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Celtics players plan to have a 10 year championship reunion... and Ray Allen isn't invited

Mar 20, 2017|

Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe discuss this story... are Rondo and other players holding a grudge that they shouldn't at this point?

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And and before we're done this hour we will get into this Marc spears piece on the undefeated. About. Evidently they're planning a party to celebrate 2008 NBA championship for the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo doesn't want Ray Allen there. So great about about right and stunner. So I treated me I was saying like you begin a habit if it's the championship celebration. You gotta celebrate the people from away it was called the Big Three. And you know our rent. That made a big trade for KG and but he's not errand. And you never ever predict how back at the lakers in the guy who's big. Part of the comeback against the lakers he's not here is my just tweeted me. It's also known. How. Edited for the one yeah that's why he can't Ayers it's too soon. Amal because of what he did after that through where he wins. How about how it'll play and I think I was there I mean that's what Rondo is point is it's it's worry went up everywhere else that he indicated that the senate think about the relief out of retrospective on your relationship. If you're gonna celebrate it's almost like if you get a Red Sox say. They were celebrating 2004 anybody who has a problem with with Curt Schilling or anybody from that team you say well he he's not invited on you don't have 2004 without Curt Schilling goes. So what does this is going to be a thing that's all that. And on our lineup but I'm saying what is like the event and are they going to be out a game and they're gonna come out you know before the game our halftime is it just they get together or what what is it. It's a get together international. Are gonna be somewhere outside the country gets gathers a group in the media members to both if you don't media members are there somebody asked organized. Right it's not the thought bills or Broncos organizing. Invite me wants. What lies Rondo the point well it nearly enough that it lies these appointments. And so whatever else is stepping up and thrown from the party yeah the post the party is allowed it to you rules fill up the gas levels that I did nothing else over to reject this as a legitimate. Fight ahead of us it's not a real university that isn't an authorized a sack anniversaries as celebration and you'll have the real one will could just let the Celtics were actually holding. You know a reunion if they went and and not invite Ray Allen of course it wouldn't they would there's different question is what the fans wanna see him back. But if you had a big worthy showed up at halftime and wireless technology the only team in eagle river player's name ID editing outdoor. The started talk about this earlier in and you know obviously set aside for a moment while we were talking to Michael Irvin was loved to octave. But Marc spears has a piece on the undefeated. The headline it's Rajon Rondo former Celtics teammates plan to celebrate their 2008 title without Ray Allen. And the sub headline is a quote from Rondo I mean ray left he left to the enemy. And a whole premise here is evidently they've they wanna have some sort about party. To celebrate PO coming close to the ten year anniversary of winning their championship. This is Rondo talking he said I asked the couple of the guys I got to know I know head shake talking about. Whether or not they would include Ray Allen and and an invitation Ray Allen is part of the whole of the whole deal here. Look at if it's a private party and much guys get together you by we want you give the right to invite or not by. That's right yeah it does sound petty doesn't it beyond that OK it sounds irrational and get to this quote here's a quote just blows Obama for Rondo. The mindset we had the guys and our team you wouldn't do anything like that and that's fine so far it makes you question that series in the finals. Who word you for now for God's sakes you didn't bleed green. It makes you question in that series. In the finals. Poorly you have to. Eight and one winner I'll you've got to win there and I am yeah overboard when a question I out of on those four guys. And I LeBron. The resistance point that out. Always dependent Rondo when he was here I loved watching him a body had a great game six and one in 2008 great personal you know set the pace regulate the pay for law passed. Pass first point guard OPEC. But over these four guys we mention. Rondo KG. Pierce. In ray. Into question the commitment anybody. To winning. Who would be forced. Into question somebody's willingness to be great. All the time that the key. Who accused start when it and it accounts for Samantha. Topping your real sure. Guys you could numbers suggest the rightly or eliminate tumor and eliminate ready. I'll bet your NC ray and in five years I bet she still looks like he can slip off the screen and and put up fourteen and I'll probably could yeah. And tell you about it in great detail yeah great shape. Always always ready always practicing. That as opposed to the guy who were sort of a playoff game just decided to the car for a little bit before becoming a Italy that