Played by Harvey Keitel reservoir dogs is at one point asked about Alabama. Which is it. And the call girl who felt birth. Yeah. The melded guys ready mix and Isabel via. Patricia Arquette in true romance is one of my favorite. Female characters and any movie. The heat yes I I think. We all you are Christian Slater's character and that will be too we all have a soft spot or because you comic book merited try to get wrapped up in this whole thing. You know what just to cool. It really is clear that that like that it's crazy but it's. It's really go to all the different weird character like you're golden and bush spoke. The benefit our Gary Oldman was unbelievable like who's going to be played Dracula that scene a year yeah I think you yeah bring the Dracula once the order Dracula true romance the Mike back to back yet. But the difference in those characters like absolutely weird all. What about the scene without Dennis Hopper Christopher Walken which is what completely tablet. That was one of the the the great. Scenes ever I don't deserve a lot of but that was just that the back and forth between those two. Was awesome. I notice every night held as well not script. Any was actually making Christopher Walken laughs and that's the peak they used. Other as my guess he did last you know he did though that was that would like Utica wreak yet is the real laughs. Alex aren't going to be to make it. The attorneys. For soprano in the is that the attitude and Brett. Brett that are very early rolled. It is not enough. You know this is a good time it's also true romance you had. Leads on a way it's used the producer that they went under the date that took the drugs were ever so Li Donna what's. His father. Is Sargent Donny don't analysts. Have paired you frum and Gary bastards. That is a really go. We also have this one so this one's a distinct some Neil Wallace you Uma Thurman him pulp fiction. She describes the pilot when you sit there in the restaurant saga John Travolta and she's telling them about her fox force five. Pop pilot that she shot. And all of the characters are almost exactly like kill bill. Which. I got to believe I mean I couldn't guarantee that you hear him talk about himself. Of LP to high school drop out you know about in his first sexual experience being at like twelve with a hooker as he lived in Las Vegas and you know just. I got up. It's heat that's Smart. No I honestly I wealth. I don't know because I know he was abused working on kill bill -- are really long time sorrow if he had some of the ideas and you decide to use them in pulp fiction or be happen to write about it in pulp fiction and then was like wait a minute there's actually something like now sort of up. Not a throwaway line the Dow is not a huge part of the the plot. Why we there's some bit or revisit there I think he also worked on with the Uma Thurman who brother of the together still. He got Beckett the other you know. Both Thurman had a couple of different husbands and she was actually married to Gary Oldman small world. And eastern. Long yet either offer a long time and I think it. Quinton Tarantino. But anyway says she describe those characters with insisting to me is is so if you wanna look at this as a oh like a real world universe that a movie universe. You could say that the pilot failed. But then and now world. They still they ended up making a movie later on which became net. Which became that it was called fox sports by some like that. You know which yeah and it is evident that was kind of cool like. Might have been coincidental. Yeah obviously it's he's working on kill bill while he's directing pulp fiction it would make sense that you know fox force five become. You know that the whole stated what from Fox's collect snakes. I mean you know. So this next one also it's sort of overlaps between the two universe is with the in the Tarantino overs. In kill bill went bloody marys Pia tricks in the degree of Apollo Schultz. Number like a lonely Graham Paul Schultz the caller ever apparently polish Schultz is the wife. Of Doctor King Schultz who has driven by Christoph Waltz tango on chains. Which at that geographically and there's that lineup I don't know I don't think I don't know the same last name so I think people want time there. By the way another reason I like kill bill to bird vs kill bill one. I have never. And so unsettled by it seemed that I had to walk out of room. Almost did it would may a bit speaking of that when they buried her in their grave if it was. It was dark it you just hear the same director import honor I was now lives like. Reaching out I was canals that. Yes but I would just get like claustrophobic just watching that in the theater in my neck I gotta get up but it can't do it. Yeah that was real real about. Our. World. Thousands of Kurds in palm so that these are public call back so. There's early and Ed my my craw. Our girls play about Michael parks and then his actual real life son. James parks plays end and they play Texas Rangers in the death proof. Planet terror kill bill from DOS still gone in actually I believe Ed is in machete permits which are today. Which is interesting but. So those guys are all most of the movie universe but they're they're overlaps a date they connect the movie universe isn't as great. It would does need India also play at the bond BA oh I think so. And in October oh it oh yeah and I think so two which is clear is speed and the guy. If it's abuse. This album this here's Russell connection. Up Archie pick pick Crocs. Is Michael fast spenders. Character in a glorious passers ever use like one of the lake British military guys. He eyed again Iraq read this is the great great grandson of heat hit Cox who is Tim Roth from the peacefully. I like that they get the same last name. People late which takes place them