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Holley is not impressed by the first two rounds of this year's NCAA tourney

Mar 20, 2017|

We discuss the NCAA tournament, and how Michael Holley wasn't really feeling any of the match-ups in the first two rounds this year.

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That event in YouTube. One seat just vanity and soon. Processor closet we'll carry over last week announced today. What month. Almost anything and love them both. Her tough to have a career it's pretty impressive career yeah. Argue about around that appeared to him edge. And it thought edge had a put together in a row impressive is it die at towards the edge who. To have any depending on where where are talking to the edge some I guess sometimes it's just the words things. As a dance. A minute they're finding great great pains and doesn't just one seat that once the time in my out of that are still really determines when he read your a lot of one seeds. Or maybe we should just haven't like the NCAA tournament where the expected usually happens and it's just bunch of the usual. Suspects leave us out like a perfect bracket every year if it's so predictable if I actually took the bracket series. Oh yeah. Actor guy yeah I think it'll it all right we're able thing I didn't do very though LeBron did that this vote. As of this past Ben got yours figured that normal teams always when. Usually when. You see it on Kentucky did do. Kentucky the Louisville Kansas Villanova. You O'Donnell is an open as usual there are usually on the timing. Of the they're not me I don't think that last year your money. That is normal thing. When you're so basically they don't count them for what they announced they. No but for the most for the most part right edit your naming like fifteen schools sold out how many. As I thought after the first. The first two rounds of the attorney tournament and a couple of to a safe and want to know what's at thirty. After the first two rounds of her third year of the hires these ones editor that make that a it was pretty hot. Thirty out of 32 on May dollar. Maybe it's. It was pretty high dose like 2527. Apparent. So hires these usually. Yeah all right but it's all hired guys normally well okay good that they're usually went yeah that's probably heard of it now Cinderella. And you never know what's gonna happen. You know what's gonna you just off throughout the Villanova Mosul once he'd been one mobile term question should our resident Victor and will determine much of one term last year. I don't know what the last year and in my bra on you playback and out right quick I could hear about it quickly yeah yeah but you know this tournament where. You know a Cinderella governments. So does not on the whole thing felt the Cinderella story I've ever had never been hey I federal has never won on the Qaeda never. A true. In the bill Novo with the Cinderella or anything. 8990. That's that's the the lowest number three highest seed who's ever is nine. The nine. I may not actors I got pretty bottom well twelve would never want to know thirteen. Absolutely not stinks because that evolves it thirteen game much stinks in the first two rounds. Now. Still great. What was your favorite game the first two round. God it's it's hard to choose me I would choose this one. Michigan Wimbledon. It was a great game. Mr. Loeb yes okay North Carolina Arkansas. Rhode Island organ like just pick your game from yesterday is probably your answer Rhode Island. Eleven seed right yeah okay. What's your point Oregon one. So because of the seeding you can't enjoy the games and that's a single all the games were good yes hi this with the exception of Kansas Michigan State and pretty good about the. Final four is going to be is that it is not going to be anybody knew what the final four now our quality and if you want right until the final eight. It's the same old people year after year that's contrary want to lie to get back at George Mason I damn yeah. You know Providence back today and get a millionaire but pretty much you know trial on an elite eight and ninety's this is like saying you can enjoy all due to because new YouTube so now all that impact at all that you was accurate all due to. That it was an act crazy he let's that crazy that Magic Johnson lately Jason Kidd. I know what you said like that this guy was a combination on Jason Hartley head. And magic job where did you tweak it last week but he had two other guy hey yeah like Oscar Robertson Russell Westbrook led the tone it down unless I really excited about like. It was over it stops I said it was more like a Russell Westbrook. Oscar Robertson kind of mix and Broadway in Washington on the ball could you could determine so bad I gathering his team won right. It because did beat Cincinnati yeah it is yeah I knew. I voting take over games atop the on Thursday night regardless I'll probably winning our term right now you probably are so predictable especially O'Neill and on the items when you now Lou. I'm probably place I'll take that. There's no it's me. Are you running it and among among the among the on air people on it and it was pragmatist and I'm getting killed by chance we know what they're doing. But but among the the well the six of us on the years that cardinal and I really written answers I sat down really well there are opting how happy are you at all. I wasn't aware that I know I wanted change. I wanted to win it a bit was right there Georgia who quit a bit with with their announcement I was like okay. Princeton when in round one round two princes in the final fours being stupid president a lot of growth in the final four yet. Because just because he can't or don't and her what did you going you know. But it you're I think you're I'd known that wouldn't you know it used to killing you know usually when you know in overtime. It's all too well the modular. Why buffalo because I had to you didn't I did you didn't then that I have to you thank you. Well I mean you have to do to us that nobody yelled some odd happened until now I like college I know a lot harder there's no Callahan. There's an old land don't I think blended Gloria or did that suited their so far behind me you know they have yeah there are. But I bet if you sit down its top film iron and a chance and if you had ten minutes that would be like you had as much time as we add a surprise party like Joseph Lagardere Ontario Indy at Villanova our guys took out a duke Louisville allow with it and duke lose the Lehigh one years candidate I think they lose early although they doubt that there are absolutely guy but it we I would I did. Okay but you say it's always the top teams that digital toys was shocked when a CJ McCollum now lives in Austin rivers the duke is like duke every now and then this is as little fraudulent listening to how do you know what I watched I do way I was and you have Bernard got a feeling that I had good and that's helpful or usually it's gonna win the national championship this