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Tom Brady's jersey heist is solved... plus the FBI Director hates the Patriots

Mar 20, 2017|

Thanks to the FBI and Houston Police, we now have answers and a resolution to the Tom Brady jersey heist. Plus James Comey the FBI director is NOT a Patriots fan.

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God it's been a fascinating day outside of these walls and following stuff. Watching TV listening on radio I mean a whole NFL thing comes down. And who do that it was so easy that a guy named Mauricio Ortega could walk into the patriots locker room basically right behind Bill Belichick I see the video. Walk and they'll. Were alive. At that that would it did not only this time yeah. Did it two years to Super Bowls ago with Tom Brady's Jersey and by the way to think he got on Miller's helmet and work late last year who would replete with Maurice here. An international man yeah why is it management strategy have such access. He writes for a paper in Mexico. The eight papers that I went below. Exactly and I said I told him I didn't Bob millers thought I did Tom Brady's Jersey. I'll meet you this guy's got big brass ones that's yeah honey what do you do other things what what do you do what do we do it Sally it's hot. I Barack whereas grandchildren. Back from Mexico Mexican. Deterrence I might not be that not that I'm saying it's like it's it's hot isn't exactly a one from Opel vaulted into evidently there's a time frame if you if you roll that they're enrolled in Dublin and yet all at a London music that Tom Brady's Jersey yeah hundred well. Isn't that the Texans raiders are looking for you. I oh. Mexico City and you got Tom Brady's Jersey. You wanna sell it or you. Usually are that this group majors on the role of all the studies that the collector where Venetian militarily guarding galaxy note is collects stuff. At odds with terrorists if they get the violent helmet off about the F and the cleats as opera actors you. But it is worth the million dollars summaries it was a armories and Cameron studio I know how to get things first they've only person of resilient in that world that's all you need I don't know my last throw. Brees you know what I sixty Hambrecht. If you. He loses job dollars bucks and what to do it all now know I I don't know how the news here he ironed out first the ball he would never seen a credential for the National Football League again right. Don't need it yeah act that you belong if you see the video there's no ahead in the air look around they cut is okay by going here raises my passenger not just not gonna like you're supposed like you work there and and honest to god he's like three people behind Belichick. You said sergeant walked in and persecution or has got like three people and then there's couple members of the training stamper equipment that. And here's more icy breeze it was like no days off does. It taken the better off I got absurd. Right now I mean you know today we got to get our our bags sniffed by German shepherds is to get into radio row but not a lock for the haters out there with a suitable. You have to know that Greece goes always through the trees that you again. It. Well the big no but the video pretty clear I mean and evidently they've been going through the video for awhile now try to figure it out trees. Well better and that's the thing you see him walking and yes clearly nothing in his hands got a backpack on and you see him walk out with something under his arm. You know it's kind of hard to. Michael you did you think he wanted to become. Maybe a lot of times these criminal masterminds that whether B you know great beef off our serial killer arson arsonist. Always kind of hang around they leave clues may go to work sometimes it is Wednesday. Like there's an arson in the near term as you can on the Internet TV reported Thursday Qaeda urge you would have been all about really burden that is also. Never happens than us and they were. They are certainly what I like that what is so it definitely. It's not me. You know maybe Murray's. The company retail climate. Because if I put pressure Democrats are probably out of pocket any critical apparently by the way he's not just a writer will only Courtney I think how. Know that I'm retired a the managing editor was a real of this space well maybe was the managing editor there are himself. Robotic it's right near as good as cricket news outlet cricket news we steal our schools and steal them it's the one thing when you steal our people stop and all by the way. If the FBI's right it's worth a million dollars it's it's a legal crime. Oh yeah this is like Eddie that now now they do they do Steelers to and everybody. Yeah I just up in Mexico not just Tom Brady's okay. I was over recent web site in the in the what his next words was grapples knocked it generated an at bat after I get mad at people yeah yeah he takes it very. Personally don't actually Indianapolis after it was a problem yet he flat out told that that's Cooperman unbelievable this body he does and so far it's worked out form. Well in order according to look at Jake lasers relive our guys have I think I think Roger Goodell last Wednesday. As I can spy game we need your entire library and your entire collection maybe he has the spy gate and he's got everything below we dollar easily connect to Tom preachers east when people talk about. Three of them were dating at all as always. You're all know very well. I I I love this whole story I love the fact that apparently they call the patriots will lead in possession of the jerseys by the end of the week when they're doing. Well to take on. Patriot hall at patriot place is gonna have an Oregon are all given back to Brady slippery so yeah I didn't want to be in the hall just you know used they're significant game form memories you know kind of aren't