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Death to the World Baseball Classic, 3-20-2017

Mar 21, 2017|

Villani is joined by Rob Bradford on assignment in Florida. Chris and Rob discuss the World Baseball Classic, and everything they think is wrong with it.

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He's much at night on Sports Radio. We EI. Six our program don't like it fancy prison Gilani did. 6177797937. The phone number 37937. Tax line China on Twitter. At Chris lining 44 or at Brad phobias rob Bradford join in the fun as well you don't but. Yeah. So it's delicious for use out excited. I am excellent idea that it is a nice meal my current throw over. From the other side of Florida and had a nice meal please call the clam bake them by arrive at court. A brokered counts he signed jerseys to the people claim. Because we know about yes if yes beat the plane I think. Crime might have made maybe have been in biting ethnically. Oh man we're reviewing arriving at the claim they greet him over yet me in my prepared to get out. The doctors about the if you ever doubt jerseys. What do you make of the international ocean's eleven type I jewel heists. Intrigue that has developed with the the the NAFTA now capture of Marie CO Ortega had the the international sports memorabilia beef. I guess I always go back to the WTO. Poll oh chop chop up yet felt shop blow off huddling going into the bizarrely going into the bathroom of his jail cell which is he weird that he had about deals cell and not ever coming out because he went through a puddle. So I feel like I think that accuracy has been in that exact same tunnel for some reason didn't telling his. The thing is bizarre how her credentials the whole thing but part of me. Your credentials for years that there is a photo of the TMZ at a photo of him at Super Bowl 39. This guy's credentials were four years Mike might think I still can't wrap my head around how the hell he'd be smuggled out of helmet. He stole Von Miller's helmet reportedly allegedly we'll see but he he he somehow got A opponent. Surprise it's surprised you. A helmet at at least a bottle nosed a big head every bit as Chris this is. Like your day years to Europe product and going courtroom the or through metal detectors. You know that's you know listen I know that you wanted to smuggle. Air and it is helmet that courtroom the accident not to go through the metal detectors under the special line non metal detector Massa I'll let you know local. And that's right I had had the fast lane for her for courts are. Well yes so it I don't know it it's a it doesn't surprise me at all what what they should tell you is that they have to revisit the credentials that. We need to build our wall yes route around the credentials. That's what we have to do I tell you this speaking of the super ball. A guy named George Obama. Now okay at least you're on. George Bowman is his nickname was the gods saw you with that he with this famous grounds keeper where they were mostly for Kansas City. But also it's done every single through possible he's been the grounds keeper for every Super Bowl so bizarrely I run into George Palma. To him stadium feel the other day that's where the wind have spring training that he's an 88 year old guy who is tending to the field over the points. Who just got back from the Super Bowl in me all these great stories anyway gotten that he let me show you some pictures. Him and Lady Gaga stating there and what things he told me. He said that when they showed up at the practice facilities to practice facility. In Houston the first thing Belichick did when he said you have to make the wall eight feet higher on the market. Stumble and that's good so is that is that they a spying thing there we will worried about that or the long run I guess but believe me this this eight year old guy has nothing to gain line. Now though is a member of the royals hall of fame too I just learned that. If that's worth gogel. The thought aside George Omar I just yet so he was full story that was one that is a pretty good one how is spring training down there anything interesting happening. Now OK colonel moving back to tonight by the right about the Butler but away so not interesting. I like to these games like this public broadcasting these games from the sixth inning on holy mackerel. I mean it is unbelievable you you have these guys coming in specially the other team that you just don't care about all. I think it's about to turn I think it's gonna get a little more interesting and more bats from guys. By you know that little facetious speculate there are obviously interesting that you look at models in Italy he's playing. You look at how all the entries ditching that old that. So it is interesting. But still we have to get past this. This is all these these double A players being carded in the need in that you don't care though because it's. I can't do it professional broadcast by a nose on the field. That is a problem. That that's potentially shoot you don't adulation you are brutal dumb play by its brutal and he had you don't led backlit like a high it it's like do have a high school game. You have no idea others in the name of the number on the roster immediately tighten wait what. It anything to do with this player anything but it's difficult to their interest and I'm like Johnny most when they went over it'll happen. The big guy tall hairy guy win. Yeah we had Joseph and I were doing the game and we Derek Salvi who is from when you've the president of the Minnesota