day yeah monster without about the guy who decided that you put my best games on national TV rights and it's a Tuesday or Wednesday night Milwaukee. Not like anybody if that's true if it's it's a it's not the Celtics putting on tenor dancer I can't and Celtics would absolutely and I can't hide whatever I can't apportion them back into your house like bright idea that you're having a ten or two. When a year college reunion in on Michael grade here your invite a few friends are probably at a that's not a great example but you don't do it by every single person but at the school they opened up they don't pick and choose right they would they ever heard talk on ratio up and Andy do you go off the deal romping after. And if ray is a Rondo who we know hate. Hates ray and ray hates Rondo pierce talks about that the peace though they have good relation don't I'm not at all. But that's also Rondo didn't just make up that on his own at least according to what he's saying which again you have to believe them but if he asked a couple of guys. Probably pierce and Garnett Arnold on he's asking Scot Pollard and Tony Allen if they don't. They should show up but it Kiev a couple of guys they'll say. We'd rather have the get together with a program. That it's too awkward governor dinner with twelve to fifteen guys there and nobody wants to talk to one of the guys are large. What the heck do you think if the Celtics that it do you think it would be just crazy at the Celtics that we're gonna celebrate 2008 championship team. We're not gonna invite the guy who. Who helped us when the championship Richard and Jerry is zero chance they would come I don't but would jump if they did that which Obama that. Yeah I have a problem that I'm Debbie oh my god yeah I think you you you've you've set the invite the minutes up to him because if if they come back and they do away. At a coal they've they've brought the team back in it it's of the pregame or and they undoubtedly will the next year to date that problem well and that's up to him because he's. Not gonna get the best ovation. You know he was great I don't wait to and he was awesome and he is he finished second in the finals MVP voting against. And it was great as expected that comeback game he was and he was great there it was like it was a case. If and I thought pierce would get the finals MVP that there was some it was a little. Ursula suspense there are details as it appears doesn't get its gonna be out. Really thought that app and in 2008 and obviously but the Pearson that's a great story yeah and Paul Pierce on this time. But the Celtics put. It be ecstatic if if if he was brought back at their like introduce full team. Every few bullets that ill this respected for what they did for that specific team could be others that remember how he left where he went to what he's able to do with a little boy on james' team and winning a title for him that you would get sort of a frosty. Ovation. So it's up there but not the team rush for sure would invite him and should invite him but if it's a players only thing Blair's own nobody really likes them than not don't buy them. It makes you wonder what was what else was going on and and Rondo makes a reference to what he said the long story to be told one day. Boy or or or or it's something to that effect until Marc spears. Now it will be a long story about that but it is what it is McKenna. We're not gonna get into that right now but if you look at there's more. From what what more is happening where everybody. Has a problem with that it can't be just that he went to Miami for less money. Will you remember when they played the Celtics the next year and to Ray Allen is trying to you know get the cripple Hamas no one photo shoot would be. And so Garnett pierce we haven't. I and here's the thing. I give that an ankle continued to do Garnett don't depend a great event in the game yet because there are many opportunities and good people do this all the time. I just don't like that the the shall we nature of it. It's like we're in. In baseball. They've right before. You know right before the first pick yourself and god. Yes it is not enough that the park since 2 o'clock 230 and I know you crop up past but you're doing or not the outfit some yet it's actually this for the cameras just like ray. And computer game because I want to see this movement. Shake your body is an MR Annan on now. There was she around probably cross pass and shoot around. Before the cameras were out here I was around he could have come over to our locker room where do that break out at the arena two hours early and a great way out so don't bring that. Don't bring that here right before the game and have them play in the game but I do have a problem with not moving on to music. Why. I look at a grudge. Aren't healthy Diddy I don't getting healthier and it help you wintering. He did yes or did it. He you know he was a big part of winning video by the way LeBron wondering too if he didn't come to Boston red bra and and it's generous if he didn't come to Boston KG wouldn't beat. Right so I mean I do think after awhile it's it's like all right come. Twelve can we get over here peers in the piece are on the undefeated talks about it was a beat trail. Yes on the here and he said he tried to call ray and ray wouldn't return his calls and probably won't be talked out of doing what he was gonna deal. Whatever