and it may be getaway to the for a while he did. Maybe options these amounts are so they say you know it's pretty clear on video editing salon means over a month ago. I'm Irish and there's a lot of video and take added to go to I would just look locker room I am thankful I. Public there's a lot of video with a lot of people and you have to connect the one without something in his hands all look here an hour and a half later he's gone out with some then yeah. I don't know because we know we know we know where the Jersey was during the game. Right I'm not act we don't want to raise back there what happens arm that it was gone yet so there's like an hour there. Where they probably forget the Texas Rangers how about the security at the stadium. How are probably has already pull up the video they sit there like here's a guy but know that he's not a player or coach. If he added that Hubert for the patriots. Now all over they recognize and got that backpack. Backpack looks a little swollen now on the way out. Press that he got a helmet. That he bundled yeah actually got out. It maybe it's you know in what you do that ignited the howitzers are trying to inspire me and I'm here to put it on and on. As I you know I know that he. Well you you put on you are you respect for super. That's what I do think yeah. A well and now way use throws he would tell you can't Wear a helmet at outlets still held that I would oddly enough that's an island mafia member to love my sport coat on side you've blown my right at the moment and you hide in plain sight and I'd say that's. Ball. The senate is likely to just put the cleats on. Could slip not the problem you'd fall Von Miller's. I doubt and what is it into the elevator went out there about it's I did I put these on a case I slip got a feeling that I thirteen fourteen right. Now he's a big man at a store. Well how do we number is still non UAM Mexican new site said he's already been fired. I don't know he's now the Al sir Michael he's the former editor of blueprints and the editor or managing editor. Of well. The publisher by day say the former editor of the La prensa newspaper has been fired for a for robbery. And and they say he's in of this term. And NFL memorabilia call it your first clue in addition there is an apparel memorabilia it would also Zia. He's got rare stuff. When he doesn't have. You don't legislator you're typical. Signed football from you know Ron Jaworski but he's got some real stuff in there. To afford 44 today the four strange things that are happening you know patriots patriots Super Bowl and Super Bowl ratings. So 2014. We had Darrelle Revis is Bob Bea rejected. Yeah or that the scandal to get sent home deserve to verbal that you want to get Reese Gil scandal recess scandal. We also had. Tully Banta-Cain we had a wardrobe malfunction. RJ Jackson Janet Jackson happened around the Super Bowl like a Super Bowl we heard this shirt and biggest one last time there in Houston. Who do just that ultimately coach Jackson's already sputtering. Okay that I ride toll bid McCain left his approval rating in the bathroom to Burlington mall. Hey at least he's washing his hands after Christian tore through three rings or two rings in general are some. And a backpack and no reason don't got to do now to. To rate. Effective upon stars please him and and they use them at one of everywhere. Liberalism scrubbed players and so all some audio is cells there's no it's on or practice squad guys and as I can cash India and we're era through rural 36 with. You know any. Made any activity before after the game Super Bowl 36 accords Marshall. Thought I don't think I don't know let's say you're gonna walk through every doctor being taken out there that others are now the only up enough. For the most part strange things that emerged is known in the sky I love is here. Lies he steel stock I don't know at the end game purchasing and features that are reporting for the wrong reasons though. I was like story because these harmless is the vote is harmless yes. The identification when I'm sure that's that he'll tell the judge on his way to the to the big house says that with Aqua gets the adrenaline rush is going to be through the roof when you're steal some from August but then one day Michael one day. That's not enough. It's not a dollar got to do something that resorts to maybe something more violent it would yeah. What else can and what it would regularly were so you think it was just like topped that he confessed to the guy quarters to have a bragging about it. If you can't go through that and just not telling Bonnie night sweats. Tough tough tough for him the rest means like somebody needs to know that some of a surrounded him now. Right. You think maybe it's the guy who is that the competing paper down there maybe he found out but he got wind of the whole thing I had. Like you don't think I got when all things that are written and get the scope measure written better amendment then you don't put him back temperature paper on them yeah international map. But the Houston PD blown the info security. Two. While light again just went keep things in perspective it was a Jersey and now to jerseys. No one thing I would just add that as I just hope that the NFL security takes a look at. Because they are the ones responsible for security in the locker rooms they really need to check their protocols. And their efforts because this is at least two Jersey were aware of and obviously it required a response from the Haitian police department and other partners to recover them. And quite frankly is they're gonna end up where they belong which is in the hands of a mr. Brady and his family and and his college since. Oh that's some straight and evidence that got you I'm not. At that compared. You have to got a big agenda. Got a hold it come out there and oh yeah there's no way to do it the