went he was in the boat. So that make it contains the words make you change and they bring in this case. And so he's not on the roster. It in Tokyo saying number 97. Eric who who can you tell us about number 970. Yeah the president of the team didn't know. It. You're telling me ninety sevens probably not gonna make the roster I camp. If he got the B COLT big number 97 for a half an. It's over where they're not there as you stand there you get to shout out like hey what's your name. Is baby. It is well out dvd yelled back unfortunately. Elderly. Are our commode roads and they're very very rockets I thought they would leave though the early bird special run 4 o'clock. You know I'd buy first early bird special that I yeah thanks for dinner when my parents by the way I find that hard to believe. I thought no movie we viewed the rug sportswriters do not partake in the early bird specials by. It is it is if it's a weird dynamic because it was. It was like 6 o'clock it was. What is going I got seven thirds empty right now. Cause yeah because if the pay three dollars board now. It's unbelievable what has already wait another big crowds today with the biggest crowd here we're here for history today. By the way he Shepperd with yours should also make note of the that the history. That that was part of history he was part of history because it was the biggest crowd and jetBlue park history and Pete Shepard was part of. Yeah it's okay if they broke it by one that he would definitely be a big part of what you want meaningful baseball. The World Baseball Classic. Tonight in tomorrow. I just an end and the United States I go to finals for the first time in yea. I just cannot and I tried. I watched that entire freaking game. On Saturday night. Because they had to wait for it to end before I could and by a radio show down at Bristol go home so I watched that entire game I just cannot get. Any semblance of excited or interested in this thing all I think you're going the other way that you're going to be seduced by the I was not I was happy the US won its core rate I was shocked that Israel was so good at baseball. Those are my only take aways from from the WBZ so far. Oh well you watch those Dominican team its Venezuela and they get all air. I thought were were for a little while people get so excited. About the whole forget all the realities that come with the WBZ. But I think the realities. All you have to know and Agassi the next couple days. It Drew Miller is standing on the mound win you know a full house with these runners on base with people chanting. This guy passed the throw these perfect pitches on March 11 or whatever it is and if he gives a home run and at the end of the earth. It's like how is this normal. It is not for pictures were major pictures this is just not normal that you have. Obviously the injuries the whereas now the other guys and Cabrera. It's. People get seduced by it for the quick hot minute. And then once the got it back it's like old reality struck is you can have a bad year because you burn yourself out WB's. This sort of the classic ideas and it's great in theory and the actual matter and practical application updates. His is just not workable which does not and have seen. Ideas for ways to fix it my favorite is the play the finals during the all star break because that's definitely better. Rather than a pitcher throwing media meeting with sitting in the eighth inning of an all star game I don't now accounts you've got injured Miller in that situation. In the middle of the season as he's may be ramping up for a and it run put him in that situation you just described in July rather than at the beginning of the year that's brilliant. The only workable solution I come up with from my perspective is not don't but as you point out in Latin America and certain other places. I'm guessing this thing's huge I'm guessing they're big it's probably doing big television numbers it probably opening up for a financial standpoint. Markets that they have not been fully apps for major golf balls for so act you act. Don't know it's I don't know it's. It's it's a failure things like. Oh we're going to weeks expanding but here ACI. I don't think it's an early in the analogy is quite apt because in this case. You'd at least own some seeds there you have countries that are pre disposed to like baseball already. Rather than people from Scotland try to figure out why the football game stopping every seven seconds instead of the continuous action that he used to I don't know if it's quite out. Alltel in Europe Europe I think that you write this this this is playing to the passion of the people are passionate about. And it that's great that's all well and good but in with the players you've seen all over the place these players are all going. This guy wanna represent my country not you know you wanna do you wanna hang out with your body's. If that's quoted as a means Lieberman errors he has the shoulder which still isn't right. He's still wanted to go the WBZ. To quote unquote rappers and it's confidential element of that. But it's also you sitting there and I custom the other this must be killing you watching and easily admiral watching I've watched any of sleeping. In well it's it's a good way to get away from because if you're watching. You beat that one terrible would it go from mundane days here in Fort Myers instead of all that excitement. But that excitement if it's yes set a trap. It's such a trap and every once followed into. I'm curious whether anybody is in the United