like. Eighteen something in that anglers masters sixth place their works and also. Our follow along for this one at weekend. There. There is Gerald Nash Marvin Nash and another Gerald Nash so there's that Gerald Nash who is in. Jango unchained legacies in one of the gangs right. An and Marvin Nash is the tortured Koppen reservoir dogs that they cut zero off. And then Gerald Nash is a policeman killed by the Knox couple as it is the Knox couple in their. Not natural born killers as death is mentioned on a TV show. And apparently general Nash both the oldest is the great grandfather. Of the younger Gerald in more urban work cousins. So basically ticket for forget Jane doe and Jane out the big guy. There's they're cousin cops one is killed in Ras were dogs and one is killed in the natural born killers. Which is like I gotta wonder like this all that obligate greatly all led up the kind of cool to think about but at the same time like. Does that really exist or is just their keynote at lately with Nate. It's now I think he's on purpose yeah absolutely is. Like the Vegas thing like that that that that's. Yeah yeah yeah bit like. Jesus. Not by now on plus that all make sense like time for months. Arts and another one time wise there's crazy Craig tunes and captain tunes. So crazy Craig Collins is a another member of the gang book call in jingle on trade on chains. And captain Ku and we know is the Carriker and pulp fiction Chris Walken would be with the watch watch and so crazy Craig. Tunes as the great grandfather of captain to. And there's even a reference it is like it is only kid that's. Like it's funny really fouled out in public the Nash is a related pull. I had the good cleanse that act. Now I have to go back and although the watch came from like Vietnam right. Yet no I think some some exact analog Korea Korea so are seeing what you might go yazoo jingle and change has more on time and that you might think but I want to see policy they expect guys ever like look to watch. He does Jeremy. Oh does here's a couple other ones. Larry did Mick. And Jimmy dinner so leery gimmick is known as mr. white. From reservoir dogs and then Jimmie did nick is in pulp fiction the character played by Quin Tarantino. And so I guess Larry is Jimmy's uncle. But that's the equivalent of a moment. Fees so. So we'll we'll take that. And then the other times. That I I found our. Of course the Hattori harms those sorts from kill bill is also the same soared well same kind of soared that Bruce Willis uses in pulp fiction. Let's in order to sort on. Oh I think it's actually the same sort of they used like the film was later on. Both those Hattori gonzo. But it made its way from. Japan to. Begin to look a pawnshop would flex S and them. While you are now coming out now wants tougher because kill bill's not really technically in the same university. As a woman like that. The other what Jack rabbit slims. Is like the fifties restaurant that they're an impulse fiction and it's also mentions on the radio. During. When mr. Blanc is getting is is dying in reservoir dogs. That's crazy like that some immensely proud of what is right in the car. I want Jack rabbit but yeah I did even though like Appleby. Gee oh Jews. There's a billboard in kill bill for and that Broussard out dawson's drinking and dust proof. And then the two biggest on the the most obvious ones that they reference like a ton on his big Kahuna burger. That's a pulp fiction resolute drug death proof from docile gone too much at all I think even that movie four rooms that he did like. Like in the mid ninety's. And then red apple cigarettes. Red apple cigarettes are in pulp fiction from dust still gone for Rome's kill bill planetary glorious bastards and Romeo and Michelle's high school reunion. Sure a lot of other yeah they are I don't get a there is that there there's a billboard behind him but did years ago Miramax film is my guess. Ari upper economic death or. Or it was just like a little nods maybe as a guy Harvey Weinstein thing I had no idea but it was it was in there so those are the answer all the ones that. Some I knew that some might and I looked up on line I and it's the end. She there's another website and I saw. Pretty good stuff. Mean it's pretty cool I mean someone whose careers spanned you know what the 25 years or some like I mean that's pretty. That pretty electric UI the tie that whole thing and. Awesome awesome. I love a shared universe love it. They get Peoria what would ever that they didn't like you know he's such a divisive guy that. It maybe doesn't get enough credit for this kind of thing and maybe he thinks he should get the credit that's way to get it you know if that makes any sense. Yeah Nigeria looks weird elected the academy. There's a time where they sort of viewed him light and you know like I don't think he'll he sort of nominated for stuff well he still. I EE. They won it anyway and firmer screenplay for pulp fiction but pulp fiction obviously lost to force comparable tree which is and. Right away yet what's it's kind of a tough move. Nobody goes inside Tom Tom Hanks was caught. He was as white hot not stroke but. According glorious bastards and he got nominated for and so like he's still he's still in the mix. These guys block like Robert Rodriguez and gives almost black ball. Because well he's he's not in the director's guild I think because. Now focus because golfing with 300 and sin city. It was like all right yeah. Yes at all they beat it over the whole thing like you actually have to use. Union guys that you actually have to do like certain things a certain way to get cute. Yeah will be but all in green screen like he did that twice all. There's that and then. What way is something like he. Gave Frank Miller like directing credits like co directing credits or something in sin city and they're