protocol that anybody who really knows little problem about law enforcement would follow it. Obviously the NFL doesn't know but I now. While. Bright side. Net net we assume Brady gets them or do we of course is hurt or do we assume. That you know the patriots on the jerseys and they say none of we're Gannett were put in this one here and were put that one in cam. Now that's where their Golan and on what Tom races now I want to give one of my mom's right and I wanna give one of my debt a term. As the storm stories he's the Asia Louisiana aggrieved party rare bright. As has Jersey stolen. Well may be accountable father's trial the trauma of having energy in your Jersey stolen when they play in Mexico next year. Ought to have pollsters is on display is put you there and then we'll take command but don't worry about shipping humbled to pick him up when we go play there. When metro next year that I haven't done majors prospect at halftime during the game exclusive. Some people are tomatoes and eggs or they might say Marie CO. Pretty impressive. Yeah he got away with it for a little bit. Are you think maybe set a trap form. Yeah yeah yeah I go to Jersey after the side he thinks it pregame warm and act as one of those ink tags on might have copied catcher he takes it out of the stadium make explodes while it's pretty clear what is what is overall game has a lower according to the authorities in Mexico. He was present at several auctions in the area of the NFL experience. Where he shows member being the memorabilia that will be auctioned. And they were talking about. Yet helmet that was signed by all the Super Bowl MVPs. Except to they said that was worth more than 151000 dollars one it was Brady and advice thought yeah yeah I don't want better yet a book signed by chemists Emmitt Smith the sweater. Signed by Kurt Warner. I mean this evidently how he's making his living is resourceful in getting this stuff and writing. I am out there had never known anybody to have good newspaper it doesn't storefront Tuesday. It's gonna pretend that the sports writer editor about the business. Really wanna do with steal it probably does is that it probably steals all these articles he's copies can't put our prayers of the dead are right article or not it's not like Schechter. And today wrote a while ago. They get all the press passes the need Sidney and he's right there are brother merchandise crowded this word she eighty. Well it's been solved its alert the FBI solved it I mean with the all the respective of the chief of the Houston Police Department they did nothing. Of the Texas Rangers that were little busy thank you you know looking at other important. It and according to all the sources it was the FBI and NFL security. Yeah that working together and and by the way for people who are wondering the reason the FBI was involved is because it involved someone from another country. Right to Houston PD kitco traipsing down to Mexico today in our Arctic where I want what I really wanna know Michael Irvin thinks of receive. So why somebody. He turned on an informant here in Houston. So somebody didn't give him. Another story there will be like a 3230 in the Brady Jersey they're not there. Going on. What the more recent story I'll understand now that's a gallon about two. And Obama leads him. And you know what's gonna happen by the way guys I mean this is just part of our future I'm just gonna worn in now. If we go to another Super Bowl Belichick and the patriots get to another when we go to do the show. If we thought security was tight this past year wait you see what it's like from now on. Yes they'll tighten the screws obsolete especially through with what PBS that there's some growth you know. On any particular day of game in it they did they at such security presence the whole week. And Dave team you'd think that's in the most people there as the game's over that particular. Dead. No truth to the rumor that's Mauricio Ortega from the last time you actually heard him do an interview armory see it and say anything Mauricio I'll say. He's up there self kind of blends and and face that stuff that he needs for those of you were just joining us feel good about more real pleased that Kelly visor he followed us Italy's a plus the Eagles. Mauricio Ortega is apparently the guy who stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey out of the locker room after the win in Houston. When the FBI apparently. Went to say hello to mister Ortega in Mexico. They also found Tom Brady's. Jersey after he won the Super Bowl two years ago and 49. There is some fought in Denver but he also stole Von Miller's. Helmet and or cleats on real evidently both of those things came up missing. After the Super Bowl that the Denver Broncos won so Mauricio Ortega. The former managing editor of La prensa and Mexico. But no word on our whether it's gonna be arrested for all this stuff. Mike thinks well you would think. Based on what we heard you know they put a value 500000 dollars on Brady's Jersey. That's that's of major crime. According to what I read it it calls for jail time of between five and 99 years a large margin there the they don't you get the judges got some wiggle room there's little grayer area. But the FBI is involved in the Rangers thought our ball this hour of those they have it argument back you went way he's definitely have to. I would thinks siege yelled Tom are the Grammy go to court records throughout from Richard four to. You're neck and learning that you donate a lot of it went from a camera whole piece on whether or not to determine the value as the actual cost of the Jersey or these. Secondary market. With a team that's silly the actual cost of the Jersey doesn't mean anything why you know this guy collects memorabilia for a reason. We which means grand theft and oh yeah definitely. 