States is watching this thing what the television ratings are. I do whether a great time slot obviously playing on the West Coast that's the other thing is logistically. Eat it seems like a mess EA games all over the country into the pool play in Mexico is was not great logistically. I gave all the world I should say you're playing a game that starts at 10 o'clock East Coast time on Saturday night. There's just no way back in a. Rain doesn't print ads are one game where the drama hasn't happened before midnight. Honestly don't think so now it's if if you look at the game the next schemes are going to be on the West Coast at 9 o'clock at night or whatever it is in the Netherlands and Puerto Rico tonight at nine. As cute cute the Dutch you Demetrius goes sports partly. After the early bird special and that's a law and that's a long night young played because of as I have to celebrate our great two hours on the race to be crazy if you saw the same people that decide the early bird special at the sports bar late tonight. Yeah I hope that that's the Republican. I think I think they have the make scallops and you're right the we say yeah yeah so die it is the man I listen you know and jacked up about the US day. Purdue in a robot get back today and he's all smiles and he's an artist Dominican Republic shirt. But but. The problem is he old idol that you will cost himself a spot on the team. But he almost. Always do with state you know would have been no doubt there but he almost did he also cost himself a spot on the team. All the team actually appease him and you know to go to the stupid WBZ. It seems like though this is were reluctant and it's not going anywhere. Major League Baseball seems to invest and do they think they pulled the plug that they would admit defeat I feel that we've got to go through at least two more cycles before that notion even entertained but you know it's yours you know Christine nor could happen because there's so reactionary. If someone really pour in years like that notable player. That could gain a lot of steam in terms of this. All works for example with the the slide rule at home plate with Buster Posey. But cattle were awarded this and the slide rules second base. Also work to go back aways and two. Robert Edwards Terry medium beats beats. That's right pickup football game the opal S ago so we need we need somebody to sacrifice and take a dive. Basic units would you piece it all the who's who will it be worth of the law ready to torpedo your team's chances for success for one year and potentially cost yourself millions of dollars you'll be remembered as a hero for ending the WB I don't let them to do that though I don't like it ID to read about it after the way the all star game actually not meaning anymore. I UWB see my angst now works that you're not very angst he without it. That led 77797937. Gave indicate wants to chime in on the World Baseball Classic it gave. Yeah I would Brett full on this one bridge ridiculous that's one little. Our mistake when a guy gets hurt that's what people Medicare why he played in big spring training for his country a big name player. So I'm what channel devoted I've seen nothing. On a delicate stage doll is the World Baseball Classic Monty could be a baseball I'd really be into it and Mac are good at every stop and football now can you the gold. Probably be talking Red Sox up at this point maybe 56 years in Oakmont. Well I will say this you'll see it is yeah I will say this that. That it has gotten people entrusted to watch baseball more than they would spring training gutsy spring training game that's as I pointed out. They are pretty monotonous or maybe it is this not a lot there so. So baseball is forcing what they're saying it's meaningful baseball down your throat. As soon as they can buy your day you're right. And I'll give you another analogy. Which is that I mentioned Andrew Miller Andrew Miller in that huge game a significant Dominican Republic gives a new home runs in the eighth inning. Huge and he's almost like peeping in the dugout. That was two years at the exact day that he gave a home run to Travis shot in Tampa. Which he says I was just working on my pitches. That's what I should pay I'm just working in my pitches not I'm crying in the dugout yeah. Yes. Exactly and again I mean. And I'll pick it right now let's double fault came in you can say that we'll get that five years ago at this point would be a crystal ball as much as you are now. The picture too just as good. Yeah I mean football's definitely a a year round soccer there's no doubt about it here the Red Sox is also year round talker right now and it just doesn't happen to be a timed its. Particularly exciting that's happening camp which is a good name appeared. Any team I would imagine why as quiet and boring as spring training is possible BK is. It's like act like a round of golf yet surprises and around a golf most you're surprises aren't. Almighty god I can't believe how far street I hit that drive our I can't believe I sunk that putt from eighty feet. But you surprises at wow I'd never got a ball can go that far left and I didn't know there was a pond there so you're not getting those types of of surprises with. With the Red Sox it's kind of aboard camp it's good to ramp up for the season. But the the whole concept of of meeting more meaningful baseball. I have never said that it's my seat to wrap I've never once had that the following fought go through my mind. Man the baseball season needs to be longer. Sweetie and a war meaningful