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Malcolm Butler to the Saints not looking like a sure thing, 3-20-2017

Mar 21, 2017|

Villani discusses the ongoing Malcolm Butler negotiations with the Saints. Chris talks about why Butler and New Orleans may not be as well suited for each other as once thought.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio WEEI. Final hour of the show Oprah's colliding with few us all up until 10 o'clock Christian are the end is coming forward WB apparently thinks they'll be in at 10 o'clock. A lot Ellis has gone to midnight. Don't know I'm not saying to me I want you don't wanna know I plan being in bed before word. Mean that the job. Anyway I gonna price go to court again tomorrow who knows. And record more in the last two years and my dad is a lawyer was in thirty years lawyers don't wanna go to court. Most of them don't Lee's most attorneys would rather stay out of court if at all possible beyond there for index. Federal state. County. You name it I Jerry. Pretty get open get on something something interest and I I haven't got it wants to get picked for jury do. Like John Cusack and imovie but it's something interesting and actually do. Well it can be interesting as long as not something and I've covered. If needed just in case is log is not in the realm of of something that I've already reported on like I couldn't cover the trial of somebody who's arraignments IE. Covered in red all police reports and already knew a ton about the case I governor arraignment today at Aggies to trial I can't cover that trial. Did you needing just in case I just don't know anything about. Giving them enough credit we seem skeptical you don't east you don't want me and a jury you know they'd be fair at all Marshall and end your Levy justice. I don't products telemann for it to the companies that Purdue I was there just watched the OJ thing just that those Joseph of those series the bright and well informed its. Many people to feel bad for in the OJ thing I am I gonna go on a long rant about something it happened twenty years go to documentary it's been out for how long that I just finally done it wasn't on HBO that I finally just around watching. They used to we did so many at ESP and so many reads live reads for OJ made America you'd think I'd remember. All of the live read that I did that said it was on and ESPN HBO but they were so many people feel bad for. But I think at the top of the list and news's own fault was Christopher Darden. For having OJ trial on the glove forgiving. The key piece of evidence over to is it that you was mocked inside spelled years later giving the key piece of evidence over to. The defending giving you control over that displayed totally backfired on them. He is probably the top of the list of the ball in his eyes out of the press conference afterwards inside and all that are a broad. Input of Ron overly tart. It. You does that Jackie child that's him so yes he was gather it felt that orbit the jurors. Wasn't painfully obvious that he was not. Really quick and actor Alec and pressure considering. That he wasn't even on your initial -- there was obviously some speculation that race was the reason they Q is. Essentially put on that team race is a big part of it. He can't he can't talk but the OJ trial that tiger by the context of race especially in Los Angeles late eighties and early ninety that a person like three episodes of I mean America was and explain act story. Right so I watch it in three parts so there's a three hour apart a three hour pardon and a ninety minute part. So I guess it was five parts but I'm on Hulu their condense in each morning yet parts so what I watched it. Fairly quickly which probably goes to show you dived area little in the way of the uneven how we got down this rabbit hole jury duty as opposed I would pick and I was eighteen. I was a juror on an indecent assaults case we acquitted as our call he quit the hell out again. Excel Miguel felt good about it there were four like soccer mom each to win in six person jury. An elderly gentleman in me. And really appears it was a it was a chair here for this person's peers in western believed. We end up quitting so again I I felt okay about it to appeal felt okay about it. Speaking of crime the moving away from the Brady. Situation pre Jersey situation I still I find that keeper absolutely fascinating the fact that back guy. Was able to pull off. He Jersey heist not only this year but apparently two years ago and make off with on Miller's helmet that I find incredible. And you wonder how much he might have built up to that over the years what little trinkets he might have stolen. 67 Super Bowls ago that nobody would notice and then that rush building up to the point. Where he makes off with Tom Brady's Jersey three years ago. And somehow gets on Billy's helmet. I was gonna say if if craft ever wants is super boring back from 00. The guy he's the guy to go get jets send in Ortega. Send it Ortega and he will make his way back with the rate I still wanna know how he got the helmet out and I would think they. It be just Warrick it would be too lobbyist turned it on himself off as some sort of super fan wearing a helmet. It reminded me of back in the day who has accused my freshman year. I had a roommate who was used transfer used when he won. So he needs that unfortunately for handing out rooms with paired with a lame freshman for his roommate sees transfer. So we would make packing rounds. And we did gym bags like we're gonna work out. The tech we weren't allowed to bring beer back into the door even though he was legal by. And we come back with these gym bag you know these these thirty rack shaped rectangles you Arjun back it was painfully obvious what we were doing. But nobody really cared in the kind of looked the other way noticed writing anywhere so was fine we just went there thank. And I. I was what is that what it was for him two years ago when he stole bond Miller's home it was their helmet shaped just coming out a backpack is this guy went right asked NFL security has got to hoping yearly arrogantly it under her. And meet the guy. Ideal way to go about it. I don't not if I just I find this whole thing fascinating I find this story fascinating. And I'm really curious to see exactly what kind of a crime this is and how much time this guy may get. Meanwhile more germane to the patriots and on the field the now the Butler situation which continues to play out in Ian Rapoport. I tweeted earlier today that negotiations that sort of back and forth is still ongoing with Butler by. They