500000 dollars is a value they put on it let's say it's app that. Let's say it's a 150000 dollars that's still grand theft Democrat. Bad bad move bad move Mauricio. Am I late I already thinking you'll get a credential for next year Morey EC you're not getting anywhere near that place credential for next year lectured me about it would have to hit it. Can't make it the Minnesota and he'll be there. Back to the call 61777. IDF area month. Absolutely we got that why I don't know what's going insider account but you wanna know that Philadelphia. He's what he's think about it I only steal it from the Super Bowl MVP you know it like so what's the hot all the signatures. Had to get access to locker room what did you do who turned her head what would your cute that you gotta go ahead make you know yeah. Kind of like that the psychology of a criminal this guy can get credentialed and parcel. Right attracting about that and other towns Jerry Thornton on the sidelines in this guy's got a credit yet another case of the NFL's to be fair I would prevention authority either. Thorn in anyone's steal anything of Brady tore when he would creep amount now he can definitely see you would ever. It's a lot of water. The bottle water I asked the idea that happened excellent Nogueira. It took Islam as sip out of the bottle lettered there. Down now and solve all at home in drone or edit on the mantle imported all over the body where it all over his body that Burt Reynolds turkeys yes Monica I believe the bottle got a place of honor. On the mental. Analysts say what happened in Ottawa. And I do hope now and I'll model seen some things right. Small things but the we've heard from Tom Brady now. About the jerseys. You want to issued a statement via his agent Don quote I'm happy my jerseys from Super Bowl 49 and Super Bowl 51 have been recovered. And I want to thank all of the law enforcement agencies involved. I know they worked hard on this case and it is very much appreciated. Hopefully when I get the jerseys back I can make something very positive come from this experience. On and thank you might try to do something good for charity with these. At least one. He actually gets them writes I feel so good. That's those currently gets about by the way importance listening good hey Gerri yeah as I'm listening. And the band dale Michael just present they'll never have the bond with TB twelve idea. Mean the stolen water bottle blonde ignore bottle out of the car is not a bond just. And take it out there garbage it did know it was not in the government preserve I was above the cylinder I think it was originally in the garbage that was retrieved from the might of saved before we arrived it might have been retrieved from the garbage that either. And and for those ages getting behind the wheels of your Carson and heading for home the big sports news today is that the Tom Brady stolen jerseys have been recovered. The FBI got on the case evidently. Somebody got routed out in Houston according to the police chief of the Houston police and informant told them where they where they work. The FBI got ball because this person was in another country in this case Mexico. I'm Maurice seal Ortega is the name of the guy former managing editor of La prensa. I say former because he got fired at a first stealing stuff like now not only did we have Tom Brady's Jersey from Super Bowl 51. He had in his possession Tom Brady Super Bowl Jersey from Super Bowl 49 MI guess is he still had it because he realized McCants so this cannot. I mean you'd think that would set awesome alarm bells for a month stealing this one right but now in slow and must have for the Clinton out TMZ has a an article out. Where its recent Ortega is who they're saying it's emirate merged Ortega. With self fees with Tom Brady on board Robert Kraft. That Heath Miller. Ben Roethlisberger. Jerry Rice so in my a lot of times he's in locker rooms taken taken pictures Susan Jackson. It looks like it is I am totally support jokes alone could iron to get called out of those side note no more Thornton jokes that I know. It boots with this. Well this. Perhaps an inside job. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me but I guess it you know if anything is spot on Gallagher that I'm looking at the U should pictures idea and a nannies east and he's not exactly shy. I'll look at the what the picture that he has of Robert Kraft of the Jacksonville suitable into the logo on background the 49 so this guy's been around he just doesn't makes. He makes the rounds in you know product portfolio of stuff. Full inventory this guy's house. This is gonna do with this I have stuff stuff is let Jerry Rice is Super Bowl ring on I'd be checking to see it I still own that in and one of these I go to Greece goes and buys commercial time. And there I think he's got the pace the pace masked face mask from Jerry writes areas that would be and they flew off that would anger and it was if we hear. Is that a Lester is the basement is that. I'm fine so now the question is why are they trying so hard to protect this guy. Jake Jake Glaser fox sports is important person he he was showing the video the of the video that busted this guy that the FBI used surveillance video. And when they showed this guy walking into the patriots locker room he's like five guys behind Belichick when he walks in there and this guy strolls and Boris Diaw and wasn't there Mauricio you know and and plays or points out he's got a backpack on got a credentialed doesn't have anything in his hands. And then later they show video a video of him coming out of the locker room. And he's got something tucked under his arm. Now obviously you don't walk out of the locker room with Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey on wrapped he's got something around its of that you know you don't see what it is but he's got it under his arm and he sat out the locker room with