baseball we don't get enough that a 162. Plus the post season. They it ends in November it starts again at the end of January we need these season to be longer I need to care about the sport more. At no point has that spot. Ever cross my mind nobody but it's a year miss in the point it's not. It's not caring about the balls and the strikes in what's on the field baseball once that is one putting your head so. When you go the offseason that's what the enemies now all of sudden now you're publicized in the winner would be to Ritter forget the baseball happens. I've for baseball the thing you know put Clinton you know they wanted to be the conversation. Roddick mean it's it's the same thing it's going up people say about football will what are we talking about with football we're talking about free agency talk about team building. And that's it in the lobby now it's going to be the draft there's a reason. Why USP and starts their draft coverage in January. Because because it is they they know that people want football in the every single day of the week every single month of the year that's what baseball want to get used to it they're forcing it down the throat doesn't work that way with W. The most interesting thing I think that's happened. This spring training is when Tebow played the Red Sox just for the audience yes and a neighbor stories in the two things I've eaten that Tebow thing I was following the live tweets with the rats. Attention. I was very against it recently the only Red Sox. But I do things I our interest from Pittsburgh had nothing had nothing to do yet to stories another do whatsoever in the sand of all obviously this and of all angles the story. And help them sort of the back and they're pitching rotation is. Oral price getting hurt for a couple days and in win when price got hurt rethought OK here we go that's gonna make everything now. And this sort of went away in seven to ten days in Crystal City here is where we're waiting. But I don't disagree with the Jeremy the fact is that those are the type of stories that are always connected going back there early camp. Blake's wife art Blake's wife are can't throw back to the pitcher. That dominate for a couple days it's not a vote. Especially when it's good because people are people are skeptical bubbles and well I can tell you right now he looks good. Fine great is that we've talked about how obelisk and well looks good. One also there to say that's great but you've lost met of the doubt so until we see you actually due to an extended period time or fail that is not a partner. By the way I text your your citing a Forbes article says the ratings are up for the WBZ I'd I don't think this thing's going anywhere. I really don't. It was it make much money they make it might take it catastrophe and I don't I think you got at least two more WBZ cycles before it's even entertain by Major League Baseball. Well I think you'll I say well maybe all of the albeit maybe they'll. Bag and after a major entry but the reality in goal to do this is worth a global look how much money they're making up this thing. Mean this is the cash cow for them as totally the turf master can only grew so many things are saddled with. Lot of side and pick up a little publicity eggs got a side of the battered the turf master actually as a matter if you. Cuts to exit a month. Yes so it's. I don't think it's gonna go anywhere really because it gives you all the money we what what have we learned that brought it what Wheeler in the NFL. Follow the money that's where it's all about and I think it in this case the same thing for this is rob Manfred article 46. He could do anything you wanna. Interesting way to look at it or burn all is it now lol up next in the WBZ or burn up. Hey guys have got to do well. I want equality you guys talk and other WB you know I think one of the things a lot of people are discounted and what are my idol my heritage some Puerto Rican vote. It's something I think that. And and and the new inherited a lot of Latino vote in that area and just around the country that passion airport like. And on top of the other component is the fact that. That let you talk about the merchandise marketing. This stuff selling off the shelves everywhere you had the dessert when I look at my social media feed it in everyone went nowhere the apple you know different. Different descent but they're. Talk among the WBP oil exports it. And yell at every posting stuff from you know Kirk a Corey L or other sports venues. I think he'd beat the other the cultural aspect of it is it being this candidate be so much because a lot of yet a lot of you know all time. Spring training and people just getting over there you know the super ball and everything else but I think that that's just being. Borough here's the thing you're right about all of that. You're absolutely right about all of it has to do different conversations in the conversation and bring up in more important not just because I'm bringing it up. It's it's because. It's because. Who are these guys paid for by. What other jobs why are they in this to begin with Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball teams so their job is to get ready for the Major League Baseball season. All that stuff that you said is correct absolutely. But the reality is that nobody can convince me that this is good for the Major League Baseball product in it's it's a quick fix. This whole thing it's. It's like you know it is the sugar rush like the guy in in supersize me he's like the fifteen big Macs