whatever the reason it's on it if you been betrayed that out ten years is up I forgive you. I'll. Take that to the grave. Are in particular is hold the edge of the garage is a problem believe and it. At it that the problem is. All it appears as you just reference that you know try to column and get any return calls before he signed with Miami that was our rival. We were Brothers apparently now. We were Brothers they are more holes that's. It's a great bond so your brother does something that. You don't like and so ten years later while he did I think that in my yeah it's it's used it for a if we judged. All peers. For his mistakes as harshly if he's jumping judging right now. While how he would like charred out how would you grade I don't think he made any mistake he charity got a difficult. You know revolvers many Madonna I can think about it at that you made any mistakes he'd probably do you think of a game in Indiana wary. Canada takes his Jersey an emotional ratchet. You know wraps his head up that says he's got an injury in about their heritage and Ronnie Lott is a whole back tad too familiar to you first saw that he annoyed. I'm a great player on a bad team. I want to get traded. Things that I hung up a brother and dad to get through the Portland what did you want to get it out at one point. Was that that team look like with a FEMA chip which have been under OK but don't go those Brothers don't count as these that I think Eric Williams though whoever else that you federal Garnett does the analysis the championship Brothers that India lottery drawing that they all they all got Omniture they were all there were all superstars apparently got teams and then they did. Apparently maturity has a ceiling when it comes to us you can't be mature and hold a grudge now that the definition audio and literature you get over it. You can tell somebody else to get over something but you don't know although the layers to that's fair that's it that's apparently the signal and what what is also fair. Don't know what Ray Allen was thinking they exit date they sure that it was just a picture all of them ever figure out. Maybe maybe wasn't out there and maybe it was just a better situation for him maybe it was but it was so personal with Rondo didn't know that some of the air dysfunction ya and it wasn't about Paula wasn't about Iraq. And it wasn't about anyone else there what about India it was so. Or did you know what this is not a stretch it was mr. Everybody's. Needs and that Lou the problem round. What have you noticed I had to go oh yeah so they're all turning down the party that they're going to or another all going around those parties and emotionally and erotica I don't want Allen ago yes it right. According to have yet but couldn't he just feel he was betrayed by pierce and Garnett because maybe they took Rhonda side in the B thank you so he felt betrayed the whole time and said screw this I'll got jealous because the Big Three it is it was the victory that it was the Big Three and Rondo and that was the Big Three if people are including Alan anymore I happen at the end. It it did happen at the end and he I think he got hurt them and this might be little Fuzzy helped me out on this one but I think he got hurt and was Avery is Avery they're regarded as so they were they were considering yeah starting Avery but ray was not having that. Limit our trading in the Memphis yeah both for OJ Mayo okay now that's sure. Such immense wealth pierce Rondo Garnett and not try to treat them. That's that's out of their control according to Rondo but he made he wasn't leaving this baby was leaving the organization I think he was leaving Ron lottery I'll and a why it went when Paul's call in you'd ask you what you're doing in you don't return his call wanted to Tom Douglas and I remember I love you know you're an exploration well. Well Paul but he did announce that one of the reasons why you're gotten pretty pretty anti according to find out he has he has delivered personally in person invitations to every other member of the team are with the exception of PJ brown who evidently they can't find all know that I'll find him. And panic at him and he said is that Richard Simmons knows he thinks part to date but he said I'll find I'll I'll get the invitation to him. So you're gonna invite every single guy on the team personally yeah. And ray and Ray Allen now now American and a word about PJ brown and it would third leader no PJ brown. This thing they say yes I don't they said they'll fine he'll find a job hasn't been able to yet like probably found them already yeah the story stow. Rising you know PJ rift it's. He's like a knock on us Ray Allen goes that are funded. Yet that I forgot sorry America so Martin you're saying that migrants with who is mature and yet that's exactly what he finger ecology. Landau all yeah it's a there are amendments for fifteen years and and that's prologue. The team put me in a situation where we have to move we get to go like these in Miami with a better source for us based on what the team. Well and also what it you know don't boo me boutique. You know not that much control. We're here Miami and that's the thing that we're excited about the. I was Ray Allen after the move to Miami which evidently. Will never be forgiven by Rajon Rondo Paul Pierce and others although was Leon polite thing was quoted in the piece thing I just