a but they pixelated its picture. I think what we show you what he looked like they had a shot of him full on front as he was coming into the Rome but they pixelated when different out. No ideas or strain I'm AT&T is showing you what he looks like I doubt they can't show you enough talk clock but it is only there. Out of Jenna. I don't know maybe it's what the real story need to protect him so. Nobody comes out with any kind of pioneered justice and our guy. Yeah CEO we can they don't know for sure that if senator. Well why they blurted I don't know of Minnesota's got a lot of stuff though I was off. On the flip this house. Denver Broncos think that he got Von Miller's helmet and cleats for us in how he does or Larry. This pilot. Well evidently that they don't have to that is warehouses. You know you know look at is how switch. He's got tons of stuff there. Which sells for that lots of money to the club the maniac resume at another I don't think he sells paced off these pictures I think he's got a bulls pulls up. And then Mike placated retain you know framed up and everything continued tell everybody or do you have to have it Michael vaults like on our stance of the the point. This is the second Brady when. Yes T Bridget got both Brady jerseys from last two Super Bowl wins this one enough giving credit and he goes right to the toppled the priceless though it does. Maybe it's just through bowl MVP got to grab and Justin Coleman's Jersey else. The throw all right for the Brady sway go for him. On except nice probably go to prison but other than that for him prize. Our budget the patriots came up today in congressional testimony. This daddy now right now James combing this. Director of the FBI and the and the head of the National Security Agency or testifying before congress. And and somehow someway James combing managed to work the patriots. In his testimony. And it had to do with the is hatred for the patriots. And no matter who they play like them to lose and sought and the same time rooting against the patriots and hoping their opponent east and there's only two teams on the field. But would be intelligence committee include words early on the hatred for mrs. Clinton was it was. So how is that can that well and why there was like one of epic there again one of the congressman. And and and I think it was straight out. Just refuse to acknowledge. It just because they liked. A debt that they hated Hillary Clinton to mean they liked. You know that the now president Donald Trump there. And and the FBI director kept signal in if you if you hate one it's a two person race Matt if you hate one. You like the other if you if you want one to lose and one to win. Yes that's that's what it means in this guy just what can happen. So but eventually got to dig at regular patriots and it's like the patriots I hate the player saying he roots for whoever is playing against the patriots. You know he hates the patriots and so right whoever their playing against that's who he roots for. James cone. Here's your invitation. Arizona elevators ball I don't know politicians and all I ask your ask I don't know yet that kind of hatred in them but I should be surprised. Obama would have to. On here that he was stupid jokes about. You know. But only James thome in some of the day announcing he must have some I don't know you totally. 68. I really didn't get. I saw a white guy that there's like you'll be role he's done in the reporters are armies are over but he said it was just the rear camera angle or is he that tall he is that all. He's 68 and Andy. Dislike about my my friends at Wiki this is why I hate to patriots he's from Yonkers. He's from Yonkers, New York so he's it jets or giants dad probably jets they hate the patriots they keep an idol AP it's a jets and he has every reason she got injections into the giants giants fans like everybody else rates have but. We all of them in the suitable cells you know like I know that I got the patriots adds another date there number. Yeah but they can call me as a giants fan. Says that because the patriots represented sustained excellence. And the NFL and being a fan of a team other than the patriots he hates the patriots. There's unity doesn't industry. I'm a big giants then as if he doesn't understand it. His team is what stands between the patriots and immortality if they're not they're already dead but he probably since the patrons just through your RAZR the wreck relationship coach. Coles has both seven rings out 5000. That's what you were. It's a complicated thing. I I will say this and and you know we don't get in politics here and we we generally don't I should say we occasionally. It if I were Robert Kraft I would consider distancing myself just a teeny tiny bit. From his friend of the president of the United States yet ride on Air Force One last night. Road back from Florida with the president on Air Force One which by the way would be the coolest thing ever. To you know that I learned that the yellow apple time to do that. If it it'd be the coolest thing ever and I don't blame anybody for wanting that opportunity but at this exact moment. If I were Bob Kraft I might I might distance to the tiny bit. Now hundred doesn't area when we heard some of the stories about their relationship to Wright was out there on the Super Bowl or let him down so I mean even though what's going on shore but you can you could I guess understand why why he's now he's going to be with a throng. All the way things are going you know listening to that the hearings before congress this morning. And and good for Robert Kraft he's a loyal friend and there are a lot to be said for that. I have a feeling there will be some folks will distancing them to be distancing themselves support security house. Not president now not not Robert Kraft or.

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