than fifteen minutes later slumped over the coach. It's a terrible thing. Yeah I guess you can kind of argue that enough to say you know this is kind of the way of replacing the significant that the all star game. I do think that you know for the for the countries that are you know outside of the US hopefully the passion is there a lot or more of the US and but collect islands and Puerto Rico and the Republican date you know they have a lot of economic crisis going on. Do you think this did this did you think this is good for Francisco indoor. It. I mean dude but when you look at pride light an antitrust airboat ride was killed or I'll see what it's it's war. Including the individual team and at a marked their. Hurting in the asserting the players to yet because they are not indictments in the pictures pictures of the easy once a CUC. Rahal and reports Ellison does how does this make any sense. On the day where he's doing the side session and the simulated game if he was at the WBZ he'd be pitching full full house with Miguel Cabrera up to guided bird that doesn't make any sense of his players play nine innings in early march. And also you see these swings god and their running out ground balls. And it bears down here Jarden on the first and guess what you should be jargon down the first right now. Did you take any way possible to make it. Work other than putting it in the ground and training maybe. A turn in the world. Access I don't base of the car Borough I I don't I think the only way to make it work is not to do it. I don't see a way to preserve it and still. Had it not adversely impact players and their four teams long term. I don't know if there isn't one. Now there bleeding everywhere it's been fine itself in knots trying to find a way. Chris you know I don't know if you agree with your not put it this is all of what burrows is set with absolutely accurate. It is it is entertaining. It is great for these countries it's great for groups of the people from these countries to get together and watched games and talked about it. It's a great thing but once again it's such a quick fix. And you cannot tell me this is good for the overall six months Roddick which is the real important thing we need it more based. All around the baseball season needs to be long. Are at six like seven cents having 97937. Bloody Brad or with you. On a Monday night taking your calls up till 10 o'clock Sports Radio W yeah it's much. Rob Bradford on Sports Radio W. We EI. Found a much tonight Chris lining hander rob Bradford with you Brad earlier till nine now with the field and 617779. 7937. On Twitter at Chris Maloney 44 also add gradually go to at Brad filled by the way to see the photo. Of the claim make. Autograph. Firm Rob Gronkowski research well on I do at a camp. I don't think I'd plug away is you're not known to do that you don't do it often so you're not a traditional solid to do was just his one time. You sincerity excuse me it's. He got. I didn't podcast today I feel like it's also what you're doing a favorite now. The but it podcast Brad Loescher. Oh what's that about. What's the oh the with a about it and it's it's with farm Caron. Not about 45 minutes aren't there yet tactile keys. He's the counties and this thing now the right I'd go with broad. Yet now so we talk about how I don't like to call people nicknames are kind of itself. Like I don't call him DC I'll call caught on officer. Of Thomas. Tomas Tomas Karen I have a hard time to call people while other nickname you called me about my nickname. Chris yeah. Alive daddy did you predict. If it's immoral that story so I thought it will be dropped and then drop it like it's and drops yet. No walls are doing it slow him and I've been trying to help. UT I was UT's thing to get people excited ahead of the release IC yeah that's our. Podcast 101 ops archenemy to Heidi let's let's did need to maturity of marketing strategy here and I apologize action with Carlos Quentin or worked to perfection. By the way actually he's of people lining up type WBZ here's a just a little bit of information based attacks for passing this along to Forbes article. Ratings for the twice seventeen World Baseball Classic. Are up 18%. That's over the 2003. WBZ two dates. Your first 2003. I'm sorry thirteen my fault as my apple thirteen. At 2003 WBZ did not happen it started in 2006. Viewership numbers were exceptionally rosy for Iraqi game played over the weekend they're talking about team usaid Dominican Republic. 977000. Viewers. Peaking at one point two million. On the Saturday night broadcast that was in the 9:45 to 10 eastern slot it's the second best primetime audience ever. Pretty MLB network and it's at 34% increase in attendance. Over the 2013. Classic as well so they're seeing more rather do. Coming in through the turnstiles there's no more eyeballs watching this thing on TV. In that doesn't surprise me at all because I'd I think it's greater payment it's been. Great entertainment for a sport that needs a great entertainment march because what we're looking at spring training. Usually it usually sounds like grader Damon because we're making it so on the broadcast. But it's nothing like you're seeing it's it's great theater but that's not the argument Chris that's not what we're talking about. Were talking about how detrimental this this current event is to the product that is the most important thing which is the Major League Baseball season. Ever be an avid media minority on this I don't care about the theater. I really don't it doesn't. It did