haven't gotten to the point yet where they're bringing something to. The patriots and you know for somebody like Malcolm Butler. I really do look at this and try not to look at it in the end in a patriots lands they the best thing for the patriots to have this guy come back next year. Play on a three point nine million dollar one year contract and you put. Potentially your best secondary. Short of their Revis Browner combination and maybe even an in a way rivaling that terms of the whole secondary. Because you have depth of the safety position yet depth that other spots. When you look at it from from Malcolm butler's perspective. And the patriots have the choice of either. Having him sign that restricted free agent offer sheet and they match if your didn't get operatives don't lock replaced the three point nine million. Butler seems to have the best opportunity to maximize his own value. They get paid the most amount of money it becomes back in ways the one season. In new England and it puts himself in a position re going to the open market. Maybe get a bidding war going in have a team not have to part with draft pick compensation in addition to bringing him in. If he's able to put himself in that spot that seems to be the best way for him to make the most money possible which is yet. Horry gets franchise to get paid a ton of money for one year. So he's looking at maximizing his value it seems like that's the way to do. And with talks still progressing. Which something that I thought it was going to be done relatively quickly still going on between Butler in New Orleans. It doesn't seem like the momentum is as it was words. Butler and the saints. Now I figured a position where the door is someone opened here today about Boller actually coming back and playing the patriots and I think it's the best thing for the patriots. I think having him back in that secondary for another year even more so than another draft pick puts them in a better position to be successful next year. I also that you can be really good thing for Malcolm Butler. Because it seems like the saints are dragging their heels here for a reason they're obviously. Hesitant to pay him the kind of money that he wants weathered steel more money or something close to that in have to part with a traffic. And I can understand that from their perspective. So Butler wants to maximize his value coming back here playing for another season to be the best way to do it other obvious risk in that. And the biggest one is dangerous. Entity that's the only risk he gets aid is performance drop socket is in play well I just don't see that happening with not about he's been fairly consistent. He's played at a Pro Bowl level. If he were to come back here he beyond a deep defense he BA deep secondary. He's playing opts to Gilmore he'd be in a position where he no longer has to always be covering. The best receiver on another team. You can have. Eat different kind of presence in terms. Guys taking cover for each other and work 88 I team defense of concept to complementary defense concept. Because of the depth that your bringing back because you're bringing back Donta hightower because yadda Gilmore because of the additions and the guys they brought back in the front seven. And the team is going to be really good the patriots are going to be Super Bowl contender they very likely. Will get at least the AFC championship game the the odds on favorite get back to the Super Bowl to win it. So all of that. Bodes well for Butler when it comes to getting aid in the offseason. And as much as I can. Understand the idea of I wanna get paid now as opposed to getting paid later. It doesn't look like whatever the saints are willing to offer is jiving with what he wants to get paid right now in this moment so. Takes it delayed that a little bit to bet on yourself as athletes are known to deal. To bet on yourself with the idea that hey I can stay healthy pregnancy productive. I can come back next season and help this team potentially win another Super Bowl. That looks like for me the most lucrative porous for Malcolm Butler yes I also think you'd have to be the best course for the patriots and I didn't think it was a possibility week ago. Now wondering now I am I legitimately wondering whether this is this door is open to the patriots because. The talks are if they're progressing there's certainly not progressed it quick pace between not Butler in the New Orleans Saints. I think the question that we were asking last week he's the important question that well YE. Would the saints do this if they at the top of the draft pick and they can decide and out next year. They're not incentivized to sign him because they have to look there. And they I don't think they look at and say. If we get Malcolm Butler units difference between ethnic considerable not so at that point when he year 21 round pick you know. And try to sign that Butler Butler next year camper. Well the only incentive to do it is needed time to Bart. You can give up your parents she clearly doesn't. Where which doesn't want which is why they're in this situation that that's the only reason to do to keep inside Butler in a spot where you're getting him for less than market value. Then yeah they do it can go ahead. Then fine EEU can justify giving up that pic of you saying look we've got a guy that we think is a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback to be number one quarterback. We've got it less the market value and a multiyear deals he's somebody that. We have cost control and it was worth spending to pick out. And that seems to be out of office Butler overplaying its hand out of it's the agents they tend to be it's very easy to throw blame in these situations. I the agents leading to mr. Butler is being greedy. We don't really know exactly what's being said in these negotiations how far apart they are how they're progressing. By me it looks like the saints won that valued pitcher referring to and that makes sense that's the only reason. To part with the additional compensation in order bring this guy unit you're doing it on teen friendly terms. He's cost control we think he's a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback that we now have in house. And it was worth spending the pick on if you're gonna spend top dollar or close to it. Then I don't think the the debit credit ledger works out. For the saints in terms of making that deal and that seems to be the sticking point which is why come back to the idea that I do think Butler could end up at canoeing. It does that's a great thing for the patriots