year. Where they've really got when it I had now how do I do have a down with the epic it remotely I'd like to know now what I would tell you now. They you silly when the national champion affect the game's going and overtime. The final with a line I don't care about it and I down somewhere have a debt. At that team is not the number of course not they're not of course all of your final four teams are still long. You don't know who they are better pick your medical I don't know that you can't tell you that you are right winning several game yes. They won one but on the one achieve that you had them winning set had a win and a couple. But then how they want to have taken credit for that and because they didn't you fill out so I care that if I wanted to do right ahead of the government take credit for than just picking your relatives with support from local team may have local theme day. Lee got a game it. Pretty of champ Michael recognized summit was bracket on W yeah dot com oh yeah do you still winning too little that being bill well I don't. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah again I'd I could the I don't know I don't know that I really usually over Villanova. Overtime. I don't I don't know who they're playing our bill left him. And I was. I'm. Got my backpack and their way for M holiday got it done wrong you simulate 99. Villanova 94. In overtime it doesn't both whoever they play maybe it yeah. If they Abby Phillip. My fluffy carpet editors and authors as. It's boring and just like the tournament is boring most years I don't think it's what it billed as. It never it rarely executes. Its billing it does not live up to the building. And I have such a problem wit the level played most of the time. And I have a problem with this the fundamental hypocrisy and and annoying nature of the NCAA they are needed to sit back into. Tails off to liberal so let's keep in holly years Horford or WEEI that final drive coming up about 1015 minutes from now. On what the NCAA tournament carefully prepared Villanova Villanova and had hoped for a everything unpredictable tyrant as predictable supply. Overall point like the winner. Is somewhat predictable it's gonna be on tour three is a whole thing you know Brad Stevens could change. This entire conversation in the opener of Gordon Hayward yeah. Shops. That CIOs and now. Debt debt debt shot makes the term that everything that he claims to be. Butler winning yeah takes it everything claims to be an even though. A Gonzaga has been around for years and years we've talked about hey this is the year this is the year this year they lost one game all year. If the team exactly what it. Then you can go around beating your chassis with the NCAA tournament but you don't all the masters champion got you know one in a great upset 1985. But bill Villanova is from a big conference on hopeless had no big time Peru's. It's not an unknown. Summit unknown it. A character on the palatable thing is so but there's still 25 different schools that you had lumped into our course of them a lot of different teams yeah okay since the 20%. Since the start of the 21 century. UConn has won three times. If you wanna include 1999 you can you count as one of four times. I'm in the last eighteen years so that's four for UConn. Throw in another. Two for Florida. Another thing three Purdue. Two for North Carolina. Yeah I knocked. Since 2000 Michigan State duke Maryland Syracuse UConn. North Carolina Florida Florida. Kansas. North Carolina duke UConn Kentucky Louisville. Connecticut again do again don't know Larry it seems that is. And this year we know won't be don't know what we know won't be do we know won't be UConn we know won't be Louisville so UCL a for the first time since what 95 death. So I mean it could potentially be that I I don't do that the Cinderella that are right talks about that doesn't win the title but they can get the sweet sixteen but there are upsets in the second round of one or two going down. In the second round that's sort of silly. Off Florida Gulf Coast couple years ago. Out of whatever conference there and the sun belt or went all the apparent on the thoughts on double whatever their and there they went a couple of games like that's I think what they're talking about. Not pay they're gonna win six games in and cut the nets down that hasn't happened at the small school to do that. And he really able to actually. Well schooled when it the championship yeah if small in terms of what like I forgot like a power team yeah out of our comfort scene. You're gonna for a right yes. Scrolling. Lexus western. Loyal Chicago. Tonight I'll order growth in the Atlantic Sun Conference Sunday event that differed error about. You can then did Marquette went through he said America wants and so and so. Some maybe maybe Marquette. In here last in even name and I market and afterward but there's just noted that the market cannot win the national championship on them. This is minicamp again. Now will not enough that you would willingly. Probably will lead eight but it Travis Diener reveled in they Novak. They get relief it would dwindling. Here than our effort and now let's go to. Our effort in which Edwards though Chris on the cape what's up Chris. The markets like David once they're telling David David David since that's a couple games over the weekend when that you know like. We'll let our Christmas with the workers. Eight so might might crack strong but my heart is broken and we Rhode Island on yeah now. And like you say hadn't even though general story go with what some books saying watching all guy. But I got on gotten into in this in the final card not women. OK there you go Chris that is where anyone is with the specs and scared and targeted Baghdad Kansas there so that's Marquette in 2003 loss in the national semifinal Kansas. They can't win. National semifinal men's final four that's right the mare that was in the final four with and so was I smoked by Kansas always Kansas that was George Mason. Does that our Jason wasn't great to see more I believe you know when. And if it requires national bank of coral. Butler they've they were OK and I are shocked that it's God's got. Shot this whole art durable all out. And you say Butler Butler is. That is the edit the poster child what everybody is looking for now but big name to back to back I always like I still pretty good probably as a means that the Pentagon that almost like winning a national championship the back of Butler did that game against I don't know layoffs where Butler. Our school in Indiana and not named Indiana. Purdue to do it to the national championship yet. You know not. Purdue not anybody in full third AM. We're not talking about a Indiana State that was a little guy. Is Bryce drew operate though that I offer up a poet Louis tornado. It Politico. Butler Butler. Grads the original dance the motherland and streets of fresh faced. Young guys now gone and still still even though.

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