nothing for me watching that entire game. Saturday night did nothing for a happy United States one fine. Did these didn't really care whatsoever I'd rather watch did to get my sports picks in March and I'm not watching a meaningless spring training game in and big number 97 who even this guy that runs the team doesn't know Lee is. I'd rather watch college basketball I'd rather watch the NCAA tournament rather turn on a Celtics game rather watch the Bruins all of those things are ahead of the World Baseball Classic from. And get them out of big baseball banned it in a minority on that I'm ready to care about baseball and April and already care about it now. I think your aren't Menard do you watch these games from a you know in the background whatever. Lasted up to 2 o'clock in the morning log alliance. That's like eight. That's probably why a broad is angry about the fact that delete my bedtime by two athlete that freaking he'd. Yeah. Yeah the players I mean the players this and they can't stay there. Yeah that be at the park like 7730 in the morning anyway. But it's. I I can see where people would get route that I can see all that I understand what the ratings up I act. I. It's much and may we have we are on the same wave like in terms of saying it's dom. But for different reasons and my reason is much more or my reads it is very self serving is. All about me Sean in its sound up next the World Baseball Classic is shown. Hey guys I know it myself. I'll be yet farm are the ones I agree we both are hate the World Baseball Classic parity is absolutely stupid. And while that they have on their rescue brought. Two hadn't talked to any agents are out there feeling about this critic can't believe. Eight and of these players. Are could be happy. That goal and an economic. No whoa whoa what would be their motivation other other than you have the guys who were trying to get contracts. And in I arrive in the barn if he had a big series. For Israel and he's trying to get a minor league deal somewhere in great may be gets signed off of that. But you're right yeah the here's the thing. The agents the executives the managers the coaches. They all will not rip it. But in their hearts and in the back rooms and how they're thinking they all moderate because they are all thinking the same thing this is not good for there and game. And did you have a one class of player that does stand to benefit to get big number 97. It covered ID seven. All of the big number 97 of the world stand to benefit from this thing because it is a platform and what I'll use. A he's by a Little League teammate. The 2013 WBZ was essentially the start of his Major League career scallop boat that was one yeah I was coming out party for him. So for the guys like cam of the guys like big numbered ID seven. It can be a a big. Deal it's kind of like the Indy. You know rock group or something it's trying to get out a record deal would try to get noticed this is a chance to put you on a big stage a lot of eyeballs are watching. As opposed to coming in in the eighth inning with a T president can't identify you as you try to strike out somebody is not gonna make the Red Sox. So that class of player. As got to be the only one that really benefits from this. Yeah absolutely Eric Gagne he's 41 year old Eric Gagne it was an example office. Also and he pitches a few good games on Eric he's making a comeback and I give me another example for me nobody. Goes out the other night. And he comes in runners at first and third one out he gets a huge double play ball. All of a sudden we thought we heard about today was that one pitch that one outing. And look at what Fernando what god did it he can actually maybe do this in the regular season because that was an important moment against good players. So it in that respect it is hoped for NATO but it's I mean. If the whole thing it's it's just a mirage in U tight. My guys that have a lot to gain. Each of the guys they need it they need that opportunity they'd need something. It's you know abide try to race that they did last season or try to jumpstart careers. Eight if they haven't gotten to that point where people who run the organization know them by their face full didn't jump start Daisuke in Yu Darvish student all right. Goodness it did the opposite of jump starting Ed thanks a jump started them to the two were basically higher. We Daisuke is if you wanna hold up a guy as the perfect example of how damaging the WBZ can be. Daisuke is that guy in the first hour though wasn't he unbelievable. In the end 2002000. Says yes. Yes right yes he was good that one he was given that one but that you get he'd be keeping to heed because WW OK because of his numbers in the Japanese. Mean that was it didn't hurt but in terms if you wanted to find Dice-K WBZ. 2009 was where he didn't come to spring training. With a Red Sox. He stayed in Japan worked out with the Japanese team went in the WBZ. Played in also and I was there that day when he showed up in it for the first time. In Orlando thrown 85 miles an hour and that average crappy season in the lead off to go on to have a crappy career. A year after by the way he finished fourth in the Cy Young voting so. Screw the WB's. Might in the cards you wanna screw the WB sane. I backward and I'd rather. Be beat. And 32. Out Brad Bird. Rock Island. Hole and got there. When all of our car where are you. If people network up in arms saying NBA player can't wait for USC that Paul George or you're a target. Who are. You hate that at. Bat. If I don't hear the bad RPI. Eight more that I want a week and a country like our country. And made it out. Well it's here it's against raises stupid is because you hear it in you can bring up other examples of other sports. But the rhythm of the Major League Baseball player the Major League Baseball season it's you have spring training for a reason. And it's almost solely because pitchers arms are not mean to throw a baseball. It's much as they did. So that's why you have to ease into so when you have these pitchers in high leverage situations. Putting Max effort out there or even the position players putting Max effort out there when they are not equipped to do that because the weight. That's why we have spring training organ and detrimental to the guy in the product. 