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Nothing new on the Malcolm Butler front... what's taking so long?

Mar 20, 2017|

The Patriots seem to be in no hurry to move Malcolm Butler. Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss it.

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I shocked. Absolutely shocked as I am that this Malcolm Butler situations there hasn't been resolved yet majesty felt you know what I think is the case. I'm just guessing it's coming back. Well no what I'm guessing is at some point now might gee Artie says that they've kind of sort of agreed to a deal yet he said the the last quibbling Littleton. His were not my was the guaranteed money I'd bet it is say quibbling little point here or how little that is guaranteed money is really the only thing. That's everything that's the most important thing for these created our independent creative as as this keeps playing out don't get the feeling that at some point Sean Payton. Picks up the phone calls bill dollar check and set. He didn't tell me that we're gonna be like this to deal as fit and a longer this goes the more I'm thinking. There have been issues here again of a deal done because. I'm guessing that Malcolm Butler and his agent are saying we want the same deal that step on Gilmore just. You know I kind of want don't want it to break down so we space it took. I definitely want to if breakdown now the only only bad part about that is you have given up your your first your first round pick has gone. And your third round pick is gone sort economy third round pick is gone but you do move down. You know several slots and yet a fourth rounder in India is not a huge deal but your first round pick. Is out in if you thought that it was is going to be Butler. 44. Cooks well and in this neck no that's not it. You keep Malcolm Butler and they keep your first round pick. But I'm on that final last pick in the first jumper Cox a takedown yet any key Butler and then and just do what are rounder that are out of Portland it's sort of kind of place it right. And your team isn't pretty it's a pretty good shape right now anyway are much all of it breaks down I had I'd love to see instead we'll go back to the details illness so bitter defeat good people they're kind of record I won't be better and be productive day if you think of the saints are saying what was wrong with this guy wouldn't they have to. Start the whole process by saying why don't you want them. Look why don't the patriots on why are you willing to trade them. Just like you probably a look at the reverse sides are lie to the saints won a trade Brandon Cox yeah. And so the patriots are willing to trade Malcolm Butler out on top 510 where everyone a poor corner in the league. They know is are sure to freeagent navy. The states you know they if they noted we know the saints know that he turned out a contractor in a year so that's got to be kind of difficult they had to be headed note yeah. And what was the Odyssey it's an honest answer is that he's tough to negotiate where. We we found it very difficult to negotiate with him to kind of voters stage because of how far he's come I mean that's of the beauty of this story is also the top part of the story of an if if if Malcolm Butler is a a third round pick. And he plays well he's looking for a new contract it's easier to have kind of put it in context may be what the patriots. I don't know this neutral but made significant and say yeah. I mean. They yeah I mean you also look at match and aren't you grateful. That we gave you a shot as an undrafted guy. And you you've got great coaching here he turned herself into pro ball player. And 600000. Dollars. Last year for you fiction or seven million happy about that. Actually made almost a million with that there what they were gonna cost thousand dollars that he got bottles and baby that sentence again came from the often pretty good numb I'm improving a -- be payback. A top ten corner in football at the two time pro bowler and you're not comfortable on economic report. So but it's his right to turn that conduct our home but then the pictures but they are well for formally boxer just a reformer about your play out this year. And then guess what you can be like accordion hightower you can go look everywhere you want and then maybe we'll still signing maybe maybe the market isn't what you expect. I keep keep him if you look I always I'm always concerned about Butler Donald I don't know that Castro and tour just in general I'm when side with that comes down to a management vs talent kind of situation. Went go to the side of the talent. And especially football Danica on a couple I guarantee so I've been like you should be able to get as much money he can. As much guaranteed money a candidate he felt like that's not happened for you. You know do whatever. Whatever is available to you and unfortunately for Malcolm Butler have a ton of leverage he's got temporary leveraged leverage there for a few more weeks. But as we get closer training camp and close the season. He's trying to get some money for next year and only way to get money for next year's going on being productive this year. I don't know that I mean I I honestly thought this was going to be wrapped up within a day or two you know I'd I'd. And the longer it goes the more I think that as Michael. Was kind of wishing for that may be possible that this isn't gonna just slide into place MIT Carty said they pretty much got to deal. You know worked out here except for the whole guaranteed money part which is the single most important part for me it's the one thing that could break this whole thing. Exactly and then you also wonder. They already agreed to compensation like they already determined. What it is because again as a restricted data to any doubt that. They've they are my so if they have that it's got a he's got a agreed to the terms and then they they make the slot for number 32 or another flip or whoever else because. They don't have to make a trade if he's a restricted free agent but they were not to go out there first. First from tech and that's why there's been a little bit more momentum it Mike Lombardi had a over the weekend that. The other patrons are kind of hold out for that number eleven tech they're saying Iowa mid worn off and secretary review use you wanna sign or opera she or we won't match minimal take your pick. There's a way around it out for both teams vote seems to be happy you wait and make the trade after the draft. So you're not really and you're not looking at the number eleven pick. And and you. Say future first rodeo so your first rounder in 2018. So if you think you're gonna improve a Malcolm Butler. You know it's not your picks are gonna be allowed. If you're that confident that you know he's going to be the part of the real part of the Renaissance for your defense straight amateur down a lot of heat 32. You Slovakia yet that the saints hold on the 32 and then after the draft. You say are now we have traded Malcolm Butler to the saints for the 2018 for for a. It is a semantic argument because I'm sure there are ways to get around this. As I understand it if if they make an offer the saints any signs it. Then they all malevolent from this year restaurants and don't do so so so don't do that he signs with the patriot yes whatever offer has since agreed upon wait until after the draft. And move. And innate. They you couldn't. Even the pictures of wanna go two years without first round pick. Can't imagine that right now do you rare we see them obviously not a first trumpet before but back to back years. I get to the grapple stuff is really died out president who. Rumors are hitting there's a may be chef Ferran and Peter King end up being right so you don't trade Butler or if you do trade them for a future pick and you don't trade crop low. Up until the third round this year. Yeah well in your you do that goes down the start of the sanctions are a hundred. Think this it will move up by the way Sean I've got a Super Bowl quarterback Jersey but I can probably have to deal easily clear it up it got I didn't have it got to walk and I got right now crash.

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