pissed off a lot of PeopleSoft notes. Then we're not related there was a lot of a member there was a lot of stuff. With those who don't expect there are elements are but. There was something within city yeah like he. He was shot all the pre decree that there was note yet. In east in Mecca warehouse somewhere so there was something to do with baton these are the Frank Miller co directing thing would like (%expletive) some people lost. Yet those regions as well he didn't use like it's. Whenever I forget a triple but we'll get into that later that you got any moron thoughts incidents in the movie's world I would that we can't we can't really touch upon this yet but like. Pulp fiction loss to Forrest Gump. For best picture back here yes. I think if you are talking about Quinton Tarantino movies and you don't have pulp fiction one or two we're not doing this correctly. I think twenty years from now thirty years from now when you're talking about all the movies to Quin Tarantino directed that is able landmark. Deal. That's something that people will watch and study for years. I heard yup I'm absolutely. Forrest Gump is always going to be a good movie gesture but forty years from now when you talk about some of the best movies government aid. You're gonna say to a pulp fiction the better move we've been forced Hollywood saying that now. Yet another I guess somebody if you met somebody who's never seen any movies ever I don't know how that happened but it happened made that they've never seen a movie in they had time to watch say ten. Pulp fiction is on the list. Absolutely and I think it's one of the best movies forcing does not. Or stop it a great movie but it's not one of the best movies ever made you know. I would put this on par with with any of the movie you considered one of the best movies ever made another tablet hyperbole you are like. W I hit it. It's in the same breath as like. I would rather watch pulp fiction and watched about Butler. I. Ito material goodfellas you have much more of a debate but I could say I could hear arguments on both sides there. And it it have to do with the dialogue which shot that order it was shot elected all those things that go into it. About characters or I think this is like an all time tiger. But you have to happen when you're taught when we sit in this in on the podcast to talk about the greatest movie you've ever seen I think in a top ten list I think pulp fiction on that. It's in our house the whole thing. It is an. When was when we recorded that episode an appeal panel if that's true some are lost it a little rim back out of I don't know. Anything else you wanna get to hear before we move on. If you haven't seen any of these movies we see them. Because you're doing a disservice by not watching these you'll get brown to like. And again if other tied together like you certainly don't need to see him in any order like they're they're very loosely as you said tied to get a look it's cool for fans to see that the tied together. But with the exception to kill bill until the avoid sue there's no like. Sequel. You know it's not at all to again seemingly. And we want an AM Dana Bible highly highly recommend true romance. Watch director. Which I feel like is a forgotten. Not a great move that when people mention great movies or also movie that surprised me devote our affection ever seen that it's about damage you go back NC. And that's one delicate people so they don't give me good movies that are probably haven't seen. Yep played so that the good the. It's. A. Out of the podcast time over idea of time after picking the podcast to us he is black panther can read some iTunes reviews. Okay we'll yet with a couple of up right now if you do you pick the. Just yeah just just a couple related to its read it to what the whistle everybody sit black Panthers available. Haven't read some iTunes reviews which you we appreciate it we are on iTunes ever our own channel maybe you're listening to us there reveals to us. Some Morales but he can subscribe on iTunes you can rate the podcast. Five start eating give a six against five is that is the best you can do there. Legal review and then we'll try to get black panther and you'll read them on an upcoming episode. Of the podcast might pick of the podcast is. Dave Chappelle's. First Netflix special it was released this week I sought the night came out and it is fantastic. I don't know I could be too much of a knee jerk reaction to say it's his best standup because he's had some of the greatest of all time. So I don't think it's maybe that good at but. There's a lot of laugh out loud moments and little over an hour. Just really well done forgot that I don't think has been doing at least at that kinda. Stage or at least you know being reported like that has done that along time that he is he didn't really miss a beat me talked about a lot of different stuffy heat for references. OJ Simpson and all the different times he's met OJ he's got some bill Cosby's stuff in there. Just really did its funny by itself that Dave Chappelle enough books right now. Awesome my pick the podcast but we did that earlier today I'd just came out that the first teaser for an item is coming for some time. But Netflix is actually doing. A live action. Adaptation of a and it made slash manga called death note. Who which is. Not migrate Chaman two I would call the great chamber if somebody had a really tell people about his mighty. I I really did I there are a lot of anime series that I actually really really enjoy there's a budget animated movies that we never really talk about on the show that are. I actually really like it's almost a so who has done work for us in Italy so that's trying to keep a little more mainstream upload this is one of the ones in the past you know and I think he can about 2006 or something