65 pizzas in our. Gonna put a lot of torque R&R. How he. Can you watch into Miller or David Robertson or did these guys go out there with in these high leverage situation in packed stadiums pitching to the Miguel Cabrera of the world. On March 11 and say that's not going to be detrimental because. And what world do we think players are right now in Fort Myers at jetBlue park should be put in that situation. Nobody they are working on their secondary pitches for a reason. Rock beat don't you secondary they've brought in regular cricket. And they're giving. Art for more effort and it would be your right. And you make it like. A little. At a terrible. And thank it would go. Out. That actually worked out RT if you don't it market. It. That our behavior that wrote a lot. Out etiquette apparently. What happened in 2009. Or get technical about what that you have an example of your. I don't think. It would be to get it back. God in the center. OK okay well so he's just bullies the government but which I applaud you for by. Here is that if he lets run once packet. I want you do an exercise which we have done every time WBZ came up as did in 2013. And did it again this year. Go look at the pitchers who pitch the most in the WBZ. And they go look at how their seasons and out the year after. This isn't doing anything out of the bought it it's actual facts instead. Right. Are you. Parking lot I don't know what they get. Back. I just get the axe body just keep the I know I didn't give one example. I gave all I said gold looked at all the pictures it's the most innings in the WPC. And then go look at the season that they had. Ought. We'll go look it up and get back to me because we've on this exercise every single WBZ. Are near or. Yes I know exactly and in a I just gave me the facts. Pull up the story the fifteen stories that are wrote about it and we're up against the brace off I'll look it up. Go out. That's why might my appointees your fan I just personally don't like it I really care that much it's actually personally don't believe it's easier defense because you know they mean. You'll have to have facts until I hit who hit the putt but but I choose to have facts and stats in. And even if there weren't those Faxon says I don't know how anyone can look at these guys. Pour out their performing at that level at that time a year and say that is a healthy. That is healthy exercise. For that and he. I don't know how you can do by the way the players will all tell you the exact same thing. The managers will tell you the exact same things not on the record but they'll tell you. While they can they basically can't crap on this thing and right right and they'd they'd have sort of gag order by. I I can't yet knowing. How especially for pitchers that is the easiest example. How they build up how they ramp up over the course of spring training and there are certain hitters that. Especially veteran guys they can they get a weaker to they're probably could be ready start the season pitchers need that extended time to ramp up. Until they're pitching those high leverage innings and both times and extend into the regular season into the meeting full games. I would rather the efforts beat focused there rather than on a relatively meaningless. Tournament I understand national pride and all that kind of thing we weighed bloody United States with plenty of things in the Olympics I don't need to see teen USA. Wind another tournament to win another international competition to feel pretty good. About where we stand athletically and the global scale. I don't know I and other get a little break I would I've like ten minutes ago and only. I've never visit WBZ I've never been a Major League Baseball player. I have talked to people who have done bowl including guiding Dustin Pedroia. Who played in 2009. Who went out there and old son was playing Nasr on Astroturf for nine innings in early march and next when he hit the second round yes what happened he hurt his oblique widely heard it's a bleak and he'll tell you where that drew served. It was because he wasn't ready for that level. And we've already seen it still is some accident year. Now listen to be the majority guy it'll get through this going to play the Major League Baseball season. But but when you have guys like Salvador for a source so important getting hurt in these games in. I'm sorry it's just such an unnecessary thing it just it's and the reason why they're doing it Chris you said it before. It is fun to watch but most importantly it is making a crap load of money for Major League Baseball and even more in this tournament relative to 2013. According to Forbes I'll get more your phone call 617. 77979837. Blondie and backs Brad though Sports Radio WEEI.

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