assumed he was invited her. Get audience. So give them a little on how the if you prefer. Thought now and evidently Rajon Rondo is never gonna forget never yet. Left ball Michael's point is is ballot. Is there any place Rajon Rondo has ever played where he hasn't had issues. I mean Ray Allen the only place he move that we know of that the big issue we ever had was with John Ron. Or if that's the one thing I ever. Got a job here and there were if this guy. Yeah well nobody he had yet and they've used live that's our Rondo is not a dead issue Doc Rivers vote clearly Ray Allen. Mean he was upset about your own wanted to come out prevention and thought that his role by the end he was not throw. Doc was great with that. Is trying to take all the pressure off Rondo he said you know I hear ray is upset that. No I empowered Rondo that Rhonda run the offense well he's really mad at me and not Rondo you know on the one allowed him to do my job denying its I've got a better idea. But now and he really really good run as near Sacramento. Inning and then. Right you know it legally process on the and I have been well he also bode. What don't what he's so little ol' Jeff anything they would not good and yeah kind of overshadowed. By. I does not have a book that. A lot of what I don't even do it this year let's. Look at the call 6177797. ID 37 drones Donna McKay Pedro Knight. Hey guys I don't. I don't want I don't want to take you guys back in the I machine permanent. Young alto art title. Although the out there where we were American I can run. And again without lakers. Or is in the years after it out afterward doesn't after 2008. After the after the title in a way they played in 2002 and the lakers. Salt one quarter. Lakers are up by one or two points but don't let it all out. They outer body like crede scrambling sheiks and the center. What are Rondo last didn't pan the three point line open Rondo go there who can't control where. Disregard them one of all told about slower Rick. It's. Worked. Well adult without government. I you know we got to go to the tapes I got me we can find this on me I go you can do to this bad boy who died out throughout the year that Clint sounds real jobs that are unbelievable pressure sort of frozen out but they came back the next year. Well done and nobody else was content wasn't up yet again a free agent came back next year they were up about three games to two on Miami. And now we know what happened. Cuba the next two years because you know rate might have been worrying about who was win that series. The other are really good and I always say we may never know Kinect for the finals with the brilliant when talking about is talking about. There's a story there is Luke tomorrow. The story about model run and that's okay knows about that idea might look a lot there. There's a lot right that slow low layers run those clashes with coaches goes all the way back to his idea not surprised that Google high school coach Doug Bibby. Or as my boobies. Cousin of something it's related to Mike Bibby shark it noticed it sure Rondo trying to get to come up if I'm afraid that's all right great role players terror chief Brian Hill. And did his assistant helping them break down tape and developed game plans he also confided to David actors play occurs over he wanted to be a coach. In high school you get into an argument would but being a bomb on the court I feel the game because I'm playing. Quote my insight is better than yours that's what he's basically telling me did he said. So get into arguments would it be announcing he got into it and that's suspend or bench for six games. By Tubby Smith at Kentucky yet they hated it solar. Yet so so Bibby. Smith. His first coach pro coaches rivers in through that I fear is he threw the water bottles through the sorry guys. Because iced tea nuts and waste and that iced tea. As say a text or points out we ran a poll today. On who do you like more Ray Allen Rajon Rondo who do you think. It is a good poll where it depends on where the ball is. About the garden. That the garden. You say right now you might go to a meter like yoga plot mile car level that's right growth so Rondo showed up at the codec in on this day on here at the garden. Off night he's taken a lot of nights anyway and so agencies ironies that cities. And question and a camera catches them. Get a standing now and then ray Allan. Ray Allen is there you know he's retired now be that are doing worse and New England ties. And the cruisers Ray Allen sit next to the faith that next week they used to be close short sure. Does he get a lot of applause. Instead opposite. There goes our wheelchair they're right there now best pure number of Everest today a bit more people like Rondo. I believe I had it on a bit more people like right are they really. I tell you off Matty a third candidate to work hard enough time these two got to thirteen and look at it takes Kate love. Raise mum. Ray's mom. Who. That was the best part of the railroad Miami she's gone she's not a gamer in the army all went right and once the fight and I got noticed that only an editor. I was in college. Broad street you can. I don't like then they're pros. And out of the stands. I need it. The forty years old burger lions don't like is my own model. It's great run a marathon I don't know we're Karzai's. Government.

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