like that but it's a really cool story. About this high school located. Who find this book called the death note. Where he can write somebody's name down in the book and make guy. Seasons. Yet and he's like a top student who's like you know one of the smartest kid in his last he start he had had demon with him. Who yet it is even which is one of the most like freaky looking demons you've ever seen. Named real low. Tried to help them he can only if he'd go to consortium. Com but the decent look he loves to eat apples. Are toppled then this the any just it's been it's like crack to demons like whatever. Well look like to duplicate title but forbidden I was multiple deals going on without them like imagery think their but so basically that if you. Yet know the honest debate David Bailey and things like if it rog let's. So it's so he actually the demon is supposed to be like guiding him but there are times where economic course symbolic given. What do what you want in the bill that's pretty good. Yet so by the way for whatever reason via iTunes story is ludicrous song that's so that's also. So that note so eventually he'd start using them a bit big for good start killing only criminals. Depend of the police start coming after dominating at this kind of like played you have a little bit and start killing people off who might be able to close to home. So it it's actually kind of a cool like murder mystery thing and you you end up you don't know we root for if that makes an accent. Yeah so it's it's it's good chip. So I'm really excited for that so if you want all right we get weeded out the trailer for. The teaser trailer for today have you checked out at our Monday. On the. What are you know when that comes out as soon stalker. So we're still working on that. I try to find refused drastic dork right now let me let me send you some but it will edit it will edit and post how will the culprit sure that it influenced. The effort and you don't want to their since then he'd talk to the security docket so Ameritech's there was an excitable newspaper like I like satire does speak. Oh that's that's actually you had me watch stuff if you watch that I remember that that I remember that that name. Vertigo. OK so honey do. Did you get used at the honey do on March 8 2078. Says dictator and respond to that little bit about national that I just. What's it like my web premium in the conduct. It's very much my affect criminal I've just. You know I would I think I can kind of act I think I've got to figure out which part he wrote Hersey wrote much for your outing. I mean I delegate who's a couple more on that these again the lack Taylor black panther reading hash tag dork I do interviews. Here someone called. The best aspect book but I have ever subscribe to keep sending to a great this podcast is most recent. The only time that you generic. Object here I did little to be anybody that's it's all strangers that early reviews its that's quite a thing. Besides the obvious well rounded knowledge of these two also regarding book culture. My favorite part of this show you stick chemistry that these two lifelong friends have. It didn't all just history in shorthand between thought both both. Perhaps create victim got pulled away and could not finished that review. No I think maybe I just didn't have it the extra probably would to child that is very kind of you knew to join us in the in the read those reviews it's at the with the people want. Yes it was just Celtics are losing games still in the old Puerto if you they've they've actually you know they'd they had a nice win the other night against Washington so I think things are looking up for them and you're going to be away. Washington is not a very powerful teams India. Our that I bat and then there at third place substance second place so I don't ruin it Bruins could make it out you got the job get really worried about it I think that you know they've lost three in a row now and they've had a history of collapses. So I think I think they're weak I think they're weak right now. I would always be prepared. I don't or so that's doing that. I asked him about the at their vs the bear I just want you to vote for your audio or knowledge is editing appear at the would lose silicon about a battle. Never. A pair of the words is undefeated. What is or isn't sponsored bears. Don't need to be want to what is the what is the panthers' biggest rival and whether whether one who as a parent there what do you eat. And but I think I think that's got I think I think will be there. That there at the oval leave it there there's more there's more to be had there. You never know when black Panthers gonna join this year on pastor took it at least be true spirit of the anti not mr. they sneak up on the right. At that part of it. All right well again you could follow us on Twitter App Store podcast keep up with the hash tag dork madness all month long you can subscribe rate in review on iTunes that's helping us out there. Davies the people wanna get a hold just you how to do it. That are on the come get a come get me. Our it don't you want to weed out more alive to lower liked reading of iron could that be happy to. And great speaker that iron fist I think two weeks let's give everybody plenty of time. Two weeks off for the iron fist review. Next week reduce the that a little bit different. Our red do any wrestle mania 33. Of those are wrestle mania preview. Odd Davey is gonna sit that part out but if you sit if you're in on this we can dork would love to have you there. Yeah. Sure a chemicals also hear from Davy for them or get a couple wrestling experts in here. And talk wrestle mania and so while that'll be the plan for the next couple of dorks thanks to listen to this point and we will talk isn't.

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