and he's still he's Big Three point nine million which is a big increase in the 600000 in May of last year. It's well below market value. Per guy who is playing it back caliber reserve as a potential number one quarter. And we are talking a little bit off there about. People in on the radio that people writing about reasons he treats might not want Malcolm Butler back. I don't think that's the case at all I think that they are looking at it and saying we have this guy. Under contract for us the first round tender we can pay him under market value for him it's not that they don't want him back it's they have meant a very team friendly deal. I think people looking for motives says that all the signs Gilmore said to him that's there's does his. Apples and oranges and have anything to do it the other I think that it's just that the patriots. Are very good at managing the cap and don't see any reason that the payment of Butler right now and they don't have to. Yeah I'll grant you that the Gilmore signing is a little bit on a character does its biggest contract Bill Belichick ever given. A defensive player by the salary caps also increasing by. A twelve million bucks a year. That is our caps going up everybody's gonna make more money it's the same thing it's happening in the NBA it's keeping an apt to happen for years in Major League Baseball. You need disorder recalibrate your mind. Who's a ten million dollar players a five million dollar player at setter so that that's part that there. As far as Butler goes angrier I think they are approaching Malcolm Butler in the exact same way. That they've approached every single guy that's been one of their guys. Go out eight in its most recently is Donta hightower. Talked to other teams will be fine and good food do you see what the market is. Come back and documents. And then will figure out if we wanna match that dollar figure where to bring you back in or. Maybe it's less money but more guaranteed money or maybe just wanna be a patriot it's gonna be a little bit less and will work out that way. But go out and get Chirac for. And then we'll come back and figure out how I don't think there's animosity towards Butler. Not an Otis has been speculated bit I have not seen or heard of any. It suggests that Malcolm butler's any sort of problem. On the field off the field work ethic in the locker room nothing. Has suggested that he had any sort of problem. It's a hard line patriots business approach they've always taken. And their their take you to begin with this guy so that for the fans yelling just AMG's AM. Are you knew. This is how this team operates and it almost all instances. Big guy that they liked oh they do let him go when you look back on that deal in hindsight it ends up being a positive move for the patriots beak is. Not every guy goes out it turned into a train record is falls off base you're at at three leads doing well and I'm not saying that when you factory and the player of performance going forward in the type of money that players making typically end. How the patriots replace that player that's a big part of detailed. Typically the patriots and ugly to pretty good in those types of deals. 6177797937. Tex lines 37937. On Twitter. And Chris Maloney 44 Johnson New Hampshire wants to chime in on Malcolm Butler guy Josh. Hey I don't do well. So. No but people are saying they thought I was gonna eat it straight answer. You know patriots don't want him but I don't you like Malcolm off without access. And then eat it you just wait this one Italy and create in nickel cut money. Hit it higher. That plane that Salt Lake group he'd been playing hurt going to free agency and getting knocked out that plated the contract. You know a couple of years ago or a year ago whatever what. Armed. I don't know why. He changes lock the. The only way it makes sense for Boller is the get close to top dollar from the saints now because getting paid now and getting that money in the bank is better than waiting you know the year when. He could get hurt. Although that hasn't been an issue for him he could lead to. Does not perform well again hasn't been an issue at a reasonable leader will be getting the money in the bank. Is better than hoping for it down the line by. I don't think I had a mighty bear I agree that you just I don't think that kind of money is is there for him right now and that's why Butler in the saints can get a deal done. And he based the end the best chance to make the most money possible. I played out next season for three point nine million and sunny for big money in new Englander may be more likely elsewhere. A year from now. I mean like you key. Into it I don't think the saints are well it is tricked the thirty to pick what they don't want term contract light. And the witty and playing so far I don't see him signing a long term contract let the top dollar. Yeah and and that's really the only reason why the saint would attitude you out. Exactly and and and those of the things that call just those of the circles and I think if you're in the saints are calling it. I'll come play for you now what I wanna do for top dollar while we don't wanna pay top dollar now the reason we get you now the reason restricted free agency works for us. Is BK is the the compensation we have to give up is divided its money but it's also. Traffic. So. We got to where some boundaries in the name I don't think so. I don't think so and if indeed they do. And all the criticism Malcolm bothers agent is gonna look foolish it turns out this guy's crazy like fox because if he's able to get them to part with the draft pick in pay this guy. No more money. Top of the market money could guaranteed dollars that it makes sense from out about that's the only reason it makes sense for him. Is to make the most money possible the only reason it makes sense for the saints is to not pay him the most money possible those two things cannot. Exist. Those those two things working against each other. So unless they can find some kind of a middle ground makes everybody happy. I think the possibility of Butler back the patriots next year on three point nine million dollars for the season is absolutely. Absolutely. And what to say. Are patriots fans respected the op season they've had to this point. I already the the preeminent favorites to win the Super Bowl again he chances do not get any worse but not about the back in that secondary. 61777979837. 37937. Attacks line on Twitter Chris Maloney 44 and a half hour or so ago before our can't takes over WE annaly.

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